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Multiple reports of no email alerts for Erogamer

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Bugs' started by Groon the Walker, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. Groon the Walker

    Groon the Walker The pages and the books

    Apr 7, 2017
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    There's some readers of The Erogamer that don't regularly visit QQ (Erogamer has been recced on a reddit outside QQ). I have multiple reports from those readers that they have not been getting any email notifications for Erogamer over the last few months, and that they see nothing in their spam folder. Other people still seem to be getting email alerts just fine. I think some more regular QQ visitors may have mentioned missing email notifications too, but I haven't definitely confirmed that.

    I'm currently asking some reporting readers on Discord to see if they saw notifications under "Alerts" on visiting the forum. The first one I reached says that they don't recall seeing an alert for Erogamer either. I'll double-check with them after the next update I post.

    A reporting reader has confirmed that they still see the thread control labeled "Unwatch thread" rather than "Watch thread", that is, the system still registers as them having watched the thread. I haven't experimented with asking anyone to unwatch the thread and watch it again, but even if that works, it doesn't give me a way to reach all the current readers who have no idea that anything is wrong.

    Although I've created some threadmarks recently that are short enough to not generate notifications, that's not the problem. Readers haven't been getting notifications for regular text updates over 1K words.

    I've heard at least one reporting reader saying that they don't think the problem is confined to Erogamer and that they think they're missing other QQ updates as well.

    I've asked on Discord if anyone with this problem is willing to give me their username to be shared with the site admins. I haven't heard back yet.

    If fixing this issue or looking into it is something that you'd want a donation to cover, I'm open to hearing a price. I'd prefer that to the issue going unfixed.

    alethiophile, tehelgee.

    Edit: ChaosMagic is ok sharing their username and says that they got an alert and email for Erogamer chapter 7.10.2 (yesterday) and 7.h (Sunday), but no alert or email for chapter 7.i (Tuesday). They confirm that the email for 7.i isn't in their spam folder. They think they "get about half of emails for the threads I'm email subscribed to." (Other reporting readers say they've been getting no emails at all.)

    Edit: Pedro reports no emails at all, and is ok sharing their username.

    Edit: On the latest Erogamer update, Pedro and ChaosMagic both say they got the email and the alert. :( Do email notifications go inactive if the user doesn't visit QQ for a while?
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2019
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  2. alethiophile

    alethiophile Shadowed Philosopher Administrator

    Apr 26, 2013
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    This is weird, because my first guess would be that all QQ mail is getting spammed, if it's someone who doesn't visit the site regularly. One user getting only a subset of mail points to a less obvious problem.

    I will have to dive into logs to debug this, and it'll take a little while.
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