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The Pink Blossom Quest Library

Discussion in 'Quest Archive' started by Biigoh, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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  2. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Name: Haruno Sakura
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 Years Old
    Class: Shinobi Student (medical)
    Alignment: Lawfully Adorable
    Birthday: March 28
    Intelligence: 4.0/5.0
    Strength: 2.7/5.0
    Speed: 2.7/5.0
    Stamina: 2.9/5.0
    Taijutsu: 3.9/5.0
    Ninjutsu: 1.3/5.0
    Genjutsu: 3.3/5.0
    Handseals: 1.8/5.0
    - Power Nap
    You can nap ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. And dream...

    - Scholastic Knowledge
    You can read and write. You have basic knowledge of where things are relative to Konoha on a map (geography). You are passable at calligraphy. Exceptional at math and logic. And very skilled at logic puzzles and memorizing patterns.

    - Advanced Shinobi Knowledge
    You don't know much, but you ARE helping your [shinobi] friends with their homework and so are picking up little bits and pieces of information on handseals (hahaha!) for ninjutsu and genjutsu.
    Handseals - You are not too bad at handseals.
    Leadership - You are being taught the finer points of command and communications.
    Medical - Your skills at field first aid is pretty good.
    Ninjutsu - You can perform the basic academy jutsu. Not at the best of speeds, but accurate and with 100% efficiency.
    Genjutsu - You have been shown the true nature of genjutsu... it's all backstage work from here on for you. Genjutsu toolbox. Heart of Maya [currently D rank].

    - Trading/Merchant Knowledge
    Your father has been teaching you the notions of buy low, sell high, honor your contracts... and the other basic natural concepts of buying and selling. You also know that reputation is more important for a merchant than it is for a shinobi.
    Accounting - You can balance a balance sheet for a business, as well as 'basic' bookkeeping
    Taxes - You are able to fill out tax forms without error or shenanigans.
    You got the looks - You have worked out how to look cute to make sales.
    Haggling - You also have worked out the finer points of haggling, you still need work thought.
    Closing the Deal - You have worked out the basics of closing the deal.
    Negotiation - The fine arts of negotiation is more the art of connecting and talking to people than anything.
    International Currency - You know about how money works in different countries.
    International Economies - You know about how economies interact in a basic level.

    - Ki Awareness
    You are aware of the surging energy within your body. An awareness that came into being at the shock of the Kyuubi attack on Konoha, and from the raw unspeakable murderous killing intent it unleashed.

    - Chakra/Ki Bounty
    You have a healthy amount of chakra for a child your age, if you were a shinobi.

    - Chaka/Ki Control
    Your chakra control is AMAZING, your "techniques" do not waste any energy at all.

    - Memories of a Dragon and the Demon within it
    Burned within your soul are techniques of a martial arts style that would DAMN the soul of its practitioner; Ansatsuken. Considered one of the premiere martial arts styles in the world. To use it is to kill not just one's opponent, but their souls, and with such, its practitioner's own. It is said that one of its masters sealed away its killing intent to dilute it. Such a thing is laughable.

    - Memory of That Man
    There is an image of a man in your mind. Tall and clad in white. Strong as a mountain, swift as the wind, quiet as a forest, and as daring as the flames of a fire. A man who smiled as he signed a picture for a girl. He didn't need to do it, but he did it because he could. That picture would come to mean everything for that girl. Enough that she left her home to follow after him.

    - Martial Arts [Saikyo-Ryuu]
    Recollections of lessons in a dojo from another life, now supplemented with techniques from your mother's side.
    Gadouken - Gather your chakra in one palm and throw it at opponent. [D rank]
    Koryuken - Focus your chakra in your fist and UPPERCUT! [D rank]
    Dankukyaku - Leaping Kick. Starts with a rising knee kick. [D rank]
    Tsunami of Stone Death - Ram->Ox Seals, punch stone and get a wave of stone death. [C rank]
    Hissho Buraiken - A series of punches and kicks that ends with Kouryuken. Chakra infusion of your strikes make this technique lethal. [C rank]
    Haoh Gadouken - A greater version of Gadoken that uses both arms to gather chakra and fire it at close by opponents. Can be combined with Hissho Buraiken. [C rank]
    Koryuu Rekka - A more potent variant of Koryuken, this technique is basically multiple Koryuken performed in sequence, rising vertically. [C rank]

    - Martial Arts [Sakura School of Ansatsuken / Sakura no Shin Ken]
    Your soul is old. Far older than your body and the knowledge within it is dangerous for your body.
    Enhancement - You are now physically mature enough to practice the style with chakra [ki] enhancement techniques; such as punches, kicks, and blocking. You can destroy trees with kicks and punches, granted it takes a few hits to do so. [D rank]
    Killing Intent - You can look at deadly beasts, humans and just make them realize how close you are to killing them. [C rank]
    Aura of Sakura - You can "spend" chakra, or rather allow some of your chakra to escape your control while doing techniques. This allows you an purplish pink aura, and the ability to form Sakura in kanji on your back out of pure chakra. No meaningful cost in chakra. [E rank]
    True Enhancement - You are able to momentarily enhance and reinforce your body to the point where you can strike with the force of [C rank] jutsu as well as defend against such. You do however have to spend ??? chakra to do so per attack or defense. Spending prodigious amount of chakra allows you to bump the power of this technique up to [B rank], but would consume your current chakra reserves. [C+ rank]
    Shou'ouken - Gather chakra into your fist and charge! Charging punch that leads into an uppercut. This technique uses horizontal build up of speed to give greater power to your uppercut. [D rank]
    Nekketsu Hadouken - You can gather and concentrate the chakra in the environment around you to mix it with your chakra between your hands to create a chakra beam attack. [B rank]
    Walking and Breathing - You breath as you walk (or not, it is a metaphor). As you breath, you collect the energy in the world within your beating heart. It is converted to chakra you can use. Effectively, allows for higher rank techniques to be powered as long as you have the minimum energy AND concentration to maintain the technique. [S rank]
    Kongou Kokuretsu Zan (false) - You gather and concentrate the chakra in the environment around you to mix it with your chakra in your fist before punching the ground and lancing it downwards. This causes a reaction with the natural energies in the world, and it erupts back upwards. [B rank]

    - Genjutsu [Heart of Maya / D rank]
    Sunflower Field - An endless plain of sunflowers rustling in the wind, with trees and mountains in the distance, and white puffy clouds in the blue skies above. MASSIVE killing intent saturation from the sunflowers. [Killing Intent - A Rank]

    - Genjutsu [Standard]
    Kai - A technique to free one self from genjutsu by disrupting the chakra pattern within one's body. This technique scales up as its user develops their chakra. [E rank]
    Layering - This is not a proper technique in and of itself. Its' existence is a myth as there have been no evidence of any genjutsu technique created with this within it. Effectively, this is a folding technique to fold genjutsu into layers so that kai and assorted escape techniques won't work. [NA]

    Magen: Sakarau no Akumu - A mirror reflection technique that presented one's opponent with a genjutsu mirror/clone of said opponent with every single ability and capability available to said opponent. Considered a high level genjutsu that is difficult to learn and use properly. [B rank]

    - Ninjutsu
    Bunshin no Jutsu - Illusion clone technique [E rank]
    Henge no Jutsu - Illusionary transformation technique [E rank]
    Kawarimi no Jutsu - Replacement technique (log! version) [D rank]
    Henge no Jutsu (Fishcake/Naruto variant) - Perfect transformation [Unknown rank]

    - Fuuinjutsu
    Exploding Tag - You can make exploding tags! [E rank]

    - Social Standing
    - Your classmates respect you as one of the one "princes and princesses" amongst the students, a "noble" amongst the children. You are also recognized as a "peer" by the "noble" shinobi students in your class.

    - Mother's Approval
    - Your mother thinks you REALLY should have been a shinobi as you are CLEARLY prodigy level given how you soak up techniques and knowledge.

    - Teacher's Assistant
    - The teachers have come to view you as a reliable student and you have been nominated to help keep order in class and to help assorted classmates with material they have trouble with.

    - Heir to Nobility
    - Apparently, the Haruno clan are wealthy and possess noble status. Or at least your grandfather is. But that's only natural, given that he and you are descended from bad-ass samurai who've been serving the daimyo before the Fire Country was even formed. Also, your grandmother looks younger than she should be. Your grandmother is a nukenin from Yumegakure who deserted to marry your grandfather. They're also in a relationship with "big sis" Merry Bell (unknown status).

    - Grandmother's Approval (Big Sis Yuyu)
    - You have passed SOME sort of test by your grandmother. Looks like she approves of you.

    - Grandfather's Interest
    - You have aroused the interest of your grandfather. Looks like he wants you to be a samurai-ko or something as you are CLEARLY prodigy level given how you soak up techniques and knowledge. And managed to fight THAT well at 6 years old.

    - Uchiha Interest
    - You have made Uchiha Mikoto interested in you. She was last seen talking with your parents about something. You weren't really paying attention after you got bored by the pleasantries.
    - You have gained the interest and respect of Uchiha Lily, who has dubbed you Murderfist-chan. The last person who got this was your father as far as you know.
    - You have gained the ETERNAL HATRED of Uchiha Sasuke. You are now known as That Girl to him. He has vowed to surpass you and make you eat dirt and cry after being defeated by him. Uchiha Lily seems to feels that the two of you look cute together.

    - Merchant Contacts / Haruno International Trading Heir
    - Your father has been introducing you to other merchants in Konoha as his heir. They have said stuff about remembering you when you inherit the business.

    - The Strongest Heritage
    - Your mother has started to teach you her family style; Saikyo Ryuu. Your inner voice is speechless.

    - Shimura Danzo's Interest
    - Your essays have drawn his interest. There is this suspicion that he wants you in the shinobi corps, and will likely green light your advancements as a shinobi. He's given you some kind of warning... but what does it mean?

    - Big Sis Lessons
    - Your two big sis have taught you the basis of their skillsets. Which will it be? Taijutsu that your mother specializes in? Genjutsu that Big Sis Yuyu specializes in? Ninjutsu that Big Sis Merry Bell specializes in?

    - Uzumaki Interest
    - You have gained the Eternal Friendship of Uzumaki Naruto for your part in helping him Uzumaki Kushina's 'daughter' reconnect with the Uzumaki clan in the capital.

    - Konohagakure Admin Interest
    - The ninja administration of Konohagakure has interest in your ninja career.

    - Daddy's heart
    - It was broken at your choices. But it is in the end your choice to follow his path or not. Thankfully, you have it bandaged up after that talk you had with him, and the relaxed work you have been doing at his work place.

    - Mommy's heart
    - Let us hope you didn't break it TOO bad. She's disappointed you don't want to be a ninja. But she'll still support you in your choices. She just doesn't know how much she can help, thou.

    - Big Sister
    - You are now officially a big sister. Your younger sister is Haruno Tatsuki.

    - Fluffy
    - Now that you know what Fluffy was, you have re-established bonds with the tanuki that had been disguised as the family dog.
    - You were given a crystal flower by a boy tanuki, you're NOT sure what it means...
    - Turns out the flower was a disguise by the boy tanuki... how... odd.

    - Pet
    - You now have a pet Tanuki, by the name of Blanka.
    - He is quite male.
    - He is also quite disturbed by what you told him and has tried to drown himself in sake. Literally.

    - Teacher, Onegai~
    - You have awkward feelings for Kasumi-sensei...
    - He's the bestest teacher ever... the perfect mix of gentleness and reserved fighting skills...
    - Telling Blanka has resulted in a near suicide for your pet...
    - You're giving some thought to telling Lily, but she's away from the village...
    - You can NEVER tell your parents, it would be too mortifying...

    - Introductions
    - Your father has introduced you to the various 'small time' merchants in Konoha.
    - As well as Old Man Ironshanks, the greatest chakra-metal smith in the Fire Country.
    - As well as Pungzhi, the Factor of the Konoha branch of Kanza Banks.

    - Chakra Flower
    - You have been given a flower made of chakra metal by Old Man Ironshanks.

    - Eternal Rival
    - "So, softy, can you catch up? Because I'll be moving on up~" Your cousin Youmu considers you a rival. So it's all good. Bad news is that she managed to win your waifu Sasuke from you. He seems to like her for some reason.
  3. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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  4. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on picture for larger version​
    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/970566/

    Power surged in your body.

    From power came that familiar surge, that feeling of immortality. Of invincibility.

    You burned. Your [essence], your [soul] fed itself into an ever rising bonfire.

    You can not be stopped.

    But the illusion of your ascendency is shattered by a single pulse.

    You can feel coldness creeping up your arms and legs, even as the fire in your heart gutted out from the shock of that blow...

    Darkness creeps up on you, the world fading into darkness.

    And you slip...

    Why are everyone's voices fading into silence?

    Into darkness...


    But even in the darkness, a glimmer of your inner spark still burned. Hoarding its last embers of its strength.

    Not even death would stop you.


    You would endure...

    But even the least of flames can gutter out.

    Without fuel. Without [stimulation].


    There was nothing but darkness.

    You are one with the darkness. The darkness is all that exists.

    And it is you. You are it. And thus. You are the world.




    An endless eternity later...

    You can feel the world changing. Something is happening.

    The world presses in on you before expanding.

    You are crushed.

    It is [wet]. [Smelly]. A faint part of your notes... bloody.


    There is [LIGHT]. And it is cold.

    So very cold before you are wrapped in something.

    "It's a girl."

    You blink. But everything stays a brilliant blur as your eyes try to adapt to the sudden light.

    "Sakura. Her name is Sakura." You can hear someone's voice say as you are held.

    Something is wrong. You know this.

    Babies shouldn't know. Shouldn't be able to understand.

    But you do.

    And so you gurgle and feebly shift in the wrapping before falling asleep...
    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest
    [Sakura Quest] [Naruto / Redacted]​
    - - -​
    Choices of what you were...
    [ ] Mistress of magic beneath the stars and moon. (Sakura Kinomoto)
    [X] An ascendent dragon rising from a maze of stone and earth. (Sakura Kasugano)
    [ ] A shadow amongst heroes, monsters, and worms. (Sakura Matou)
    [ ] Dreaming within a Crimson Jewel. (Kyoko Sakura)
    [ ] The Wheel of Dharma shattered. (Shippuden Sakura Haruno)
    [ ] A caretaker of the tree with blood red blossoms. (Seishirō Sakurazuka)
    [ ] Dealer's choice. [ie. Random Rolls of none of the above]

    So this is a quest inspired by Wallflowers Quest ( http://forums.spacebattles.com/posts/9117553/ ). Let's see where we end up, eh?
  5. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1261827/
    - - -​

    Even while young... you were aware that you were not normal.

    Oh, you were cute as any young child was.

    You know so, having gazed into one too many mirrors as you grew up.

    A stock of pink hair, the hue of cherry blossoms, that slowly grew longer. Not as dark as your father's hair, but certainly more vibrant than your mother's blonde hair.

    You were aware, and in that awareness, you knew that something was wrong.

    That you were never meant to be this smart. Not when you were this young. Children weren't meant to be like this. Or perhaps, they were, and... something. That vague sensation that children were suppose to be ignorant at this young age.

    That you were never alone, not even when you slept.

    Too smart, you feel. And yet, your parents didn't seem to care.

    And so, time slowly passed as you learned the language being spoke around you. But you stayed silent and just watched the world with your brilliantly green eyes.

    With time, you mastered many skills! Such as crawling, and then kind-of-walking and from there... nothing was safe. Not even Fluffy, the family dog was safe as you mastered the art of climbing on things and just lying on him.

    Despite the air of being put upon, Fluffy didn't seem to mind being used as a cushion.

    You also discovered many things; you lived in Konoha. Your father's name is Kizashi and your mother is Mebuki. They are also ninja, even if your mother is retired from active duty.

    Despite the cuteness at your current, there was a notion that you could do so much more if you were just a bit older. Just what, you didn't know. Only that, you could be so much more.

    As you grew older, and mastered the art of recognizing your relatives beyond your father and mother and Fluffy. The nice ones who gave you treats from the ones who just cooed, hugged you, or worse... pinched your cheeks.

    There was word of prodigy at your working out how to walk and climb, to which your parents just smile and nod proudly.

    It was at such a family gathering that you got the first hint of something dangerous.

    Killing intent. [AKUMA] that not quite voice at the back of your mind whimpered in shock.

    Unrestrained Murderous Intent beyond comparison.

    A sun of malevolence that raged at everything.

    And you were within its area of influence.

    It is clear that your parents could feel it, that your relatives could also feel it. That it was not natural. That there was danger.

    The howl that roared in the evening shook the house as your mother picked you up. That howl.... was but the first of such roars and howls. More sensation than sound.

    As you looked out a window, you can see people moving in the light of the moon Jumping on roofs... moving towards the roars and howls.

    And whatever was the source of the... sound, and which those people were charging... could do more than just roar and howl.

    The sphere of anti-light. Darkness absolute... [Messatsu Gou Hado] that voice whispered again as the image of a man who made himself into a demon god appears in your mind. Tanned, eyes that burned crimson, white unruly hair and radiant might unparalleled burned from within.

    The flare of light from the distance and soft rumble only emphasized that this was something beyond normal comprehension.

    But something within you rages. Knowing that you might have equaled its might in time and did in the past.


    That was what you were.

    Weak and frail.

    The battle ends after an eternity. That your home still stands indicates that those who would defend it won. But surely at a terrible price. This you can feel.

    The next day, it rained.

    It fit the air of solemnness that fills your home.

    The Hokage is dead, you heard your parents whisper as if in shock.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Month 8 end

    What Do?
    [X] Focus on your baby skills as you have been doing.
    [X] Focus on the swirling heat that has awoken within your heart.
    [X] Write In.
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  6. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1009066/

    [X] Focus on the swirling heat that has awoken within your heart.
    [X] But don't forgot to shamelessly guilt adults into all the candy you can get with little kiddy eyes no jutsu.

    In the aftermath of that monster attack by Kyuubi from what you learned by listen in to your parents, you discover that you do NOT like being weak and frail.

    To be someone that didn't matter.

    You know you matter.

    And so you focus on that image.

    Of the tanned skin, the white hair, the crimson eyes... and the aura of absolute strength.

    That image that came in the attack. It bought with it a warmth in your heart.

    More than that... that warmth, it burns.

    And in that burning...

    Another image comes.

    An indistinct figure.

    A man clad in white.

    A headband of crimson.

    Radiant with control and power. Not as potent as the darkness, and yet...

    You sense that where the darkness of Akuma was a demon god made manifest, then this man was a dragon incarnate.

    The images don't seem to trigger any more reactions.

    Still, you continue to relax and continue to focus that warmth within your heart, and allowed it to spread down your arms and legs.

    You become more active and smile more at the strangers that occasionally come to visit your parents. To speak to your father, and sometimes, your mother. Your joy and cuteness is only matched by the sweets and toys given to you.

    The days after the death of the Hokage flew by...

    And soon it was winter.

    A winter that was colder than normal.

    You find yourself disliking the cold and worse... that which comes with it.


    Your parents laugh at the way you displayed your displeasure at the snow that entered your mouth. The momentary coldness and then wetness is displeasing to you.

    But at night... the coldness and the snow...

    They brings dreams...

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 1 winter

    What Do?
    [X] Dream of a Dragon...
    [X] Dream of a Raging Demon...
    [X] Write In.
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  7. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1166292/

    [X] Dream of a Dragon, biting at the throat of a Devil, and a Demon, clawing at the heart of a Dragon.

    You sleep.

    And in sleeping, dream...

    Of darkness and falling within it... to stumble before a glowing flame.

    It is a small fire, the crackling wood as they burned. The hooting of owls in the darkness of night.

    It's evident that she was in a forest, at night, as she sat before her small fire. While slightly further away in the clearing he rested near his own campfire.

    She didn't stay with him. That was part of the rules in the little game they played. After that first refusal.

    She didn't ask, and he didn't have to respond one way or the other. To say yah or nay to her trailing after him. To watching him as he fought, as he practiced his katas.

    To trying his katas.

    To master the style he practiced.

    She watched. She observed. She followed.

    But she was not his student. Nor his disciple.

    And it showed in her motions when she fought.

    It showed in how she followed him.

    She was aware that some might call her a lovesick fool. But she didn't love him. She respected him. His strength was something she desired. And so she followed him, much like a would be disciple in ages past followed hermits and sages.

    And so, she camped just slightly away from his campsites.

    And at night, beneath the open heavens, she wondered. Did he care? Did he mind? Was she a coward who only followed without daring to rise the issue?

    To which, she would eventually shrug in imitation of Ryu, did it really matter what he thought? He wandered the world to master his style. She followed to learn from him. Even if he was no master, and she was no student.

    But at times, she worried.

    There had been the comments at the recent tournaments of martial artists simply vanishing. Of [Shadaloo] stirring once more in the darkness.

    There was also, the sensation she had felt of late.

    A murderous violence. A killing intent that exceeded any that she had experienced.

    Always just near enough to be felt, but never near enough to be seen.

    A phantom. An illusion.

    A ghost.

    But one so very real, if she were to judge by the look on Ryu's face. Someone was hounding him.

    Which mean that she had to keep an eye on him. Just to make sure he was safe.

    It was this extra attentiveness that allowed her to notice him slipping off in the middle of the night, when he would normally have gone to sleep.

    It was this concern that had her follow him.

    To watch him as he entered another clearing just a little bit further away from their campsite.

    To watch as he practiced his katas beneath the full moon, the chilly breeze of autumn fading away as he moved.

    His motions sharp, and forceful. More forceful than normal. The desire to hurt whoever he battled unseen within his mind translating into his style.

    And in the new sensation, Sakura could see.

    How natural the motions were. This was the truth within the style they practiced.

    Where one killed as naturally as one breathed. Wounding and knocking out one's opponent because they were skilled enough to avoid the killing blow. Or were simply... unworthy of being killed.

    The aura of [ki] exploded from Ryu's form. Warmth, radiant, and burning.

    The motions of his kata burning into her mind. She watched and engraved each and every motion of his into her heart as she had all of his motions before.

    The raging ki before her reflected itself with the heat in her heart.

    She would stand up and challenge him. But she didn't.

    Because that would interrupt this moment beneath the full moon as her heart inscribed the murderous intent behind her style into itself.

    Even as the clearing erupted into flames from the radiant bonfire that Ryu's ki had become, she stayed.

    She watched.

    Because she had to.

    Because he needed someone to pull him back afterwards.

    That the darkness within him, the surge of murderous intent, wasn't him.

    Even as she said that to herself, she watched. She observed and she learned.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 1 Dreams of ...

    What Do?
    [X] Focus more on normal development as you grow older?
    [X] Focus more on your dreams and sleep more as you grow older?
    [X] Write In.
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  8. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/178954/

    [X]Dreams, waking world... All are the same to the trained mind aware of the illusion that is Samsara (you are dimly aware of how wrong it is for you to be aware of this concepts). The boundary between lucid dreaming and waking meditation is thin to begin with - to you it should become non existent in its entirety. You'll spend your time daydreaming (meditating) while awake and pursuing full conciousness of lucid dreaming when sleeping.
    [?] Event Roll : 1d100=2

    And as the days slowly go back... with your sleeping more often with the advent of winter. It isn't as if you could tell your parents of your stenous objections to this thing called "winter" and "snow".

    Still, in sleep, you find that you occassionally dream of things that a normal baby shouldn't.

    At least, that was your impressions.

    The little bits and pieces are worrying, just a bit.

    "Gentlemen and ladies of the United Nations, I must admit to some pleasure at the invitation to join your august gathering. But I fear that Shadoloo will not be accepting a mere seat at your table as some johnny come lately... rather you have a choice, for I am merciful.

    Kneel and submit to Shadoloo and my benevolent rulership or I will erase your nations one by one from the surface of this world with the full might of my Psycho Power. You have until this time tomorrow to submit."

    Some of the dreams... weren't warm even when you are all nice and wrapped up as you sleep.

    "It wasn't always this cold, big sis. I heard that it used to be a lot warmer and there wasn't ice everywhere before Lord Bison punished the old world for daring to not worship him."

    Still, there were the other dreams...

    The ones that put you at ease.

    Are of open fields, as "you" practice your martial arts. Within narrow streets and underground, as she proved the worth of her style... but always restraining herself to the level of 'fair play'.

    The every day light of a school girl as she studied at school.

    Nice dreams. Simple dreams.

    Your parents don't seem too concerned that you spend a lot of time napping, in fact... they seemed some what relieved at your napping.

    In due time, the coldness goes away and "spring" comes... with it, you discover a delight unsuspected.

    Warm sunbeams... and so, you were doomed.

    Doomed to lying lazily beneath the sunbeams.

    But even that vanished and the onsite of winter came once more. You suspect that you would like to have words, dire words with whoever was playing around with the temperature of the world like this.

    It wasn't really fair or nice.

    Still, there is now some concern with your laziness and how much you liked to sleep by your parents. They have taken you to some specialists during your second winter, but those silly doctors with their glowing green hands and their lavender eyes don't seem to think that there is anything wrong with you.

    Beyond you being... well... lazy.

    Your senses and reflexes work. But there is no hint that you are anything more than a normal baby who had a surge of mental development before discovering the pleasure of napping.

    Perhaps, if you had reached for the reality of the world, you could have been a prodigy and a delight as you showed off your boundless energy that only grew. Or if you had reached for the truths behind the illusion of the world you dwelled in, you could have found a greater truth... but in reaching for both, you failed to grasp either. And thus, your development is... nothing more than normal.

    At least outwardly so... the warmth within you doesn't seem to do anything beyond being there. Still, your parents seemed proud when those doctors proclaimed that you had abundant [chakra] for your age and would make a fine kunoichi one day. The word they used seem wrong... you feel it should be shorter and mean something more.

    It is in your third spring that you accidentally utter your first words... as your mother lifted you up and away from the sunbeam and into the cooler shadows of your home.

    "No!" The look directed at you by your mother indicated that she was not impressed by your first word. Not when you gestured at the sunbeam and pouted before uttering your next word of "Want!".

    "Oh, now you talk. You're going to be nothing but trouble, aren't you?" An eyebrow rose before she put you down once more on your favorite pillow; Fluffy. She shook her head and laughed lightly. "Your father isn't going to be happy he missed your first words. But I suspect that he might not mind this if you're going to be so greedy like a lazy little dragon."

    The light poking in your belly doesn't impress you. And you show this by looking back up at your mother, tilting your head, before closing your eyes and going back to napping.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 3 First Words

    What Do?
    [X] Be nice and let your next set of words be "papa", uttered as you hug him at dinner time.
    [X] Work on developing the skills of talking, and maybe drawing, and other kid skills... show how SMART you are. Even if lazy.
    [X] Keep on sleeping and dreaming, little baby... the illusions of maya are of no concern to you.
    [X] Continue to feel the warmth within your heart and let it grow like a slow ember fed some tinder.
    [X] Write In.
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    Omake / Non Canon Post

    It is a nice spring day in Konoha... the sun is shining, the birds are singing... nin are sneaking about and regular people are doing regular people stuff.

    You raise your fist in perfect replica of your memories, the heat within you surges... your soul guides you just so...

    And you punch the ground...

    Day turns to night as killing intent that rivals that of the Kyuubi flares in the heart of Konoha...

    And Konoha is no more. Merely a crater in which you stand. There is also a decided lack of trees, mountains and such for miles around you...

    Just scoured stone that curves upwards gently.

    On the upside, you now have a nice suntan to go with your neon pink glowing hair and crimson eyes.

    Go, Baby Murder Fist Sakura!

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    Click on image for full size version

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but Gelbooru - /index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1738459

    [X] Be nice and let your next set of words be "papa", uttered as you hug him at dinner time.
    [X] Continue to feel the warmth and let it grow like a slow ember fed some tinder.
    [X] Work on developing the skills of talking, and maybe drawing, and other kid skills... show how SMART you are. Even if lazy.

    Dinner on this night is a solemn affair with your father back from his work.

    You have been given to understand that your parents retired from "active duty" so that they could look after you. You are not too sure about what the duty was for, or what your father did during the day... and why he sometimes just disappeared for several days, beyond "business trips".

    You are aware of what business trips are from your dreams of that strange girl in her strange life... you just don't see why it's necessary. Didn't your father work in some kind of business? He didn't need to make a trip every few months, did he?

    Still, it is a fact of life that now and then... he would go away for several days and he would return with presents and sweets for his little princess sleeping beauty.

    Your mother smiled at you before looking at your father. "Dear, our daughter isn't mute or unintelligent. She's just a very lazy dragon who only says something when provoked."

    You frown and pout at the traitor who spoke far too much about your tactics.

    You look at your father and utilized the dreadful innocent little princess with a mouth that butter can't melt in no jutsu... before walking over to him and held your arms up to be carried.

    Once lifted up, you look at your father and invoked a technique so cute, it dissolved brains due to its sugary cuteness, and then as a cherry on top, you spoke. "Papa! Am dragon! Not lazy dragon."

    "Oh ho, is that so, my little princess? Dragons, even sleepy ones, are fine as long as they're not foxes," He laughed back in response. "Just remember, if you meet a fox on the road to life, you must kill it."

    You frown... you think what he's saying isn't quite right... as if he is mangling a quote you vaguely remember hearing once. Ah well...

    "Dear... not at the dinner table," Your mother sighed and shook her head. And with that the conversation turned to other matters, such as the business trip that your father has to take to... the Land of Demons. How scary. Something about stocking up on talismans and prayer charms.

    You didn't pay much attention as you started to nap once you were full.

    And so the days drifted by once more.

    But now... your mother is cruel and doesn't let you sleep all the time.

    Fiend! Harridan! You name her in your thoughts as she takes you away from your comfortable sunny spot in the house where you nap. Even if it was in thought, you didn't bother to say such beyond words to indicate your displeasure at being pulled away from your naps.

    Instead... your mother teaches you how to read and write.

    She slips the basic knowledge of your home into your mind; such as the fact that you live in the Land of Fire, and that the city you were in was called the Village Hidden in Leaves; Konohagakure.

    She teaches you of the four hokages, and of their deeds. Of the legendary Thee Nins. And of that night when the Fourth Hokage died slaying the kyuubi.

    Even more than that, she takes you out swimming and for walks in parks! Is there no end to her evil? Despite the torment she forces upon you, you see interesting things... such as people with odd looking eyes, people with insects everywhere (you're not sure how to feel about that). You even see some of the people with light colored eyes moving about in familiar ways.

    Your mother tells you that they are practicing their family style... something Jyuuken. But their movements resemble those of an old man in your dreams. [Ansatsuken Sou Ryuu or its descendent] that voice whispered from the back of your mind.

    Time, despite your wishes, flies by... from spring to summer to fall and winter before spinning back once more.

    And one day, your father smiles at you and asks you to play a game with him.

    A tray with a few items on it is held out before you. "Pick one."

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 5 Winter Choices

    What Do?
    [X] Pick the wooden kunai. (Ninja Academy...)
    [X] Pick the brush and scroll. (Regular Schooling at the capital of the Land of Fire...)
    [X] Pick the copper coin. (Regular Schooling, daddy is going to teach you the trade of being a businessman!)

    Link to the explanation of the choices - http://forums.spacebattles.com/posts/9349327/
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/943926/

    [X] Pick the copper coin. (Regular Schooling, daddy is going to teach you the trade of being a businessman!)

    And one day, your father smiles at you and asks you to play a game with him.

    A tray with a few items on it is held out before you.

    "Pick one."

    You gaze solemnly at the tray, the items were clearly a cunning selection of items. Their purpose unknown, still... you take the time to look them over.

    There was something about the situation that seemed important. What, you can't recall... as there is no analog in those dreams of yours and you have yet to encounter something like this.

    A wooden kunai. You are aware of what kunai were, having seen the old uniforms and equipment that your parents store in the special room inside their bedroom. Amongst the stuff there, you have seen metal versions of this item. Glimmering with the purity of refined metal.

    A scroll and brush. This... you're more familiar with. You've seen dreams of that girl doing calligraphy, as well as seen your parents read and write with scrolls, ink and brush. It does seem a fair bit of work just to get the words in one's head into physical form.

    The copper coin. This you were really familiar with. Why whenever mother took you out with her when she went shopping, you see such coins being used. More importantly... you know EXACTLY what a coin like this can get you. Sweet, delicious, dried fruit... enough for an entire skewer. Your keen mind recollect the exchanges made for those, and come up with a number it likes.

    "Mine?" You ask curiously. Knowing that if he said so... then... this was instant sweetness. Maybe...

    "Yes, you can keep whatever you...." he isn't done speaking when the coin is in your hand.

    "Mine!" Yes... it was yours now. An entire skewer of sweetmeat... fuhuhuhuhuhuhu... why you had this urge to laugh, you're not sure... but... there it was. Thankfully, you didn't laugh... you just bore an air satisfaction.

    Your father looked at your mother with a smile. "Looks like I get to teach her later on."

    Further words are exchanged,,, but you miss them as you go back into your nap, where you dream of an endless festival of sweets, candies and delicious delights.


    One can do much when one has money.

    - - -​

    With the selection of the coin, it appears that something has changed.

    Your mother doesn't force you to do as much physical activities as you used to. Thank goodness.

    Unfortunately, she has decided to torment you in other ways.

    She has you learning more mathematics. Thankfully, the other Sakura inside you is able to help you learn the lessons with ease. Perhaps, from the outside, it would appear that you drank the knowledge as if it were nothing more than water...

    Additionally, she also forces you to do practice your handwriting. It's more like painting... to be honest. But soon, you make strides in gaining the motor control to write to a passable degree.

    Thankfully, it's not all work when you spend time with your mother. She encourages you to paint and draw. She also introduces you to assorted games that she plays with you, such as go and koi-koi. Naturally, you cheat with the help of the voice inside your head cheering you on and supporting you.

    Your father's attempts to teach you a game he enjoys playing is always met with a silent stare by your mother... despite his insistence that it will help your future.

    In the end, you don't get a chance to learn how to play mahjong.

    Still, time swiftly passes by... and what was once winter is now spring again.

    It is one spring morning that you find yourself woken by your mother at a far too early hour. Harridan! Harpy! Monster! You declare mentally as she helps you with the morning routine of stretches and exercises before washing yourself.

    With some soup and soft boiled egg in your stomach, you are taken out into the slowly lightening dawn.

    It is cold, you discover as a chilly breeze claws into your face.

    Still, you are taken to the Hokage tower.

    There you see a fair number of children milling around with their parents in the light of the sun rising.

    The Hokage steps out of his tower, with his big hat. He is an aged man, but you can sense the latent strength within him. This one was dangerous, the inner you counsels. You find yourself liking the hat, it is a nice hat, even if it had red on it. For a simple reason, it doesn't bear a winged skull.

    He speaks a fair bit, you don't pay much attention like the other children in the gathering. You gather that he is speaking something about the will of fire, of protecting and cherishing the future, and so on.

    Eventually, the speech ends and you find yourself being held by your mother as you have a symbol ink-stamped on your hand. The words in the circle glitters and glows for a moment.

    The other voice speaks up [civilian] as she read the words. They were closer to the language that you have seen in your dreams than it is to the words your mother taught you to read and write.

    You turn to look at the other line where the children have another word stamped on their hand. [Shinobi] the voice remarked drily as the two of you read the words in the stamp.

    And then it's time for classes.

    You find yourself sharing some classes with the shinobi, those seemed to be the combined classes. And there is also times where you get split up into shinobi and civilian classes. You're not sure what the difference is... but you have exercises, nap times, reading and writing, counting, history, and art classes.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Spring Classes

    What Do?
    [X] Focus on your studies! The other voice seems really interested in history class. You prefer nap time.
    [X] Focus on trying to make friends with the other students in your classes...
    [X] Focus on trying to make friends with the [shinobi] students during the breaks.
    [X] Write In.

    One choice is all you get.
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    [img alt=Posted Image]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-Ws15runPmqw/UM22nempcKI/AAAAAAAARUY/y1tWvnbGcy8/s800/1c65cb9c89488ebb194425e3b2bec20f.jpg[/img]​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/49989/

    [X] Focus on your studies! The other voice seems really interested in history class. You prefer nap time.
    - [x] The first coin is Special. We will keep it and Treasure it.
    - [X] Focus on trying to make friends with the other students during the breaks.

    Despite missing your mommy, you prove to be a brave girl despite being stranded amongst the strange children your age. Also, the adult in the nin uniform kind of sucks at comforting the children in your classes.

    At least if one were to base such findings on how much assorted children ended up crying every now and then... asking for their mommy or their daddy or their nana or something.

    You are resolute!

    You are brave.

    You are also bored to tears by the classes given to you.

    Your mother has taught you most of these lessons some time ago. You can read and write, your counting skills outstrips almost all of the other children (but not all, you suspect).

    Still, it's rather clear who were 'bored' like you and who weren't; a number of the shinobi students were... 'bored', you were the only one amongst the civilian students who appeared to have mastered the basics taught on the first day.

    It's clear to the shinobi and a number of the civilian students who weren't 'bored' by the lessons, that those who were... those were the ones to pay attention to; such as Ino-chan, Shikimaru, Chouji-kun, Uchiha-san, Hyuuga-hime, and you (Sakura-chan).

    You decide to follow one of the shinobi student's lead and nap your way through most of the classes where the boring nin spoke.

    Still, when you were told that there was a history class, you were excited...

    That excitement lasted all of five minutes after the questions by the nin to work out what people knew.

    History class was just the adult speaking and pointing at pictures. How... utterly boring. This was NOTHING like how your mother taught you history, with her ability to make it seem like you were part of it, or even how your father told his stories and make it real enough for you to experience.

    Even the other voice inside your head was... disappointed and complaining about who wanted to learn when such and such daimyo came to power or that the Sage of Six Paths created the method by which Chakra was used... where was the exciting battles between shinobi? The legendary and scandalous tales of love found on the battlefield? Where were the bloody paths that led to the elemental countries and the ninja villages? Who really wanted to listen to dates, names and dry information...

    And really, you try to tough it out in hopes of something nice to listen to... but by the tenth minute, you're defeated and have fallen asleep again.

    Eventually, you are allowed to have snacks... and you end up trading food with the baker's daughter, who you've met when your mother goes out shopping with you... pastries were delicious, but so was your mother's grilled meat skewers... you then... cunningly shared some of your crisps with Chouji-kun in exchange for some of his dried mangos.

    While your mother would likely shake her head if she knew what you were doing to get tasty food, you somehow suspect that your father would smile and give a thumbs up.

    But eh... whatever...

    You end up sharing and trading your food to the other students and soon... no one is eating what their parents originally packed... as other students ended up copying you and traded bits and pieces of their meals with others.

    Still, there were some children who didn't have much to trade or at least... that tasty of a meal to trade, and from your brief examination, they appeared to be the same meals.

    A quick inquiry with the other students reveals that they are 'orphans' who've been sent to shinobi classes by way of the Hokage.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Spring Classes 2
    History is a lie!

    What Do?
    [X] You share some of your food with the Orphans... generosity and such always pays off in time?
    [X] You finish off your lunch and get some much beloved naps.
    [X] You finish eating (or sharing your food as it may be) and start to play games with some of the other students?
    [X] Write In.
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    [img alt=Posted Image]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-CgfWR23S_f0/UM7cyk4azeI/AAAAAAAARVI/nVDnsij5x9c/s400/f9093c49119350be3305735952454dff.jpg[/img]​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1022591/

    [X] You share some of your food with the Orphans... generosity and such always pays off in time?
    [X] You finish eating (or sharing your food as it may be) and start to play games with some of the other students?
    Event Roll - 1d100 → [95] = (95)

    You gaze upon the group of students to the side, and a small (very small) part thinks it's unfair to not be able to share their food. Where was the fun in that?

    And so, after finishing one final skewer of your mother's grilled meal, you look into your lunch box and realize that you have an abundance of food. Even accounting for the trading you had done.

    A part of you wanted to simply devour it all. It wasn't fair, but such was life.

    But did you really want to be greedy? Hadn't your father counseled you on the virtue of moderation in everything you do, for is not a sense of moderation and limits a thing of elegance? Or something... you were nodding off when he was giving you that speech about the family motto... maybe, he said something about elegance in all matters?

    Well... it doesn't seem fair, but if you don't do something about it.

    Then... there would be no change.

    There is a moment.

    A single moment that you felt... could feel, did feel... defined how you would grow up. Expedient or being kind. It is not much of a choice... hadn't someone important to you once chosen being kind?

    There is an image of a man in your mind. Tall and clad in white. Strong as a mountain, swift as the wind, quiet as a forest, and as daring as the flames of a fire, A man who smiled as he signed a picture for a girl. He didn't need to do it, but he did it because he could. That picture would come to mean everything for that girl. Enough that she left her home to follow after him.

    That moment passed as you walked over to where the small group of orphans where they were seated and traded your extra food for some of theirs.

    Smiles soon formed as they accepted you into their group. It was clear to them that you didn't have to do this, but you chose to do this, after all, no one asked you... and you were one of the ones that the [shinobi] students had marked without a word as one to follow.

    The others, who had been as 'bored' as you were in class, looked at you now in surprise... for a given value of surprise.

    Hyuuga-hime ahhhed and looked further alone where she sat.

    Uchiha-san looked at the group that you were in with disdain, as if saying 'that is who you have choose'?

    Ino-chan just smiled and went back to playing with the girls she had surrounded herself with.

    Chouji, for his part, simply nodded and joined you and shared some of his food with the orphans.

    While Shikimaru... was busy napping! after finishing off his food.

    Ahhhh~ he truly knew what was important in life. You were tempted to join him in napping the rest of the break away. But you somehow find yourself cajoled into joining the orphans and Chouji in to a game of football. How could you resist? When you were invited as "big sis" Sakura?

    Besides, you could always nap later. You have been hoarding your strength and energy with your naps thus far.

    And thus did the break pass swiftly as you and the other children you had chosen to play with kicked a ball about, competing to kick it into a pair of goals... and you find yourself all sweaty as the break ends.

    Washing up with cold water doesn't help you any...

    You find yourself with too much energy and blood pumping within your body to want to nap... and so you endured the geography class.

    You are partnered with one of the orphans by the name of Rikka. While she wasn't as skilled at you are in terms of knowledge, she proves to be far more artistically skilled than you are. A great help with the project of drawing and coloring in the map of the elemental countries.

    And thus did your first day pass... as you, somehow, ended up being paired with orphans for assorted class projects. You never did find the time to get more naps.

    Ah well...

    Your parents found your complains about the deprivation of precious naps to be amusing. Your father seems proud when you told him the orphans called you "Big Sis Sakura" for some reason.... you're not sure why, something about social dynamics and hierarchies.

    Soon things settled into a slow rythmn of waking up early in the morning, exercises and stretches, breakfast... before being hustled to school...

    Where you played, ate and studied with your new found friends amongst the orphans and competed with your peers; Hyuuga-hime, Ino-chan, Shikimaru, Chouji-kun, and Uchiha-san.

    But in the end you have to agree with your parents... you wouldn't give school up for anything, not when you found yourself with new friends, and encountered peers and possible rivals... even if they were in the shinobi classes.

    You don't take things seriously... the lessons are boring, but you endure it... you even put off napping and found yourself helping your orphan friends and classmates who weren't raised in ninja families with the material in the class.

    You're still not sure why none of your peers did this, at least beyond Ino-chan, Chouji-kun and occasionally Shikimaru when he was badgered by Ino-chan. You suspect that Shikimaru is like a mirror of what you could have been... well... minus his old man impression of how troublesome things were, and the way he slouched while drinking...

    And so, spring flew by... and soon it is summer.

    You are given several weeks off.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Summer Vacation

    What Do?
    [X] Follow daddy to work! He might even take you on a business trip!
    [X] Have mommy take you to visit your friends and peers/rivals!
    [X] Catch up on your naps! With trips to the swimming pool, mountain-climbing, survival camping trips in Konoha training grounds with your mother (forest of death sounds... dangerous), and maybe a vacation at a resort with both your parents.
    [X] Write In!
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    Click on pic for a slightly larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru, it is huge but beautiful - /post/show/461246/

    [X] Catch up on your naps! With trips to the swimming pool, mountain-climbing, survival camping trips in Konoha training grounds with your mother (forest of death sounds... dangerous), and maybe a vacation at a resort with both your parents.
    Event Roll : 1d100 → [100]

    With the advent of summer break, you foresee so much time to finally catch up on your precious naps.

    You turn down the offer to go with your father to work. He even attempted to tempt you with a business trip with him to the "Village Hidden by Sand", Sunagakure. You do not foresee much time for naps in THAT.

    So, nope.

    You, instead, turn to your mother... saying that you would like to spend your summer break with her.

    And now... now, you're regretting not going with your father.

    You thought you would have time with mommy to nap while she does stuff. You did NOT anticipate her taking you on a camping trip into the middle of a jungle next to Konoha.

    Oh god, that LEECH is BIGGER than you are.

    Still, you find yourself... having fun in the middle of [HELL].

    Your mother teaches you how to survive, by hunting... how to track things down, how to catch fishes and gut them.

    She also teaches you how to fall properly, which you amazingly do well enough at. Even when it's off the steep cliff you ended up climbing with your mother.

    Indeed, there is an unacceptable lack of nap times.

    Instead, there is time with mother... who seems to find the rate where you absorb the knowledge she passes to you to be... acceptable. That you were more than just a prodigy at knowledge material. That your body soaks up the proper way to punch, kick, block well...

    That you, somehow, instinctively know how to channel chakra into your movements despite not being taught how to do so. The voice in the back of your mind insists on calling it Ki for some reason. She also seems to approve of your mother's training methods with shouts of Shannaro! whenever your mother tells you how to do something or when she told you to do something.

    She nods and smiles at the way you adapt the techniques she show you into ones that you remember from your dreams. While the techniques you use depend on chakra usage to be truly effective, but they were more effective than the basic techniques for close quarter combat.

    At night, around the campfire, she teaches you the hand seals needed for the various ninja arts. Making sure you have them memorized, and telling you that you must NEVER let anyone know that you know handseals and can do them. This, naturally, extends to any future techniques that your father and her will teach you.

    Soon, as the days pass... you find yourself able to [GLARE] at animals like the tigers that are larger than your parents and make them back down from the knowledge that you will [KILL] them and then eat them.

    You also progress to the point where you can enhance your punches and kicks that they can bring down trees.

    You also find yourself swimming in the rivers in the training grounds, building up the muscles in your body as you hunted down fishes and caught them with your hands.

    Soon, it is the last week of your summer break, and your mother has a question for you...

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Summer Camping Trip

    What Do
    [X] Continue your camping trip with her?
    [X] Go to a sea side resort with both your parents?
    [X] Write in.
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    Click on the image to get a larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/236735/

    [X] Go to a sea side resort with both your parents?
    - [X] Next vacation is daddy's.

    The question or choice offered by your mother is a simple one. Your father had some time off in the coming week, would you want to spend time with your mother some more, or together with your father and her.

    A "simple" choice as it were. And really, hadn't your mother been monopolizing time with you? Why at this rate, your father wouldn't know how cute you are.

    Unthinkable, that.

    Thus, your response.

    "Well... daddy hasn't done anything wrong to deserve not seeing me," You say with a smile and a firm nod over the camp fire, while the scent of the crocodile you had hunted earlier hangs around the campfire. The wild animals... know better than to enter the clearing you and your mother are camping in.

    It's clear to you that your mother wishes to spend more time with you... and it WAS fun doing things with your mother. After all, who knew that your mother knew all those fun things to do.

    Still, hasn't your father been the nice one who let you sleep whenever you want? Got your all sort of gift? Told you funny stories? He hasn't been naughty, that you need to punish him by not spending time with him.

    And so you and your mother pack up your camp site the next morning and leave the training ground, which you suspect was just named Forest of Death because it sounded impressive...

    The bath at home... feels nice. Hot water... was a luxury that wasn't really available when camping.

    After the nice long bath, you can see your mother talking with your father. You even manage to catch parts of it... something about wasted as a non-shinobi... Instinctive chakra usage... prodigy just like Itachi... and so on. You also see your father, for once, shake his head at your mother when she insisted on something about class and change.

    You're sure that whatever your parents are talking about will work out...

    Meanwhile, you're busy packing your swimsuit and some clothes, towels and a hat, you don't want to get sunburned... that sounded nasty.

    - - -​

    The trip to the resort doesn't take too long. Not when you and your parents go off-road and just zip away on tree-top. Hopping from branch to branch.

    Your parents kept to your speed and made sure to have short breaks now and then when you started to feel tired.

    Still, it's clear from their expressions that they were proud that you were able to use chakra [ki] to hop from tree to tree like they did.

    It takes no longer than two days before you arrival at the seaside resort in the country of hotsprings.

    Here at last... is paradise.

    You FINALLY get a chance to nap on the beach and get a light suntan.

    The giant statue of a man rising from the sea evokes a sensation of anger within you, manifested in the form of the voice in your mind snarling a single word [BISON]. You're not sure what it means.

    When you ask your parents about the statue, they simply shrugged and said it was a statue of one of the old gods worshiped before the coming of the Sage of Six Paths.

    You also get to go swimming in sparkling clear blue seas beneath a blue sky, catching fishes, crabs and mussels. Your parents indulge you and cook those over an open flame.

    The taste of meat that you've caught... tastes... sweet. Like victory. Was this what your mother meant when she said that the weak were meat and the strong ate well?

    That question to your parents had them smiling and laughing. It appeared that it was.

    To be strong is to be able to eat whatever you wanted.

    That did sound right, but it also felt like something someone you didn't like had said.

    And thus the days and nights slowly drift by as you enjoyed yourself...

    All too soon, your summer break ends and the three of you return to Konoha.

    It's back to school time.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Autumn

    What Do?
    [X] Focus on your lessons? Study hard and play hard with your friends?
    [X] Continue as you had; help your classmates, play with your friends?
    [X] Ask your friends about the lessons they get in shinobi class?
    [X] Write In.

    GM's note - Sorry, you don't get any stat development here. Not from relaxing for a week or so.

    This by the way is the map I'm going to be using for this quest...
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    Click on picture for a larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/748068/

    [X] Continue as you had; help your classmates, play with your friends?
    - [X] Ask your friends about the lessons they get in shinobi class?
    - [X] Realize that also sounds boring. Suggest they get their teachers to take them on a field trip to the Forest of Death. Its totally more fun than it sounds, and tigers are delicious.
    Event Roll - 1d100=39

    School seems almost... boring after the fun you had during the summer break.

    Wait... it was boring, there was no denying this. And so, you find yourself looking out the windows more often and sighing in memory of what you did with your parents.

    It doesn't take long before you get back into the rhythm of things and helping your classmates with the material they didn't understand.

    And so, things slowly pass by... even lunch break with its promise of a nap time was enough to break you out of your ennui.

    At least until, one of your friends... a blond named Fishcake by the others... complained about one of his ninja classes.

    This is where you find yourself asking what sort of lessons the orphans were learning in their shinobi classes that civilians weren't allowed near.

    Their descriptions prove to be less than helpful.

    And you find yourself shaking your head at how... boring those lessons were, and seem to result in things that your mother taught you during the camping trip.

    You find yourself correcting the handseals that Fishcake was trying to practice. "You really should slow down and take those seals one at a time. Being correct is better than being faster. Especially when learning."

    The orphan shinobi students seemed to be in awe at you knowing how to do handseals.

    Shinobi classes sounded just as boring as your normal classes, you can already see yourself bored to tears, but... not able to nap as you find yourself helping your classmates. Yeah, it's a good thing your parents hadn't sent you into the shinobi side of things.

    "You know... this is really boring. It's a shame you can't just take field trips... I know that the training field number forty four is pretty fun... even if it does have a more impressive name of Forest of Death. Totally inaccurate. But the tigers there are delicious..."

    As you talk... you can tell your friends aren't sure to be horrified, awed or... calling you a liar.

    One of your classmates just snorts at your description of the training ground your mother took you on a camping trip to. "But it's true, Uchiha-san. It's a really fun place to go..."

    The look he directs at you saids EVERYTHING really; that he believes you a liar and braggart at that, as if you collecting a cadre of orphan fanboys and fangirls wasn't enough... did you have to lie about the ninja training grounds?

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Autumn Classes

    What Do?
    [X] Write In.
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    Sauce is not Danbooru, but the interwebs...

    [X] Meh, whatever. Who cares what he thinks.
    - [X] We have some fun games to play. Does anyone have penny-equivalents they're willing to bet? Just for fun, you understand.

    In response to his unspoken statement, you do what is only natural to you. An eyebrow is raised as if saying 'so?', before you turn back to the others deliberately and you do the most insulting thing... you ignore him.

    His opinion didn't count. What he thought doesn't matter.

    He simply snorted in response before wandering off.

    "Say... anyone want to play marbles? I got some new ones..." You raised the bag of your marbles which now included some really nice select marbles that your father had bought at the resort.

    The responding yes and nods brought a smile to your face as everyone brought out their bags of marbles and a circle is drawn in the playground floor and the "starting" amount of marbles are placed in the center.

    It takes skill to be able to shoot the marbles.

    This was a game where had to have both instinct and skill in equal parts, where luck wasn't as big a factor as some might claim.

    And so, does your lunch break proceed without further interruptions as you play marbles.

    You don't do as well as you would have liked... but capturing some of the marbles of the others while losing some of yours isn't that bad a deal. It was like... trading. Yeah...

    And time passes... slowly in class as you find yourself somehow "volunteered" as the teacher's assistant, tasked with enforcing order and helping the assorted students who needed help.

    School is decidedly not something fun, you find yourself declaring to your parents at home after being saddled with said position. There is an insufficient nap time, even with allocated time for naps.

    Still, time does pass and your mother teaches you fun stuff at home... such as taijutsu and the art of wielding unconventional weapons... like a saucepan. Also, at night before you go to bed, you find yourself practicing the handseals with your mother watching.

    You also find yourself helping your friends with their shinobi lessons, even if you have to ask them to tell you what they learned first. It's less that you know what they learned... but more that you have the methods of learning better and thus, you find yourself helping your classmates with the concepts of doing it right first before doing it fast.

    And so so autumn slowly passes with the mid autumn festival being a high light, and the anniversary of the Kyuubi attack being a solemn and low point. Your father doesn't return home that night as he is wont to do so... instead he spends the night drinking by the memorial stone and talking to it....

    All too soon, it's winter! And there is a short winter break from school.

    The accursed cold weather doesn't bring you down. Because your father asked you if you want to go on a business trip with him during the break or go camping with your mother.

    Ahhh~ but you agreed with mother that the next vacation would be spent with him.

    And so you solemnly inform him that mommy and you have agreed that you'll be spending time with him.

    So... it's a trip to some place... warmer or at least more dry as it was raining and not actually snowing.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Break

    What Do?
    [X] Business trip to the Capital.
    [X] Business trip to Country of Rice.
    [X] Business trip to the Country of... Rain!?!? Wait... how is THAT more dry?!?
    [X] Business trip to the Country of Wave.

    You can only pick one, obviously....
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    Click on picture for bigger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1243440/

    [X] Business trip to the Capital
    Event Roll 1d100 → [66] = (66)

    It is during the journey to the capital of the Country of Fire with your father that you come to a revelation. Being a merchant isn't that bad.

    Not when one can relax and take naps during the long and boring days while the caravan traveled westwards. This... this wasn't so bad.

    In fact, one could almost consider this idea.

    That your father also has a free hand in telling you stories when you're not asleep is a bonus, especially given how real and vivid they are.

    The low shaaaaa~ of the constant rain as the water not quite pounded upon the roof of the wagon helped keep you sleepy. The caravan itself would stop at the capital of the Country of Fire before continuing further to the Land of Rain to trade some of its charka treated wood cargo for Rain's famous ceramic plating. Before it headed north to the land of Grass to trade its a portion of its cargo for the medicinal herbs grown there. Before making its way to the land of Rice to purchase rice and then eventually returning to Konoha where it would take on chakra treated wood again while providing a full load of rice to Konoha.

    One of the things that your father told you was that there was no such thing as an "empty" merchant caravan. There might be varying levels of merchandise in it, but an empty caravan was a dead caravan.

    Samurai and Shinobi might be the fists and kunai of assorted nations, but caravans were the lifeblood of the economies of the various nations, and thus was the hand of friendship between nations.

    The two of you would getting off at the Capital because your grandparents had asked your father to bring you the next time he was there... more importantly, he was there because he had some business of his own.

    Your interest at seeing what he did when he was on said business had him laughing and a mention that he would think about it, as would you when you got to your grandparent's home... things change, you know.

    - - -​

    An eternity of huddling under warm blankets, cold meals in the day and warm meals in inns spaces just right that the caravan stopped there for the night... later.

    You arrive at the capital city of the Nation of Fire.

    From a distance, the city doesn't appear to be more than a plateau with a gap into its interior.

    It was when one entered the gap and then out into the hollow within that one can appreciate the beauty before them. Like you do.

    You find yourself warmer than you should be as you look at the descending sun in the western skies... while spread out before... this is not winter.

    There is a cool breeze, but the warmth... the sounds... this was as if you were back in summer. The scent of blossoms, the sea of pink here and there from which buildings rose out of.

    Your father merely smiled at your look of amazement. "The capital was build upon the ruins of one of the cities from before the world moved on and the coming of the Sage of Six Paths. The heat and power for the city comes from the fabled rods of the Earth Dragon Geoth."

    The buildings were definitely higher than any in Konoha. In comparison to Konoha, this city was truly a city. You can even feel the voice in the back of your head agree that it was a [nice place].

    The amount of golden light turns night to day... and somewhere, inside your heart... you are gladden by this sight. Why it feels so nostalgic, you can not say... but a part of you wants to say [I'm home].

    As the caravan made its stop for the night at a more fancy inn just outside of the city, one of the many such stables for wagons, you and your father finish packing up your possessions; in your case, it's a small bag of clothes, and assorted items you simply couldn't do without, in your father's case it's a bag and several large scrolls.

    The walk doesn't take long, but then he was carrying you on his shoulders as you looked about the dazzling display of light, sound, and people... everywhere... people. A part of you suspected you look [country bumpkin].

    But still, it was so fascinating. So many people. So many things everywhere. So much food... that you can smell and see.

    You want it all, and so you engrave the sights that your eyes feast upon within your heart, while the copper coin that you had selected bounced against your chest beneath your clothing upon its necklace.

    For this, you would choose the coin again a thousand times over.

    Eventually, the two of you arrive at an oddity. A house that rests upon a hill, walls to protect its privacy while the nearest of the tall buildings [condominiums and skyscrapers] are a distance away.

    Elegance and an air of tradition surrounded the mansion.

    It was when the doors opened up to allow your father and you access within, that you realize that this might be your grandparent's home...

    At the sight of the pink hair, the smile... that face. You BLINK.

    You remember her.

    Oh no... she... she was one of those who PINCHED your cheeks and didn't give you treats! One of the not nice aunties.

    "Hello, mother..."


    Weren't grandmas suppose to look older?!? Certainly, the other voice thought so and you remember seeing old grannies in Konoha. You ARE kind of curious as to why that voice also said something about hoping those 'talents' were inheritable and not because of something in the water of the capital.

    You realize that your father is collaborating with her and... oh no, he was putting you down before her. "Sakura, this is your grandmother... why don't you say hi?"

    Click on picture for bigger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1155815/

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Trip

    What Do?
    Vote [ A ]
    [X] Hug Grandma! and hope she doesn't pinch your cheeks!
    [X] Cower behind daddy for protection from the cheek pinching grandma!
    [X] Write In.

    Vote [ B ]
    [X] Stay with your grandparents and milk them for all they were worth in presents!
    [X] Go with daddy to business meeting and learn some more of the trade.
    [X] Write In.
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    Click image for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru and has full size image there, it is awesome - /post/show/594264/

    [X] Hug Grandma! and hope she doesn't pinch your cheeks!
    [X] Go with daddy to business meeting and learn some more of the trade.
    Event Roll - 1d100 → [82] = (82)

    Your father, you feel, wouldn't lie to you. Not with that much exasperation in his voice. You can mentally see him rolling his eyes as he spoke.

    Thus, you blink blink in confusion before turning to your father. "Really? She's my grandma? But she looks younger than you do, daddy! Grandmas are suppose to be old and wrinkly, and she's too pretty for that! Are you sure she's not an auntie or big sister?"

    At this, your father coughs and looks to the side, unable to meet your keen gaze. Your keen and inquisitive gaze.

    The inner voice is now pretty much going [Shannaro! She REALLY is our grandma?] and thus... absolutely... useless. You can just tell now.

    Still, perhaps... it was best to make a good impression on your grandmother.

    And thus you turn around to look up at her as she smiled at your words. "Well... at least, she knows how to flatter a young maiden such as myself."

    "Mother... you are hardly young nor a maiden. Please stop giving her wrong ideas." Mou, your father does seem a kill joy, isn't he?

    Still, this didn't mean you wouldn't spread your arms and moved to her, to give her a hug. Cuteness... thy name this evening is Sakura!

    Your grandmother kneels down and accepts the hug from you.

    That was when your sense of danger flared as she scooted back slightly, rested her hands on your shoulders... too close to your cheeks... as she looked over you. "My, you certainly are a cute one."

    The pair of hands rose as one to lightly rub your cheeks as your eyes widened ever so slightly. The scent of spring blossoms surround you, as the fingers of your grandmother gently stroke your cheeks as if testing the softness.

    And that gentle benevolent smile as her eyes closed.

    You can sense the doom drawing nearer... as you looked up over her shoulders, you espy a butterfly fluttering about in the room.

    Had it always been there?

    You can see the lavender patterns and red dots upon its wings. You're fairly certain you've never seen any butterfly like that before. Your inner voice agrees with you that it's [not real].

    It felt like one of your father's stories, the sense of the world around you was not quite real.

    You could accept having your cheeks being pinched by your grandmother in the real world. But in a story? That was going a bit too far.

    [Shannaro!] Certain, you were in agreement with yourself.

    And so you moved. But at the same time, you didn't move and just stood there.

    The world around you wasn't real, so why should you be also real?

    Your feet shifted just so, to provide your stability, and with it... your arms moved into position to slap away one hand. Before you turned your waist, and your arms flowed to allow both forearms to slap away the dangerous limbs.

    Your grandmother leaped backwards, somehow... more agile than should be possible in her kimono.

    "Hahahaha! Yes! That's it! That's the spirit," The wide smile on her face was disconcerting... but not as much as when she grasped her kimono and with a smooth motion... ripped it off to reveal bone white armor with blood red cords and markings beneath.

    Her discarded garments fluttered in the air before breaking apart into a flight of glowing butterflies moving in a dazzling and intricate array. Where they passed, the world dissolved into an endless plain beneath a starless heavens. You can see blades of ebon grass shifting in a wind that blew not on you.

    The shuddering of the ground as countless soldiers in armor marched against you, while your grandmother laughed and stood upon them as their general.

    "Behold! The endless spring fields of the Land of the Dead! Here I rule, dare you face me in battle, little one?"

    You can feel an identical smile forming on your face, your heart raced as you shifted your stance and sprang forward. A hurricane forming around you as you spun and kicked!

    The attack was your answer to her declaration, and the dead soldiers shattered at your approach.

    And battle was met!

    - - -​

    An eternity later, the battlefield faded away as you breathed in and out looking at your grandmother with wide eyes. "T... that was fun."

    Your simple declaration was responded with laughter from your grandmother who patted you on your head. "I like her. She's much better than your brother's son, who just let me pinched him. More spirited at least."

    It looks like you passed some sort of test.

    But just what... you're not quite sure.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Battle

    [To Be Continued with Business Affairs]
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    Click on picture for a larger version​

    Sauce are Danbooru - /post/show/1312812/ and /post/show/826763/

    [X] Hug Grandma! and hope she doesn't pinch your cheeks!
    [X] Go with daddy to business meeting and learn some more of the trade.

    With the introduction that resulted in approval of you by your grandmother done, it appears that you are now due for more hugging and carrying by her.

    It's clear that she is not as fit as your mother or father... given the not quite struggling she had to carry you out of the atrium and into a smaller hall.

    You can smell something delicious.

    The scent of deep fried meat, spices, herbs and bean-curd skin. That familiar scent... it was just like what mother made during the festivals and celebrations, like your birthday.

    Mixed with... yes, yes... you close your eyes and sniff the air with a delicate ease while your grandmother laughed at your actions.

    You can tell that along side the deep fried meat rolls, that there was a savory soup, barbequed duck... you can already imagine biting into the crispy skin with the thin layer of fat beneath...


    It looks like your grandmother REALLY liked to spoil her grandchildren with their favorite food, or at least her granddaughter.

    Somehow, you find yourself not sleepy at all during during as you savored the dishes upon the table before you.

    The fattiness and oily-ness of the food was dissolved by copious sips of warm tea.

    Ahh... soon, you were satiated and drowsy, and you fade away into the land of naps as your father and grandmother talk.

    As you nap, you can hear words... that mix in with your dreams as your grandmother inquired about your mother, at least you think it's your mother given that she's calling her 'that girl you married'. Disapproval shines there.

    - - -
    Your eventually wake up in a soft and fluffy bed... light snoring coming from under you, your pillow?!?!

    Wait... it's just your grandmother.

    Looks like she knows the proper value of sleep. Just like you.

    Eventually, she awakens... to your gentle prodding.

    At least you waited before prodding her.

    And while you waited, you washed your face in the washroom that was attached to the bedroom.

    You also did your stretches and exercises that mother had you do when you woke up.

    Still... prodding.

    At least, she was real.

    Or she could do the story illusions while sleeping.

    Well. Maybe not... that did seem a little bit much...

    Still, once she woke up, with a rather bad case of bed hair you notice, she staggered off to the washroom with you trailing after her.

    "You know... I'm starting to regret letting you share my bed if you're going to wake me before dawn, kiddo," Her admonishment is replied with a smile and hug. [Shannaro! Strike where she's weak! Use the cuteness! The cuteness!] the inner voice merely encourages you on!

    The two of you soon finish up your daily morning ablutions.

    Cuteness and beauty paired up.

    Not even daddy could withstand your combined power!

    "And remember, as always... elegance in all things, every act must be one of beauty and grace," You smile and nod at your grandmother. She does seem to hold such things down to an art as she took you to the dining room where breakfast awaited the three of you.

    Father... doesn't seem to appreciate grandmother taking you under her wing.... even if you don't think calling her Big Sis was a bad thing.

    The three of you are joined by another woman.

    A blonde.

    Golden hair, the hue of the golden sun is rare... at least, it is rare in Konoha. You think you've seen perhaps... four people with hair that color, Ino-chan, her parents and... 'fishcake'. To be sure, the hues are all slightly different.

    But even then, you are certain that purple pupils aren't natural. But that wasn't saying much, given that Hyuuga-hime had soft lavender pupils herself.

    In the end, you mentally shrug before blinking at the casual kiss that said blonde gave your grandmother.

    This wasn't normal, was it?

    "Mother... please. Not at the breakfast table. What would father think?" Yeah, you can tell that your father has pretty much given up being scandalized on your grandmother's behavior. Mostly.

    "Well... I would think that I'm a pretty lucky man, myself," And older male voice spoke up behind and above you. Wait. Wait. How did anyone manage to sneak up on you? Not even the boring teachers managed that at school. And they were ninja. "After all, at my age, to have a pair of lovely young maidens to tend to me... that's what every man aspires to, right?"

    "So, this is little Sakura?" With that, you're lifted up with ease and turned about to look at white hair, chiseled face and sculpted muscles that must surely have been carved from rocks. [Shannaroooo~] It appeared that the inner you is awed at the muscle definition that could be seen.

    "So, I heard you're not doing that silly ninja nonsense," His smile at you is gentle and warm and you respond with a firm nod. "Good."

    "I never did see why you decided that it was a good idea to run off and sign up with Konoha, not when you're descended from good samurai stock." Your grandfather just looks at your father, who just dourly looked back. Okay... it looks like there might be unresolved family issues here. You can sense your inner voice settling back, and eating snacks as if enjoying a show at a theater.

    Perhaps, it might not be be the best of ideas to tell grandpa what mother is teaching you, and trying to become a ninja or something.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Family Reunion

    [To Be Continued with Business Affairs for reals this time]
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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1272157/

    [X] Hug Grandma! and hope she doesn't pinch your cheeks!
    [X] Go with daddy to business meeting and learn some more of the trade.

    Breakfast... proceed somewhat awkwardly with the declaration of your grandfather's opinion of your father's previous career before he became a merchant.

    Still, it appeared that despite this schism in your family, your grandparents still doled lavish attention upon you.

    A good thing too. Or you might have to actually use UNSPEAKABLE techniques, such as the cute and innocent granddaughter style, or puppy-eye bewitching technique... truly, being a granddaughter is a heavy burden to bear despite the power that comes with it.

    After breakfast... you spend the day with your "big sisters" and grandfather, enjoying the sights of the city.

    You also, somehow, end up in a kimono... courtesy of your grandmother. She said something about passing down certain treasures of the Haruno while dressing you up in it.

    You also discover the illustrious history of the Haruno clan, of how in the ancient past there had been four warriors loyal to a noble despite the treachery and betrayal that befell him and his land, and saw the land splintered into the current nations. These four warriors saved the young prince, and helped secure him a nation from the fragments that to this day was called... the Land of Fire.

    And you were descended from one of the four warriors, a descendant of a samurai without peer.

    Still, despite the fun day... you eventually end up with your father carried you about on his shoulders as the two of you wandered about the city.

    Unlike earlier with your grandparents who stayed to the brilliant parts of the city, your passage... lead into the darker and more closed up streets.

    "Being a merchant isn't always about things you want to do. Necessity drives us, the base desires and wants of other people against our ability to supply it. That is how we determine how skilled we are. Well... that and how well we can convince people that what we have is what they want and need," he talks as you snack away on a meat roll.

    You suspect that your mother and grandmother would object strenuously to the meat roll that your father bought for you, something about too fatty, low quality meat, suspicious vegetable filler and deep fried in oil that had been used for such all day... but it is warm, meaty, and tasty in that not quite greasy texture that comes from being deep fried.

    "Take for example, that meat roll... you're enjoying it because you wanted it. But you weren't hungry, were you?" You shake your head and made a non-committed sound in response. Your father laughs back. "You wanted it because it smelled good, didn't it? And that smell made you want it. It's sort of the same principal."

    You blink.

    Some one else used merchant-fu on you? How fiendish!

    Wait... was this a bad thing, you had to question yourself when you think about it. It did end up with you enjoying a snack.

    - - -​

    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1306376/

    - - -​

    Still, eventually, you are carried into a small out of the way restaurant.

    The moon is low on the horizon, just peeking down on you between buildings, smoke and clouds.

    The artificial lights of the city, along with the smoke prevent you from seeing the stars that you normally do in Konoha. There is life all around you, much like the Forest of Death. But where there were wild animals there, here there were humans upon humans.

    Now that you are used to the sheer quantity of the sea of humanity, you can spot ninja with leaf headbands patroling here and there, along with magistrades with swords. Or were they samurai? Your inner voice shrugs, did it really matter? Merely that there were law enforcers to protect the citizens of the capital.

    Still, you can hear the call of the customers in the restaurant enjoying themselves, while the wait staff moved about, took orders, provided food, and accepted payment.

    [How quaint. It's like one of those kung fu movie inns...] As it did now and then, your inner voice proves to be not really helpful when it babbled nonsense. You understood the concept of movies, having been to a movie theater, but what was kung fu?

    Your father enters the restaurant spoke quiet to a waiter, who swiftly brings the two of you upstairs. You are placed back down on the ground as he knocked on the door.

    The response was muffled... somehow, despite the thinness of the wood and paper that was used to make it.

    The room you entered into has a table with a pot of tea and some cups, behind which sat a rather forgettable man. He is of average height, of average looks that it is... hard to really focus and recall his features. How disturbing.

    His companion on the other hand...


    Those eyes.

    That cool and patient look that somehow managed to look aloof.

    The black outfit, that was form fitting. Black body mesh that covered her arms and belly. And the konoha head band that guarded her throat.

    "How extravagent. An Uchiha bodyguard," You don't pay attention to your father's words or the response.

    "Kukukuku... but of course, nothing but the best."

    "Sakura, another thing you should note is that sometimes to make money, or to protect your money, you will need to spend money." Your father's words are ignored for a more important thing. Those twin crimson glows that spun lazily in each eye.

    [SPIDER] You can feel an absolute danger here.

    Despite not moving, or allowing any expression to show on your face really, you and your inner voice are calculating attack vectors that the 'Uchiha' could essay against you and your father, and the responses you could make to defend and retaliate... given your current abilities.

    Did all 'Uchiha' have those... eyes? Or was it a one off like [SPIDER]?

    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/532169/

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Deals

    What Do?
    [X] Stay calm. Stay Focused. For now. Pay attention to the guard and...
    [X] Shou'ouken! Strike first! Heaven or hell, you have no mercy for [SPIDER].
    [X] Write In.
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    [img alt=Posted Image]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-8Daa163IJnA/UNb5yT-0edI/AAAAAAAARd8/XugNDUsN8DE/s400/Sharingan-2-Tomoe.jpg[/img]​
    Sauce is not danbooru, but the internets.

    Sharingan : Of the three heavenly doujutsu, the sharingan is notable in that legend places its creation before the rise of the Sage of Six Paths.

    Legend has it that in the age before the World Moved On, a god seized the might of the sun, the skill of the moon and implanted it in the eye of a young maiden warrior.

    The reasons for this deed is unknown, but the results were. She was unto a god in battle and none could match her.

    The power available to her with but a single eye ensured that she couldn't be defeated... and she slew the god that gave her the eye and developed her doujutsu so that its might sat within both her eyes and passed it down to her descendents; those who would become Uchiha.

    The powers of the sharingan are said to be countless, and the tales of what it can do might even be true. Here are the base abilities noted to hold true for all sharingan;

    Chakra Perception - The perception of the sharingan users are enhanced, they are able to observe active chakra usage.

    Jutsu Copying - More importantly, they are able to use said observation to mimic normal jutsu usage.

    Overclocking - Users of the sharingan have noted that the world moves slower, relative to them, and thus they have more time to react. The more developed the sharingan, the slower the world is.

    Battle Predictions - More telling is that due to the speed that they can think and react in, alongside the ability to observe active chakra usage, skilled sharingan users have a quasi-prediction ability that they can determine what their opponent is about to do.

    Rank Up - Genjutsu enhanced by the sharingan become much more powerful and are noted to be a rank higher in power and the difficulty of breaking free of.
    - - -​
    Writer's Note - A little something for you monkeys to play with while I'm at work.

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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1325372/

    [X] Stay calm. Stay Focused. For now. Pay attention to the guard and...

    Words were being uttered by your father and the person he was meeting.

    Not that you cared about such. You heard them, but they were not a concern.

    Rather, it was [SPIDER] standing before you. Or a female who greatly resembled [SPIDER] with those eyes that glimmered crimson and spun.

    Perhaps the situation might continue for all of time, with the two of you looking at each other as the two men talked. Perhaps, but it was the soft knocking at the door, but your attention is broken once more as the door open behind you.

    The kunoichi's attention flickers to the waitress who walks in and provides service in the form of refilling the tea pot, and leaving a dish of bread and dip.

    "Please sit sit, you have a rather cute little apprentice here," The rather normal and average man spoke up with a gesture as the door was closed once more.

    Now that you were calmed down and not looking at [SPIDER], you pay attention as your father pulls out a seat for you to settle on.

    The rather... in-descriptive person was average in all aspects of appearance. His voice, however, while sounding bland... was anything but that.

    The tone, the flow of words... those spoke to you.

    Cruel and deceptive, you can feel it. [I've known men like him, in every age they always rise in the shadows like noxious weed] Every age? Why would that other voice say that? But it silences itself once more.

    The bodyguard was a danger, certainly... still... that posture she had, you're dead sure that you had good odds of at least surviving a fight with her [draw] as you were. Tactically, your mother or father could end her easily, "big sis" grandmother would laugh and do [something] while playing with her mind, grandfather would just SMILE and do... things to her. The bodyguard was only a danger to you, but in time you would easily out-perform her if her eyes didn't have additional boosts to her body.

    Thus, you pay attention to the man your father had come to talk to.

    The average-ness was something being done by him. It didn't quite fit him, it was as if he wore a human-shaped garment.

    This... this was the dangerous one. The truly dangerous one. A notion shared by the other voice now that it wasn't fretting over the [SPIDER] look-alike and her eyes.

    Unknown, and you can't tell by his posture if he was someone who did not do taijutsu or someone who DID do taijutsu to the point where you couldn't tell how skilled he was.

    And that was pretty much the point where the double-thinking ended because, even as a child, you know that double-think is rather dubious at the best of times.

    Especially, when you're offered a candy.

    A look at your father for his approval first before you accept it. An approval that was given with a sigh.

    Accepting the sweet spiral candy upon its stick, you make it disappear. Alas, not in your mouth... but into your clothes for safe storage.

    "Cautious and willing to save things for later, excellent traits those are. You have been training her well indeed," Here he laughed once more and patted you on the head. "Kukukukukuku..."

    "Indeed, I am glad that you think so," Your father nod in reply as he poured tea for the himself, you and the other two. "I am given to understand that you enjoy relics of the time before the World Move On. Or at least the relics of earlier times."

    You turn to look at your father in surprise and then at the other man, and then back. [Relics?]

    "Kukukukuku... it is true that I do enjoy looking over things from that time period. I am quite the scholar in such items, and have been known to acquire such. But only if they can be verified," He smiles.

    "But of course." Your father smiles back in response, and they start to talk about this and that. Always skirting the topic raised. Of the relics.

    You can sort of follow along, and you do try... but you are a child and thus... easily bored. Your attention drifts about the room.

    You can see how it might be... easy for intruders to spy on this meeting, the wards upon the walls, beneath the windows, and on the doors might have a thing to muffle the transmission of sound out of this room.

    Eventually, your father unrolls one of the scrolls he had been carrying.

    Well... this was new.

    How had your father hidden the skull in the piece of paper? Or made it come out with a puff of smoke.

    "May I?" At the gesture from your father, the other man lifted it up to examine it with a little loupe. The ooh and haa indicated that skull with its metal tracing over the bone surface was of interest to him.

    Eventually, he returned the skull to the scroll. "A magnificent piece."

    You don't get how it's hidden again, only that your father had placed his hands here and there. Perhaps, a modulated chakra pulse? Or something.

    With your father's scroll rolled up once more, the other man brought out an identical scroll... which revealed a "small" chest filled with golden coins concealed within it.

    "Acceptable." And with that the scrolls were exchanged.

    "A please doing business with you," Your father nodded as he stored his scroll away once more before sipping at his tea.

    Food was ordered, served and eaten in short order before the two of you depart.

    "And what did you learn in there, Sakura?"

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Business Transactions

    What Do?
    [X] "Some times, we have to spend time along side money to get back greater returns? Even if we don't want to?"
    [X] "Some times, we have to play with dangerous people?"
    [X] "Daddy talks too much!" You declare. "Also... daddy likes bad food. I'm going to tell mother~."
    [X] "I didn't like that woman or that man," You frown. "They are... dangerous."
    [X] Write in some awesome lesson learned? Or thing done... yeah... art is a bang.
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    Click on image for larger version​
    Sauce is Danbooru /post/show/984057/

    [X] "I didn't like that woman or that man," You frown. "They are... dangerous."
    - [X] "Especially the man. He was hiding too much."
    [X] "Some times, we have to play with dangerous people?"

    As the two of you wander about the city, you find that your father has carried you into one of the parks that dot the city. Settled down upon the bench and beneath a starry sky, he asks you a question.

    "And what did you learn in there, Sakura?"

    You speak of what you've learned; of your dislike for those two. Of their danger, even if you COULD take the woman and fight enough to run away or fight to a draw... maybe. Or that people were hiding too much, like that man. And so on.

    Your father nods somewhat at it.

    "I guess... sometimes, we have to play with dangerous people?"

    "That is one of things that we have to do, yes," Your father nodded at you. "As I said earlier, some times, we must do what we don't like or want to do."

    "But more than that, sometimes, we must carefully skirt around what we do," He stretched upwards. "Deception is a necessary part of what we do. After all, what color is my hair?"

    He smiles at you as looked carefully at him. Now that you were paying attention to him. You notice that his hair is pure black and in a tall crewcut. How hadn't you notice that? Or that his face looked different and tanned. There was also how his clothes looked nothing like how he normally dressed.

    He hadn't done anything beyond point things out to you... but... when? how? and more importantly, why hadn't you notice?

    "Also, this is important. What color is your hair?" Now, you pause as he took a small hand mirror out of his bad for you to look into.

    "....." Why was there a boy with black hair looking back at you.

    "But... How?" You managed to sputter at him.

    "Genjutsu," Your father shrugged casually in response. You knew what genjutsu was, illusion techniques designed to affect people's minds... but the how and when you couldn't comprehend. "I did it when we entered the small street after I picked you up."

    That explained the when, but you didn't remember your father using handseals or how he could it for so long without running out of chakra or even use it on your body without you noticing it.

    Before you could start asking those questions, he raised a hand. "I'll explain later. Or perhaps, your grandmother might do so if you ask her really, really nicely."

    "Now, it is illegal in most countries to buy or sell Old World relics. Ownership, however, is acceptable," He smiled as you frowned at him. "And no, I didn't do anything illegal such as selling such a thing. I can say this before you or any certified truthsayer."

    At your confused look, he continued. "I made no offer to sell it to him, he made no requests to buy it from me. As it coincidentally happened, I used to own such a relic that I gave to him. He, in return, helped pay for his share of the dinner at the restaurant... with some minor trifle extra money on the side."

    Eyebrows rose as you worked this out. "But... that... that doesn't make sense."

    "Truth is something that can be manipulated to say something completely opposite of what happened," your father nodded. "It's why they call history that, it really is his story."

    As you thought about it, you guess you could see what he said. You also can guess that this was something you really should keep quiet about.

    Much better for everyone involved.

    "But isn't it dangerous to... talk about this here?" You gesture at the open park around you.

    His response is simple and with a smile. "Genjutsu can do many things. Not just change how things look. It can also alter how things sound. Why, even now... you're a bratty little boy whose whining about this and that."

    "So, now that you've had a taste of what daddy does, on the side of trading in things like rice and other such items. What do you think about it? Do you think you'll enjoy being like me? Doing this and that?"
    - - -
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Small Talk

    What Do?
    [X] Yes! Capitalism Ho! (Reaffirm career path)
    [X] Break your father's heart and throw the pieces into an open fire by saying no. (Possible career path switch)
    [X] Questions? Yes, you have questions. (Write In.)
    [X] Write In.
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    Click on the picture for the full size version​

    Sauce is NOT Danbooru, but CowbellTiara - http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/cowbell/

    - [X] It's bitches and trade routes all the way down.
    - [X] Also questions about your ancestry and stuff~

    "So, now that you've had a taste of what daddy does, on the side of trading in things like rice and other such items. What do you think about it? Do you think you'll enjoy being like me? Doing this and that?"

    The question by your father seems almost silly that you had to smile and stand on the bench and patpat him on the back.

    "Don't be silly, daddy," You smile and response. "I'm not going to tear your heart into pieces and throw every piece into a fire by saying I don't want to be like you."

    The voice inside the back of your mind snorted as you mangled a phrase from one of the songs it had sang while it was bored. Something about being still alive. The feeling in it seemed like it could be used here.

    That you DID feel that way, that you knew your father's heart would be broken if you had said anything else; such as wanting to be a kunoichi or something else.

    "I do want to learn from you," You nod firmly back. "It'll be bitches and trade routes all the way down. To borrow Kiba-kun's saying, kind of."

    "Really, did he really say bitches and kunai all the way down to you?" Your father's question is more said with a smile and shake of head as if disbelieving that someone would say that.

    "Uh huh... when I asked him what was so good about becoming a shinobi after graduation, I don't really get it... but it kind of worked here," You nod to your father's snorting... was... was he laughing at you?

    And how did he know the saying that Kiba-kun used?

    "You... you'll get it one day," Your father eventually replied a single finger raised, the laughter still in his voice. Mou~.

    "I do have questions," You nod solemnly. Your parents and grandparents while they HAD told you things. It was never complete or was... 'sanitized' for the ears of the young.

    "What are Samurai and why does grandfather seem so impressive? I know that the teachers say that samurai are nothing more than jumped up brigands who run around swinging swords wildly, and that the daimyo only uses them as a counter balance in numbers to elite ninjas?" There, your query was stated, why was grandfather more impressive than what he should be like if the teachers were right.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Winter Affirmation

    [To Be Continued with Samurai, Grandfathers, and other questions]
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    Click on the picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/968725/

    - [X] It's bitches and trade routes all the way down.
    - [X] Also questions about your ancestry and stuff~

    "Samurai... huh," Your father relaxes beside you, the slight breeze cooling you down much like a summer breeze would. "I guess that is a fair question to ask, given your grandfather. He does make quite the impression."

    "Despite what you might hear from your teachers, samurai are not ruffians who've picked up a sword off a battlefield. Just as ninja are not cowardly fools or vivacious minxes if female," There is a pause as you father rubs his beard for a bit before continuing.

    "This is mainly because of the competition between the ninja forces and the samurai forces for recruits as both of them require physical fitness and the ability to channel chakra to some degree." That did make sense, based on what you've seen of the shinobi students. It also explained why grandfather was so amazing and felt so... big. Well, he was big, but he felt bigger than life.

    You nod at what your father said before asking more questions to find out more about your family. It appeared that daddy was willing to spill the beans as it were now that you've reaffirmed your desire to be more like him.

    You also discover that when he was younger, he disagreed with your grandfather on a number of things... and so, ran away from the Temple of Spiral Bells where young nobles learned the way of the warrior and started their training as samurai.

    He ran and eventually ended up in Konoha and was accepted as a recruit by the ninja academy. He also met your mother at the academy, and ended up in the same team. And somehow this and that happened and before they knew it... they were staying together and then married.

    Relative-wise, you discover that you have two cousins on your father side, and one of them was training to be a samurai, the other a priest. As for your mother's side, she was an orphan from one of the villages destroyed during the second shinobi war.

    "Why is Big Sis Yuyu so mean about mother?" You had to ask... really.

    "Your grandmother is mean to your mother for a simple reason. Your mother never lets your grandma forget that she is a missing nin. When they meet each other... oooh... I swear the room temperature just drops. Even if your grandmother abandoned her village to marry your grandfather."

    Wait... 'big sis Yuyu was a missing nin? But weren't those like the scum of the earth? You were descended from... one of them?

    "And... big sis Merry Bell?" You ask with trepidation.

    Your father looked at you and shook his head. "I'm not sure. But I wouldn't be surprised if she was also a missing nin. Just one that never made it to the bingo book."

    Huh... you can only sit back and think on this.

    Everyone agreed that missing nin were worse than trash. But that conflicted with what you knew of your "big sis" Yuyu and Merry Bell, they were interesting. They were fun. They were amazing.

    But... they were also missing nin?

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Samurai and Nukenin

    What Do?
    [X] Keep Talking with Father? You have more questions?
    [X] Go back home to your grandparents and find out the truth!
    [X] Go back home to your grandparents and ignore the missing nin stuff, that sort of thing doesn't matter to you. Right?
    [X] Write In Like a Boss!
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    Click on picture for a bigger version​

    Sauce is /post/show/1085168/

    [X] Keep Talking with Father? You have more questions?
    [X] Go back home to your grandparents and ignore the missing nin stuff, that sort of thing doesn't matter to you. Right?
    - Also, so many write-ins that it just can't fit in here...

    The notion that you were descended from... nukenin. That... that notion was almost enough to make you sick. In another age, this might have been the equivalent of being unclean or something equally stupid.

    But the memories of the fun you had with "big sis" Yuyu, grandfather, and "big sis" Merry Bell... that made you stop from going "No..." in disbelief, "That's impossible." and possibly followed by a loud and drawn out"Nooooo...." of denial.

    Still... your father looks down at you as you struggle to deal with this knowledge. He wasn't lying, you can tell it. Your feelings tell you the truth inherent in what your father said.

    Still, hadn't your father also said something about Samurai?

    Hadn't your opinions of Nukenins been also formed by the ninja instructors from the Academy? Just like what you had heard about Samurai?

    And they were wrong there. Well, it's not like they're guaranteed to all be good people, but if they're wrong on one count, then... you might want to keep it in mind.

    Just because a ninja doesn't belong to a village, doesn't mean that they're bad people. Maybe if they have reasons...

    Yes... what reason DID "big sis" Yuyu have for turning traitor? Of becoming a deserter of whatever village she had been from. Wait... where DID Grandmother come from, anyhow?

    The answer seemed oddly lacking. Yumegakure, or the village among dreams didn't seem special by virtue of its name. For that matter, you don't recall hearing about it in geography class, so it couldn't be too special or notable. Still, it DID fit your grandmother and what she did with her stories.

    So, you press on.

    "How your grandparents met? Or rather why your grandmother deserted her village? I think you might want to ask her for the full version," He looks knowingly at you. Oh, it would be an amazing story... wouldn't it?

    "But I guess I'll tell you a bit, just to whet your curiosity. Once, during the peace between the first Shinobi war and the second Shinobi war, a mission to assassinate the daimyo was made to Yumegakure by personages unknown and forgotten now. Your grandmother accepted that S rank mission." Grandmother had been that scary? To do S-rank missions on her own?

    "Unfortunately, the daimyo was guarded by the Twelve Gentlemen Guardian Ninja, more importantly, he was also guarded by the Four Seasons Samurai, descendants of the original samurai who protected his ancestors. Each serving during their 'season'."

    "This as you can guess is no easy task. But that's why they call it an S rank mission," Your father nodded at you. "So, one spring, your grandmother's skills with genjutsu and sly deceptions and stratagems allowed her to slip all the way into the presence of the daimyo himself as a humble but delightful ... entertainer."

    "The twelve guardians were obviously neutralized when not present. Luckily for that daimyo, he held a rather close relationship with the Four Seasons Samurai and thus, your grandfather was with him when your grandmother wove a deadly illusion. One designed to not just distract one's opponent with a false battle, but could slay the mind in truth."

    "I'm still not sure what exactly your grandfather did... they always said something about him being so manly that balls dropped, and boys became men for miles around due to how manly he was... and your grandmother ended up pregnant with your eldest aunt. I suppose it is possible and such, but I hold that breaking a genjutsu and seducing its creator by flashing a well toned body to be too stupid to happen in reality," The scoffing in your father's voice... sounds odd. But he clearly held that that could be how things happened.


    "She ran off in the confusion of what happened... before eventually returning to find him, while carrying your aunt. She, then, forced him to take responsibility. And that is in a nutshell how they claim they met and got married. I don't hold it to be true, but your grandmother can make that story seem possible and even... plausible with her skills. So, you might want to ask her to tell you it later."

    With that your father picked you up once more, and you proceeded to ask him more questions... such as his former team.

    "Well... I was in team seven when I was a young genin. As for who my jounin sensei was.... ah... she was Tsunade of the sannin. You've heard of her, yes? And the third team member on my team... well, he was this idiot daydreamer by the name of Hiroto. He's long dead now."

    Huh... that did put a damper on things, didn't it?

    Still... why not go for broke? And so, you audaciously 'suggest' that since a caravan that was empty was that soon died or fold or something... wouldn't it be nice to invest in candy? It was a valuable trade good, stayed good for long periods of time. It was also good for bribing nice children who wouldn't tell their mother or certain "big sis" about certain people eating bad and unhealthy food.

    That got a laugh out of your father as he carried back home to "big sis". "I suppose I could invest in such a cargo... if someone wants to explain to their mother how they ended up with such."

    "....." Well, that put a damper on that, didn't it? Mother wouldn't allow you to enjoy them when you got home, would she... you'll need to think more on this. Thankfully, you still had a few more days to work this out.

    As your father carried you into "big sis" home, a causal check reveals that the two of you look "normal" and how you should. You just can't recall when your appearances reverted.

    How annoying.

    You can hear the sounds of laughter and what sounded like a high pitched ha! along with the sound of steel on steel from the gardens as you wander about the mansion.

    Looking in the garden, you encounter big sis Yuyu and Merry Bell cheering on as your grandfather fought... welll... fought was such a harsh word when it was clear that he was taking it easy, very easy on his opponent.

    A young girl, dressed much like grandfather in green and white. A simple circular ring on her clothes denoted that she was a Haruno like you. But unlike you, her hair was grey white instead of a healthy pink. She was also older than you were.

    Your grandfather seemed to be egging her on, telling her faster, harder... and guiding her blows towards his body. Just what kind of a sparring session was this?

    She had to be one of your cousins. Perhaps, the one said to be training to be a samurai.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Nukenin and Cousins

    What Do?
    [X] "....." *get jealous and hit critical levels of TsunTsun and YanYan! Grandpa was YOURS!*
    [X] *run off in tears at discovering your grandpa playing with your cousin*
    [X] Sit with your big sis and watch the sparring / training session, join in the cheering?
    [X] Write In Like A Boss [always appreciated!]
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    Omake / Non Canon Post

    Your cousin looks at you in confusion.

    Your two big sis are laughing at the confusion and what you're asking.

    Your grandfather sighs and shakes his head at you. "No, little Sakura... I have not used that technique since that long ago day when I met your grandmother... but I shall do so... just once. Gaze carefully."

    With that, your grandfather starts to move towards a tree in the garden. It seems familiar to you, oddly familiar how he is moving. Your inner voice is going [oh no... no... please... no. It can't. It can't be. It's impossible.].

    That negative after-images trailed after him... as he rolled, and did odd possess before gliding forward.

    There was a flare of brilliant light.

    Inside your mind, the other voice is weeping and crying. [Nooooooo.... I'm descended from Dan?!?!?!?!?!]
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    Click on picture for a larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru / Full Pic without the cropping - /post/show/1202665/
    Because I'm NOT sure if the unedited pic is too NSFW for SB, it's been cropped.

    [X] A New Challenger Has Appeared!

    You settle down beside Big Sis Yuyu. "Jiiiiii~"

    Naturally, with such a sight before you, how could you resist the savory and soft sesame balls with their delicious lotus seed paste interior?

    A iron kettle of fragrant tea with a small selection of cups is by the sweets.

    Seated by your two "big sis", sipping at a cup of warm tea, while a light breeze blew, and watching your grandfather teach your cousin the art of sword fighting... was there anything better?

    To be sure, your inner voice is cataloging everything that your grandfather does, as well as noting what your cousin is doing in terms of learning... and you can see how the not quite sloppy parries, slashes, lunges, and dancing motions as they shifted about for the optimum footing. You can see the pathways that led to attacks that would surely slay and the parrying motions with a sword to defend.

    Indeed, there could be nothing better than this.

    Still, watching the training, you can feel your heart just a smudge faster... and this urge to join in by twisting your hands just so, and gesturing forwards as you gather chakra [ki] in them to... do something.

    Eventually, much like falling blossoms, the sparring session comes to an end, and you are introduced to your elder cousin.

    "Youmu. Pleased to meet you," She smiles at you and offers her hand out after wiping away the mild sheen of perspiration from her forehead.

    You eagerly shake her hand. "It looks like you were having fun."

    Was it your fault that a flicker of killing intent escaped your control in your excitement?

    Your cousin's reaction was swift and decisive as she put some distance between you and her. Enough that you could need to charge into her killing field as her swords were drawn.

    Your grandparents look at you with interest before letting the two of you interact to see how things go. Certainly, it is clear to you that they weren't going to interfere unless things went wrong.

    Well... why not a quick spar?

    [You know, if you're going to do this... might as well do it right....] And you can feel, how to channel your chakra [ki] just so in your body to flare an impressive aura as you focused your might.

    Half dreamt memories and instinct enter a modified horse stance, with legs in a wide open stance after you stomp the ground... as a purplish pink aura burned from within you, and you stretched wide. Fists clenched.

    You can feel it twisting and writhing upon your back. Unseen by you, but certainly by your grandparents who smile, "Sakura" in kanji burns into existence in pink chakra flames. This was no illusions such as that woven by your grandmother or father.


    This was raw unadulterated chakra forming naturally. Trained samurai, ninja or even martial artists would decry it as a waste of energy.

    But you would have laughed at them if you knew. Style trumped functionality here.

    You were going to show off for your grandparents. Cousin Youmu wasn't the ONLY one who could fight!

    A growl emerged from deep within you as the chakra burned in your eyes, giving them a glowing crimson tint.

    You certainly looked impressive and menacing as you gestured at your cousin.

    "A new challenger has arrived! Nice to meet you, cousin. Would you like to play with me, too~?"

    Certainly, she was not expecting ANYTHING like this from just shaking hands with you... but, she looked at your grandfather, to see what he felt she should do.

    A single nod with a smile was all that he gave back. "I guess we're going to see just how much your mother wants you to be a kunoichi."

    "Fufufufufufu.... I suspect that woman is simply doomed to disappointment, especially given how skilled Sakura looks to be," Well, big sis Yuyu felt you were skilled... just like mother. Time to show off and not disappoint her.

    A moment of silence before a flutter of pink fell between the two of you.

    She darted at you, a blinding blur of green, white and just the tiniest bit of black of speed lines. Certainly impressive, and you can tell that she could have easily hit most of your classmates, based on their observed reaction speeds.

    Even as the dust cloud formed where she had stood before launching at you, instincts half dreamt and half in-grained in via the flow of chakra within your body had you moving.

    Forearm met sword, and the steel glided away from your body as the reinforcement by chakra prevented it from doing anything to your flesh and blood. There is a look of surprise on your cousin's face. That you could see her attack, that you could react fast enough to defend... and to depend with nothing more than just your body and chakra.

    How unexpected.

    Your arm glides upwards, along the path her blade now took, you twist your body. Lending grace and momentum to her attack.

    You smile as you pause, as you found your foot in the right placement, and stopped turning. Your cousin's eyes widen at your smile, she could sense your reversal now.

    But, unlike you... there was nothing she could do, but take it as your right arm lashed out like a whip. Your forearm slapped into her belly with sufficient force to cancel her forward motion before sending her sliding backwards, in a loose tumble.

    Into your grandfather's arms. "Impressive, Sakura... very impressive."

    You can't help but look up at his thoughtful face and smile at him. "That's not Mebuki's taijutsu style. I'm very familiar with what she uses. Tell me where you learned it."

    Tch... how annoying, questions when you should be fighting.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Sparring...

    What Do?
    [X] Smile and tell him that you can show him your style first. A new challenger has appeared!
    [X] Panic! Haruno Secret Technique. Fast Break!
    [X] "I... it just comes to me naturally..." [Taijutsu Prodigy!?!]
    [X] "The other me showed me how to fight in my dreams!" [Possessed by a taijutsu ghost/demon/something!]
    [X] Let's see what YOU can write in! I'm sure it'll be awesome.
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    Sauce is Danbooru always - /post/show/637717/

    [X] "As far back as I remember... when I sleep, I dream. And when I dream, I learn. That's how it goes."
    -[X] "But it's really hard to explain that way. Let me show you what I have learned in the world of dreaming hours, instead~"

    You look up at your grandfather. The stern look upon his face is impressive and yet.... you know that it is your grandfather. That he wanted to know more.

    And why wouldn't he? Was he not concerned about his granddaughter? His little Sakura?

    Thus, you get the feeling you should tell the truth instead of doing something else. Yes... something else. SOMETHING ELSE.

    You can feel the heat within your heart blossom once more at the prospect of an on-going fight.

    But, you are Sakura.

    You can think.

    You can act upon your impulses, and in turn... restrain your urges.

    You look up at your grandfather and think on what "Big Sis" Yuyu had told you; elegance in all things. The cold metal of the copper coin you chose and kept felt cool against the warmth of your skin.

    You return to your senses.

    Your urges are restrained.

    The rapid fluttering and beating of your heart slows once more.

    There is a time and place for everything. And this was the time for words, not battle.

    So, you restrain yourself, your need to fight... and instead, you speak.

    As you speak, you can feel the gaze of your grandparents upon you; your grandfather where he stood. Your "big sis" Yuyu and "big sis" Merry Bell, where they sat together. You can feel their attention upon you. You can see you father... but the sensation that he was nearby... you can feel THAT.

    "It comes to me... I can feel what feels right when I move, when I do things, like earlier," You nod at Youmu where she rests unconsciously in your grandfather's arms. "For as long as I've remembered, whenever I sleep... whenever I nap, I dream. And in my dreams, I can feel how I should move, how I should do things, as if this was the proper way of doing things. And I learn... I try to follow the motions of the chakra inside me."

    "The dreams, and the chakra inside me shows me how to do this. That this is the proper way of doing things, it's easy. Like breathing, or walking... and I... I like it," You admit with a blush. "But it's hard for me to explain... really hard to explain that way. Let me show you what I have learned in the world of dreaming hours, instead~."

    You can feel the considering look of your grandparents upon you.

    The silence grows and you can feel your heart start to dip.

    Before it ends... with your grandfather laughing. "I would have thought you would take after your grandmother more than your mother or me."

    "But it is true, that for some, it is easier to show. To do, to learn with their bodies and in turn... teach with their actions. But are you sure you wish to do this with me, Sakura?" There was an indulgent tone in your grandfather's voice. But within that indulgence lay a core of steel.

    He was allowing you to avoid testing yourself against him.

    Your nod was one of conviction.

    How could you take back your words? Was not what you said heartfelt and meaningful to you? Did you not stand behind every thing you said?

    So, no. You nod in response, that you DID wish to proceed.

    Firmly and with all your emotions and certainty behind it.

    Your grandfather shrugged and handed your cousin Youmu to your father who... appeared behind them in a silent flicker of wind, shadow and leaves. How did he do that? How did the various ninja just do that? Appearing out of thin air, breaking physics like that?

    You didn't think on what you yourself do on a regular basis.

    With your cousin away from the courtyard, and allowed to lie by your grandmother and "big sis" Merry Bell, your grandfather smiles and flexes his arms... you can hear the soft creaking of his muscles, and my... his body seemed as if someone had chiseled it out of stone, and brought to life.

    Certainly, your grandfather had presence.

    But then... so did you. You flex your fingers, feeling your muscles thinned, before you formed fists and raised your arms into a guarding position.

    Your grandfather, for his part, simply stood there. Arms at his sides, sword in his left hand, while his right foot rested slightly behind his left.

    As you took in your grandfather, paying no particular attention to his hands... that wasn't what one should watch for. No, that was the mistake of a novice.

    Footwork was the heart and core of every single fighting style. Without proper footwork, one had no foundation. It meant that everything done afterwards was without conviction or strength.

    And so, you took all of him in.

    That heavy presence as he delineate without words or motion, merely presence and stance just what lay within his circle of life and death; where stepping pass that line was to invite certain annihilation.

    The pressure from your grandfather was great. This was not a killing intent.

    But sheer presence.

    He felt so much [MORE], as if by fiat, he had declared himself to be here. Against those lesser than you, that presence would have been enough to break the minds and spirits of those who would stand against him.

    But you... you felt excited. Exhilarated even.





    THIS was what you desired.

    An opponent of the utmost skill and strength.

    Against HIM, there would be no regret. No sorrows. No tears.

    Victory or defeat, they were equal against an opponent like this.

    Your heart raced as your blood boiled in your veins, the radiant heat within you surged and exploded outwards from your body in a bonfire of purplish pink flames.

    Once more, your name burned upon your back in brilliant chakra flames as you stomp the ground once more and settled into a stable defensive stance.

    The slight up curling of your lips exposed your excitement.

    That here and now, you could fight.

    That you had a battle worthy of being called such.

    Against an opponent like this... it would be swift. But you would have no regrets when it was over, save that it had ended.

    The sleeves of your blouse fluttered in the cool breeze, the only damage to was where you had deflected Youmu's strike.

    The pulse of your heartbeats, and the slow eternity between each beat... you can feel the world slowing down even as your blood surges faster with the chakra within you.

    Despite this.

    Despite this temporary acceleration of your senses, of your mind and thoughts, and with it, your reaction... your grandfather is faster.

    His right hand vanished towards his sword, even in the slowed down world.

    There was a crack as he stepped forwards, left foot first... and forming a crater that exploded outwards as he launched himself towards you across the courtyard.

    With that he vanished.


    Despite his speed, you can feel. You KNOW with a certainty that he was lancing towards you, body low... to slice horizontally.

    You can not quite hear the whisper of silk upon silk. Perhaps, you imagined it. Certainly, you shouldn't be able to hear it, and yet... you did.

    You can sense it.

    That presence of your grandfather. Overpowering as it approached you.

    His chakra heavy with age and might unyielding.

    He was not holding back as he had when he was teaching your cousin. This was a fight to the death.

    This was not like when you sparred or trained against mother.

    If you did not defend yourself...

    If you failed against him...

    You can feel the cold steel cutting you in half, from right to left in a single flawless motion. So smooth and swift that not even a drop of blood would touch that blade.

    This was Lord Haruno, a warrior without peer. One of the Four Seasons Samurai. Who the hell did you think you were? That you could challenge him?

    And in that knowledge, that certainty that this was a fight without consideration of your shared blood, lay unspeakable excitement and wonder.

    You ached for this.

    You remembered, no, dreamed of fights like this. Where the phrase "without mercy" was said truthfully and without regret.

    [Ahhhhhh~] It appeared that the inner you had... also been waiting for this.

    Awakened instincts guided you, chakra sparked and blossomed within your body... your arms moved to guard your right, even as your right leg rose to help guard your body.

    [Too slow]. But it was slow. Too slow. Far too slow.

    You knew this. Felt it with your chakra that his approach would strike you before you were ready to guard.

    Faster and harder than you can manage at this point.

    You refuse to accept this.

    It was unacceptable.

    Defeat was simply not in the books.

    To imagine that was to invite it. You are Haruno Sakura, there is only Elegance. And in Elegance, victory.

    The flames within your heart BURNED and EXPLODED into a roaring blaze, and you can feel your arm and legs moving...




    Chakra burned up your arms, and down your leg, strengthening and reinforcing bones, suffusing your flesh and muscles, and toughening your skin, granting it momentarily the durability of armor forged of the sternest steel alloy and chakra.

    Even so, even with that enhancement of your body as you burned prodigious amounts of chakra... you can feel the slightest feather touch or perhaps a silk sheet across your forearm and biceps where they rested against your body.

    This was your grandfather's chakra, you know it... this was a technique he was using... a chakra technique, your mind mused in wonderment.

    And then... the edge of his blade impacted against you.

    The momentum exploded outwards... yeap... the blouse was absolutely ruined with the sleeve simply vanishing.

    Your arm... there was going to be a bruise tomorrow. But for now... for now, your guard held.

    And the wind surged around you, and you were pushed to the side from the force of a "simple" slash performed with utmost skill, speed and unspeakable power.

    You know... with certainty that your grandfather was now standing behind you, sword pointed behind him. Your chakra, your instincts screamed at you that he was there, you were here, where everything was.

    Another pulse of chakra as you pushed off with your feet, and you were airborne... twisting about to face your grandfather.

    You felt the chakra burning in your arms as you pulled the [KI] in the air around you, the world itself, into your hands... brilliance formed within your hands, as you forced it and the [KI] in your body there...

    Mixing it... concentrating it...

    Concentrated into a sphere.

    Before it was crushed inwards.


    Night turned to day as pink light erupted from your hands to lance towards your grandfather. It was more an explosive beam of pink chakra that surged forwards and left behind a contrail of the purplish pink flames that blazed around it.

    There is a look of surprise on your grandfather's face as he looked at the brilliant pinkness surging towards him.

    You HAD him. You know it.

    With absolute certa....


    What was he? That stance...

    Iajutsu... speed, yes.

    But that wouldn't help... not against this.

    "Demon God Blade." With those words, he slashed the surge of [ki] that you had sent at him and your attack shatters against the edge of his sword.

    The pressure of his counter parts the [ki], allowing it to dissapate into the air. Before the air simple parted.

    Absolute vacuum.

    You could see it.

    A small part of your mind that had been following the science lessons in your dreams and in the academy babbled that what you were seeing should be impossible.

    That you shouldn't be able to see it.

    But then... that part was silenced when you reminded it that you had just fired off a beam of pink energy. Impossible had kind of left the building quite some time back.

    The impossibly fine vacuum arced outwards and towards you.

    And then pass you.

    You can see the flutter of your pink hair as it passed your face and sliced off part of the floating locks of hair.

    You land on the courtyard once more, on your knees, the cut falling around you. How could you not look up at your grandfather, as he rested the edge of his sword under your chin and upon your throat?

    This was your loss.

    You do not regret it. You can not regret it.

    Not at the loss. Only at its end.

    There is silence as you worked out that this battle had taken but moments. You can hear your two "big sis" cheering on your grandfather.

    "So... dreams, huh?" He said with a smile as he flicked his hand in a smooth motion, and his sword was sheathed once more before he knelt before you. "I can see why your mother wants you to be a kunoichi. Even going so far as to write to me, begging me to try to convince you."

    He shook his head and lifted your trembling body up.

    The excitement in you is... unmistakable. This was not fear at the loss or sorrow. But excitement at the battle well fought.

    "I want you to learn the art of the sword, and the way of the warrior, with me... if this is what you've managed with just dreams, some daily warm-ups and that single camping trip. But that's just me."

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 6 Battle Without Honor or Humanity

    What Do?
    [X] Time-Skip the rest of the Vacation, spend the rest of it with your father...
    [X] Time-Skip the rest of the Vacation, spend the rest of it with your grandfather, two big sis and cousin...
    [X] Write In.
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