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Random Ideas and snippets of Stories (bad grammar)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by otoshi17Good, Jun 15, 2019.

  1. otoshi17Good

    otoshi17Good Getting out there.

    Jun 2, 2019
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    This thread is for random snippets or ideas for stories that I thought about...
    The majority I think it will be Self Inserts.
    If there were to be some NSFW I will only write "<NSFW>" and you can use your imagination.

    maybe I use and close it to write a sentimental part and continue to with another one:
    They reached his room.
    "I can't love you!" *Crying* Romilda said while hugging Mason to almost break him.
    "Why?" Mason Crying asked while hugging her back.
    "Because you are too much Perfect, No matter what you do you always finish perfectly. When your mother died you cried as you had practiced before, when you Manage to win the Championship you were celebrating like you already predicted the outcome and practiced the celebration. Why? Why are you so perfect? you never make a mistake, when you sing a song you sing it better than the author."
    The next morning...

    And before I forget if anyone wants to use any of the Snippets... just do it and send me a link to wherever page you use it.

    Warning Bad Grammar Ahead
    I think this already has bad grammar... :p
  2. Threadmarks: I am the Emperor?

    otoshi17Good Getting out there.

    Jun 2, 2019
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    (AN: tags: Warhammer 40K, Self-Insert, OP MC)
    (AN: is it obvious that I don't know about W40K lore?)

    The Throne hall(AN: I don't know what the name of the room where the Golden throne is) silent, only chants and sound of people walking could be heard.
    The Golden Light of the Emperor started to shine more powerful until it reached an almost Yellow color, anyone that tried to see the emperor found themselves closing their eyes because of the power of the light.
    Not even the security cameras found inside the hall could see what was happening inside of the light.
    The world itself seems to stop and everything was the light of the throne.
    Lighting had dropped from the Ceiling of the hall.
    "cough" *waghhaaa* "where the hell is this place?" the sound of someone vomiting and trying to speak.
    "The Emperor... The Emperor its Healed!"

    (CHANGE of POV)
    A strange priest with pipes around his neck had shouted.
    And then supersoldiers? dressed like imperial guards had fallen on their knees and started praying?
    Wait a minute that clothes.... this excessive gothic style building, me sitting in the highest point with Golden light around me.
    Fuck is this the Golden Throne in W40K

    Something was piercing me inside my head.
    Memories.... too many memories were being inserted inside my head.
    "Poor, brave Malcador the Hero. He reserved a fragment of his strength for me. It gives me little time to pass final orders to you. If you do as I ask then I shall not wholly die, my spirit at least will survive. My injuries are severe, more so than I had hoped but less than I feared. My psychic powers will return to me in time but my body will never heal. I shall never walk amongst you again. I am now bound to this machine for all time. My faithful bodyguard and attendants know what is required. You must do as they request!
    "Dorn and Jaghatai, you have much work to do. Though the head of the serpent has been destroyed its coils still choke the safety of Mankind. You and your loyal brothers must fight on. Cleanse the taint of treachery from our stars. Never again must we allow the Ruinous Powers of Chaos to have such a chance. Now all of you go! You know your duties. Execute them well. The universe has many horrors yet to throw at us. This is not the end of our struggle. This is just the beginning of our crusade to save Humanity. Be faithful! Be strong! Be vigilant!"

    Black.... too much black...

    "What Current Millenium are we Currently?"
    "Say it."
    "The 0,150,120.M42 Your Majesty"
    *Sighing* "10 Millenniums...."
    "Convoque the Senatorum Imperialis to the Throne Hall, The whole sol system shall enter to highest danger level by Imperial Order anyone that tries to resist shall be killed without mercy no matter their level"
    "and bring me a glass of water"

    (CHANGE of POV)
    The imperial fleet moved around the whole sol system, any ship going in or out was being inspected, ships being destroyed, the Astronomican began to shine even farter than the 70,000 light years standard, almost reaching 100,000 light years.

    (CHANGE of POV)
    The Senatorum Imperialis was brought in front of me, they were in their knees in front of me.

    "Roboute Guilliman Leader of the High Lords of Terra has responded Your Majesty Call"

    "Everyone apart from the High Lords shall leave the Throne Hall right now, all of this conversation shall only be know by The High Lords of Terra"

    Everyone except the Guards has left?
    "Guards when I say everyone I mean, everyone!"
    "Your Majesty We are your Guards and.."
    "The order is everyone, I don't doubt your loyalty but what shall be spoken will change the Imperium of Man forever and only The High Lords of Terra are allowed to know it"
    And with that final problem, I am alone with the 12 Lords in their knees in front of me.
    "Well Gentleman we have a problem, I am Not the Emperor"

    -The High Lords of Terra don't believe him.
    -1 week saying he wasn't the emperor.
    -The High Lords of Terra try to use 10k Psychics to check the well being of the "Emperor"
    -The 10k of psych's died because of the massive Psychic power of the "Emperor"
    -An inquisitor(*coff*the waifu*coff*) is assigned to be always in the Golden Throne to be always with the "Emperor" knowing of the current situation.
    -MC starts to write, all of the technology in the memories of the emperor knowing that if he suddenly is soul-kidnapped again mankind will survive even if the emperor is asleep again.
    -One year of writing documentation
    -(chap 3 of the anime) the gods of chaos try to influence him
    -massive destruction across the empire
    -the MC finds his "light" and the Astronomican began to shine even brighter to the point to burn all heretics in the empire.
  3. RichardWhereat

    RichardWhereat The Dawn Will Cum

    Oct 1, 2016
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    Instead of advertising bad grammar, you could try fixing it? Yes, try fixing it.
    otoshi17Good likes this.
  4. Threadmarks: The Red Suit

    otoshi17Good Getting out there.

    Jun 2, 2019
    Likes Received:
    (AN: tags: Kill la Kill, Self-Insert, OP MC, waifu)
    This is really comfortable, warm I want to continue to sleep a bit more.

    "We.. losing .."
    "Emergen... opera..."

    Light... too bright for my comfortable spot... mom don't turn on the light.
    Something big and a bit cold takes me.... no...

    "We got him"

    Too much light!!!
    "waaaaa"(AN: best baby cry ever)

    And apparently, I was being born.
    They wash me and give to the woman in a bed
    The blurry face of what appears being my mother said Japanese that I didn't understand, really where are the subtitles when you need them? and the only thing that I managed to get was "Itou Shinji"
    I suppose that is my name? Itou Shinji..huh at least I think is better than my previous name.... what was it? what was my previous name?

    "à̵̮̖̈́̂ś̸̟̳̝d̵̪̓̔̏d̸̛͈̍̂ ̴̧͒̕͝ḓ̷̣͇̏̐͝d̷̩͔̐ấ̵̠d̴̡̼̪́ ̵̧̏͠s̷̢̥͒̕ś̷͜g̸̨̹̈g̵̳̐g̵̛̼̬̀̎"

    and I fall asleep...
    It has been one year since the start of my depression of forgetting all my past before being born again.
    After 1 year I think I managed to get past it. I started to say some simple fords in Japanese after 7 or 8 months to cheer up my new parents.
    but I started to see that this isn't a normal world, there are people with weird colors and lengths of hair, there is some man that have exaggerated muscles.
    After seeing all of this I started to believe that I was inside an Anime/Manga/Light Novel, I was never sure if it was true until... well it hit me in the face too easy not to know where I was.

    In the TV there was a fashion show and there it was the weird monster in human skin Ragyō Kiryūin in person, well I am gonna fear for my life and what clothes I am wearing for the rest of my life.

    I am 3 years old I can now speak almost normally with my parents, I started exercising from 2 years old so now I am the strongest kid in the neighborhood, even if I knew that Ryuuko will save the world with minimal deaths.
    I don´t want to be one of them nor I want to be eaten alive by those weird clothes.

    Do you know about coincidences? well, it appears that a God is fucking with me because this was too big of a coincidence.
    I am 5 years old :)
    What coincidence I was speaking about? A big almost abandoned residence at the top of an almost flat hill is the residence of Matoi Isshin with Ryuko, only less than 200 meters from my house.
    I could publish this and destroy the world forever but I want to live so I won't do it.

    I decided to speak to him.

    Walking to the residence at top of the hill was tiring, I was only 5 years old, after being in front of the door I could hear a kid running around the residence.
    After calming myself, I decided to ring the bell.

    "Ryuko please stop I am going to check the front door" I could hear the old man sating while stopping the kid.
    "No." the kid responding while laughing.
    "I am going to turn on the TV please watch it while I answer the door"
    "Ok" the emotion of her could even felt here.

    When Isshin opened the door he thought that it was a joke since there was no one in front of him until he saw the bellow.
    "Hi Professor I am Itou Shinji nice to meet you" I said while trying to be charismatic
    "Hi, Shinji-kun why are you out here without your parents?"
    "Professor I wanted to talk to you about the future"
    "The future?" Isshin said with a confused look.
    "Yes the future, Do you have a private room? we will not want for Revocs to hear about it right?" I said while trying to remain the calmest possible.

    Isshin walked me to a room in the side of the corridor hall, inside there were a couch and 2 chairs, I walked in front of him and I sat down in the middle of the couch.
    Isshin sat in one of the chairs.

    "Professor, how should I call you? Matoi Isshin of Kiryūin.."
    "Don't say it" Isshin said while almost being furious and fear in his eyes.

    "OK, ok just being sure Mister Matoi, I know about it sir life fiber, your demon of wife, aliens and the future of this weird story"
    "The future?"
    "Yes, good news your daughter is going to save the world, bad news you are going to die before seeing the ending"

    "The future, I knew I will die but I don't know it will be so soon" Isshin reclining to the back of the chair said while shedding a tear
    "Arent you too easily believing what a 5 years old kid is saying?"

    Isshin looked at me without emotions and said.
    "There are only 100 people that know about the life fiber in the world, less than 30 about my wife and less than 10 that know about the aliens are the life fiber.
    A common kid 5 years old knows about the biggest secret since the beginning of mankind, its easier to believe you than trying to negate it. but tell me, how? how do you know about it?"

    I with a smile on my face say "If you read a book and suddenly you are inside that book what will you do?"
    And there he goes not being able to comprehend what I said.
    "Let's say it in a more easy way, my original world had a book about your world, apply it with the theory of infinite parallel universes and be done for."

    Isshin with a combination of faces looked at me and said:
    "What do you want? why are you here?"
    "Survive" the most since wish inside of me.
    "I know about the future, the horror of it but I want to survive it, even if Ryuko saves the world there will be casualties and even if I am no inside of them becoming part of the life fiber when all of the clothes ate their owners"
    "Is the worst that could happen to everyone"
    "I want your research and become a Tailor, I want to create my own Kamui, but since I know that Kamui can only be worn by descendants of the demon I want to create a Kamui that a human can use"
    "I will create the definitive Kamui or 99% Kamui for what matters and create the ultimate weapon a weapon capable to kill every life fiber forever"

    "That's impossible" with a sad face he said.
    "Haha, Professor Matoi Isshin the objective of science is explaining the natural world and creating the impossible, you created the Scissor Blades I will create a metal that works equally to them"
    "I have only begun to work in the Scissor" with a surprised look he looked at me

    "Then what are we waiting for? I already told my parents that I will be a tailor and said that you were a scientist that researched cloths, they will let me be 5 hours here every day, we have the next 12 years approx. to create the future"
    -MC becomes friends with Ryuko (AN: it's a waifu story what did you expect?)
    -MC Studies like crazy everything
    -MC is in the same Elementary, Middle School of Ryuko, he stops her fights to make her less fierce(and a pain to deal with her) but teaches her how to fight properly
    -MC Enrolls to Honnōji Academy in the same year as Satsuki.
    +he directly fights the Elite 4 and defeats them to talk directly and alone with Satsuki about stopping Ragyō.​
    -the fight between Ryuko and Satsuki in Kamui's is stopped by his own 99%Kamui "Buraddoreddo" and shoots them with Life fiber bullets.

    "In all of the world, only you and I can savor this pleasure."
    "And myself the unnamed 3rd"
    A man in a red suit breaks the (incestuous) beautiful hug between a mother and his daughter.
    "Who.... are you?" the Woman in white asked the man.
    "I am Honnōji Academy Special Student and the creator and user of the 99%Kamui 'Buraddoreddo' Itou Shinji"
    "Nee Ragyō-sama can I kill him for interrupting our bonding time with Ryuko-chan?"
    "No Nui lets him finish, Life is based in New Experiences and you why are you coming here?"
    "Obviously as a good villain, I have to tell my evil plan right? I came to kidnap Ryuko"
    "hahaha" the pink dressed girl starts to laugh and falls on fetal position.

    "You can feel it Ragyō, Why my Kamui even being only 99% Life Fiber is more powerful than a complete Kamui"
    "The Original Life Fiber, but How did you get it? it was hidden in My mansion.."
    "Please if your mansion was so secure Satsuki wouldn't have to be able to assault it so easily"
    "A plan of 11 years finally gives fruits, My Kamui is made of the Original Life Fiber but don't you want to ask why? why only I made it 99%?"

    "You said yourself, that you were the 3rd"

    "Really when intelligent people talk everything is easier, My Kamui is 99% because I am the 1% left, It doesn't require energy since I am the energy, It doesn't require Will since I am his will, My Kamui isn't sentient since I am the Kamui and with only 1 year of deadline I manage to get it, If the life fiber is alive then that means I can bring death" the Man says while presenting his robotic right hand.
    "Don't tell me.." with a surprised look Ragyō said
    "Yes and I can say 'FUCK THE CANON'" *snap*(AN: Thanos is that you?)
    Honnōji Exploded the whole island, it generated an earthquake of grade 6 in the scale of Richter in all of Japan but no one died, after the explosion, all of the Life Fiber around the world stopped working, all of the people in the island survived only the people at the top went missing.
    *Coff coff* "Ryuko, I will not make it." a man lying in a bed said to the girl crying at his side.
    "No, You can't die like this" Matoi Ryuko crying at the side of Itou Shinji said.
    "If your body is a Kamui I think is normal for me to die if all of Life Fiber died" the man with a smile in his face said.

    "But why aren't I am dying? why isn't that abomination at your other side dying but only you?" Ryuko said while pointing to Ragyō's at his other side.
    "Ryuko, you and Ragyō are humans with 100% of compatibility with the Life Fiber, not a human made of Life Fiber like me, your life fiber inside of you died but that doesn't stop it to work like a normal human meat tissue. But who would have thought that everything that made Ragyō died with that Life Fiber and only a mental 11 years old woman before everything happened remained?"
    "And who would have thought that the Life FIber could mind control someone before even had been awakened? right Itou-san"
    "That excuse is too easy for a monster like you to use." an angry Ryuko said while looking at the woman.
    "Ryuko! Stop, we are not capable to use any kind of power if your heart is removed like it happened before you die"*Coff coff*"My time has come" (AN: Oogway is that you?)

    "No Nooo"
    "Its ok Ryuko, I will hit your father since i told him that i wanted to survive not to become a martyr but whatever"
    "Nooo, I haven't told you anything, I haven't played with you since Middle School"
    "haha"*Coff coff*
    "I... I... I Love You" Ryuko said while holding his hand with a blush in her face.
    "Ryuko, My Rash, stubborn, rude, idiot..."
    "my idiot, I also.. I also Love You..." The man said while shedding a tear with a smile.
    "...............I'll be back............"

    It has been a year since the destruction of Honnōji, Satsuki took over Revocs Corporation and after the war the company almost fell apart to the point that the Takarada Conglomerate is almost equaled in size.

    After everything that happened Ryuko returned with the Mankanshoku Family with Ragyō, after six months of suffering was when she finally let it go(Frozen?) and forgive the current Ragyō.

    She returned to a normal High School, she doesn't wear Senketsu anymore and wears the normal school uniform since she cannot speak with him again.

    A man with a Pipboy in his left arm, Boosted Gear in his right, Saiyan training clothes, a sword in his left and a lightsaber in his right(?), a sniper rifle in his back, black Glasses and Golden Light around his head appeared in front of the Mankanshoku Residence.
    His face almost looked normal but a bit refined with white hair.

    Guts came running to the outside in almost a desperation started to lick the face of the man.
    "oi Guts I know it has been a year but please stop, I have to talk with Ryuko, please bring Senketsu with her"
    Guts almost like hearing a Divine Order went running inside the house again while barking.

    "MY IDIOT COME OUTSIDE YOUR BOYFRIEND HAS CAME BACK!!!" the man shouted creating more sound than what was possible with only his voice, it could be heard even from Kyoto.

    The sound of someone running could be heard from the house.
    "You..." a woman a bit older than the one from his memories with scrambled hair went outside of the house while almost crying.

    The man while taking off his glasses with a smile in his face "I... It has been AGGh" The woman without thinking directly punch him in his face and made him impact the wall behind.
    "Why? Why didn't you come back before?" the woman said while hugging him and crying.
    "Auch is not like I could select you know" the man said with a smile while petting the head of the woman.
    After an eternity like that, it could be heard the barkings of a dog running a full power while carrying a dark Sailor Uniform in his mouth.

    "Good Job Guts" The man took the uniform and give it to her "put this"
    "Senketsu..." the woman took the uniform but before she could say anything more the man smiled and snapped his fingers.

    "Ryuukooooooo" a voice could be heard from somewhere.

    "Senketsu!!!" the woman hugging the uniform said while smiling
    "How? How could you..."

    "Magic my dear...."
    (AN: because everyone likes a bit of harem in their anime)

    "So another one huh" a Red Haired foreign looked at the couple
    "Rias, He told us she was the 1st" another black long haired appeared while using a Miko outfit.

    Ryuko looked at the woman that suddenly appeared while asking "1st of what?"
    The two women blinked and responded at the same time of course "of the Harem of course"

    When the Ryuko wanted to look at the man she found him in front of her while doing dogeza.
    "Is not what appears"

    "aaa even through you told us you love us now you are throwing us away?" the black-haired woman said while trying to clean her fake tears.

    "Akeno-san can you not make it sound like I am trash?"

    Ryuko with her hair already starting to look red said: "How many?"

    The red-haired woman said "who knows? he has an intergalactic empire that treats him like a god and he has told us that he had visited at least 100 worlds"

    The man almost running away said, "is not what it looks like.."

    Ryuko while wearing Senketsu: "I don't want to hear your excuses"
    Don't lose your way.....
    "put it on let's get you out of your rust "

    "You could beat me even before what does say you cannot beat me now?"

    "I could destroy the whole world why wouldn't I be able to defeat you? but the important thing is that I can only play with my idiot this way"

    "if you say so"

    Don't lose your way.....

    Name: Itou Shinji
    Birthdate: 3rd April
    age: (Ryuuko's age)+1
    Kamui: 99%Kamui "Buraddoreddo" (AN: original name I know...)
    He lost the right hand and has a metal prosthetic.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  5. Threadmarks: The Gacha is Love, The Gacha is Hell

    otoshi17Good Getting out there.

    Jun 2, 2019
    Likes Received:
    (AN: tags: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, Self-Insert, OP MC(?), waifu(?))

    Well, I didn't expect this.
    I blink and suddenly I wasn't in the street that I knew, I was at the side of a river at night?

    *Boom* *BOOOOM*
    Suddenly purple lights were flashing at the side of the river and a blue and a pink light were avoiding the lights, each time the lights touched the ground exploded.

    "What the fuck is happening.." is the only thing I could say until... *step sound* (AN: I don't know...)
    A sound of someone walking with metal plates hitting each other.

    I looked at my back and found... "Artoria Alter?"
    She stopped looking at me and before I could say anything something hit me, it hurt a lot, when I manage to comprehend what had happened I was already almost incrusted to a wall.

    *Coff* "..wh..at? aaah!"

    I couldn´t move, I felt like I was broken, apparently I wasn't even worthy for her to use her sword and she directly punch me.

    "aaah! Fucking Salter"
    I could see her walking towards me before I could do anything I saw my pocket started to shine, I moved my arm with all the pain in the world and when I got it out I saw in the screen of my cellphone the ruler card of fate.
    "what? don't tell me... fuck it... ......install......" and light filled my sight.

    I was out of the wall, and in my hand was the too much familiar white banner with the golden symbol of the French royal family, I had a cloak and when I looked bellow I had pants and the skirt?

    If this is Jeanne I could try it.

    "Artoria Pendragon by my order you shall do everything I say!!"
    My right-hand light up in red and Salter stopped almost in front of me.
    "This is going to be easy"

    She stopped in front of me and she prepared her sword, of course, it wouldn't work, why would be?
    So as an intelligent human being I directly run towards the bridge, she started to run towards me but my agility A beats her agility D by a lot.
    Wait why do I remember the whole wiki of FGO? I even remember the comments of the pages!!!

    When I manage to cross below the bridge I found two girls, one blonde in a long dress and the other one with twin tails in a short skirt.
    "RUN!!! RUN away!!!" I started to yell before reaching them.
    Rin looked at me saying "what?" and before she could process what was happening I grab both of them and started running but before I moved more than 5 meters I heard something breaking.
    When I looked behind I saw the bridge breaking and falling above Salter; I knew that it was too much of a coincidence for the bridge at this exact moment to fall, that bridge resisted the fight of Gilgamesh and Iskandar and to fall in this moment it was.... really? a miracle.
    "...Thanks, R.O.B...."

    (AN: Really short story)

    -The MC starts to use the skills of Jeanne in the fight against Salter
    -the MC unequips the card and he gets his cellphone back.
    -discussion with Rin and Luvia about what he was.
    -MC tries to play with the cellphone only to discover that it was FGO and gacha hell.
    +discovers that there was no Mashu and his starter was Jeanne.
    +discovers that there isn't Saint Quartz but Fate points.
    +tries the Starter Summoning and gets Jalter(AN: just for the laughs).
    +uses the Friend Summoning and gets Kiyohime.
    +discovers that there is an extra feature in the servant card is greyed out.
    +when he favorites Jeanne she is summoned in front of him.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  6. Threadmarks: Modpocalypse

    otoshi17Good Getting out there.

    Jun 2, 2019
    Likes Received:
    (AN: tags: Fallout 4-ṃ̴̨̛̩̺̹̯̯̱̰̠̽͐͛͊̈͛͒͌̒O̵̡̥͎̣͍̝͎̖͕̠̅͆͌͑̆̾̓̀͘D̶̼̠̘͓̔͘ͅş̴̛̳̗̻͇̯̤̗̊̇͗́̿̓̉̈͗ͅ, Self-Insert, OP MC, waifu, Harem)

    Another day another suffering life.
    "aa..aaa.....a" I went to the bathroom.
    After doing my necessities I stood in front of the mirror and washed my face after I opened my eyes, I wasn't in my bathroom, this is fallout 4... are you fucking kidding me?

    I didn't select my looks or anything, I am in my best looking character, white hair with infinite eyes of the stars and a well fit body?
    "You're gonna knock'em dead at the Veterans Hall tonight, hon" I woman said behind me.

    When I looked back, there she was, the perfect waifu, my perfect waifu? huh... I never thought about MY perfect waifu but I think she gets it the closest.
    White hair with white iris and Big boobs, R.O.B made a good job.

    "Honey?" she looked at me almost in a worrying face.
    "Sorry just thinking about something" its the only thing I could say before walking towards the exit of the bathroom, now the biggest problem what do I select specialization?

    Before I could exit the bathroom the world paused and in front of me, a floating green screen appeared with a keyboard below.
    This is interesting, isn't this "Start Me Up" wait is this my modded Fallout 4? well I am pretty much fucked up in more ways that I would know of.

    It's different from what I remembered? there isn't an option for me to select for skipping the Intro... well let's create new PTSD.
    Special... Name... Arthur Pendragon just for the lols... wait I can change the name of Nora? this is really different... I could save her... I could allow her to survive and not be killed by Kelloggs.... this will change my life in more ways that I want to know.

    New plant I take the baby with me in the pod if I survive I can make everything different if I don't.... either I die or everything starts from this moment with the autoload.

    Name for female: Elizabeth
    let's see special.... let's distribute everything, all for the left... wait that is 99.
    When I saw the remaining points for special I had a grin, fear, and hope in my face at the same time.
    It's broken... the counter of remaining points is broken? it has to be my modded Game only that is even more broken.....

    After putting everything in 99 I had a sudden fear in the window to confirm my future.... if I make my self superhuman doesn't that mean that Shaun my son will be superhuman? the director of the institute will be superhuman.... even if he only gets less than half my intelligence that still makes it more than 5 times the most intelligent people in the planet I fear for my life even more.

    Fuck it... I could directly hack to the teleporter with my intelligence...
    Traits... everything is useless to me since I have complete special... well there is something that is useful... Fast Metabolism... but I would lose my fast regeneration of HP... but I will be able to eat even radiated food... fuck it...
    what I was... a sniper.... will be useful...

    and that's it.... let's continue with world destruction...

    The world unpaused and everythi..... "AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!" too much infected.... "Honey!!?" "SIR!!?" I could hear the crying of Shaun in the distance...

    fuck I can't faint if I faint I will die... "It's... *Sigh* OK.... just give a moment"
    "Are you sure?" she looked me at me with a worried face...
    "It's ok... just give me a moment I will be at the couch you take care of Shaun" I walked to the couch and sat in front of the TV... I still don't know why they haven't invented led's...

    after 10 minutes and when the pain had gone away someone knocked on the door.

    "I am coming"
    when I opened the door there it was my salvation in what may be my death and recreation in synth future (if the theories are correct)

    "Good Morning! Vault-Tec calling!"
    "You can't begin to know how happy I am to finally speak with you, I've been trying for days.."
    "Well, here I am," I said while making the best smile I could do.
    "I'm here to tell you that because of your family's service to our country, you have been pre-selected for entrance into the local Vault. Vault 111"
    "You're already cleared for entrance. It's just a matter to verify some information. Won't take but a moment"
    "Sure, let's do it"
    "Splendid now let's see..."

    "Complete name of each member of the family?"

    That's different but whatever.
    "Arthur Pendragon, Elizabeth Pendragon, and Shaun Pendragon"

    "Your Majesty?"
    "I wish haha"

    "everyone, Does anyone needs special medication?"

    "Shaun its a baby correct?"

    "Wonderful! That's... everything... Just gonna walk this over to the Vault! Congratulations for being prepared for the future!"
    "Um... Thanks again!"

    "Hey, its a peace of mind. That's worth a little paperwork, right?" My wife said on the couch.
    "Everything as long we can be together..."
    *chuckle*"Good Answer"

    Wait didn't Austin said that in an atomic explosion just by seeing the light you are dead practically...
    "hey... what do you think if we make a little walk to the entrance of the Vault?"

    "I don't know I think it will be good a bit of excessive and seeing at least the entrance of our future home in the apocalypse"
    "If you want... we could go but will the soldiers let us go so near the Vault?"
    "I don't know but it doesn't cost to try it... you tell Codsworth I will go for Shaun"

    I got Shaun and we went walking to the entrance to the Vault.
    When we reached the entrance the soldier in front of the door of us said: "You aren't allowed to enter yet"
    "Sorry Private, retired First Sergeant of the US Armed Forces Arthur Pendragon, I just wanted to show my family the future Vault that we are going to live"
    "Sorry Sir, You are on the list but you can't access the Vault Yet."
    "I understand, sorry for wasting your time Private"
    "No problem Sir"
    "I look bad right?"
    "I have seen you worst but its " *boom* I could hear the cries in the distance, some explosions, and some people were running towards here...
    "and there he goes my peace...."
    "Sir you can enter now."
    *Sigh.......*"Current damage?"
    "We lost New York and Pennsylvania..."
    "I will... enter the Vault Private..."
    "Yes sir"
    "and Private... Good Luck"
    "Thanks, Sir"

    While walking to the platform I wished good luck for all of the soldiers that were protecting the entrance of the Vault.
    My wife started crying... I could only hug her and tell her that everything was going to be ok.

    After half an hour there were more than 30 people on the platform and they let us in. when we reached underground an Earthquake hit us and everyone faces paled since we knew what that means.
    They gave us our Vault Suits and the good news is that at the entrance of the cryo pods there is an area to change to the Vault Suit.
    I took Shaun and sat in the pod in left of the lane... the MC Pod.

    They said the classic bullshit of a test of radiation in the Pods, with the charisma I could feel the lies...
    I hugged Shaun and everything became white.....

    -The MC gives Shaun to the scientist
    -MC finds the things for the scout in a chest in the vault
    -MC opens the lock and gets the Cryolator... AN: I mean is an OP MC what did you expect?
    -MC gets pipboy
    -MC+ goes outside of the vault...
    -MC finds the gods ring(Mod)... and gave it to his wife AN: the Gods Ring is a mod and is OP as Fuck
    -MC+ find Codsworth...
    -Wife convinces MC to help the people of the Minuteman...after destroying half of what was left of Sanctuary hills with the Settlement System.
    -MC starts the Minuteman but he isn't an idiot so he creates the Spawn settler button(MOD) and creates the Conquerors Regiment that is dedicated to creating new Settlements
    -MC+ saves Curie
    -MC+ saves Nick Valentine
    -MC kills directly McDonough and shows to the people that he is a Synth
    -MC creates new weapons and armor
    -MC+ explodes all of Fort Hagen with enough fat mans to kill Kelloggs
    -MC+ still goes to Goodneighbor to speak about the future with Hancock...
    -MC+ Goes to the Memory Den to complete the quest of Curie
    -MC+ goes directly to Virgil skipping all of the memory den BS
    -MC+ joins the Institute.
    -MC becomes the director... AN: that CHARISMA check...
    -MC+ asks Shaun if they are Synths
    -MC+ convinces to a peace deal between all factions AN: INFINITE CHARISMA...............
    -Marriage fight because Curie falls in love with MC AN: you knew that was coming
    -MC creates the United Republic as a new Country
    -After convincing Wife(Coff coff charisma coff coff) decides to accept curie AN: to the harem future!!!
    -MC creates weapons and armor OP as FUCK boiiiiii
    -MC+ Goes to New Vegas to find the Courier
    -MC goes to Skyrim AN: you knew that was coming don't lie to me
    -MC discovers that the System of Skyrim doesn't apply to him... since he is from Fallout 4
    -MC discovers that magic is BULLSHIT after not being able to kill Alduin in Helgen using the liberty prime portable head laser
    -MC becomes friends with the Dragonborn who is a she... AN: you knew that was coming
    -MC takes a blood sample of the Dragonborn to be able to learn Shouts
    -MC discovers that this Skyrim has canon worlds sizes.... and by canon, I mean Arena Tamriel size...
    -MC joins the college of Winterhold
    -MC discovers he doesn't have a limit to magic since he doesn't have magic perks but has the all-powerful Science Perk
    -MC tries to get the blessing of Julianos but instead talks to him directly
    -MC creates more BS armor and weapons
    -MC brings wife and curie to Skyrim...
    +wife decides to use the bow and arrow while curie healing magic
    -Family trip to dwarven ruins yay!
    -MC+ joins the Dragonborn party after enchanting her sword
    -MC skips BS plot... AN: I know you fucking Blackreach.....
    -MC proves elven secret plot of mind-controlling Ulfric AN: there was a theory about it.
    -Peace in Skyrim
    -After the elves mind control fiasco, the empire forces the elves to rewrite the White-Gold Concordat to accept Talos as a god
    -Peace in Tamriel
    -Party kills Alduin...
    -romantic feelings from the Dragonborn to MC AN: YES this is a harem... what do you expect?
    -to the Dawnguard DLC yay! AN: and yes that means Serena...
    I think the difficulty should be a combination of survival elements and some real-world things...
    like in Vault 81 why no one questioned the door at the entrance of the Vault? really.....

    AN: 106 Grammar mistakes says Grammarly :L
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  7. Threadmarks: The Archmage of Bunnies

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    (AN: tags: HentaI World, Self-Insert, OP MC, waifu, Harem)

    I was summoned...

    For some reason when I was going out of my bedroom I blinked and I was inside a giant room with Bunny-Girls? really?
    after that, they told me what had happened.

    Since ancient times the Empire will summon at random intervals the person with The Greatest Potential to becoming an ArchMage and made them marry the Royal family to strengthen the magic of the family.

    And here I am... after a failed rebellion I there is only currently 2 living remaining members of the Royal family the current Empress and the little princess and I was (Cough forcefully Cough) married to both of them.
    After being (Cough raped Cough) doing my husband duties I was finally free for the day and I decided to ask to learn magic if I am then biggest battery around here I should at least know hot to use it.

    After years of (Cough being raped Cough) doing the husband duties I was able to start loving my wives, this world is weird in more ways than what I should want to know.
    There is only Bunny-Girls around here, literally the Royal Court only has 10 males... when I see outside the palace walls there is only Bunny-Girls walking in the capital.

    I decided to ask the most powerful man in the empire for answers for why there is only Bunny-Girls in the empire.
    He was a Baron... and told me that in ancient times around 1000 years ago the woman's also had control but for some reason, the woman's believed that they were above men and because of that, a war of sex's was created...
    the war lasted for 100 years until the treaty of equality was signed, at that time if you were a captured soldier you will be raped to have more babies.

    I thanked him for answering my question and returned to the palace.
    after years of work, I manage to make the spell of eternal youth, allowing anyone that used the spell to keep their current appearance but they will still die.
    I had Sons and daughters everywhere, my wife the Empress decided to retire and now the three of us live together.
    I suspect that some maids rape me while I was asleep but decided to remain quiet and continue with my life.

    When my wife the Empress was 60 years old. She died of a heart attack. I was devastated and only remained inside my bedroom with my second wife the princess.

    I started to work in a spell of immortality, I dedicated everything I knew, all of the resources that I had and all of the knowledge inside the palace and when I was so close to finishing it... as if the destiny was laughing at me 5 years later the little princess died too. I couldn't save her... the spell of immortality I was working on was almost finished but I pushed forward and manage to become immortal.

    I was almost mad and decided to create a spell to revive the dead, spells to revive people were almost common in this world but they had time limit only less than 1-year to be used on the corpse.

    It has been more than 10 years since the death of my First Wife and 5 Years since the death of my Second one.
    To work against the cycle of life is itself working against the Kidnapper Goddess but I continue in that path, I decided to leave the Royal Palace after 15 years had passed since the death of the Litle Princess.

    I went to an island in the middle of the ocean to work in the spell.
    After 100 years I was finally able to comprehend the cycle of life and being able to see how the world worked and then the hypocrite Goddess said I was a Dark Lord that wanted to destroy the world.
    Since my Magic power reached almost her level she felt fear against me and like always is better to destroy something that you don't know.

    My own descendants fighting against my own golem army in the middle of the ocean.
    They advanced until they reached in front of my "house" (if that could even be called) I had finished a spell to be able to destroy all life and create a bug in the cycle of life.
    when my own great-granddaughter pierced my heart with her sword I activate it. My life was destroyed, my soul was corrupted and I was reborn if they wanted to make me a Dark Lord then I will be The Dark Lord.
    I became the first Undead in the world and created endless death and suffering forever since they cannot kill me I will repeat the cycle of death forever.

    but I couldn't.... I saw in her the face of my wife, my great-granddaughter in front of me with rage in her face and with a swift movement, she pierced my heart with her sword.
    But I didn't die my spell of immortality still revive me, no matter how they tried they couldn't, even when the Goddess took over the body of a priest she couldn't kill me.
    They sealed me inside the moon to never be able to see the light again but I swear as the ArchMage that I will return and finish the spell to be able to be forever with my Wifes.

    AN: I think I cant write bad endings...

    There is only Bunny-Girls around here, literally the Royal Court only has 10 males... when I see outside the palace walls there is only Bunny-Girls walking in the capital.

    I decided to ask the most powerful man in the empire for answers for why there is only Bunny-Girls in the empire.

    He was a Baron... and told me that in ancient times around 1000 years ago the woman's also had control but for some reason, the woman's believed that they were above men and because of that, a war of sex's was created...
    the war lasted for 100 years until the treaty of equality was signed, at that time if you were a captured soldier you will be raped to have more babies.

    After being with my Wifes for more than 10 years I managed to love them, 10 years later my first wife decided to retire from the throne and left it to our first daughter and at the same time, I finished my spell of eternal youth.
    After 30 years I finished the perfect spell my first wife was already old, the Bunny-people could only live for 60 years old and the longest to 70 years old but that didn't matter anymore, I finished the spell of immortality and made her return to her peak condition.
    after 40 years we had even more sons and daughters and we decided to retire from the palace to a small mansion outside of the capital.
    after 50 years I manage to use Time magic and we manage to see the past and the future.
    after 60 years I manage to use spacetime magic and I could... I could return to my world, after a great discussion that destroyed 5 mountains and created 3 new seas in the continent we decided to just visit my old world.
    when we crossed the portal what I found was a radioactive wasteland with the sign of... vault-tec printed in an ad... it was the wrong world....

    AN:82 errors says Grammarly...
  8. Threadmarks: The Creator

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    (AN: tags: Multi, Self-Insert, OP MC, waifus)

    In a black space, there was a humanoid being sitting in a black throne that could be lost with the background.
    the throne didn't have any uniqueness and the being with his eyes closed was there almost as if he was waiting.
    Time didn't exist yet the being was there like if he was waiting for something.

    Until in what appeared to be a second and an eternity he lifted his right hand and started to close as if he was trying to grasp something.
    Space shifted when an infinite amount of light particles suddenly started to emerge from the space and all of them were moving towards his right hand.
    when he closed his hand the whole space stopped, the being started to tremble and suddenly he started to laugh.

    "HAHAHA..... finally hahaha after so many years finally I will not be alone anymore" the being rises from his throne and when he made his first step to the black of the void the world lit up, in front of him was a gigantic palace of at least the size of a city.

    The being walking through the central entrance stopped in front of a white armor with golden borders.

    "creator?" the armor said while his eyes sockets shined white.

    "The project was successful" the being said while resisting his laugh

    "the project?!!!" the armor said while moving his head to at the being

    "yes, after so many eons of immortality I will not be alone"

    "congratulations creator it appears that we will get a new Empress"

    "No, not a new Empress but a new Imperial Harem"

    "an Empre... HAREM!!?"

    "What? it isn't that strange, don't you have also one?"

    "cough cough Creator you know better than me that they are my sisters and all of us are your useless Guardians"

    "you say that but for some reason, there are new Living armors in the lower levels in the Palace"

    ".... and Who are the new members of the Imperial Harem?"

    "Well, that's a difficult question... Let's make a Royal Assembly to inform everyone knows"


    The 'Creator' walked through the Imperial Gate and stepped in a different realm altogether, it was a green plain until the ends of the world that started to elevate and formed what appeared a gigantic ring(AN:cough-imagine-the-Halo-Ring-cough) with the ground marked with a corridor of white material and golden borders.
    After walking for some time he reached another Gate when he entered he was in a forest that formed another ring, he continues walking in the corridor until he reached another gate.
    Now he was in a dessert... Then a dessert made of pure gold... Then he was what appeared to be hell with red skies and magma rivers... Then a world of pure water... Then an open world made of clouds...

    And when he finished crossing the gate he was in a grand hall a gigantic hall with Red Carpet with a golden border, he walked through the carpet for more than years until he reached what appeared to be the throne.

    The throne was... weird it changed his form every 5 seconds and his colors will change in almost all colors possible... he started to climb the steps to the throne.

    He sat at the throne after what appeared to be years...

    "I swear I shouldn't have made the Palace so big... I should have used teleportation.. whatever.."

    With what appeared to be a forced determination he said with a voice that appeared to decide death.
    "By My Will, We shall enter state 1 of Danger, All personal with Access Level 5 and above shall come to the throne hall in less than 1 hour or meet punishment of the true deletion"

    The Palace... trembled everything appeared to become crazy, it started almost o become a humanoid robot to suddenly change again to his 'normal' form, there were shouts that could be heard everywhere.

    And suddenly a woman with white hair and white eyes appeared to the right of the creator.

    "Elizabeth you were the first to appear."

    "Of course if you have something so important to say that you even declared Level 1 of Danger that means is something that could change this reality forever."


    from the gates of the hall a group of weird people started to enter, an old man with white hair with a black short cape and suit entered the hall followed by a blonde woman in a gray cape with a cross symbol and a white banner together with an erotic nun(AN: Kiara Sessyoin).

    The old man appeared in front stopped 5 meters in front of the throne and said "I Zelretch and the Throne of Heroes are prepared to battle"

    "Yes" the creator said.

    "Can you tell me why we are at Level 1 of Danger?"

    "Let us wait for the rest..."

    After 10 minutes a small dragon entered the hall and was being followed by an orange martial arts uniform.

    "I God Zalama and the Saiyan force is prepared for battle."

    "Can you.."


    A man with a squid head in a black suit enters the hall said
    "I Cthulhu and the Old Ones are prepared for battle."

    After some time a number almost infinite of people entered the hall and repeated the same words.
    After what appeared everyone had entered they stopped at the sides of the Red carpet and waited.

    After some time almost everyone had frowned and was looking at the 'Creator'.

    "Everyone is waiting why you declared Level 1 of Danger and Called Everyone with Level 5 of Access" said Elizabeth.

    "o yes I almost forgot." the 'Creator' said with a smile rising from his throne.

    "Ladies, Gentleman, sexless beings and people with their preferences I am pretty sure that everyone knows who I am and the origins of my powers."

    "I was originally human bur after Eons and Eons I felt alone but decided to search for a wife.. everyone should know Elizabeth and her origin"

    "Your imagination of the perfect woman" said Zelretch

    "indeed but even if I created a woman that I considered perfect and want her to love me... I didn't want to force love so I decided to let time tell"
    "and I couldn't love her."

    A silence of almost of 10 seconds endured through the hall, what the 'Creator' didn't see was that the same woman that he was talking about was with a face of rage that the could kill all of the gods present.

    "And because of that I decided to create a project but with that being said... I think I now have a harem" he said while looking to the side trying to hide his shame.

    "Are you telling me that you made the whole Infinite Palace enter his second most Highest Level of Danger and forced everyone with the treat of True Deletion because your insecurity as a man?" said Zalama.

    "Hey, don't put it like that... it will take me some years to be able to reunite all of the Harem"

    "Why?" said Zelretch.

    "Well they are in different multiverses and all of them fell in love with different me's"

    "Are you saying that..."-Elizabeth

    "Indeed... the project was based on making copies of my soul and sending them around Reality 3 and waiting for the news"
    "the copies will be Inserted in the positions of the MC or in interesting settings and they will cough-i-hope-cough be able to get a girlfriend in that world"
    "thought the majority of the side-characters were refused if not I could just search for a woman with the appearance that I want and save her before she is raped or something and make her fall in love with me"

    "That's Stockholm syndrome" said Zelretch.

    "Shut up Zelretch is not like you never did that"

    "and the most important thing it was for me to fall in love with her and after an Eon of waiting there are a lot of candidates... really an Eon was too much"

    "And who are they?" said Cthulhu

    "they are Ryuko Matoi"
    "Pervert" -Elizabeth

    "Illyasviel von Einzbern"
    "Pedophile" -Zelretch

    "Hey it was you how made the Magical Girl wands don't look at me like that... an Inquisitor from W40K"
    "Weirdo" -Zalama

    "some Bunny Girls"
    "Pervert" -Elizabeth

    "a Gardevoir"
    "Great Pervert!!" -Zalama
    while Cthulhu was vomiting at the side.

    "and for some reason you Elizabeth"
    "huh?"*blushing* -Elizabeth
    "well it appears that an interesting setting was to make my modded Fallout 4 and change Nora for your body at least she didn't die and Me there started to become capable to planewalking and there is more harem"

    *blush*"how many?"

    "That's a small problem.... they are infinite...."

    "why?" said Elizabeth

    "it appears that recursion happened.... in a Multiverse another me gained admin power in it and.... he repeated everything.... tehe"

    "Delete all of the wives created from your recursion's"

    "ok ok...that left's it with...." he said while reading in an ancient book
    "at least more than 100 wives and that's if in W40K when I was the Emperor I took only my assigned Inquisitor as the wife there"
    "Well, I have work to do and people to convince to incorporate in the Infinite Harem..."
    "By My Will, The Current Danger Level shall be erased, ok people return your personal dimensions... I will start to get all my wives here."

    AN: You thought that this was a thread of snippets but it was (me Dio) in fact a whole novel all together
    AN:100 Grammarly Errors
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  9. Threadmarks: The King of the Academy

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    (AN: tags: Gamer-Multi, Self-Insert, OP MC, waifus)
    SEX... SEX....
    SEX... SEX...
    There was nothing else to think in this world apart from that....
    just pleasure...
    I took a woman with white hair and when I saw her face I thought
    She is cute I will..... I? Who am I? What am I? I? I..... SEX.... SEX.... SEX....
    What I am doing..... SEX.... SEX....
    I am..... I am the rules of my will.... SEX....
    I am... I am human....
    I am a mortal....

    "JAJAJA I won the bet X̷̳͖͇̝̆͛X̶͕̹̹̦̀̅̌Ẋ̸̰͓̘̜̠̺͝X̶̹͑̌̂͆X̵̛̠̩̫͐̽͒̓̋͘͠ͅẌ̷́͗̒́ͅ"
    "It appears that you really won the bet Ỳ̴̻̞̮̣͙͊̀̅Y̸̨̛̐Y̷̡̟̺̟̩͝Y̶͚̭̮̹͉̻͂́͗͜Y̷͙̤̗͚̩̮̔͛Ȳ̸̧̡̢̧̪̤̻̤̦̈́̇̆̆̔̐"

    Where is this place?
    "Oh! the mortal is gaining conscience X̷̳͖͇̝̆͛X̶͕̹̹̦̀̅̌Ẋ̸̰͓̘̜̠̺͝X̶̹͑̌̂͆X̵̛̠̩̫͐̽͒̓̋͘͠ͅẌ̷́͗̒́ͅ"
    "It appears that is true you really got me in this bet Ỳ̴̻̞̮̣͙͊̀̅Y̸̨̛̐Y̷̡̟̺̟̩͝Y̶͚̭̮̹͉̻͂́͗͜Y̷͙̤̗͚̩̮̔͛Ȳ̸̧̡̢̧̪̤̻̤̦̈́̇̆̆̔̐"

    a white ball of light was talking with a black ball of light... what the fuck?

    "oI you mortal, since you allowed me to win the bet with X̷̳͖͇̝̆͛X̶͕̹̹̦̀̅̌Ẋ̸̰͓̘̜̠̺͝X̶̹͑̌̂͆X̵̛̠̩̫͐̽͒̓̋͘͠ͅẌ̷́͗̒́ͅ I am going to give you a gift" the white ball said
    "you are really happy, don't you? for winning the bet" the black ball said

    bet? what bet?
    "of course I am happy how many centuries had been since I won a bet against you X̷̳͖͇̝̆͛X̶͕̹̹̦̀̅̌Ẋ̸̰͓̘̜̠̺͝X̶̹͑̌̂͆X̵̛̠̩̫͐̽͒̓̋͘͠ͅẌ̷́͗̒́ͅ?"
    "More than what I want to remember"

    What is the bet?
    "mortal the bet was simple, we took a soul from a random dimension and put it in a world of endless sin... in this case lust and see if it manage to get above the sin"
    "really event through humans are amazing in adaptability I didn't expect this"

    a soul? did I die? what happened to me? who I am?
    "mortal you have died in fact you are more than dead... you were the worst suffering kind of soul a stuck soul... the reincarnation circle sometimes has gaps in it... and you were inside of one... any kind of memory in your past is completely impossible to get back"
    "indeed even if we were to try to get your memories back it will be impossible"

    i... what happens now?
    "well we are the lazy kind of people so you are going to die Game Over"
    "Really your sadistic attacks even give chills to me Ỳ̴̻̞̮̣͙͊̀̅Y̸̨̛̐Y̷̡̟̺̟̩͝Y̶͚̭̮̹͉̻͂́͗͜Y̷͙̤̗͚̩̮̔͛Ȳ̸̧̡̢̧̪̤̻̤̦̈́̇̆̆̔̐"


    Golden light burst from the ceiling?


    "Wait. Z̷̢̳̐̔̽̾̓̀Z̵̮͎̈́͒́͗̚Z̶̨̳͓͖̳̯̹͂̇͜Ẑ̸̭̙̯̃ͅZ̴̨̤̜̎̈́͋Z̸̈́͒̀́̃̾͠ͅ ñ̶̨̛̟̲̰̖͈̝̞͖͖͖̥̂̀͑̀͌̉̾̀̅͑̚ḳ̸̨̞͕̆̿̉́̄͑̇̄͋ͅͅl̸̢̢̪̘̣̣̱͚̣͓͒̆j̶̬̒͒͐̂̍͠͝͠ḏ̷̨̙͙̲̲͚̯͓͎̭̉͒̅̓̐̆͊͂̕͝s̷͎̃̀̌̎̒̎̋̿͗͐f̸̢̩͎͆̔̀̌̃̐͐̓̆̋̓̑̌̕g̵̨̨̹̙̻͉͙͕͍̲̯͛͂̓̓͘͜͝ñ̸̡̨̤͈͙͚̤͎̯̣͙̱͍́̓͜l̵̡͍̻͔͔̫͍̍͋ ̵̛͈͚̝͙̠̲̮͍̃̅̿͜d̵̡͓̖̭̭̞̳͖̤̩͈̘͇͋̈́̾͗̀̋̽̅͋͐̍͑̌͝f̵̳̥̳̗̻̣̾̓̈̇́̉̽̒̽̍̈́̄̅s̸̺̺͚̒͂̾̕g̶̭̣̋̅̉͆̚ ̸̟̦͓͕̗̇̾̄̋͛̓̈́̓̈́̓͐̕͝j̵̙͕̥̈̂̌͆͊̂̍͗̽̋̅̚͝͝k̶̢̙̮͉̋̌̿͑̓̽̀͝͝͝l̴̨̎͛̿̔͌̾̂̾͛͘͝͝" the white ball said
    "a̴̲̩͍̪̳̼̍̈́̔̎̊͛̃͑̚̚͜s̵̢͇̠̲̦̞̜̖͙͍̣͐͋̍̃̎͋̒̉͗͂͋͂̅̽d̸̖̪̥͍̘̹̩͈̙̮̋̽̓͌̉̋̿̽̍̕̚͜͝a̴͎̜̯̹̜͍̝͎͆̅̇̔͂̋̓̆s̴̛̰͖͇̟̯͓̝͚̝̤̥̰̽̂͆ͅd̸͖̋̈́ą̶̦̮̮͚̝̗̟̥̟͎̲͙͕͐͑͛̀̋͠s̷̫̪̺͖͚̭͓̠̱̭̰̻̉̊̒͊̀͗͜ ̴̛͖̫͇̃̈́̓̊̄́͊͝͝a̸͖͍͇̜̘͍̐̓̓͂̐́̎͝ş̴͔͙̹̮̤̥̹͙̜͕̑͌̋͗̿̚̕d̶̛̠͐̈́̅͒̒̍̿̐͜ ̷̤̹̬̤̻̓͆͜a̴̧͍̦͇̟̞͈̬̬̜͆̉̈́̄̀̆͆͒̆̂s̸̛̛͖̘̯̤̆̎̈̊̉ḑ̴͈̲̘̩̜͙̼̩̟̖̩̭̈́̔̇̀͒̈́̀̾̀̋͌͝ ̸͇͎͈̗͍̮̳͕͖͚͕̔͋̾͛͌͋́̕͜͠͝ͅͅa̶̢̠̬̥̣̩̖̕͜ͅṣ̴͂̈́͛̌̽̅̉̾d̷̡̛͙̲̘͈̗̽̄̍̏͐̆̑̅̆̾̏̆͜ͅ ̶̧̧̼͙̗̞̝̫̰͕͈̽͐̈́͂͆̋̈́̌͗͌̇͌͠͠ͅ" the black ball said

    Are they talking with someone... the lights of the balls started to dim a little
    *Sigh*"You have more luck than what you are worthy.... You had to thank Z̷̢̳̐̔̽̾̓̀Z̵̮͎̈́͒́͗̚Z̶̨̳͓͖̳̯̹͂̇͜Ẑ̸̭̙̯̃ͅZ̴̨̤̜̎̈́͋Z̸̈́͒̀́̃̾͠ͅ for your life" the white ball said
    *Sigh*"Indeed... Congratulations *Sigh* Z̷̢̳̐̔̽̾̓̀Z̵̮͎̈́͒́͗̚Z̶̨̳͓͖̳̯̹͂̇͜Ẑ̸̭̙̯̃ͅZ̴̨̤̜̎̈́͋Z̸̈́͒̀́̃̾͠ͅ saved your life.... now you receive a special price and directly send to another dimension to be the problems of someone else" the black ball said

    [The Game Has Started]
    Wait what?
    a white spiral suddenly appeared in front of me and directly swallowed me with an intense attract power...
    "I swear if see you again I will torture you" the white ball said
    "you are sending him a random dimension I will be impressed that you actually manage to see him again" the black ball said

    I decided to get Rosario to Vampire from the randomness of randomanime.org ...there were some Cough-harem-genre-Cough asked for

    everything I saw was white until the end of the tunnel when I saw a black dot becoming bigger...
    I was at the border of a cliff with a weird sign in a scarecrow

    [New Quest!!!]
    [(1)The start:]
    [1-Move 5 steps to your right]
    [Quest Reward: 50 EXP, 2 Random Skill]
    [Quest Failure Consequences: Death :)]

    I don't even know what but fuck it...
    I move my self 5 steps to my right and suddenly I was hit by something big and lost conscience.

    I woke up.... in what appeared to be an infirmary... for some reason not only my back was hurting but also the right side of my head and also I am getting a pain in my neck.

    when I tried to move almost everything hurt...
    [Quest Complete!!!]
    [Rewards:+50 EXP, Language Comprehension, HP Regeneration]
    [Acept: Y/N]
    I thought about Yes and almost instantly my pain was gone...

    when I looked at the side of the bed was a black haired teenager sitting in a chair...
    "Where I am?" he looked at me in surprise and said
    "you woke up! yesterday the incident happened"

    "you walked directly in the direction of the bus"

    "I see.. and where I am?"
    "you are in..."

    a man suddenly entered my field of view.. he was a priest in white...
    "This is YōkaI Academy" he said
    "I see... "

    "you are formally admitted in the Academy effective immediately"
    "wait I don't know about this YōkaI Academy I was walking and the bus apparently hit me.."
    "indeed but you are a wizard and a teenager that needs to study in an Academy to adapt to the Human World"
    (AN: You're a wizard Harry)

    "Ask Aono-Kun or Nekonome-senseI for any doubts that you had" and he left just like that...
    Aono? Aono Tsukune? *Pain*"Aaah!!"

    10 minutes after

    "what did just happened?"
    "you are now a student in Academy now... what is your name?"
    "Arthur... Davidic.... I think..."

    "what I weird surname....no offense but is weird..."
    "Yeah, I think too, so what happens now?"

    "I think since its already 7 PM we should go to the Male dorms and Tomorrow you can ask to Nekonome-senseI what happens next"

    To get a personal dorm was easy it appears that the priest already informed the administration about it
    when I sat in my bed I could only sight and say "What a shitty life...."
    [Help Menu Opening!]
    [New Passive Title: "Noob" LV.0]
    [Passive Effect: Get 1% more EXP from every action.]
    [INFO: Everyone has a start young man.]

    "a menu?"
    [Soul information detected!]
    [Scan Soul for Skills? Y/N]

    *Sigh* Each second my life is weirder than before....
    I thought about YES and suddenly a river of notifications almost killed me.

    [New Passive Title: "King of Wisdom" LV.0]
    [Passive Effect 1: Get 100% more EXP from every action.]
    [Passive Effect 2: INT and WIS are multiplied by 10.]
    [INFO: The Wisest person that the world has to know by a gift of God Himself.]

    [New Passive Title: "True King of Israel" LV.0]
    [Passive Effect 1: Passive Skill "King's Aura".]
    [Passive Effect 2: Skill "Ruler".]
    [Passive Effect 3: Passive Skill "Holy Man".]
    (AN: I dont know... there are too many skills to add if anyone knows please post it in a comment)
    [INFO: King of Israel by being born directly in the house of David.]

    [New Passive Title: "King of Magic" LV.0]
    [Passive Effect 1: Get 200% more of EXP from every action related to magic.]
    [Passive Effect 2: INT and WIS are multiplied by 20.]
    [Passive Effect 3: Active Skill "Create Magic".]
    [Passive Effect 4: Active Skill "Infinite Magic".]
    [INFO: The King of Magic selected by God Himself.]

    [New Active Skill: "Seal of Solomon" LV.0]
    [INFO: You can sacrifice magic to order the 72 demons of hell to do anything for you.]
    [Active Cost: Null] (AN: yes is a bug.... infinite powerrrrrrr)

    [New Passive Title: "True King of Britain" LV.0]
    [Passive Effect 1: Passive Skill "King's Aura".]
    [Passive Effect 2: Skill "Ruler".]
    [Passive Effect 3: Passive Skill "Holy Man".]
    [INFO: King of Britain selected by the Holy Sword of selection Caliburn.]

    [New Passive Skill: "Master level Magic-Swordsmanship" LV.10]
    [Passive EFFECT: You are a master of the Magic-Sword.]

    [New Active Skill: "Excalibur" LV.0]
    [INFO: You can summon the Holy Sword of the promised Vicory Excalibur from a certain amount of time.]
    [Active Cost: 1 Second cost is 100 MP]

    [New Active Skill: "Avalon" LV.0]
    [INFO: You can summon Avalon the promised land for protection.]
    [Passive EFFECT: HP Regenerates 100% every 2 second's]
    [Active EFFECT: All attacks are blocked inside Avalon]
    [Active EFFECT 2: HP Regenerates 1000% every second inside Avalon]
    [Active Cost: 1 Second cost is 1000 MP]

    [There are more than 1 Skill of "King's Aura" therefore they will combine to "Emperor's Aura"]
    [New Passive Skill: "Emperor's Aura" LV.0]

    [INFO: You are the Emperor of your people, your aura can intimidate anyone that isn't a ruler.]
    [Passive EFFECT: Intimidate anyone with a lower level than you]
    [Passive EFFECT 2: Create fear anyone with a lower title than Emperor]

    [There are more than 1 Skill of "Ruler" therefore they will combine to "Master"]
    [New Skill: "Master" LV.0]

    [INFO: You are the master of your servants, you can add servants by forcing them with fear or by their own will.]
    [Passive EFFECT: Any servant of you will complete any orders that are givin]
    [Active EFFECT 1: Add Servant]
    [COST of EFFECT 1: 500 MP]
    [Active EFFECT 2: Force Servant]
    [COST of EFFECT 2: 1000 MP]

    [There are more than 1 Skill of "Holy Man" therefore they will combine to "Divine Man"]
    [New Passive Skill: "Divine Man" LV.0]

    [INFO: You are the Divine representation of God.]
    [Passive EFFECT: All Servant of your Pantheon will accept orders from you unless God says differently]
    [Passive EFFECT 2: All Divine Magic is Unlocked {Overrided by Skill: Infinite Magic}]
    [Passive EFFECT 3: Passive Skill "Divine Regeneration"]

    [New Skill: "Divine Regeneration" LV.0]
    [INFO: You are Divine man of God, your body is a divine item.]
    [Passive EFFECT: Regeneration of 50% of HP Every 5 Seconds]
    [Passive EFFECT 2: Regeneration of 50% of MP Every 5 Seconds]

    [Is necessary to select a Pantheon to be able to use the skill "Divine Man"]

    (AN: there will be more skills in the future....)

    Solomon.... House of David... King of Israel.... 72 Demons.... Excalibur
    "aaaaaaah!!!!!!" pain..... memories.... "aaaaaaah!!!!!!"

    I remember... I remember why I was inside the gap in the cycle of reincarnation... I didn't want to die and thought that I could revive myself if I stayed inside I could survive...
    King of Wisdom and I made the most stupid desition in my whole life

    [+1 INT by knowing when you are stupid]

    The damn thing is mocking me...
    But this is weird I don't feel like Solomon or Arthur... I am the result of smashed souls together inside the gap....
    Fuck it lets go to sleep *Growl* Let's see what can I eat and then go to sleep


    AN: I am thinking of maybe continue this story.... maybe.... is just that I think I will make it worst...
  10. Threadmarks: The wrong Voldemort

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    (AN: tags: Harry Potter, Self-Insert, OP MC)
    (AN: this is shit... I don't even want to format it...)

    Well, I didn't expect this...
    It appears that when Voldemort made the Horcruxes there was a mistake or something since my soul took over his the Ravenclaw's Diadem.
    I managed to learn all of his magic and made use of it to incite students to enter Room of Hidden things so they take the diadem I can possess him.
    What do I found when finally someone was stupid enough to actually enter the room and touch the diadem.... first this is before Harry even entered Hogwarts 6 years to be exact.
    the child Harry will be suffering with the Dursley's I think they were called? whatever... I decided to study magic earnestly I was lucky to find that the one that I possessed was, in fact, a Ravenclaw. coincidences I suppose.
    I became the average Ravenclaw, above average grades and reading books all day, I was thinking to kill the Basilisk but it was too much of a bother and decided to remain anonymous.
    in the summer vacations since this student had parents thanks to god I made a ritual to finally take complete control of his body and replace his soul with mine... a little bit of Legilimency to the parents makes charms.
    (AN: I just found him and since in the wiki he is almost unknown, now he is Ravenclaw)
    I now was Fergus Finnigan never heard of him before so fuck it.
    Learning magic was weird in more ways than the fact that is magic; I had the memories of Voldemort so almost everything was easy to me but that doesn't change the fact to my full logical head it was still weird.
    I transfigurate the Ravenclaw Diadem into a ring and now we are set, I manage to create new magic... magic that if any of the factions manage to learn it the world will be destroyed... I made a magic reactor.
    not exactly a magic reactor but a charm that takes the magic from the outside to keep a spell to function inside of it, in the future, I am thinking to expand the spell inside to protect me in almost everything
    I am going to make my lightsaber and explore the universe mm technically speaking I am a mortal, that will make things difficult. I should make a space ship capable to move above the speed of light
    I Dumbledore suspects something... I don't know why but for some reason he started to look at me a bit...
    While I was reading how to Conjure a dragon in the library Dumbledore sitting in front of me... he just tapped the table and a set of tea appeared with two coups.
    "Can I help you with something Headmaster?"
    "Yes mister Mister Finnigan I had a question that I will like you to respond"
    "and what would it be?" slipping my tea I respond
    "why an almost genius student is forcing himself to get bellow O's in his exams in the last 2 years?" and took a sip of his tea
    wait how did he find out... I swear that I just read in the library and only had like 2 friends to talk "maybe I am just an odd Ravenclaw"
    "that will be valid if your exams didn't have the correct answers filled and then you erase them and filled with 'I don't know'"
    I swear Tom I am gonna find one of your souls and make it suffer for eternity on torture in the moon" maybe he would like some peace in his studies in the School?"
    with a small twitch in his eyes said: "maybe that is correct but the fact that he had read almost half of the library in 2 years is weird don't you think?"
    well I fucked up "*sigh* I thought that if I just read I could pass through Hogwarts without resulting in any damage to myself or others by accident"
    *smirk* "that will be correct but living your life and making mistakes is something that children have the privilege to do"
    *sigh* *slip of tea* "I will try tomorrow but for now I will learn how to create a Dragon from air" and with a smile in his head he left just like that.
    I created a dragon the size of a car and flew around the castle if Dumbledore wanted to see silly things he better be prepared to clean the whole castle that since I will be the best pranker in all history
    I hid a chest in the forbidden forest and made a rumor that there was a treasure hidden in the forest... what people didn't know was that it was my treasure of 5 sickles and had a sleep charm that will launch a text saying greed only brings death, if anyone touches the coins a sleep charm will activate and I will really like to see someone surviving inside the forest like that...
    I created my lightsaber finally... I will kill anyone that says that it isn't cool.
    I meditated in the library while thinking wise words of the sith:
    'Peace is a lie, there is only passion.'
    'Through passion, I gain strength.
    'Through strength, I gain power.
    'Through power, I gain victory.
    'Through victory, my chains are broken.'
    since more than a year ago I practiced wandless magic and now the lightsaber was floating around me.
    I decided to ask Ollivander in a letter about wands if they need to take the form of sticks. after a month he answered me saying that in ancient times rich wizards will have had 2 wands one in the form of a stick or a cane and a ring.
    the ring unpopularise since to launch a spell you need to point to where to launch it and the ring originally was just for the last line of defense.
    after that information, I decided to transfigurate my wand into a ring now the only problem is that I have to modify every spell that needs to be touch by the wand to just use my sight... a complete pain in the ass let me tell you.
    I asked Madam Pomfrey if there was possible to create a spell that removed the necessity to sleep she said that no it wasn't possible.
    the Weasley twins tried to defy my rule of the prank king I always thought that my rule to change the exams of the 6th years with the first ones was the best.
    after becoming the most hated student of all teachers after flooding the castle with rivers of tea I managed to graduate...
    I decided to give Dumbledore a little present, a ring charmed to the point that it glowed that was resistant to almost death himself I think, I mean the glow in the ring is natural it wasn't charmed to glow at all...
    I decided to wander around the world and discover that it was a pain in the ass to prepare all the documentation to travel to the magical part of the countries...
    it has been 6 years since I graduated from Hogwarts, I decided to return and confess everything to Dumbledore since this time he didn't die thanks to the ring.
    when I said I was a Horcrux Dumbledore was so mad he almost coughed blood I was detained in almost every way possible and waited to receive a trial.
    My trial started they insinuated that I was Voldemort and literally all of the charges he had I receive them until Dumbledore questioned me.
    "Tom why did you make the decision to confess yourself that you were the last Horcrux left?" he asked me with almost all of his internal peace left.
    "well I don't know, in fact, I think I can say about my history a bit."
    "so I was in the Ravenclaw's Diadem inside the Room of Hidden things for almost a decade I think? and I was bored so I decided to call what you call a victim to possess him"
    "an idiot Ravenclaw decided to follow the detailed instructions and was possessed, I read his memories and saw that the original was defeated. after that, I decided to wait a bit and found a study saying that the muddle blood was necessary since almost all of the wizard family's had been married between each other"
    "half-year passed and decided to accept the mudblood and maybe to use them like cattle... but after a year I thought and decided to give up" then I conjured a magical speaker to start to play Synphonie 9 of Beethoven in what I call the best part when all of the choruses enters.
    the problem is that when you are capable to conjure something even though you shouldn't be able to use any magic the Aurors and even Dumbledore himself pointed their wands at me.
    "Hey, calm dom I am still a mortal I haven't being capable to contact death to make a contract and believe me when I say that I tried."
    "a contract?" someone said
    "yes a contract I thought that I give 1 month of work each year for immortality"
    and a voice answered "Deal" almost soundless but it made me suffer in pain and when I opened my eyes... my skin became completely white like snow and my hair too.
    "Well, gentleman's I am immortal now!"
    some mages in the background fainted while Dumbledore almost had a vein exploded and resisting his anger to directly cast an Unforgivable that I am sure he knows and said "I ask for the use of Veritaserum to the court"
    after a small discussion, it was voted unanimously to use the potion, after they forcefully made me drink the damn thing(it tasted like a diluted wine) I started to feel light in the head.
    "name?" Cornelius Fudge asked
    "Fergus Finnigan"
    "not Tom Riddle?" Dumbledore asked
    "I don't remember my name so I just started using that one"
    "not Voldemort?" Cornelius Fudge asked,
    "do you take me for an idiot that creates an anagram of his own name?"
    some grasps in the distance I can't think of anything only the whiteness of the ceiling
    "who are you?" Cornelius Fudge asked
    "who knows? a random soul that took over the Horcrux of Tom Riddle"
    "what do you want?" Cornelius Fudge asked
    "live and explore the infinite, walk through dimensions and explore different worlds"
    "why?" Harry Potter asked
    "haha, why? the infinite is in front of you, I am now immortal worker of one of the basic rules of the world may the Gods and Demons fear me since if necessary I will make them meet my Boss"
    "how much is going to continue with this farce?" Dumbledore asked
    "farce?" Harry asked
    "an immortal that even with his magic restrained can Conjure muggle object capable of being used even with high levels of magic at its surroundings, if this is not a farce then I don't know what its"

    I grinned and said"as much as I want, I am immortal now I have all of the time of the world"
    "I don't recommend you to imprison me in Azkaban since the Dementor's will fear me more than what I will in a side note Minister Cornelius you should count the Dementor's this days I killed one when I left Hogwarts"
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    (AN: tags: High School DxD, Self-Insert, OP MC, Waifus)

    "Congratulations you are death"
    "That's not something you congratulate someone about!!!"

    I was in a black space with a white ball in front of me
    "Congratulations because you manage to win the lottery of the death the prize being able to reincarnate with your memories"
    "that is good"

    "and as a bonus prize since you are going to reincarnate in a magic-based dimension, I am going to give you a CYAO"
    *sigh*"I suck for that kind of things"
    "that is not my problem now make your choices"

    let's see, next world I am going to is... DxD Fuck.... "sigh"
    "you said sigh"
    "shut up!"

    well, I am going to become a magician fuck it... magician family... Magic Regeneration..... Archmage..... Will Power.... there's something else...
    when I move to the last page there is, the 7 sins... the paper is black all, the symbols are trying to almost devour me... select... Sloth
    I was left with more points to select things but I didn't need them... I invested half of the points remaining to luck and said "I am done"
    "are you sure?"
    "are you completely sure? the sins originally were for if you selected to become a Devil but as a human, they without a doubt will kill you"
    "I am sure..."
    "if you say so...oh you had some points remaining... let me give you an extra..."
    [The GAME Has Started]
    "really? the gamer?"
    "to the world that you are going, you are going to need all of the help that you can get"

    the white ball exploded and I closed my eyes when I opened I was a baby.
    I hadn't been born again by the help of that ROB but I was going to die inside for more than 3 years of being treated with baby faces and need help to clean my self *shame INTENSIFIES*

    my new name was "Wiliam Albion" really? what the hell is with that surname?
    when I checked the interface of the game I only had one unique skill

    [(Active) Unique Skill: "SIN: Sloth" LV. 0 (0%)]
    [INFO: you are the user of Sloth by the requirement you need to sleep more than 16 hours each day at least if you don't comply the skill will take 100 HP/Sec]
    [INFO2: the moment this skill is active you forcefully start sleeping]
    [Effect: activating the skill sleeping extra time will give you 1 EXP each hour]
    [Cost: None]

    I started sleeping the moment that I saw the 100 HP/Sec... I mean my HP is only 100 at the moment

    the magicians family I was born lived in Ingland.. *Hogwarts INTENSIFIES* for the common people we were rich for the magician people we were low middle-class level.
    since I had the Archmage when I was 2 years old I managed to move things around my room with magic I didn't even felt tired. Neat :)
    my sin sloth after 1 year of sleeping for more of 1 day and worrying my parents I managed to level it up to level 1 now I only need to sleep 12 hours... more manageable...

    when I was 4 they started to teach me magic, the fundamentals, and everything.
    when I was 5 they hired a tutor and he asked me what magic area I want to study, I without a doubt and without thinking, I said "TIME!"
    my teacher smiled and started to explain to me the magic runes.

    I was a genius(Archmage perk helps a lot) in magic to the point that when I was 6 my teacher couldn't teach me anymore, my parents were overjoyed but it was a problem since I wanted to learn more about magic.

    my teacher told me that if I wanted to increase my magic knowledge I will need to study with his teacher.. my parents were worried about paying the fees of a High-Level Magus but he told them that since I was a genius if I managed to pass the exam I was going to learn for free

    the exam was a joke... in the remaining time I started working in a Barrier to separate time in 2 different flows so I can create a Time Barrier where 1 hour outside is 2 hours inside... hey is really difficult to make the barrier perpetual let me tell you.

    obviously, the magician accept me and I started early in Hogwarts School and yes even I don't know why there was Hogwarts in DxD, I was too much of a genius... I mean I am only 6 and all of my classmates are 11...

    I asked the High Magus why the school was called Hogwarts and if there was a relationship with the Books of Harry Potter? he told me that the author was, in fact, a magus and a former student of the School.. the more you know...
    I also manage to level up Sloth to level 2 now it gives me 10 of EXP per Hour and I only need to sleep 10 hours

    I was 8 I finished 6 years of Hogwarts in less than 2.... my parents were worried a bit of my monstrosity... I decided to ask to learn from the best Time Magus in Europe.. an old monster 300 years old.

    the old bastard had almost tried to kill me the moment I spoke to him, after some amazing charisma checks I manage to get him to evaluate me if I was worthy to learn Time Magic.
    obviously, I passed the exam with perfect marks but I still had to convince him to let me learn... being able to win almost every lottery to bribe bastards was a good decision of my part

    now I could make a Time Barrier where 1 hour outside is 10 hours inside.

    I manage to level up Sloth and now I don't need to eat or drink anything while I sleep but I still shit(why?) and I need to clean my self a lot every morning when I wake up
    I was 11 when I manage to learn almost everything from the old monster... he told me he couldn't teach me anything more since I had to be his disciple to learn his core techniques... old bastard...
    after that, I decided to fuck everything... I got the information where was Tartarus and waited there with a sign "Want to learn about time from Kronos" and made a Time Barrier and started to sleep for a year.

    after 1 year when I woke up I was inside a white room in a bed.
    "you woke up." an old voice said

    when I looked at the entrance I saw an Old man with white hair and a big beard.

    "did I manage to get accepted to learn about time?"
    "of course not, I took you inside Tartarus since your Barrier started to affect the normal flow of time, it took you 5 months to wake up and let me tell you the maids aren't pleased to clean your shit every day"

    I blushed a bit and "it isn't my fault that I shit when I sleep"
    "say what you want but that doesn't change the daily work of the maids, now why do you want to bother me with teaching you about my power?"
    *sigh* "this is my biggest secret but against a god, I don't think it is a secret anymore... I am the User of the Sin Sloth... the more I sleep the more powerful I become"

    "that explains a lot of things but tell me why should I teach you about my Divinity?"
    "I am an investment that you can make, I can sleep almost forever but when I wake up I will have more power than even The Cristian God"
    "haha an investment you say and what guarantees that you will become more powerful than The Cristian God?"
    "the fact that I can't at the moment not even use 1% of the power of Sloth? the fact that as a child 11 years old I am at the magic power of a High-Level Wizard?"
    "that is valid guaranty, good I will invest in you... but let me tell you that if you ever try to Betray me you will know why I was the ruler of the Golden Age"

    learning form Kronos was hard... a lot... I couldn't do anything apart from learning and reading.
    I saw the other Titans and Gods 'Sealed' in Tartarus and when I asked Kronos why they were sealed he told me it was more a retirement house than a Seal...
    when I reached 15 years old Kronos directly told me that he wouldn't teach me more if he taught me more I will need divinity to be able to learn anymore.
    he told me that he was thinking to select me as Champion of Time but I told him to not do it since in the future that will mark him Politically, still, he gave me a minor divine blessing of time that gives me 50 years of extra lifespan and lets me learn Time Magic more Easily, he couldn't give me that before right?...

    after almost 10 years of preparations, I finally made the greatest TIme Barrier in all human Barrier History
    1 hour outside is 1000 hours inside...
    it was good that I manage to level up Sloth to level 4 so I don't shit in my sleep anymore...
    I activated the barrier and decided to sleep for 20 years (approx. 1 week in real time)... I hope this works...

    I woke up... when I got out and checked the date with a newspaper... I have slept for more than 15 years outside of the barrier.... all of the Events of DxD had happened, when I tried to contact my parents, my dad... have died already and my mum broke in tears while hearing my voice...
    I fuck it up.....

    it worked... I felt too much power... I became a Devil... fuck.... a High-Class Devil it appears.. and I became an adult...
    I decided to check the Logs of the game to see what happened:
    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Mortal Limits Reached... race evolution: Human-> High Human]

    [Level UP!]
    [Skill: Sloth Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: High Human-> Low-Class Devil]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Skill: Sloth Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Low-Class Devil-> Middle-Class Devil]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Middle-Class Devil-> High-Class Devil]

    [Level UP!]
    [Skill: Sloth Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    why did my race change from High Human to Low-Class Devil? when I clicked the message an explanation came out about the sin influencing the game to make me a devil... now I started to fear the Sin.
    Sloth level up to level 7 now I only need to sleep at least 6 hours and I generated 100 EXP every 10 Minutes... it sounds a lot but when your level is 500~ and you need is more than 1 Million EXP... I am going to need even more time *Grin*

    I called my parents and told them that I was ok, I was going to return 2 months later to London.
    I created a new barrier... one even more powerful... Kronos is going to kill me for this...
    1 hour outside is 10K hours inside...
    I was going to sleep for 2 weeks... 3360K hours sleeping...

    I woke up... my power was too powerful... to the point that I had to create a spell with the Archmage perk to limit my own power... I was too much powerful... what happened?
    I checked the logs again and... well that is a surprise...

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: High-Class Devil-> Ultimate-Class Devil]

    [Level UP!]
    [Skill: Sloth Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Ultimate-Class Devil-> Satan-Class Devil]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Skill: Sloth Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Satan-Class Devil-> Low-Class Daemon]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Low-Class Daemon-> Middle-Class Daemon]

    [Level UP!]
    [Skill: Sloth Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Middle-Class Daemon-> High-Class Daemon]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: High-Class Daemon-> Lucifer]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Lucifer-> Evil God(Low)]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Evil God(Low)-> Evil God(Middle)]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Evil God(Middle)-> Evil God(High)]

    [Level UP!]
    [Level UP!]
    [Race Limits Reached... race evolution: Evil God(High)-> Evil God of Sloth]
    [Skill: Sloth MAX Level UP!]
    [New Title: "Champion of Sloth"]
    really the greed for power can change everything... now that I think about it... I checked I had all of the points to assign to my attributes... they were a lot... collected for more than 1450 levels...

    I decided to just put almost everything at the same level.. with the only exception having higher luck... I fell that if I wish for a beautiful woman to fall in love with me, at first sight, she will appear in front...
    Ophis... was in front of me..... why?..... why she had a blush in her face...... she is a loli for god's sake Luck if you wanted to gift me a girlfriend select someone with less FBI power...
    "...powerful..." she was saying something... I wanted to run but I couldn't even see her level so I fear she could kill me...

    [Skill created: (Active)Observe]
    that! observer!
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe Level UP!]
    [Skill: Observe MAX Level UP!]

    [Ophis (LV. 1421, Dragon God)]
    [Ouroboros Dragon]
    wait... she is weaker than me? if she is Level 1421... doesn't that mean Great Red is at least 1500? or maybe the concept of levels don't work well here since the True Longinus technically can kill everything?

    "who are you?" Ophis said while looking straight to my eyes
    "The Champion of Sloth"

    "will you help me?"
    *sigh*" in what?"

    "return to my home"
    "I will just say, stay close to me, I want to believe I am better than the other group that lied to you about helping you"

    that surprised Ophis to the point that she started to directly look into my eyes even more like she tried to take control of me.
    "and why is that?"
    "Khaos Brigade will betray you, more specifically Cao Cao will betray you with Hades and Steal a lot of your powers with Samael, I know Cao Cao is important since he has that lance but I will become more powerful than Great Red and the lance will not be necessary"

    "do you promise"
    "I swear by my Sin of Sloth to create a Home that will satisfy you"
    "then I will believe you"
    "Arent you believing too easily on me"
    "swearing by your source of power is a vow that if you break the best outcome is that you die, the worst is that your soul is destroyed"

    *Sigh*" in fact Ophis before you betray the Khaos Brigade don't you want to gift me something..."
    "a gift or something you are asking for?"
    "something I am asking for.. can you kidnap Cao Cao and made the Fallen Angels give me his Sacred Gear and everyone is happy?"

    and Ophis disappeared like that... I don't know what will happen to my life in the future...

    I visited my Kronos when he saw me the short answer was that he almost saw a ghost then he smiled and then he became angry and said "You made me work extra"
    "why? are you an idiot? do you think the dimension accepts normally so much of separation of time between to places? you made a Barrier with a change of 9999 hours of difference with the normal dimension if I wasn't working to protect you, you will have died by the void when the dimension cuts you of it"
    "aaaah... I didn't think about that"

    "are you really the one that should have learned my knowledge of time?"
    "I am is just that sleeping more than 400 years isn't exactly good to my health"

    "and what are you now? I can feel ancient malice from you that even Hades didn't make me feel"
    showing arrogance I said "you are seeing the champion of sloth, I am Wiliam Albion Evil God of Sloth"
    Kronos became impressed and then he sighed "an Evil God, really?"
    "hey I am not a normal Evil God I am the Evil God of Sloth, as a Deadly Sin Sloth is applied to every living being even you generate Sloth and as long people have sloth I will live and get power from them"

    "you know that I now can't show you since you are an Evil God?"
    "hey it isn't so bad, give me a moment"
    I used my magic and created a rock

    [Skill created: (Active)Magic Creation]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation Level UP!]
    [Skill: Magic Creation MAX Level UP!]

    "wait a moment damn it"

    I created a seal and added that when is broken it will notify me
    "here if you need someone with almost the same level of power of Ophis, break it and I will come to help you"
    Kronos appeared to have aged a bit and said: "I will.."

    I bowed and said "Teacher Kronos, it was a pleasure to learn about Time from you"
    "you are the worst student I have ever had"

    "also a question do you know where I can contact Ouranos?"
    "why do you want to talk with my Father?" he sends me a suspicious look

    "I now want to learn about space from him"
    "you will not be able to learn from him"

    "he is death... I killed him"

    "are you telling me that part of Mythology is correct?"
    "yes and if you want to talk with him you will need the Sephiroth Graal to be able to talk with him"

    "Sephiroth Graal huh, ok I am going to get it"
    "you are really narrow-minded.."
    "Please, my life is a game"

    when I walked to the door and opened was an Angry Ophis, a beaten Azazel with a machine and limbless Cao Cao
    "here is what you asked for," an angry Ophis said
    I almost kneeled and said "thanks a lot" I looked at the beaten Azazel and said, "can we start now?"
    "if I don't do it now I will die..." the beaten/tired Azazel said

    "Kronos I will borrow a room here"

    inserting something in your soul is weird, it hurts a little but also makes you feel your soul more
    after the operation(and extermination of Cao Cao) I could feel something inside of me but I couldn't know how to make it have a form

    "and how do I use the Sacred Gear?"
    "rage should work"

    rage.. madness.. wrath...
    the whole Tartarus trembled, it felt like all of Greece trembled, everyone could feel the oppression of fear, their greatest fears inside of them started to take form... the shadows dancing

    [Skill Added: (Active)True Longinus] (AN: I was doubting if I should add the Sin Wrath.. but I felt that it was too easy and it will make everything more complicated)
    The Longinus formed in my hand, it was different in comparison than the normal True Longinus, it was made of wood with the head made black... almost as an abyss

    "my Longinus"
    "now my work is completed I will never contact you again," Azazel said and teleported away.

    "now what?" Ophis said
    "I need to go to the nine realms of the Nords and learn magic"
    "Oding God of Magic of the Nords hang himself from a branch of the world tree with his spear nailed in him after 7 days of torture the runes answered him and became the god of magic, I will try the same but better"

    "do you want something to drink?" I said while taking out of my inventory 2 cokes
    "I don't need to," she said while looking to the bottles that appeared from nowhere
    "just drink it, immortality without pleasures isn't a life that I want to live," I said while opening mine
    she drank it, it was funny when she took the first drop her eyes opened with almost stars coming from them
    "do you have more," said a sad Ophis while looking to the empty can
    "yes but this is the last one for the day," I said while giving her another one
    "mm," a sullen Ophis said while looking to the new empty can in her hand

    through I haven't learned full magic having a lot of INT and WIS makes everything different
    after some teleports I made it to the north of Germany, then I had to ask Ophis to open a rift to the world tree.

    this is going to be the most painful thing I am going to feel in the next 1000 years. Willpower for something I took you
    with the Longinus I opened my arm and extracted my tendons, the feeling of your flesh being torn, blood was everywhere but just the tendons of one arm will not be enough, I slept an hour and with HP full again I repeated the process...
    after 4 times more I manage to made a cord rope enough I think, until when I saw the size of the branches of the tree and knew I will have to repeat it...

    1000 times after I had a rope long enough, my blood made a pond, I took my Longinus and nailed inside of me, hung myself and let the world see my suffering for my greed.
    after one week I could see the runes... but I wanted more I wanted to see is origin...
    after one month I saw a light from the pond of my blood, different kinds of lights everything working together to create something more....the root?

    [New Title: "Ruler of Magic"]
    [New Title: "Transcendent"]
    [Skill Added: (Active)True Magic x̸̘̩͍̞̫̣̦̅͗͘͠x̴̩̓͜x̵̫̦̲͍͔̻͎̺̌̿x̴̡͓͐̈͒́͂͑̀̈́x̴͔̣̻̭͎̋̐̀̋x̷̬̉x̸͓̮̐̿̋x̸̯̃̿͗̓̀͐̕]
    [Skill Added: (Passive)Magic Control]

    I could control it, my will was the will of the magic, everything was made of magic and I could control everything.. the Longinus disappeared, my tendons rope snapped and I looked at Ophis and said "From this moment onwards I am the Ruler of Magic"

    "can mister Ruler hurry himself I want something to eat," she said while smiling
    "did the manga that I left for you to read influence you too much?"

    "how can you calculate it," she said while smiling. Ophis smiling shit I need to create an unbreakable shield to resist this cuteness FBI-san isn't a respected person in the Weeb community
    Naofumi failed me, I blushed and for some reason, she said "How Cute"
    "wait I didn't put that manga in the pile that I gave you!"

    "Wiliam how long did you think you were hang up"
    "a month?"
    "you were for more than 100 years!" she said with a resolute expression
    I paled and said "wait if that is correct all my family will be dead" I needed to visit them now.

    "it's ok, in the outside world only 1 week has passed," she said while smiling... AAAAAH! cute is too cute!!
    I blushed again and said, "how the hell that is possible?"

    "you made a Time Barrier.. even if you don't feel it you made the most powerful Time Barrier Ever Created 1 Second outside is 1 year inside," she said while showing her hands with her index fingers raised
    "that... shouldn't be possible the dimension will have expelled me"
    "that will be normal but you aren't in the main dimension but in a pocket dimension and you are at the side of the thing that is maintaining 9 different pocket dimensions at the same time," she said while smiling

    *sigh*"let's go, I am going to Israel," I said while packing up all of the manga and everything
    "I am going to rob the tomb of the King of Magic" I waved my hand and a rift opened to the outside world
    "it's impressing that after so much time the Nord Gods aren't attacking us"
    "I think they are fearing more the energy that we are ejecting than anything"

    bad news fellows, trying to find a 2000 years old Tomb of an ancient King that had the protection of the 72 Daemons is a pain in the butt
    and after finding the Tomb trying to reach his sarcophagus is worst since for some reason is a fucking dungeon.
    we cheated by breaking the floors to reach bellow but still took us 2 days to reach it.

    then when I came near it a fucking Daemon appeared, yes the supposedly extinct Daemons had one surviving and protecting the sarcophagus.
    I killed by waving my hand but still my mental health isn't infinite at the moment

    I took the 10 rings of Solomon, 3 were cursed, 2 were normal rings, 1 ring was created by the Christian God Himself... and 2 more were Daemonic rings not cursed but worthless to me...
    but there were two rings that were interesting... Seal of Solomon and the next one wasn't something that I expected

    [ITEM: "Gate of Babylon"]
    [INFO: Owner of the Key to the Vault of Riches of Babylon]

    fucking Solomon not only lier but he was a fucking LIER, he wasn't a great king he was only robbing Gilgamesh...
    I put the 2 rings and the ceiling started to tremble and golden light of angels started to enter from the door
    "Run is the Cops!!!"I shouted while teleporting with Ophis to London, it was time...

    I made my body shift to my young appearance and returned with my parents...
    they weren't happy at all... even if I manage to become more powerful than almost anything, that doesn't change the fact that I became a Devil... it was more easy to say that I became a devil than saying that I became an Evil God
    another problem was... Ophis was following me... to my parent's house... kill me... at least I manage to make her put another clothes and change to her adult version...

    "so who is she?" my dad said while looking a smiling Ophis that was eating a slice of cake that my mom gave her
    "*sigh* dad do you want the lie that will not give you a heart attack or the truth that will give you a heart attack?"

    he sighed "the lie?"
    "she is a friend," I said without any change of tone as an obvious lie

    "the truth?" my mom said
    "the Dragon God Ophis, capable of destroying all of Great Britain with almost a thought"

    my dad sighed even more loudly and said "this will not give me a heart attack is the worst but not the absolute worst"

    "son the Albion family is older than what you think... the original name of the family was Pendragon, we are the descendants of Mordred Pendragon the last remaining Pendragon"
    "wait didn't Mordred died with Arthur?"

    "yes but that didn't stop him to impregnate a random village girl before the battle... son when the dragon blood of Pendragon is too thick and it activates is normal to attract a dragon to you but well you are the only one that attracted the Dragon God"
    *sigh* "I didn't ask her why she showed herself to me... maybe when I became a Devil the resurrection activated the Blood"

    "at least she is pacific, your great grand-father attracted dragon destroyed a whole city and because of that we are living like this at the moment and son"
    "yes, dad?"
    "if you are going to have children with her please do it at the outsides of the City... there are records of dragons changing to their original form on climax"

    I cough up my drink and said "DAD!!"
    "it's normal for a young man of the age of 16 to think about it and your future.... and what are you going to do now?"
    "I am thinking of going to High School" he looked at me like he was seeing an alien
    "do you feel ok? did the transformation to Devil changed you or something?"
    "the High School that I want to enter will have a hell of a ride..."
    "if you are so interested in it I can think that it will be, where is it?"

    "Kuoh Japan"
    "do you know Japanese?"
    "basic Devil Skill allows me to know all languages," I said while changing in different English eras
    "that is a good thing about it... the problem is that you are technically a Stray Devil and common devils will kill you on sight"

    "it's ok I have a plan prepared for it"
    "ok, anything you need?"

    "I need official papers for Ophis"
    "she will be adapted to our family... in the future, you will marry her so there is no problem," he said while looking to the ceiling

    "thanks...thanks for everything Dad"
    "its ok Son, you have been everything and more of what I expected of you... except the part of becoming a Devil that I didn't expect it"

    "now that I think about it don't we have Excalibur?"
    "we don't have it but we can create one," he said like it was the easiest thing to do

    "son, Arthur and Mordred were warriors why do you think we are Magicians?"

    "no, I don't know..."
    "because Merlin found us and said that if our ancestor dared to touch a sword he will kill him.. he learned Magic from Merlin and we have his notes of how to make Excalibur"

    "that is the biggest level of Bullshi-" "Wiliam!" "BS that I have heard in my whole life after Tartarus was a retirement house"
    "son in this world there are more Bullsh-" "George!" "BS that you want to know..."

    I went to my old bedroom, it had been more than 7 years since I was inside of it.
    when I closed the room and looked behind me to see Ophis sitting on my bed.
    *sigh* "Do you want to taste ancient Mesopotamian Godly wine?" I said while taking the jar from Fate/Zero with two gold cups
    I drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk and drunk until I didn't know anything.........

    when I woke up I was naked(with the rings) and a naked Ophis hugging me...FUCKING CLICHE!!!!!!
    then my mom entered the room saw us and closed the door...another fucking cliche!
    is it my Luck? is a god of fate? do I have to blackmail Skuld? to stop her from making me suffer from Cliches?

    Ophis woke up looked at naked me, naked her... "pervert"
    *sigh*" the deed is done I don't know... I will kill my self" and before I could return to sleep and forget everything she hugged me
    "NO! you promise me that you will help me have a Home and Kill Great Red!"
    I hugged her back and said "yes my Goddess"
    after some time like that, a sudden light hit me and when I opened my eyes I saw my smiling dad with a camera taking pictures and my mom smiling.
    Fucking Cliches!

    we arrived in Tokyo and took a train to Kuoh.
    We went directly to Kuoh Academy and to the Student President.
    "May I help you?" Sona SitrI said while looking at both of us.
    "You will accept both us in this place," Ophis said releasing her power, Sona paled and started to tremble
    "Ophis we are educated and respectful people we cannot just show power and force people to stuff," I said while hitting her head.
    she pouted and said "understood"

    "now what is your name?"
    "Sona" it appears that she wanted to say her false surname but she said without thinking "Sitri"
    "mm, descendants of Sitri, Understood" I pushed forward my middle finger with the Seal of Solomon and said:
    "by the pact of Old, Descendants of Sitri hear my orders" my ring flashed a crimson light and Sona stopped, it looked like her body stopped working
    "continue doing whatever you want" her body relaxed and I said "you shall accept both of us in the Academy, I am Wiliam Albion and She is Ophis Albion"
    "understood" and that's all that she could say.

    after we left the room we could hear an angry shout inside.
    we spend the night in a Hotel and I searched for a mansion to buy.

    while cuddling with Ophis I could feel someone looking at us inside the hotel room.
    *Sigh* "I know you are here just come out and we can stop a Room Destruction" and she appeared the Magical Girl Sera-tan
    "you made my Sona-tan cry and who are you?" Serafall Leviathan said

    *sigh* "I am the current user of the Seal of the Lier Solomon and..." I let it flow, my sealed power and let the world feel it
    "I AM THE EVIL GOD OF SLOTH!" I sealed it again when I saw Ophis had become slightly red and Serafall was in her knees with a yellow pond bellow her...
    "Wiliam Albion"

    I looked at Ophis and said "Sorry"
    "It's ok I am only aroused"... that wasn't the answer that I expected... really this Ophis has been infected by Anime and Manga

    "so Serafall Leviathan... we didn't saw each other and we continue with our lives and with me not having to massacre the Underworld? deal?" I said while using magic to lift her and clean the mess.
    "I will get the Satan Rangers to defeat the Evil God," she said while disappearing into a rift...
    "*sigh* I am not paid enough"
    "are you paid?"
    "just don't ask...."
    the next day I brought a 'Haunted' Mansion and visited Sona Sitri again for our uniforms and learn about the Academy.
    I knocked on the door and heard "You can enter"
    when she saw us she tensed up and said: "and what do you want?"

    "only about uniforms and maybe someone of your peerage to show us around the Academy"
    "for the uniforms, you can ask the teachers about them and for someone to show you around the school.."
    "wait a moment. I know you people are there, please come out and we can talk Satan Rangers"
    a flash of light and the Satans appeared.
    "we aren't going to play Satan Rangers," said a sighing Sirzechs
    "but I think it will be funny," said a smiling Ajuka
    "it will be a waste of time," said Grayfia
    "BUT....!" said Serafall throwing a tantrum

    I waited until the light and smoke disappeared and waved my hand and said "Hi!"
    "and who are you?" said a serious Sirzechs
    "didn't Serafall told you?"
    "she only said that you were a powerful foe that made Sona cry," said Ajuka
    "then I will have to present my self again," I said while smiling

    "I am The the current user of the Seal of the Lier Solomon and..." I let some of my power flow I didn't want a dirty Serafall in front of me again
    "I AM THE EVIL GOD OF SLOTH!" I sealed my power since I felt Ophis a little bit hot
    "Wiliam Albion"

    the windows cracked and the Satans had a serious expression while looking at me
    "and I am Ophis," a cute Ophis said while hugging my arm

    and that made everyone in the room show complete fear
    "wait are you telling me that you are fearing her more than me?"
    "My reputation precedes me"
    "but technically I should be stronger than you" "are you sure?"
    "we don't want to kill each other so is better if we don't find out, I have the True Longinus so that will possibly kill you"

    and now they were seeing me more like a monster with fear while looking at Ophis
    "and what are you doing here?"
    "starting High School?" that made them look strangely at me
    "look technically I am 16 years old... in reality, I should be more than 500 years old but doesn't count since I was sleeping at that time"
    "then how old I will be since I always sleep?" a curious Ophis said while looking at my face

    "I don't know but now you are 17 years old and we can continue with our lives"
    "so Great Satans I will not force the Devils to war if the Devils don't attack us," I said with a smile

    "I will go to search for the Sephiroth Graal since I want to talk with Ouranos to learn about space so goodbye" I opened a rift to the Mansion and teleported away

    AN: 407 Grave mistakes says Grammarly
  12. Threadmarks: Jumpchain with the Demon King of the 6th Heaven

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    (AN: tags: JumpChain?, Self-Insert)
    (AN: choking a not OP MC :v)

    2 AM

    I went to the bathroom with my cellphone after laughing to the comics of FGO I walked to my room to see... Nobu... why?
    she creates an Arquebus and points at me I only show my hands and try to look the most innocent possible

    she says something in Japanese... I don't understand I try to talk to her in English.... she doesn't understand...
    I take out my cellphone and open google translator... and write "hello my name is Wiliam"(AN: not my real name)

    she smiles and says something which I don't understand but I think is something about being impressive...
    I write again in the cellphone "if you are Oda Nobunaga nod your head if not cross your arms"
    she looks at me with a piercing gaze and nods.

    I activate the function for talking to be translated.... "do you know the Cristian calendar?" and she nods
    "Oda Nobunaga this is the year 2019 it has been more than 500 years since you died" and that stops her on her tracks

    "this machine can allow us to talk" the translator talks in Japanese... she talks and the translator says
    "who are you?"
    "my name is Wiliam Potter"(AN: I don't know... I wouldn't use Albion again)
    "I am Oda Nobunaga Great Demon King of the 6th Heaven"

    *sigh*"I know but you are different than the Oda Nobunaga of this world"
    "look let me show you" I walked to my computer turned on my tv to show my computer screen and opened Wikipedia, thanks good people to put the change language in the side-bar
    I opened Oda Nobunaga Japanese Wikipedia page and she turns to look at the text...
    this continues for some time I start to scroll down the page until she says stop and I wait

    after the whole page is read she says
    "This isn't my life...."
    "without a doubt this form as a female that I know you is from a game"
    "a game?"
    "a technological game you could call it like that" I opened the Nobu archer FGO wikI she looks at her image then I scroll down to her biography and I wait for her to finish reading
    "I understand" is the only thing she said

    my phone flashed and something strange was in it... Status... Skills... Inventory... Quests... Shop... if my cliches senses didn't hit me in the head with Sledgehammer I suppose this is 'the Game'...
    I clicked in the shop and the first thing that appeared was Language Comprehension.... cost 5 points... I clicked buy and a message appeared
    "Are you sure? it will remove 5 points per language and 100 for all languages" it appeared that I had the 100 but it was better if I selected only the per language and select Japanese.

    "hey Pay attention to me," said Nobu
    "I can speak to you now?"
    "Yes!! you can now! what did you do? is related to that machine?"
    "in some way, I want to believe is related to it but I suspect that something more magical has happened"
    "Magical? haha the gods are dead and they don't exist believing in something like that is for peasants"
    "sorry for being a peasant but currently almost all nobility has been destroyed"
    "let me explain you a bit of the process of the world"

    I started to explain to her(?) the movement of the world the discovery of America, the French revolution, the Rights of Man, atheism, Industrial Revolution, the form of democracy, both World Wars, the most destructive weapon of all humanity, the current world of instead of nobility corporations controlling the world
    she kept listening of all what I said, the random theories, the predictions of the future and after more than 2 hours talking she only said "Cool"
    "*sigh* now I need to understand what will happen in the future" when I checked what hour it was the color of my face disappeared after seeing that it was already 10 AM

    "Nobu please remain here I need to go somewhere"
    "I want to see the outside world, all of the changes in life I want to see them," she says while smiling
    "*sigh* I am going to regret it later but let's go"

    when I touched the knob of the door light appeared and when I opened my face I was in the middle of a forest with a demonic ritual in front of me?
    then a light appeared and what came out was Nobunaga onee-san Avenger?
    "So this me has become an Avenger..."
    "Uhahaha! Quite an unlucky occurrence."
    "So be it! I'll carve the Demon King of the Sith Heaven, Oda Nobunaga's way of life all over your soul!"
    "Are you my new servant?" she looked at me and when she checked again to look at me again she said

    "Fuhahaha! aren't you the young man I meet before that told me about the future!!" she says while looking at me.
    "*sigh* the world is weird," I said while looking at the sky
    "Fuhahaha! the world is weird because when our original view can't compare to our new image everything will appear weird to you, master"

    "*sigh* let's get away from here before anyone sees us"
    "yes I want to see the so-called new world that you said so many years ago"

    "arent you too easily accepting this?"
    "I should be the one asking that I already died and the Throne of Heroes already told me information about the world"

    "*sigh* so I am in a holy grail war?"
    "yes master"

    "why?" my phone vibrated, when I looked to it I saw a that it had a new app called "Game" I opened and the menu that appeared previously opened.
    there a new option 'Help' with a mark of notification... I clicked it and show me:
    [Congratulations you are now a Jumper :)]
    "Really ROB?"
    [Yes :)]
    [you are currently in the 5th Holy Grail War]
    [you are going to be giving missions and giving points as rewards to spend in the shop]
    [This Holy Grail War will be different since you summoned an extra class Avenger and a ruler will appear to kill her]
    [Survive! and the next Jump is after the end of the war :)]

    I fell to my knees and said almost cried saying "why!!!?"
    "Stop your crying, let's go to the outside of this forest to see the so-called new world" and she started to walk in front of me


    "can you disappear your cape? your sword? the red light you are generating?"
    "why would I need to?"

    "to not allow people to recognize you"
    "and why shouldn't people recognize me do you think someone can defeat me?"
    "yes, I beliv-" the sword shot between my legs with an angry Nobunaga-sama looking at me.

    "Nobunaga even if you were immortal in your previous life, that was previously now you have died and are the representations of the Throne of Heroes of you" she still didn't put the sword away
    "and if you kill me you are going to return to the Throne again" she finally sighed and put away her sword

    "I can disappear what you said" and the cape, sword, and over edgy light disappeared... except her armor... that is going to be difficult
    "can you disappear your armor?"

    "Do I even need to do it?"
    "we need to appear normal people and no normal people walk with armor"

    "and what do I use? I will not be naked" she said while looking at me viciously
    "aaaah I let the search for clothes later...." I looked at my cellphone and clicked the shop... Normal Adaptive Clothes... 5 Point... Buy
    in the inventory, the clothes appeared,

    "here, some clothes" and I pass them to her
    "Don't start creating fire since..." she started to strip in front of me... I looked away

    "oh?" she said with an audible amusement

    after some minutes she finished wearing clothes... some black jeans and a dark brown sweater

    I looked to the ritual and I found .... her hat... the hat she used when she was young
    "here" I pass it to her
    "what?" she looks at it in confusion
    "is your hat isn't it?" I took it and put it above her head, it looked weird between the flashbacks of normal happy Nobu and Nobunaga onee-san looking angry at me
    I just started running to were I could see the end of the forest with an angry adult Nobunaga with the intentions to at least torture me

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  13. Threadmarks: The Evil God of Sloth - Interlude: Ophis

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    (AN: tags: High School DxD, Self-Insert, OP MC, Waifus)(AN: left the original tags of the snippet)

    Interlude: Ophis

    I was bored.
    I was hearing things about the expansion of the brigade and what not when suddenly my blood started to boil, I let my power slip out of me and everyone in the room became pale.
    "Lady Ophis?" the Chinese man with the Sacred Gear I needed to return home asked.
    "I am going outside," I said and teleported away.

    I could feel my blood boil like something was calling me, it was calling me by my race itself something that shouldn't be possible and only Great Red should be able to do.
    it was calling near the Greek pantheon, it was worrying, if it was a trap of some kind... but my blood want it my body want it and when I was outside the room that had what was calling me power... power equally to mine... the power that it was above mine for a fraction...
    I need to see what was... I need it...

    when I entered the room there was a young man waking up from his bed... the bed was already destroyed as an eternity had passed.
    the young man was seeing something that I couldn't.
    "...powerful..." I couldn't say anything else even if his face was surprised his eyes appeared like had seen everything that was me.
    I asked if he could help me and he said yes... he started to say things about the future... that I will be betrayed at first I didn't believe him until he swore by his power that he would help me at that moment I knew that everything that I had built before was worthless before his help.

    he asked for something... he asked for the Sacred Gear and for a way the pervert black crow can pass him the Sacred Gear.
    I went directly to him and took him by force, when he asked what I wanted I told him about extracting the Sacred Gear he was alarmed and fearful but when I demand it he sighed and took a strange machine with him and we went directly to the Chinese kid and directly faint him and cut his limbs.

    we went directly with the kid and transferred the Longinus to him, I need him to be more powerful so, I asked him what will he do now, he told me about the Norse God of Magic and the way to learn magic.
    he gave me a sweet drink that I drunk completely at the moment he gave it to me, I couldn't resist and asked for another one that he gave me as the last one.

    after teleporting away he asked me to open the barrier of the Norse Pantheon.
    he started to cut open his arm and started to rip off tissue of his arm, he would sleep an hour and do it again and again... until he did it 5 times and when he made a rope and was happy about it until he saw the branch of the tree and he started to do it again...
    he did it by almost an eternity until he finished the rope to be able to hang himself in the tree, he gave me some books/comics or manga how he called them, I started to read about them the weird imagination of the mortals...

    I cried with some of them and when a week was about to pass a Time Barrier was created... after some time I manage to finish all of the books he gave me but there where some that weren't finished and I wanted to finish them so I created a portal to the outside world to search for the continuation.
    at first, I feared that the Barrier will break with the portal to the outside world but it didn't so I was happy to grab every manga that I saw...

    Time passed... I manage to finish all of the mangas, there were some centralized about the normal life of a mortal so I started to learn about them but still all of the manga that I could search for I had already read them... until I found something called Doujinshi... story created by fans about the mangas.
    I started to read about them... until something strange happened the drawn mortals started to do something that I didn't know about... it was mentioned in the mangas about it, "Sex" I didn't know about it.
    I started to feel weird and with a weird feeling between my legs... (AN: there isn't any SEX scene...)
    I searched the internet about it... Sex... and a helpful website called Wikipedia said about the way living beings reproduced between a Male and a Female... after more search on the internet and said something about love between the Male and Female... I searched for love and the answer was feeling something special for someone of the opposite sex.

    I tried to think about all of the people that I knew... Great Red... Hate... the weirdo that was even bigger than Great Red... weirdo... the Shiny old man... nothing... the Gods... nothing... and while thinking I only could see him still hang up by the rope of his owns tendons...
    him... the feeling of my blood when I was close to him... he could be... no, he IS...
    the feeling to always wanting to be by his side... it was Love...

    I started to read books... no mangas with drawings but boring books about psychology wanting to learn about Love...
    after 100 years he woke up... the way he looked at me, the way he acted I finally manage to understand it.. and when I was in front of it I couldn't stop and said "How Cute".
    it made him blush and asked how I knew that reference... after explaining the Time Barrier he made and the fact that only 1 week has passed he was relaxed, to say the least.

    I asked him what he was going to do next and he said he was going to rob a grave... he then said that it was the grave of the King of Magic and steal the ring more overpowered in the world...
    after flying around a dessert we found the entrance of the Grave... it was a dungeon and he decided to skip it and decided to break the floors to reach the end... the dungeon was 100 floors deep.

    he took the 10 rings of the corpse... one of them had the energy of the Shiny old man... when he saw the last Gold Ring for some reason he got angry and kicked the corpse... he wore the rings and I felt his presence increase to the point of the Shiny Old Man, then a golden light appeared of the entrance and he hugs me and teleport us away.
    I felt his warm... I hug him back... (AN: I don't know how to write...)

    when the teleportation finished he wanted to separate...
    "Ophis we are going to my parent's house"
    "not ok... what are you wearing isn't normal, in fact, the way you look inst normal"
    "the way I look?"
    "Ophis don't you know from the mangas that you look almost like a kid?" he said with almost a suspicious look
    "the mangas had all different drawing styles, somewhere muscle body and others weren't mortally possible," I said while thinking about all of the mangas.
    "*sigh* can't you change your form to something that looks more adult," he said while looking dejected
    I didn't want to cause a problem so I used my power to look older, I now had almost his stature and to hug his arm without a problem I had to tilt "here?" I said while looking almost confused.
    "now we need more clothes for you since that clothes aren't normal," he said.
    before he could say anything I formed my clothes to something I had seen before "Here?"
    *sigh*"yes this will do"

    he brought me to his parent's house and when I saw them I could see their deaths in 50 years.
    her mother gave some cake that was delicious.
    he went upstairs so I appeared in his at his bed.
    he asked me if I wanted to drink some wine... I said yes since I never drank wine before.
    he drunk a lot... and for some reason, he started to hub me... I didn't stop him but hub him more... the clothes were in the way...I disappeared my clothes... his clothes were in the way... I burn the clothes, he didn't even feel it...
    his warm assaulted my body I just wanted to be with him...and for the first time in a long time, I manage to sleep...

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  14. Threadmarks: The Power of Wish

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    (AN: tags: Multi(?)-OC, Self-Insert, OP MC, Waifus)

    I was masturbating... not the best moment to be found at the moment but something that almost all people in the world have done it.
    I saw the HentaI Image I was watching and for some stupid reason I said "I wish you were here..." and boom she appeared King Artoria Pendragon Lancer in full Royal Lingerie.
    "What?" she looked at me in confusion... and I said "I wish you weren't here..." and she disappeared; I tried 3 more times and in the last one she directly put her left hand in my mouth so I couldn't speak.
    "Stop Doing THAT!!!" she said with an angry look I only nodded since Golden Light began to appear behind her and almost materialized light lance appears in her right hand.

    I raised my hands in the air and only noded for more than 10 seconds...
    after that, the light behind her back disappeared and she sighed and said "Who are you? what do you want from me?"

    "well, that's a misunderstanding Queen Artoria I suppose?"
    "King Artoria Pendragon of all Ingland"

    "*Sigh* I swear if you are a woman why are you using king?"
    "Because the people will not follow me if they knew I was a woman" she sighed too for some reason and said

    "in all times the masses are idiots huh"
    "yes but now who are you?"

    "as I was saying this is a big misunderstanding..."
    "in what?"

    "first of all... don't you see the 'clothes' I suppose that you are wearing"
    when she heard me she looked bellow and saw the greatest masterpiece in all FGO... the Royal Lingerie... her eyes went wide open and she used her hands to cover herself while blushing
    "woah a Blushing Artoria Lancer... if I could take a photo of this I could become rich," I said while trying to create Photographic Memory to remember this at my death bed...

    "STOP LOOKING!!! and she punches me... did you know? a 5 Stars female Servant is capable to raise castle with a punch? well, I had just learned it the hard way...
    I was sent to the wall and I swear some of the bones cracked... I lost conscious while looking at a blushing and surprised Artoria... Worth It...


    I woke up while feeling refreshed for some reason, I felt warm in the back of my head and when I opened my eyes I saw a white bulge, it moved and when I recognize it with what I last experience I moved away from the fastest I could.
    it was King(?) Artoria looking at me "What?"
    "why did I wake up with a legs pillow?"

    "because it was the easiest way to pass your life energy so you could heal faster," Artoria said like it was the most normal thing to do.
    "*Sigh* this is the weirdest thing that had happened in my life"

    "I still suspect that everything is a joke of Merlin in his so-called 'Training'" she said sternly.
    "I don't know Merlin but I don't intend to summon him... if what I do could be called summoning"

    "Yes I used your computer to learn about the world." she while pointing to the computer where I was watching Hentai
    "*sigh* Dear Artoria why do you know about computers?"

    "because the Throne of Heroes gave us basic information about the world so we can appear like 'Normal' people"
    "that is good... so, you saw the differences between your world and mine?"

    "yes, no magic, Here I am a man, World Map, Flying Machines, World Wars and Unification of Ingland," she said the last one smiling
    "do you want me to Unsummon you?"

    "NO!" she says while looking wary at me
    "OK... OK... Sorry, I just wanted to know if you wanted to return wherever you were before"
    "before I was just static... I felt that I existed but at the same time no... I couldn't move... I couldn't do anything... I was just existing but I couldn't even think anything just feeling alive but frozen forever"
    "that's... harsh..."

    "it's ok I feel happy to feel alive at the moment," she said while smiling like an angel...
    "I am going to test more of my ability..." I stopped the moment what I saw what was in my right hand... the command seals of FGO... "Artoria"
    "I command you to rotate to your right 3 times then 3 times to your left and finish with a cute pose smiling," I said while trying to look the most neutral possible...

    as if she was a robot she moved outside of the bed and started to do the commend... I couldn't resist and started laugh at the end of the cute pose... she became angry and summoned her lance and started poking me with it...
    "AH hahaha! AH hahaha!..." after some time I stopped laughing and she stopped poking with her lance... "Hey if you applied too much pressure you could have killed me"
    "that is the consequences of laughing to Honorable Knight and every knight at least should be able to control his strength even while sleeping"

    "ok... now I could confirm something..."
    "I didn't exactly summon you, I wished you were here and you appeared an imaginary being that should only be imaginary appeared in the 'Real' World that is strange but it appears that the method of summoning you was that I made the contract from FGO so I can use Command Seals"
    "*sigh* I see... and what you wish for Master?"
    "well, nothing... I still need to learn the limits of my power of wishing"


    after multiple tests I manage to discover that I can wish for objects too... and that Artoria became a shut-in since she only watches series on Netflix...
    is strange the wish for objects if I wish for a common red potion we will don't know what it will be about the potion... there are on the internet millions of drawings of a red liquid inside a crystal bottle but I think what was that the power took as the base of the wish...
    it took the knowledge of the author... if I wished for an HP potion of Skyrim the potion will regenerate health...

    with that knowledge, I tried the most overpowered thing to do... I copied the image of a potion paste it in paint and added a parameter...
    'allows the consumer to have Photographic Memory' and I said to the image on the screen "I wish it to appear" a crystal bottle with a light blue liquid appeared in front of me...

    I will need to test it... between the Netflix-weeb or me I suppose I will do it.
    "Artoria *sigh*," I said looking at the weeb that was lying on my bed while reading manga in my tablet...

    "why are you using my clothes?"
    "is the only thing there was in so is better to than using my armor or the Lingerie"

    "*sigh* I am going to test something... it could kill me so if I die sorry for returning you to the Throne of Heroes," I said while opening the bottle
    "what?" she looks at me surprised

    I drunk the potion... it didn't have a flavor at all... my head started to hurt... after some time and waking up again in the Legendary Legs Pillow I could remember everything... all of my life to the most minuscule detail... so this is Photographic Memory...
    "did woke up?"

    "yes... ah" she hit me! why?
    "why are you so stupid?"

    "that isn't something you should say to the person you are worried about"
    "I don't want anyone to disappear..."

    "wait! I don't know that part of the history of you"
    "well you can learn..." she said while smiling

    "then you can tell me in the future..."
    "you knew that you could ask me to test the potion right?"
    "mistakes were made."

    I decided to test one of the most overpowered potions that I could think of... 'the consumer gains the ownership of the Gate of Babylon with the ownership of all of the treasures inside'
    "I wish it to appear" and a crystal bottle with a golden liquid appeared in front of me...
    "here goes nothing" hurts... everything hurts... "AAAAAAAAH!!!"


    I woke up again in Legs pillow.
    "what the hell happened?"
    "that's what I wanted to ask you!" an angry Artoria said.

    "I used my power to get ownership of the Gate of Babylon and everything started to hurt and lost consciousness"
    "*sigh* you know, when I am in the bathroom I don't want to suddenly hear the screams of a man outside you know?"

    "and what does this 'Gate of Babylon' do?"
    "hehe infinite Treasures"

    "Greed all man always succumb to it"
    "because we feel we are alive and because we wish we live"

    "*sigh* how much infinite are we talking about?"
    "so much that the world cannot contain it, here let me give you a Gift" I pull out Caliburn, "I think this is yours"
    she took it with trembling hands... when she touches it the Sword glowed as it recognizes her and she started to cry while hugging the sword.
    "it's good that the first thing that I did was to ask for Photographic Memory" Good Job me! and I was hit again but this time with the scabbard...
    it was different this time I didn't lose consciousness and my bones didn't crack...
    "I am alive," I said while grinning

    "why?" she said with a confused look still hugging the sword
    "I don't know but it has to be related to the Gate of Babylon"

    "does that I mean I can now hit you with all my power and not fear for your life?"
    "Don't do it!! my house isn't made of steel to resist your full force"

    "*sigh* I will need to resist the urges"
    I made another potion 'the consumer will obtain 'the gamer' system with all that is related to it'
    wish it... drink it... pain... woke up in legs...

    [Wiliam Potter](AN: just... don't ask)
    [Race: 33% Human]
    that isn't normal... when I clicked in it, it said...
    [Races are displayed from the lowest rank to the highest]
    [33% Human]
    [66% God]
    [1% Immortal]

    *sigh*"I'm not completely human anymore..."
    "what happened?"
    "do you know about it? Gilgamesh King of Uruk and King of Heroes was 2/3 god and because of that I think the world gives access to the Gate of Babylon by making me, 2/3 god..."
    "that is bad I think"

    "*sigh* I just don't know what to do with my life..."
    "just live it?"
    "wow thanks, I am cured"
    "stop with the meme"

    I kneel in front of her and took her hand and created a golden ring with the symbol of the infinite
    "ok, Artoria Pendragon *sigh* will you marry me?" I gained a complete surprised Artoria!! a great addition to my collection.
    "w.. why?!!!!"

    "I don't know... I am now practically speaking immortal and I don't want to be loner forever"
    "but why me?"

    "quote 'I don't know' I mean I know about the basics of your life and from my knowledge you never married... the one stand with your sister doesn't count"
    "still why me?" oooh a blushing Artoria my collection is increasing well

    "first you are cute,
    second, you have your self-esteem,
    third, you are the only person in the world that knows about my broken power,
    fourth you have your own will to oppose me as a Holy Maiden/Man so I don't become suddenly crazy
    and fifth you are cute"
    "calling me cute two times isn't enough" ooooh more blushing
    I close to her and started to stretch her blushing cheeks... "josh my cute Artoria we have an eternity to look after..."

    "I didn't accept"
    "then what you want to do?" now that made her confused

    "I mean we are immortal... how will you live? realistically speaking you will be following me so we will be technically speaking married..."
    "that does not mean being married," she said while blushing and looking down
    "yes but we have an infinite in the future so let's get along Artoria"
    "*sigh* yes Master"
    "not master, my name"
    "Yes Wiliam"

    "Perfect, now I have to present you to my parents"

    (AN:128 Grave mistakes says Grammarly)