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Men of Touhou

Discussion in 'General' started by Yinko, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Yinko

    Yinko Versed in the lewd.

    Apr 16, 2015
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    Given that at least half of all yokai, gods and monsters of all mythologies are men, is there any lore reason why the characters in Touhou are all women or is it just handwaved by the creators being a bunch of perverts? If you got inserted into that setting as a magical being, would there be any reason why you wouldn't be a dude?
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  2. january1may

    january1may Versed in the lewd.

    Apr 1, 2016
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    ...Well, as far as yokai go, a good deal of the big-name ones are explicitly female, and a good deal of the male ones are too evil?
    Not being familiar with particularly many types of magical beings appropriate for Touhou's setting that aren't explicitly female, I cannot actually answer this question.
    It's possible that I'd rather end up female than something too inconvenient but technically male if it comes down to those two choices, and I don't know enough to be sure that it doesn't come down to that (though I admit that more likely than not it indeed doesn't).

    Besides, IIRC, some of the females can easily shapeshift into male forms?
  3. Renko

    Renko Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven ~☆

    Jul 25, 2018
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    Being a male is like suicide in Gensokyo, you know?

    If you are not at least a cute girl character, this is what happens:


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  4. erectdispenser

    erectdispenser Making the rounds.

    Jan 15, 2020
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    Not official lore, just throwing ideas that I've seen before, and conjecture that I haven't:

    imporation of men is very selective, and population control? Deals made to keep Gensokyo like a hunting preserve, with human preservation involved for workforce to produce amenities. Because fairies tend to be too scatterbrained to do any difficult "thinky" jobs. Maid work in the SDM is ok.

    For complex work, rely on humans run a tight ship under Keine, who can just retroactively erase anyone who goes missing, or anti-union "scabs". Or deal with Kappa, who are now kinda under the "protection" of Suwako, Kanako, and Luigi Reimu. Kappa allied with Tengu, because they'd rather hate each other as allies, than be driven underfoot by newcomers, and all want goddesses on their side because they're sick of being fucked with by Onis.

    Justified paranoia and insular groups, because Gensokyo is full of nonliteral assholes. Reimu's generation is innovating Danmaku play. She needs to be the baddest mofo out there to force everyone to play nice. Even then, she's just one girl, who can't change everyone's minds right away.

    Nobody wants into mutually assured destruction with bullshit abilities that exist in Gensokyo. So it's Game of Thrones Touhous.

    Some goddesses are native. Others slip the net. And the smart ones bide their time, or seize a good opportunity before they establish themselves, typically through incidents.

    Most existing men were taken to Makai? Low fertility rates, tradition, and handselected genealogy births mostly women, in addition to the iron-fist control of human population? Maybe Yukari found a border that turns off male-birth, and Keine missed her timeframe to reverse something that isn't easily noticeable. Or Keine would rather have it, as a mixed blessing.

    More jokingly, Yukari wants to keep the ecocknomy under wraps. Wealth hoarding.
    One dude can many many babies from a group of women, and it might "short circuit" an anti-male birth curse or border manipulation. Being magical on top of being a dude, like winning the lottery, then being dictated on how you must spend it. They're "recruited" by the state. They can't have freedom.

    Sex is nice, but you'd be like a bird in a gilded cage. Their semen is a controlled substance, because it getting into many women could be the start of new empires, dynasties that give the powers that be, a headache. Like if some magical humans escape into the mountains, it probably won't be in tengu land. Then they go Sinjid Shadow of the Warrior, and send powerful assassins at enemies. Might be why the Mikos were all but wiped out by youkai. But then Reimu was the only one left to take from her divinity's power, making her The One, and became really hard to kill.

    Green Reimu doesn't have that power despite being a miko too. She's using an offshoot of Kanako's and Suwako's.

    Marisa is an exception, having liscenced parents, and she found a legal loophole in magic studies, because she didn't go for being a youkai hermit, and is a useful mercenary. Alice has diplomatic immunity as a dual-citizen of Makai, so long as she does not start distributing her power to residents abroad.

    I can go all day making up bs.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
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  5. Rakdos92

    Rakdos92 Goosh Goosh

    Aug 8, 2016
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    What about humans who are trying to get home?
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