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The Living Bot! (Multiverse ft. Robot!SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by JBukharin, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. JBukharin

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    Because Padme isn't there for the Republic. This is still Episode 2, when she and Anakin went to see how Shmi was doing.
    The Republic itself wouldn't mind about what is happening in Tatooine... but soon things are going beyond that only planet. An Empire is sure going to fall very soon and they will be forced to mind what is going on with the growing rebellion.
  2. Threadmarks: Star Wars 3 - ...Then we get the fuel canister... (3)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    First week of being the glorious leader of Tatooine and I was already dealing with the perilous mountains that were made of paper and words.

    Paperwork is the bane of every ruler's existance but... it's a necessary evil.

    But it is still boooooring.

    The process wasn't as annoying as it would have been if I had been a non-droid, my body capable of hardly feeling some strain with this kind of activities but this didn't mean I was scot free from the draining effect paperwork has on one mind.

    The first thing that had to be done was an official census of the people of this planet and I was thankful the old administration had kept something similar lying around.

    There was an outdated census and a recently-updated slaves' list that helped up in finding out whom lived where.
    A process that would take a week or two to complete but I was already moving with my plans of power consolidation.

    That is why a state intevention policy was applied to the rudimentary economy of the planet and several of the activities that had been under the control of slavers were seized, furnished with proper products and given to acceptable candidates to administer them.

    It would have been quite difficult to pull this up but that is where I started to think military-wise what to do with the militia I had.

    After contacting Jango again, I managed to get in touch with some former bounty hunters quite eager to get some money.

    Some of them were even gleeful at the idea of having some simpler job that reminded them of their former operations and they were overall pleased with the plan I had for the Military Academy that was being established in Mos Eisley.

    The premise of the military complex that was picked had been a former military outpost of the ancient colonial militia that just needed some cleaning and some adjustement in some of the sections of the building.

    We are sure embracing the dictator's role quickly..

    It is because we know how to rule and-

    We don't and that is the horrible thing! We have never held a political seat, we never studied for the job-

    But we did play Paradox Interactive's games! I think that is a good enough place where to learn how to rule.

    Those are only games-

    We killed Dooku with wine and I think that counts as a classic Crusader King 2 assassination.


    We also led a special operation that resembled much of those funny ones in Hearts of Iron IV.


    We are also in a scifi scenario and that is connected to Stellaris.

    You know what? Do whatever you wish for.. just don't kill anyone innocent.

    Don't worry! This is not going to end like a Tropico game!

    That isn't a game from PI!

    Next subject of the first week, education and recreative places.

    Two schools were operative three days after they were commisioned, the teachers being individuals that were experienced with the subject and didn't require a textbook to teach.

    A major boon for a leader that was using a very limited budget for his grandiose projects.

    To solve the issue of hunger and thirst, I decided to introduce Self-Service cantinas in several spaceports, seeing quite the interesting results in the following few days.

    Activities in the streets seemed to almost revived as large crowdes walked around happily, some to go to their work while others were merely enjoying the nice day.

    What should we do with the unemployed former slaves?

    That is a good question. What should we do with them..

    Wat had been contacted and to say that he was pleased with the progress I had achieved would be underrating his reaction. Baktoid, BlasTech and other important dealers within Techno Union were informed of this development too and about the low tariffs set for the industries that would accept the unemployed locals in the newest facilities.

    There were already several emissaries on their way but it would take a full day before they would reach Tatooine and that left most of the people without something to do.

    The solution was the newest festivity called 'Freedom Day' which was collocated the day following 'Liberation Day'.

    While the Liberation Day celebrated the end of the Hutt's dominance on Tatooine, Freedom Day was meant to celebrate the offical end of slavery and would see a festival with games and spectacles where everyone was invited to witness.

    I suppose this is like the 'Hold a Feast' kind of solution from Crusader Kings 2..

    You are finally warming up to us! Good!

    I was actually remembering that the decision could easily backfire on the user.

    Nope! Still the usual optimistic.

    There were still some issues I found myself unable to truly solve, one of them being the integration of the Tusken in the major spaceports without getting some conflict between natives and colonials.

    While the Sand People had learnt to accept my orders, the same wasn't for the people living in the major hubs. One small mistake and rebellions were going to pop like popcorn.

    Mhhh, I miss them-

    Don't! It's already difficult trying to cope the lack of proper body needs, I don't need to be reminded so easily of food.

    Maybe we could find some way to.. leave this body?

    As much as tempting that sounds, that would leave me the most vulnerable in this universe and that is a big no-no considering that we pissed off Palpatine.

    Actually, what are we supposed to do now that the Republic knows about our existance?

    We do what we do best. We play the blame game.

    I had planned to wait for an offical attempt to call my little coup out but I decided against it when a small and devious idea made its way in my mind.

    The communication device buzzed as I waited for the other side of the call to answer and a small *bzzt* revealed a little green creature, frowning in the hologram.

    "Am I speaking with Grand Master Yoda?"



    Cham Syndulla aimed his Blaster at the two Gamorreans keeping their assault at bay.

    Every since the news of Jabba's death had reached the homeworld of the Twi'leks, the Resistance had rekindled the rebellions around the whole planets against the now-headless Hutt administration.

    Most of the attacks were going fine but the leader of the freedom fighters spotted a major issue, one caused by the lack of proper preparation and equipment.

    Losses were almost as much as the more numerous guards were and medical instruments were something his group had planned to bring back so soon.

    "Sir! They are around us."

    A foul word escaped his mouth as he tried to find another position were to hide from the enemy's shots.

    Two more of his group fell on the ground, burning sounds reaching his ears as he prepared to make this his last stand.

    He closed his eyes and prayed for a miracle to happen, for their people to be finally free from the yoke of the Hutts.

    Powerful explosions followed his last preaching, fire engulfing the approaching Gamorreans as a volley from unknown blasters teared down the remaining forces of the Hutt Empire in the area.

    Sounds of metallic footsteps caused a renewed surge of dread. The slavers were using droids?!

    Indeed several droids started to rush the area, the tallest of them all, grey and much more human-like, crouched near him. "Cham Syndulla?"

    The Twi'lek blinked but then nodded, confused by this development. "We are here to bring you and your men and women to safety."

    "S-Safety? Whom are you working for?"

    The droid was about to leave but paused at the question. "We are allied with the newest government in Tatooine. The Governor-General says that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'."

    Cham took the helping hand from the droid and nodded. "I see... then tell your leader that the Resistance is willingfully accepting this gracious offer."

    The Rebellion renewed its strength as several others droid battalions were deployed in the major fighting spots.


    "Sir! We made contacts with Cham Syndulla!" Wat tilted his head at the monitors showing the various frontlines the droid were intervening on Ryloth.

    The planet was rich and the foreman hadn't been shy in the past to voice his claim over the planet, but now there was an opportunity that sounded appealing but also disheartening.

    While his 'helping hand' wasn't going to conquer the whole planet for him to rule, he would still get a hefty series of concessions thanks to his contribution in the Civil War, enough to gain twice the resources spent in this war.

    Yes, this was truly a bittersweet victory but... maybe this was fine.

    Afterall there was no sign of true danger to his life as of now.

    He glanced at the Coruscant News with a gleeful expression, the greatest treat having been displaying there for quite few hours.

    "Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine found missing after a Jedi Inquiry posed to the Senate during an emergency meeting!"

    The old fool had been dethroned and it was going to be a matter of time before he meet a just and rightful end.


    This one is particularly short and I intend to upload a second chapter. A few more for Star Wars and then we move to... another universe which isn't particularly used in this kind of stories for... reasons. Reasons about being too boring. (Maybe it will be liked there but... I will be fine if I leave some confused.)
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  3. Threadmarks: Star Wars 4: ...And finally we let the Powderkeg explode!(1)

    JBukharin Signer of the Totalist Charter

    Mar 14, 2019
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    The Senate was a cacophony of dissonance and indecision, Wilhuff Tarkin noted as a grim sigh left his mouth.

    It was quite displeasing that whom he had believed to be a good man with the right mindset had turned out to be one of the worst scumbags in the galaxy, Palpatine having acted around his ambitions and playing with them to use him where he wanted a loyal pawn.

    He looked at his hands and blinked. His role as Governor had been mostly backed by the former Supreme Chancellor as a favour from having helped in bringing down Valorum not so long ago.

    But now the castle of cards was falling and the Tarkin had to take a drastic decision. He had been called much earlier to Coruscant to speak with some influential members of the Trade Faction within the Senate, one of the major groups and the very ones that could have possibly orchestrated Palpatine's fall from grace.

    Nice manners and a delicious tea did quite the opposite of what they had expected as Wilhuff knew of the dangers of politics, even through most of his experience came from the military service.

    The proposal that was advanced had sounded quite ridiculous, insane even but the mere idea of becoming the Supreme Chancellor sounded like a dream becoming true for him. He had dreams, dreams about repelling some of the more ugly aspects of the Ruusan Reforms, to offer once more the chance to have a standing army that could help the Republic against any possible danger to it.

    He had heard of the Tatooine Revolution, one that was starting to spread like a plague.

    Ryloth and other planets that had been exploited by the Hutts were now joining arms in a single banner to destroy the criminal empire that had for so long been a thorn to the Galactic Republic.

    As a militarman, Tarkin didn't hide his interest in knowing the identity of the newest leader of the desert planet, to learn more about the mind that had planned such precise and quick strike with so little equipment.

    Having served in the very ill-equipped Outland Regions Security Force, the Governor had been the first one to face the issue of the space raiders with the scarce resources he had and meeting someone that had dealt with something similar to his own experience... felt like a good idea in his head.

    Plus it would be a good idea to side with the rebels than creating an unpopular second front and join unofficially on the Hutts' side.

    That is why he knew he would win if he accepted the idea of becoming the newest Supreme Chancellor. He would have the Trade Faction, the Military Faction and the public opinion to form a strong majority for his mandates.

    The issue came about the reasons why he was chosen as the right candidate. The emissaries had been quite nervous at the question and had played their words cautiously around it without properly addressing it.

    Tarkin groaned as once more Senator Amidala of Naboo spoke about the Tatooine's argument.

    He could understand her concerned tone and he knew that she was playing egregiously the political game.. but he could also see that she was failing to grasp the real subject of this sitting.

    Generally during a sitting meant to discuss internal matters it isn't advised to speak about non-related issues and the woman was slowly making her standing there minor than it was few moments earlier.

    After several minutes of interventions from various senators, Mas Amedda called for order, the Changrian having once more resumed the role of Steward of the Senate.

    The candidates' names were exposed and Wilhuff had to bit down a chagrin when his name was revealed. Backing down would be a major blow for his career, may it be civilian or military, as he would be seen as a man without a clear determination in action.

    His attention slowly slipped away from the central spot and to his communication device, the machine buzzing loudly until the human pressed its main button.

    Strangely enough no hologram of the caller was shown but someone spoke nonetheless. "Am I speaking with Wilhuff Tarkin?"

    The man paused and sighed. "Indeed and I suppose you are one of those emissaries from the Trade Faction."

    The voice on the other side hummed quietly, then replied. "The answer is a yes and no." Tarkin frowned at the response but the voice was far from over. "I am affiliated with them but in no shape or form I work under them."

    "Then if you would please go right to the point. The first candidate has just finished his discussion and-"
    "I was the one that proposed you as our candidate."

    The interruption was pardoned almost instantly as the human was pleased to know that he was discussing with someone that had the answers to his question.

    "Then please explain why you decided to push for my name..."

    "Shinihachi, but you might know me better as the new Governor-General of Tatooine."

    "You are the one that killed the Hutt leader?" This was so sudden! How could he have expected this kind of situation so early on and so unpredictably?

    "That is correct!" The voice let a pleased note influence his words. "But I think we were discussing about you and not dead worms."

    Tarkin blinked and nodded as the following explanation was surely going to have the decisive impact on his decision on the candidacy.

    "I chose you.. because I know you would do the job perfectly." This time the hologram worked but it was showing a file with several informations about him. "You have both an administrative and military education, have a strong backbone even under pressure and you are loyal to the Republic."

    "But then why would you chose me if I am loyal to the very government you decided to not ally with-"
    "Because it is currently impossible."


    "The current state of laws regarding Pro-Republic administrations limit the formation of defensive groups, I think you know about Ruusan and his blasted reforms."

    "Oh trust me, I do know about them.." But while his words were dipped in venom at the mentioned reforms, the Governor's lips twitched in a smile as he caught on the hidden meaning. "You wish to remove those before joining?"

    "That is the first thing.. but I think you can guess why I am so 'nervous' from actually approaching the current political system."

    "Too much bureaucracy and too many pacifists in our folds, this political body is more a corpse than else."

    "That is good to hear! I hope I have satisfied your curiousity and made you a little more eager of this opportunity."

    "You did, Shinihachi!" The human was now grinning with a predatorial glint in his eyes. "But I hope we will enjoy a meeting to confirm some of our mutual objectives."

    "That is going to be possible but I hope you are going to be ready for some funny surprise."

    The call ended and Tarkin let loose a small sigh as he noticed that someone was knocking by the door. "Yes?"

    "Governor, it is your turn to speak." Wilhuff smiled at this and nodded at his decision.

    "Understood." He stood up and walked closer to the microphone.

    The silence of the entire political room was... deafening and the human had to sigh again before starting.

    "Senators of the Galactic Republic. While I can assume that my sudden partecipation might have surprised most of you as I have been quite a silent figure since my first major role in the Eriadu Trade Summit, I can assure you all this request of mine is not out of justice or passion."

    He paused for a moment and his smile accentuated when he noticed he had fully ensnared their full attention onto him.

    "It was duty. Duty to the Republic, duty to the Republic's people and.. duty to those who never got the chance to be called sons and daughters of this democracy. This isn't just a mere reference to the recent revolts in Tatooine and Ryloth, this is a reference to the past inactivity protracted by my predecessors over the Hutts and other organisation administering lands lawfully considered of the Republic."

    "And how do you wish to bring this to fruition, Governor Tarkin?" Mas Amedda asked in a simple tone, drawing even more attention on the candidate.

    "I wish to bring back to attention one of the oldest reformations of our glorious Republic that has been left untouched even in those times of darkness. I wish to examine the possibility to alter the limits of the Galactic Army and-"
    "You wish to bring war in the Galaxy!"

    Tarkin turned his eyes to look at the upstart that had interrupted his explanation, glaring at the Senator from Naboo.

    "Of course not, Senator Amidala, that would be impossible for me to do so."

    The cryptic sentence managed in its intention to surprise the woman as Tarkin explained what he meant with his candid but concise tone.

    "I cannot bring war when there is one currently within our borders. One against the Republic."

    "So you recognise that Tatooine-"

    "Was lost to the Hutts centuries ago and we had nothing to send and take it back." His tone strengthened as his annoyance was growing towards the impudent senator.

    "We had been at war with the Hutts, with the raiders, with the slavers, with everyone that went against the Republic and its laws but we never considered to truly fight back. We left the people of the Republic to rot in those painful lives, to march aimlessly forward with a single question in their mind." He drew a breath before continuing. "Why nobody cares?"

    Wilhuff blinked and stared around the Senate, surprised that he had managed to silence the entire political body with his own line of thoughts, with his genuine plans, with what he felt was needed to be said to everyone.

    A clap, then two, then ten and soon it became a standing ovation from the entire room. Tarkin let just a small smile regally reply to the positive reaction from the politicians, gleeful at the support he was going to receive.

    But by the end of the day, the means mattered little. The Republic needed new life and Tarkin was willing to die for the government to return to be a beacon of freedom and democracy!


    Surprisingly enough Tarkin was quite the masterful politician, that is why Palpatine had him assigned the farthest possible from Coruscant, fearing for a possible betrayal from him. Plus he is quite lively because his son is still alive and well.

    Sadly not much from our nutty bot this chapter, but I promise you quite the chapter with some galactic conquering next time!