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Panty and Stocking with Taylor Hebert (Worm/PASWG crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Axle, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. D'znn-Xy'lll MetaChthonia

    D'znn-Xy'lll MetaChthonia (°◦|∆|◦°) ⌈META⌋ Intriguing...

    May 3, 2017
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    Chaotic Neutral. They are unpredictably self centered but they seem to be leaning more towards Chaotic Good here. Maybe they learned after last time and now are actually trying to do Good?

    Chaotic Good is for the good version of Anarchists and Freedom Fighters that values the individual more then Society (think Robin Hood). Chaotic Neutral is more like Sophia, the self centered Anarchist and Freedom Fighter who cares more about themselves. Chaotic Evil are the ones who will stab you in the face with a smile while pretending it was all a game even though it was rigged from the start (so think Jack Slash) or just randomly slaughter everyone they come across (think Butcher and the Teeth) they are the monsters and the madmen who will attack for any given reason.

    The Angels seem to be bordering on Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral here, they are belligerent bitches who only care about themselves but they seem to actually care about trying to fix things for once while Sophia only cares about herself. Sophia also borders on Chaotic Evil, she is almost a perfect applicant for the Teeth already but she just can't properly commit to her role as a Predator like she seems to think of herself.

    I do have to wonder what the Demon Sisters will think of Sophia given Sophia is Chaotic Neutral bordering on Chaotic Evil.

    Here's an Interesting Alignment Chart that D20Monkey did sometime ago that shows an interpretation of the Alignments:
  2. Zanfib

    Zanfib Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2014
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    I think Sohpia is absolutely Chaotic Evil myself. "The strong have the right to take what they want, and the weak are there to be exploited." is basically her whole philosophy. The only difference between her and Jack Slash is opportunity.
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  3. Ack

    Ack (Verified Ratbag) (Unverified Great Old One)

    Feb 12, 2014
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    She's worse than Jack Slash.

    He knows he's irredeemably evil.

    She thinks she's a hero.
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  4. Threadmarks: Chapter 7

    Axle Know what you're doing yet?

    Apr 6, 2016
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    Kneesocks pulled the fire alarm first. A high pitched ringing ran across the school while marched through the hallways of Winslow high school. To the students and teachers of Winslow high, the two demon sisters looked like normal teenagers with dark tan skin and matching school uniforms. To anyone angelic, holy or unholy, their skin was revealed to the true crimson color from where they came from.

    The sound of the alarm surprised the students. They filed out the classrooms with the teacher’s leading them, unfazed from the standard procedures.

    In the cafeteria, most of the students walked outside. Greg almost left to, but he paused to look back at the anarchy sisters.

    “Smell that?” Panty said to her sister.

    “Smells like a roasting cum stain,” Stocking said.

    Panty and Stocking took Greg by the arm and lead him through the hallways. Greg only followed along without question. They passed the evacuating students without saying a word, and Greg’s heart jumped a little when he realized they lead him into the girl’s locker room.

    “Hey wait!” Greg said in panic, “shouldn’t we be going outside?”

    Inside the locker room, Panty and Stocking took off their dress shirts. Greg’s face turned hot red as their undergarments were revealed. He turned around to stop looking at them. “What are you doing?” He shrieked in embarrassment.

    Panty walked up behind Greg and hugged him. His jaw dropped as her chest squeezed at his back. “Relax, big boy.” Panty whispered in his ear, “I just figured you deserve a prize for talking back at those bitches back there.”

    Panty huffed air at the back of Greg’s neck. Then nibbled on Greg’s ear with a playful smile. Greg was almost out of breathe. Panty stepped back, and shot him in the back of the head.

    “Don’t worry kid,” Panty said blowing the barrel of her gun, “I’ll promise to blow you after this is all over.”

    Panty looked at her sister, who was finished changing into their signature The knockout shot would keep Greg cold for the rest of the day. Stocking asked, “you sure you wanna go all out?”

    Stocking took off her own panty, to pass it to her sister.

    Panty said, “I think we have to. If we lose to them now, any hope that Taylor might have is gone forever.”

    The school became desolate after the student body emptied. Kneesocks and Scanty walked toward the girls locker room with their weapons raised. They waited outside.

    “Face us, angels.” Scanty ordered. “Face your judgement like the sinners that you are.”

    “Hold your high horses you boney ass bitches,” Panty called inside.

    Panty walked out of the locker room with Greg around her arms. She dropped his unconscious body to the floor and pointed a gun at his head. “You can’t allow good mortals to die, right? This twerp is a virgin, so I’m guessing you wouldn’t want him to reach heaven before his time’s up, eh?”

    “Coward,” Kneesocks growled. “Holding an innocent hostage for your own selfish gains. No wonder you were damned to purgatory.”

    “Oh cry me a fucking river,” Panty said nonchalantly. “Not my fault those lines take three hundred years to finish.”

    “Let him go,” Kneesocks struck her scythe to the ground. “Angels act upon conduct. Holding a mortal hostage is unruly.”

    Panty rolled her eyes so far her head tilted along with it, “oh like you give a shit. That’s the problem with you devil’s advocates. Ya’ll don’t give a shit about mortals, you just give a shit about keeping everyone down. If you really cared about people, you’d come down here yourselves and actually help the fucked up people on the mortal plane.”

    Scanty said, “we want order, Devil advocates exist to uphold the laws of the afterlife. And you and your petty sister broke the rules of Heaven and earth for your own selfish desires.”

    Selfish desires!?” Panty yelled, “we’re here to help Taylor. I wasn’t going to wait until I got assigned to some basic bitch who didn’t need an angel. Taylor needed a guardian, no one wanted to take her. We’re more heavenly than all those plastic hoes that decided she was a lost cause.”

    “You’re a fallen angel, you degenerate slime.” Scanty scowled at her. “You lost your spot in heaven. You had to wait a thousand years in purgatory before getting a chance to redeem yourself. You cut in line. And for that, you’ll pay.

    “Oh like I give a fuck,” Panty said, “lemme guess, JC thinks I need to go back to purgatory a little longer? Fine by me, blowing sinners in line for another hundred years doesn’t sound half bad anymore.”

    Scanty shook her head, “not this time. You’ve missed your chance for the last time. This time, we’re authorized to send you to the void.”

    Panty’s eyes widened. She fell quiet. Her hand gripped on the handle of her gun harder. “The void huh? Good to know God gave up on me too.” She lifted her gun towards Scanty, “too bad I’m not leaving this world until Taylor finishes this contract.”

    Scanty shot at Panty’s hand, knocking the gun out of place. She rubbed her hand in pain as Scanty loaded another shot. A nearby locker door flung open. Stocking launched out of the locker and unsheathed her swords.

    Kneesocks reacted first. She stepped between Scanty and Stocking to parry the sword swings. Panty shot at Kneesocks, knocking her out.

    “You bitch,” Scanty yelled, raising her guns. Stocking spun around Kneesocks body, and sliced through Scanty’s body. The sword fazed through her body like it were a ghost, but Scanty felt it all the same.

    She froze. A dark pain overcame her as she remained still. Scanty dropped to her knees with her eyes wide in shock. “You can’t attack a devil’s advocate,” Scanty huffed. “It’s against the rules.”

    “We just did,” Panty said nonchalantly. “And frankly, since God wants to kill us, I don’t see any reason to follow rules anymore.”

    “I’ll be back,” Scanty howled. “I’m assigned to you. I’ll never stop coming back until you’re dead.”

    “Yeah, I figured,” Panty pointed the gun to their heads. They were weak, but they’d get stronger with time. Once they adjusted to the laws of physics in the mortal realm, these advocates would come back harder and harder each time.

    Stocking stabbed her blad through Kneesocks head. Unapologetic, she didn’t feel the need to say anything to the fallen demon sister. Panty was far more talkative. “Thing is, I knew that when we broke the rules to get here, it was probably gonna be the last line to get on God’s bad side. Which is why when we said that we’d do this, we both decided it was worth it. Taylor deserves another chance, even if all the other angels in heaven don’t think so. Because even though you guys gave up faith in her, we won’t.”

    “She’s not worth it,” Scanty huffed in pain. “Breaking the rules, for a hero disguised as a villain.”

    “Maybe she’s not worth it,” Panty answered, “but it’s still worth trying.”

    Panty shot her pistol at Scanty’s head, making her body disappear into foam. A saltwater puddle spreaded spread out on the floor. Panty sighed. “And so the cycle begins.”


    Panty and Stocking returened to Taylor’s house after changing to their original school uniform attires. They saw Dinah and Taylor staring at the television screen.

    “Sup hoes,” Panty said happily.

    The two of them glanced at them. It was a morbid stare. Like it they’d just stepped into someone’s funeral. The angels looked over at the television screen. Breaking news was plastered over the television screen as it showed the image of a PRT van broken along the side of the highway.

    Words at the bottom flashed the words: COIL ESCAPE.

    “Where’s blondie two?” Stocking asked.

    “She left,” Taylor said in a low tone. “She was watching the news all day, waiting for this to come up. As soon as it did, she left without saying another word.”

    Stocking rolled her eyes, “figures. What a frigging drama queen.”

    “Welp,” Panty lifted her pistol, “let’s drag her ass back while we can. Slut couldn’t have gotten far.”

    Stocking said, “hold on, I’ll get her. Let’s face it, between the two of us, she won’t listen to you. I can probably convince her to come back on her own. I’d rather not have to drag her limp body if it means doing more work.”

    Panty shrugged, “alright, but I still say knockout shots are faster.”

    Stocking rolled her eyes, “save it for a rainy day.”
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019