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Red-Tipped Wings (Young Justice SI-OC)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by LizOST, Jan 1, 2022.

  1. LizOST

    LizOST Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Nov 16, 2020
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    "Sharing is caring!" - patreon.com/LizOST
    Disclaimer: I do not own the original source material.

    Chapter 1

    Gotham City, NJ
    May 5th, 2008
    09:25 PM

    A figure stood atop the roof of Wayne Tower. Covered from head to toe in clothes of darkest black with highlights of brightest white. If one were to stare, it’d look as though other colors would rise from the material then swim throughout and fade. Dressed like the main character from Path of Shadows with an open Organization XIII cloak worn on top, they stared out at the city lights.

    So deceptively peaceful… the rich sure like their illusions.


    They turn at the sound and watch as the “mysterious” dark knight of Gotham grapples onto the corner of the roof and peers down the ledge at the city.

    Seriously? You couldn’t let me monologue in peace?! Ugh. Wait, why are you crouching? That is completely unnecessary. You have literal cameras in your cowl! Is..is this you POSING? This ain’t ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Catalogue: Fantasy Noir Edition’!

    They step over to the caped crusader and place a note on his back.

    Don’t worry, it won’t fully materialize until you’re nice and ‘safe’ in your little batcave. I bet it’ll drive you crazy to know I was right here all along and you had no clue. Let’s see if you can figure me out. They stand in front of the man known as Batman, inches from his face, and grins. See you Batsy. I’ve got things to do. People to meet. Deals to make. You know how it goes.

    One second they’re there, a step to the right, and the next... they’re gone.

    Bristol, Gotham NJ
    Wayne Manor – Batcave

    May 6th, 2008
    12:19 AM

    Dick Grayson sits at the Batcomputer’s chair in full Robin regalia, idly going through news feeds. He’s seen plenty of weird things growing up as a circus kid and then as the ward of Gotham’s most eligible bachelor. It takes something special for him to reach the level of ‘utterly baffled’.

    Which is why he’s currently sporting a shit-eating grin at the sight of the headlines on the screen.


    [ News just in – Is Gotham’s renowned Batman dipping his feet in the modeling business? ]

    “Hello Gotham, this is Autumn Fitzpatrick, bringing you the most trending news in town through your favorite Channel 9 news station.

    In very recent news, locals claim to have spotted Gotham City’s dark knight advertising his new position as a calendar model for ‘Victoria’s Secret Fashion Catalogue’. Witness reports state he had a photo of himself pasted onto his cape that as he turned, would flare out like a banner.

    Is the mysterious vigilante showing us an unexpected side to himself? Or has someone finally managed to pull one over the ever-vigilant detective?

    We now turn your attention to our man on the street. Take it away, Dave.


    Robin. What are you watching?”

    Dick turns to see Bruce standing from his seat in the Batmobile. He must have been too engrossed to notice the car driving through the tunnel.

    “B! You won’t believe what’s on the late-night news!” The boy wonder’s grin was practically splitting his face. “Apparently, you’re about to debut your new gig as a fashion model! Approval ratings are through the roof!” He cackles.

    “… what?” Batman proceeds to stand near the computer screen, rapidly scanning through the information. Immediately turning his back and heading to a free table. He begins to unlatch his cape.

    “… B? Are you okay?” Dick stands and nears his mentor. His adoptive father is glaring, leaning over the cape spread out on the table.

    “We have a problem.” Bruce’s voice is serious, with a hint of trepidation. On the table’s surface is a professional photo of Batman in a semi-provocative pose, chest out with a hint of muscles under his armor. To a professional, it would be tasteful. Bruce only had eyes for the back of the photo and the message there.

    See you soon~. ;)
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  2. Threadmarks: Chapter 2

    LizOST Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Nov 16, 2020
    Likes Received:
    Star City, WA
    May 5th, 2008
    11:03 PM

    Slade Wilson is in the middle of a job. His target is the family head of a business conglomerate. The man’s son hired Deathstroke to kill him before he had the chance to change his will. Making it so the old man’s bastard children benefit, leaving nothing for the contract holder’s side of the family. Slade lines his sights on his target. His post is at the window of a neighboring office building on the tenth floor. As a result, his line of sight is parallel to the target’s office window. He centers his scope on the target’s forehead.

    – (BANG!) –

    When the old man’s grey matter splatters the back wall, Slade’s work is done. He disassembles his rifle, places the parts in their case, and stands to leave.

    “That was quick.”

    He gives no hint of any surprise, only reacting by turning his head. A cloaked stranger kneels next to the spot he just vacated. They turn to meet his gaze.

    “So… care to do business? I mean, you did just finish up your assignment.”

    Deathstroke turns bodily to watch the cloaked figure rise. His enhanced senses telling him they had not been there a moment ago. He unsheathes his knife. “Unless you here to tell me you’ve wired several millions to the designated account, then you’re about to become collateral.”

    Damn, that’s intense… and kind of hot. But no – not the time. {sigh} He’s probably going to gut me.

    Not even if I told that I could give you the one thing no one else can?”

    Slade gives a mild snort. “There’s very little I can’t get my hands on of my own accord. What could you possibly have that I’d be willing to work for?”

    “I can bring back Grant.”

    – (SHEENK!) –

    The unknown figure looks down at their chest and the knife embedded there.

    “That was fast – and highly unnecessary. You realize that if I’d actually died, you would’ve lost the one chance you’ll ever have of getting your son back.” They grip the knife and pull it out. It’s bloodless.

    If you took the time to grieve, you wouldn’t lose control this badly.

    Anyone else would run at the sight before them. A livid Deathstroke whose eye promised unbearable agony was not something easily dismissed. The figure flips the knife in their hand and offers it back.

    DON’T. YOU. DAR-”

    They wave their hand and Slade is immobilized. A screen shimmers into existence, directly in front of him.

    I wish you were easier to convince.

    In his paralysis, Slade witnesses another life, one similar to his own. He sees as he fails his children. As his son undergoes experiments to mimic his idol and he dies mid-battle because of a faulty heart. Then he watches as his alternate self disables a young speedster, clad in purple and bearing the mark of the Flash. Taking the youth’s power and traveling through time, yet failing again and again and again. Ultimately admitting defeat and hugging his son, resigned to his fate.

    Slade Wilson is practically stone as the vision fades. Were it not for the clenched fists, you’d think him unaffected.


    It’s not a question, it’s a demand.

    Would you have listened for less?

    Seeing as how the man has no intention of taking back his knife, they tuck it away in their bag.

    “To prove a point. Countless iterations and you still lose them. Sometimes Grant, sometimes Joseph, and sometimes all of them. At your core, Slade, you’re not ready to be a parent…
    At least, not until you’re forced. Not until you’re taught to yield. You won’t bend, so you have to break. To be defeated with no chance of winning. Deathstroke has to fall, before he can learn to be humble.”

    “So all this, to teach a lesson?!” Slade’s voice reached a rumble, holding back a growl.

    Only in part. Remember, I came for business. I aim to make a deal. Providing proof of how this could benefit you and get me what I want, will only make this easier.” They weren’t gloating just noting the impact of their words. They spoke in a flat tone, like one does when stating fact.

    I can see you grit your teeth… you’re right to. I know you’re hurting and I’m manipulating you to get what I want. I’m sorry, but not enough to stop…

    Slade stalls and wars with himself. “What’s the price? What guarantee do I have that’ll you keep your side of the bargain?”, Slade interrogated. He was not to be fooled, any hint of a trick and he would find a way to end the life of the probable meta.

    They tilted their head, considering. Hands in pockets and nodding to something only they knew, they looked up to meet Slade’s eye.

    A guarantee? Well, then allow me to explain, the closest thing to what I am in this world would be a reality warper. More accurately, my abilities are centered around the idea of ‘Contracts’. The benefit of it is that any contract made is a concept in and of itself. Wording is important, yes. But, any loop-hole or clause will be there by my will alone.

    Intent is what influences it more than anything else. If I don’t want to give you an out due to phrasing or a word-for-word interpretation, then you won’t get any. It’s not a monkey’s paw or a demon-at-the-crossroads scenario, that’s not the point. The point is that as much as you can’t screw me over, I can’t screw you over. And I don’t mean that in a roundabout way either. I literally cannot suddenly decide to renege on a contract and willingly suffer the consequences. A contract is binding.

    As for the price, all I want from you is one simple thing… your loyalty.”

    Slade narrows his eye. “What exactly do you mean by my ‘loyalty’?”

    “It means: You. Are. Mine.

    Allow me to elucidate...

    You work for me. You side with me. No back-stabs or double-crosses. No betrayals. I won’t control what jobs you take or how you choose to do them. What I will do is set boundaries. Anything and everything outside them is up to you. Your money is yours, I’m not touching it. This isn’t a sexual arrangement either. I’m not pimping you out or staking my claim on your dick. If anything happens between us, then we’ll deal with that bridge when we get to it.

    Your family is not collateral, I won’t use them to threaten you. They are not indebted to me through you. I’m not using you as a lab rat, you want to test something out? Fine. All I need is your willful and well-informed consent. Unless it breaks one of my rules or involves someone I care about, whatever involves your interpersonal relationships is not my concern.

    Now… what’s in it for you? Besides your son, which is the obvious. You get ME. You get someone on your side who is a literal incarnation of the meaning of the word, ‘BULLSHIT’. You get protection under my banner. That protection extends to your loved ones. Anyone tries anything and they get to deal with one of the rare individuals capable of flipping the metaphysical rule book on its head and getting away with it. Anything else is up to the individual. Only the person in question can sign a contract specifically about them. You can’t take a contract on their name or without their say.

    By the way, in case you were wondering, contracts can include anything. The specifics will, of course, depend on a case-by-case basis. BUT, if the price can be paid, then… well~ there’s really no limit to what we can do is there?”

    They can see Slade Wilson, Deathstroke the Terminator, thinking; contemplating the implications of what was said. They could even tell when the thought of contingency plans sparks in his brain, analyzing a way to worm his way out of the deal and still get Grant back.

    Oh, how I wish it was that simple, to hand out miracles without strings… to see smiles that reflect pure joy and wonder

    They extend their hand, twiddling their fingers. “Remember, the contract is ABSOLUTE. There’s no do-overs or take-backsies.”

    Slade steps closer.

    AND – keep in mind that despite every single bit of you screaming not to accept, you still can’t shake the gut instinct telling you that I can give you exactly what you want. You can’t sense me. You can’t hear my heartbeat, you can’t smell my scent. You can’t even feel the wind current change when I move or hear the rustle of my clothes. None of it screams power, but it sure as hell isn’t average. So I may be a fake, but that just means you can find a way to end me, painfully too. Or I’m legit and I can make your family whole again. So what’s it gonna be?”

    His hand moves.

    I wish you’d walked away.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2022
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  3. a guy1013

    a guy1013 Versed in the lewd.

    Jul 16, 2019
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    Ch 1 is not thread mark
  4. Stormbringer117

    Stormbringer117 Soulless

    Aug 10, 2016
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    Maybe use the standard font, to improve readability.

    Also, a summary or a brief description of the premise would also be helpful!
  5. KenNM

    KenNM Actually 21

    Jul 23, 2017
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    Curious, I'm interested but a bit lost.
  6. tfcuhb2.0

    tfcuhb2.0 Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Oct 13, 2021
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    This is one of the most interesting things I have ever read. I follow perfectly, good writing. I hope for more
  7. Metabolicjosh

    Metabolicjosh Experienced.

    Nov 8, 2020
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    This ^