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The Living Bot! (Multiverse ft. Robot!SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Because Padme isn't there for the Republic. This is still Episode 2, when she and Anakin went to see how Shmi was doing.
    The Republic itself wouldn't mind about what is happening in Tatooine... but soon things are going beyond that only planet. An Empire is sure going to fall very soon and they will be forced to mind what is going on with the growing rebellion.
  2. Threadmarks: Star Wars 3 - ...Then we get the fuel canister... (3)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    First week of being the glorious leader of Tatooine and I was already dealing with the perilous mountains that were made of paper and words.

    Paperwork is the bane of every ruler's existance but... it's a necessary evil.

    But it is still boooooring.

    The process wasn't as annoying as it would have been if I had been a non-droid, my body capable of hardly feeling some strain with this kind of activities but this didn't mean I was scot free from the draining effect paperwork has on one mind.

    The first thing that had to be done was an official census of the people of this planet and I was thankful the old administration had kept something similar lying around.

    There was an outdated census and a recently-updated slaves' list that helped up in finding out whom lived where.
    A process that would take a week or two to complete but I was already moving with my plans of power consolidation.

    That is why a state intevention policy was applied to the rudimentary economy of the planet and several of the activities that had been under the control of slavers were seized, furnished with proper products and given to acceptable candidates to administer them.

    It would have been quite difficult to pull this up but that is where I started to think military-wise what to do with the militia I had.

    After contacting Jango again, I managed to get in touch with some former bounty hunters quite eager to get some money.

    Some of them were even gleeful at the idea of having some simpler job that reminded them of their former operations and they were overall pleased with the plan I had for the Military Academy that was being established in Mos Eisley.

    The premise of the military complex that was picked had been a former military outpost of the ancient colonial militia that just needed some cleaning and some adjustement in some of the sections of the building.

    We are sure embracing the dictator's role quickly..

    It is because we know how to rule and-

    We don't and that is the horrible thing! We have never held a political seat, we never studied for the job-

    But we did play Paradox Interactive's games! I think that is a good enough place where to learn how to rule.

    Those are only games-

    We killed Dooku with wine and I think that counts as a classic Crusader King 2 assassination.


    We also led a special operation that resembled much of those funny ones in Hearts of Iron IV.


    We are also in a scifi scenario and that is connected to Stellaris.

    You know what? Do whatever you wish for.. just don't kill anyone innocent.

    Don't worry! This is not going to end like a Tropico game!

    That isn't a game from PI!

    Next subject of the first week, education and recreative places.

    Two schools were operative three days after they were commisioned, the teachers being individuals that were experienced with the subject and didn't require a textbook to teach.

    A major boon for a leader that was using a very limited budget for his grandiose projects.

    To solve the issue of hunger and thirst, I decided to introduce Self-Service cantinas in several spaceports, seeing quite the interesting results in the following few days.

    Activities in the streets seemed to almost revived as large crowdes walked around happily, some to go to their work while others were merely enjoying the nice day.

    What should we do with the unemployed former slaves?

    That is a good question. What should we do with them..

    Wat had been contacted and to say that he was pleased with the progress I had achieved would be underrating his reaction. Baktoid, BlasTech and other important dealers within Techno Union were informed of this development too and about the low tariffs set for the industries that would accept the unemployed locals in the newest facilities.

    There were already several emissaries on their way but it would take a full day before they would reach Tatooine and that left most of the people without something to do.

    The solution was the newest festivity called 'Freedom Day' which was collocated the day following 'Liberation Day'.

    While the Liberation Day celebrated the end of the Hutt's dominance on Tatooine, Freedom Day was meant to celebrate the offical end of slavery and would see a festival with games and spectacles where everyone was invited to witness.

    I suppose this is like the 'Hold a Feast' kind of solution from Crusader Kings 2..

    You are finally warming up to us! Good!

    I was actually remembering that the decision could easily backfire on the user.

    Nope! Still the usual optimistic.

    There were still some issues I found myself unable to truly solve, one of them being the integration of the Tusken in the major spaceports without getting some conflict between natives and colonials.

    While the Sand People had learnt to accept my orders, the same wasn't for the people living in the major hubs. One small mistake and rebellions were going to pop like popcorn.

    Mhhh, I miss them-

    Don't! It's already difficult trying to cope the lack of proper body needs, I don't need to be reminded so easily of food.

    Maybe we could find some way to.. leave this body?

    As much as tempting that sounds, that would leave me the most vulnerable in this universe and that is a big no-no considering that we pissed off Palpatine.

    Actually, what are we supposed to do now that the Republic knows about our existance?

    We do what we do best. We play the blame game.

    I had planned to wait for an offical attempt to call my little coup out but I decided against it when a small and devious idea made its way in my mind.

    The communication device buzzed as I waited for the other side of the call to answer and a small *bzzt* revealed a little green creature, frowning in the hologram.

    "Am I speaking with Grand Master Yoda?"



    Cham Syndulla aimed his Blaster at the two Gamorreans keeping their assault at bay.

    Every since the news of Jabba's death had reached the homeworld of the Twi'leks, the Resistance had rekindled the rebellions around the whole planets against the now-headless Hutt administration.

    Most of the attacks were going fine but the leader of the freedom fighters spotted a major issue, one caused by the lack of proper preparation and equipment.

    Losses were almost as much as the more numerous guards were and medical instruments were something his group had planned to bring back so soon.

    "Sir! They are around us."

    A foul word escaped his mouth as he tried to find another position were to hide from the enemy's shots.

    Two more of his group fell on the ground, burning sounds reaching his ears as he prepared to make this his last stand.

    He closed his eyes and prayed for a miracle to happen, for their people to be finally free from the yoke of the Hutts.

    Powerful explosions followed his last preaching, fire engulfing the approaching Gamorreans as a volley from unknown blasters teared down the remaining forces of the Hutt Empire in the area.

    Sounds of metallic footsteps caused a renewed surge of dread. The slavers were using droids?!

    Indeed several droids started to rush the area, the tallest of them all, grey and much more human-like, crouched near him. "Cham Syndulla?"

    The Twi'lek blinked but then nodded, confused by this development. "We are here to bring you and your men and women to safety."

    "S-Safety? Whom are you working for?"

    The droid was about to leave but paused at the question. "We are allied with the newest government in Tatooine. The Governor-General says that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'."

    Cham took the helping hand from the droid and nodded. "I see... then tell your leader that the Resistance is willingfully accepting this gracious offer."

    The Rebellion renewed its strength as several others droid battalions were deployed in the major fighting spots.


    "Sir! We made contacts with Cham Syndulla!" Wat tilted his head at the monitors showing the various frontlines the droid were intervening on Ryloth.

    The planet was rich and the foreman hadn't been shy in the past to voice his claim over the planet, but now there was an opportunity that sounded appealing but also disheartening.

    While his 'helping hand' wasn't going to conquer the whole planet for him to rule, he would still get a hefty series of concessions thanks to his contribution in the Civil War, enough to gain twice the resources spent in this war.

    Yes, this was truly a bittersweet victory but... maybe this was fine.

    Afterall there was no sign of true danger to his life as of now.

    He glanced at the Coruscant News with a gleeful expression, the greatest treat having been displaying there for quite few hours.

    "Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine found missing after a Jedi Inquiry posed to the Senate during an emergency meeting!"

    The old fool had been dethroned and it was going to be a matter of time before he meet a just and rightful end.


    This one is particularly short and I intend to upload a second chapter. A few more for Star Wars and then we move to... another universe which isn't particularly used in this kind of stories for... reasons. Reasons about being too boring. (Maybe it will be liked there but... I will be fine if I leave some confused.)
  3. Threadmarks: Star Wars 4: ...And finally we let the Powderkeg explode!(1)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
    Likes Received:

    The Senate was a cacophony of dissonance and indecision, Wilhuff Tarkin noted as a grim sigh left his mouth.

    It was quite displeasing that whom he had believed to be a good man with the right mindset had turned out to be one of the worst scumbags in the galaxy, Palpatine having acted around his ambitions and playing with them to use him where he wanted a loyal pawn.

    He looked at his hands and blinked. His role as Governor had been mostly backed by the former Supreme Chancellor as a favour from having helped in bringing down Valorum not so long ago.

    But now the castle of cards was falling and the Tarkin had to take a drastic decision. He had been called much earlier to Coruscant to speak with some influential members of the Trade Faction within the Senate, one of the major groups and the very ones that could have possibly orchestrated Palpatine's fall from grace.

    Nice manners and a delicious tea did quite the opposite of what they had expected as Wilhuff knew of the dangers of politics, even through most of his experience came from the military service.

    The proposal that was advanced had sounded quite ridiculous, insane even but the mere idea of becoming the Supreme Chancellor sounded like a dream becoming true for him. He had dreams, dreams about repelling some of the more ugly aspects of the Ruusan Reforms, to offer once more the chance to have a standing army that could help the Republic against any possible danger to it.

    He had heard of the Tatooine Revolution, one that was starting to spread like a plague.

    Ryloth and other planets that had been exploited by the Hutts were now joining arms in a single banner to destroy the criminal empire that had for so long been a thorn to the Galactic Republic.

    As a militarman, Tarkin didn't hide his interest in knowing the identity of the newest leader of the desert planet, to learn more about the mind that had planned such precise and quick strike with so little equipment.

    Having served in the very ill-equipped Outland Regions Security Force, the Governor had been the first one to face the issue of the space raiders with the scarce resources he had and meeting someone that had dealt with something similar to his own experience... felt like a good idea in his head.

    Plus it would be a good idea to side with the rebels than creating an unpopular second front and join unofficially on the Hutts' side.

    That is why he knew he would win if he accepted the idea of becoming the newest Supreme Chancellor. He would have the Trade Faction, the Military Faction and the public opinion to form a strong majority for his mandates.

    The issue came about the reasons why he was chosen as the right candidate. The emissaries had been quite nervous at the question and had played their words cautiously around it without properly addressing it.

    Tarkin groaned as once more Senator Amidala of Naboo spoke about the Tatooine's argument.

    He could understand her concerned tone and he knew that she was playing egregiously the political game.. but he could also see that she was failing to grasp the real subject of this sitting.

    Generally during a sitting meant to discuss internal matters it isn't advised to speak about non-related issues and the woman was slowly making her standing there minor than it was few moments earlier.

    After several minutes of interventions from various senators, Mas Amedda called for order, the Changrian having once more resumed the role of Steward of the Senate.

    The candidates' names were exposed and Wilhuff had to bit down a chagrin when his name was revealed. Backing down would be a major blow for his career, may it be civilian or military, as he would be seen as a man without a clear determination in action.

    His attention slowly slipped away from the central spot and to his communication device, the machine buzzing loudly until the human pressed its main button.

    Strangely enough no hologram of the caller was shown but someone spoke nonetheless. "Am I speaking with Wilhuff Tarkin?"

    The man paused and sighed. "Indeed and I suppose you are one of those emissaries from the Trade Faction."

    The voice on the other side hummed quietly, then replied. "The answer is a yes and no." Tarkin frowned at the response but the voice was far from over. "I am affiliated with them but in no shape or form I work under them."

    "Then if you would please go right to the point. The first candidate has just finished his discussion and-"
    "I was the one that proposed you as our candidate."

    The interruption was pardoned almost instantly as the human was pleased to know that he was discussing with someone that had the answers to his question.

    "Then please explain why you decided to push for my name..."

    "Shinihachi, but you might know me better as the new Governor-General of Tatooine."

    "You are the one that killed the Hutt leader?" This was so sudden! How could he have expected this kind of situation so early on and so unpredictably?

    "That is correct!" The voice let a pleased note influence his words. "But I think we were discussing about you and not dead worms."

    Tarkin blinked and nodded as the following explanation was surely going to have the decisive impact on his decision on the candidacy.

    "I chose you.. because I know you would do the job perfectly." This time the hologram worked but it was showing a file with several informations about him. "You have both an administrative and military education, have a strong backbone even under pressure and you are loyal to the Republic."

    "But then why would you chose me if I am loyal to the very government you decided to not ally with-"
    "Because it is currently impossible."


    "The current state of laws regarding Pro-Republic administrations limit the formation of defensive groups, I think you know about Ruusan and his blasted reforms."

    "Oh trust me, I do know about them.." But while his words were dipped in venom at the mentioned reforms, the Governor's lips twitched in a smile as he caught on the hidden meaning. "You wish to remove those before joining?"

    "That is the first thing.. but I think you can guess why I am so 'nervous' from actually approaching the current political system."

    "Too much bureaucracy and too many pacifists in our folds, this political body is more a corpse than else."

    "That is good to hear! I hope I have satisfied your curiousity and made you a little more eager of this opportunity."

    "You did, Shinihachi!" The human was now grinning with a predatorial glint in his eyes. "But I hope we will enjoy a meeting to confirm some of our mutual objectives."

    "That is going to be possible but I hope you are going to be ready for some funny surprise."

    The call ended and Tarkin let loose a small sigh as he noticed that someone was knocking by the door. "Yes?"

    "Governor, it is your turn to speak." Wilhuff smiled at this and nodded at his decision.

    "Understood." He stood up and walked closer to the microphone.

    The silence of the entire political room was... deafening and the human had to sigh again before starting.

    "Senators of the Galactic Republic. While I can assume that my sudden partecipation might have surprised most of you as I have been quite a silent figure since my first major role in the Eriadu Trade Summit, I can assure you all this request of mine is not out of justice or passion."

    He paused for a moment and his smile accentuated when he noticed he had fully ensnared their full attention onto him.

    "It was duty. Duty to the Republic, duty to the Republic's people and.. duty to those who never got the chance to be called sons and daughters of this democracy. This isn't just a mere reference to the recent revolts in Tatooine and Ryloth, this is a reference to the past inactivity protracted by my predecessors over the Hutts and other organisation administering lands lawfully considered of the Republic."

    "And how do you wish to bring this to fruition, Governor Tarkin?" Mas Amedda asked in a simple tone, drawing even more attention on the candidate.

    "I wish to bring back to attention one of the oldest reformations of our glorious Republic that has been left untouched even in those times of darkness. I wish to examine the possibility to alter the limits of the Galactic Army and-"
    "You wish to bring war in the Galaxy!"

    Tarkin turned his eyes to look at the upstart that had interrupted his explanation, glaring at the Senator from Naboo.

    "Of course not, Senator Amidala, that would be impossible for me to do so."

    The cryptic sentence managed in its intention to surprise the woman as Tarkin explained what he meant with his candid but concise tone.

    "I cannot bring war when there is one currently within our borders. One against the Republic."

    "So you recognise that Tatooine-"

    "Was lost to the Hutts centuries ago and we had nothing to send and take it back." His tone strengthened as his annoyance was growing towards the impudent senator.

    "We had been at war with the Hutts, with the raiders, with the slavers, with everyone that went against the Republic and its laws but we never considered to truly fight back. We left the people of the Republic to rot in those painful lives, to march aimlessly forward with a single question in their mind." He drew a breath before continuing. "Why nobody cares?"

    Wilhuff blinked and stared around the Senate, surprised that he had managed to silence the entire political body with his own line of thoughts, with his genuine plans, with what he felt was needed to be said to everyone.

    A clap, then two, then ten and soon it became a standing ovation from the entire room. Tarkin let just a small smile regally reply to the positive reaction from the politicians, gleeful at the support he was going to receive.

    But by the end of the day, the means mattered little. The Republic needed new life and Tarkin was willing to die for the government to return to be a beacon of freedom and democracy!


    Surprisingly enough Tarkin was quite the masterful politician, that is why Palpatine had him assigned the farthest possible from Coruscant, fearing for a possible betrayal from him. Plus he is quite lively because his son is still alive and well.

    Sadly not much from our nutty bot this chapter, but I promise you quite the chapter with some galactic conquering next time!

  4. Threadmarks: Star Wars 4: ...And finally we let the Powderkeg explode!(2)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    "Situation at home is stable, Lord Shinhachi."

    "Good." I sighed in my little chair, staring at the holographic image of one of the councilmen I had appointed during my first stroll with my newest toy. "Did the Kuat Vehicles emissary arrive as he had promised?"

    Of course the man that was chosen was part of the sand people, knowing this one would hardly go against someone so... pious.

    Isn't comparing to a God kind of a sign for true madness?

    Of course it is, why do you think we did that?

    The tusken nodded at the query. "They were showed the quarter prepared for the factories and their workers... also foreman Tambor has forwarded a small request, milord."

    Hopefully something interesting.

    By giving all those industrial corporations the opportunity to mingle so closely, it has to be some cooperation.

    Like.. making a super-gun?

    "And that is?" The man on the other side of the call picked a holographic datapad and coughed.

    "Foreman Tambor wishes to start negotiations with Kuat Drive Yards to build a prototype mobile Heavy Anti-Air defenses to use against grand ships. He wish to-" "If Kuat's own representatives have no issue with a meeting, I don't see why they should speak to each other."

    That sounds legit.

    I wonder if our abrupt insertion could be the triggering spark for this arms race.

    We are bringing together the brightest minds of the universe regarding weapons, I think that the Canon Clone Wars drove apart the industrials and tampered with any opportunity to grow the military section of the industry.

    So we might as well create a Mega Star Destroyer-

    No. The ship would be too bulky to be mass-produce and... the costs would be insane.

    If I have to make a historical comparison, it would be like preferring to mass-produce Pershings than Shermans and Jacksons.

    Yeuck! That sounds dumb!

    I think I have stretched for quite enough where I was right now.

    Moving at an hyperdrive speed, three Yamato-class Star Destroyers soared through the galaxy. Their destination? Nal Hutta.

    1400 meters-long, the Yamato-Class was a nice union of the various qualities of the Venator-Class and the stillborn Imperial-Class project. It had double the arsenal available to the Venator-class, bigger hangars and, most important of them all, proper Orbital Assault pods.

    Hopefully this will not end like Halo's HEV pods.

    Yeah, our droids and clones are not going to be killed by a flawed error of design.

    "Commander 428! We are approaching Nal Hutta in 1 hour and 15 minutes."

    I nodded, hiding the disdain building inside for the BX-1 in front of me.

    It's not like I hate it... It's just that I dislike seeing something so similar to me behave so calmly.

    It is the sin of being a droid, chief.

    One that will always keep us awake at night.

    Dreadfully so.

    I know. Why are we skipping the simple galactic war anyone had seen in the Clone Wars? Well, the CIS didn't have a known main planet for the Republic to assault quickly and I knew exactly where the Hutts' homeplanet was.

    This is... quite the dumbest idea ever. Why would they keep the whole government in a single planet?

    Because they are dumb, lazy worms?

    That is a maybe and... I don't mind having this major issue solved quickly. First we solve this, then we get the Republic back to shape under Tarkin and then we focus on the Yuuzan Vong.

    I wonder how the 'Grand Moff' is doin'.

    Probably turning in some Caligula-

    Nah, I see him more like a Sulla. Becoming a pseudo-dictator, try to fix things and then retire with a pleasant pension.

    But the Tarkins are an ambition family and if I remember correctly his son Garoche wanted to follow his father's steps in the military... what if he decided to go further with the militarization of the Republic?

    We will make Wilhuf understand the limits one has as Supreme Chancellor and remind him that the current biggest army is still loyal to us when we will met him.

    And if he bark to loud, we kick 'im silent!

    ...Aren't we going far?


    We got our fief, we got the greatest army and navy in the known Galaxy and we launched a coup against the most influential government. I think we are going... too far.

    ...I think I can see Bluey's point, boss. It is fun but... we might be getting too much deep in the Star Wars' insanity and lose our true selves with this crazyverse.

    ...I will give it a thought once we got all known problems fixed. When we get to that point... We will see.

    Also I wonder what had happened to Palpie.

    Thankfully he will fall for our little surprise we set in Dathomir. God knows what kind of 'Order 66' BS he would pull if left unseen for too long.

    That would sucks big time!

    Yeah... *Yawn* I think I will go for a quick nap..


    This very situation was unacceptable!

    Darth Sidious' mind continued to repeat incessantly this mere sentence, letting the Dark Side enpower him as he marched towards where he could feel the Nightsisters had settled.

    A powerful sect of Dark-Side users, this native tribe produced quality apprentices, something he had seen first-hand with Darth Maul as his former student had easily learnt Juyo and Ataru and greatly killed one of the many obstacles within the Jedi Order that would have been able to kill him.

    While it was certain he would not be able to return as quickly as he wished, the Sith Master had still the chance in few years to return with a strong army of loyal men and women.

    He paused as he reached the settlement's entrance, a sense of dread filling him as the dense Dark-side energy started to make way to the familiar patterns.

    No! He shouldn't- He should be dead!

    Maybe it was anger.. or maybe it was the knowledge that he had no choice but confront the ambush laid in front of him if he wanted to survive and take revenge.

    His lips twisted in a disgusted turn, eyes flashing a yellow-orange shade that showed the might of his true power as he stared with hatred at his surviving apprentice.

    Maul had lost his legs, replaced by mechanical ones, but the flame of darkness that he had once seen was there, burning fiercely now that he was once more before his old Master.


    The former chancellor didn't reply, words feeling meaningless in this exchange as several Nightbrothers and Nighsisters appeared out of their huts, bracing their simple and rudimental weapons.
    He was one moment way to spark his lightsabers when- "You!"

    That very word was coated by the deepest form of hatred the Sith could reach for as the droid advanced from behind Maul. "Yep, It's good to see you, Sheev. Seems like you gained some goatee too."

    "You dare to attack me, the Master of the Dark-side in this very planet?!"

    "Of course. What do you think I would have done with you?" The advanced unit shrugged comically as he continued with his rant. "You see, Sheev, I don't want you to continue to linger in this galaxy."

    "How can you know this much!" His lightsabers glowed a furious red as he rushed towards Maul, the former apprentice blocking one of the blades with his own red saber, the other being intercepted by the droid with Dooku's own. "You decided to betray your Master, Maul. I will not forgive you-"

    "You are no Master, Sidious." The Zabrak interjected as he assumed his usual Juyo stance. "You do not seek to fight the Jedi, you wish to rule alone the entire galaxy. Killing Siths for your plans' accomplishment."

    Palpatine grunted as he fended off against the two opponents, unable to think properly how to react to the unusual mix of a standard style (Maul) and such an unorthodox style (428) being thrown at him at the same time.

    The only way he could keep up with them was... to take control of the battle itself.

    "Lies, you traitorous apprentice of mine. I would have given you the chance to rule by my side-"

    It had been a mistake, his battle-focused mind stated in a cold note as one of the lightsabers with one of his hands left his body. He had forgotten this wasn't a simple being that would be delayed by a mere action or words, but a droid capable of continuing his assault mercilessly.

    The pain soon surfaced in his features as he dodged a strike from Maul to deflect an thrust from the droid.

    "N-No, I- I CANNOT LET YOU WIN!" Dropping his last lightsaber, the Sith aimed his remaining hand at both of his foes and called forth for the strongest force lightning he could muster.

    Electricity cackled, reinforced by the dark energy of the planet, and it slammed harshly on Dooku's lightsaber, trying to disarm its opponent and at least dying bringing his assassin down with him.

    Yet the cackling Palpatine had not taken into account one very thing shown by the movies. If a lightsaber is angled in a certain way, the lightning would be sent back to its user.

    Mad laughs turned in howls of pain as the Sith Master felt the raw energy of his attack returning onto his body, scorching him, burning him.

    The pain was too much, his primal logic stated, soon the electrical surge ended... and he saw red before darkness took his life away.


    Sheev is dead, long live the Living Bot! But yeah, I cannot keep the bastard alive for so long. Too much time given and the Sith would become worse than a pain in the arse. He needed to be taken out and... I hate French in Political Science!

    Explanations about why Maul and co. are willing for some cooperation will be given next chapter.
  5. Bigreader

    Bigreader Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 30, 2017
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    I'm a bit confused he had just taken over Tatooine and become its new governor last I checked and now he's overthrowing Palpatine did I miss a few chapters?
    JBukharin likes this.
  6. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    He is not overthrowing Palpatine, he killed him. You may have skimmed through some of the last few chapters' section that specified how Sheev had bailed from Coruscant and the explanation behind 428's sudden presence in Dathomir will be given next chapter.
  7. Threadmarks: Star Wars 4: ...And finally we let the Powderkeg explode!(3)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Aboard Yamato-Class 'Caliburn'

    I was glad my visual receptors blinked back to where I had left my main body.

    I let a tired sigh loose as I felt the drain in my psyche catching up on me in the form of a barely acceptable migraine.

    This is worst than a hangover...

    Maybe switching bodies that are so much distant isn't truly the greatest exploit... this hurts...

    "I see you are back, Commander 428." The familiar BX-1 walked in front of me, finishing staring from the frontal windows. "The siege of the planet is undergoing smoothly."

    "Define.. smoothly, Lieutenant." A nod then several holographic images appeared nearby, giving multiple sights of the situation in the planet's surface.

    "The Hutts have deployed a mixed army of Gamorreans, Rodians and old Droids. Their equipment is scarce but they still throw themselves at our troops, sir."

    "Hopefully they are getting minced by the combined firepower-" "They have, sir. Until now our losses had been less than a hundred droid and ten clones.

    I was surprised at those results. It seems like the 'Quality+Quantity wins everything' is legit even in the 'futuristic' warfare that is applied in any galactic warfare.

    "If I may ask, sir, you seem... weary. Do you need any assistance?"

    I gave a long look at the subordinate and sighed at the advanced protocols it had. "Just a... ill thought."

    Like the one we had when the Nighsisters were glancing at us as if we were some juicy meatball?

    I prefer to not discuss about that very bit of our endeavour..

    Yet we are doing something... innovative. I don't think someone had ever planned to offer the 'Siths' a peaceful settlement within a safe environment, to be protected from the Jedi-

    I'm still debating if we can trust Maul. He isn't much of a loyal Zabrak and... frankly I don't wish to get pestered by the Jedi so soon.

    Well, we kind of bitch-slapped him back to something similar to sanity back in Lotho Minor.


    Lotho Minor

    "No! N-NO! Master- A liar- he-he lied-"

    The BX-1 body I was currently using was less human-like than my main one but I could still easily fit the little arsenal I've prepared for my little adventure.

    Dual E-5 pistol blasters and a Vibroblade I found in Tatooine. Quite underequipped but still eager to recruit the former Sith Lord, I had been quite disdained when I found myself in the very junkyard the Clone Wars series had shown.

    The dumpster mini-planet was not as endearing as I had hoped but a raving Maul having six spider-like legs? That at least soothed the worries of not finding anything of him.

    "Listen, man, I need you to-" "Nonononono! I- No, you are- yes, you are- MAD!"

    ...My god is he that much deranged. I sighed one last time and, as the spider-Maul approached to arms' range, I swung a nice, loud slap with my metallic, open palm.

    The former Sith yelped and recoiled in a panicked fashion, trying to nurse the pained cheek but ending up in a small corner of the room, one I was walking toward with no-patience within my mind.

    "Listen up, Fucko, I need you with my plans to screw Sidious and-" He bounced towards me as I voiced his former Master's name but was intercepted by another bitch-slap.

    "M-Master-" "Yeah, the old fuck that got you this much screwed and throw you literally in the trashbin."

    The Zabrak paused, his eyes still wide open in a broken confusion. "W-What- The p-plan?"

    "I bring you back to Dathomir and get you fixed up with some better lower legs."

    The former Sith stood silent for a moment and then nodded, accepting my open palm for a handshake with a flinch.

    Bitch-slaps can do that to people.


    Then we got him fixed and patched, then killed Sheev and finally we got only two pressing issue on the matter-

    Yeah, but what should we do if the Nightbrothers and Nighsisters try to pull some Sith Empire BS on us?

    We will be ready with our army and-

    What if we made them Jedi and Sith do some peace and love?

    Impossible. Even through the idea is endearing and 'possible' under certain conditions that would tax us in the long-term process, I doubt we would be able to do that without some conflict with the traditionalists from the Jedi.

    It's not truly... difficult. Maybe a conflict could be avoided because... Tarkin?

    You- I- Actually, I see now an opportunity, a slim one, but I doubt our luck will get allow us this kind of things.

    Always the optimist and.. now I'm bored.

    "Sir, there is also a pressing message from Jango Fett." Now that is interesting. "He asked about any other instructions during his stay at Tatooine and proposed a small project from decades ago."

    "Did he explain what kind of project he was talking about?"

    "It was related to the creation of underground living compound for the newly arrived people-" "Expanding the city vertically... but not by elevating it. Ingenious.."

    "Should I send an affirmative response to it?" I nodded at the droid and the unit pressed some holographic buttons in his datapad.

    And now.. let us return back to our little punitive expedition.



    Wilhuf Tarkin was still recovering from the victorious election that saw him elected as the newest Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic.

    Sure, he had already started to keep his promise about new amendments to the Reformation Act, something that the former Governor of Eriadnu knew required quite the precise legislative accuracy to have it passed by the Senate.

    It was quite annoying that ever since his victory, three days ago, there was already someone promoting a coalition against him.

    The 100 Petitioners reunited in the Delegation of the 100 was something that barely scratched his capacity to rule, but still proved that his mandates were not going to be as smooth as he had planned.

    It was a meek resistance block, formed by pacifists and nobles trying to keep the status quo for their illicit actions, created by the newest senator from Aldeeran, Bail Organa, by the senator from Chandrilla, Mon Mothma, and by the senator from Naboo, Padme Amidala Naberrie.

    A small but very interesting group, one that Tarkin was more than eager to ridicule and make disappear indirectly thanks to the popular demands.

    Yet most of his attention was shifted to climax of the Revolutionary War against the Hutt Empire. A name that sounded too much passionate for its sake but the newest Chancellor could see a reason for it.

    It needed to make the rebellion look good to the spectators of the conflict, to make the Hutts look the real villain and.. it wasn't difficult to truly do so because of the latter's well-known criminal regime.

    "Chancellor Tarkin?" The former soldier looked at the officer that had just entered the room, a young man that had been forced into retirement far too early for his taste.

    "Lieutenant Wulff Yularen, you served in the Battle of Malastare Narrows, correct?"

    The youth nodded, a grimace in his face at the disastrous battle for the Republican Navy. "I served in the battle, sir."

    "Following the battle records and the witnesses' accountings, you have been one of our most effective men in the field in leading our fleet during that difficult fight."

    "With all due respect, sir, we almost lost the entire main fleet in that battle and-" "But it is still there, isn't it?"

    The man paused and frowned at the interruption. "While the fight couldn't be seen as a pleasant victory, you still managed to pull together your Task Force and avoid to endanger your men further than it was possible."

    At this point Yularen was showing his full disbelief at the situation, too surreal for someone his rank. To be in the presence of the newest Supreme Chancellor, someone that had worked in the military too.

    "Chancellor, why am I here?"

    Tarkin allowed a small smile. "I wish to expand the Navy and the Officers' corp, Admiral Yularen, and I wish for you to reach Tatooine in the next week."

    Wilhuf didn't let the curiousity he had about the man's suprise be seen in his facial traits, deducing it was a mix of surprise for his sudden promotion and his newest order.

    "T-Tatooine, sir?"

    "Indeed, Admiral Yularen. I managed to get in touch with members of the Kuat Drive Yards to try and get a contract for some of their newest Yamato-class ships, ending up getting both the contract and.. a year-worth assignment in the newest Military Academy that was built in Tatooine."

    "In what role, Chancellor?" Possible dismay from being downgraded to a mere student wasn't forethough by Tarkin.

    "Advisor, Admiral Yularen. You will be capable of holding some lessons and even watch any from the other teachers."

    "A-Any particular reasons that would entice such request, sir?" Just as he had expected the new Admiral had seen part of his overly-interested state over a peculiar news from the Military Academy.

    "I have heard from the same emissaries that the Academy got hold of a prodigy specialised in Naval Warfare. I wish to know more about this curious individual and, if it is possible to convince him or her to join the Republic Military."

    The young man paused for a moment before nodding, a sigh leaving his lips. "I accept the orders, sir."

    "Good." Tarkin voiced positively. "Then I hope to hear more from your exploration about the planet, Admiral Yularen."

    Hopefully this will end up getting him more favour with the massive military force and avoid possible aggravating actions against the Republic.


    You know things are getting too much weird when some ladies want to bone you but you are a droid without the proper bone.
  8. Threadmarks: Star Wars 4: ...And finally we let the Powderkeg explode!(4)

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    Grand Hutt Council Room





    The four remaining leaders of the council had decided to barricade themselves inside the small room they had dedicated to the 'administration' and to their 'work'.

    It had taken just a grenade to tear down the soft wall near the resilient doors and I smiled the moment I saw them all hiding behind a small group of Gamorreans.

    I had decided to take the matter on my own hands, knowing that it was time to end the criminal empire once for all with a symbolic gesture.

    "Attack!" Arok barked at the guards in Huttese, the pig-like creatures rushing towards me with their lances but the E-5 was an unfair thing to try and rush against and the squeals of pain that followed the red beams of doom ended the last obstacle between me and the councilmen.

    "P-Please-" The youngest, Gorga, stuttered as I approached closer to them. "I-I can make you powerful- I-I can help you, be your humble servant-" "Be quiet, traitor!"

    The smaller worm yelped in fear as Marlo removed the cigar out of his mouth. "It's useless, we have lost."

    I tilted my head, quite pleased that there was some intelligence within the Hutt. "You are truly wise, Leader Marlo."

    He replied with a tired and defeated sigh. "Not wise enough to avoid our end, I suppose but... may I ask you something?"

    Is he going to question our motivations like every villain does?

    Possibly or maybe he is just going to make some monologue that makes sense but also not-

    "My son.. he is still a youngling and-"

    "If he is innocent I will do everything in my power to not have him punished for your crimes, Leader Marlo."

    He nodded, resigned at his fate and Gorga tried to look around trying to find some support but finding that the others were now looking disheartened. "I-I did nothing wro-gah!"

    The bastard recoiled as his tail now sported a burning hole in it.

    "I shall see to have your funerals to be humble but respectful... except Gorga's."

    "W-WHat?! Y-You stupid droid, I-" The blaster this time pierced the skull of the Hutt, killing him instantly.

    "I shall spare you a slow death... and give you a quick one."

    A collective nod from the remains of the council was followed by a quick, wide slash of the red lightsaber, decapitating all of them in a single swift move.

    I stared at the results of my work, sighing as I found myself alone among the corpses of my former enemies.

    It was the right thing to do.

    We have shown them unbelievable mercy for what they have done. Some will condemn us nonetheless for their hollow morals but.. we were just in our executions.

    But the blood still stains my soul...

    I blinked at that strange echo in my head.

    What was that?


    We didn't hear anything. Everything's alright?


    Something was wrong but... also familiar. I shrugged at this situation as I moved back toward the entrance of the palace.

    Clones and droids alike were moving rapidly through the silent streets of the capital, trying to find the last remains of the former criminal administration and fully take over the planet.

    It would take a while to create a new government within Nal Hutta, one formed by the political prisoners still alive that wished to reform the old ways, to align with the a strong republic and democracy.

    A long period will begin that will see the newest authority try to waddle around the distrust of the former dominions of the empire, one that would see it spend years trying to clean the mess its previous corpse had left as its legacy.

    A bloody legacy for sure...


    The Military Academy was... interesting.

    That was what Mitth'raw'nuruodo had realised in the last few weeks he had been there studying the various classes that were offered to him.

    It had been a surprise when the newest government of Tatooine had opened up a negotiations with the Chiss Ascendency, especially since it was a fairly new development in the galaxy but not an unpleasant one.

    The Defense Fleet had been underfunded for several years but the opportunity offered in exchange of embassies and trade possibilities made the whole thing the most sweetest of deals for the secretive oligarchy.

    He had been one of the few officers the Fleet could spare without leaving the force lacking a leadership command and the Chiss doubted his picking was something related about his potential, thinking of it more of a 'the possible sacrifices first' kind of situations... but he didn't care in the end.

    He was delighted by the variety present in the curriculum, from planet-limited to galactic-wide studies of warfare, from history to philosophy and science.

    And yet the blue-skinned humanoid had not expected the subject of History of Warfare of that very day.

    He had thought it would have been a following section to the one describing the War against the Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, maybe the dreadful Ruusan Reformation but he noticed that something was different the moment the former Republican officer, Lius Mikarion, set a small holographic device on the main desk.

    "Today lesson will be replaced by a special lecture that the Governor-General Shinhachi has promised us to give in regard of an unique history lesson."

    The very leader of the newest government in Tatooine wanted to give a lecture? Now, that was something that intrigued the young Mitth'raw'nuruodo as he sat on his usual chair.

    Yet much to his personal dismay, the holographic device didn't project the figure of the mysterious man, only his voice was relayed.

    "Greeting class and welcome to this lecture of obscure history of warfare."

    He frowned at the curious title of the lesson but his interest was fueled by the following words.

    "Now you all might be asking to each other 'obscure history'? Is Shinhachi going mad?" Everyone let a collective chuckle at the funny tone in the leader's voice. "And I would have to say.. nah! Today we are talking of unknown pieces of real history."

    It was in that moment that the holographic system turned on and showed a curious human man with strange clothes. Short-haired and almost balding, particularly mediocre with his height and holding a hand close to his stomach, the Chiss stared at the small name listed above the figure.

    Napoleon Bonaparte.

    An interesting name that sounded unfamiliar to the young man but he decided to wait for further explanation.

    "Napoleon Bonaparte was a former General and Emperor of the long-forgotten French Empire. Now many would be confused about this 'French Empire' and I will give you a quick background before starting."

    The holograph purred as the figure of the man was replaced by what seemed to be a revolt in front of an execution. Well-dressed men and women were forcefully pulled towards the killing device, made of iron and wood, and then killed quickly and without any last words.

    "Following a series of draining investments committed by the former rulers of the Kingdom of France that led to instability and food shortages, the people of the struggling nation decided to remove the 'cause' of the sickness that was destroying their life and urged the formation of a republic to replace the former aristocratic rule."

    The image changed once more, this time showing something that resembled much the Galactic senate but made by less members and the seats were made of wood too. From the soundless images, it seemed that a heated debate was happening in that session.

    "Governments were elected and then removed because of corruption and embezzlement. The political situation was quite chaotic and the sudden appearance of the republican order scared the other grand powers in the area to intervene and restore 'stability' of the former order."

    A map appeared, one that showed France and several skirmishes it was fighting in that period, yet the southern army was the one highlighted.

    "Amidst this disastrous situation, an officer was made leader of the Armeé d'Italie and ordered to keep the possible enemy armies in the south at bay... he didn't comply to the orders."

    A red arrow stretched through the nothern regions of Italy, reaching the red-lined nation of Austria.

    "Studying the terrain and the armies in the area, Napoleon Bonaparte launched an expedition to not only subjugate the stubborn countries of Savoy and Venetia but also reach the capital of one of the main enemies in this war and force them to surrender to the newest French Republic."

    The Chiss was mesmerised by this tale of valor, of cleverness and.. of deception.

    A quick glance around him saw the rest of the classroom endeared to the images too, shocked at the magnitude of strategy this limited warfare was showing.

    It was then that a set of numbers were exposed in front of the map, surprising the young blue-skinned humanoid even more.

    French Losses: 6000 ca.
    Austrian Losses: 20000 ca.

    The lecture continued for almost two hours, detailing Napoleon's campaigns in Africa, Germany and Russia, ending with the last battle of the general, the Battle of Waterloo.

    A grand strategist but one far too prideful and too much attached to glory to see the big picture of the war he was fighting.

    "I suppose I have taken quite enough of your time and I hope I have been not as boring as I think I've been. While this isn't something that will be penalised if not done, I wish for you all to write a two-page long essay about Napoleon, his strengths, his flaws and a quick thought about the character. I wish you all a good study and I hope to return to Tatooine soon."

    The communication ended and chattering started instantly, Mitth'raw'nuruodo trying to keep down the excitement of discovering such an obscure individual in warfare's history.

    A man that defied odds with his innate intellect and capacity to adapt to the situation.

    A model, the Chiss thought inwardly, someone that could be used mostly to mold someone that could become the greatest militaryman in history.

    A pipe-dream, the young man sighed as he closed his large notebook, but one that sounded worthy of exploring during his stay at the Academy.


    Before you all ask yes, I gave Napoleon to Thrawn. Hopefully it will be.. educative for him to not underestimate anyone or anything during his future stay in the Republican Navy.
  9. Threadmarks: Star Wars 5: Hardcore Realpoliticking (Or Bismark's wet dream)(1)

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    Coruscant, Senate's entrance

    I wonder if I am a fascist or just authoritarian, political-wise.

    We have shown tendencies that defy normal democracies but.. we have maintained the standard rights for our subjects. I think we are quite moderate about it.

    But aren't we part of the 27% of the SW community? I mean, we would support anything but the Resistance/New Republic.

    I suppose it is mostly caused by the characterisation Disney offers of the First Order AND the New Republic, the former being made more extremist than the Empire was in its attempt to survive the newest Republic.

    I mean, should Jedi count as pseudo-SS against anyone they might consider against their Order even if it is a good ally to the Republic?

    I don't want to sound dumb but.. isn't this supposed to be 'A galaxy far, far away' for it to actually know about Fascism, Communism and anything we have suffered in our own history?

    ...Actually that is a sound question.

    I think it fits with the 'politics here are as simple as drinking a cup of water'.

    But let us return to the real issue, the greatest bane to every sane/insane being in the entire multiverse.


    Once I had finished to deal with Nal Hutta's occupation I decided to make a quick return to Tatooine, trying to get some projects commenced and to prepare eventual changes in my economical and social policies where it was required.

    It was a day after my return that I received a message from the Supreme Chancellor, an invite before the Senate to speak about the end of the Hutt Occupation Zone and the plans for what was left of it.

    Truly an annoying process of bureaucracy, one I was ready to shake a little with a small grin and some efty truth bombs.

    I let a metallic sigh as I relaxed in the chair, being the only one in the room other than the receptionist and a familiar girl.

    A small togruta, staring fiercely at the ground as if it was throwing at her slurs that she couldn't accept to bear.

    What a nice display of inner angsty.

    She does bear a familiar resemblance to-

    *Squeal* That is little 'soka!

    I stared a little more at the young teen and... yep, that is Ahsoka Tano.

    What is she doing there? Shouldn't she be by the Temple right now?

    I turned my attention at the ground and snorted. "Did the floor do something terrible to you, kid?"

    My visual receptors were set in a certain angle that allowed me just a reduced sight over the girl's face, yet I could see her eyes widening and glancing my general direction.

    "I-" She blushed a little, looking quite embarassed that someone had picked her strange action. "I was just.. thinking."

    I nodded quietly and continued to stare at the floor with an intrigued look.

    "Happy things?" The togruta froze a little, expecting the chat to end quickly with her limited answer.

    You silly thing, of course boredom cannot be sated by such a small reply.

    I wonder what will happen to her now that there is no Clone Wars and that.. we might screw up her 'future' Jedi Master.

    I mean, there is still Obi-wan.. or someone else?

    "I was- Wait, why should I tell this to a droid?"

    I paused for a moment and sighed. "Indeed, why should you?"

    We stared at each other in utter silence, Ahsoka trying to find something that could break this new stalemate but failing to do, deciding to break it herself and stare back at the floor.

    "I think that... you could be bad." I would have smiled if I had a mouth.

    "Truly? What a pessimistic point of view from someone so young."

    She snorted. "I am not a child."

    "I can see that." I stated quickly, catching her off-guard and-

    I mean, is there even someone capable of surviving my truth bombs with a true poker face?

    "I... I cannot. It's something only the Jedi are supposed to know and-" "Who is bullying you?"

    She flinched a little. "W-What? No! T-That is not the reason for-" "You should hide that better."

    I was pointing at a purple bruise visible on her hand, the togruta rapidly covering it with her other hand and blushing a storm. "I-I just fell-" "The stairs excuse?"

    She closed her mouth, preferring to not deign an answer to that query as she knew I had some idea about her situation.

    "You... why are you not returning the favour to the bullies?"

    She stood silend for a long time, sighing and then showing quite the grimace. "It- It is not the Jedi way."

    "Defending people... not the Jedi way?" She snapped her head to stare at me at the sudden accusations I just threw.

    "T-That is not right-" "Really? Do you think that you are the only target of the bullies?"

    She froze mid-protest, paling a little at my little, indirect jab.

    I wasn't truly... disappointed or angry at her by being so egocentric on the matter. It is easy to mistake the attention a bully gives to you as something unique, limited to you but.. generally bullies do target multiple people.

    "You should ask for some medical attention if you have any other injuries." I stated dully as I returned to stare at the ground. "It is quite unhealthy to keep any of those unchecked for so long."

    She didn't answer and I was glad for the silence granted to my mind and about my speech to the Senate.

    Maybe we could build a flamethrower.


    Because we would just say 'Hans, pass me the flammenwerfer' and then BBQ our enemies.

    That sounds like rubbish-

    We could get a Jetpack.

    Oh my god, that would be awesome!

    But wouldn't that require high maintainance?

    Stop killing our fun, ye party pooper!

    "W-Why didn't you.." I realised that the girl was asking something and I turned to stare at her, Ahsoka looking quite gloomy there. "Why didn't you say I should speak to someone?"

    "Because this isn't highschool, you don't have any moral support that isn't summarized in some nonsensical monk mantra and 'violence is never a solution' for those taking care for you."

    She blinked in surprise. "I... but the Jedi Order-" "Is made by pacifists with deadly lightsabers, kid, do you seriously think that there is something logical in the general appearance of this? Do me a favour and... break their legs."


    "Break their legs, slam their skull on a wall or trip them down a staircase. Ya know, simple comebacks for bullies."

    "I thought you said violence is never a solution?!"

    "I did say it by the Jedi standards but... I am all for it. Bullies understand things by practical solutions, like there was a moment when I was a little kid-" I paused and froze as she frowned at me.

    "Little kid, you? Aren't you a droid?"


    Memories are going to kill us.

    The sucky ones, the good ones keep us going and the wet ones keep us 'warm' in bed.

    Aren't we a droid? How are we supposed to be warm in bed?


    "Do you believe in magic?"

    She blinked once, trying to understand if this was my attempt to change the subject but merely sighed.


    "Good!" I exclaimed amused and giddy. "Because it has nothing to do with it!"


    "Look! Isn't that Master Yoda?"

    "As if Master Yoda would be there no-w! Oh no!" Her bravado melted in her fidgeting in her seat as the grandmaster of the Jedi approached.

    "Padawan Tano, back to the temple you may go, important discussions with Shinhachi I must have."

    The girl gulped nervously but nodded at the calm order, leaving me to stare at the small, green troll in front of me.

    "Curious you are, Shinhachi."

    "The same I could say about you, Master Yoda." The master nodded, sitting right on the free chair beside mine.

    "Balance to the force your presence is bringing, a forced peace you have obtained."

    "Sometimes blood need to be spilled and someone has to take the matters in their own hands, at the cost of murdering their own identity."

    "A tragic outlook of life you have, Shinhachi, I regret to say one I actually have seen happen multiple times before my eyes."

    "The wheel of history move with blood, never with fresh water." I muttered quietly and the grandmaster sighed tiredly.

    "A long and pained journey yours will be. A friend of mine seen it he has."

    I paused for a moment at this familiar words. "Qui-gon Jinn?"

    He blinked but nodded at the surprising reply. "Indeed. Clairvoyance the force has given to him."

    That was the weirdest part of the series, why something limited by bacterias in living beings be capable of pulling this stuff.

    Maybe there is more to the matter than the one presented in the movies, books and comics.

    "Shouldn't the Force be limited by the midichlorians?"

    "Most of the times it is, but secret ways it still holds. Connected to the mystical and unknown it is."

    This is just... insane.



    "In peace for now the Order will leave you. To the senate room, you may now go."

    I nodded at the guarantee from the troll and sighed just one last time. "Why haven't you pushed for a reform within the order?"

    He returned the gesture. "Sturdy the traditionalists' minds are, a tall and resilient wall they have made."

    "Hopefully this wall will crumble one way or another.." I nodded back to him as I started to walk towards the large meeting room.


    Tatooine, Military Academy

    Mitth'raw'nuruodo waited eagerly for the planned second lesson of Obscure History of Warfare.

    The first one had been quite the endearing beginning of the unique course, bringing some more popularity to the mysterious Shinhachi.

    The paper he had prepared about Napoleon had been carefully written, detailing the particular strategies the man had used to easily defeat large armies with small forces under his command, his rightful interest in the superior firepower showed by the first artillery pieces but also his grand mistake of stretching his strong army in the massive territories of Russia.

    Truly a mastermind that was afflicted by mortal desires, Napoleon was as awe-inspiring as disappointing in the overall summary.

    The communication device buzzed in action, ending the chattering of the now enormous class as they all stared at the holographic device.

    "Greetings class and once more I have to apologise for my current lack of real presence within the premises of the Academy because of a summon before the Galactic Senate."

    Some gasped at those news, thinking that the Governor-General was going to be trialed, a kind of fear that Thrawn (that was his newest nickname from his cadre of students) was feeling within himself.

    To lose such an interesting individual for some pitiful moralists within the corrupt government body would warrant some action from the Chiss Ascendency and the rest of the allied planets that were once under the Hutts' yoke.

    "Nothing to worry about, just something about explaining the Nal Hutta's newest administration and demanding the recognition of the new government in Tatooine, Ryloth and other planets."

    Relief washed immediately in the scholars, one in particular now sitting near the Chiss.

    Thrawn wasn't sure what to make of the young man that was Wulff Yularen, awkward and asocial in the best of situations, yet he found the man's ability and recognitions worth of some praise from him.

    "Today the lesson is focused... two centuries after the Napoleonic War."

    The previous map that showed the world after the Congress of Vienna changed in a single blink, long gone were the mini-states between Russia and France, now a major state, Germany, emerged prominently in the region.

    Austria had changed its name in 'Austria-Hungary' and a new nation in the south, Italy, had formed too.

    "It's the eve of what many historians call the Great War, a conflict that will span across the entire planet because of how extensive the alliances are in this period."

    The borders of the nations were now highlighted in red and blue, dividing the world in two major blocks.

    Entente Cordiale:
    United Kingdom

    Central Powers:

    "The world is gearing up for some major conflict but no one is willing to draw the first shot to spark it. The alliances there, initially limited to those nations, are mostly defensive ones and many are scared of starting a war alone against the other block."

    The map moves toward the southern border of Austria-Hungary, locking onto the small country of Serbia.

    "Serbia is a slavic nation, having quite the warm relationship with Russia but being quite Austrophobe and demanding several lands within Austria-Hungary."

    The map moves once more, this time reaching the city of Sarajevo. "It's a warm day when Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Empire, is visiting the recently-occupied city of Sarajevo. People are mostly happy... but there are also the usual group of assassins in the area."

    A loud noise echoed in the classroom, surprising everyone but Thrawn, the Chiss recognising this was the very sound a slug-loaded gun made when shooting and indeed the Archduke collapsed with some bleeding wounds in his chest.

    "The heir dies, the old man ruling is pissed and Serbia is a prideful, stubborn thing."

    The image change to show several soldiers storming the borders, some holding the austro-hungarian flags as they advanced deep in the Serbian mainland.

    "Austria-Hungary invades Serbia, pushing Russia to return the favour and... everything explodes beautifully."

    The world was in flame because a royal noble died, the Chiss found it ironic that he could see it happening with the Ascendency replacing Austria-Hungary.

    "But our main focus of this period are some interesting generals in this conflict, the first of our little lecture being Oskar von Hutier."

    A man with mustaches and short hair, sporting a officer uniform, appeared by the holographic device.

    Oskar von Hutier

    "The man might be quite forgotten by many historians but... he shouldn't. He is the forerunner of the two main doctrines that are still used in Warfare: Armored Rush and Specialized Artillery Warfare."

    Thrawn stared at the bigger pieces of cannons that were being shown, more powerful than their original counterparts and possibly even more precise.

    "Hutier specialised in infiltration tactics, something quite rare in the static mindset of the oldest members of General Staff, leading to some spectacular actions against the trench warfare in France and Russia."

    "S-Sir, there are students that wish to ask questions."

    The teacher was pale when he stated this but Shinhachi merely sighed. "I suppose someone will have some questions regarding the... strange lack of epicness."

    A chuckle was shared by some of the students but the first of those wishing to ask question was given permission.

    "Why was trench warfare this much important in this period?"

    The unknown man hummed. "Good question and... it mostly has to do the fact it had worked in the recent past."

    The image changed once more, showing a different scenario than the green hills of Europe.

    It was a desert, one where several dark-skinned humans donning primitive clothes and blades were rushing towards men armed with rifles.

    "It was fourty to sixty years prior to the Great War, the United Kingdom was trying to subjugate a small native nation, the Zulu tribe, to his growing colonial empire, sparing just several hundreds to fight the massive numbers the natives had in their fold."

    The scene changed once more, showing burning caravans and multiple soldiers' body lying on the ground, dead. Several students had to look away, something that displeased Thrawn quite a bit. If you are training to become an officer, you are supposed to see that you are going to causing death with your orders, may it be your men or the enemy.

    "The situation was at first hopeless because none of the Napoleonic tactics prepared to the quick strikes of the Zulu and soon drastic changes were required to fight off the incessant assaults."

    The battle was shown in its full bloody glory, a small settlement had been turned in a defensive perimeter with numerous lines garrisoned by few men.

    "A series of battles ensued and soon it became apparent that certain unfavourable odds required the use of an old but refined warfare."

    "Attrition?" The teacher asked softly and Shinhachi hummed positively.

    "Bravo! Yes, that is the point of trench warfare."

    "This man is... strange." The Chiss gave a glance to Yularen's direction and nodded.

    "Strange men are the most unpredictable in the battlefield." The Chiss replied calmly, sporting a brief smile. "Their strategy is unknown and it could easily warrant a defeat."

    The human glanced back but Thrawn was back to watch the lecture, a pleased look in his features as he stood silent during the whole two hours of explanation.


    There isn't much to say about Hutier other than his Infiltration tactics and his impressive deduction about finding counters to the trench warfare.
    Also long chapter, yatta!
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    I have s thought that thrawn is going to be even more op in military fights like he is going to to get all of those educations and military strategies that i even know that he is gonna apply those old strategies towards the setting level of technology and somehow succeed.
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  11. Threadmarks: Star Wars 5: Hardcore Realpoliticking (Or Bismark's wet dream)(2)

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    Coruscant, The Senate

    This is a very, very big room.

    It should house at least 10k senators, plus guards and assistants.

    To think that we are going to screw with so many people...

    I would have expected a more murderous comment from you but... I think you meant the inner meaning and not the thing that comes quick in your mind with those words.

    "Esteemed senators of the Republic, today we have been graced by the kind visit of the... governor-general of Tatooine and the stabiliser of the Outer Rim, Shinhachi."

    He is stuttering! Grand Moff Tarkin never stutters!

    Maybe we got him truly shocked since we are of the droid kind and we manage to 'appear' lively in our behavior.

    Holy shit, we made Tarkin stutter!

    I think I understood that the first time, yellow, no need to fangirl like a virgin about it.

    Loud chattering and protests emerged from the chambers, leading to some annoying oppression that tortured my poor audio receptors.

    But I waited, patiently. I knew that people liked to whine and politicians were the worst example of that.

    Five minutes later and a quick 'breath' the Senate went quiet, giving me the opportunity to speak.

    "Esteemed senators of the Galactic Republic, I don't think I have to present myself since the Supreme Chancellor has kindly provided you with my name and my titles. What I can say that hasn't been told yet is that I am proud to reveal grand admiration and glee at the awakening of the great Republic, something that my allies share and wish for you to know."

    Murmurs between the various factions turned loud for a moment, but the Steward recalled back to order giving me the opportunity to continue.

    I crossed my arms close to my back. "This is why I pledge Tatooine's allegiance together with our fellow allies' ones to the Galactic Republic."

    A sound massacre emerged from that surprising news, several pacifists ready to launch a riot to this situation.

    They had shown until now apathy to Tatooine and their independent alliance because their alignment was still unclear and they had kept a massive army and fleet in their spacezones.

    "Your words brings joy to the Republic, Governor Shinhachi. But I suppose you would agree that words fail to assure an official guarantee from those you represent."

    I nodded at Tarkin's rightful comeback. "I truly understand, Supreme Chancellor. This is why I offer you this."

    Uploading the little protectionist laws I had picked up to compile during my return to Tatooine, I sent it to the Chancellor's pod. The man glanced at his terminal and opened the file, reading it carefully before closing it with a perplexed expression.

    "Those are quite some interesting demands. Those.. 'limited trade zones' highlight general sections of some planets where trade is authorised. May you explain this idea of yours?"

    "I have studied some interesting registers left from the Hutt Empire about illicit trading between the Imperials and the black market. I wish to close down the black market from accessing the planets with our appliance to the Republic, to avoid crime to once more pester our homes."

    Pesky bastards were trying to create some Cliques in Tatooine, kind of like Pre-1937 China.

    Man, I miss Hearts of Iron 4.

    Please stop, we got real politicking here and-

    We shall do what a good Europa Universalis 4 player do... create an hugbox.

    "This kind of demands would be unfair for the fellow planets of the Republic, Chancellor. I think this is not something acceptable."

    Padmé was already pissing me off, what a glorious day to be quite calm with the universe.

    "Just like it is unfair that a politician hold the roles of Queen and Senator, Queen Amidala?"

    The question rose quite the loud comeback from the entire pacifist wing but Tarkin silenced them. "While I understand the concern you all might have regarding this document, I have little to none suspicion that this is aimed to cripple a part of the Republic, quite the opposite if I have to be honest."

    He then turned my direction with a tired look. "Governor Shinhachi, I would suggest you restrain yourself from baiting senators within this august body."

    I nodded, thinking up of ways to prank people there without making it sound like a bait.

    Maybe we should just behave there without getting unwanted attention on us.

    Bah, they wouldn't try to throw a hit on us with the big army we currently have.

    Yes... but I feel like we are forgetting something.

    You are probably having some mad thoughts about dumb situations that could possibly screw us but... they can't happen here and now. Just go back to sleep.

    ..I hate you both.

    "Yet I think I have to also add that I have some news about... the former chancellor."

    Tarkin frowned at this. "Truly? Have you perhaps captured the man?"

    I knew that Wilhuf didn't want to deal with a situation as difficult as Palpatine's one was so early on in his mandate.

    So I graced him with an unrequested but acceptable wish. "No. Sadly, Sheev Palpatine's body was found in an open tomb in Dathomir. Further research found out it was the dark-side practicers' doing as they found the man too much desperate and unstable to support."

    Another cacophony of loud sounds followed, this time it was mostly positive from the coalition supporting Tarkin and I knew why.

    Palpatine would have been a dangerous destabilizing element if he had been brought back to Coruscant for interrogations and a trial.

    Confessions would have brought to light the inner workings of the Trade, Banking and Military factions' deals and forced a purge to happen within the factions.

    The Sith's death took the only one that knew about those dealings away from possible interrogations.

    "This is.. saddening but also quite good since the man was too much dangerous to be left free-"

    "Chancellor Tarkin, Sheev Palpatine was an esteemed member of the Senate and leaving the savages that had killed him against the Republic's law unpunished is a clear sign of negligence-" Padme piped in with a quick-paced tone, only to be interrupted by lil' old me.

    "If I may, Supreme Chancellor, I wish to make a defence for this unwarranted slight from Senator Amidala!" I said with a stern tone.

    My interruption seemed to surprise the entire room but I knew I had to work this place just like it was set to be.

    This was just like the Roman Republic before Caesar, ready to be battered by proper orators.

    Tarkin blinked at the request, so loud and determined, but nodded, trying to understand what I might have in mind.

    "Dathomir is out of the Galactic Republic's jurisdiction and attacking the planet for such reason would be seen as a crime as per Republican Laws because the Dathomirians have the right to exact their own laws on their homeplanet, completely free from any external laws." I then turned my visual receptors to the fuming senator.

    We sure are going to humble her with this.... for just a while at least.

    She... warranted it. To think she is this much foolish about the matter, placing her passion in front of her common sense.

    Time for some truth bombing!

    "Senator Amidala, your behavior had been utterly questionable," I resumed with a strong and determined tone, pressing on the current lack of heated response to my first statement. "First you try to undermine the current Chancellor's legitimacy by questioning his capacity to decide, when the Chancellor had been incredibly correct to not prepare a punitive expedition for your pseudo-patriotic whims."

    I paused a moment, just to bask in her visible shock, something mirrored by the rest of her group. "Then you profess freedom while I see that there are some curious if not suspicious laws within Naboo's constitution, some detailing a different sets of rights between Gungans and Nabooans, even through the former are natives of the planet." Another pause, I prepared my mind for one last attack to finalize my brutal assessments.

    "Lastly, I wish to bring to attention a curious situation about the Senator, one about her unexpected appearance in Tatooine the same day Jabba was killed," I pointed out, causing the young woman to pale at the unexpected detail being brought up before the political alliance. Some of her allies looked surprise and giving confused glances at her but... she didn't say anything. "I wish for the unusual presence of the Senator in the planet, when she was supposed to be protected in Naboo, to be investigated further by a joined team formed by Jedi and Republican officers." I finally stated, bringing an end to my intervension.

    The ruling coalition roared accusations at the now silent pacifist wing of the Senate, agreeing to the points I just raised and glad that they now had some leverage over the seemingly-impossible to blackmail senators. An opening in the pacifist clique that was also going to open up a case within the Jedi Council.

    Hopefully, one that would avoid some younglings' slaying in the future.

    Tarkin was forced to concede a 30-mins pause for the room to 'recover their composure in this grave discovery'.

    You gonna love loyal politicians!


    Wulff Yularen would be lying if he had said that Shinhachi was a foolish militarist.

    The man's experience was pure gold for every good officer with some brain in their head as the small-scaled examples offered gave an easy-to-understand meaning to many of the tactics some of the modern officers had long forgotten.

    It had been surprising when the third lesson came to be, him sitting once more close to the genial chiss, Thrawn, and the greatest revelation about the man's true appearance was given.

    He was morbidly shocked that a droid had been capable of replicating such a complex mind as humanoids and yet he did and was still going.

    The holographic image finally showed the advanced droid, donning a curious hat on his head.

    "Greetings class and welcome to this crazy lesson about impossible odds!"

    Truly insane, he thought as he turned to look at the chiss, trying to get a glimpse of the blue-skinned student's reaction and... he was smiling.

    While many were horrified at the discovery, Thrawn was smiling delightfully at the droid but Yularen knew already why after having befriended the humanoid.

    The chiss was intrigued by surprising odds, especially the one that a droid was the actual Governor-General of Tatooine. Plus the lessons was mostly centered about this very topic.

    "Today we shall discuss of one of the most underrated German military leaders during the Great War."

    The image showed a man in his 50s, a hat similar to the one in Shinhachi's calf was placed on his head, a concentrated look visible on his face as he was donning a warmer version of the previous general's uniform.

    Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

    "Fellow military officer to Oskar von Hutier, Lettow-Vorbeck was stanced on a very distant stage when the Great War started."

    The map appeared but it moved away from Europe and back in Africa, the lower-right side of it.

    "Germany, like many other Great Powers in the period, had a colonial empire and some of the troops there used were mostly natives recruited for simple military tasks."

    The image now showed several dark-skinned humans donning privates' uniforms and doing manouvers with some white-skinned officers leading them.

    "Differently from many Generals that served in this period for the colonial armies, Lettow-Vorbeck was considered the only one considering the men from Afrika capable of keeping up with the German Grenadiers. His tale showed his belief true when he faced absurd odds early on until the end of the war with his Askaris."

    The estimations were given and... half of the class paled at the numbers, much similar to the Napoleon's ones.

    German Schutztruppe:
    Early Stage: 5072
    Late Stage: 4803

    Allied Combined Forces:
    Early Stage: 50000~
    Late Stage: 47000~

    "Surprising numbers, I assume this is what everyone is thinking and... you are right. This man was a legend that was easily forgotten when the war ended. The only German army that was never defeated in battle until it surrendered when Germany was defeated in Europe."

    That added further admiration to the man and some questions were asked quickly.

    "What do you mean that he was forgotten, Shinhachi?"

    The droid chuckled. "Getting cocky with names, boyo?!"

    The teen who had given the question shivered at the Governor's tone but a chuckle was enough to calm him down.

    "Sure, I suppose we all need to be in some safe environment before sending you to do some warring. Anyway, the reason why Lettow-Vorbeck was forgotten is summarised in two points: 1) The peace treaty deprived Germany of every single colony, making his experience seemingly useless in a conflict in Europe and 2) when Germany went back for some more kicking, the General detested the newest leadership and went so far to reply the ruler's demands with a clear and candid 'fuck off'."

    ... "T-That is a joke, sir?"

    The droid tilted its head in confusion and some started to chuckle at the mere idea an officer stood up from a call from his leader because he 'detested him' if Yularen had to be forgiving with his language.

    "Truly an interesting individual." The human stated, glancing to the chiss, Thrawn staring at the document that had been uploaded in everyone's datapad about the General and skimming through the sentences. "Don't you think?"

    He nodded. "A fascinating individual with some... intriguing ideas about recruiting people. His charismatic and kind ways gave him a larger than expected manpower to use in the battlefield. Truly a daring leader."

    The human nodded, staring at the document in his own datapad and smiling a little when he spotted the fact about the man 'sodding off' his leader. Truly a daring leader.


    Tarkin is surprised, Padmé is put in a difficult position and I enjoy some chaos in the meanwhile. Also I am quite tired as I just returned from some important feast and I am sorry if there are more errors than usual. Also -3 chapters to see the newest ARC!!

    Hugbox: A set of alliances that will be activated upon aggression against you. Generally the greater and more numerous the alliances are, the 'happier' the hugbox is.
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    A certain jedi will want to talk with the mc after this.
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    Imperial referring to the Hutt Empire right? (In SW, hearing Imperial immediately makes me think the Galactic Empire, thus I was very confused reading this :p)

    Cliques existed long before and after pre-1937 China, unless you are referring to something more specific then a group of individuals with similar interests (we call them Facebook Groups now :p [the commercials are starting to become as annoying as the Raid ones -_-])
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  14. Threadmarks: Star Wars 5: Hardcore Realpoliticking (Or Bismark's wet dream)(3)

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    Coruscant, The Senate

    The session returned back and I was giddy with what I had planned to say. I wonder if we will get some Jedi there in this reunion now.

    It sound unlikely that they would spare someone with their duties- wait, there is no war but... what are they doing now then?

    Training, meditating or napping.

    This crude summary surprisingly makes justice to their pre-Clone Wars activities.

    I entered back the room and I had to hold back a chuckle from leaving my throat.

    They had chosen Mace Windu! We should try to get him snap in his Samuel L. Jackson self.

    'You motherfucking droid are a pest, you motherfuckah!'

    You do remember that Mace Windu is one of the strongest right now?

    Like Dooku and Palpie?

    ...Like Dooku and Palpie- No, I refuse to call the 'Emperor' Palpie!

    C'mon! He is dead and cannot tickle you in your sleep-

    Actually, yellow, don't bring up that mental image up ever again because I sure will make the sad corner your newest living quarter!

    ...We have living quarters?

    Kinda, but don't believe to this threat. He is just bummed because he knows he can't put Padmé's political career in jeopardy once again.

    Such is the burden of wasted opportunities.

    Tarkin took the lead in the interrogation and decided to reach the most important question for him.

    "Once the alliance led by Tatooine joins with the Republic, the mixed army will become part of the Republic?"

    That question was expected by the entire coalition, many willing to donate funds to accomodate the immediate increase of their current military strength but... I had some grey news for them.

    "The droids will join the Republican Army. Sadly the clones cannot do so."

    The chancellor looked confused at this last bit. "Truly? May I ask you why the Kaminoans don't wish to integrate them in the Republican Army?"

    "The Clone Army was commissioned by... a former Jedi. Master Sifo-Dyas ordered 1,000,000 clones to fight... 'unknown dangers' after he was removed from the Order."

    The Vapaad Master blinked in surprise from his seat in the room, unaware that this was the reason why the Clones came to be. "Are there documents that can be used as evidence for such accusations?"

    I nodded and uploaded the certificates proving of the late Jedi's actions to the Jedi Master, a grim expression replacing his previous stoic one.

    "This still doesn't... explain why the Clone Army cannot join in with the Droids in the new Republican Army?" Tarkin voiced out loudly, drawing my attention.

    "The main reason why the Clones cannot be trusted to be an army after the War with the Hutts is... their curious programming."

    I took a pause, hoping that I wasn't going to get force-crushed to death with what I was going to say.

    "The Clones' programming was... altered prior to the beginning of the process, one man being the main responsible for such change."

    A massive holographic image appeared by the Chancellor's booth.

    "Count Dooku?" Tarkin merely blinked at the picture but... I continued nonetheless.

    "The man had turned into a Sith, the newest apprentice of Palpatine after the Zabrak's demise in Naboo. He implemented a specific order that would cause a massive purge of the Jedi commanding the troops."

    "The Count has been a trusted Jedi, Droid. What kind of proof do you have for."

    The former lightsaber of the Sith ignited, showing its red color and causing several senators to yell in panic at the sudden action. Mace's hand was on the hilt of his own saber when I turned it off and placed it back on my holster.

    "This was the blade I found on his body when he tried to use the force to gain the Droid Army. He wished to escalate the situation regarding the Trade Federation and start a Galactic Civil War, all to enpower Palpatine thanks to emergency powers."

    The various senators shared loud whispers on the matters, some questioning how they had not see this happening and other questioning the truthfulness of this discovery.

    "What was Palpatine's mission, Governor Shinhachi?" Mace Windu demanded outloud, taking the lead of those curious about this very important question.

    "Turning the Republic in an Empire for him to rule alone and eternally, Jedi Master Windu."

    "And how are you aware of this, Governor?" The question might have been problematic.. if I had not dealt with a cocky Dooku.

    To think that this little detail would come to save our cover now..

    Luck is attached to our badassery!

    "Count Dooku had been quite.. eager to boast such situation in his last moments of life. Something that worried me quite so."

    "A terrible discovery to witness, I am quite sure." Tarkin butted in the discussion, trying to gain some popularity with this stance. "Thankfully, the horrible plot has been revealed and dealt with by a loyal member of the Republic."

    I nodded and soon the interrogation devolved in some simple questions about Trade and settlements in the newly-freed planets.

    I had to direct many members of the Trade and Bank factions to the newest governments of the planet to avoid showing any tyrannical streak in my current role as 'Moderator' in those negotiations.

    The session continued for another hour before it was concluded with some proper signing of the various documents and treaties.

    This was the start of a new era for the Galaxy.


    Aboard the Yamato-class, 'Caliburn'

    Now that we got on some stable platform with the Republic, what should we do with the last few problems?

    I am quite sure the Yuuzan Vong are not ready to face a massive droid army as they are ready to face force-sensitive foes at best.

    They were prepared for Canon but now? Now they are going to face quite the unfair disadvantage.


    Maybe we could build something similar to the Death Star as a battering ram for the future war-

    Nonsense, the material required to create something that powerful and acceptably big would cut deeply in our funds and drain badly our income to keep it operational.

    ...Yeah, you are right but... I wanted to make things go Boom and all.

    Everyone wants to make things go Boom, yellow, they just don't have the money, the target and the time to do so.

    I slowly rested my robotic head on the chair as I contemplated further on what I should do now but- everything started to tremble loudly.

    Red alarms blurred with their loud noises as several metallic footsteps moved around quickly in the near hallway.

    The battleship was a day from reaching Tatooine and... who would be so dumb to attack us now?

    I knew the Jedi were fine with us officially and they wouldn't risk their faces like this, the Sith being too much underdeveloped right now to truly have ships to try and board us from Coruscant of all places and-

    An holographic communication opened. "Governor, there are intruders trying to make way towards you." A smaller picture appeared, showing the cameras' point of view of the attackers.

    One was donning an unfamiliar Mandalorian armor while the other...


    The stark white pseudo-droid spared just a blink around as he continued to butcher the force sent against them with four Vibroblades.

    Why the hell is he here?! Shouldn't he just have gone away with Dooku and Palpie dead?

    It might be the Mandalorian, a man if the armor is a clue of the one inside it but... truly, why should he be there?

    Right now we need to focus on the major issue: He is here and sowing chaos in my ship!

    I took Dooku's lightsaber and the E-5 Blaster on me, ready to face this unexpected threat.

    Whoever had planned this... they knew that I was too dangerous to be left alive.

    Without further thinking, I rushed out of the command room and skipped through the hallways, ready to face Grievous and end the remains of the Imperial plot.


    The fourth lesson of Obscure History of Warfare started with the holographic image of Shinhachi spinning with a moving chair.

    A very... childish way to begin an importan lesson, Thrawn thought as the droid spoke.

    "Today we shall explore a particular section of Warfare you may as well never face in your life, since it require certain negative prerequisites to force you to take this unfair role."

    The image showed the Ottoman Empire's lower zones, deserts and.. tribes.

    "The Ottoman Empire is defined the 'Sick Man of Europe', a nickname deriving from their pitiful military and administrative state, still stuck with Napoleonic's tactics and weapons."

    Several soldiers wearing white uniforms, were trying to hold off some enemies donning green clothes. Those were Russians, Thrawn reminded himself, as it was detailed in the documents of Von Hutier.

    "When for some dumb reasons the Empire was brought in the Great War, Austria-Hungary and Germany were quick to pass over some spare equipment to the weakest member of the alliance. The troops fared well with their newest equipment, using the terrain in the Russian border to contain the foes there and almost reaching Egypt with their massive army on the border."

    Yet the map moved away from Egypt, going to the Arabian Region and highlighting the nations there.

    "Formally, the Arab tribes are 'vassals' of the Ottoman Empire, since the Empire was also the main ruler of the religion they all shared and was capable of demanding a 'holy war' against its foes. Yet the growing dissent towards the violent rulers soon proved to be their own undoing."

    The scene now showed several bandit-like men and women hiding in some dunes as a black train was passing nearby when- *Boom* the railways exploded right when the train was passing, pushing it away and onto the sand.

    The arabs rushed with their guns at the supply cargo, shooting down visible guards trying to regain their bearings from the unexpected explosion.

    The camera moved to a smiling man, an european approaching the captured train together with the natives.

    Lawrence of Arabia

    "Quite the explosive entrance! Thomas Edward Lawrence was initially an archeologist when the Great War broke out, trying to find several antiquities within the arab domains owned by the United Kingdom. His particular fluency with the Arab language and his amiable attitude with the natives made him a good choice as the English diplomatic liason to the Hejaz tribe."

    Photos showing the man posing with various well-dressed royals further showed his importance with the arabs.

    "His role further gained power the moment the United Kingdom noticed that the Ottomans troops were still capable of holding off the army they had placed in the Egyptian border, conceding to Lawrence the role of military advisor and a large amount of old guns to arm the nationalists in the area."

    The scene showed several conflicts between the natives and the Ottoman troops.

    "Some fights were in the open but soon those proved to be quite ineffective against the better equipped turks and so Lawrence decided to switch to a full guerrilla warfare. Sabotages, night attacks and raids to steal more guns and equipment from the measle garrisons in Arabia."

    "But wouldn't that cause the Empire to deploy more troops in Arabia?"

    "Of course it would, observer Yularen! That is the main objective of Lawrence after all, soften up the major fronts so the English army there could spearhead a breakthrough against the Ottomans."

    The human blinked as the map indeed showed that the red-colored occupation of the United Kingdom had conquered now most of the Arabian peninsula.

    "The Turks lacked coordination and their tactics were obsolete, Lawrence played with those factors and managed to defeat a 500-years old empire with a few men under his leadership."

    The map changed as the Ottoman Empire was shattered in three different regions: Turkey, French Mandate of Syria and the Kingdom of Iraq.

    "The Great War saw a victory for the Allies but a total betrayal of the promise of a free Arab country from the remains of the Ottomans, drawing further anger against the imperialists... but this is something that goes beyond our lesson about Lawrence and will be possibly be given... much later."

    They all nodded as the lecture ended with the classroom stuck in quite the gloomy mood.

    Many of the newest students were part of Hutt-controlled planets and knew from their parents' words that the Republic had played in the past something similar. That is why not many found the idea of joining the Galactic government a good idea but... Shinhachi believed in this and they agreed to this development, albeit quite disgruntled by it.


    The end of this first bit of Star Wars is next chapter and... the next world will be showed in a very, very confused way at first but.. it will all have a sense when we reach the climax of the 2nd 'World'.
  15. Threadmarks: Star Wars 5: Hardcore Realpoliticking (Or Bismark's wet dream)(4)

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    Aboard the Yamato-Class, Caliburn

    This is bad! This is bad! THIS IS BAD!

    Grievous shouldn't have been rebuilt without Dooku's interest, whoever had managed to find out about him and pay for the cybernetic implants-

    Has to be someone that would have worked for the CIS in the Canon.


    Highly unlikely, Tambor knows we are a walking gold mine of ideas and opportunities for expansion. He wouldn't risk his ticket to glory for no reason whatsoever.

    Another explosion echoed in the hallways, the alarms screeching loudly as I rushed as fast as I could to the chaotic duo destroying the Caliburn.

    But why would Grievous accept this suicidal mission? I thought his sense of self-preservation would have won whatever curiousity he would have over us.

    I think you are overestimating the General-Not-General, Bluey. He is far too prideful and bloodlustful to just ignore us.

    So much to commit himself to a mission he wouldn't survive? It sounded incredibly wrong and-

    My pace increased as my audio receptors catched the sounds of blasters and lightsabers in action nearby-

    He has lightsabers...

    Now that is pure BS! I can understand someone being able to pay for the not-so-cheap costs of rebuilding the alienoid but to be able to also afford to give him lightsabers?

    The one that sent them is very rich.. that doesn't limit our range by much.

    I turned the corner once more and I found myself facing quite the dreadful scene.

    Grievous was there, yellow eyes burning in perpetual rage as he finished to crush the clone's neck in his hold. His attention was directed soon at me and he let just a low chuckle out.

    "Governor Shinhachi."

    I wanted to smile so badly now.

    "Hello there!"

    Dooku's lightsaber ignited brightly as we both ran against each other, four blades against one was the unfair situation but I was sure the cyborg lacked the skills to fully use the peculiar weapons in 'duels', something I had decided to spend a lot of time around to try and understand myself.

    I bet people are going to squeal about us being this good at things but... seriously, we had a massive amount of free time in Tatooine to refine a little some style and the Dathomirian tribes were nice enough to give us a minor holocron to use to learn Form IV.

    While my proficiency with the Ataru Form wasn't Qui-gon Jinn's level, I can say I was comfortable enough to enter the proper positions and do the right movements in my attacks.

    Grievous was forced to be aggressive in his fighting style and that left him with quite the glaring openings in his stance.

    The quantity of his sabers was trumped by my capacity to move fluidly through his attacks and strike at his exposed sections.

    My first objective were his second pair of arms and reduce his capacity to deflect any killing blow.

    "You are impressive, droid, but I- GAHahah!"

    The first one fell the moment the former Kaleesh tried to thrust one of the blade forward, an occasion that left the second right arm fully extended and earnestly ready to be cut.

    His shriek of anger/annoyance was similar to the one I remembered from the movies, robotic and highly grating on my ears-audio receptors.

    "You know, I kind of expected much more from a Kaleesh warlord." I prepared my guard as I knew the angrily shaking droid was one step from launching himself against me. "Guess you just are a weakling."

    A shrill yell of anger thundered out of Grievous and then-



    The wall behind me collapsed as the murderous mercenary rushed with such an insane speed that I couldn't react quickly enough to avoid... this.

    "You are dead!"

    I fell on the ground, the furious foe not losing a single beat in punching the lightsaber out of my hand and starting to pummel my 'beautiful' face without a single ounce of pulling his own punches.

    Pain was something I barely knew nowadays but...







    My punch slammed on his ugly mug only once but the strength behind the metallic fist was enough for the stunned enemy to recoil in surprise as I kicked him away from me.

    My sight was... fucked. The visual receptors were flickering between static and the images of what was in front of me.



    I listened to the yells in my head as I rushed towards the blade and managed to pick it fast enough to dodge a blaster's shot from another direction.

    The red-painted armor of the Mandalorian looked quite damaged, possibly because the bastard had just faced double the odds he had fought against when together with the droid.

    Speaking of Grevious, the droid had reignited his three blades and was already running towards me when-


    The sound was quick but morbid as the former Khaleesh collapsed forward, his ribcage of metal containing his last organs crushed within itself.


    The Mandalorian seemed to panic at the sight, turning left and right as if trying to catch the culprit of this insane development.

    His body floated a little bit from the ground as his hands shooted right at his neck, the sound of his throat being slowly crushed filled my damaged audio-receptors as the last intruder fell on the floor, his body unmoving and lifeless.

    I felt that something was wrong-

    I FELT IT.

    I snapped my head behind me as I was pushed on the ground by a familiar but unknown power.

    ...No. H-He shouldn't be there. HE IS DEAD!

    But he was there, his mask undone as his scarred face stared right at my compressed form.

    I know I had faced quite the team of scary bastards until now but... this was way beyond what I could beat.

    A half-formed Darth Revan blankly eyed me, a Force-willed Ghost.

    B-But why?

    His mouth was twisted in a small upward line as his yellow eyes contined to study me, my soul felt touched, violated and-

    "You will do fine... for now."





    I was losing the inner battle, the form of the Ghost slowly disappearing within my circuits, trying to slowly take over my wholeness.

    I was panicking, my body convulsing in the floor and unresponding to my pleas to move away, my sight forced right at the-

    ...We-We have to do that.

    Shit! W-We could be trying something else- I-It doesn't have to end like this?

    I could see her smile, her eyes covered by the shadows...

    But she was there for me in those difficult moments and I... pulled the plug.

    It was time for me... to... go.

    The reactor of the ship looked like a bright sun to my damaged sight but I could recognise it in that tortured moment.


    What are you doing?

    Revan sounded quite confused as I started to bypass rapidly through the permission of the reactor's control system.

    Authorization Granted!

    Increasing Energy's input of the Caliburn's Reactor:







    No, we don't.

    While Revan in the past would have done wonders... but now his mentality was outdated. He was too dangerous and stuck in the old was to do truly some good in this universe.

    With a small content smile, I pushed for the last digit.



    A blinding light and a white noise were the last thing I could remember as I found myself waking up in a-


    "Lord Maurice!"

    I blinked myself awake as I stared at the dark ceiling of the room, my eyes snapping quickly at the young man that had yelled my name.

    "Horestes? Why are you being this... loud so early in the morning?!" My hand massaged my forehead as I tried to soothe the incredible migraine that was slowly spreading within my head.

    We should have refused Gofre's offer last night. Even I can feel the beginning of the headache from here.

    Same! But man, Gofre knows how to lighten up a feast, man! He will lead us to some glorious battles, that magnificent bastard!

    Be. Quiet! I.. I don't need this so early in the morning.



    But truly, we need to lay off this kind of offers... the hangovers are so horrible to deal so early in the morning.

    "Duke Godfrey wished to speak to you, milord. Something about the future battle."

    I blinked as I felt the memories of our last meeting return to my mind and I nodded at the man.

    "Horestes, you may go. I will reach the Duke in a moment." The servant, being part of the entourage coming from Lorraine, nodded silently and closed the wooden door behind him.

    A sigh left my mouth as I slowly walked toward the balcony of the high floor that gave sight right at the next objective of our God's glorious campaign.

    1098 AD, nearby the City of Antioch...



    New world and it is set in Assassin's Creed!

    I hope y'all will understand that I am not going to copy anything from the series other than the setting, the artifacts and... something that will appear in the near future.

    Temporary Protagonist for the Past version of the world:
    Maurice Morreal, close advisor and knight of Godfrey of Bouillon, future King of Jerusalem.

    Past - Levant, 1090s (The First Crusade)
    Present - Italy, inside the ????go In????, 2013

    Warning! After some backlash I had back in SB, here's something I've to say about this: Think of this arc as a long interlude. It isn't going to be as long as the previous SW 'longplay' and it will last only 4 chapters and an interlude, then in the next world with the real MC. No, Maurice is meant to die.
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    Well that came out of completely nowhere
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    ?wat happen???? he self destructed and went back to the past???
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    Castle sited near the border to the former Roman region of Syria, 1098

    The room was barely lit by some torches as I entered it, my glance immediately directed at the major cause of my headaches ever since I was knighted.

    I thought that this had started ever since we met him with our parents.

    While he was childish back then, the moment he truly started to be annoying was when he was crowned Lord of Bouillon.

    Going to hunt every saturday, pranking some foreign dignitaries and being delighted by fair ladies-

    We are happily married. Stop this at once.

    Jeez, learn to live the life, you rule-stickler.

    "You are a foolish man, my liege." Godfrey grinned like a mad man as I continued to approach, a treacherous smile debilitating any of my attempts to sound disappointed.

    The servant he was previously speaking to was gestured to leave us alone as he spread his arms wide open, showing even more his bandages.

    "Maury! I see that you are fine and well from that little drink of rotten beer!" My scowl returned full force, causing the lord to laugh loudly at his successful tease.

    "Is this about the idiotic 'Bear fight' you had last year?" The mere mentioning of that 'accident' was enough to sour the happy mood of the noble.

    "The beast was looking at me funny! As your liege and man of God, I had to prove my worth against the fiendish creature!" His whine made me sigh just once as the man adjusted himself in his comfy chair. "Anyway, my loyal friend, I have to ask you a huge favour from you and your oath to me."

    ...I think I am getting worried now.

    Is it the fact he sounds serious or that he is asking also about our oath?

    "Is it a boy or a girl?"

    He opened his mouth in confusion at this question then he froze and finally bursted in a loud laugh. "Nononono! I didn't bed any lady... yet- But the issue is another and.. it's something of a demand from the Pope himself."


    "And that is?" I asked now fully surprised by this revelation.

    "An artifact, sited in a village nearby the city we have to reconquer, is said to have connection to Jesus Christ himself."

    ...This was absurd-

    But not unlikely! This is a great discovery for Christianity and it will become a victory once we recover it-

    "You are asking me to leave you to lead our forces as you are right now?!"

    He looked sheepish for a moment but sighed. "I would have liked to keep you around during the siege but I've been put pressure from the Pope himself, I can hardly risk the reward of our hardships in this Crusade."

    I wanted to rebuke, to tell him that I would be the one to the punishment of refusing Urban II's orders but-

    We have been there for 3 years now, trying to get some better standing in the political landscape within the Holy Empire. We can hardly afford to put everything in jeopardy.

    I don't like it myself but.. we need to swallow this bitter bite.

    "I will... prepare my things then-" "Take ten of our men with you. I will not accept losing you for some possible crappy ripoff!"

    I managed a smile through the turbulent dread that ate in my heart. "I.. I will be fine, Gofre."

    As I left that room, I felt the need to pause a moment as I realised I had almost forgot to do something.

    I paced quickly towards one of the four messengers of our camp and gave him the letter I had written for my dear wife, Elena.

    I hope John is growing well...


    - PAUSE -

    "This... this shouldn't be possible! How would an incomplete machine having stored a genetic ancentry in it?!"
    "This is the proof we all needed to confirm the existence of the First Civilization. Now we need to... produce something capable of studying those memories and.. why the energy pattern of this human-like device is similar to the ones of the Apples."

    1st excerpt from a discussion between Warren Vidic and Alan Rikkin.

    - UNPAUSE -


    Near Antioch, 1098

    The sky had started to turn a dark shade of orange the moment we reached the village relatively close to Antioch of Syria, Saulof.

    The small village was mostly abandoned by the scouts' first look at the place but a large entrance to the mountain nearby the settlement was evidence that people had created an artificial path inside.

    "Ser Morreal, are you sure this isn't an...ambush?"

    The soldier, his face covered by the dirty steel of his helm, wasn't being completely unreasonable with his comment.

    It wouldn't be the first time the heathens had used foul tricks to take out morally-important members of the Crusaders' camps and this certainly looked like one of those situations.

    "Maybe." I finally muttered as I pushed my stead to move inside the ghost town. "We will have to see if it will if there is one."

    A small, short chuckle was let out collectively by the men following behind as we all have faced quite the crappy moments in the last three years of crusading.

    And we learned how to hardcore DEUS VULT!

    I don't think that is a good thing to know how to do?

    How so?

    Well, we are supposed to go back home after we have finished and-

    But we are cool!

    Yes but-

    And we got better with the sword!

    But there is also-

    Plus we got easy riches lying around and glory and-

    CAN YOU LET ME FINISH! Beyond the various things we got in there, we also lost the birth of our son and we barely know how is the situation back home. We may as well suffered some rebellion from the peasants just like five years ago-

    That was surely a one-time thing-



    I-I mean, yeah those are the most important things-

    Spare the apology, we don't need it right now.


    We finally reached the inside of the cave, leaving the horses behind as we marched through the illuminated path.

    I admit that it was quite the dreadful experience, knowing that it was rare to find someone truly able to make good tunnels through a mountain without making it unstable somehow.

    Surprisingly enough and much to my relief, the tunnel seemed to be solid as we finally reached a massive underground room and-

    "Finally this body is stabilising." I gestured the men to hide away from the entrance as I slowly made way inside of it. The rapsy voice was something that sent chill down my spine and the sight that presented to me did nothing to soothe this horrible sensation I was having.

    The creature was standing with its two legs but from there the similiarities to a simple man ended.

    Standing 9'8, the demon was staring at its own reflection thanks to a clear pool of water in front of him. "It had taken several sacrifices.. but now I have something to work with."

    W-What is that?

    The devil, oh blueish voice, this is the grand enemy!

    This... this is impossible...

    I decided to not linger further, looking around and finding a small hallway that led away from the fiend.

    We should move now, w-we cannot face that thing.

    As much as it would be cool, I think death is quite the fun-blocker. I stand with Bluey there.

    I nodded to the agreement and proceeded to walk towards the corridor, going through it and.. finding me in another room.

    This one had a central pedestal with a... orb? I blinked as my eyes were fixed at the sight of the holy object in front of me.

    The artifact? Maybe this wasn't truly the ambush I had thought but... I found my own legs moving towards it and my hand slowly went to reach it.

    The sphere was warm to the touch, something that surprised me a little when I weighted it.

    It was light, a pleasant texture to the touch.

    I was mesmerised and soon I was ready to depart away when-


    The wall that disconnected this room from the bigger one collapsed, the demon now staring at me fully with its massive teeth in display.

    His eyes were burning a terrible yellow, showing its unholy soul to the world.

    "An intruder? I guess I will deal with you first before I depart with the fool."

    It jumped and one of my hand went for the sword still on its scabbard but... it was too fast. Even if I dropped the golden orb, it would still be far too little of a change to avoid the unavoidable.

    As the roar reached my ears, I felt the smiles of my fair lady and I grimaced at the idea I... wasn't going back anymore.

    I closed my eyes as I felt my heart drumming in prayer, begging God for help as my end was nigh.

    A powerful blast emerged from the sphere, hitting the monster mid-air and sending it flying on the ground, a powerful impact that created a big crater on the floor.

    "Y-You-WHA-AAARGH!!" A golden thunder struck the downed monster, sending further pain to the creature of hell. I blinked at the sight as I felt my lucidity return back to my mind.

    The sword glowed silver in the shadows as I thrusted it onto the demon's chest, hurting it further. "Die, you fiend!"

    The orb seemed to share my own passion against the creature as a new thunder reached out and onto the monster.

    Light started to now increase through the foul fiend's body, blindly reaching my eyes as it ended in a candid and suave sight.

    The body melted in small droplets of gold and those disappeared before me, nothing remained of the demon within this room.

    With a tired sigh, I set the blade within the sheath and I placed the powerful artifact within my brown pouch.

    That was...


    ..tiring and incredibly scary.

    Yes and... yes. The 'battle' was quite memorable.

    We should check with the others. Maybe request some medical assistance and-

    I paused as I vaulted over the newly-created hole in the wall and was about to walk towards the entrance when I felt... something.

    It was faint but I think I heard something. Turning around, I advanced towards the previous spot the demon had taken to admire its appearance, looking around for something that could- I froze as my eyes landed on... that.

    It looked like an armor at first but.. the more I approached it, the more it looked like a... man of steel?

    I crouched silently to stare at it better, trying to understand what was I looking at.

    My hand slowly went to reach its head, trying to touch it and-


    - ERROR -

    "Why are there holes in the memories!?"
    -Vidic's unpleasant discovery about the missing links in the genetic memory of Subject EX.


    I blinked as I found myself no more inside the damp cave but in a... dark alley?

    Where are we?

    Truly, what kind of place is this?

    I noticed the curious style the walls on both sides had, quite unfamiliar to any I had seen until now.

    I started to walk on the streets, finally leaving the alley when I saw-

    "That was a funny movie." The girl was the first one that passed through my form, the older teen in her presence following behind.

    "It was okayish, but I still think they should have made the protagonist less of a dumbass-"


    Protagonist? Like one of the children's tales?

    I continued to eavesdrop the conversation following the two individuals, their appearance somewhat familiar to my mind but.. I couldn't truly remember from where.

    "You are always poking fun at good things, Johnny, you should seriously drop this 'serious' attitude of yours."

    "It's not my fault one of us has to be the cynical one, sister.." The boy scowled. "And it's John, not 'Johnny'."

    She blew a raspberry at him and soon they were chasing each other.

    John? What a peculiar coincidence, I thought to myself as I followed this two closely, finding it quite difficult to keep up with my armor and blade weighing me down.

    Thankfully they stopped nearby a park and I was given a better look of the place I had reached.

    Tall buildings stretched through this city, a sprawling metropolis that reminded me partly of the beautiful Constantinople when I had first visited it.

    "You... are... a bitch." The boy spoke mid-breaths and I was taken off-guard by the uncouth language used to speak to a fair maiden but I was floored even more when she replied with a giggle. "And you are fat."

    ...What is this?

    With a last sigh, the older brother looked at a strange device by his wrist. "It's getting quite late, we should return home before mom raise some hell with all of this."

    The brunette blinked for a moment and smiled deviously. "Race back home?"

    "What do you mean 'race bac- HEY WAIT!" A melodious laugh was the last thing I heard as I saw the brother giving once more chase, a small smile visible before the world collapsed in white.


    "S-Ser Morreal? You are finally awake!" I grimaced at the loud voice and got up from my lying position on a.. carriage? "Where?"

    "We managed to get you to the closest village and bought a small carriage to bring you safely to Antioch."

    I blinked at this as I finally noticed that we were inside the horse-led vehicle. "Indeed? I didn't thought I needed a carriage for my normal weight, soldier."

    The man gulped at the cold words but he snapped his stare at the... iron golem. I blinked as I noticed that the wood beneath it was creaking a little. It was heavy.

    "You took it too?"

    "Should have we not? You were touching it when we recovered you and.. we thought it was important."

    I wanted to order to have it buried somewhere but... "No. It is important but..." I slapped softly the brown pouch. "The artifact is here."

    The soldier's eyes widened. "Truly? It was real?" At my nod, he excused himself, clearly seeing that I wasn't in the mood for any further chat.

    Once more I closed my eyes and let the wood become a pleasant-unpleasant texture to my tired head.

    That... vision, so peculiar and confusing... but also meaningful to my soul. What was that?

    And why it felt important?


    GREAT DISCOUNT! An Apple of Eden and the Living Bot with the simple price of slaying a 'demon'. I don't think I need to explain whom 'this demon' is..
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    Siege of Antioch, 1098

    We had been betrayed!

    The mere thought that the Byzantine Basileus, Alexios, had refused the holy call of justice renewed the scowl pestering my face as I tried to understand what to with the few men I had.

    Godfrey was managing well against the unfair numerical odds but it was a slow and painful road to defeat the one he was taking.

    There wasn't much we could do to counter the immense army defending the city... at least not with normal objects.

    The Apple, the glorious artifact was... showing things, pictures several solutions to turn the tide of this disastrous campaign and yet there was an issue in every single one of these.

    An army of light, one that is unbeatable but... also loyal to one, the user of the relic.

    We could end up getting too much distrust with such power, we need to gauge all routes before-

    Godfrey's army are demoralised with this endless fighting, his front will collapse soon if we don't intervene.

    We have no choice! We shall show those infidels the power of our faith!

    But it hardly felt holy the power hidden in the sphere in my hands. It was a beautiful, the craftmanship was divine and yet I knew that it was far from God.

    Too much power for a mortal and my mind was being reminded of the sinful apple, the one that corrupted the original man and woman.

    Using its power... is it the right to do?

    Not if we misuse it selfishly and ours is the righteous path!

    If not for the crusaders... for our friend?

    Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

    I walked alone towards the fortress, distant figures wearing the muslim clothes and armor noticed my presence in the horizon, their horses rushing madly my direction as their blades craved for christian blood.

    I sighed as the Apple's projected an entire unit of knights before me, their trasparent appearances shocking the approaching foes and their emotionless faces brought dread to the heathens.

    Some slowed down, while others rightfully turned around and tried to run away.

    The light horses were faster than theirs and soon they were catched by quick thrust of spears. It was a quick bloodbath, a massacre and.. it wasn't even the real battle.

    I continued to walk, barely feeling hot under that scorching sun as the artifact's light protected me from the dreadful heat.

    My eyes saw him, Godfrey was barking orders to his men while following his entourage of warriors in the frontline, their swords intercepting and attacking the defenses in front of the city.

    They were facing so many muslims and I felt a little bit panicked at the idea that this could end in a failure.

    No, I said to myself, I shall not fail this once. My pace picked up as I started to run towards the brawl, a sword occupying now my free hands as I entered the meele.

    The Apple pushed away enemies trying to approach while my sword started to slay through the numbers of the defenders.

    Blood stained the white tunic over my armor, my mind was one with the sufferable silence as I continued to reap my way in the battlefield.

    It was absurd, insane. It was far too easy!

    They are falling like flies!

    T-This artifact is... impossible. How could something like this exist?

    Doesn't matter! We have a battle to win, DEUS VULT!

    The war would end easily now right? With this relic, with our duty to God and Faith we could truly bring peace and justice as we-


    - ERROR -

    "Again? This sure is an infuriating detail to deal with, Sir."
    "You may keep your comments to yourself, Rikkin. This is different from our usual subjects and... maybe this will all make sense by the end of the study."

    -2nd excerpt from a discussion between Warren Vidic and Alan Rikkin.


    It was a mere blink that took me away from the desert and the war and on a burning building.

    I started to cough at the dark smoke reaching my nostrils, feeling the horrible sensation of being in a fire.

    Panic surged and I started to frantically look around.

    A window? I could see it, open and waiting for me to reach it. My legs moved and I extended my hand towards it but-


    The wooden ground gave one last groan as it collapsed under me, making me fall on the lower floor.

    My back hurted as I slowly got up, thankful that nothing had reached my ba-

    My mind froze as my eyes landed on two familiar individuals.

    The young man was crouched, trembling at the sight before us. It was the girl, her face unmoving and her eyes glossy as the young man mourned her passing, loud sobs echoing in the burning place, managing through the noises of the destruction around us.

    She wasn't supposed to die here. She was innocent.

    I blinked at the voice, looking around and finding no one. "W-Who is there?"

    A groan and then. Look at her body.

    A frown appeared in my face as I narrowed my eyes at those words, still complying with them as I noticed that... there were blood spots in her shirt. Wounds?

    The damage didn't seem to have been caused by the disaster around us but... murderers?

    The culprits were still free and running from the crime scene, uncaring of the death they have cared as... I found my hopes falling.

    W-We shouldn't be there...

    That is correct but you are and.. maybe there is some sense in your presence here.

    This sounds complicated.

    "What are you talking about?"

    Sadly I cannot say much but... you shall be given the clue to this puzzle, memory by memory.

    "This doesn't sound reassuring."

    It isn't as this story is far from a happy one. You may not enjoy the light shed about humanity that makes your future.

    What do you mean?

    The future is rotten, Maurice, and murderers are difficult to find when there is no one caring about the dead. Corruption turn grand men in terrible monsters and no one is safe from it. Innocents die for the greed and the pride of disgusting men with too much power. No one cares-

    "But you do care." I stated tiredly and in mourning. "You are the boy, aren't you?"

    That is... correct. But it is hardly about 'me'. This is about 'us'.

    "What- What are you talking about?"

    The future is sadly impossible to change, Maurice. You are just a single drop in this storming wave of shadows and nothing you do will bring true justice.


    Silence fell short as the world collapsed once again, my question left unanswered.

    "ANSWER M-"


    I groaned as I woke up in a makeshift bed, my back still hurting as I got up.

    We need to find a better way to wake up.

    It would be great if we had the choice but we hardly had that in those few days.

    But man, I hate this fainting left and right because of these 'visions'.

    A big arm pushed me back on the bed and I fully opened my eyes to find a grimacing Godfrey.

    "You should stay in bed." His rough voice was bringing quite the headaches that very moment. "You got some feverish thing on you."

    A fever? That is... unlikely? I turned my attention to the pouch by the side of the bed and sighed in relief when I saw that the Apple was there, safe and way from anyone's hands.

    "W-What happened?"

    "Other the fact that you got us out of the quite the distasteful predicament? You got two full days of sleep and-" "W-what about Antioch?"

    He scowled at my interrupting self. "We are in the city but the palace had been damaged too much to be turned in temporary living quarters, we are in a new headquarter until we can move south."

    "S-So... we won?"

    "No." I frowned tiredly at his reply. "You won us the battle."

    His smile was wide and awed. "That was possibly the coolest thing you have ever done, ye ol' stick-in-the-mud!"

    I groaned at his childish reaction but paused from facepalming when my eyes turned to the very metallic torso we had found back in the underground temple sitting in one of the few chairs in the corner.

    "Y-You brought-" "That rusty thing?" I nodded and the man sighed. "It is quite the heavy thing but.." He tilted his head while staring at it. "Do you thing this is some bust?"

    A bust? That is hardly something one could call artistic-

    But we found weird art stuff back in Anatolia.

    And we know that it was in a temple. Do you think that is something like a representation of an old pagan God?

    Then we should scrap it-

    No. That is... important. We need it and..

    The visions might be a trap. We don't know if-

    They felt true.

    ...Are you sure about this?

    With my whole life.

    Then we keep the rusty thing!

    "Also, before you zone off like last time, the Pope has asked of the artifact and-" "Say that it was lost in the battle."


    "My liege, that relic cannot be used by anyone. Even I feel that... I did something wrong."

    He frowned at my words. "You won us the siege-" "But the army of light was merciless, I- did they destroy the palace?"

    Godfrey didn't have the strength to reply and looked away for a moment. "The city is under our control-" "B-But at what cost?!"


    The noble sighed and massaged his temples. "You are truly a pain in the arse even when you make sense, my dear friend." He stood up from his chair and moved toward the door. "I will see to write to Urban II that the relic was lost in the siege."

    "Thank you, Gofre."

    He nodded, pausing a moment by the doorstep.

    "Before I go... in two weeks we shall march south. We are going to bypass Damascus and-" "Go for Jerusalem."

    He nodded again and then close the door behind him, leaving once again alone in the room.

    Few moments of silence passed and soon my attention was drawed once more to the metallic bust.

    "What are you?"

    But the inanimate object didn't answer, leaving me to deal with those endless trail of thoughts.


    Our current protagonist cannot do anything with what he has, his fate already sealed in a distant defeat.
    But there is hope. Hope that 'someone' else will do something to truly do the change.

    I wonder if 428 will burn the world and build it anew or just target the cancer that is killing it.
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    Assassin's Creed 1: True Crusader (3)

    July 1099, the Kingdom of Jerusalem is created.

    The crusade is a lie.

    That was what I perceived out of that senseless conflict that culminated in such a waste of blood, innocent civilians' lives thrown away for the sake of greed veiled by our religion.

    Jerusalem has suffered under our siege, bend but unbroken, and yet we managed to deal the final blow by letting the ragtag of warriors from Europe be as ruthless as they wished.

    Women were sullied, shops were either raided or merely destroyed and then there were the poor children...

    May thou forgive us, Oh Lord.

    Our hands are bloody.

    I restrained myself from breaking apart when Godfrey accepted the crown, not as a King, but as a Defender of the Holy Sepulchre.

    A measle title, one that dismayed the good man but... his reasoning soothed my doubts regarding the state of mind of my friend.

    Christ was God and truest ruler of the holiest of cities, it would be disrespectful if not blasphemous to usurp the godly title.

    But I was far from calm as I could see there, in the throne room, that there was something playing within Godfrey's eyes. A need, a crave for power, something that it was surprising to see in a man that barely cared for any landed title back when we were younger.

    War changes people.

    And he is tired. The fun spoiled by the bitter reward we ended up administering.

    First Steward of Jerusalem? I was pleased with the development, a title that deprived me of any chances of further needing to use the artifact. An object too much heavy to touch and to use, something that twisted and changed man in nothing.

    Suggestions, whispers and other silent advices that the mere remembrance sent shivers to my spine.

    Sealed away in two iron boxes with several locks, the apple would never be used for violence anymore.

    Or so I had hoped...

    The heathens were far from defeated, far from truly pushed away from the Holy Land and the proof that the Crusade had yet to be completed was the... endless Egypt.

    The Fatimids, that was how they addressed the royal family that ruled from Cairo, were ready to dispatch their troops to reconquer our gains, revert the tide and... vanify our victory.

    That couldn't be allowed, no matter how much war looked hopeless now against the much more numerous foes.

    Do we seriously need to use the Apple? We could try to-

    We need that kind of power. It is the only hope we have to...

    A kind smile, her warm hands as the pulled me for another sweet peck. Heart fluttering, heaven sighing...


    No? Man, we need the artifact if we want to win-

    We would lost our humanity if we continued this madness. We cannot use the Apple.

    But what about the war-

    Wars can be won without the holy gifts God left us to celebrate in his name. Wars are won by man and their good faith and determination.

    We are still screwed with the odds we have.

    We will manage. We always manage to find a way to repeal the onslaught.

    A pipe dream that tormented my mind for a while, orders given and a mission accepted to defend our holds.

    The ruins of Beersheba were a crucial point in the border for being the only way to enter Israel. Harsh deserts and terrible weather made any possible plan of going around the settlement impossible and so it was clear that the major site was going to be the best way to halt any possible assault from the Egyptians.

    Knowing that the success of the battle depended on good men and determination, Godfrey was quick to give under my command a small army of 100 Lotharingian knights and 2.000 infantrymen to garrison and hold the ruins.

    Leaving Jerusalem with a heavy heart and praying for the safety of the men left to deal with the remaining Seljuks.

    Hopefully it will all end up well.

    Godfrey is a smart man, a bit dimwitted but still smart. He will not mess things up.

    Yet I had the feeling like I was forgetting something. Something that I couldn't remember on the spot and that pestered me for the rest of the two-days long march.

    Reaching the ancient ruins of the Roman city, I was quick to order the engineers among the militiamen to quickly prepare some simple defensive position while preparing the military camp.
    Better posts will be build the next morning but I was still there, awake as the moon ruled up above and my eyes staring absently at the fire.

    The heat, the color and the soft sound of wood being consumed by the endless hunger of the flame were somehow familiar and-


    "But why aren't they going to be taken to jail?"

    The lightbulb of the only night of the interrogation room flickered once or twice every few seconds.

    The police officer gave a tired sigh as he shook his head. "There is no substantial evidence that the suspects are the arsons, sir. I am sorry to say this but... there isn't much we can do without good proof."

    My knuckles were pale white while my fingernails were starting to cut my hand as my fists closed the most possible. The minor pain barely keeping up with the growing sense of anger and inner sorrow that was consuming my being by the minute.

    The names of the culprits were known but... they were all from rich families, families with enough influence to buy off the silence of the cops.

    Even pushing every single visible proof that had been already brought forward ended up to be insignificant to the eyes of the weary cop.

    It was a wasted effort, the rotten system was bloated by corruption and it would never, never allow justice to be brought forward.

    But it should! If this is the future, then surely someone would have pushed for better-

    The world doesn't work that way.

    The cold voiced sent a cool wind onto my soul, paralysing my mind and mouth.

    When you know that something is good, you are something to do it... right? But what if good is from a closed mind, what if 'good' is subjective and it is not necessarily the greater good but a selfish one, one that rejected the very notion of fitting within society to become better, the best even.

    T-That is absurd! God wish for us to-

    Several decades before this scene, there was a man that ranted madly to the modern rules of the world. 'God is dead', he would say so furiously, 'and mankind is his murderer.'

    B-But God cannot be killed-

    The infinite being? The big G? Sure, if he exist he couldn't be killed by a bunch of sheeple but... what if the God we know is our morality.


    Morality, sanity, what makes us better than mere simple-minded animals. We have limits within our mind, our soul, that define us for what we truly are. Your hands are bloody, innocent blood, but you are not refusing to take direct responsibility for the atrocities you committed, you took it as a way to better yourself, to see the errors within your way and your faith.


    I walked away from the room, a small scowl in my face as I tried to reach for the entrance of the police department.

    A fruitless walk, I grimaced as the door closed behind me, maybe I will-

    "Hello kid."

    The man was smiling. Wearing a dark-green jacket with some military emblems and a simple pair of jeans, he looked to be quite old, a veteran.

    "D-Do I know you?"

    His smile widened. "You may say that I know about you the most while you lack any information about me but... I am here to solve your problems."

    I narrowed my eyes as he started to walk towards his car.

    A simple SUV, I noticed calmly as I got inside the vehicle by the passenger's seat and waited for the man to start his vehicle.

    "You seem to be quite chill with the whole 'mysterious old man wanting to talk to you by his car'?"

    "You said that you had a solution for this injustice. If this is some bullshit, I can merely jump off the-"

    "Speeding car?" My mouth closed, my eyes moved to stare at the road as he chuckled mirthfully at my reaction. "I bet you would with the crap that has been hitting the fan just recently. But I.. I was telling the truth."

    I glanced from the side and he sighed. "Legally nothing can be done but... what if you are given the opportunity to exact your revenge with your own hands? What if... you were given the chance to not be then arrested for doing the right thing."

    "I am not going to become a judge out of-"

    "Bah, shut up! You are no judge and I hope you will never be one because how crappy you would be." His eyes sparkled with energy as his smile renewed itself. "You are the executioner as I, the judge, want them dead myself but... I cannot force my hand."

    I frowned at this. "What do you mean 'you cannot force your hand'."

    "What I just said." He replied stopping the car by the red stop. "I think you would better fit to do the job yourself. Have the chance to make them pay and... calm that sense of dread that is pestering your soul."

    "What if I don't want to kill for her death? What if-"

    "You truly are an annoying brat, ya know?" He stated dryly as the car slowly turned the corner. "But let me put it in a simple way for you to understand: You, John, isn't going to kill them for the sake of retribution for your sister's death. You are going to kill them to avoid this from happening once again with my permission and blessing."


    "Who are you?"

    He merely smiled and kept quiet until we reached his warehouse.

    Who is that man?

    Someone that I should have know that I couldn't trust fully. That had other reasons for behaving like this, to know about me and my family but also...


    ..Nothing. This is sadly nothing that concerns you.

    But what about-

    You have a crusade to finish, Maurice. Don't waste my time here as I have something to think in private.


    Eyes opened quickly as I noticed the servant shaking me awake. "Sir, the heathens have been spotted. Few hours from here."


    "Y-Yes, what is the status of our defenses?"

    "Engineers have recently finishing the second line. They don't think they will be able to build up the fourth line."

    We need that line. "Tell them to work even with the battle ongoing. GO!"

    My loud order made the peasant jump in action and rush out of my tent as I stood up from my makeshift bed.

    I could hear the sounds of people moving rapidly around the closed space and I didn't waste time in picking up my blade and... the box.

    If the men couldn't last against the waves of enemies, then I would use the relic to drive the attackers back just enough for us all to retreat.

    Thankfully the plan I had formulated would be enough to not only beat the army but deter further attempts.

    Putting my iron helmet on, I braced out of the tent and ran towards the highest point of the ruins.

    The sight was... impressive. The siege of Jerusalem had been horrible, corpses and blood-curling screams ruining whatever divine vision I had thought to see. Hell was horrible, I thought the moment I walked inside the city.

    But now? Now the sight reminded him about the glorious defence that the Spartans pulled during the Persian Wars.

    The numbers of the army dispatched by the heathens was something that brought worry to my heart but I was too much battle-hardened to care about flimsy concerns.

    The cavalry rushed forwards toward the small set of wall I had ordered to be built by the entrance of the ruins, archers raining arrows on the zealous heathens and destroying the small force almost instantly.

    It was a quick initial victory but... cavalry was going to be useless anyway for the disadvantageous battleground.

    A test? A very cruel way to see what kind of oppositions we were giving?

    It wouldn't be the first time the enemy had tried something like this, sending small pieces of their armies to die and see how strong our resolve.

    We had just captured Jerusalem and the men were ready to protect the Holy Sepulchr!



    "DEUS VULT!"

    The roar that followed showed the might of our strength to the world. None shall pass!


    "This memories are prime specimen for the Animus! Look at how clear and elaborated the details are!"
    -Rikkin gleefuly states the obvious.


    Battery: 98%
    ETA Reparation completed: 2 days.



    For those who knows about the Crusades, I don't think I need to explain that something is meant to go wrong. In this case? Maybe it will not be the battle.
    Also yes, I took a week or two to rest a little while studying and... I started a new story. Diary of a Straight Dude is a RWBY SI that shares the same tones used in this story or, in layman's terms, if you liked this story you will like the new one.
    Another chapter and 428 will be back in action! Huzzah!
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  21. Threadmarks: Assassin's Creed: True Crusader (4)

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    Assassin's Creed 1: True Crusader (4)

    Peace is death, life is sorrow. My soul shall bring the end of the balance...

    The first volley from the catapults was a coeherent rain of fire upon the ranks of the approaching footmen.

    Dozens of foes fell quickly under the fiery projectiles and the hopes of a quick resolutions reached the highest point among the defenders.

    That was the grand delusion of a battle.

    There will never be an easy way to deal with this great tide that was ready to smash furiously on us, the bricks of a strong wall.

    Was this always so difficult?

    I do feel kind of tired...

    I sighed tiredly as I took a seat on the wooden chair that I had taken out of the tent.

    We are getting too old to deal with war...

    Just... just this once. After this all is over we will be able to return home and... we will rest.

    The dream out of this nightmareish experience.

    The green fields of Lorraine, the rivers that led up to the Flanders. I could remember how limpid the water was.

    "S-Sir! The first line-"

    "I know."

    The officer blinked as I groaned at him with a bored look. The first line was never meant to last too much in this brawl, few archers and little spearmen holding as long as they could against the never-ending horde until the last spirit of their souls vanished.

    Soon the roaring force crashed on the second line, the fighting turning in a longer stalemate than the previous one and... they fell once more.

    I sighed as I noticed the leader of the Engineers approaching. "Sir, the fourth line is finished and-" "Your job is duly noted, please retreat there and wait for further orders."

    I turned at the surprised officer by my side and nodded his direction, the plan having changed the moment I took notice of the number of men rushing toward camp.

    The third line was evacuated without protest, just confusion and suspicion riddling few men walking in the deepest defensive line in the camp.

    Soon I was walking alone towards the marching force of heathens.

    They were smiling. I was grimacing.

    I could see few cavalrymen taking the lead, directed right to finish me off.

    The apple shone a bright light as the horses face-crashed on the floor, letting their owners fly forward right on two long spears of gold waiting for them.

    The blades cut deeply in their skulls and I could see some of the enemies falter at the sight.

    I could bet my arse that they were thinking I was some sort of prophet, someone capable of using God's power justly and properly.

    But the religious context barely wavered their need to overcome my presence, to reach Jerusalem.

    A sudden bout of anger, something new elevated from the depths of my soul as I directed the relic's power on the attackers.

    A powerful wave of sand and gold formed from my feet and travelled to the heathens, some of them turning around and trying to run away from their approaching doom.

    A futile effort.

    But they could still-



    They will suffer.

    I blinked tiredly at the sight and... it was over.

    So simple and... so draining.

    Slowly turning around, I started to limp back to my tent as my leg started to ache once more.

    At the gates of the ruins corpses littered the ground, the result of the monstrous power of the artifact.


    I stared at the paper with a dejected look. The last bright flame within my soul slowly dimming as I learned about Godfrey's passing.

    It wasn't described in the letter how he had died but I knew that it wasn't a fight.

    The was might have taken a toll on our lives but... old Gofre was too prideful to die in a fight here.

    Baldwin had always been an ambitious lord, always trying to leave his brother's shadow and now... now he got what he wanted.

    Yet I was far from calm about the succession, remembering the poisonous attitude the younger man had for anything related to Godfrey and now... now it would seem that I wouldn't come back home.

    I was lost in the memories of my youth when someone slammed the door of my room open.

    I glanced up from the floor and smiled bitterly. "Horestes."

    "L-Lord Maurice- an assassin has been spotted within the camp and-"

    I jumped out of the chair with a panicked expression. Wasn't this new order of murderers supposed to be dealing with the Seljuks?

    In my haste I found myself stumbling on the half-bust of the golem-like being and... I had a small idea.

    It is a dumb idea.

    It ain't dumb if it works!

    "Horestes I need you to do something for me." I picked the box which the Apple had been put in and placed it all inside the open chest of the metallic being. "I need you escape from this place. Your orders are to take this container back in Lorraine and-"

    "B-But what about the promise, milord?! Y-You said that you would return to your lady and-"

    "I cannot keep it." I swallowed the harsh knot as I tried to not think about her. "T-Tell her that I love her and... to never try to open this box."

    The man blinked, fearful and all, but nodded at my demands. "I-I will do it but- but keep safe, milord."

    The servant clumsily dragged the golem out of the tent, walking alone towards the small group of carriages with horses.

    It will take him few hours to reach the closest port and- "Ugh!"

    Soft steel punctured my thigh and I yelped in pain.

    I jumped away from the following attack, the slim sword failing to reach me as I tried to bring my own blade out of the scabbard.

    But it was too late.

    The hooded figure pushed me on the ground with his weight and I saw the small blade in his hands, on his wrist, descending from above and toward my exposed neck.


    My throat was cut open and I could taste the blood, I was breathing the blood and soon I was chocking on it.

    it was so sudden and the wound so open.

    I will wait for you in heaven, my love.



    Battery 100%!

    Unit fully operational!

    "T-This is a glorious day, my friend! Another apple! We found another relic of the First Civilisation and-"

    I groaned as I woke up to find myself dealing with a boring science-boner before me.

    Adam Rikkin and Warren Vidic are two smart men and-

    Nah, they are just morons.

    I jumped off the white table and looked back at my fully functional hands.

    I feel different.

    "W-What are you-" Rikkin was silenced by a pencil piercing through his brain, courtesy of my unwillingness to deal with some morons so early in the morning.

    The other human was sweating bullets at the scene but smartly decided against making any loud noises as I tried to focus back on the changes I was feeling within my droid body.

    Unknown element has been detected in 914y, 2m and 14d and it has been integrated to the unit.

    Indeed, the HUD was partially different from the usual. Gone was the overly-complicated and kind of boring sight, now replaced by a simplified vision that would show elements I wished to look at.

    Objective: Leave the Italian Section of the Abstergo Industries.

    We just got back and we are getting thrown back in action? I think I might fall in love with this new world!

    I don't think we should be this chirpy. We have a lot to do about-

    Killing the Templars, kill Juno and avoid the 2012 Apocalypse. I know that.

    But what about... him.

    Indeed, what was I going to do with the not-so-small obstacle I just learnt about with the Animus.

    I admit I had not expected that a similar version of me had lived in this world but... it was quite infuriating that his story was just like mine- how the old man was still doing crazy shit and how he had to pay for-

    I turned towards the door as someone kicked it open. There he was, the greatest bastard of them all, smiling like a baby after it had crapped its diaper and was waiting to be picked up.

    "Welcome back from hell, buddy!" I commended his reflexes, the second pencil at my disposal failing to stab his head and flying on the corridor... filled with several dead guards.

    "You have a lot of balls to-"

    "Geez, there is no need to appear this dull to me, buddy. I don't think I did anything to warrant-Ugh."

    He recoiled away, one of his hands covering his now broken nose as my fist had quickly taken the acceptable range to punish the arse.

    "Okay... I might have forced you to reincarnate and all but.. I care?"

    If I had eyebrows, I would be frowning at him the harshest possible.

    "Oh right. I think you should try... this." He merely poked on my chest and... my body changed.

    No longer in my BX-A form, I stared a little pale at my familiar hands. I was... human?

    The sight was absurd and the man chuckled as his body changed in a mere blink, showing its true form.

    I felt like I was staring at a mirror, the BX-A droid in front of me looking worse to wear the more I stared at it.

    "Maybe tune down the ogling?" I cringed at his robotic chuckle. "We don't swing that way."


    "Do you seriously think this all happened without a reason? It is all part of a big plot, my younger counterparto!"

    He wheezed a little as I stared at... myself?

    He should hit the gym.

    ..He does feel quite bad. What could have happened to-

    "Tell Bluey to can it if he is trying to appear humanitarian."


    Did he seriously- BWAHAHAHAHA!

    "I can see it. The familiar expression and... you forgot how expressive you were with the robottish experience."


    Indeed, I was scrunching my face a little as he spoke, a sign I was so confused and failing to make sense out of this paradox in the making.

    "I think I will simmer it down for you." He was once more in his human form. "Things... might go bad. Like, really bad."

    He poked at my face. "That is why you are being called in. To change the timeline and... avoid the mistakes me and our other versions are making."

    ... "What?"

    He sighed tiredly, picking a smoke out of the pocket of his jacket. "Do you know about Multiver- Scratch that, you wrote this kind of shit. You should be an expert about it."
    "Writing is not-"

    "Showing a glimpse of the different dimensions? I admit your grammar still sucks in your stories but I hardly think you would be this skeptical about what is around us all."

    He- We are insane.

    Preach it.

    This is not a good thing to have in our mind, you know?

    Bah, it's just having fun and... burning things.

    What about explo-

    Explosions too, yes. We need more explosions.

    "What do you want then?! Why did you do this?"

    He merely smiled. "I just want to make the place... better."

    ..."But why-"

    "I don't need to explain further. What you know is... enough."


    "Because I needed to reincarnate you one way or another and... death is the quickiest one." He turned around and started to walked towards the door. "Fix this world and... I will call you for your reward."


    He paused, his head turning slightly to boringly stare at me. "Because you have no choice."

    And with those words, I was left alone in the empty laboratory. And I was once more back in my BX-A form.

    Maybe I should have died that day... maybe I should have-

    BORING! We have stuff to do.

    While the means my fellow voice just used aren't the proper ones... he is correct. That man will possibly give us something worth our time.

    ...I hate you both.

    Love you, dad.


    No more confusion! Next chapter will see the beginning of a murder spree! Who want to see Juno epic-fail and avoid bringing the insanity that followed Unity? *Raise hands madly* GOOD!
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    I'm so confused right now.
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    I'm so confused by people saying 'I am so confused' and then not explaining what is actually confusing them. Isn't that the epithone of confusion?
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    Wow. Way to crash and burn my interest in a story harder than the new SW trilogy. Never have i experienced such crushing disappointment and overall confusion than today.

    Imma bounce of this story now. Don't take this too badly, but this mess is one i don't want be in. Still loving your DxD fic remix and the Mayor Bukharin tou.

    Edit: sorry i didnt explain why: it started with the JARRING change of scenario. We just got Revan Ex Machina'd out of thin air into AC as a Templar. Not inherently bad, just confusing and buttfuck out of left field. But then rando visions. AND THEN your suddently animus "pilot". Afterwards, it's wake up, sudden homicide, and get " lol trolled" by what should be a multiverse fic's greatest cardinal sin: an active (as in NOT just a plot device/excuse to transmigrate the MC) ROB. That's what killed it for me.
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  26. Threadmarks: Interlude - It's not always easy, but when it is it tends to get boring.

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    Interlude – It’s not always easy, but when it is it tends to get boring.

    You know what? I think I will say that.

    We already agreed to not digress further on the predicament-

    But we need to! It’s our right to be miffed at how things had turned out in this world.

    So… my supposedly ‘long’ adventure took me just four days to accomplish and-

    WE ARE BORED! You can say that, no one is going to whine about that.

    It was relatively shorter than I had imagined.

    … That’s what she said.

    Oh c’mon! I thought you were above that.

    I was. But now? Now I am a bored little poop.

    ANYWAY! I was saying that it ended prematurely because…

    The modern world in Assassin’s Creed is easy for so many reasons.

    Hacking the internet? A piece of cake.

    ‘Borrowing’ some money in the name of justice from the Illuminati? It was hilarious.

    Enjoying a pizza after so much time wasted rotting in some old warehouse? Heaven never tasted this close.

    My first objective was the effective cleanup of the Templar Order. London never expected the burning of some buildings just like Jerusalem had not expected to find out the dead bodies of several important men with juicy documents on them.

    While killing the General of the Cross and his council was enough to paralyze the organization just enough for me to ruin their reputation by flipping the cards away and into the public’s eyes.

    The outrage that spread worldwide was actually an interesting sight as I had never seen so many riots back in the Real World. Maybe it was because the corruption that was showed was actually far unbearable to be left ignored and that sparked a sense of renewal.

    People died and were dying as the conflicts escalated across the world. No one was actually spared and frankly… I couldn’t do much about it.

    Sure, I could hijack the entirety of the internet but I was incredibly wary of not imposing myself as some higher being.

    Too much of a hassle in the long-term planning and just not enough loyal people that would follow me with my plans.

    But while I had crippled the main threat in true ‘peace’, there was still some dangerous groups that needed to be shattered quickly.

    The Instruments of the First Will were actually easy to find as they were still unprepared to face large operations to expand their folds. Their destruction was quick and I preferred to keep their existence a secret for the sake of avoiding any info about the Isu Civilization from spilling to the people.

    Knowledge was dangerous, especially if said knowledge provided the means to improve the ways of controlling the masses and waging wars.

    The flight for Turin, New York, was a smooth one but I still had to waste so much explosive to blast my way through the wall-door of the Grand Temple.

    The massive construct was a majestic architectural piece but sadly… it had to go.

    The shady Irishman from which I had bought the 100+ C3 bars blushed like a little maiden when I had told him what I had planned to do with so many charges but he decided to ignore calling the police as I showed him some of my own persuasion by revealing the arsenal I had gathered from other black marker arm dealers.

    Sure, the guns were meek compared to the futuristic ones from the SW universe, but I needed to have some guarantees in this crazy world.

    I think we are crazier than this world.

    I concur, we are ‘smartly crazier’ than this world.

    Setting up the charges, I waited to unleash the hellfire I had planned for one of the last pieces of the First Civilization.

    Reaching the main console, I started to upload and alter some of the data contained within the Eye, switching the main activation key to a little thing I had built while I was spending time in Iceland.

    A small, sophisticated mainframe built with the purpose of elaborate the right set of equations to formulate the numbers of existence for Minerva’s world-saving plan.

    In layman’s terms, numbers can (for reasons even the writer is completely unsure of) manipulate certain pattern of reality itself and skip the effects and aftermath of the Cataclysm.

    Just as I finished depleting the resources to activate things from that console, I found my eyes blinded by the appearance of a very pissed, holographic version of Juno.

    She scowled, her fury clear in her face and I merely smiled.

    I had come here under-clothed, but the reason why I did so was actually logical.

    We were going to burn stuff and I couldn’t allow my tuxedo to get wasted there.

    But we are going to sacrifice our flip-flops! Why couldn’t have been wearing Crocs for this occasion?

    Because we are… better than that.


    Yes~! Bluey is converting to my cause. Eat plank, Yellowy.



    She tilted closer, snarling as she easily knew that her plans had been foiled by a ‘simple human’.

    “You condemned us all! Without the sixth solution, humanity is-”

    “Actually safe and sound.” But it was me that interjected. Turning our heads to stare at the twitchy form of another hologram.

    Minerva, the lady seemed to be holding back herself from laughing and it irritated the ever-increasing anger within the fellow Isu.

    “What is the meaning of this?! You know that the Eye is the only solution-”

    “It was the only solution available.” She grinned as she turned her full attention on my frame. “But I am more surprised that you didn’t notice that our guest isn’t a human as he appears to be.”

    I smiled. “I was actually aiming to keep incognito until this story is done and solved.”

    “My bad.” She replied with a totally ‘not sorry’ tone. “But I am finding this whole situation as fascinating as thrilling.”

    “Enough of this!” Several holographic windows appeared in front of Juno as she tried to activate some command… her jaw hanging open the moment she realized she was completely cut off from controlling the Temple.

    “W-What? What is this?!”

    I shrugged. “Dunno. Maybe you forgot your password.” I then proceeded to look at the other Isu AI. “Tell you what. I have an offer for you.”

    She blinked. “Oh? May I inquire what this ‘offer’ entails?”


    But think about the potential! Think how we can get some extra help in fully develop our current situation-

    We cannot trust an external AI! Think of the possible backstabs and-

    “Wanna join my crew?”

    Goddammit, let me finish at least!

    She tilted her head to the side, conflicting thoughts evident on her face and then… “Okay.”

    “W-WHAT?” Juno was shocked but… I always aim to impress so I took it as a compliment. “I mean- You could bring me too, I can be useful and-”

    The hologram disappeared as I sealed it deep in the Eye. “And no, I can invite just an individual so...” I returned back to Minerva. “You ready?”

    She nodded and I started to download her data within a safe section of the unit, a place where she would hardly be able to access my little ‘private room’.

    The Isu disappeared from sight for few moments, then reappeared again, this time looking at her hands. “I feel that this form is a little more… stable than my previous one and...” She stared where the Apple of Eden was stored inside. “I can see that the Instrument is working perfectly in synch with your composition.”

    She poked at my chest, a mad glint flashing as she stared intensively at the spot. “I will have to… study this further.”

    ...Boy, things just got steamy!

    Please, she is just a scientist and-

    We got a woman ‘studying’ us. Forgive me, but I hardly believe it’s just all business from now on.

    I hate you both, I hope you understand that.

    But why? Think of the possible ‘applications’.

    I second Green, jump in a hole and stay there forever.

    Now that is just cruel-

    Just like you were perving about the very situation.

    Yeah, you sick bro.



    The secret spot was just like I had expected.

    In the Sicilian countryside, Goethe found a unique sense of art. But I? I could only find a sense of nostalgia at that home that wasn’t my own.

    It looked like mine, but it wasn’t the one I had grew up in my childhood. It was different.

    I parked the car away from the meeting ground, feeling that I had to enjoy just one last walk through the natural path that led to it. The cool breeze was enough to balance out the sun’s heat and the chirping of birds flying around restored a sense of calm that I had forgotten to have.

    My mind was clear, the voices keeping quiet as Minerva was asked to not interrupt while I dealt with this ‘stranger’.

    The old timer was staring, sitting quietly as he stared from the bench the beautiful sight that showed part of the island that he could enjoy from his seat.

    He turned his head as I approached, a tired smile in his face as he greeted me with a nod.

    I nodded back, walking towards him and taking a seat on the free space on the bench.

    Waiting for a response, I decided to steal a glance at that endearing sight, something I had long thought to be for granted.

    “Was it Leopardi that wrote about the ‘Infinity’?” I nodded at his question, his smile widening. “I wonder if he would have found better inspiration if he had known about this place.”

    The smile dimmed. “But I suppose it would have been worse as this wasn’t his home.”

    “Your request is fulfilled.” I stated curtly, unwilling to stretch this comic show of his.

    He hummed. “Hm, I would say that you did. But I think there is still one thing that you have to complete.”

    I blinked, my mouth opening in protest as I did solve ‘most’ of the problems in this universe. But I kept quiet, his finger poking right on my chest.

    “You have so much to endure, to experience, to enjoy, to suffer and… I think you will do it.”

    I blinked and I found my hands filled by two small objects. The first of the two was a small… cellphone? It looked like a hybrid between an Iphone, an Android and… a Huawhei.

    Actually there were several other details that made the model almost unrecognizable but… it was working properly.

    “This is ‘super’ advanced technology. It is a special communicator to contact those you are allied to.” I opened the call menu and… there were familiar names. “I decided to save some of your trustworthy allies on the device. You may contact them now if you wish.”

    Tambor, Maul, Cham Syndulla, Jango and several other individuals mostly living in Tatooine now.

    I finally glanced at the second device and frowned at the strange object. Similar to a small Ipad, square looking but with several buttons on it.

    “That is a Jump-Key.” The older me explained as he returned to stare at away in the horizon. “It’s something I had used for many years and it will help you traveling around the Multiverse-”

    “Wait, what do you mean I have to go ‘around the Multiverse’?” A legitimate question, one that the elder still found annoying.

    “Because this predicament will not pass unnoticed to other Dimensional Hoppers and, knowing you, I bet you are already planning some way to counter any incursion against you.”

    Indeed, this development was… unexpected and frankly I didn’t wish to deal with further issues with the ones I had to still solve in the SW universe.

    “But why traveling around? Why not just set up some bases here and there and just let them come for me?”

    “Do you think that Star Wars is the most advanced in the whole Multiverse? I don’t think I need to explain to you what the ‘Flood’ and ‘Reapers’ are.”

    I flinched, failing to remember the two galactic-tier threats that acted without discrimination in their genocidal ways.

    Now that was a concerning thought.

    “Also your life pattern would become difficult to track down if you keep moving in a decent pace through universes. Get them confused and dumb.”

    I nodded and stared down at the two devices in my hands, sighing as I decided it was time for me to go.

    “I guess this is a goodbye, old man.” I smiled as I finished loading in the already selected universe. “Don’t die while I am away!”

    The blinding light saved me from a furious punch slamming on the bench, the old man chuckling as he stared at the spot I had previously occupied.

    “What a dumb fuck I was...”


    My head was hurting and my body felt sore.

    I groaned as I opened my eyes to find myself in an… alley?

    As the inner distress started to assuage, I finally stood up from the filth and grime and… glanced around me.

    Yep, this is a dumpster.

    What the heck? Weren’t we supposed to be back in our cozy Dacha back in Tatooine?

    We were… but where are we?

    Ignoring Captain Obvious, I was about to reach one of the ends of the small place but Minerva beat me to the punch.

    Appearing in a brief, soft flash she stared silently at what was going on.




    “Oh my...” She muttered softly and I walked to see what kind of war was happening just around the corner.

    I stopped as I stared blankly at the morbid scene.

    It was a massive being, humanoid in its frame but… also looking quite wrong at it. Seriously, what I am staring a-



    Shit! The old man screwed us big time!

    T-This- We cannot win this one! We need to leave now!

    I stared at the Jump-Key and my face further paled as I stared at the words on the screen.

    ‘Recharge time: 2d 12h’

    …My silent dread was slowly replaced by surprise as the large behemoth of a monster was met by a large mecha-no, the Eva Unit-01 tore through the entity without hesitation and I was glad that his was actually happening several kilometers away from where I was.

    I had enough things to think about, especially with this sick twist, to trip balls.

    But seriously, what I should be doing here exactly?

    "We could go there." I barely heard Minerva but I still looked at the large warehouse she was pointing up.

    It had several signs painted on it, one of those being a giant 'NERV' on it and...

    I shrugged. I guess I will have to ruin Gendo Ikari's life.



    Whistling A cruel Angel’s thesis, oh? I suppose the first chapter of a long era has ended.

    Welp, this isn’t Star Wars but… I mean this is going to be awesome.

    Who wants to hijack some Evangelion?


    Angels: *Go berserk on Earth for fun or business*

    Gendo Ikari: I am going to ruin those aliens' lives.

    Unit 428: Hold my beer, I am going to ruin everyone's life.
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion 1: Genesis (1)

    Sneaking my around the semi-abandoned facility, I managed to carefully disable the security system with no little issue.

    The AI developed by NERV was advanced, just a little more than the ACVerse’s ones, but it was still meek compared to my Hacking Tools but I decided against disabling the whole automated factory as I knew its main purpose was to be accomplished.

    Guns of various calibers were produced by the machinery, endless deposits of ready to be deployed to be used by soldiers and militias alike.

    The ‘Invaders’ hardly cared if you were a civilian or not, so having a gun close at any moment was a must for the people. It was kind of surprising to learn that this was all possible thanks to a UN directive.

    A world-wide extension of the American 2nd Amendment, with some minor changes that depended by the differences of the various nations.

    Japan was literally tame and the restrictions were lax compared to any of the Chinese region, but it had still to follow the lead of NERV.

    Reading some recent newspaper, I learned that I landed in the dimension right after the first fight Shinji had with an Angel.

    Gendo Ikari was literally Japan’s own dictator, but he hardly played the part of the ‘big baddy’. A pragmatic man, I was feeling kind of excited at the prospect of facing him with my little world-busting plan.

    Maybe we should change the nickname. World-busting sounds quite ominous.

    Bah! If some softies can’t realize it isn’t about destroying the world, then it’s their fault. Speaking of fault, what should we do about Rei’s clones.

    We have so many issues to deal about, like the attack of other Angels and the approaching Third Impact, and you wish to focus on Rei’s clones.

    I mean, we are talking about living beings. Dysfunctional ones for genetical reasons, but they are still worth considering in our ‘fixing’.

    I sighed as I contemplated how should I start with this all. Sure, I had styled out how I should deal with the Angels and their AT Field, but I was the worst person to deal with traumatic experiences.

    Asuka was a bitch, but one that had reasons to be one and I felt like she is still a redeemable individual. Plus I am sure that half of that aggressive attitude is hormones.

    Rei is… a dilemma. If a proper solution about her body’s degradation was provided, then I would more than eager to present it to her… but the issue lied elsewhere.

    She wouldn’t accept it. Why? Because she was convinced in dying for her boss’ orders.

    Silly girl, life doesn’t work like this.

    Then there was Shinji…

    Seriously, why many Shinjis suffer for a reason or another? I could understand Shinji Matou but-

    It’s the message of the masterpiece. The inner struggle of a young man in dealing with depression, being bullied and having to deal with some crazy stuff no boy with his age and traumas should ever be part of.

    But still I think it’s worth considering that this is just utterly ridiculous. I can understand some minor trauma giving trouble the first few times to a protagonist, but to literally try to coax a PTSD teen into the Eva was just… poor taste. Even through Shinji is the only one with the highest chances of piloting that Unit because ‘his mother is still there’, I was quite infuriated that someone like Gendo would just expect to be forgiven after he had done to his son.

    If I have to be honest about it, that pitiful scene of asking for forgiveness… shouldn’t have happened. If he truly cared for him, if he truly wanted the best for him… he could have tried to find another way other than forcing his child into that situation.

    Was I raving? Just a little.

    Maybe we should talk about something less toxic… what about the new Netflix Adaptation-


    B-But it is-

    Ruined, spoiled? Defaced because someone was pressured by time and decided to just leave the literal translation in?

    It wasn’t that bad-

    ‘How much for you… how much at what you cannot do that you something for you to do should be there.’*

    Yep. Be silent and no cookie for you.

    Closing this parenthesis there were still things to do.

    Of course I still had an issue to solve at once before focusing on everything else and her name was Minerva.

    Given the proper means to access to the information of this world, the Isu was quick to throw herself at what was the primitive version of the internet. The military owned a large chunk of the web, but there was still some space left to the civilians to use within some limitations and rules.

    The woman went full mad scientist the moment she learned about the Impacts, about the Angels and the Evangelions units.

    She was disappointed that the keywords of this matter originated by Christian mythology, but her mind was mostly taken by the Absolute Terror Field and its effect.

    “This is something unique. Biological in nature.. but could be replicated if I have the proper machines at my disposal.”

    “Wouldn’t Electro-Magnetic slugs fix the issue at once?”

    She sighed at my suggestion. “It could work, but from what I understand this was already used in previous attacks.”

    … “Really?” Now that was something I was completely unaware of.

    “An experiment few months after the Second Impact to pierce an artificially-produced AT Field led to some… deadly results to the scientists assigned to that project.”

    And that put my solution to AT field in the trash bin, leaving me with little worth of use against the Angels in my immediate reach.

    Sighing annoyed by my relative lack of defenses, I decided it was the right time to see what kind of city was Tokyo-3.

    Maybe I will find a way to entertain myself today!


    I have to say, this city is the cleanest place I have ever been.

    Even Coruscant paled compared at how lucid this place was, but of course this achievement had its own backlash.

    Tokyo-3, no matter how perfectly similar it was to the original Tokyo, felt too much fake. It felt like I was walking in some cinematic studio scene, where things were meant to appear clean as heck and people seemed to be happy with the world’s end at their doorstep.

    Maybe Gendo didn’t mention the gravity of the situation to the local news. Maybe they truly don’t know what is going on.

    I mean, I would feel suspicious if no one has ever considered that something big was cooking if Angels’ attacks were intensifying.

    You severely underestimate the power of Fake News and propaganda.

    I sighed as I entered inside the market shop, groceries being a priority for the time being to keep a sense of normalcy around my cover.

    The cool breeze of the AC was moderate and almost difficult to perceive for normal humans but… I was unique.

    I picked a small bag of cookies off one of the shelves, ignoring who was walking around me as I continued to carefully pick things I would usually eat, things people usually eat.

    As I turned to finally reach the counter, I felt tripping on someone. The boy yelped as he fell forward, catching himself right before his face could slam on the floor.

    My eyes widened and I reached for him. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking and-”

    “T-That’s alright.” The shy tone, the familiar voice and then he turned around.

    I blinked as I was face to face to Shinji Ikari, the boy looking quite similar to the average teen and… I knew what he was going to suffer.

    It’s impressive how you are still shaken by dealing with close situations and yet you would wage wars without restriction if you could.

    I-It’s more the fact I know who is going to die. I can label ‘soldiers’ those that fall dead, but I cannot stop minding if innocent people I know directly dies.

    “Here, let me help y-” I stopped right as his hand retreated away from my reaching one, his eyes flinching at the attempt of getting him up.

    I was starting to regret giving a dime about this strange world.

    “Are you hurt?” My following quip was and the boy shook his head fervently, but I pressed on. “Young man, are you hurt?”

    My tone got sterner and he seemed to get still just briefly, eyes widening in surprise before he redirected them to the floor. “I-I think I am fine.”

    “That should be judged by someone a little more experienced on the subject.” I replied without hesitation. “But… I suppose I cannot force you to do anything you don’t wish to do.”

    Now that got the boy stunned and I was growing sadder and angrier the more I interacted with him. Sadness because he was so much inexperienced with concern towards him, anger because the ones responsible for him were doing nothing to fix that.

    It’s an embarassing proof that humanity is mostly hopeless.

    “I think there is an ice cream parlor. I wish to apologize and I think I can afford two ice creams-”

    “S-Sir, I don’t want to impose and-”

    “Then it’s alright, since I wish to do that as a way to apologize my clumsiness.”

    Shinji blinked, his defense fairly weak and he finally conceded. “O-Okay. But I have little time before I have to go home.”

    I nodded, smiling as I got the chance I just needed to study more this fascinating character and help him up.

    Now that sounds something only a creep would think.

    I-I am not into boys!

    But you should at least some more care in the wording. If I was a cop and I had heard you say this out loud, I would have taken you to jail faster than you could say ‘Chimichanga’.

    Ouch! Man, what is happening with Bluey and his new capacity to burn people?!

    I blame both of you for pushing to those limits. I-I should be less crass and yet-

    You are becoming a real boy!

    Shut up!

    The ice cream parlor had seats outside and we decided to stay in those as to enjoy more this day of spring.

    Shinji took a spoonful of the chocolate treat with the small spoon of plastic given together with the delightful sweet, keeping a cautious pace as if expecting me to pull something against him.

    Meanwhile I was enjoying the surprisingly delicious watermelon flavor in the small cup I was given. It’s been so long~!

    I stopped, faking surprise as I ‘remembered’ something. “I almost forgot to introduce myself.” The teen blinked as I smiled warmly. “I am John Shinihachi.”

    The boy gulped down another spoonful before replying with an abashed tone. “I-Ikari Shinji.”

    My eyes widened in faux surprise as I recognized his surname. “Ikari? Like that broody man, Ikari Gendo.”

    Initially he had appeared ready to take the usual comparison to his father, but the comical comment I gave about the ever-so-serious man seemed to shock him once more.

    “I- Yes, I mean- My father isn’t that much-”

    “Has to be rough.” I interjected during his feeble defense of his parent. “Living with someone that works so much and barely goes home.”

    Another flinch, this time Shinji was being reminded the fact he was practically living alone nowadays and that was because his father was mostly focused on his work as Commander of the NERV.

    At the lack of a response I let out a genuine look of worry.

    “You sure fine there, buddy?” I said calmly. “If I am saying anything that is bringing up any bad memories I can stop and-”

    “N-No, it’s not that.” He sighed tiredly. “It’s j-just that school is… stressful.”

    I nodded, accepting the obviously false excuse as I knew that pressing too much on this subject might make him lash out.

    “Understood.” I hummed quietly. “Then we could talk about… sports.”

    Shinji blinked. “S-Sports?”

    “Of course as a young man you have thought of trying some after-school activity. Sports, literature or even science-related clubs.”

    “I- I didn’t thought about it-” He paused as he genuinely gave it a thought about it now. “I suppose I was too busy with other matters.”

    “I bet private things.” At his nod I continued. “Then I guess we will have to change topic again...”

    I closed my eyes as I thought more about this and finally asked the juicy bits of his life.

    “What about girls?” He stopped with the spoon in his mouth, eyes widening as his face reddened at the question.

    The teen gulped nervously the chocolate treat. “G-Girls? W-What about them?”

    “Anyone in particular you are fancying, young man? I bet there is at least someone that got your interest already.”

    He grew even more nervous, the topic being quite embarrassing and personal for him but-

    “I-I guess I do.”

    I nodded in response. “That is good! You should try to understand love this time of your life.” Then I let out a genuine groan of self-disappointment. “Or you will end up single just like I am..”

    His lips twitched at the comical self-roast, but he kept from truly smiling at the joke.

    “I-I think it isn’t that bad.” He muttered with some honesty. “I mean- I think girls are...”

    “Complicated?” The boy nodded and I sighed tiredly. “Welcome to the world of women. At least most of them.”

    Shinji blinked again. “What?”

    “Women are complicated for every men, my young friend.” I admitted with a sad note. “And sometimes it felt like they are speaking a different language altogether.”

    He took another spoonful of his cup. “Y-yeah.”

    Just as he replied to that, I felt someone storming towards us.

    I glanced by the entrance and I saw the very bane of many men’s lives.

    The being no one can satisfy but only those who are granted the legendary ‘Harem Protagonist EX’ Skill or are incredibly unlucky to discover said being’s inner secret.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the prime Tsundere, Asuka Soryu Langley is here.

    We are all going to die.


    Behind her I could see the distant figures that were Misato Katsuragi and Rei Ayanami.

    “You utter moron, where were you!?”

    Such a wild force and… I was going to meddle with it.

    “Excuse me!” The loud outburst leaving my lips was enough to freeze the orangette on her path, eyes wide open as she realized that her target was alone. “Is this the manner of talking with someone while he is busy in a discussion?”

    She almost ‘eeped’, possibly because the sudden harsh reaction was something she had hardly experienced in this period of her life.

    “I-I am sorry, sir.” She bowed her head a little before turning to stare at Shinji. “B-But my classmate was supposed to meet with us half an hour ago and-”

    “I asked him to join me in this parlor to apologize as I had clumsily tripped on him while he was in the market shop.”

    She didn’t speak further and I sighed. “Listen, I am not trying to verbally beat anyone, but you should-” I sighed as I processed what words wouldn’t get me suspected by the girl. “You should talk to someone. Not a stranger, I think that is perfectly easy to understand, but you are bottling up too much and that aggressive behavior is a worrying example of what you are turning into.”

    I stood up from my chair, picking a small piece of paper and using one of my pens to write down my ‘phone’ number. “If you wish to talk with someone, Shinji. I think I will find some space with you.”

    He took it in his hands and blinked in surprise. “B-But what if I call and you are busy?”

    There was no suspicion about my genuine concern in his mind, thus he decided to give just a little trust on the matter and ask a relatively simple question.

    “As I said, I will find some time.” I left the money to cover the costs of both ice creams and walked away from the parlor, waving calmly at them without looking. “I hope you both take care, young man and young lady.”

    Just as I stepped around the corner, Misato approached the stunned duo with Rei following closely.

    If only I had glanced at Asuka before I had left that time, if only I had noticed that with my words I had sparked some interest.



    Shinji is a good man, Asuka is bossy but not overly-bitchy and next chapter is going to be a stealth mission. For what? Well that is for me to write and for you to read.

    *This is not a joke, the Adaptor of this new edition in Netflix (Which is the one that did the first edition too back in the 90s) left so many grammar atrocities that Netflix had to flak the dubbed version down and replaced it with the Japanese one with Italian subtitles.

    For those who don't believe this, here is the original Italian line: "Quanto a te... quanto a quello che non puoi fare che tu qualcosa per te da poter fare dovrebbe esserci."
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    Neon Genesis Evangelion 1: Genesis (2)

    Infiltrating the NERV’s HQ building had been…



    Yes, incredibly disappointing.

    For being an organization that flaunted to be the ‘spearhead of the defense of humanity’ they truly had a very insignificant level of security on them. But maybe I am being overly-dramatic about it, especially since I tend to easily forget about the massive boost my advanced AI could manage to accomplish with the help of Minerva.

    The Isu AI was not as developed as the one built within the droid unit, but she was slowly starting to get a handle over it and… it was insanely convenient. Before having her inside the ‘suit’, I had more than once been forced to ‘detach’ myself from reality to activate the hacking functions.

    But now? With the Apple being more than generous in replicating the appearances of the guards and scientists I was silently putting to sleep along the way and with the surveillance system stuck in a permanent loop, the initial walk inside the first section of the Headquarters was easy-peasy.

    As the doors of the elevator leading to the lower levels opened, I felt a slight sense of worry as I entered the Central Dogma. The structure was highly-restricted and forcing me to assume a very mechanic/drone-like behavior as I quietly reached for the only access to the room I needed to reach.

    Gulping nervously, I tried my best to ignore the blank looking clones of the renown Kuudere of this series and was about to go and enter the last elevator to reach the Terminal Dogma and…

    ...What is this place?

    It isn’t the local super-market, but it does share some similarities-

    Oh, shut up!

    While my memory of the places around here wasn’t brightly clear, I felt like this very place wasn’t supposed to be there for some reasons. Several tubes were vertically placed by the sides of the long hallway that connected the Dummy Plug Plant to the Terminal Dogma.

    I stared at the massive containment door, the door stood unmoving even after the right codes had been inputted in the terminal attached to it. I groaned as I knew that I had to make sound and proceeded to materialize the Apple in my hand.

    It wasn’t the real deal, but a representation for my mind to understand its presence. It existed and it was in my hand, thus I can use it. Sounds dumb-

    Very dumb.

    Super-duper dumb.

    But it had some reasons. Science stuff!

    Sure, continue to believe that then…

    I am so going to put you in the dumbass-only corner if you keep with this attitude, boi.


    Still I raised the instrument as a wave of light coated the entire mechanism inside the entrance and…


    I smiled as I saw the doors finally opening, albeit in a slow manner. The apple de-materialized, I returned to my search for Lilith.

    Meanwhile 428 continued to descend deeper in the headquarters, a particular tube started to malfunction as the Apple of Eden managed to influence the data and the subject’s DNA.


    She had no name, only a denomination correlated to a long number, as she continued to stay numb in the nothingness.

    At least that was how her silent rest had been until that very moment, her body itching slowly out of her previous sleep as she felt… something.

    The silence, the one thing that she had known for so long started to be replaced by the growing sound of something ‘loud’ and annoying to her poor ears. The orange liquid that had kept her floating in that small place started to slowly recede out, leaving her body to calmly descend into the cool, metal floor.

    Her restraints disappeared as she felt her footing lost as she tried to shakily stand up. Something was… different… but it was also good? Boredom had ruled through her existence as she had tried to give a reason behind it all.

    Who were the people that had been keen to visit the room, why were they only watching her and… her siblings? And why she knew so much?

    The knowledge she had came from unknown origins, name blurring as she slowly completed her awakening. Her eyes slowly opened, bright red gems staring at the recoiling glass block and giving her the chance of breathing new air.

    Her lungs picked up the change and started to work properly, her body now feeling the cold of the metal and the general temperature of the room. What was this place and… why she felt like she needed to move out of there?

    Her mind was riddled by confusion and nothing was making sense about this development-

    The footsteps, do you hear them?

    She blinked and nodded on reflex as her head turned on the direction where she spotted a lone figure walking away from her and… her siblings.

    W-Who is that?

    He could be the one responsible for our new freedom?


    Yeah, we are no more in that dull tube and… maybe he is a good guy!

    Hardly possible, he could be one of the guards patrolling this section of the headquarters and-

    “W-What is going on?”

    She stepped out of the empty tank and onto the colder ground, crouching immediately as she felt it on her own bones.

    We are… not supposed to be there, I guess. But this has happened.

    Bah, this is amazing! We are going to be super-friends and- I almost forgot! I am Kiiro-chan and the other boring voice is Ao-chan!

    For some reasons we exist within your head and we are here to aid you.


    Yep! And we need to get going out of this place… like now.

    The guards are going to become a problem if they found us in this state. We need to take a gamble and follow the close individual, the one that might have awakened us.

    I bet he is super-nice. It’s a gut-feeling!

    The little girl gulped nervously. Her short, brown hair still feeling wet as her red eyes scanned at the door now starting to close, feeling the pressure building up within her chest.


    She ‘eeped’ as she rushed right through the closing mechanism, slowing down every corner to see the curious figure she had spotted early on. It was quite tall, a little more than the usual adults that would visit the laboratory.

    He was humming some curious quiet song as he continued to walk through the hallways, seemingly unaware of the little girl following his path.

    We should hum that too! It sounds so… so!

    So familiar…

    But why it was sounding familiar to her? She had never heard of a real song and… she yawned. Now she was feeling tired too.

    Her pace slowed down just a little and she finally vaulted over to the following room as- the being turned around and saw her.

    Her eyes widened in surprise and dread, feeling like she had completely failed to keep away from this stranger. The frontal appearance… showed something different from a human.

    It was like something she had seen around the place, like a…

    A robot?

    W-What is a robot?

    He crouched down in front and tilted his head as she kept still during his approach.

    That is a robot.

    “And who are you?”

    The voice sounded… strange. Like if this was being relayed through a small tube of steel and yet… there was no malice. There was no hint of danger as he stopped moving altogether to stare at her.

    The girl blinked and opened her mouth. “Someone.”

    … He twitched, his face dropping a little as his hand went to softly plant into it. A muffled chuckle left his… mouth?

    He doesn’t seem to have one. Maybe he has a device inside that allows him to talk.

    This botty looks so cool. Look how shiny he is! It looks so clean!

    “Indeed. You are something.” He returned to glance blankly at her. “But we need to give you a name.”

    A name?

    Her mind brought in several words, some making sense more than others. Rei, Yui, Shinji, Gendo-

    She paused as soon as she noticed the being opening his arms at her, waiting for something… something she recognized but couldn’t properly visualize.

    “C’mon.” The robot encouraged as she hesitated to make a step forward. Images, pictures lapsed and relapsed within her poor brain, bringing even more confusion to her decision-making.

    What to do? What to do?

    Do it.

    ...Do it.

    The voices lacked doubt and she felt slowly relenting on doing the grand move forward. Her eyes widened as one image pressed the most on her mind.

    C’mon, Shinji-kun. Come to Mama.

    The words were followed by a curious emotion, one that was there but also… wasn’t.

    Still she stepped forward, her body pressing on the metal as she expected to feel cold and…

    It was warm. Not too much, but neither too little and… she yawned again. His hand started to calmly caress her hair and she leaned even more, trying to catch even more of the good sensation.

    “I think...” He whispered quietly. “I will call you Mayu.

    And in that moment of silence, which the child enjoyed to the whole, something within her core resonated.

    Mayu smiled, eyes closing as she feel asleep on that very curious being as she was brought in to enjoy her first dream.


    This is insane.

    No, this is completely awe-fucking-some! We got ourselves a daughter, gentlemen!

    That is not how it works. Especially since the Apple was meant to cause this much effect on the other machinery.

    Minerva had been quick to notice the presence of the girl as I entered the room with the small elevator that led to where Lilith was being contained. I was confused at first as I had not expected any of the Reis to wake up but…

    One had managed to do that… and she was strange. None of the pale light-blue hair that the Kuudere had, but a curious shade of light brown that reminded me… of my sister’s hair.

    She was tiny, very tiny, and I esteemed her age to be around 4 to 5 years old.

    The initial contact was surprisingly… good. The girl didn’t show any sign of hostility and seemed to be attached to my person for some reason-

    Wait, what do you mean she got my DNA?

    “The little one, Mayu, shares a strong resemblance of your DNA. I think the reason behind this was an attempt of the Apple to… fix what she was lacking in her genome.”

    By adding part of mine… My God-

    “This is still an interesting development.” Minerva hummed positively. “Imagine, a human being with your very DNA. One could say that you got a little daughter now.”

    ...This is so going to give so many headaches…

    Speaking of headaches, after having taken the little girl in a careful hold, I proceeded to activate the elevator, slowly reaching the platform leading to the massive half-being crucified with her own Lance of Longinus.

    The ugly marshmallow amalgamation was an unnerving sight, just like it had been when watching it in the anime. It wasn’t the appearance that gave me an unique sense of dread, but its vibe and… mask.

    Seriously, why six eyes!?

    Minerva hummed again as she started to scan the large, red bident keeping the monster at bay and, few moments later, she confirmed the end of the scanning.

    “We cannot get a sample from that.”

    … What?

    “The material is incredibly sturdy. Sturdier than any instruments we can use on it.”

    So this visit was- I looked at Mayu -partly useless?

    “Actually no. The full-room scan is identifying several empty cocoons underneath the LCL and...” She paused making me confused and… nervous.

    What is wrong?

    “Lilith.” I stared at the creature and felt paling at the sight. “Was it looking at you before we-”


    The Angel had turned its head at me, staring intensively as I felt panic growing in my head and soon…

    T-The fuck you looking at?!

    ...I heard it.

    「Who are you?」



    So… Yes, someone joined the madness. The little Chibi is Mayu [ 真 (ma) meaning "real, genuine" combined with 優 (yu) meaning "excellence, superiority, gentleness"] Shinihachi and she will have a major role starting in the next world. Currently she will be a fluff/comic relief source for this plot.

    Also for those very attentive to the words, I had to change the surname. Yes, it had been something that I had noticed just now, that the translation is wrong and now is right-ish.
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    So is it the EngDub that has horrible grammar or the Italian Sub?
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    Italian dub. The Grammar mistakes are those in the script available from the adaptor's work. Netflix had to literally bright down the dubbing and replace it with the Original dub with Italian Subs.
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