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Tacitum (Silent Heart) (Crossover)

Discussion in 'Questing' started by Anthem, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Threadmarks: First Arc Part 1

    Anthem Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Aug 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Well this is different.

    At current, I find myself beneath what appears to be a stained glass window. Below me is what appears to be a magnificent work of art: The figure of a young man, arms spread wide and eyes shut. Looking around, I also took notice of three different pedestals.

    So you have come...

    I hear a voice speaking to me, making the hairs on the back of my head stand on end. I keep looking around in confusion.

    Child of man, born from an unknown origin, what you see before you is the basic form of your heart. The basic form of your very soul.

    I tilt my head in confusion.

    However, today, your soul shall be freed from the shackles that contain it.

    Huh? What? What is this disembodied voice is talking about? Even after I ask these questions, more come up as the pedestals shine with a bright light. Rubbing my eyes from being nearly blinded on all sides, my eyes open, taking a look around me. Now the pedestals seem to hold... swords?

    Yes, indeed. All three pedestals now had swords set into them.

    Before you lies three swords. You may choose only one. Choose wisely, child of man.

    Taking a look around, I examined each sword in each pedestal.

    On one pedestal was a large sword that radiated power, that was bathed in an orange light. On another pedestal was a sword with a thin blade that seemed very quick, bathed in a green light. The last pedestal held a sword that appeared to have a unique magical aura to it, a blue light bathing it.

    Looking at each one, I took my time to decide...

    Then I walked towards to one of the pedestals and drew the blade within it.

    The light shined before me, blinding me instantaneously.

    HP and MP Restored. All status ailments removed!

    My eyes immediately opened from slumber, wide and open. Looking around, I looked at my rather plain looking room, mostly consisting of some drawings that I did, alongside with a small library of video games.

    The sun shone brightly through my window and onto my now awake pupils, forcing me to cover them. Letting out a sigh, I immediately got out of my bed, stretching, and turning to my bathroom to take a quick shower, brush my teeth and wash my face. After that, I immediately head for my closet and grab a hold of a pair of blue jeans and a simple black short-sleeved polo shirt, letting out an inaudible sigh as I looked at my mirror and looked at the figure in my mirror.

    I was a pale-skinned young man with an thin body. My hair, dried from the shower I took, was incredibly shaggy and unkempt, though I honestly liked it that way. If there was one thing I could say that was weird about me, it was my eye color. Apparently from what I've seen from most people, nobody seems to have golden irises. I don't know why my eye color is like that, it just is.

    Putting on the clothes of my choice on, I let out an inaudible sigh. I slowly thought to myself, making a screen like most people would see in an RPG to pop up:

    Name: Levity Aurum
    Class: Artist
    Level: 1 [0/50 Experience]

    At first I didn't know what was going on, but I thankfully got a chance to learn a bit about it from the wonderful thing known as the internet. From what I read, my other quirk seemed to originate from some kind of Korean web comic called 'The Gamer'. From what I read of it, the main character, a guy named Han Jee-Han (Or would it be Jee-Han Han? Names from the far east confuse me.) had dedicated his entire life to playing video games and that dedication gave him a gift to see his entire world as an RPG. With his world being actually filled with dangerous monsters and supernaturally gifted people, he seemed to have a lot of trouble on his hands.

    Honestly, I didn't read much of it. As much as it would probably seem it would be important to read it, I honestly didn't see what the point of it all was. I mean, I'm still Level 1. I don't know why I should bother grinding.

    Especially seeing that the only actual thing I inherited from the so-called ability of The Gamer is the [Gamer's Body] ability, which lets me avoid cuts and bruises, instead only feeling pain and the effect of sleeping in a bed letting me recover for the day.

    But from what I observed, there were more differences from my version of The Gamer ability and Han's version.

    Opening some of my stats windows, I took a more careful look at everything I saw:

    Basic Stats
    HP: 210
    MP: 55
    P. ATK: 8
    P. DEF: 8
    M. ATK: 8
    M. DEF: 8
    AGI: 8
    LUK: 8

    I let out a sigh. These were apparenty my Basic Stats, the stats that determined everything in my life. Though I don't know what I could do with the stats labeled M. ATK and M. DEF. I know what those are. Most of my video game library was filled with wRPGs and jRPGs. I just didn't see the point in all of them.

    Then I went to what was labeled Modifier Stats:

    Modifier Stats
    STR: 5 (E [0/26])
    DEX: 5 (E [0/26])
    CON: 5 (E [0/26])
    INT: 5 (E [0/26])
    WIS: 5 (E [0/26])
    CHA: 5 (E [0/26])

    This had confused me at first. From knowledge I have of Tabletop RPGs, these were the major stats that were the foundation for Dungeons and Dragons. What I didn't get was the stuff right next to it. It only took me a while to learn that these stats were, as the stat sheet implied them to be, modifiers to all my statistics. And apparently, I could increase their power in some way. I didn't know what I could do for that.

    Letting out a sigh, I grabbed my keys, wallet and phone and exited my small little apartment, getting ready for what would be to come of the day.

    As I began to walk towards my school, I began to ponder my current situation.

    My name is Levity Aurum. I have no idea of who my parents were nor do I know if I have any family of any kind. From my birth to my first year of high school, I have lived in the same orphanage, only recieving the minimum of care from the caretakers. When I was fifteen, I was moved out of the orphanage into the small apartment I live in now, though it wasn't as furnished, only coming with a couch, a television, a fridge, an oven, dressers and a bed. But within two years, I managed to acquire several things, including a small amount of video game consoles, a small video game library consisting mostly of RPGs, internet access, and several different art tools.

    Then, one day, when I was sixteen, I had gained an ability that seemed to originate from a Korean webcomic, but differed in varying ways. But despite this, nothing really changed, except I wouldn't become ill anymore.

    Looking around, I took notice of the several students of the school, each of them talking to one another. Each and every one of them paying me no nevermind. Just like they usually did.

    I really wish I knew why nobody would want to bother with me. For all of my life it was like this. I can't understand why this was the case. The lack of notice from people had made me not only self-reliant, but very self-conscious.

    In all honesty, the one thing that I really wanted in life... was a friend. Someone that I could listen to. Someone that I could help with their problems and they, in turn, could help me with my own.

    Another thing that interested me... which is rather embarassing... is to have a harem of beautiful women that would love me. Just thiking about it makes me blush. But I know that I'd never be able to attain a harem, let alone a friend.

    Shaking my thoughts off of my lonely existance, I continue my train of thought to the dream I had. According to that voice, my soul was shackled and it was going to be freed. What does that even mean? How was I going to be freed, exactly? Then there was the matter of the three swords. Why were they even there? It wasn't like I could take them with me, it was a dream. The fact that I could only choose one made it more frustrating.

    But in the end, it was a dream and I accepted the fact that could only choose one of them, so it didn't make much of a difference.

    I keep saying this to myself as I enter the school building, ready for another class.

    It was fourth period when it happeened. Nobody in my class expected it. Why would we? Out of all of the things that could happen, this was one of the least likely.

    But no, this was happening right now.

    A gigantic humanoid monster, about the size of most monsters Godzilla fights, with an off color tan on it's skin. It had a head of hair that was a black color with green eyes in large eyesockets. It let out an immense roar that broke every window in the building.

    Naturally, everyone ran off screaming, me included. Minus the screaming part.

    Looking back I take a look at the gigantic monster, who seemed to lock eyes with me. At least I think it was looking at me. I couldn't tell because of the imposing voice ringing in my head.


    I ran as fast as I could away from the school building, fear filled in my body and worry filled my heart. I didn't run for long though, as the monster naturally reached me faster than I could escape.


    I looked to the monster that easily towered over the buildings. It roared it's deafening roar again. I couldn't help but fall to the pavement and cower.


    The monster raised it's foot, poised to crush me.

    It was then that time decided to stop and then I heard the voice from my dreams again.

    Child of man, born from an unknown origin. Are you really going to accept death here?

    What else was there to do? I was caught between a rock and a hard place, with the hard place being a massive foot.

    Do not be so foolish. Do you not remember when I came to you?

    I pondered about this while I heard him speak. I remembered it all. The stained-glass window I was under. The three pedestals. The sword that I drew from it's pedestal. The light that blinded me.

    Child of man, born from an unknown origin, hear my command. Call upon the sword you drew. For it shall be your guardian!

    I looked up to the imposing figure before me as it seemed as it's foot was slowly getting closer. I began to contemplate about my lonely life.

    I never had any friends. I never had any family. All I ever had was me, my video games and my drawings.

    But even then, I don't want to actually die. Not without having a chance to leave my mark on the world.

    Slowly thinking to myself, I make an attempt to recall the sword that I pulled from the pedestal.

    My memory is a bit foggy, but from the feeling it was...

    [ ] The Powerful-Looking Sword
    [X] The Agile-Looking Sword
    [ ] The Magical-Looking Sword

    The people have spoken.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2017
  2. Threadmarks: Character Stat Sheet

    Anthem Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Aug 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Reserved for Character Stats

      • Name: Levity Aurum
        Class: Artist
        Level: 1 [0/50 Experience]
        Information: A young man who has been alone for most of his life. This has apparently made him incredibly self conscious about his appearence. He also happens to be a mute. Perfect for a silent protagonist character.

        Weapon: Giant Paintbrush (Paintbrush) P. ATK +2, M. ATK +2 90% Accuracy
        A giant freaking paintbrush.
        Armor: Cotton T-Shirt (Levity Only) (Light) P. DEF +2, M. DEF +2
        A simple cotton T-Shirt. Nothing else special.
        Outfit: Simple Outfit (Levity Outfit)
        Levity's favorite set of clothes, consisting of a jacket and some shorts. Doesn't really provide any status boosts.

        Basic Stats
        HP: 205 (200 + [CON*1])
        MP: 52 (50 + [INT*0.5])
        P. ATK: 10 (7 + [STR*0.125] + Weapon Bonus)
        P. DEF: 10 (7 + [CON*0.125] + Armor Bonus)
        M. ATK: 10 (7 + [INT*0.125] + Weapon Bonus)
        M. DEF: 10 (7 + [WIS*0.125] + Armor Bonus)
        AGI: 8 (7 + [DEX*0.125])
        LUK: 8 (7 + [CHA*0.125])

        Modifier Stats
        STR: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.5 per AP)
        DEX: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.5 per AP)
        CON: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.5 per AP)
        INT: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.5 per AP)
        WIS: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.5 per AP)
        CHA: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.5 per AP)

        Elemental Attack/Defense
        FIR: 100%/100%
        ICE: 100%/100%
        LTN: 100%/100%
        WND: 100%/100%


        Brush Whack (E [0/10 TP]) (Active) (-3 MP)
        Strike an enemy with an overhead attack, inflicting physical damage. Low Critical Hit Chance.
        Damage: 20 (Total P. ATK*2) + 1d20
        Critical Chance: 5% (96 - 100)

        Sheep Sketch (E [0/10 TP]) (Active) (-5 MP)
        Draws a sheep that hits an enemy on the head, inflicting magical damage. May cause sleep.
        Damage: 10 (Total M. ATK) + 1.d20
        Sleep Chance: 15% (86 - 100)

        Healing Sketch (E [0/10 TP]) (Active) (-8 MP)
        Draws a medical corss around an ally, healing them for a smal amount of HP
        Heal: 51 (Max HP * 0.25)

      • Name: Ventus
        Class: Keyblade Weilder
        Level: 1 (0/50 Experience)
        Information: The youngest of the apprentices to the Keyblade Master Eraqus, alongside his friends, Terra and Aqua. His heart was severely damaged from the creation of the dark being Vanitas and the destruction of the χ-blade. You don't know why he's here or why he isn't a vegetable anymore.

        Weapon: Wayward Wind (Keyblade) P. ATK +3, M. ATK +1 95% Accuracy
        A keyblade that Ventus started out with on his first adventure.
        Armor: Light Pauldron (Ventus Only) (Light Armor) P. DEF +3
        A pauldron that Ventus wears on his shoulder. It used to activate his Keyblade Armor.
        Outfit: Weilder's Wear (Ventus Outfit)
        Ventus traditional outfit consisting of a multicolored jacket, a vest and a pair of pants. Doesn't really provide any stat boosts.

        Basic Stats
        HP: 215 (210 + [CON*1])
        MP: 42 (40 + [INT*0.5])
        P. ATK: 12 (8 + [STR*0.125] + Weapon Bonus)
        P. DEF: 10 (6 + [CON*0.125] + Armor Bonus)
        M. ATK: 9 (7 + [INT*0.125] + Weapon Bonus)
        M. DEF: 8 (7 + [WIS*0.125])
        AGI: 10 (9 + [DEX*0.125])
        LUK: 5 (5 + [CHA*0.125])

        Modifier Stats
        STR: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.55 per SP)
        DEX: 7 (E [0/26 SP]) (+2.2 per SP)
        CON: 5 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.6 per SP)
        INT: 4 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.05 per SP)
        WIS: 6 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1.6 per SP)
        CHA: 3 (E [0/26 SP]) (+1 per SP)

        Elemental Attack/Defense
        FIR: 100%/100%
        ICE: 100%/100%
        LTN: 100%/100%
        WND: 100%/100%

        Attack Haste (E [0/10 TP]) (Passive)
        Increases chance to attack first when using a Physical Skill.
        Haste Chance: 5%

        Strike Raid (E [0/10 TP]) (Active)
        Throws the Keyblade at the target like a boomerang, dealing physical damage with the throw and on the way back.
        Damage (Throw): (12 [Total P. ATK] + 1d20)
        Damage (Return): (12 [Total P. ATK] + 1d20)

        Aero (E [0/10 TP]) (Active)
        Releases a burst of wind that catches an enemy in a small cyclone, dealing WND magical damage.
        Damage: (9 [Total M. ATK] + 1d20)
        Bonus Damage: 18 [Total M. ATK*2]

      • Name: Compa
        Class: Nurse
        Level 1: 0 [0/50 Experience]
        Information: A young nurse who seems shy, but is actually really sweet, though dense and oblivious to some things. She is childhood friends with IF as well as friends with Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune. For some reason, you find the girl attractive. I can't imagine why.

        Weapon: Test Potion (Syringe) P. ATK +1, M. ATK +2 90% Accuracy
        A medicine that's used at nursing schools for tests. As long as it isn't misused, it's not deadly.
        Armor: Compa's Bandages (Compa Only) (Cloth) P. DEF +1, M. DEF +1
        A normal set of bandages sold at any store. It's also used in Compa's school.
        Outfit: Woven Heart (Compa Outfit)
        Compa's usual attire, consisting of a wool top and a checker patterened skirt. Doesn't really provide any stat boosts.

        Basic Stats
        HP: 204 (200 + [CON*1])
        MP: 62 (60 + [INT*0.5])
        P. ATK: 8 (6 + [STR*0.125] + Weapon Bonus)
        P. DEF: 8 (6 + [CON*0.125] + Armor Bonus)
        M. ATK: 11 (8 + [INT*0.125] + Weapon Bonus)
        M. DEF: 11 (9 + [WIS*0.125] + Armor Bonus)
        AGI: 8 (7 + [DEX*0.125])
        LUK: 7 (6 + [CHA*0.125])

        Modifier Stats
        STR: 4 [0/26 AP] (+1.2 per AP)
        DEX: 5 [0/26 AP] (+1.4 per AP)
        CON: 4 [0/26 AP] (+1.35 per AP)
        INT: 5 [0/26 AP] (+1.65 per AP)
        WIS: 7 [0/26 AP] (+1.8 per AP)
        CHA: 5 [0/26 AP] (+1.6 per AP)

        Elemental Attack/Defense
        FIR: 100%/100%
        ICE: 100%/100%
        LTN: 100%/100%
        WND: 100%/100%

        Nurse's Training (E [0/10 TP]) (Passive)
        While in the party, party members restore a bit of their HP after battle.
        Heal After Combat: 1% Max HP

        First Aid (E [0/10 TP]) (Active) (-10 MP)
        Restores an ally's HP with a nursing touch.
        Heal: 10% Target's Max HP

        Compa's Restoration (E [0/10 TP]) (Active) (-5 MP)
        Removes ailments from one ally.
        Effect: Poison Removal

      • Party Skills
        Gamer's Body (A [MAX]) (Party Passive)
        Grants a body that allows for the user and his party to live the real world like a game.
        -Recieve no physical damage from attacks, only pain for a few seconds.
        -Resting in a bed will restore all HP and MP and removes all status effects.

        Observe (E [4/10 TP]) (Party Active)
        A skill that allows you and your party to learn information about different targets. Increase it's rank by observing different targets.
        -At current Rank, tells target's Max HP, Max MP and some information about the target.
        -Can only observe characters that are at most 30 levels above The Gamer (That's you, stupid.).

    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  3. Honorbound

    Honorbound Connoisseur of Lolis

    Jul 23, 2016
    Likes Received:
    [X] The Agile-Looking Sword
    Sure, speed. Why not?
  4. krahe

    krahe Not too sore, are you?

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    [x] The Agile-Looking Sword

    Never liked strength builds
  5. Threadmarks: First Arc Part 2

    Anthem Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Aug 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    [X] The Agile-looking sword.

    That's right. I picked the Agile-looking sword.

    So in an attempt of ensuring that I manage to stay alive, I focused all of my attention on recalling it's features. I made a desperate turn to recall it's features. To recall the sharpness of the steel. The feel of it's hilt. The shine of the light that bathed it.

    I closed my eyes, no longer focused on my imminent death. Holding my hands in the same way a user would use a sword, I kept my focus, hoping that the sword would spring forward.

    I could feel time reverting to it's normal flow, and I still couldn't feel the sword I called upon.

    The large foot was getting closer... I could just tell without having to look that it was.

    However, the reach of the Grim Reaper did not come at all... instead, a loud deafening roar took it's place. Most likely from the monster.

    In a bid of curiosity, I opened my eyes to see what was happening.

    I was amazed. The monster was thrown back from me, it's eyes shining with wrath. But that's not the amazing thing.

    No, what was amazing was the figure standing between me and what should have been the end of my lonely existance.

    ... Is that who I really think it is? No it couldn't have been. It was probably a cosplayer. Yeah. That's it. A really convincing cosplayer. After all, that's the only solution to somebody wearing that and weilding that in public...

    He would be best described as a fair skinned young man with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He was dressed in what could be described as a jacket that is half-white and half-black with a pleated red collar worn over a gray vest and a black turtleneck shirt, along with a pair of gray and white capri pants. Completing the outfit was a pair of gray armored shoes that covered his feet and ankles, and a dull-green and blue armor set underneath the jacket but over the vest, as well as a matching pauldron covering his left shoulder, with what looked like a green orb at the ball joint.

    But what was the most noticeable was the weapon he weilded. It looked like a blunt weapon with a thin shaft, with two short bars connecting to another part that was also gray. It seemed to be held by it's weilder between the shaft and a dull gold guard. I swear it was too weird to be real. It almost looked like a... Keyblade.

    No. I'm probably just going crazy. This is all some sort of crazy dream. After all, there's no way that Ventus from Kingdom Hearts was right in front of me, protecting me of all people... right?


    This is all just some crazy dream in my head. Yes. A crazy dream. And one that I'll wake up from very soon.

    Yeah... just a... crazy... dream...

    [Third Person]

    He had no idea how he got here. He had no idea what in the world was going on even right now. The last thing that he could remember, he had just defeated the darkness within him, at the cost of his own heart.

    But all that Ventus knew now was that he was here. And right now, he was the only one in between an innocent young man and a colossal beast.

    Although, he had to admit, he never had seen something as big as this. Apparently, the young man had not seen anything like this either, considering his unconscious state.

    "Just what are you?" Ventus asked the collosus towering above them. To which the beast let out a loud roar.


    "Monster?" He asked, looking to the still fainted brunette. "This guy? Are you sure?"

    "You don't know do you!? He's going to be the end of all humanity! I'm here to kill him before he does!"

    The monster raised his arm and punched at the keyblade weilder, prompting the weilder to dodge as fast as possible.

    "And you are in my way!"

    The monster let out another loud and wrathful roar and yet another strike aimed towards Ventus, prompting him/her to dodge once again. He gazed around at the surroundings. It was a rather large city. He was rather surprised, amazed and rather disgusted that nobody even bothered to notice that this young man was being attacked a monster more than 20 times his size in broad daylight.

    But nevertheless, he knew that fighting this creature out in this city would be a hazard to everyone around. So he needed to figure a way to avoid collateral damage. Luckily he had an idea. Though he had no idea if it would work.

    Pointing his keyblade at the ground, Ventus closed his eyes and stabbed the earth and slowly turned his Keyblade to the left, as if unlocking a door.

    As he did so, a bright light from a keyhole shined through, engulfing Ventus, as well as the giant, and even the unconscious young man.

    [Third Person]

    The light slowly dimmed, revealing that, indeed, the keyblade weilder's plan worked, bringing the duo of Ventus and the young brunette into what appeared to be a forest clearing. However, it seemed to also seperate the two from the giant monster.

    "That... was close..." Ventus said in between pants. "I just hope... Terra and Aqua are..."

    It was then that the keyblade weilder fell on his knees and onto the floor. He didn't know how he knew such a technique. Master Eraqus never taught him something like that. Not only that, the technique more or less drained him of all of his energy, causing them to join the fainted brunette into unconsciousness.

    "Oh my goodness!"

    "What is it!?"

    "Hurry! We need to get these two back to my place immediately!"

    "Your place? Wait! What's going on!? Who are those people!? How are you carrying both of them on your shoulders!?"

    "Now's not the time for questions, Iffy! I've got a duty as a nurse to do!"

    [1st Person: Levity]

    Man... what a weird dream...

    It was really odd. I dreamt that I was being attacked by a gigantic monster only to be saved by someone weilding what could be best described as a keyblade...


    It actually did happen didn't it? That wasn't a dream. I was rescued by Ventus, one of the major characters in a Video Game cash cow franchise made by the combined efforts Disney and Square-Enix, didn't I? From a random monster that looked like a human no less.

    I mean seriously, when I think about it, it sounds so... bizarre.

    Name: Levity Aurum
    Class: Artist
    Level: 1 [0/50 Experience]

    Then again, I gained the power of the Gamer like some sort of attempt at a fanfiction. Not to mention I did pull out an Agile-looking sword as requested by a voice from nowhere in a weird place that did look like it came from Kingdom Hearts...

    Come to think of it... where am I now? Aside from my dreaming state, of course.

    Taking a look around... I was clearly in what appeared to be a shoddy room, complete with shoddy looking chairs, a shoddy looking window, and... a suprisingly comfortable bed that wasn't so shoddy at all.

    Well this is a great contrast from my last dream...

    ... is that singing I hear?

    Taking a look, I notice at the shoddy looking door that seemed to lead to the exit of this house. Naturally, curiosity got the better of me as I decided to get out of the bed and opened the door. The singing was still faint, but much more clearer...

    "... Do you know who I am? They call me Judgement Boy..."

    It sounded like it was getting closer. I don't know why, but I felt a sense of dread running up my spine. A feeling that... I probably should have stayed in the shoddy looking room...

    Wait... now that I looked up, I noticed something else... a rail system?

    Indeed and coming from the rail system was what appeared to be the source of the singing I heard. And he was getting closer.

    "Do you know who I am? I am Judgement Boy!"


    What am I looking at here? A scale with a face with a domino mask for eyes and a pink nose?

    Okay. I guess being saved by Ventus from a gigantic lumbering collosus isn't actually the weirdest thing to happen to me today...

    "Judgement!" The scale, of which I am assuming is Judgement Boy, exclaimed. As he did, a large Lever appeared before me, looking like it could be pulled either left or right. On the left of it was a pink heart and on the right was a green star. Taking a closer look at this Judgement Boy, I noticed the same things were also on cages connected to his scales: A pink heart in the right cage, and a green star in the left.

    ... I don't get it.

    It was then his smile... his rather toothy smile, grew. And then he spoke again.

    "You are a lucky young man. You have had the greatest friend since childhood who has managed to give you the greatest girlfriend you could ever have. However, one night, a thief breaks into your home while you're there with your childhood friend and your girlfriend. In fear, you call the police and go to confront the thief, who has captured the two of them. In his hand is a gun. He knows that you called the police on him and has the intent on going to jail a murderer than a thief. But here's the catch. He's decided that you get to choose who lives and who dies. He also tells you that if you try to stall for time, he will just shoot you. Now fear runs up your spine. Who will you choose?"

    ... Is this thing serious!? Is this thing really making me choose between a hypothetical girlfriend and a hypothetical best friend!? How am I supposed to choose between them!?

    But it looks like Judgement Boy is anticipating an answer, and I think that no matter what I do, I have to give him one in the form of pulling this lever...

    [X] Pull it to the left. (Towards the Pink Heart)
    [ ] Pull it to the right. (Towards the Green Star)

    The people have spoken.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2017
  6. Honorbound

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    [X] Pull it to the left. (Towards the Pink Heart)
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    [X] Pull it to the left. (Towards the Pink Heart)

    Out of curiosity, I decide to pull the lever to the left.

    Yet Judgement Boy kept that smile on his weird blocky face. It started to speak again.

    "I see. By turning the lever left, you say that you would sacrifice the friend you've have since childhood for the girl you love. Is that so? Well I say we should consult the balance of truth."

    He started to swerve left and right, the scales in his-- arms?-- moving back and forth. "Love comes in a miryad of forms. From the love of realitives to the love of a spouse to even the platonic love between friends. Even then, not everything can last forever, and you must eventually make a choice between those you care for. But should you dare to weigh one love over another, there is no doubt that your heart with shatter." He then spun around the scales in his hand flailing rapidly.

    "JUDGEMENT... NOW!" He exclaimed as one of the bottom ends of the scale opened.

    The green star within it fell and broke into a million pieces, my eyes widened in fear.

    It was then that he finished the scenario.

    "You chose your new girlfriend over your childhood friend, who is now dead from a bullet in the head. The police arrive and apprehend the newly minted murderer, but the weight of your friend's death still weighs heavily on you and your girlfriend's shoulders." His voice still as creepy as ever and his gaze focused on me. "It was your choice. You get to live with it."

    I look down at the remains of the green star, still in astonishment. I don't think I noticed that Judgement Boy had left until I heard an all too familiar voice.

    Child of man, born from an unknown origin. There is truth to the scale's words. Not everything can last forever and eventually you will have to make decisions that will impact your life.

    I listened to his words carefully. But I was still in disbelief. Did I really want a lover more than I did a friend? Was this my true desire?

    Worry not. For you need not be afraid. In fact... allow me to bestow upon you a gift. A gift that you should have gained earlier. Consider this a reward for facing your first judgement...

    A light suddenly shined in front of me, blinding me once again.

    HP and MP restored. All status ailments removed!

    The first thing I noticed when I woke up again was the softness of the bed I was sleeping in. Funny. The last thing I remember was that I fainted onto the floor after seeing Ventus come out from nowhere.

    I stretched my arms out and took a look around. Pink. That's the one thing I noticed the most in this room. The curtains. the chairs. The couch with a blonde kid lying down on...

    Wait what?

    Looking around, it turns around that indeed that a blonde young man was lying down on the couch. One with a very familiar attire.

    As I looked to the blonde, a pop-up appeared out of nowhere.

    Congratulations. Your Gamer ability has been increased in potential and you have been granted the ability to use the skill 'Observe'.


    Oh yeah, that's one of the abilities that Han had to gain through effort. Then in that case, I should probably examine the unconscious boy in front of me with it.

    Okay... Observe.

    Name: Ventus
    Class: Keyblade Weilder
    Level: 1 [0/50 Experience]
    HP: 215
    MP: 42
    The youngest of the apprentices to the Keyblade Master Eraqus, alongside his friends, Terra and Aqua. His heart was severely damaged from the creation of the dark being Vanitas and the destruction of the χ-blade. You don't know why he's here or why he isn't a vegetable anymore.

    Okay then. So then I wasn't dreaming about being saved. That's good. Although I'm wondering, how did we even get here?

    As I continue to look at the slumbering blonde, I didn't realize the door behind me opened and closed until I heard a voice, undoubtedly female, spoke.

    "Oh thank the goddess you are alright. Good morning, sleepyhead."

    I jumped as I turned around. I was then face to face with an pair of pink eyes and a sweet smile.

    She was a very attractive young woman with cream-colored hair that reached to her waist and curled on the edges. She was dressed in a white wooly top with somewhat detached sleeves and boots that matched with it, along with a red plaid skirt and black-brown kneesocks with pink heart cut frills. In her hair was a black headband with a white C in it, while around her waist was a black in pink purse with the same C.

    I was kind of dumbfounded just looking at her. And I'm pretty sure I had a blush on my face.

    ... I just have to make sure. I'll use 'Observe' on her.

    Name: Compa
    Class: Nurse
    Level: 1 [0/50 Experience]
    HP: 204
    MP: 62
    A young nurse who seems shy, but is actually really sweet, though dense and oblivious to some things. She is childhood friends with IF as well as friends with Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune. For some reason, you find the girl attractive. I can't imagine why.

    So it is true then... this really is Compa. Then that would mean...

    ... Wait what does that mean exactly?

    Although I'm sure I have a blush, I did not realize that Compa was blushing too.

    "Um... why are looking at me like that?"

    Oh jeez. This is embarrasing. I bet if I could speak, I probably would be tounge-tied.

    Rather than dwell on an attraction towards the young nurse, I turned my attention to the unconscious form of Ventus. A hint of worry crossed my face.

    "Oh dear. Is this your friend?" She asks me. "Don't worry. He's okay."

    My curiosity piqued, I lean close to Ventus, as he slowly opened his eyes.

    "Nngh..." His eyes half-lidded, he looks around, taking notice of his surroundings. He looked towards me and Compa. "Huh? W... where am I?" He turned to look at Compa. "Who are you?"

    "Hello. My name is Compa." She said happily. "Me and Iffy found you and your friend on the outskirts of the forest knocked out cold."

    "Friend?" Ven looked to me hopefully, only to realize that I'm not the friend he was thinking of. Poor guy. "Oh... I remember now. You were being attacked by a monster."

    "A monster!?" Compa gasped. "Oh my goddess. But you two don't look hurt."

    "Probably because we decided to escape before he could do anything to us." Was the blonde's reply.

    The lone girl gave a warm smile. "That would explain some things, then." She then looked to us in confusion. "Um... I'm sorry. I didn't get your names."

    "Oh. Sorry about that." He replied, only now with a smile on his face. "My name is Ventus. But you can call me Ven."

    "Okay. It's nice to meet you, Ven-Ven." Compa said, prompting the boy to look at her in confusion and then to me.

    "Hey. You seem okay, too." He said smiling. "So what's your name?"

    I look away sadly, knowing that I can't really speak my name out to them. But as I had this thought, another window popped out of nowhere again.

    Tired of you lack of ability to speak getting in the way of your life? Well don't worry. This tutorial will teach you how to form a party.

    Wow how convinient. Teach me more, random tutorial.

    The formation of a party is rather simple. All you will need to do is think 'Form Party' and the people you wish to form the party with.
    -All members of your party will see the names of other members of your party, that includes you.
    -The experience between party members are split evenly between you and party members, with party members ten levels above you getting less experience and party members ten levels below you getting more.
    -You will unlock full stats about each member in your party. In addition, each member of your party gains access to your party skills.

    Party Skills? Huh. That wasn't something I read about in the Gamer. I'll wonder about that later.

    Alright. Lets see if it works...

    Form party. Ventus. Form party. Compa.

    As I think of this, another pop-up window appeared in front of both Compa and Ventus, making the former jump in fear.

    "Eeep!" She whimpered as she and Ven looked at the pop-up.

    Levity Aurum has invited you to his party.
    Accept (Y)/Decline (N)

    "Uh... what am I looking at?" The blonde summed up, looking at me. I just gave him and Compa an expectant nod. Mulling it over, the two both pressed 'Accept (Y)'. Just as they did, a new pop-up appeared to me.

    Ventus and Compa have both accepted your invitations. Good luck and have fun!

    Then another window appeared to me, this one labeled 'party'.

    Levity Aurum (Level 1 [0/50 Experience])
    Ventus (Level 1 [0/50 Experience])
    Compa (Level 1 [0/50 Experience])

    It looked like there was space for one more person to join the party. Letting out an inaudible sigh, I decided to close all the windows and looked to my two party members.

    "So... umm..." Compa began. "Your name is Levia... Leo... Lenne... Letty... Lee... auu. I can't pronounce it." She pouted... rather cutely I might ask.

    "How about we just call him Levi?" Was the blonde's reply.

    Compa's features brightened. "Okay! I'll call him Lee-Lee! Hello, Lee-Lee. Hello, Ven-Ven."

    "Levi, you okay? You're looking red." Ventus looked at me rather concerned. Oh man. I must be blushing profusely again. This just keeps getting more and more awkward.

    But before anything else, I heard another door open.

    "Compa! Are you in here?" A soft and familiar voice yelled.

    "Of course she's hear, Gear. She wouldn't leave her patients unattended." Another voice, also familiar, noted.

    "Oh! That must be Iffy and Ge-Ge!" The nurse said rather happily as she exited the room and gestured for us to come with her.

    When we first entered the first room, I took notice of the two girls: One a long-haired brunette with a ribbon tied into a ponytail with a leafy bow and green eyes, while the other was a purple-eyed girl with long lilac hair and a singular D-Pad hairclip.

    The brunette with the leafy bow was dressed in a black tank top and shorts worn over a huge blue jacket with several cell phones in them. Her lilac-haired counterpart wore something more reserved, a white jacket dress that covered most of her body as well as pink and white striped stockings.

    I can recognize these girls easily. But just in case, I used the Observe ability on them.

    Class: Wind Walker
    Level: ???
    A rather serious person that does not seem to like to do unneccesary things. She is childhood friends with Compa as well as friends with Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune. She seems to have a large love for flip phones.

    Class: CPU Candidate
    Level: ???
    The CPU Candidate of Planeptune also known as Purple Sister. In contrast to her older sister Neptune, she is a rather shy girl who often apologizes over everything. She's also got quite a massive love for machines, which causes her to behave rather differently than she normally does.

    Well that was an easy conformation. But... why are IF and Nepgear's levels a bunch of question marks?


    I should probably read up the information on Observe now so I don't regret it later.

    Observe (E [4/10 TP]) (Party Active)
    A skill that allows you and your party to learn information about different targets. Increase it's rank by observing different targets.
    -At current Rank, tells target's Max HP, Max MP and some information about the target.
    -Can only observe characters that are above 30 levels above The Gamer (That's you, stupid.).

    Okay then... so I guess 'Party' means that anyone in my party can use the ability. That's both interesting and obvious.

    "Goodness..." Nepgear's eyes landed onto me and Ventus. "Are these the two you found in the forest, Compa?"

    "Mmm-hmm." Compa nodded. "These two were attacked by a giant monster, but Ven-Ven saved Lee-Lee from a near death experience."

    IF looked abit more serious. "That's fine and all, but we still have another problem. You know. The one involving the CPUs?"

    "Of course I do, Iffy. I wouldn't forget." Compa said solemnly.

    Okay. What's going on here?

    "Uh... are you guys alright?" The only other male in the room asked. "You look like something bad happened to you."

    "Oh. I'm sorry." The lilac-haired girl replied. "It's just that... my sister..." She tried to add more, but she started to look bummed out.

    "The CPUs of Gamindustri were kidnapped recently." IF said regretfully. "I don't know how their kidnappers managed to do it. Luckily we know where they are."

    "Really? Where? Maybe me and Levi can help." The blonde said. "We do owe you guys for taking care of us. By the way. I'm Ventus. But you can call me Ven."

    IF smiled. "Sure. The more the merrier." She said. "Ven and Levi, huh? My name is IF." She gestured to the lilac-haired girl. "This girl here is the CPU Candidate of Planeptune, Purple Sister."

    "Umm, it's actually Nepgear, but you don't have to call me that either." Nepgear added.

    "I don't mind calling you Nepgear." Ventus said. "So then, when can we start?"

    "We can either start right now..." IF began. "We know that the CPUs are being held captive in the Zeca Ruins. But we also know that Compa isn't exactly ready to fight right now."

    "I'm sorry." Nepgear apologized. "But... at least we know what my new invention could do. It also means that sis has something to blame now."

    "It's okay, Ge-Ge. Iffy." Compa said. "But I'm sure that I'll be able to handle anything."

    So that's why Compa is level 1 and IF and Nepgear are ???.

    IF shook her head. "Anyways. I think that we can either go head on into the Zeca Ruins or you can go take Compa into the Virtua Forest to train. What do you think?"

    [ ] Help Compa out and train in the Virtua Forest.
    [ ] Go head on to the Zeca Ruins and save the CPUs.

    Voting ends on September 11th

    -Character Stat Sheet for Levity Aurum
    -Character Stat Sheet for Ventus
    -Character Stat Sheet for Compa
    -Party Skill Sheet