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Project Lobotomy

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Flightless Man, Aug 21, 2020.


Changelings appearance red or green?

  1. Classic green. Found as Mojo Jojo

    16 vote(s)
  2. Intune with the Red. Found as Clifford the Big Red Dog

    20 vote(s)
  1. Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Getting sticky.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    For anyone who has read version one and my revision, do you agree i made the correct choice in revising my story? I feel the pacing is being handled better and spacing out character introductions has allowed character relationships and personalities to stand out more. Letting Zach and I be the only two rescued from first lab has made this be less of a whos going to end up with who romance-a-palooza which was never my intention and more of a pair of buddy cops joining and expanding a team. Romance is intended but i did not like how ham fisted and rushed it was coming out.
  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 10: My Favorite Martians
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Getting sticky.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 10: My Favorite Martians
    Cloaked Javelin
    Nevada Desert
    Jan 05/2010
    09:12 PM

    Were barely on board the barely visible jet and rising into the starry sky, when below us the Cadmus lab erupts in a ball of fire. All evidence of any building is erased. The crater look like a recent impact with the smoldering flames scattered down below.​

    We rock on board with the intense shock wave. Wally loses his balance and falls to the floor with a pained grunt. I stumble into the wall, glad we strapped Zach into a seat along the side of the aircraft already.​

    Robin has been in the pilot’s seat since we got on board. Our babysitter is standing stock still in front of the hibernation pod he had torn clear from the wall. The occupant inside the focus of everyone.​

    “Speedy, I need you to go through the files as quick as possible.” The Question demands from the teen getting back to his feet in embarrassment.​

    “Anything I’m looking for in particular?” He asks while rubbing his elbow with a wince.​

    “What did they put in my daughter’s head?” The faceless man responds to my shock and it seems everyone but Batgirl and Robin are likewise confused. “It seems the need for secrets is gone, you have turned my greatest failure into hope tonight.” He continues with a shaking voice.​

    “I will always be in your debt for this service.” His skin begins to ripple and melt, his black skin changing to a color of deep emerald, only a few shades darker then the Martian within the pod. His head widens and elongates, while his curls shrink back into his skull.​

    His nose widens and grows, making him look like a green Easter Island stature. His purple trench coat, pants, and hat are a sharp contrast to his jade skin and bright red eyes lacking any iris.​

    “When my world fell to the psychic plague, I tried to bring my family to earth.” Solemn words begin to explain his tragic past while Wally goes over the files he was given. “Hundreds across my world joined our abilities and created the Zeta Gate. It was a way to transport the uninfected to safety here on Earth.” He twitches, remembering the horror of his memories.​

    “I went first to test the device. I arrived in the Atacama desert, far from my desired goal. In the time it took them to adjust the coordinates, something went wrong.” His entire personality is really making sense if he went through all of this, I would have gone a little nuts too.​

    “Instead of shutting off, the gate remained open, allowing an endless swarm of the infected to emerge on Earth.” He drops his eyes to to floor of the aircraft before finishing his tale. “By the time I had arrived only my brother was left fighting along with the heroes of the time. He entered the portal with Robin’s grandfather Hawk.” He looks at the named member of our team with sheer gratitude. “Whatever they did worked and the portal closed behind them. Until now I thought all had been lost.” He smiles finally in sheer joy as tears stream down his face. “My daughter M’gann is safe.”​

    “Yeah it seems she got the same treatment as Zach and Tom.” Speedy interrupts, already done his reading. “Cadmus is giving any alien they grab memories of a human life as a fail safe to keep them loyal to Earth.” He explains, lacking any sense of tact. “Instead of a stoner comedy, she got the life of Janet Wood.” When none of us react he fills in our ignorance. “From Three’s Company.”

    “Oh.” Zach mutters quietly from his seat, clutching his side. “So when are we getting her out?” He demands everyone who awkwardly avoid eye contact with him. Well if her dad is going to be frozen in disbelief and everyone else won’t do anything, I will.​

    “Only people who have been in one of the tanks or are related to her get a vote.” I inform everyone and ask those involved. “So What do you two think? Were popping her out right?” I get a slow shaky nod from the Martian father, followed by Zach’s enthusiastic reply.​

    “Damn straight.” His words are resolute, sounding like any argument will be met with violence. Inside the tank on the nearly identical but more slender version of the Question, is a red Starro. Its eye has more emotion then any of the others. It follows my approach with an expression reminiscent of a puppy dog.​

    I smash the glass at the top of the tank, allowing it to evaporate into a green mist once exposed to the air. I reach inside the hole I made, catching her slumping form in my massive ivory hand. When her eyes open, the yellow eyes lock onto mine.​

    “Who are you?” Her voice is sweet and soft. As I pull my arm back out of the glass, her form shifts in a reverse of what the Question had done, ending with her as brunette white girl. Her Naked form has all of us gasping, startled. I turn away shielding her body from the others view.​

    “We have any spare clothes?” I ask as shocked as I am interested.​

    Cloaked Javelin
    Nevada Desert
    Jan 05/2010
    09:18 PM

    Waking up is a strange sensation. I went to sleep in my bed but here I am standing, I think in a shower. I have an audience of odd looking people around me. Either I'm still dreaming or Cindy is pulling some kind of prank. Which is annoying, I have a shift at the flower shop this morning.​

    With a very muscular arm on my shoulder, holding me up, I see a very pale face with solid red eyes almost glowing in their intensity. A black star takes up a quarter of his face, centered on his left eye. Whoever Cindy grabbed for this did a great job on the makeup he’s wearing, it looks real.​

    “Who are you?” I ask quietly as my head clears from a massive hangover. My body shudders and I feel better, with a clear head. Or is that one clear head and one muddy set of memories? I remember growing up on Mars with my family but also have a lifetime hear on earth that is slowly fading in clarity.​

    “We have any spare clothes?” The good looking if oddly colored man in front of me asks, drawing my attention to a lack of clothes. Something I should not care about because Martians’ don’t wear clothes. Yet I remember growing up as a human as well and most care about nudity, like I do now.​

    “AHHH!” I shriek at the room in a panic, my voice shrill and high. “Get Out of my bathroom!” My orders go ignored even as the guy who I can see is wearing some kind of black leather vest and pants combo, gratefully turns around. If I wasn’t so exposed I would definitely have gotten a better look at that behind of his.​

    “Not a bathroom beautiful.” A cocky male voice calls out from behind my human shield. Shortly followed by the sound of a slap to someones head.​

    “Leave the girl alone Wally.” A stern but kind female voice admonishes the speaker. “She has to be freaking out enough.”​

    “Here M’gann.” A familiar voice speaks up. A purple trench coat is being presented to me by a green Martian hand. One that knows me. Grabbing the offered jacket I slide it on, tying it closed around my body. Once covered, I step out of what I first thought was my shower and around the milk white biker.​

    I’m surrounded by a very odd group of people, many I vaguely recognize from movies and comics my brother read as a kid. Batgirl is in a formfitting suit with no skin showing. Her bat logo is a deep purple and lacks any cape.​

    Some teenager in a red and yellow lightning themed outfit is giving me his best smirk. Beside him is a girl who looks like she is part tree. Bark skin and some kind of grass and leaf interwoven into a one piece bathing suit.​

    She has medium length green hair standing straight on end as she glares at the cocky boy who must be Wally, beside her. Based on what I have seen it looks like they are two thirds of a human relationship. I wonder if one of the others here completes heir triad?​

    <No daughter, they are siblings.> My father’s soothing mental voice explains privately.​

    Everyone knows the superman logo but the black haired teen with a mullet, is in a black version with silver and bronze accents. His cape is neat, looks like the night sky.​

    Robin but one with scarlet red wings is flying the plane. Wait, plane? Where am I?​

    “Were am I?” I demand firmly. The soothing voice I recognize but can’t quite place answers me.​

    “We have rescued you from the ones who held you captive.” When I look at the speaker, I’m shocked. My father is standing before me in a combination of both my memories.

    He is undeniably a martian, jade skin prominently on display. His human clothes, purple slacks and a green dress shirt have me certain this is a dream.​

    “Dad?” My voice is shaky and quiet again. He smiles and steps toward me, wrapping me tightly in his arms.​

    “Yes, its me.” His reply has me joining him in tears.​

    <Dad?> A slow dim witted voice asks in all of our heads. Reactions vary, Some like my dad and the albino guy fail to even flinch. Some like the lightning boy or the weird Superboy guy jump.​

    “I get that your freaked out.” A voice barely containing its fury comes from the black and metallic mullet man. “But I really don’t like people in my head. It was messed with my whole life apparently.” He explains seething.​

    “It was not her.” My dad jumps to my defense, glaring at my head for some reason. “It was the Starro.” Grabbing something on my head he pulls something slimy from my head. In my fathers hand, is a weird starfish thing. It has a massive eye and a large single yellow eye.​

    “Files said it was a new kind of Starro, supposed to be more effective then the older pale ones.” The ginger teen in yellow and red speaks up when no one else offers any information.​

    <These are what was used to give you memories of life here on Earth.> My father fills in my lack of knowledge again privately.​

    <Starro!> We hear happily in our heads in the slow voice from earlier.​

    “I think it has something wrong with if. The other ones were more aware.” The mullet guy grunts from his chair.

    <Friends?> The crimson starfish thing asks hopefully.​

    “Yes. I can be your friend.” The milk white biker answers with a voice full of pity which shifts to excitement. “Ooh we need a name for you if I’m keeping you. Any ideas?” He asks everyone. When no one answers him he looks up from the creature he has taken from my dad.

    “Fine then you have until we land to make a suggestion or I'm going with the name i have.” He mutters so i lightly touch his surface thoughts trying to cheer him up with a suggestion inline with his personality. The pride in his name overrides any other thought, he is so single minded.

    "Patrick is a good name." I offer quietly in support. The new pet owner smiles at me with his eyes but frowns with his mouth in a fake pout.

    "Spoiler!" He whines at me pitifully, which is a very odd look on such a tough looking person. "Next time make everyone else wait for the suprise even if you can't." His words are obviously in jest now, no hard feelings I can see.

    "Well meet Patrick Starro everyone." He holds the creature up to us all proudly. “What?” he defends himself when the others give him disapproving rejections. “He’s the only one of his kind we found who’s friendly.”

    “Oh, like you and your family?” the electric ginger asks tactlessly. Which even he recognizes when he winces and tries to back peddle. “I mean… Um… Patrick is a great name! Do you need any help finding out what he eats?” He shifts gears fully now.​

    “I’m more into chemistry but Iris is a whiz with biology.” He volunteers his sister beside him. “Once you know what he needs I can run all over the Tri-City area and pick it up for ya.”​

    <Friends!> The dopey voice gleefully calls out.

    “Yeah were all friends now.” Batgirl speaks up tersely, ending the playful mood. “Can everyone sit down and strap in. we need to get Zach patched up.” she ‘asks’ in a falsely calm voice.​

    “Yeah, this hurts a hell of a lot more then you make it look like dude.” Zach, the one with the mullet wheezes out, clenching his bloody side.​

    So another question i need to flip a coin over.
    All choices are valid and storylines will be used with other characters instead so don't feel like anything will be missing. I just really don't want alot of redundant power sets on the team, at least for season 1. I want to use Aqualass instead of Aqualad but still want Kaldur so am taking advantage of his dad being some regular pirate and going after a different target aside from Atlantis.

    Kaldur, should he and his story line be mixed with:
    A: Black Adam/ and my version of Shazam
    B: Dr Fate related
    C: A Street Shark
    D: a Member of Red Robo Family

    He is not being added until atleast three people weigh in combined on all three sites. I would rather hold him off and add him in way i know people want instead of rushing him onto team with something no one wants. I love his character but am very unsure of which way I actually wish to take him. Now if no one says anything as season is nearing end, I will flip a coin but do not wish to.

  3. Threadmarks: Arc 2: Chapter 11: Royal Firestorm
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Getting sticky.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 11: Royal Firestorm
    Flying Grayson Bird Sanctuary
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    11:28 AM

    “Oof.” Is my pained grunt as Shayera drives the handle of her mace into my sternum. I’m lifted a foot or so off the ground by her powerful blow, dropping to the dirt in the training yard. My audience of Zach, Roy, and Mr. Queen loudly cheer for my defeat.​

    “You done?” Shayera asks me with a smirk. Glaring up at her on from my back wheezing in the dirt, I refuse to answer. Instead I sweep my legs for hers, trying to bring her down to the ground with me.​

    “That’s what I like to see from my students.” She happily yells, leaping over my flailing feet. With her heel on my throat and mace raised above my head, she asks again. “Done now?”​

    Not even close. I need to get at least one hit in on her now that she isn’t holding back. I close my eyes, feigning acceptance of my lose.​

    Only to accept a broken windpipe to grab her leg with both hands tightly. Choking on my own blood, I swing her hard to the side before she can bring down her weapon. Shocked gasps from our crowd is my applause.​

    She slams hard on her side allowing me to throw my self on her in a grapple. Already my throat is fixed, each injury I have received, increasing my numbness to injury and speed of regeneration. Removing her mobility I slam my skull down hard against hers.​

    Once, twice, and three times should do it. My forehead drips blood down onto her face, who's blood it is I have no idea. She is dazed but smiling at my refusal to back down.​

    “Are you done?” I pant down at my mentor.​

    “Whoa, gnarly look man.” Zach calls from the bench when he sees my face.​

    “Yeah. Hardcore.” Roy concedes graciously. “I don’t have the muscle to power through her guard like that yet.”​

    “Not often someone can get a good shot in on my wife like that.” Oliver’s Irish brogue warns me. “Your in for it next session.” Man, am I glad this family is so cool. I bloodied the matriarch's face and here they are cheering both of us on.​

    “Hey I only ever beat her once in hand to hand.” Oliver admits. “And that was an accident. I told her to duck and she thought I was calling her names.”​

    “Well chicken and goose are used as insults, how was I supposed to know any better when dad and I had just arrived.” Mrs. Queen calmly replies from beneath me. I climb to my feet and offer her a hand, which she accepts.​

    Since you were able to do something neither of these two monkeys have done.” Shayera addresses me with respect. “I think we can lend you a weapon. And I mean a real one you hit get up close with.” She taunts her family with love. “You know a real girly weapon like a mace, Not one of those manly needle shooters.”​

    “Ha! You fight like a girl.” Zach jeers at me with a wide smirk. An expression he rapidly removes from his face when Shayera glares at him. “Which is better then I can fight.” He admits bashfully.​

    “That’s better, I heard from Lois that Supergirl is still kicking your ass up and down Newfoundland.” Shayera admonishes Zach. I am really glad we all got a mentor inline with our power set.​

    “How is M’gann and her dad doing?” Roy changes the subject for Zach’s benefit.​

    “Artemis and her sister are helping Janet, as she has decided to go by.” His dad explains. “Her dad found it easier to pretend to be a human for years.” He frowns sympathetically. “He sad it was really hard for him being closed off from everyone’s minds. He went a little wacky after a few years.”

    “What is that?” Zach interrupts, pointing above our heads with a worried look on his face.​

    A ball of fire is streaking across the sky, cycling between every color of the rainbow in a brilliant display. It descends somewhere into the swampland.

    A few seconds after it has passed from view, we feel impact. A massive shock wave erupts from beneath our feet, nearly knocking me off my feet.​

    The sound barrier being broken follows soon after with an incredible boom. Birds rise into the air enmass, panic filling all of them. Shayera looks us all over with a serious expression.​

    “Go find out.” She orders sternly. “Be careful and we can pick you out a weapon when you get back.”​

    “Well let me give Flash a call. If you three can wait ten minutes that is.” Green Arrow adds, sense of play gone.​

    Slaughter Swamp
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    12:41 PM

    “How can neither of us see were it landed?” Zach groans in frustration, floating above the waist deep muck I am forced to wade through. Robin is perched on a branch ahead, waiting for me to catch up.

    “Swampthing does not like any damage to the swamp.” Robin calls back to Zach. “He already grew it back, so whatever we find shouldn’t be a threat.” He smiles in excitement. “Or we would have heard Swampthing say hi.”

    “I saw a ship of some kind in the fire, it looked a gold egg.” Zach offers more information. I consider what Robin has said and look at the vegetation all around us.​

    “Were being guided somewhere.” I warn everyone. “Look the way ahead is actually getting less dense.” Ahead of us, my words are shown true. Bushes are pulling back, forming a trail even as roots are pulled into the ground before our eyes.

    “Yeah thanks for waiting for us.” A chiding feminine voice declares from behind us. Flower Child and her Twin are present, Speedy giving us a cheeky wave.​

    “Your dad told you he was calling our place. Why did you rush off before we could get here dude?” The speedster whines. “We’ve been looking for you for like forty minutes. Iris already knows were to go.”​

    “The swamp is telling me something alien but friendly awaits us.” Flower Child explains shyly.​

    “I may have thought he was asking your dad to take over.” Robin admits in embarrassment. “I wanted to leave before he could.”

    “Dude I overheard mom and dad talking a few days ago.” Speedy confides in everyone. “After Nevada, we aren’t getting sidelined anymore.”​

    “It sounds like some kind of junior team is being looked into for us.” Iris adds with a small smile.

    “Sweetness.” Roy cheers at the news. “It’s about time we got more action.”​

    “Everyone’s worried about what they learned from the blue scientist we grabbed.” She shrugs. “It sounds like something really big is going on this weekend. The Legion is going on high alert tonight.”​

    “So that’s why mom has us patrolling tomorrow.” Robin realizes aloud.​

    Soon we emerge from the muck, following Robin’s advance on the now dry ground. Instead of the hour it took us to go only a mile or two, were able to move quickly and in a straight line.​

    “that’s not me, I can’t affect so much at one time.” Iris admits to our curious looks. Maybe fifteen minutes of walking in silence has Zach call from behind me.​

    “Hold up. I hear someone singing.” And he’s right, someone is singing in an alien language. Or at least a human one I don’t recognize, which is many I admit.​

    “Be right back.” Speedy assures everyone before racing ahead in a streak of orange light.​

    “Lets stop him from getting Swampthing angry.” Roy shouts in a rising panic. “None of us want an angry swamp god thing!”​

    “Wally can annoy a monk.” His sister adds with a dread filled voice.​

    By the time we catch up, it’s to an astonishing sight. A statuesque women, maybe six and a half feet tall has Wall trapped in her grasp. The orange skinned woman has a mane of hair nearly reaching her feet. Its full of volume and curls concealing even greater length.​

    Her hair is a stark white color but not from age. The teenage girl looks happy as can be to have found anyone. She is nude with a very voluptuous figure. Although her modesty, if she has any is concealed from our view by the body of Wally.​

    She has the shocked ginger boy paralyzed in awe. Or maybe from the bone crushing bear hug he is in, either could be the reason really. Her rushed words come out in a babble, lots of R’s, T’s, A’s and M’s in her language as far as I can tell.​

    When no one responds to her greeting with anything besides confused looks, she shocks everyone further and probably sends Wally to heaven. Locking lips with her captive who’s arms are splayed to each side avoiding grabbing anything inappropriate, we all have varied reactions.​

    “Get off of her Wally!” from his angry sister, cheers of support from Roy and Zach, and my confused words.​

    “Why do we keep finding naked people?” I ask, rhetorically.​

    “Don’t question it until me and Roy find one too.” Zach shushes me while in the orange aliens grip Wally agrees.​

    “Yeah no complaints here.” he wheezes out. In slightly odd sounding English, the orange woman speaks at last in a language we can understand.​

    “Greetings new friends, we are so pleased to be meeting you all.” Her words are excited and full of joy. “We have escaped our captors at last.” Behind her I can see her golden ship is more of an escape pod. A flashing light is nagging at my mind but I can’t figure out why.​

    “Well here on Earth we were clothes in public.” Iris has fashioned a robe of woven grass and vines, handing it to our new arrival. “This will have to do for now.” Her words are clipped as she glares at her brothers skull.

    “Who is we?” Robin asks, catching something none of us had.​

    “I am Princess Koriand’r of Tamaran.” Her words give us half an explanation which has me wondering who else is here.​

    “You did say we earlier.” I point out helpfully. Now in her green robe, the teenage alien, sags in defeat.​

    “Apologies. My sister and I were experimented on by the Reach.” We all share confused looks as Kori continues her explanation.” My brother wished to be king, so he sold out our world.” Her eyes begin glowing red and her hair changes to a scarlet hue.​

    “He gave us and the heads of our parents to the Reach leader before a Red scarab was placed on him, as a reward.” She spits angrily. “We were held by the monsters for months as they looked for a way to make weapons of us.” Her red hair changes to indigo mixed with violet in the blink of an eye.​

    “My sister and I were merged into the Firestorm.” Her words are equally filled with love and sorrow. “I can feel her power merged with my own but I cannot hear her voice anymore.”​

    “When I emerged from my escape pod, I met the guardian.” She continues cheerfully, her hair now fully indigo. “He had me wait her for you while he fixed the damage from my crash.”

    Once she says this, I can feel myself being watched from every direction. The presence is overwhelming in its power before fading away.​

    “And why were you kissing my brother?” Iris demands with a hand on her hip.​

    “It is how the queens of Tamaran solved civil war in ages long past.” She shares with no sense of deception, a completely open and honest person even after her trauma. “A spell of translation was bound to our people. Now any language known is shared by kissing.” No more misunderstandings over language, would be a major shift in global unity I have to admit.​

    “Oh like grandpa Scott’s ring. It can do anything but affect wood.” He snickers mischievously at a memory. “Iris and mom were a handful for him as babies.”​

    “Shut up.” His sister flicks his nose in irritation. “At least we didn’t need a Legion food budget until our powers stabilized.” Sighing in defeat Wally goes silent for a few seconds at least.​

    “Anyway once we get you settled in I can totally give you a tour.” He confidently offers the princesses. Shocking everyone, she agrees.​

    “Oh yes, this would be most enjoyable.” She does know he was trying to flirt right? Because not even Wally expected that to work. “I would love to see much of your world as I seek allies to overthrow my brother.”

    “Babe, Consider me your second in command then.” The delusional ginger offers, clearly not considering what that would entail. I can see his sister considers warning him but the chance of being free from her twin has her remain silent for now at least.​

    “If you find a way, count me in.” How else am I ever going to find out more about where I come from anyway.​

    “Oh friends, I thank you.” Kori responds gratefully to the off the cuff offers. Above the trees, a metallic craft zooms above us. Her hair goes red again as she glares at the ship, a diamond shaped vessel of silver blue metal.

    “The Reach have found us. If you wish to keep war from your home, we must destroy the ship before it reports home.” She growls out, laying out the seriousness of the matter. We are found by some kind of tracking device on board the spacecraft, it turns towards us and opens fire.​

    Balls of blue plasma the size of golf balls, begin to impact the swamp all around us. Branches and even entire trees shatter from the blasts. It was an attack meant to reveal our location and it did that well. We stand in a nearly bare clearing only a few rocks and ditches allowed us any cover from the barrage.​

    “Earthlings. Return our property and we shall leave you further unharmed. Resist and I will level this entire area searching for her.” We hear a cruel voice announce from the ship. Before anyone can respond or even consider a course of action, the entire swamp roars in defiance.​

    From the smallest bug to the largest tree, nature screams at this invader. Heck even the mud is bubbling for all its worth.​


    I have seen everyone’s version of the green lantern rings and the guardians. My version are Magic space wizards. Which means Alan Scott’s ring is the standard version not a prototype. Hal Jordan is Cpt Atom, Guy Gardner is Shining Knight, John Stewart is Major Glory from Justice friends, Kyle Raynor is Rubberband. Which Means someone (well 2 someones) will be recruited eventually.​

    I will never have a light ring on my finger in this story so not me and Kryptonian's don’t need one either so it’s not us.

    Vlad, Imhotep, Dr Robotnik, Plankton, and Aku are all joining the Light along with the other changes. The Light has 24 members because the light touches the world every hour of the day, their influence being felt somewhere.​

    Question: Which filler villain should I use:
    A: Black Knight ghost : Scooby Doo
    B: Beebop + Rocksteady : TMNT
    C: Constructicons : Transformers
    D: Weather Wizard : Flash​
  4. Threadmarks: Chapter 12: When Nature Roars
    Flightless Man

    Flightless Man Getting sticky.

    Aug 17, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Chapter 12: When Nature Roars
    Slaughter Swamp
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    1:24 PM

    Emerging from the mud is a hand with each finger taller then I am. Made of vines, roots, and other assorted plant the arm extends into a fore arm and soon a second hand follows the first, rising skyward.​

    Rising beneath us, the ground shifts and cracks as the fauna comes together in defense of its territory. Our team is forced to move fast, or risk being joined with the mass of muck towering above us and rising beyond the trees.​

    Zach, Roy, and even our newcomer Koriand’r all rise into the air with ease, damn fliers.

    Beside me, Iris and Wally are equally unsure of a course of action. In seconds were already twenty feet or more in the air, so I react.​

    I grab Wally’s hand and throw him as high into the air as I can.​

    “Catch!” With a shout for one of our flier's, I break into a sprint. For such a bulky body I can still move far faster then I ever remember being able to as a human. Ooh, gym class would be so easy now.​

    I cross to dozen or so feet between Flower Child’s tense form and my starting position in seconds. Wrapping an arm around Iris, I lift her to my body cradling her.​

    Throwing us both off the edge of sky bound swamp, I rotate so my back is facing downwards. Remembering how sleeping people do better In car accidents, I call out my advice.​

    “Stay limp!” I warn Iris with a very manly bellow that was in no way a girly shriek.​

    Falling backwards off the rising landmass, I realize a giant head is forming before our eyes. The two hands beside it have formed into arms. Both hands are swatting at the blue diamond space craft, even as it fires a spray of plasma back.​

    Wally finds himself in a turnabout from what I assume are his usual heroics.​

    Looking up at him as we fall, I can see he was indeed caught. He had a far better landing then I’m about to as well.

    Descending from the sky gracefully, Koriand’r has Wally held in her arms bridal style. He really doesn’t seem to mind, playing it up for all he’s worth.​

    His arms are around her neck, as his body wracks with obviously fake terror. Why am I trying to plan everything out? Speedy is impulsive as hell and it seems to be working out.​

    Should I try going more with the flow like he does? Artemis always seems so stressed out and she’s planning for everything. I’m interrupted from my internal conflict as Iris, and I finally collide with the ground.​

    We actually land relatively softly in the muddy water beneath us with with a splash. It’s not to deep, allowing Iris to climb off of me onto dryish ground.​

    She offers a brown bark like hand to me. When I accept her hand, I realize two things.

    First thing is that even though she looks like she has rough and fairly thick skin, it’s texture is more like birch bark and the phloem of a tree. The softer inner bark that they make into rope and fiber.​

    The second thing I learn is she is at least a few times stronger then a baseline human. She easily pulls me to my feet with only a single hand.​

    Touching down beside us, Kori drops Wally to his feet. Maybe he wasn’t faking his fear of heights.​

    As soon as his feet are on the ground he drops to his knees, pressing his palms into the wet earth he whispers sweet nothings.​

    “Thanks. Both of you.” He finally speaks to us instead of his new love the mud. “I’m really not good with heights. I just froze up their.” He admits embarrassed.​

    “I should have known you could not fly.” Koriand’r admits. “Tamaranean men may be prettier by far then us females but they are weaker, lacking any ability to fly as well.” Iris chokes back some laughter as Wally indignantly rises to his feet.

    “Whoa, whoa, whoa.” He interrupts with his hand raised. “Only like half of us are human here. And none of us are what you can call normal.”​

    “Yeah we don’t know what I am.” I offer not really noticing the sympathetic looks. “It’s not so bad. I’m staying with Roy and his family for now.”​

    I do need to find something I can call my own eventually. Maybe Zach will get a place with me, if I can convince him I’m better then the Kent's that is.​

    Zach chose to go for a direct option it seems. Above us, he flew directly through the house sized ship.​

    He pierces a hole through the vessel. Slowing down enough, the two enormous hands of mud to clap it between its palms.

    Trapped inside the grasp of Slaughter Swamp and Swampthing controlling the defense, a blue glow begins to shine through the fingers.​

    The glow pulses several times before a sphere of energy emerges. Its tears through the surrounding swamp matter.​

    Bits of mud and pieces of vine rain down all around us. Showered in the debris, I can only groan. The alien vessel is still floating and has now learned we are a threat.​

    Like a swarm of wasps, nearly twenty figures emerge from he holes Zach punched through. From this distance all I can tell is they have some kind of rocket propulsion and energy weapons. I can tell because they rocket into the air and begin shooting at my allies in the sky.​

    “Scarabs!” The Tamaranean princess gasps in horror. “It was no accident we were able to escape near your world.” Her voice is filled with dread. We? Oh yeah, merged with her sister or something.​

    “Your world has been targeted for assimilation by the Reach.” She shakes her head in anger. Memories of the atrocities done to her and her people clear in her expression. “We must stop this ship from making contact with any who would sell this world out for power.”​

    Ok saving the world? This is huge. I signed up to get revenge on an evil corporation, am I really ready for this?​

    I don’t even have the negative thought in my head for a couple of seconds before I rally my nerves. Grinning with feral glee, I realize the truth.​

    “They aren’t ready for us.” I answer with all the confidence I have. Speedy and Flower Child beside us agree.​

    “We only have so long before reinforcements arrive.” Flower Child warns us. Robin definitely called this in.​

    “So unless we want to get sidelined we need to do this now.” Speedy declares with his chest puffed up. I consider everything I know of the situation before I make a rash decision.​

    “Iris.” She turns to face me when I address her. “You said you could hear the swamp earlier, right?”​

    “Yeah it feels a lot more human then any plant I know of.” She explains. Ok that works.​

    “Good can you talk to that?” I point at the behemoth that has now formed. Over fifty feet tall the creature swats at the still agile spacecraft.​

    “Yeah, he’s mad.” She answers hesitantly, unsure where I'm going with this.​

    “Speedy get Iris as close as you can to it and keep her from getting stepped on.” I address his sister once he agrees. “Iris, I need you to convince Swampthing to focus on the Scarab Warriors.”​

    “What of my duties?” Koriand’r demands, her hair and eyes flashing red before she can control her temper.​

    “Your getting me on board that thing.” I answer with a feral grin. “Were going to find out what we can and blow that thing up.”​

    “This is most pleasing.” Her eyes and hair have gone bright orange as her desire for revenge is near. She grabs me under the shoulders and rockets into the sky without another word.​

    Slaughter Swamp
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    1:31 PM

    I see the orange princess fly straight up past my mid air battle. She has Kyle in her arms because screw it he’s Kyle to me, I don’t care what he says. ​

    I lose sight of them when they enter the ship. I really don’t have time to get distracted anyway. I swerve to the left, a beam of yellow energy lances through my previous location. ​

    Rolling over onto my back, I retaliate. My beams of ice manage to strike one clean in its middle. The humanoid figures are all in some kind of black and blue mech suit, each with a variety of weapons. ​

    Choosing to act, I rocket back into the frozen one. A karate chop through its torso, has a shower of frozen bits shower down below. I hope Speedy and Flower Child aren’t below me. ​

    Robin Gives me covering fire with a quick volley of explosive arrows. For teens and heroes, we don’t seem as hung up on being non lethal as I would have expected.​

    Everyone on this earth has lived through at least one alien invasion, so I guess they don’t use kid gloves in these cases. ​

    “How long since you called Batgirl for help?” I yell at Robin who narrowly avoids another energy blast. ​

    “She should be here with help soon.” He shouts back. Ok more delaying tactics then I confirm to myself. Koriand’r emerges from the ship, trailing a mane of red flames behind her.

    Her clothes have burnt away as red flames dance along her skin, leaving her barely concealed by the liquid like flames. She gives her wardrobe no mind, laying waste to the warriors battling Robin and I.​

    Balls of flaming red plasma collide with several of our opponents, rapidly eating into and searing the aliens inside. The shrieks of pain, are thankfully brief.​

    “The Czarnian is inside the ship.” She informs us with a rage filled voice, which is kinda intimidating. “He is finding the facts so we can find any allies they are having.” Who’s the Sarneean? I think that’s what she said.​

    “Then lets take out out these pests while we wait.” My words are way cockier then I intended, we are outnumbered after all. ​

    Or we were I should say because one of the massive arms decided to lend a hand. Slamming downwards, it caught a few unable to dodge. Crushed against the ground by the unnatural force, that’s three down. ​

    “Thanks Jolly Green!” Robin happily call’s out to the goliath now helping us. His good cheer soon becomes an agonized expression and soon I know why.

    Shrill ringing and nails on a chalkboard combined into a solid wave of sound washes over me. I can feel my eardrums burst and vertigo set in. ​

    Tumbling from the sky, I smash into and through a massive willow tree. Robin and Koriand’r fell alongside me but were saved from impact by a outstretched hand of swamp flora. Their landing is only temporary however.​

    A massive blast of energy comes from the ship. Nearly the size of a cow, the crackling red energy strikes the wrist of the swamp thing. ​

    The Limb dries and cracks rapidly before exploding in a hail of wood and clay. Robin and Koriand’r falling again to the muddy ground.​

    I try to get back into the fray but I can barely stand. My balance is gone and I can’t hear a single thing besides ringing. I can only watch the battle of alien warriors and the massive swamp avatar.​

    From the south, I can see a new vessel rapidly approaching. As I’m considering how were going to pull a retreat with everyone so scattered, the new vehicle opens fire.

    A salvo of missiles are released from beneath each wing of what has to be the Batplane. They lock on to one of the alien warriors each, exploding in a ball of fire.​

    Not finished, the plane shifts its focus to the alien vessel. A pair of larger sidewinder rockets, shoot forward and crash into the interior of the alien spaceship. A series of explosions go off inside but instead of exploding like I feared, it begins to tilt. ​

    With one of its engines gone, the ship rapidly begins to drop beyond eyesight. It lands somewhere near the base of the mountains with Kyle on board, hopefully in a big enough piece to grow back from this.​

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    Chapter 13: Who’s Flying The Batplane
    Legion Watch Tower
    Earth’s Orbit
    Jan 20/2010
    1:39 PM (EDT)

    In the conference room on board the space station housing Earth’s champion, just over fifty of arguably the greatest heroes alive today argue like school children.​

    “Why are we letting your kids and the lab rats deal with this?” Shining Knight angrily demands of the North American division, His emerald chain mail glitters as he slams his fist against the massive horseshoe shaped desk. “We formed to deal with invasion level threats and we have two unknown alien vessels in our atmosphere!” The Russian redhead growls in frustration.​

    “Calm yourself.” The faceless Question interrupts the outburst. “I checked the minds of both victims while we rescued my daughter.” His words are even and relatively quiet but everyone can listens. “Neither are an issue, both believe they are humans who woke up in alien bodies.”​

    “And I put Tom through enough training I am confident he won’t be a hindrance.” Dove snorts in amusement, her wings flare behind her white and blue costumed form. “He really doesn’t seem to get how fast he learns some things. It’s almost like his body is relearning how to do things his ancestors’ already knew how to do.”​

    “Genetic muscle memory was in the files he gave me.” Batman’s gruff voice adds. “All observation has shown he and Zod’s son are both very different from their fathers.” He pauses to allow everyone to let this sink in.​

    “Our best option is to keep guiding them as we have.” Staring around the table he continues. “Give them emotional ties and preferably heroic ones, guide their decision by limiting other observable options.”​

    “Let them choose to be heroes and just show them how?” Wonderwoman asks with a smile. “Your getting soft Bruce, maybe it’s time to consider retiring.” The Queen of the Amazons teases her old friend playfully.​

    “Hardly.” The Dark Knight replies without twitching. “I just know we need to focus our attentions on more important things.” His serious gravelly voice has everyone paying full attention, even the Flash brings his winged silver boots off the conference table.​

    “Indeed, I was able to learn Cadmus is in fact only one of many agents of a group known as the Light.” Oracle, once known as Black Canary joins the discussion from beside her husband. “Twenty four members as far as I can determine so far. And each one has different operations worldwide.”

    “Yes and what I learned from Dr. Drakken was not good.” The Question adds. “Each member of the Light is looking for ways to gain power of any kind.”​

    “Several more Cadmus labs have been identified.” Batman takes over again. “Each is trying to weaponize a different species of extra terrestrial.” Everyone around the table frowns at this bad news. “I will continue to send Artemis with this new team they have formed.” He finishes his report, awaiting input from his peers.​

    “I’m fine with that.” Alan Scott, the Green Lantern speaks up with approval. “They gave my grand kids a hand when everyone else was tied up with that hurricane.”​

    “I know Kara is looking forward to having more people closer to her age when she replaces me in a few years.” Superman volunteers, Star Sapphire beside him agreeing. “May as well make their team official then.”​

    “Indeed, that would make their dealings with the authorities easier.” Wonder Woman confirms with a thoughtful look on her face. “William may like to join with them. He has been complaining bout being the only boy on Themyscira.”​

    “Kida has been growing restless as well. “Queen Mera of Atlantis offers in support. “This could be used as a way to manage which missions we send our children and proteges on.”​

    “Agreed, Zatana has been itching for more action but my new foes as Dr. Fate are fare beyond her and her brothers current skills.” Giovanni Spellman now on board, approves the plan.​

    “We have a few others who could use experience either on a team or using their abilities before being ready for a seat at this table.” Ted Kord speaks up. “Why don’t we all consider the options and come back to this later.”​

    “Yeah, what emergency required all hands on deck?” Green Arrow asks. “Me and Shayera should be down their in case anything goes wrong. So this better be important.”​

    “It is, I assure you all.” The Question confirms calmly. “Simultaneous action is being planned by criminal organizations Beginning shortly after midnight tonight and will continue for several days.” Silence meets his declaration for several moments before finally someone speaks.​

    “So were going to be run ragged. Good time to have these kids coming on board then.” Sir Gardner the Emerald Russian concedes. “And I can see why we aren’t being sent down yet if it’s only one aggressive ship.”​

    “I’m concerned about why the enemies we can see on screen have armor so much like yours Blue Beetle.” Lois Kent, the Star Sapphire notices and says so.​

    Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle is in a very similar set of armor to the alien warriors on the holographic display. Black metal armor with a texture similar to insect carapace covers his lover half, while blue metal plating covers his shoulders, chest, and face.​

    A pair of blue spikes protrude from each of his shoulders, concealing a rocket enabling flight. He has dozens of weapon configurations in his mech suit but it seems Kord Industries stole from aliens this time.

    “Well my predecessor may have found this robot bug thing in Egypt.” Ted answers finally. “Was hard as hell to sneak it out past Imhotep and his army. But when he slept the Scarab bonded with him, said it had no memory after a battle with the Sorcerer.” He shrugs in confusion.​

    “I never found anything after any of my tests to say otherwise and so after Dad died, I bonded with Blue a year later.” He frowns at the hostile force on screen. “Guess we can’t point fingers at the new kids if Blue’s from a bad family too.”​

    “We have reports that Arkham, Belle Reve, and the Hive Juvenile Detention facility are all experiencing oddities among prisoner behavior.” Dinah Wayne, the Oracle adds from her high tech wheelchair. “We are going to need to be on high alert.”​

    Slaughter Swamp
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    1:39 PM

    Watching the ship my only tie to my old life is on, crash in the distance fills me with dread. The explosion that follows its crash landing, has me even more worried. It was a big blue light, even if I can’t hear anything.​

    I don’t have time to go check. If he lived he’ll be fine, if he died. Well I can deal with that if I have to later.​

    Rising from the mud like angry wasps is a dozen or so of the surviving enemies. The black and blue insectoid armor is damaged by the missiles. However each still presents a deadly threat with the array of weaponry on display from them.​

    Wind whips past my face, kicking up some swamp debris and flinging it around. Above me the Batplane hovers long enough for two figures to drop to the ground before flying off after the downed spacecraft.​

    Batgirl and someone I don’t recognize descend from the air land beside me. The stranger is wearing a form fitting purple body suit with a darker cape that comes to her waist. Her face is concealer by a violet hood the same shade as her body suit.​

    Beneath her hood is a dark purple mask, nearly black it’s so dark. She has dark blue boots and gloves to go with her blue utility belt. She gives a shy wave upon landing to go with Batgirl’s nod.​

    Batgirl opens her mouth, I assume to either give orders or to find out what I know but I can’t read lips.​

    “I CAN”T HEAR.” I explain at what feels like a normal volume. “ROBIN ME AND THE ORANGE PRINCESS WERE TOO CLOSE TO AN EXPLOSION.” Both of the covering their ears and flinching, tells me I was way to loud.​

    <Artemis, I mean Batgirl say’s we need to make sure none of the invaders get away.> I hear a shy female voice in my head. <Our Father’s have entrusted this task to us while they prepare for a greater threat.>​

    “OK.” I reply at half my earlier volume, which is still to loud.​

    “Let’s find the others and take care of these guys.” I respond, finally at an appropriate volume. Third time’s the charm.​

    <The one known as Speedy is hiding behind that tree waiting for us to finish so he can scare you.> The purple garbed girl answers once Artemis points at something behind me.​

    <Hey no spoilers!> I hear an indignant Wally’s voice in my head.​

    <That is actually a pretty good code name for you Janet.> Artemis’ confident and alluring voice fills my head. Maybe she would be down for some one on one time when things settle down.​

    Everyone turns to look at me.​

    “Did I say something?” I ask cautiously. Wally snickers behind his hand, finally having joined everyone.​

    <Batgirl asked me to link everyone psychically since you and the other two are deafened.> The now identified Janet explains. <Your thinking a little loud.>​

    <Oh.> I think, aiming my thoughts outwards consciously now.​

    <Yeah we all heard that.> Wally teases me with a cheeky grin on his face.​

    <Doesn’t matter right now.> Artemis saves me from further embarrassment. <We got some invaders to take down. Speedy and Ultraboy, go fast and keep them unsteady.> She orders firmly.​

    <Robin I want you to keep them from going airborne. No Escapees> Artemis thinks to the two above us. <Spoiler, were going to be engaging directly with our new friend. Princess can you join us for combat, we can really use your fire power.>​

    <Affirmative leader Girlbat.> The excited voice of the new ally joins the mental dialogue. <We will be bringing the heat.>​

    <What do I call you by the way?> Wally asks with interest clear in his mind.​

    <Call us Blackstar.> The princesses answer. <We will not answer to the name the Reach gave us.>​

    <Aggh!> I hear Wally scream in pain. His body goes flying into the shrubbery behind us.​

    The Reach warrior who carried out the attack, aims his energy cannon at Batgirl next, forcing me to act.​

    “Let’s see what happens if I try to squish you!” I roar in anger. Kid gloves are off, I don’t care how much I hurt any of these freaks. Two of my friends may be dead, I’m not letting anyone else get hurt today.​

    My roar and leap over the girls head’s, draws attention to me. Changing my leap into a guided flight I strike to shooter in the face with punch going well over four hundred miles an hour.​

    I feel if not hear the helmet collapse along with anything inside, leaving me free to rocket after the next alien bringing a weapon to bear.​

    Reach Ship
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    1:38 PM

    Standing over the unconscious body of the only alien on board, I try to find something of value on his computer.

    Of course having zero experience with the language and style of technology has let me open a single file. I think, maybe I closed on.​

    Batman’s getting another computer I guess. He really has to get me something good for Christmas now. I reach for the base of the system and lift, remembering to bend my knees.​

    Tearing it free from the floor, I realize I have no way down now. Maybe Koriand’r should have stayed. Well no use whining over milk I already drank, or something like that.​

    Rallying my nerves I get ready for another fall. Man I really should have gone with the name Falling Boy.​

    Getting a proper grip, I begin to haul the alien computer system back down the silver blue hallway. It’s only a short trip to the exit Zach punched in the ship, I may even be able to flag a flier down when I get there.​

    When I finally to make to the section of the ship with the metal torn through, I see I may be in for more trouble then I assumed.​

    Good news. Reinforcements have arrived. Bad news. Looks like whoever is flying the Batplane has no idea I’m on board. Really bad news, that looks like missiles are incoming.

    The rockets impact the ship with explosive force. I can hear one engine sputter and die, causing the ship to tilt but thankfully not explode. Beeping from above has me notice on missile carried a bomb instead beeping faster and faster.​

    Looking out the hole, in preparation of my escape, I realize the ship is angling dangerously close to the Sanctuary. Not going to happen on my watch.​

    Decision made, I toss the computer from the ship before racing back to the flight deck. I slide into the pilots chair and replicate what I saw the Reach soldier doing.​

    Slipping both hands inside an arm hole on the console before me, I find a cold blue gel. I continue and find a bar inside each for my hands to grasp. Once I do, I can feel the ship react to my slightest tough.​

    Slowly, since I only have one engine, I manage to angle to listing diamond ship towards the mountains and a lake I can see at the base of them. Deciding it’s better to have a captive for answers if the computer is useless, I grab the pilot and fling him over my shoulders.​

    Running down the now very familiar hallway, I emerge back were I began. Watching the ground approach, I prepare to leap once we’re over the lake. If I was able to aim correctly that is.​

    Oh and before the bomb goes off, can’t forget that. Clenching onto the torn metal I can only wait in suspense for the water to show. And hopefully soon, the beeping is going so fast it’s become a buzz.​

    Well that's a few hints for future members. All three will be added in arcs immediately after each other but i have no clear preference on order.
    So what order do you want to see the the appear.
    A: Zatana Zatara/Sabrina Spellman fusion
    B: Billy Trevor(Batson). Son of Wonder Woman.
    C: Kida(from Disney's Atlantis) as a daughter of Aquaman and Mera
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    Chapter 14: Cadmus in the Woods
    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    1:42 PM

    Ignoring my hatred of getting wet, I am barely able to keep my hostage’s head above water. Furiously paddling for shore, I rock in the wake the ship creates crashing into the crystal clear water.​

    Seconds after the alien craft crashed, it explodes in a massive detonation. The lake is able to contain most of the blast thankfully.​

    The waves generated propel my shaking body towards shore. Crashing into the sandy beach with the still unconscious alien, I can only groan in relief.​

    My captive is a thin, four armed, hairless humanoid with slimy greenish brown skin. It’s tall and looks like if it had more room to maneuver on the bridge of the ship, it would have been a challenge.​

    Wringing out my sodden hair, I toss my leather jacket on a tree branch. The Batplane descending, has me take a good look around the shoreline.​

    A dock with several canoes is not far from me. Just up the bank is two rows of five cabins bracketing a large A-frame lodge. On the side of the cabins opposite me I can see the Batplane landing in the center of an archery range.​

    Why does this place seem so familiar? Ever since I hit the water, I have been able to feel the presence of something watching me. Whatever this is doesn’t feel nearly as friendly as Swampthing did, I need to be on the look out.

    Grabbing the four armed alien, I sling him over a shoulder and begin walking towards the landing aircraft. Artemis is going to get a scolding, telling us to be careful and she shot me out of the sky with out radioing.​

    Remembering I have a radio I tap at the receiver in my hippo skull cap. When I get only static in my ear, I can only blame being submerged in the lake.​

    “Yo! Star Guy!” A guy in a hockey jersey for the Gotham Bat’s. It’s got a black background with a yellow circle and black bat inside it on the chest. Very classic Batman in my mind.​

    It goes well with his goalie mask and long black pony tail hanging down to his waist. In one hand he carries a hockey stick, resting it on his shoulder for balance. He waves while his companion only raises her head in greeting.​

    “Sorry for shooting you down dude.” He apologizes for her since it’s clear she won’t. “Jade has an itchy trigger finger.”​

    “You shouldn’t have been on board by yourself in the first place.” The women in a black body suit with a white stripe defends herself. “The Batplane detected no humans on board so I took my shot.” She crosses her arms across her chest in protest, long purple gloves covering her forearms.​

    “It’s all good.” I assure them. “Needs of my friends out weigh the needs of me. And they were the ones getting shot at before you showed up.” Really no way Artemis’ older sister had any idea I was up their, so why hold a grudge?​

    “Good to see you got one of them for interrogation.” Jade changes the subject. Her facial expressions behind her purple mask that extends into a spike over each eye, have softened visibly in relief at my response.​

    “Yeah, Question will get all the good stuff out of this goon.” The hockey enthusiast agrees before introducing himself. “I’m Sportmaster, nice to work with you.”​

    “Yeah whatever Jason.” Huntress teases her companion. “Code names are really only to keep confusion down in battles now. With four John’s on the Legion its kind of necessary.”​

    “And for marketing our likeness.” Jason grunts out in his defense. “We don’t all have a billionaire family.”​

    “Let’s get this guy on board and get back before my sister and your friends finish with the fun.” Jade commands in a tone that is a more refined version of Artemis’ no arguing voice.​

    “We may have a problem with that.” Jason interrupts with a voice rising in panic. “Looks like someone came to say hi.” He points behind me with his hockey stick.​

    When Jades eyes widen and she drops into a fighter’s stance, I feel my blood begin to pump in excitement. I quickly turn around and see what has both of them so freaked out.​

    A teenage girl with a ponytail of blue hair kind of like glowing fire, approaches. She floats a few feet above he ground, wearing an orange shirt and skirt combo. Her skin is pale but unlike mine hers is more of a deathly pale grey.​

    She has thick black mascara covering her eyes behind her thick round glasses. In her hands she carries a red guitar that has a design of twin blue fire balls.​

    She gives us an eerie grin once she sees we all notice her. Lifting her guitar she begins to strum.

    An unearthly chorus begins to play, filling my head with emotions and thoughts I was completely unaware of having.​

    Rip of Jade’s arm and beat Jason to death with it. Why would I do that? Fighting against the urges rising in me, I can only struggle in silence.​

    No longer able o even speak of my own accord, I am forced to watch helplessly as Jason walks down to the dock. With no hesitation in his stride, he walks over and off the end.​

    As I wait for him to surface in vain, I lose coherence amid the rock anthem of ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’.​

    Fear Facility
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    1:49 PM

    I regain awareness if not control of my body, as I am being walked through a hallway. On each side is a glass cell with most containing a frightening occupant.​

    One of the inhabitants is a silver unicorn with a bloodstained horn. Beside it is an amphibious creature that looks straight from the black lagoon, oddly it is wearing human clothes. A white long sleeve shirt and torn blue pants. I think it even has an orange scarf or the remains of a cape around its neck as well​

    On the other side of the hallway I catch a glimpse of one of the dolls from the mall. A three foot tall red haired replica of a boy, wearing blue overalls over a red sweater.​

    The final prisoner i see before exiting the hallway, is a werewolf in shredded brown corduroy pants and a likewise ruined green T-shirt. It has a blue dog collar on its neck with a gold tag I am unable to read.​

    I walk alongside Jade’s dazed form into a new corridor, one of concrete floors and plain brown walls. The Ghost girl who reminds me a lot of Velma, leads us into a door at the end of the hallway.​

    We enter a science lab that contains a wide array of horrific looking tools. The concrete floor slopes into the center of the room were a drain is surrounded by bloodstains. Two operating tables are on either side of the floor drain, both with heavy duty straps.​

    Along the far wall is around twenty flat screen monitors, half or so remain as black screens. The other half are on and displaying some figures I recognize and others I only assume are equally powerful.​

    Lex Luthor’s bald head is easily recognizable on one screen, while the screen above him displays the face of Plankton. The tiny green creature glares at the screen arrogantly.​

    Also on display that I recognize is Vlad from Danny Phantom, the vampire ghost dude. From the picture I saw at the Grayson’s, I can tell that the ancient looking guy with gold wings is Imhotep.​

    I see a female Nick Fury in a blue bodysuit and with an eye patch. On the screen below her is the grinning face of Dr. Robotnik. His massive red mustache is easily recognizable. I can also point out the brain like body of Krang, his pulsating form as gross now as when I saw it in Nevada.​

    An Asian woman in a black and red ninja outfit, A Greek woman in gold and green robes, A middle eastern woman with a gold crown and a very fancy pant suit, An old white woman in a tweed suit, some kind of robot thing made of black metal with two massive glowing red eyes, and a hairy savage looking man in a suit are the ones I can’t identify.​

    An emaciated male figure watches the screens. The man has a burlap mask and wears a set of old blue overalls over a yellow plaid shirt. On one hand he has a glove with syringes in a Freddy Krueger style.​

    “I understand Governor Luthor.” The twitchy man answers one of the three screens that show a glaring face. “I have reacquired Project Lobotomy, as well as the Huntress. Her paramour I dealt with, I had wanted a zombie in my collection for while now.” The bald head of Lex Luthor nods in consideration.​

    “Well done. Once the other young heroes arrive raise the force field until Operation Fireworks is over.” Luther smiles deviously as he waves of any concern of intervention. “We only have to move the Operation forward by a few hours to keep the Legion from interfering.”​

    “Agreed.” Vlad Masters, a silver haired man in a red suit of equal quality to Luthor’s speaks up. “To ensure this opportunity does not slip through your shaking fingers, I will be arriving shortly.” He glares at the shaking man before all the screens. “Since you already made a sacrifice of Sportmaster, open the portal now Scarecrow.”​

    “Of course Minister Masters.” The now named Scarecrow assures his boss hurriedly.​

    “Send the alien you acquired to me when the drama is over, I want to see what’s in his head.” The elderly white woman demands.​

    “Who say’s you get the Reach captive, this is our first chance to acquire one of our ‘allies’ undetected.” Plankton yells, his tiny form quivering in indignation. “And it was supposed to be my turn to get an alien next.”​

    “Yes Ocean Master, this is a matter we need to discuss but it can wait until we have transferred to Reach captive to a more secure facility.” Imhotep agrees with Plankton. He frowns at his allies for their behavior. “We do not have time to bicker among ourselves on the eve of our complete and total victory over this worlds supposed heroes.”​

    “Well said Imhotep.” Lex Luthor takes control of the squabble. “Your forces are ready to move on Atlantis correct?”​

    “Yes, yes, I know.” The inch tall green bean shaped thing responds arrogantly. “My new pet’s will provide all the fire power I need TO CRUSH ATLANTIS!” He trails of with mindless cackling for a few moments before coughing into his elbow.​

    “Sorry about that, got carried away.” Plankton apologizes to his peers.​

    “Circe. Your ready to take Themyscira before the Amazons can rally?” Lex continues as if the outburst had never occurred.​

    “Of course and once I do I will be able to find the Rock of Eternity.” The Greek sorceress calmly responds. “I only need a single surviving royal to reveal it’s location after all.”​

    “And our people are in position at the meta-human prison’s, We are ready as soon as our mole in the Legion begins to Operation.” Lex ends his words by giving a curt goodbye and having his screen go black.​

    “Splendid, then I will also be coming to the Facility.” The Asian woman cheerfully responds. “Bruce may have kept my daughter from me but Jade will fulfill her destiny tonight and rejoin me.”​

    “Yes Mistress Al’Ghul. I will have everything ready for you and Minister Master’s arrival.” Scarecrow’s shaky voice assures the members of the Light. “Project Lobotomy will be prepped for his procedure once you have arrived”​

    This really does not sound good. I need to do something and fast. Mustering every ounce of my willpower, I raise my left arm.​

    Slowly and shaking the entire time I bring my arm up behind the Scarecrow’s unaware form. I close my hand into a fist, preparing for action.​

    “Dr. Crane, behind you.” Circe warns the scientist. Yeah, I guess I overlooked the fact that all of them were looking at me the entire time.​

    “Naughty boy, I’m going to have to show you why none of my pets resist anymore.” The scientist whirls to the side and jabs his outstretched pinkie at my neck.​

    I feel a small prick before my entire body locks up. It feels like lightning is coursing through my body while each of my bones is shattering repeatedly.​

    “I find fear is a great teacher.” My captor taunts me sadistically as I writhe on the floor in agony. “And fear of pain is even better.” He gazes over my form before asking rhetorically. “Now what shall I do with you? I think you should survive having your head turned around.”​

    As I pass out from agony, I only hope I wake up recognizable.​
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    Chapter 15: Beach Brawl
    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:07 PM

    <Where the hell are they?> Zach’s frustrated mental voice comes from the beach, Kyle’s vest held loosely in his grip. So far, that’ been the only sign anyone survived the crash.

    <Good question.> Artemis responds for everyone, prompting me to volunteer my services.

    <I can try to find them.> I offer with some hesitance, still unsure of my place on the team.

    Getting agreement from Artemis, I expand my awareness looking for the minds of or missing allies. I feel the minds of the team and push my self beyond them. The mind’s of the wildlife is easy to ignore, allowing me to narrow my search.

    I don’t find any of them in the camp, not in the cabins or hiding in the woods either. When I expand my senses even more, I do find one of them. Beneath the lake I can sense the mind of Kyle shrieking in agony.

    <I found Kyle.> My words have everyone stop their fidgeting and focus on me, no pressure or anything. I’m happy to know who I am again but the blissful fake life from in the pod was a lot less intense.

    <He’s under the lake.> Faces around me drop, fearing the worst. <He’s not dead!> I hurry to assure everyone. <He is in a lot of pain but I can try to connect with him.>

    <Do it.> Zach orders firmly. <Were not leaving my buddy down there.> He stares at the lake, scanning his vision back and forth across the water.

    I extend a mental tether towards Kyle, bringing him into our group link. This was a very bad idea, instantly the pain coursing through our missing friend is shared with all of us.

    “YEAAARRGGHH!” Echoes from the lip’s of someone, maybe me or maybe all of us. The shriek of pain is brought forth by the unbearable agony surging through the mental link.

    Wally is on his knees, clenching his temples as tears stream down his face. Beside him his sister Iris has gone near catatonic from the pain, laying on her side in the sand with barely a twitch of motion.

    Roy fared only slightly better, clenching his head as if experiencing a migraine. Zach and Blackstar are barely even flinching, only offering a grunt and trying to gain their friend’s attention.

    <Dude! It’s me> His words are filled with worry. <I can’t see you in the lake, where are you?> The desperate pleas continue, while Artemis signals for me to cut the worst affected from the link.

    Fear Facility
    Crystal Lake
    Jan 20/2010
    4:08 PM

    When I regained awareness the first few times, it was only for a few seconds before the agony overwhelmed my every nerve again, bringing me back to the land of unconsciousness.

    This time, the pain is still present but I can sense someone’s gentle and caring presence. Before I have time to warn the person, my pain is shared with her. Yeah that’s definitely a female mind based on the memory feedback I’m receiving.

    So Janet remembers her fake life as well as me and Zach do. She’s having a harder time time then Zach is at adjusting. Her twin set of memories must be harder to distinguish then we figured. Once they get me out of here we need to invite her over more.

    I’m able to sense multiple other minds sharing in my drug induced torture but only for a moment. Shortly after being linked with the others, I feel half their minds dropped from the connection.

    <Dude!> That’s Zach. He’s going to get me out of here, he’s never let me down yet. He ran with me in gym instead of actually getting a good grade, no way he’s leaving me down here with these freaks.

    <Where are you?> Oh, well that’s not good. I have no idea where I am.

    <Be careful.> I choose to warn instead. <They have some freaky monsters locked up here and I heard them talking about an Operation Fireworks.> Opening my eyes, I chance a glance around my surroundings.

    Vlad and Talia, the ninja lady arrived somehow since I was knocked out. They stand around Jade’s body on the other lab table in the room, discussing some kind of ritual. Ok, going to need to do something about that.

    “Raising force field now.” The Scarecrow’s deranged voice informs his bosses from across the room.

    “Good, deal with them as you see fit.” Vlad orders, barely even turning to acknowledge the Scarecrow. “We can’t have the children interfering with the ritual.”

    “Yes, nothing can interfere with bringing my dear Jade back into the family business.” Talia agrees with Vlad, her eyes glowing red and an aura of shadowy flame surrounds her briefly before vanishing.

    “Excellent, releasing subjects nine through thirteen now.” The Scarecrow cackles in glee. I’m begging to overcome whatever drug I was pumped full of, the pain fading already without a refill of my IV drip.

    <Some of those monsters are coming your way, get ready.> I warn my team. <I’m going to try and learn what I can and stop them from doing whatever they’re doing to Jade.>

    <What about Jason?> Batgirl notices my omission. She really is Batman’s kid if she caught that.

    <He didn’t make it.> I admit after a short pause, remembering his trance-like walk off the dock.

    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:09 PM

    The blood chilling howl of a wolf comes from the woods beyond the archery range. Fog begins to swirl around the grounds soon blanketing us all.

    “What’s going on?” Wally groans from his knees. “This is starting to really freak me out.”

    “We got hostiles incoming.” Artemis informs those who were dropped from the link. <And it sounds like they look monsters, so be ready.” Her orders are firm and emotionless.

    Our leader hides her unease well but being linked still, I can feel her nerves.

    <Do not worry Batty-girl.> Blackstar offers her support, feeling Artemis’ worry rising as well. <We will rescue your sister and vanquish whatever evil is set upon us.>

    <Yeah but this seems bigger then were ready for.> I voice my concerns. “Dad said to call things like this in before we investigate.”

    <Mom and dad are probably wondering what’s taking us so long anyway.” Roy agrees begrudgingly. “I’ll call this one in.”

    “Look ou-” Zach tries to warn us as a humanoid form charges from between the cabins.

    A hulking man-wolf nearly seven feet tall barrels towards us. Loping swiftly on all fours, the creature rushes at the princess from behind.

    Blackstar can’t react fast enough, the outstretched claws inch as if in slow motion towards her unprotected back. A twisted grin spreads across the werewolf’s snarling maw as it nears its prey.

    “Getawayfromheryoumangymutt!” Blurts out Wally as he accelerates faster then any of us had seen him do so far.

    He twists around Blackstar’s body and leaps into the side of the snarling beast. His outstretched palms crackle with electrical discharge as he slams them into the wolf mans shredded green T-shirt.

    Both tumble along the ground, rolling a dozen yards down the beach from the impact. The arcing electricity keeps the savage from tearing into Wally, who lays pinned beneath it.

    Blackstar’s worried expression changes to a determined one. Her white eyes begin to glow green, while her ivory mane changes to a shimmering emerald flame. Her second set of gifted foliage robes burns away, leaving her body only concealed by a flaming green aura in the shape of a bikini.

    “THIS ONE IS OURS.” She informs us all. She’s clearly forgotten half the team is deaf and that she’s one of them based on her lack of volume control.

    She rocket’s towards the recovering werewolf, slamming her flaming fists into it before it can fully recover from it’s shock. Focused on their fight as we all are, no one is ready for the reinforcements to join the fray.

    A purplish-gray, demonic looking creature with blood red shoulder length hair glides silently down at us. The reptilian-bat woman, is wearing a torn and stained purple dress. She grabs Roy and only his yelp of pain alerts us he’s being carried off into they fog filled sky.

    Artemis flings herself into the sky after the fleeing creature with her rocket boots and under arm wings. The fog is doing nothing to hinder her mask’s high tech vision but the rest of us are nearly blind here.

    A splash comes from the lake as a bear sized form leaps onto the sand beside us. It unleashes a fierce roar and in this thickening fog I can only vaguely make out a body shape that looks like the creature from the black lagoon.

    It’s arm’s snake down and grab Iris by her hair before a second mighty leap sends it back into the water with Flower Child in his webbed claws. Her scream of pain is drowned out by the mountain lake swiftly.

    Zach vanishes in a blur, a trail of fog swirling after him as he dives into the water in pursuit. On my own, I struggle to decide who to help.

    My indecision doesn’t long, a pale girl in an orange dress descends through the fog before me. Her flaming blue hair is tied back in a ponytail but her ratty orange sweater and red skirt do not go with her eerie glow.

    Her eyes narrow at me from behind her glasses and she snarls. She lifts an electric guitar and begins to play.

    Hauntingly sweet music has me begin to sway in the wind, my earlier concerns of fighting the monsters is long gone.

    <Janet!> I can hear some guy faintly as he tries to distract me from the concert.

    <Get rid of your ears now!> What? Why would I do that? As I choose to ignore the voice in the back of my head, the voice chooses to be hear.

    <This is the song that never ends!> The voice begins singing. If you can call what sounds like a sack of piglets drowning in molasses crossed with an orangatang getting lucky with an orca, singing that is.

    <Get rid of your ears before she kills you like she did Jason.> The voice in my head was Kyle, still linked and waiting for his chance to help. I do as he advises, my ears melting away leaving me deaf but immune to this phantom girls music.

    Ignoring my rising nerves, I do like dad taught me. Shaping my hands into whips, I charge through the fog at the ghost girl. My sudden flight towards her has her stiffen in shock, allowing my left hand whip to wrap around her guitar.

    Yanking it from her grasp, I continue spinning in the air. As my arm stretches gaining momentum with each rotation, I bring the stolen guitar hard against my foes face.

    She slams face first into the sand, stunning her momentarily before her blue hair begins to flare. Struggling to her feet, she snarls at me from behind a shattered pair of glasses.

    “Oh jinkies, I can’t see a thing with out my glasses.” Well this got a whole lot easier it seems.

    “Good thing I can smell the scared skank from a mile away!” Her angry shriek has my confidence vanish. Her hair explodes in a pillar of blue flame, surrounding her in a cloak of fire.

    I remember fearing fire on Mars but my memories of life as a human are more recent, allowing me to fight through my blind panic somehow. The Girl pulses intensely before streaking towards me too fast to dodge.

    Changing my molecular density to a gas, my foe goes right through me and continues on like a rocket. She goes clear over the lake, burning a tunnel through the fog.

    The view through the fog, allows me to watch an energy wall like the one around the bird sanctuary shimmer into existence and discharge a blast of energy into the ghost. She twitches and writhes for a few seconds before the energy build up overloads her body.

    A small explosion of neon blue light signals her end. Only a small cloud of ash blowing away in the wind, marks her existence. I pant and drop to my knees, unable to believe I had just killed someone.

    <Hey, don’t worry about that.> Kyle reassures me even as he endures his own torture. <She was a ghost, so all you did was help her pass on instead of being trapped here on Earth.> Yeah, that’s true.

    Getting back to my feet I can hear the others engaged in the own battles in the fog. As I try to link up with everyone again, I can sense a muted mind approaching from the lake bed. Only pure rage can be sensed in whoever approaches.

    Staring at the lake’s surface, I desperately search for any sign of the approaching threat. I feel relieved for a second when I see Jason’s hockey mask emerge from the water.

    My relief is short lived however, a few more steps reveal the dead skin behind the mask and no conscious thought can be found, he’s only mindless fury now.

    He focuses his gaze on me before raising an arm from the water, a machete clenched in his grip. His eyes promise solemn and painful death, His grunty roar agrees.
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    Chapter 16: Born on a Wednesday
    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:11 PM

    Surging through the crystal clear water, I pass the submerged body of Sportmaster laying on lake bed. I notice he’s beginning to move and kind of looks like he’s standing.​

    That movement has to be from my wake. Right?​

    Ignoring the morbid sight for now, I continue to pursue the swamp monster and Iris. I can’t afford to let them get away or we’ll have no idea were their coming from. Narrowing my gaze on the fleeing amphibian man, I pick up the speed.​

    As swift as I am, this creature is faster. Damn cape is aerodynamic, not aquadynamic it seems. A steel pipe big enough for a car to drive through, rises from the silty ground at the deepest portion of the lake.​

    Watching Iris’ green hair vanish into the lead lined opening as the creature drags her in feet first behind it, has me make a quick decision.​

    <Frog-man brought Iris into a pipe.> I inform whoever is still linked up. <I’m going in.> Giving Artemis no chance to dissuade me, I enter the dark pipe before it can finish retracting into the silt.​

    <Be Careful.> Artemis offers instead of the expected call to regroup. <We’ll find a way down once we deal with ours.> I can feel the tension in her words and her stress at always needing to be the one with an answer.​

    <No worries.> I assure her. <I’ll grab our friends and bring Jason’s body up for his family. We got this.> I can feel her mind relax even just a little bit so I’m going to count that as a win.​

    <No need!> Janet, M’gann, or whatever she’s going by interrupts frantically. Really, her and Kyle should get together and discuss why they both seem so ready to abandon our lives. Fake or not, it’s the lives we lived.​

    And what is it that philanthropist guy says, I think therefore I am. So if we remember those lives, they’re at least real to us. So why just throw them away like they both are?​

    <He got out of the lake himself.> Spoiler for now I guess, continues. May as well take advantage of the code name thing since I’m getting confused again. <And he looks very dead.>​

    As I descend through a snaking tunnel of pipe I have to ignore their fights for now. In front of my is my prey, Iris nowhere in sight.​

    Oh. she better be fine, I growl in anger before launching myself like a torpedo at my amphibious foe. It rolls around me gracefully, slashing at my side as I pass by.​

    Searing pain surprises me as his claws score a blow. Blood seeps from my the shallow wound just below my ribs. If it was any deeper, I may have been disemboweled.

    Kara and her dad did say magic was one of the few things able to hurt us, so I have my first clue.​

    <Magic is responsible in some way.> I warn the girls. <Mine got me good, I’m bleeding.>​

    <Oh.> Artemis responds, realizing how few things could do that to me. <Do you need to pull out?>​

    <No, just keeping the boss lady informed.> I assure her, she has her own freak to deal with in the sky and I need to stop distracting her. <Besides, I always bring protection.>​

    I grin as I remember another reason we have these capes, near indestructible shields for civilians. Reaching behind my neck, I tear as hard as I can and rip my starry sky cape free from my back.​

    Holding it in front of me like a matador, I begin to spin like a top.​

    Faster and faster I go, drawing my enemy towards me in an inescapable undertow. Keeping my eyes closed as I create a whirlpool inside the narrow pipe, I manage to retain my orientation long enough.​

    The creature collides with my arms and the cape held between my hands. Quickly stopping my spiral, I wrap the creature in my cape.​

    Restrained as it is, I easily subdue the creature with a choke hold and continue deeper into the black tunnel.​

    Fear Facility
    Crystal Lake
    Jan 20/2010
    4:15 PM

    Feeling my system clear of the serum finally, I begin my self examination. Pain free and clear of head again, I gaze down at what parts of my body I can see.​

    Some kind of metallic rod is sticking out of both sides of my neck, my fingernails and really my whole finger to the first knuckle has been replace by a metal that looks like green oxidized copper.​

    More of the green metal protrudes along back of arm in the shape of inch long goth spikes. I can see some metal contraption sticking out of my chest. It looks like an electric bug zapper is in my chest.​

    The glowing blue light is in a green metal cage. Even as I watch my flesh regenerate and attempt to grow over the embedded device, I see most of my new skin crackle and burn away before it can.​

    Well that’s really not a welcome sight, I think I can see my lungs breathing behind the cage. How do I get out of here before the do anything else to me?​

    “We have a problem!” The hacking cough of the Scare declares as he drags Iris’ twitching body into the room. “Subject 10 is defeated and Project Phantom is inside the facility.” I knew Zach wouldn’t leave me down here.​

    “Release the rest of the subjects then.” Talia orders without turning from Jade’s body on the table.​

    “Yes, they should keep him contained.” Vlad agrees with the ninja woman.​

    <Zach, incoming!> I desperately warn my friend.​

    “It seems Project Lobotomy is awake.” Vlad notices my alertness but hopefully not the telepathy. Turning to stare down at me he smiles.​

    “It seems we wasted our time with the Starro’s and you.” His voice purrs in pride.​

    “Your new improvements will ensure you aren’t just muscle anymore.” He’s leaning over me now, whispering in my ear.​

    “Surely we can offer more then the heroes who shelter you.” Laughing softly he continues. “What is it you dream of, we can provide it.”​

    “Do you want money? Power? Or is it women that you desire?” The silky smooth Eastern European voice inquires. “Anything you desire can be yours, if you only join my service.”​

    “Your teammates don’t care about you, a relative stranger to them who only brings trouble to their plate.” His voice is hypnotic in it’s persuasiveness.​

    His words have me considering what would it take have me join them?​

    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:20 PM

    Step by methodical step, Jason walks across the dock towards me. I find no mental essence to try and reason with, despite my frantic efforts.​

    <I could use a hand. Jason doesn’t look friendly anymore.> My call for help, is answered shortly after.​

    A streak of red and yellow light races to my side, revealing Wally in a torn and bloody uniform. He gives the approaching threat a frown and growls.​

    <We aren’t letting that happen to Iris.> He blinks in remembrance and adds in embarrassment. <Or Jade and Kyle.>​

    <Agreed.> My words are equally as determined. <Kyle stopped responding so we need to deal with this fast.>​

    <Try and restrain him if possible.> Artemis cuts in. <Dr. Fate may be able to figure out a way to at least bring his awareness back once we get the others free.> Oh, finally some good news.​

    <Got it Artie.> Wally’s words have regained his cocky charm <One gift wrapped hockey player coming up.>​

    <We can lead him towards the volleyball net down the beach.> My suggestion is met by a thumbs up from the Speedster.​

    <Nice catch.> His enthusiasm is contagious and I can feel my self grinning along with him behind my mask. <Since the Princess took my dance partner, it’s only fair if handle Jason.>​

    Vanishing in a cloud of sand and a swirl of fog, Wally races down the beach. With the volleyball net in hand, he casually ducks under an awkward slash from Jason’s machete and hooks the outstretched arm with it.​

    Before the zombified body of our friend can react, Wally darts around him a dozen times in quick succession. Before we can celebrate an easy win, Jason begins to strain.​

    Wrapped from head to toe, the sound of tearing let’s us know how much stronger he’s gotten.​

    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:22 PM

    Above the lake, the dome shape of the force field stand out both because of the cloud of thick fog contained behind a shimmering blue energy and the three figures engaged in aerial combat near the top.​

    “Go, left!” Robin calls out to Batgirl who’s engaged in deadly ballet with the gargoyle in a shredded purple dress. Hearing the yelled warning, the demonic looking woman darts to the left.​

    Rolling to her right in a graceful barrel roll, Batgirl avoids the volley of arrows launched at the creature. Shrieking in pain as her wings are pierced, the gargoyle begins to tumble from the sky finally defeated.

    <I did not think that was going to work.> Robin admits after a few moments of shock.​

    <Told you so.> Batgirl's smug response has him grumbling under his breath. <Now lets grab her before she drowns.> Robin frowns and begins to plead.​

    <Spoiler.> Batgirl gets the Martian’s attention. <If Roy gets his wings to wet he’s not going to be able to fly and I don’t have my aquatic suit. Were going to trade, I need you on lifeguard duty.>​

    <On it.> Spoiler confirms her orders.​

    <Hurry up you two!> Speedy’s urgent words have both flying heroes descending as fast as their able. <Jason’s been doing some serious Bane level steroids.>​

    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:22 PM

    Across the lake, Blackstar’s flaming green form trades powerful blows with the werewolf’s frantic slashes. The hulking form of the lupine man has begun to run out of steam.​

    “Don’t quit on us now!” Blackstar roars savagely as she delivers an uppercut to her foes face.​

    Rising several feet into the air from the force of the blow, the man wolf yelps in pain before slamming hard onto its back.​

    “We only just started warming up!” Ax kicking downwards, the werewolf is only barely able to roll away from the ground shattering blow.​

    A double kick from it’s back catches the orange alien in the gut. Being thrown into the air by the force of the blow, she smiles in delight.​

    “Excellent! I knew you had more in you.” With eyes glowing orange and her hair a matching flaming mane, Blackstar begins to throw orbs of condensed flaming gas.​

    Each attack, strikes the sand near the narrowly dodging monster. Blackstar is able to corral the lycanthrope towards the water’s edge and charge.​

    Colliding with the beast, she slams it back first into the water before she shoots a torrent of now green flame at surface of the lake.​

    Bubbles and steam rapidly rise from the surface, followed by the severely scalded body of the beast. Leaping from the churning waters, the werewolf collapses hard on the sand at the feet of the triumphant princess.​

    Fear Facility
    Crystal Lake
    Jan 20/2010
    4:22 PM

    Tossing the body of the merman onto the floor I drop into the room after him. It’s a ten by ten foot room with 6 clear glass walls and a white marble floor. I can see other inhabitants are in similar cells all around me.​

    The Cell across the hall from me, contains a unicorn. What the hell?​

    Beside the unicorn is a naked man as pale as Kyle’s new body. Except this guy has stringy green hair instead of the jet black Kyle does.​

    The naked albino is also as scrawny as Kyle was growing up. An anorexic twig has more meat then this dude does. He watches me with obvious interest, a sadistic grin spread from ear to ear.​

    Ignoring the freak, I unleash my ice vision on the glass in front of me. Watching it shatter is satisfying, like smashing frozen puddles while waiting for the school bus.​

    I step into the hallway and try decide which way to go first. Each side of the corridor has 5 doors leading who knows were, since my X-ray vision is blocked by lead lined everything.​

    “If you can make me laugh, ill tell you which way they took your friend.” The naked albino offers and his sick grin fills me with with unease. “If you can’t.” All of a sudden he’s not in the cell anymore.​

    Looking around frantically I hear tapping on the glass beside me. The naked anorexic is revealed to be in the cell with me instead, his sadistic smile somehow spreading even farther​

    “I kill you.”​
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    Chapter 17: Making the Hard Choice
    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:27 PM

    “Jason.” Batgirl pleads with the hulking dead man in a goalie mask. “It’s, me Artemis. Do you hear me?”​

    Jason chooses not to respond verbally but with a hammer fist descending towards Batgirl’s head.​

    <Spoiler.> The mental voice is lacking any of her vocal desperation as she rolls to the left. <Any reaction from him?>​

    A cloud of sand erupts where Batgirl had just been standing. The force of the dead man’s blow cratering the ground several feet deep. Searching for some thread of Jason’s mind, I manage to find a flicker of personality.​

    <I can barely feel him but he’s in there.> My words fill the others with renewed hope.​

    The few minutes it had taken me to fish the red headed gargoyle woman from the lake had pushed Robin, Speedy, and Batgirl to their limits. Time to work with an audience. Yay.​

    Descending from the fog above the towering figure, I harden my skin and crash into Jason. Considerably bulked up in death, he manages to resist my surprise attack by meeting both my fists with a single open palm.​

    Instead of being forced into the sand up to his chin, he manages to drive his other fist into my face before I have him buried waist deep with my momentum.​

    Pain explodes in my head as I am tossed through the air.​

    <Spoi-> I feel my mental link with everyone drop suddenly as I collide with the ground a few dozen feet away from the fight. Fighting off the second wave of pain coursing through my whole body, I struggle back to my feet.​

    Speedy’s clearly exhausted form is circling the silent form of Jason. A cyclone of sand kicks up and finishes my work.​

    With Jason now buried up to his neck, I can try to reach him now. Re-linking my mind with the other three, I take my eyes of the buried dead man for only a second.​

    But a second was all it took it seems. Panting on his hand and knee’s, Speedy is unaware of the danger. Without showing a single sign of struggle, Jason grey hand shoots forth from the sand tomb. Grasping the exhausted speedster by the throat, He begins to squeeze.

    Forming my arm to narrow and thin, I soar towards the struggle and swing. My now blade sharp arm slices through the zombie limb at the elbow, to no avail. Even dismembered, the grey hand has Speedy’s throat in a death grip.

    <Got him.> Robin informs me as he grab’s Speedy’s choking body from the sand and carries him away from the battle. <Be careful you two and don’t do anything Tommy would do.> His teasing does carry some truth, we won’t grow back from the damage Star-lad seems to relish soaking up.​

    <Worry about that arm.> Batgirl orders as she narrowly avoids the tackle from Jason who freed himself from his sand trap easily. <We got this.>​

    Do we? All our big hitters are elsewhere right now.​

    <Uh, Janet.> Batgirl addresses me as she screams at Jason's back. <You are our big gun right now.> Her sonic screech causes a wave of sand and visibly distorted air to slam into him, flinging him heels over head into the closest cabin.

    <When did I become the big gun?> My frantic demand has the Batgirl chuckle in my mind.​

    <When you got hit in the face by roided out Jason and didn’t get knocked out.> Her response makes sense I have to grudgingly admit. If I was still as delicate as I was in my fake human memories, I would have lost my head.​

    <Your not wrong.> I finally admit to the rich girl. I guess that means I need to take my dance partner back then.​

    “Girls like the strong silent type.” My taunt sounds way more confident then I feel. “But Jade’s going to be mad when she hears you’ve been hitting on us.” Oh theirs more activity in Jason when I said Jade’s name.​

    Landing between Jason and Batgirl as he emerges from the collapsing cabin, I jab into the dead mans gut. Surprisingly, he staggers back about half a foot from the force of my blow.​

    Giving neither myself or him the time to question it, I begin to unleash everything I have on his imposing frame. Each blow gaining strength as confidence fills my body.​

    <Ok maybe I am a big gun.> I admit to Batgirl. <Keep thinking memories of your sister while I keep him busy.>​

    My cockiness leads to a moments distraction that Jason seizes. Even though I had forced him back into the debris of the cabin, he wasn’t dazed at all.​

    His remaining hand encloses my face and before I can shift my density, I am lifted into the air and forcefully slammed into the wreckage.

    Once, twice, three times and soon I lose count of how many times I have been slammed into the ground. As my vision begins to blacken, I hear a very welcome war cry.​

    “By the three suns of Tamaran.” Blackstar announces her arrival by colliding like a comet with Jason’s now 8 foot form. “You shall release our friend you fiend.” Released from Jason’s bone breaking grip, I tumble to the ground.​

    Each punch is too fast for the admittedly slow zombie to do anything about. The roaring red flames mixed with indigo, creates gloves of searing intensity.

    Each impact sears the dead man’s skin and seems to drain the fight from him. After an intense struggle, Jason finally lands heavily on his back.​

    As Blackstar races towards his downed form for the finishing blow, Jason groans a single word.


    Fear Facility
    Crystal Lake
    Jan 20/2010
    4:27 PM

    Fear seeps through my bones as the naked man intrudes on my personal space. Eyes up. Oh god that’s gross, all his hair is the sickly green color.​

    ALL of it, and he hasn’t seen a razor in a decade at least. Judging by the stench he hasn’t had a bath either. Super senses are not always a plus, I have now learned.​

    Well I remember Kyle said that Joker was locked up in a glass cell. Looking around, I can confirm I’m indeed in a glass cell. He also said a unicorn was in the picture.

    Considering a unicorn is in an identical cell in front of me, I think this is Kyle’s dad. Time to improvise.​

    “What’s black and white and red all over?” my quick reply at first pleases the Joker but my bad opener may have sealed my fate, judging by his devilish frown now growing across his pale face.

    “Your son after I kick his ass for making me go through this.” That seems to have stumped the clown, his blood red lips hang low as his mouth gapes in shock.​

    “Ha.” It’s not much but I’ll take what I can get right now. “Well you got a choice to make then.” The clown’s voice goes eerily quiet as he whispers to me.​

    “The plant girl got dragged through the far right door.” The whisper has become a disturbingly sensual purr. “Scaredy-Crane looks like he had some kind of plan for her.” Ok I know were to go at least, better hurry.​

    “Of course, the other two got brought through the one one the left.” The madman’s quiet purr suddenly becomes a clockwork orange inspired discordant melody.​

    “Tick tock, times on the clock.” He jumps in the air and his body twists and shifts, suddenly he’s upside down standing on the ceiling. His dangley bit’s are now dangling at eye height.​

    “This isn’t what me and Roy meant.” Desperately keeping my eyes averted, I try to ignore to musical number that is now describing the graphic procedures each creature here received.​

    How did a chihuahua get turn into a unicorn, that had to have been excruciating for it. The four unleashed on us were campers who went missing in the 70’s.​

    Thinking about the Half man, half bear, half pig I can only shudder in horror. That one is by far the most evil thing locked up in here.​

    I need to make a decision fast, who do I rescue first? Before I can decide, alarms and red lights begin going off. Soon each cell opens as the doors on each side of the Hallway open as the doors have multiple metal barriers rise before them and the prisoners.​

    Hissing draws my attention behind me. A massive snake easily 60 feet long lunges towards me snapping its jaws closed around me.​

    Inside the foul smelling beast’s mouth I exhale all the air from my lungs even as I feel myself being swallowed.​

    My torrent of flames sears a hole through the roof of the reptiles mouth, allowing me to emerge in a shower of blood and blackened flesh.​

    Fear Facility
    Crystal Lake
    Jan 20/2010
    4:29 PM

    Lack of responsibility for one thing, that is a reason to do what Vlad says. I may not agree with everything he’s whispering into my ear as he maintains eye contact but he’s offering me things I hadn’t realized I wanted.​

    A fake life of being responsible for children day after day while my pretend family worked, left me with a dread of being in charge but somehow always being forced into the role.

    “Is Dr. Crane done with the girl’s sedation” Talia impatiently huffs. “We need to leave before the other teens find a way down here. I would like to finish Jade’s ritual before we begin Operation Fireworks.”​

    “Yes, he released the rest of his projects to by us some more time.” Vlad’s response is charming and calm even as my team overcomes the monsters.​

    Scarecrow wheels Iris into the room in wheelchair. She’s sedated and unresponsive me calling her name.​

    Vlad shushes me before plunging his clawed hand into the chest of the surprised Scarecrow. Ripping the heart free, Vlad sinks his fangs into the still beating heart and drinking.​

    A few chants in some kind of Russian sounding language and soon a shimmering portal of blood forms before us. Talia pushes Iris’ wheelchair through the portal and follows with Jade immediately after.​

    “Have you made up your mind yet Tommy?” Ok I could probably survives him ripping my heart out and stop him from following Talia but why?​

    Vlad’s offer sounds so genuine. I can have my own island, with no one but some robot servants to bother me. No responsibilities except the jobs I want to accept.​

    Making a decision, I tense my finally regenerated body and snap free of my restraints.​

    <Janet.> I hesitantly reach out to the Martian. <Jade and Iris have been taken. And Vlad Masters offered me a deal, he’s one of the ones with real power. Like how Talia is the reason Jade was captured.>​

    <What?> Her worried voice fills my head and soon shes joined by everyone but Zach’s thoughts.​

    <I was given an offer and I’m going to have to accept it.> I offer my apologies to everyone. <I could never forgive myself if I don’t go with them now.> While the others begin cursing the situation and trying to convince me I am making the wrong choice, I say my goodbyes.​

    <Tell Zach to look after my van.> I hesitate and finally end the group chat with some final words. <And tell him I’m sorry I couldn’t wait for him to save me.>​

    <Can you look after Patrick for me.> I ask Janet privately.​

    “Yeah I’d like to be on the winning side.” I take Vlad, or I guess I should call him Mr Masters now since he’s my boss.​

    Shoving all my insecurities and fears into a ball of emotion, I shove the memories to Janet, someone needs to explain to Zach why I felt this was the best choice for me. I want someone to understand how powerless we are.​

    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:30 PM

    <Get out of there!> Memories from Kyle slam into me. <NOW!>

    Ultraboy thankfully responds in time, able to sense the desperation in my words. Rising from the lake in a shower of water, he had to have flown straight up when I called him.​

    The ground vibrating and rolling beneath us, has me fall to my backside with a hard thud. As a column of steam billows from he lake behind Ultraboy’s escape.​

    The fog begins blowing away almost instantly as the energy barrier vanishes. We can see the winter sunset reflecting off the snowy peaks in the distance under the clear starry sky.​

    Looking up in dread, a growing ball of blue light begins to spread in the night air. The star that was the Legion Watchtower, grows to dozens of times it’s size like a supernova star.​

    As fast as the horrifying sight is, it’s over in barely a second. With all of us horrified, everyone frantically tries and fails to reach their mentors via the now working radios.​
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    Chapter 18: Operation Fireworks
    Crystal Lake
    Slaughter Swamp
    Jan 20/2010
    4:42 PM

    “So what we’re-” Wally tries to ask from in front of me, as he scarfs down some emergency power bars stowed away on the Batplane. “Just going to leave these three at the Sanctuary when Janet is done with her mental magic?”​

    Artemis silently lifts, refusing to respond while she flicks through the Com channels. Jason sits silently beside me, holding his severed arm to his stump as I sort through the mental domination on the three surviving victims of Cadmus.​

    “Mom what’s going on up their?” When only static answers, she tries Batman instead. “Dad, are you okay?” With the battle over for now, everyone had asked me to end the mental link, so I can only assume Artemis is handling this better than I am based on her unwavering and steady voice.​

    “Batgirl to Watchtower.” Since it’s clear she will not answer Wally who is being torn up over the worry for his sister, I’m going to have to.​

    “Viic-Tuumss.” Jason speaks up for only the second time since his awareness returned on the beach. “Suff-urred. Wuurrs. Thaan. Mee.” He slowly turns to gaze at me from behind his mask with glowing green eyes. “Thaa-nnk. Yoouu.”​

    “You never stopped fighting the mind control.” Giving him a warm smile I can remember how hard he was trying to save Jade. “It’s why I was able to bring you back so easy.”​

    “Demona, Shaggy, and Gill are strangers who have been locked up for nearly 40 years.”I guess Wally has decided to name the werewolf, lagoon creature, and gargoyle woman. “Who says you can find the person inside anymore, Or that they are even decent people?” Okay, that is a good point.​

    “Tommy went with Cadmus as soon as the going got tough.” His angry growl is not so understandable. “Who knows when these three will stick a claw in our back.”​

    “I get it.” Trying to defend our missing friend, I speak up. “I felt how hopeless everything was in his shoes, he did what he thought was best.” Ignoring the scowl on Wally’s face I continue. “We’re going to have to get him and your sisters back from Cadmus.”​

    “Yeah, I guess.” Looking out the window past our other friends flying alongside us at the now lightly snowing sky. “Once Artemis gets through the interference blocking the radio, we’ll know what that light show was.”​

    “Denial won’t help.” Artemis chooses now to join the conversation. “No one is responding and the Watchtower’s light is gone from the sky.” Coldly she finishes her explanation, the stress is finally seeping through her calm facade. “You know what the light show was.”​

    “But how?” The desperation in his voice is palpable.​

    “Once I know, you all will.” Artemis mutters in frustration. “Now quiet. I’m going to keep trying to reach someone and Janet has some minds to find.” Her order is followed as Wally moves onto another ration bar.​

    Reaching into the sandy blonde lycanthrope’s mind, I begin pulling memories up from the depths of his brain.​

    Vandal Keep
    Savage Islands
    Jan 20/2010
    10:52 AM (HST)

    Walking through the portal of shimmering crimson, is less messy then I assumed it would be. When I emerge on the other side in a windowless room of black polished stone, I am thankfully clean of blood.​

    Iris and Jade get wheeled from the room by two well groomed neanderthal looking men in simple white robes as soon as we arrive, Talia Al’Ghul promptly follows after them.​

    When I attempted to follow them also, Vlad’s well manicured hand on my shoulder, stops me in my tracks. The shockingly firm grip forcing my obedience is removed, once I comply with the unspoken demand.​

    “Good.” His calm voice approves, my lack of action. “You will be easier to train then Stockman described.”​

    My new master, walks from the room silently. I clomp after him in a hurry, my boots echoing off the masonry devoid of any decoration.​

    “We need to test your loyalty before you are reintroduced with the girls of course.” Vlad declares as we cross the hallway into torch lit stairwell. Makes sense, we have been messing with a few plans already.​

    “Of course.” Pondering how I will do so, I am lead from the stairwell into a room with two occupants. One is a black guy in a lab coat, while the other is the very recognizable Lex Luthor.​

    “It’s so good to see you came to your senses.” Luthor’s words are laced with threat even behind his charming smile. “Doctor Stockman believed you were a lost cause. A waste of resources is not something I enjoy.”​

    “Well sir, I heard enough of what you had planned and I knew where I belonged.” Seriously how did they sneak a mole onto the Legion and trick them into getting ninety percent of the on board the Watchtower?​

    “Yes, the winning side is appealing isn’t it.” His knowing smirk makes me feel dirty, evaluating me for what I can provide him.​

    “I believe I was also offered an island with servants?” That is something I have wanted for years. A nice beach to relax on and a jungle to explore when the world has responsibilities for me to shoulder.​

    “We do have one little problem however.” Lex interrupts my fantasy with a dose of reality.​

    “You lead to my son’s imprisonment.” When did I do that? I remember the few fights I have been involved in and I don’t remember fighting any Luthor?​

    “Toyman is his son.” Vlad answers as if having read my mind.​

    “Yes and Dexter was only acting out.” Lex’s eyes lock onto mine as he finishes his plea, the lack of emotion makes it hard to judge the sincerity. “I can discipline my boy much better at home.”​

    “So your test of loyalty will be undoing your earlier heroics.” Vlad informs me of my task with a cheerful smile. “Your team will be infiltrating HIVE and releasing the inmates willing to work for the Light.”​

    The Light? What kind of villains are they? I was expecting a name that actually sounded threatening.​

    “Yes and once Stockman awakens his latest successful Project, we can introduce you to the rest of the team.” I can hear the capital P in Lex’s voice. What kind of alien is in the pod now rising from the floor.​

    A tank nearly identical from the one I first woke up in contains a dark pink, nearly red skinned humanoid. Closely shaved blonde hair and a slender frame have me drawing a blank on where he could be from.​

    He has dark blue, skin tight pants and a metallic red undershirt. A closer look at his face shows a rather slender face with many sharp angles. The alien looks to be near my age, maybe a year or two younger if his species ages like a human.​

    “The alien adolescent we found four years ago, has been since identified as being from Korugar.” Stockman’s explanation is really not much of one for me. All I know is he looks kind of like the guy from Justice League with the yellow energy powers.​

    “The staff we found embedded in his ship still allows no living creature to touch it without lashing out.” The Starro on the Aliens head blinks curiously at me, as I continue to ponder Stockmans ongoing discussion.​

    “We have implanted a set of memories successfully, from the show Smart Guy.” How can Stockman sound so happy about rewriting our minds like this? Even if I’m working with these guys now, I will never like Stockman. “We selected the friend Mo as the personality, in hopes he will follow a chosen leader without dispute.”

    “Good, Tommy here can do so for this mission and hopefully many more once his loyalty is assured.” Vlad pats me on the back, nearly knocking me off my feet from the force. For a normal looking man he really does have some impressive vampiric strength.​

    “Enough delays Stockman.” Lex orders the doctor. Awaken him now.​

    Grayson Bird Sanctuary
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    5:02 PM

    “Supergirl, Steel, and Red Tornado was the only ones I could reach.” Artemis wearily declares over the ear piece radio, once she lands the Batplane at Roy’s place. Finally some good news. “She’s on her way to Arkham and Steel is going to the Belle Reve prison break.”​

    “Yeah and Red Tornado said he was dealing with some kind of flying nuclear train with a big payload in France.” This is way bigger then I thought, it really does sound worldwide.

    “Guys!” Roy shouts for our attention from one of the balconies. “Supergirl is going crazy and smashing Arkham to pieces.” His grim words have me go still.​

    When Kara trains me, she’s always on the top of her game. Living up to Superman has to be nearly impossible but somehow she deals with the pressure. I can’t let her do this, she told me how long it took the world to forgive her dad when Queen Bee got control of him for 6 hours.​

    “I’ll meet you their!” I bend my knees and leap skyward. Ignoring the shouts from below to wait, I rocket towards the bay and tap my radio. “Sorry but no one else I care about is going to change sides today if I have anything to do about it.”

    “How are you going to do that?” Artemis demands in my ear, the worry in her voice is only barely noticeable even with my amazing hearing. “You can barely even get her to break a sweat in training?”​

    “Good old fashioned stoner ingenuity will have to do I guess.” I respond grimly, knowing I’m only going to be able to buy time for the others to arrive.​

    Vandal Keep
    Savage Zone
    Jan 20/2010
    11:13 AM (HST)

    As sleep slides from my grasp, I awaken cold and shivering inside some kind of glass tank.​

    “Marcus! Get me out of here!” He has to be behind this oh so funny prank. “Teej?” I weakly ask. Maybe he got roped in on this?​

    “Kaldur’Ahm.” Memories I don’t actually recall having before now begin flooding into my head, a loving male voice saying goodbye. “Your mother and I will always love you. To keep you safe we have to send you away my little space explorer.”​

    I think someone was mad I was born. It’s hard to recall as the surge of memories conflict with my life on Earth. Dad and mom lived with me in shelter in the desert. We were hiding from my grandfather I think.​

    On my fifth birthday, we were found by a patrol. Mom tried to lead them away, while dad strapped me into the ship he had been constructing for our escape.​

    “Now don’t worry about us.” I can barely remember his voice as he assured me they would follow, once a new vessel was finished.​

    “What did you put in my drink Marcus?” I call out for him one more time. “I had the craziest dream.”

    “It’s alright Mo.”A charming man’s voice comes from behind me. “We can explain everything.”​

    Grayson Bird Sanctuary
    Star City
    Jan 20/2010
    5:42 PM

    As the Batplane and the Warwing rise into the sky and split up, three groaning monsters watch the news. The news on the TV show riots occuring all over the Tri city area.​

    “I know they said to stay here and rest but zoinks, this looks like more then they can handle alone.” Norville the werewolf whimpers at the devastation on screen. On either side of him his companions weakly agree.​

    “We could help.” Daphne the gargoyle suggests hesitantly.​

    “Yeah!” The lagoon creature, Fred enthusiastically responds. He rises to his feet and pumps a fist. “I saw a van I’m sure I can hot wire.”​

    “But like, won’t they be mad we left and stole from them.” Norville asks terrified of another beat down from Blackstar.​

    “Not if we’re helping people the whole time they’re at the prisons.” Daphne agrees, now on board with Fred’s plan.​

    “Nope. No way am I going to go fight an angry mob with torches.” Norville’s desperate denial is dismissed by the other two monsters.​

    “Would you do it for an all you can eat dinner at my dad’s restaurant?” Daphne bribes her frightened friend. And in a blur of fur, Norville is at the door.​

    “Okay, let’s go save some civilians!” Laughing for the first time in decades, Fred and Daphne hurry after Norville as he races to the van outside.​

    “Do you think he realizes your dad is definitely retired by now?” Fred’s whispered question is met by a snort from Daphne.​

    “Wait! What’s going on!” Norville yell’s frantically in terror. “The van’s haunted!”​

    “Norv, were monsters too.” Fred calls out to the werewolf being chased in circles by a driver-less green and blue van. “Have you tried asking it for help?”​

    “Like fine man, I’ll try.” Norville’s indignant tone becomes soothing like someone talking down an aggressive dog. “Nice van, we’re only trying to go save people from the rioting. We were going to bring you back, I promise.”​

    With those magic words, the van stops chasing the werewolf. ‘Hero’ by Enrique begins to play from the radio and both doors pop open with a happy honk.​

    “This is going to be so awesome you guys.” Fred joyfully cheers as he slides into the drives seat. “We’re going to be super heroes like Hawk and Green Lantern.”​
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    Chapter 19: Terror Titans
    Ultraboy/Zach Zod
    Arkham Island
    Tri City Bay
    Jan 20/2010
    5:10 PM

    Forcing my body forward through the chilly winter air, I do my best to ignore everything besides my upcoming battle. For a day that began so great, it sure has gone to shit fast.​

    Iris and Jade have been taken by Cadmus, Jason is a zombie now, and Kyle chose to go with them. We’re alone in this screwed up world we woke up in and he decides to leave me to save the world?​

    I was content to get used everything and let Kyle take the lead, he knows way more about the heroes then I do. That’s not going to work anymore, I have to step up. Everyone just lost their parents, I guess we all do.​

    I really hope it’s easy to snap her out of this, Kara is really good at kicking my ass.​

    Arcing downwards when I catch sight of the asylum, I scan the area for hostiles with my thermal vision. It functions very close to the Kent’s X-Ray vision but it does have a few differences. I can tell a living body from a dead one without motion and that distinction is coming in handy right now.​

    I can see dozens of motionless bodies scattered all across the island. A few are growing cold and already dead but most seem to only be unconscious.​

    Clenching my hand tighter around the guitar given to me by Janet, I take some comfort from familiar feel of strings beneath my fingers. A deep breath to focus myself, before I continue my aerial scan.​

    No sign of Kara anywhere or any inmates for that matter. The only movement I can see is coming from the office at the top of one of the towers. I think that’s Warden Strange’s office, She’s supposed to be a pretty ruthless British woman.​

    Descending to her shattered window, I can feel an intense pressure bearing down on my mind all of a sudden.​

    <Halt.> Are the firm and demanding words forcing me to comply. It feels like when Question or Janet talk to us, only instead of politely asking it’s demanding hooks sinking into my brain.​

    They said single minded focus could overcome mind control, for a little while at least. Repetition of a mantra? I can do that.​

    Lifting the guitar before me, I focus on ‘The song the that never ends’ and begin to strum.​

    The simple and repetitive song is surprisingly effective. I don’t know if it’s the annoyance factor or if the guitars special powers but the music has stopped the voice from getting in.​

    Chancing a quick glance, I can see the still bodies scattered around have also begun to stir. Alright time to deal with the warden and find Kara.​

    Before I have a chance to do anything, I’m struck from above with all the force of a runaway freight train.​

    The impact knocks me straight down, crashing through the roof of one the cell blocks and several floors after. Laying on my back buried in rubble, I reach up to my ear and press.​

    “Ultraboy here.” I inform my friends with a groan. “I will keep her busy as long as I can.” Instead of going up to meet her waiting fists, I slam my skull and elbows downwards, shattering the floor.​

    As I tumble through the air, I right myself and blast through the window nearby, hoping to get at least one good hit in.​

    Kaldur’Ahm/Mo Tibbs
    Vandal Keep
    Savage Islands
    Jan 20/2010
    11:20 AM (HST)

    “I was found in this?” I ask, leaning against the spaceship. It’s small and looks kind of like a dragonfly with no wings. A blood stain on the front marks were I impacted someone on my journey to earth.​

    Embedded in the front of the craft lays a golden staff. It is slightly taller then I am, maybe six feet long. It has strange runes covering its entire shape and is topped by what looks like a shooting star.​

    “Yes.” Mr. Luthor explains cheerfully. “You were found by our host’s servants a few years ago.”​

    “Why do I remember living on Earth then?” Something isn’t adding up.​

    “Earth has been invaded more then a dozen times.” Luthor’s tone has gone chillingly cold. “The Light will not tolerate threats to Earth.” He gestures to the guy who looks like he’s in KISS. “Tommy here went through the same process.”​

    “Yeah, my dad was kind of a psycho, they had to make sure I followed in someone betters shoes.” Tommy admits with an awkward wince. “Here I can do some good.” Considering that, I take a moment to lean against the ship as it allows me through its force field.​

    I’m an Alien. Wow, T.J. would have loved that.​

    Except he’s not real is he? No one I remember is.

    “Alright, I’m in.” I finally accept the offer. Reaching for the staff, the energy shell around my ship once again allows me to bypass its protections.​

    I feel a slight tingle at first but once my hand is around the unbelievably warm metal, a surge of energy shoots into me.​

    “YEARRH!” I begin screaming like a little girl.​

    This really hurts, is my last thought as I lose consciousness.​

    Star-Lad/Kyle/Tommy Lobo
    Vandal Keep
    Savage Islands
    Jan 20/2010
    11:21 PM (HST)

    Watching Mo writhe in agony is uncomfortable. No one moves to help him. Stockman, Luthor, and Vlad dispassionately observe his pain and I won’t be the first one to react with this crowd.​

    “Excellent.” Stockman gleefully claps. “The field is finally gone. Now I can begin studying the vessel.”​

    “Sorry doctor, we’ve had a change in plans.” My Lex informs the celebrating scientist with a cruel smirk. “I shall be bringing this home with me, Dexter should enjoy the homecoming gift.” “While you are being transferred to Krang’s facility in Iceland.”​

    “But you promised me access!” The petulant whine coming from my original tormentor, brings a cruel grin to my lips.​

    “Talia should be done soon, lets get you ready for your mission.” Vlad, grabs my attention. We slip out unnoticed as Lex crushes Stockman’s plans.​

    “I have selected your equipment, it should accommodate your new ability.” He’s taking about whatever the green metallic implants I have embedded in my flesh I think.​

    “Your power core will allow you to conduct and store unfathomable levels of energy my little Frankenstein.” Vlad’s excited grin is contagious, I have to admit. “It should grant you greatly increased strength. Enough that the magical source should allow you to overpower your wayward friend.”​

    “All that just to make me stronger?” I’m unimpressed if that’s the case, I thought these guys were super villains.​

    “No.” My new boss rushes to assure me with smarmy charm filling the room faster then a fart in a job interview. “Your implants will also allow you to channel and unleash this energy. The discharge may hurt but that’s why we I tried this on you.”

    “Because I can take it.” I finish for him. Vlad gives me another one of those proud grins from earlier, weird. What do those looks mean?​

    “Exactly.” As our conversation comes to a pause, Vlad presses into an unmarked brick. The grinding of stones, soon reveals a hidden room filled with weapons and armor.​

    “Now let’s get you geared up my boy.” Considering I’m only wearing my jeans, I have to agree with him.​

    “Now the biker look has been out of style for years but everyone should be able to make their own fashion disasters.” He cheekily winks at me. “It makes the more fashionable, namely me, look even better.”​

    “Uh, thanks?” My words barely get a nod of acknowledgment, as I am lead to a table already loaded with my equipment.​

    A black muscle shirt made of some kind of high tech mesh alloy should keep my glowing heart concealed. On top of the shirt, is a pair of silver finger less gloves each with a forearm guard. I assume hey are to channel my electricity in the right direction.​

    “The right arm has an anti-matter blade, while the left has had one of our more advanced computers installed.” Vlad informs me as I slide the shirt and gloves on.​

    “Your new utility belt, also comes with a much more specialized load out.” He passes me the mentioned belt, a high tech silver one. “Sedatives, poisons, a thermite detonator, and a few more goodies for you to discover.”​

    “Sweet.” I mutter aloud, as I struggle to clip my belt on. A new pair of matching silver boots and a sash filled with gadgets straight out of the Predator movie, complete my new uniform.​

    “Since your working for me now, your going to need a proper code name.” Vlad assesses my new look with an approving smile. “lets go introduce you to your team of Teen Terrors, my little Monstar.”​

    He’s treating me like I’m his kid or something, was he getting jealous that it seems like everyone important has a child or two? I may be able to milk this for a while, if I can perform as expected that is.​

    Vlad leads me through the maze like castle, once again using the stairwell to go down a floor. After I know for sure I’m lost, we arrive at our destination. Inside a lounge like room, complete with black leather sofas and a mahogany table await the Terrors.​

    Three people all around my age, give or take a few years are inside. A pair of blonde twins both the male and female both rippling with muscle, bicker with a girl in red and grey Megaman armor.​

    I can’t tell if she is wearing a skintight grey body suit or if her skin is really artificial. Her left hand has been replaced by an arm cannon made from a shiny red metal. Her right arm has the same red metal covering her forearm with a heavy duty power glove.​

    She has boots as well as pelvic casing and a breastplate in matching crimson material. Her blond hair peaks out from under a helmet with a black visor.​

    “I know Miss Luthor can be rather excitable but you shouldn’t argue with your employers family.” Vlad shuts down the argument immediately as he strides into the room.​

    “Sorry sir.” The muscled twins mutter in stereo.​

    “Just don’t let her dad hear you speak to her like that or they wont recognize your bodies, even with a genetics test.” Vlad waves off the apology as none of his concern.​

    “Now let’s get you all up to speed on your mission.” Vlad’s words have the armored girl shriek excitedly as she hops into the air.​

    “Finally Mr. Masters.” Her childlike voice is unsettling, coming from a nearly adult woman. “We’ve been waiting for hours.”​

    “Yes Dee-Dee.” Vlad smiles indulgently at her. “I’m sure the wait was dreadfully boring. But now its time to go rescue your brother, so please be patient a little longer.” Turning to address me, he explains the mission.​

    “Once Lady Talia arrives with her daughter, she will bring you as far as HIVE juvenile detention center.” Vlad’s smile is hiding something. “Her mission will take her farther but she has volunteered to drop you off on the way. I hope None of you are scared of heights?”​

    Spoiler/Janet/M’gann J’onzz
    Belle Reve

    Tri City Bay
    Jan 20/2010
    5:51 PM

    Giving a final farewell to Artemis and Jason in the Batplane, I watch them veer off towards Gotham in the south.​

    “Sounds like Belle Reve is being hit by an army.” Wally growls out angrily from his seat, his hand pressed to his ear as he listens to a radio station.​

    “This is pleasing.” Blackstar does her best to console him. “We shall turn our grief into pain for our enemies.” Throwing an arm around his shoulder, she pulls him in for a hug.​

    Her new uniform lent to her from Roy’s mother’s things, doesn’t do a great job of concealing her figure. A green scale mail tank top, dark purple armored leggings, and green combat boots was all that fit her, not that Wally seems to mind. Leaning into her embrace, Wally agrees.​

    “Yeah, all I have to do is imagine everyone I hit today is Tommy.” He grins savagely as he loses himself in the daydream of revenge.​

    “Steel is holding off Dr. Robotnik and his gigantic robot animals.” Roy calls back to us from the pilot’s seat of the Warwing. “Reports say were going to be dropping in on a 30 foot bear, wolf, moose, beaver, and falcon.”​

    “The battle shall be glorious.” The orange princess cheers in excitement. “We each shall have an enemy to vanquish.”​

    Had a good comment that had me remember the Cosmic Staff/Star Rod. Kaldur was going to have crashed into a freshly inducted Indigo Lantern originally but Cosmic staff I agree is way better.​

    Artemis/Batgirl, Roy/Robin, Wally/Speedy, Iris/Flower Child are all going to become PoV’s when a “real” world/Sitcom character’s memories get implanted by end of season. Blackstar will become PoV when her sister’s personality is awakened.​

    Amalgamated Zatana/Sabrina, Billy/Donna, Kida/Tula, and Red Changeling are the only Team members left to recruit this season and will also have false memories. If anyone has a suggestion I wold love to here which characters should be used as memories for each Member.​

    Notice I only listed characters who are/have been/will be on good Team. Members of my new villain Team(I’m thinking Teen Terrors with an Evil looking T Tower), may or may not become PoV’s later depends on how hard balancing 14 PoV’s is. I may stick with Kaldur, Iris, SI, and the one secret one who will be added as bad PoV’s.​

    Should I add a label of who’s perspective it is when I change PoV’s? It would be easy enough to go back and add the labels as well. Realizing I will have 14 PoV’s, the labels might be helpful.​

    Hints for upcoming arcs in no special order. I figure if I give the hints I might get a few helpful comments or messages with suggestions I can pilfer. Expect about 40-50 chapters from this for most of season one.
    -Santa Prisca Takeover
    - Tower of Fate/Shadow Crest (Set in Machu Pichu since Tower moves) attacked by Jade/Aku.
    - Disney’s Atlantis besieged by Plankton/Ocean Master.
    - Circe’s army attacking Themyscira/Australia.
    - Krang, Stockman and the making of Mutagen.
    - Imhotep, Cleopatra, and the Mummies Alive.
    - Mt Justice and Red Tornado + Miss Twister.
    - Two Worlds split over something besides age.
    - Lex and Cadmus Head Office
    - Vlad, Ghost Zod, and Phantom Zone
    - Mom Robotnik and Amazo
    - Dr Strange’s long reaching Plan
    - Joker, Joker, Joker (you all think this is reference to 3 Jokers but its not. Its a reference to a different white skinned, green haired, funny guy.)
    - Harley and the Royal Flush
    - Waller and the Suicide Squad
    - Head to Head between the Teams.
    - Someone on the Team will die this season(A PoV character) and a PoV character will also be mutated by the mutagen.
    Feel free to guess which one will be final arc of season, Who will be mutated and into what animal character, who will die, Who the 14th PoV will be, or If I really am evil or not. Really haven’t decided, me going to work for Vlad was a surprise I have had to adapt the story around. I was supposed to be rescued with Iris and only Jade was to be kidnapped. Which is why updates are a day or two slower then before.​
  12. Threadmarks: Chapter 20: How Deep is too Deep?
    Flightless Man

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    Chapter 20: How Deep is too Deep?
    Ultraboy/Zach Zod
    Arkham Island
    Tri-City Bay
    Jan 20/2010
    5:28 PM

    Blocking an overhead blow from Kara with my raised forearms, I’m sent crashing through what remains of Arkham’s north wall. Smashing through the dark stone, I roll and tumble along the brick and dirt.​

    Pushing myself into a crouch, I fling myself underneath her follow up kick. As she impacts the ground behind me with a mechanically perfect ax kick, a cloud of dust erupts around her.​

    Gaining some distance, I soar upwards a hundred feet or so. Once again above the remaining buildings, I roll in the sky until I’m facing the ground again. Just in time too it seems.​

    Kara Kent’s full body white uniform, is covered in the grime of our battle and a dingy grey. The crimson S on her chest and of her cape stand out, giving me my target.​

    When she reaches my height with an outstretched fist and a beastly snarl on her lips, I roll over her and grasp her flowing cape. Gripping tightly, I yank her backwards into my knee.​

    With her breath expelled in a pained wheeze, I fling her higher into the sky and rocket after her in pursuit. I slam an elbow into her jaw, before attempting a headlock on the blonde. This does not go well.​

    Aware of my plan, she delivers a back handed strike to my nose, rocking my vision with stars and sending a spray of blood across Supergirl. As I tumble through the air, I hear music to my ears.

    “Stay down Ultraboy!” Artemis warns me in her beautifully welcome voice.

    A pair of rockets emerge from the clouds and slam into Kara from the front and the back, covering her in a cloud of red dust that remains after the explosion. Screaming in pain for the first time since our fight begin.​

    I’m too slow to react to her shooting upwards, to the now visible Batplane descending from the clouds. Someone on board is ready however. Dropping from the aircraft, the dead man Jason falls towards Kara with his arms outstretched for a hug.​

    Covered in the dust, Supergirl struggles to gain altitude. I can see her visibly staining to rise any higher. This proves to be enough for the zombie enhanced strength of Jason to collide and pin her arms to her side.​

    A few quick headbutts to her face and both fall towards the waves below in a tight embrace. As I try to adjust my course and meet them, a lance of red shoots from Kara and strikes the wing of the plane.​

    The rocket underneath overheats, exploding in a shower of shrapnel. Artemis and whoever else is on board begin spiraling towards the island, forcing me to abandon Jason and Kara for now.​

    Kaldur’Ahm/Mo Tibbs
    Vandal Keep
    Savage Islands
    Jan 20/2010
    11:28 AM (HST)

    “Get up.” Are the words I hear when I wake, soon followed by a painful kick in the ribs. “I don’t have time to coddle you.” A man’s voice orders me. I think his name was Stockman. “Get on your feet, now!.”​

    “I’m awake!” My frantic shout has me spared from his follow up blow. Opening my eyes, I have the last half an hour flood back into my mind.​

    “Good.” Stockman sneers down at me. “Now get on your feet and follow me, Were going to Iceland.” I really hope whatever kind of alien I am is good with the cold. Cause Mo Tibbs or whatever my name really is, ain’t.​

    I grunt out an affirmative and pull myself to my feet with the frame of my ship. Holy crap. I have a spaceship. “I’m an alien”​

    “Yes.” I get an exasperated reply from the black doctor. “That is what I told you.” He expects me to follow and walks from the room. “The brain better not have been damaged.” I overhear him mutter to himself as I hurry to catch up.​

    “Where did everyone else go?” I ask once I do catch up to the power walking scientist, Still clenched in my left hand is the strange Star rod.​

    “Getting ready for their own operations.” He answers without even glancing back at me. “Now hurry up. Krang does not like to be kept waiting and we have a long flight.”​

    After a winding route through the black rock hallways, we arrive in what has to be the hangar. Eight jets along with a dozen high tech choppers and five one of a kind advanced aircraft fill the massive chamber.​

    “Hey. Mo!” I hear my name called from underneath on of the fancy planes. “Glad your back on your feet so soon dude.” The milk white guy with the black star on his face, cheerfully waves at me. The green claws and neck bolts, have me wondering what he can do.​

    “Me to.” I finally callback to Tommy who is waiting with a brother and sister pair of blonde lookalikes and a girl in red and grey armor. “It really hurt.” Once Stockman enters the jet we are going to be taking, Tommy calls out a warning.​

    “Be careful with Stockman.” His words are light but laced with seriousness. “He’s only in this for himself, so you need to be to.” He nods to the jet and waves me off. “Have fun and I hope to see you soon.”​

    Monstar/Kyle/Tommy Lobo
    Vandal Keep
    Savage Islands
    Jan 20/2010
    11:55 PM (HST)

    Now geared up and with my new squad, we wait for our ride in relative patience. It was good to see my fellow memory implanted alien back on his feet. It was not so good to see he was going with Stockman, it’s going to be harder to keep an eye on him now.​

    I remember the show he’s from, I loved it as a kid. Well I know the show as long as it’s not as altered as it turned out my memories of Janet’s show turned out to be.​

    Three’s Company, was a lighthearted sitcom about misunderstandings. Here it turns out the show and her memories, actually are about a three way relationship. Seems like she grew up in a show as hippie themed as I did.

    It is a relief to know I don’t really know everything about everyone’s lives or them my own history. The changes makes everything really feel real, well and the brief bouts of pain I keep going through.

    “Finally.” Dee Dee Luthor, interrupts my thoughts with an excited squeal. “You were taking forever. Let’s go save Dexie!.”

    “Patience my dear.” Lex chides his daughter as he strides into the hangar beside Talia and Jade. “You will soon be off.”​

    “What impertinence is this?” Jade steps in front of her mother and Lex, her frame now covered in flowing black robes with red dragon embroidery. “Who dare question me?” A cough from Talia has her hasten to correct herself. “I mean us.” ​

    “My daughter is simply eager to rescue her brother.” Lex for some reason, rushes to assuage Jade and her glowing green eyes.​

    “Well for your aid in my return, I shall forgive her this once.” Jade’s voice has an otherworldly echo that I can feel seek to impose its will on all of us. A tangible aura of fear, rage, and desire has coalesced around Jade in the form of black ethereal energy cloaking her body.​

    “Dee Dee.” Lex addresses her sternly. “Be good and try not to get to distracted.” His stern look slips and he pats her fondly on the head.​

    “Of course daddy.” The armored girl cheerfully chirps. “I know that my job is to grab Dexter and Mary.”​

    “And our job is to handle the guards.” The twins speak as one, Tuppence cracking her knuckles with a fierce smirk and her brother rolling his shoulders in excitement.

    “And this is my test, Keeping them on task.” I conclude, staring into Lex’s cold green eyes.​

    “Yes and it’s up to you, on who else you bring back with you.” His evaluating gaze is trying to force me to look away but If I do, I know he owns me forever. “Your going to need to expand your team of Terrors, if you hope to continue being of use that is.”​

    “Enough chatter!” Jade’s demanding tone, silences everyone. “Now how long will this trip take?” Her tone says it better be fast.​

    “Three hours.” Lex assures her swiftly. “Fastest plane on Earth.”​

    “Oh.” Jade’s displeased face has me on edge. “That won’t do.” She looks us over one by one before settling her gaze on her mother, who begins to shift uncomfortably.​

    “I was going to save you to breach the Rock of Eternity.” Talia’s eyes widen in shock and she takes a step back. “But you don’t have enough juice left in you. The Lazarus pit has stretched your soul far too thin to of use in anything besides a simple portal.”​

    Before anyone has time to comprehend her words, she raises a hand and Talia is consumed by black flames. Her terrified shriek morphs quickly to agonized wailing that ceases in seconds.​

    An ashy replica is all that remains of Talia Al’Ghul, who begins to crumble blowing away in the wind. The horrified expression of the squad has managed to remain free of my own face thankfully.​

    “Hurry up and go through the Ash Well.” Jade orders, pointing to the ash that was once her mother. It has begun swirling in a spiral on the floor, a vacuum of wind sucking anything loose inside.​

    “I have my own task to attend to.” She scolds us for continuing to stall. “Bah! I say bah!” Her expression has flipped back to flaming fury. “Get in you cowards. Now!” And with that demand, Dee Dee performs a perfect ballerina leap into the vortex.​

    “You first Tuppie.” Beebop begs his sister with panic filled eyes.​

    “Boss a little help with this chicken.” Rocksteady, the more level headed of the twins asks me for help. Aid I am all to ready to provide my squad.​

    “Cowabunga!” I call out in an attempt to ignore my own worry. I rush forward and with my best tackle force Thomas Terror or as he prefers, Beebop, into the swirling vortex on the floor.​

    As soon as we are through the portal, I realize the error of my plan. We are at least a few thousand feet up and rapidly approaching terminal velocity. As we drop through the sky above what looks like New York, I can only wonder which invasion tuned Manhattan this.​

    It’s a rubble field encircled by hundred foot walls with only a few dozen buildings still standing at all. Lady Liberty, has clearly been repaired after being severed nearly in half. The head and torch arm have been replaced by a helmeted head and a raised saber.​

    At the feet of Liberty, lays our target. HIVE Juvenile Detention center, sits protected by nearly 2 dozen patrol boats. Tuppence Terror’s scream from above, informs me she has joined our air drop.​

    Our descent lasts long enough that the sheer terror is able to abate long enough for me to really consider what I am doing. Infiltrating the Light to rescue the girls, doesn’t seem to be working out so well.​

    I’m enjoying the prospect of choosing my own team and the idea of ruling my own island a little too much. I know I joked about it in high school all the time but this is reality.​

    I’m breaking into a high security prison, to break out someone I helped put in there. Can I even comeback from this?​

    <Yes.> I finally hear the voice I have been screaming for since emerging in the sky. <Your the only chance we have right now of getting the girls back.> Janet’s warm and comforting mental voice sinks into my skull.​

    <I’m being tested already.> I rush to inform her of what I have learned and what my objectives are. <I had no idea your range was so far.> New York is pretty far from the alternate Florida the Tri-City area is in.​

    <We’re on our way to Belle Reve.> Janet responds with a laugh. <We just passed Manh---.> And like that her voice cuts out again. If i’m going to remain undercover, I will need a way to contact the Team.​

    Once we are only a few hundred feet up, I realize I have zero fear and in fact I am really enjoying the experience. I Have always wanted to skydive and this is close enough, I’ll survive. What is wrong with me?​

    Spoiler/Janet/M’gann J’onzz
    Belle Reve
    Labrador Canada
    Jan 20/2010
    5:58 PM

    “Tommy said Jade is possessed right now, he’s going to find out by what.” I hesitantly speak up, finally in contact with our informant. “Iris is awaiting memory insertion. He wants to know what her favorite show is and her favorite character.” Asking Wally is challenging, the new information is conflicting with his earlier rage. “If he does well he gets to pick.”​

    “Anya from Buffy.” The speedster finally mutters in frustration. “How come I’m only learning of this now?” Blackstar and Roy agree with his lack of knowledge in irritation.

    “We needed it need to know at the lake, we may have been watched.” I finally admit sheepishly. “Artemis said keep it quite till we where all safe.”​

    “Secrets should not be kept among friends.” Blackstar chides the decision.

    “He only got a hold of me because we flew by.” My words have everyone wondering why he was in New York. “He’s hitting HIVE while everyone is occupied.”​

    “Well as long as someone is keeping an eye on Iris.” Wally grudgingly concedes at last. “I may get some sleep tonight.”​
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    Chapter 21: Free Falling Frankenstein
    Ultraboy/Zach Zod
    Arkham Island
    Tri City Bay
    Jan 20/2010
    5:34 PM

    Accelerating quickly, I rush to catch the spiraling Batplane.​

    Not everyone can fly, I consider on my approach. How many are on board?​

    A scan with my thermal vision shows only a pilot is present. Has to be Artemis, since Roy will be flying his own vehicle.​

    She isn’t getting up from the cockpit and ejecting, I think she’s trying to get the plane to crash in the bay.​

    “Coming in from below.” I call out a warning with a tap at my ear. “Brace yourself!”​

    Metal crumples around each hand on impact with the aircraft, burying my arms up to the elbow.​

    My upward motion does stop the spiraling descent of Artemis, thankfully. I really haven’t found out how big something gets, before it breaks apart in an attempt to manhandle it.​

    “Thanks for the catch.” I hear the grateful words of Artemis in my ear. “We did not want to see what the other Anti-Kryptonian rockets would have done to Arkham.” I glance at the two remaining rockets, on the wing beside me and frown.​

    “How powerful are they?” I barely refrain from whimpering. She senses my discomfort and gives an honest laugh.​

    “It’s more that we don’t want to find out what red Kryptonite exposure will do to any remaining inmates.” I can hear the frown in her voice as she explains. “That’s how Shego got her powers, same with Radioactive Man.”​

    “Like from the Simpsons?” Snorting in disbelief is all I can really do when she says that.​

    “The what? No, never mind that now.” She ignores my comment. “Have you found out what’s controlling Supergirl?”​

    “Nothing concrete, but when I arrived all the guards were in a trance.” I consider my words carefully, not wanting to give any wrong details. “I saw someone in the warden’s office. And when I started playing the ghost girl’s guitar, the guards woke up.”​

    “And Kara attacked?”​

    “Yeah, almost instantly.” I grunt out my answer, as I finally place the plane in a relatively clear courtyard.​

    “Then we don’t have long.” She informs me, as she descends from the ramp. “Jason will only be able to hold her for so long.” She pauses for a second doing some calculations. “We have maybe eight minutes before the red Kryptonite wears off.”​

    “No time to take the long way then.” I agree with a smirk. Artemis pauses and nearly reacts fast enough to avoid my arms.

    Grasping her bridal style, I ignore her attempts to free herself. Once I shrug off her last ditch eye gouge, she ceases her struggling.​

    “Explain. Now.” She glares long swords at me and the placement of my hands.​

    “Your too slow, too noisy, and way too bright with your rocket boots.”

    “And the reason your grabbing my ass?” The challenging stare from her, only encourages me. She hasn’t said stop yet.​

    “It’s a nice one.” My smirking response has her at a loss for words at my brazenness. “Besides, I knew you were going to demand we keep me carrying you a secret from Wally and Roy. “We can keep this part a secret too if you want.”​

    She readjusts herself in my grip after a few seconds of intense eye contact and silence.​

    “Well if you keep impressing me with thinking like that, I’ll consider it.” I begin to give a cocky reply before she cuts me off with a stern glare.​

    “A lot of us lost family today and with all the chaos, a lot of civilians are going to die.” She is not wrong, I saw how many fires and riots were going on my way here. We all need to step into the big leagues today.” Her words go hard as I bring us closer to the warden’s office.​

    “I really don’t have time for something half-assed.” The tone is teasing again, leaving me unsure. “My mom always said, you better show you’re worthy if you want this goddess.”​

    “The entire office is hot, I can’t see the warden anymore.” I let myself get distracted, and now I can only see a box of orange obscuring anything within the room.​

    “Drop me and go in the window.” Batgirl orders, back in mission mode instantly. “I’ll glide in after.”​

    Doing as instructed, I release my grip on her and charge into the office in a spray of broken glass and iron bars. Only to find a room temperature office and nobody insight.​

    Artemis lands beside me a few seconds after I enter the tower. We don’t see the warden so something is definitely wrong. The Overbearing presence from before has returned in a flood.​

    The firm command to sleep begins to sink its claws in my skull. Artemis is already beginning to waver in place and I know I’m not far behind her.​

    I lift both hands above my head and bring them down to the floor in a mighty blow, that should have shattered the cement. Instead the ground warps and distorts before every surface in the room, takes on a vibrant green hue.​

    <YARRRGH!> A mental bellow of pain echos in my head and Artemis’ as well, based on her now alert expression. The green material rises into the air, swirling into a consistently tighter shape in the middle of the room.​

    The overbearing presence, increases the pressure being exerted on the room. As a vaguely humanoid form begins to reveal itself, I wrangle every ounce of my willpower.​

    Surging towards the figure, I crash into them and bring the two of us crashing through the wall and into the open sky. Rolling with the green man through the air, I realize this is a Martian. I thought they all died?​

    Refusing to let him send another mental assault my way, I open my mouth and exhale. A gout of flame scorches his face and has the Martian emit a terrified shriek before slumping in my arms, motionless.​

    “Good, you remembered the pyrophobia.” Artemis congratulates me with a warm smile as she lands from her own descent. “Let’s get him restrained and we ca-.” Cutting off whatever she was going to say, Artemis grabs my shoulder and flings us to the side.​

    I manage to right myself in the air, wondering how I was supposed to restrain a Martian. Spinning to face the threat, we are presented with a dripping wet Supergirl glaring down at us.

    Monstar/Kyle/Tommy Lobo
    Statue of Liberty
    Jan 20/2010
    5:38 PM (HST)

    Wind screams past my face as I plummet to the earth. Trying to aim for the ocean, I enter a divers pose and begin to gain on the twin I pushed through the portal before me. Beebop, right?​

    It’s not the wind screaming, I realize as I pass the flailing blonde. Beebop is wailing like a banshee and Dee Dee is cackling like a witch.​

    She almost dances in her descent. A thruster from her back armor plating, lets her control her fall. Her cannon arm has been pointed below her and she smiles maniacally at me as I catch up to her.​

    “Wanna see my new dance?” She calls out at me with another cackle. “I call it the Stomping Unicorn!”​

    Dee Dee twirls in a deadly pirouette, sending a barrage of green lasers pulsing down mercilessly upon the patrol boats below. Before we can impact the sea below, some force gabs onto us.​

    Our descent halts instantly. Claws of shadow grasp around our waists, leaving us suspended in the air. The twins have caught up to us, held aloft by a limb made of dark flame.​

    “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Between us, floats Jade with an aura of the shadow fire. “That was a close one! Mother really didn’t have much juice in her, if the portal opened that low.” She shrugs with false apology. “Sorry.” Not a trace of truth in her echoing voice.​

    “This is sooo much fun.” The Luthor heir squeals. Her assault on the ships never stopped. Nearly half of the fleet is carrying smoking wounds and a few, even look to be sinking. ​

    “Save some for me!” This is supposed to be a test. If I want to get anymore information, I need to prove my worth. Vlad said focus my anger to charge my new electric core, so I do.​

    I think of what has been done to me and my friends. What I’m going to do to Stockman when I finally have him alone is what finally gets my finger tips to begin crackling.​

    Blue arcs of electricity dance along my fingers, as I point them towards the helicopters moving to engage us. When I release my rage with a roar, the lightning flies from my hands and crashes into the lead aircraft.​

    My chest constricts painfully, as I continue to channel the power contained inside me. the faint odor of burning flesh wafting into my nose, is of little concern in the moment. ​

    My lightning engulfs the helicopter in a cage of electricity. It shudders in the air, before shutting down the electronics on board. Moving my clawed hands separately now, I aim at two different vehicles this time.​

    Soon the entire squad of choppers, is falling from the sky with stalled engines. The chest constrictions have turned into unexpected heart pain, as I channel my new power. My rage is not at the men on board, which is definitely impacting how much power I have to use.​

    “Whoa, so angry.” Jade’s possessor, comments with a chuckle. “Be careful. Too much strain may give you a heart attack.” She pauses to cackle for several seconds before resuming a fairly calm demeanor. “Oh who am I kidding? I don’t care what happens to any of you.”

    My lightning cuts off suddenly as the shadow fire fully surrounds me. With a blur of motion, all five of us, are on the head of the Statue of Liberty.​

    “Find your own way home. I have my own tasks to attend to.” We are ordered by whatever being is inside Jade.​

    “Not a problem, Mary will get us home.” Dee Dee’s determined smile, is more reassuring then her earlier manic one. “Thanks for the ride.”​

    “Oh? Such manners.” Jade purrs. “I hope you survive” And with those parting words, she vanishes in a swirl of ash.​

    “You all, are supposed to break anyone you think will be useful out.” Dee Dee reaffirms our orders. “Once I have Mary and Dexter free, we will meet you in the cafeteria.”​

    “Oh yeah!” A now recovered Beebop cheers. “Let’s make some noise!” Dee Dee spins a dial on her arm and a red hot flame emerges from her cannon. She points it at the statues head and unleashes a tight red flame. She shears through the metal easily, with he makeshift blowtorch.​

    “Beebop and Rocksteady, were going straight for the armory.” I issue my first command as leader of my new squad. “Once we have it secure, we can begin arming the inmates.”​

    Rocksteady and her brother acknowledge my order and leap into the head.​

    Spoiler/Janet/M’gann J’onzz
    Belle Reve
    Labrador Canada
    Jan 20/2010
    6:11 PM

    “Hold on!” Roy warns everyone from the cockpit.

    We do a barrel roll, revealing a giant blue bird. Narrowly avoiding the robot eagle’s talon, Robin retaliates with a cloud of pink.​

    The cloud expands and solidifies rapidly on contact with the bird. Soon the wing joints have completely locked up, bringing the bird crashing into the beach below us.​

    “Robin?” A deep male voice comes in over the intercom. “Am I ever glad to see you. Robotnik has an entire menagerie of these Ani-bots.”​

    “Yeah, I’m deploying the Team now.” Robin turns back to us with a grin. “Be careful.”​

    “You too dude.” Wally claps Robin on the back. A nod to me and a cocky wave to Blackstar later, and Wally jumps from the open hatch. His chute opens perfectly and the Princess and I, follow him into the sky.​

    <Link open.> I inform the team, scanning the area for more enemies.

    <Blackstar, take out the four legged one with antlers.!> Roy identifies the robot moose, as her target.​

    <With much pleasure.> She confirms, blazing off with a trail of green flame behind her.​

    <Dibs on the wolf.> Wally unexpectedly offers. <Dad told me how to handle something like this.> That’s a relief.

    <Janet, Can you find Robotnik while I cover Steel?> Our half Thanagarian leader asks. <He’s dealing with the bear and beaver.>​

    <Yeah. I can do that.>​

    Now where is he? I don’t sense anyone inside any of the animals. No one alive, is still in the rubble of the prison.

    <Its either all being done remotely or Robotnik is shielded.> I finally have to admit my failure. No one but the five of us are still present.​

    <But he was seen here.> Robin gives a frustrated huff. <I don’t get were he went.>​

    Looking over the battlefield, I can see Wally did indeed have a plan. He’s racing along the wolf in a streak of yellow. As he finishes with his lap of the neck, the head falls loose and lands on the ground unmoving.​

    <Screwdriver and a wrench are some of a speedsters best friends.> He crows in success, as the rest of the wolf follows suit in its collapse.​

    <Something is coming out of the ocean. Something big.> The grim voice of Roy cuts the celebration short.​