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The Universe Cracks up. (Semi Crack WORM CYOA SI) Multicrossover

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Emiya Pendragon, Jun 18, 2018.

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    Emiya Pendragon

    Emiya Pendragon Time Walker

    Mar 9, 2018
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    I have always been fascinated by the Self-inserts that I see in sufficient velocity or space battles. I wonder what It would be like to escape this world. I knew such a thing cannot happen but nonetheless, I can't help but desire it. Little did I know that my worldview was about to change. Whether It was a good way or bad way no one can say.

    I was quite a novice writer so I don't know much about writing. But I was tired of reading others awesome CYOA's and decided to try writing one of my own.


    Alright, Let's see Difficulty. GOD mode obviously, should be the easiest to write..(Oh how wrong I was) So that leaves me with 10 Points.

    Let's see Crossover? What shall I crossover with? I'll come back later... Let's see here. Ah, Servants... Really?, Of course, I am going to be like that Gilgamesh for the win. YAY. So there go Six Points. 4 Points remaining.
    Lets put these in Wild Card.

    Rolls Dice= Fallout Manipulation - 4+2=6

    ......Really Fallout manipulation what am I supposed to do with that?

    Rolls Dice= Magical Feathers -3+2=5 wait what was that *looks up google* Oh hell dude that is broken. Let's hope this luck Holds out.

    Rolls Dice =Paint Generation - 5+2= 7............Really I wasted a point for this? What am I supposed to use this for? Flood the Slaughter house nine with paint?

    *Prays to every single god in existence* Rolls Dice = Fantasy World creation - 8+2...........YEAH, Finally That's what I am talking about. But I might have a been a bit too excited as I knocked my glass of soda on my laptop and the screen went dark..


    Before my laptop exploded in a fiery explosion. knocking me back. Seriously How the fuck did a laptop explode with enough force to cause me injuries this severe?
    As my eyes closed perhaps for the last time. I heard a synthetic voice.

    FORM not completed Generating remaining selections randomly.

    ........Selection in progress....


    Selection In progress..... Beginning diagnostics.

    Diagnostics complete Deploying Dimensional shunt. for experiment number #526233

    What was that? I didn't have any robots in my house. Damn It not like this... but as if ignoring me, the world turns black.


    The coming Chapters WILL be Longer but I'm Just setting this up so ...yeah
  2. Threadmarks: UNICRACK 2
    Emiya Pendragon

    Emiya Pendragon Time Walker

    Mar 9, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Servant: Gilgamesh
    Strength: B

    Endurance: C

    Agility: C
    Mana: B

    Luck: A

    N.P: EX Gate Of Babylon

    Fallout Manipulation - 6

    Magical Feathers - 5

    Paint Generation - 7

    Rolls Dice = Fantasy World creation - 10

    Randomly Generated Due to ERROR

    Comic Book Pretty -1

    Kaleidoscope -2

    Power manipulation -2

    Pint-Sized +1 point.

    Wanted (Protectorate(ENE), E88, ABB, Endbringer-Leviathan) +4 points


    I woke up in the dead of night facing the moon and stars.

    'Where am I?'

    Everything feels so strange. As I took in everything around me. I was in some kind of
    harbor or a broken and abandoned one at least. The ships here look like they have been here for a few decades at the least. I look up to the moon as I tried to recall how I ended up outside. The last thing I remember was...MY laptop exploding like a fricking grenade.

    'How am I even alive? Am I in the afterlife?' I began pondering my location as a gentle breeze started to blow by me carrying sea water along with it blew.

    'If that is so then rusted ships would definitely be an odd sight, so it's very unlikely'

    I get up from the rocky pavement and took a look around while dusting myself. This was definitely not home, or anywhere close to home if the graffiti were any indication. I kind of expected to end up in the hospital if I didn't die, but it seems my asshole of a dad can't even do that. Great just great. For my fifteenth birthday, I got kicked out of the house.

    "Best Present ever DAD!"

    I screamed into the air in frustration as I kicked a pebble along the path, then I picked a random direction and began to walk, hoping for something that I could recognize or at least get some help...I took deep breaths to calm down. IN, OUT, IN, OUT... Now was not the time to curse at my asshole of a father. I look down and notice something quite wrong. My clothes were quite strange. They looked like a cross between Arab and Indian royalty. I've personally never ever worn such clothes before because there was no way I could afford them. Even a dumb man could tell that such clothes belonged to the extremely wealthy.


    I could recognize this cloth anywhere. There was only one person that I saw wore this. Gilgamesh.

    'WAIT, IT couldn't be!'

    I sprinted across the
    harbor towards the night ocean to confirm my guess. When looked upon my reflection, I froze. The next few seconds passed by as I felt what was like an eternity as I tried to process what I saw in the reflection. Once I can out of my shock I tried pinching myself, but the only thing it did was sting be a bit.

    "This.....this is real, the wait that means I should be able to use the powers wrote about," I whispered under my breath. "THIS IS REAL. WHOHOOO. I'M FREE YEAAAH" I yelled out to the wind. Suck on that dad. I am free. I took a deep a deep breath to calm down and looked up towards the moon.

    'I am free, but I am also in a death world.'

    I closed my eyes and concentrated as I tried to feel out my other powers. I was confident that I could access the gate of Babylon as I had Gilgamesh's memories. But just in case. I decided to try it out anyway.

    As I began to access the beautiful golden glow that was the gate, I 'saw' treasures, mountains upon mountains of treasures. I think I underestimated how Mutha Fucking rich Gilgamesh is, no that's not right I think everyone underestimated how much treasure this guy had. I couldn't even quantify the amount in my head. Even If entire planet was filled to the brim with gold coins from the gate, not even counting the rest of the treasures and Noble phantasms, It wouldn't even make single a dent in the treasury. If that was not enough, somehow I knew every single treasure within the gate even If its supposed to be impossible, and If that wasn't enough to blow my mind, there were portable hot springs, PORTABLE NATURAL HOTSPRINGS, even with the current technology that has not been done, more like Impossible... Well, at least I wouldn't go hungry with this much food. Once I was done marveling the awesomeness that was The [Gate of Babylon] I switched out My current Outfit for the Silk padded Golden Armour. Yes. SILK under an armour...


    I decided to check my other powers as well. As I concentrated I could feel the powers that I wrote about, but there was something else there were more powers than I remember writing. In fact, I'm sure that had more powers than I had points for. I could feel the label on each power, 'fallout', 'wings', 'fantasy creation', 'paint', but the ones that surprised me were 'Kaleidoscope' and 'power manipulation'.

    So I decided to enjoy myself and go on a joyride and barely repressed a giggle from how giddy I was, as I gently called forth Vimana from the [Gate of Babylon]. The miracle of an airship answered my call as it slowly came through a Giant Glowing Golden portal. It was quite a beautiful sight to behold. [Vimana: Throne of the Heaven-Soaring King], a flying contraption passed from Babylon to India and recorded in the two Epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. With its strange shape and green wings that were for the moment pressed to its sides, it literally glowed with golden and green light With one jump I ascended onto its deck and strode towards the throne at the back, the machine hummed gently under my feet. I could feel it welcoming me as if it was sentient. As soon as I sat on the throne I could feel the connection with the Noble Phantasm snap into place, with just a thought the Vimana started ascending, preparing itself. With a smooth hum, the green wings widened themselves and the Green glow grew brighter, within seconds the craft was ready. I gently nudged my control over [Vimana] and it responded, slowly ascending the very instant. Once I felt comfortable with my control I shot into the night sky with the speed far surpassing any modern aircraft, as I laughed soaring through the sky feeling the wind gently caressing across my face all the while causing physics to enter into a corner and sobbed unable to restrict me.

    It was simply exhilarating, the feeling of total control over my flight. It left me breathless and overjoyed. I did a barrel roll, and every other crazy ariel maneuver I could think of on the top of my head, no matter how crazy the stunt, gravity didn't constantly shift under my feet like I expected it to, even the sensation of the insane stunts that I was pulling didn't weigh me down. It was truly a piece of work.

    So guess what I did next? This time I decided to do an Ironman Stunt, I turned Vimana Straight up 90 degrees and began ascending. Gathering speed, faster and faster leaving a green trail of light behind me. Not ever a sonic boom formed even as I long passed Mach 1. Within seconds the city below me became tiny and yet I didn't experience any discomfort. A few seconds later I began to see the curvature of the earth. 'Beautiful' I was absolutely captivated by its beauty. I was now In space as almost out of the atmosphere. Well, It seems Vimana has life support as well as even space travel. But I'm done here, time to head back. I twisted vimana around decelerating from Mach 24 to zero and back to Mach 24 in seconds while heading back to the bay.


    ‘This is so freaking awesome!’ I gazed around, the clouds were not as densely gathered over the city as I could see the lights below.

    As I relaxed above the clouds I noticed smoke rising near the bay and headed towards the source of it hoping to see a cape fight, and what do you know my A-Rank luck holds true after all. Looks like it was Taylor's first night out. I decided to intervene. I dissolved [Vimana] back to the Gate and dropped 60 foot down crashing through the roof directly in front of Taylor Just as lung was about to sent a grand Fireball at her direction. I opened a portal and absorbed the fireball that was headed my way.

    "oo aa ouu?" Half-dragon growled out.

    "Me? You may call me your king!" I declared in my childish voice. Everyone around me stilled at that, even the thugs.

    I expected Lung to get angry, but instead, he started Guffawing "ou King?" he started letting out a gruff laugh that was impossible to describe in English Even the Thugs were laughing. Even Taylor looked away to stifle a Giggle. That was not fair. I know I should be annoyed but even I found it a bit funny. I took advantage of this and called out the chains of heaven "[Enkidu]" bound him in it, and then dropped a Gold Statue of Adult Gilgamesh Right On top of Lung stopping him from moving completely.


    This caused everyone to still in fear as I held Lung himself down. Taking out the thugs were a piece of cake after that.

    So I decided to Defuse the situation.

    "Looks like he is weighed down eh, eh?" I heard a groan from Taylor this time. "No, was it not good enough? Very well, how about this one 'Lung has been defused', you know because he explodes"...It was so bad that even lung let out a growl and struggled to escape but without conflict, his shard cannot escalate, I finished the job by throwing a vial of knock out powder from the Gate and sent him to la-la land.. Before releasing the Statue back to the gate but leaving the chains tied up just in case.

    I then turned to our Bug themed hero "Come on it wasn't that bad, was it?"

    "It was Horrible" came the reply from our Spider silk wearing hero who was facepalming.

    "So your first night out?" I questioned and got a nod in return. "Alright then, Armsmaster should be here any time now, by the way, do you know what the Unwritten rules are?" and received a shake. " Alright, here are the ones I know. You can ask Armsmaster when he arrives whether I left anything out"

    "Wait Armsmaster Is coming, here?" She squeaked out.

    Oh my god it was so cute.

    I gave a nod as I activated power manipulation to create my first PM power and made a power that could print out what I wished, Its limit was that I should know exactly what I wanted to print. And it came in a golden glow YAY. Then I printed Out the Unwritten Rules and handed it over to her.

    I watched as Taylor read, and didn't have to wait long for the Undersiders to come out.

    "The two of you really saved us a lot of trouble, thanks a lot for that." comes Grue's deep voice, and with it an offered his hand.

    "Of course, you are welcome, you may now, bow to your King," I said my blood red eyes shining with mischief as I shook his hand.

    Grue laughs warmly and offers his hand to Taylor, who shies away from it.

    I turn to Taylor and gently tell her, "It's okay, he won't bite."

    Taylor glances at me, and whether from my reassurance or having seen that Grue didn't use some strange powers on me, she tentatively accepts his hand for a quick shake before pulling back,

    Awkward as hell.

    "You know, when we heard that Lung was coming after us tonight, we were pretty freaked out," Grue says, gesturing over at the chained-down Lung.

    "A perfectly logical response," I tell Grue, who chuckles.

    "Ain't that the truth? So we show up to the fight, a day of arguing only to settle on figuring it out when we met him halfway. Definitely not my usual approach, but there wasn't much else we could do."

    "And instead of the whole might of the ABB, you had Oni Lee and a handful of guys, because I pinned down Lung and the rest of their soldiers were gaping at my awesomeness?"

    "Yeah," Grue says, a faint note of curiosity to his voice, "Oni Lee isn't exactly a pushover, but without Lung there, he wasn't willing to stay and fight."

    Oni Lee, a cape who teleports via creating a clone elsewhere in his line of sight, before turning into ash. And it is creating a clone -- the original man died when he first manifested his power, and each time he uses it, it's creating a new copy that's missing ever so slightly more of what made him human. Now he's little more than a person-shaped killing machine. Terrifying to face in a fight, but completely useless without orders.

    Grue takes a step toward the edge of the roof and leans out to take a look at the battle, "Holy shit, what the fuck did the two of you do to Lung? He's getting taken apart out there."

    "Broken bones, wasp and bee stings, fire ant and spider bites, and pepper spray to top it off," answers Tattletale for me, grinning as she turns around, "He's gonna feel a helluva lot worse when he wakes up tomorrow."

    Grue turns back toward us, "Introductions. I'm--"

    Tattletale interrupts him, "Mr. I am the King of the world here already knows who we are, right?" and....there goes Tattletale, can't stand not being the smartest person in the room.

    "Indeed I am THE KING after all. So Unknown Cape, here we have Tattletale She claims to be psychic, but you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure she's totally bluffing."

    The flinch that I got from Tattletale was totally worth it.

    "Then we have Grue, who can create darkness as a fog that blinds others and blocks out not just visible light, but all of the electromagnetic spectrum or at least I think so. He's the leader of their group," Grue is a cool guy, even if he's a villain.

    "Over on top of the other building, there's Bitch, her choice of name, the PRT calls her Hellhound, who can turn dogs into monster dogs." I pause for a moment, as though thinking, "Oh, and there's Regent. Not sure what he does though."

    A moment later and I can feel Regent's power try to affect my arm, trying to make me slap myself in the face. I slightly released my hold on my arm and let his power try to make me hit myself, then at the end grabbed my non-existent beard as if I was thinking.

    "Oh, right! He can control the limbs of other people, but unfortunately for him, that doesn't always work."

    There's a moment of awkward silence before it's broken by Grue, "A thorough introduction. By the way, why don't you wear a mask as a cape it is quite Important to wear a mask to conceal your Identitiy, are you a part of New wave?"

    "A king such as I don't need to hide my face. You may address me as Your Majesty and If you must know, My name Is Gilgamesh," I say, turning to Taylor, "Since this is your first night out you haven't picked a name yet have you?"

    An awkward nod is Taylor's only response.

    Tattletale looks like she's about to launch into saying something, only to pause and turn her head slightly. Ah, that would be Armsmaster, quite eager to take down Lung. The smile on Tattletale's face dies a slow death.

    "Heads up, we've gotta go," Tattletale says before she turns and shouts to Bitch, who whistles for her dogs. One short whistle then two long whistles. A moment later, the massive beasts leap up onto the rooftop, where Bitch climbs up onto the back of one, before leading them back over to our rooftop.

    Grue looks at the two of us, and with slight hesitation, asks, "Hey, you two want a ride?"

    I look over at Taylor, who looks at the nightmarish creatures and shakes her head, before turning back to Grue and shaking my head with a smile, "Thank you, for the offer, but I've got my own."

    Grue shrugs and mounts up on the same dog as Regent. Tattletale, meanwhile, seats herself behind Bitch, before turning back toward us.

    "Hey, the two of you did us a favor, so a word of advice? A Protectorate cape is gonna show up in less than a minute, and if they find a group of bad guys fighting, they're not going to let any of them get away. The two of you should get out of here," she says, giving us a flash of her sly little smirk The Undersiders turn tail and flee before Armsmaster can arrive.

    I heard Armsmaster's motorcycle pulling up on the street below, and sigh, thinking about the man's ambition and willingness to let others pay the price to advance his career.

    Then I remember the truth detector built into his helmet.

    This is going to be 'fun'.

    Looks like Lung's unconscious form is slowly reverting to fully human, even as Armsmaster approaches him.

    I stand beside Taylor, facing where Armsmaster will most likely come up. Sure enough, a few moments later, the power-armored figure walks up. His mask is an angular visor that covers his eyes and nose and has all manner of ridiculous tech built into it. Though the whole look is undermined by a stylized icon of his mask slapped onto the center of his chest. It's like wearing a shirt with your own face on it, makes it kinda hard to take you seriously. Then again, superhero fashions have always been more than a little silly.

    "You gonna fight me?" he calls out to us, halberd held at the ready in case we are.

    "If you attack me first, then yes I shall" "No" I replied while Taylor squeaked out at the same time.

    There's an awkward pause as Armsmaster waits for his lie detector to finish processing, ending with him flatly announcing, "You're telling the truth."

    "I'm glad we agree," I reply, purposely missing the point, "I think her costume is pretty cool though if a bit villainous. Definitely, the sort you can just picture taking down Lung with nothing but bug bites and pepper spray, don't you think?" I gesture at Taylor, whose body language looks more than a little embarrassed.

    Armsmaster stares at me for another moment, while I gesture minutely with my head tilting toward Taylor. Come on, pick up the hint you big doofus, you're a hero, help me help someone.

    After a moment, he turns to look at Taylor, who seems to shrink in on herself, "It's a very effective costume for a lone hero. You took out Lung?"

    Taylor straightens a bit and nods, "I had help, though."

    I wave it off, "If I hadn't been here tonight, you would still have kicked his scaly butt. All I did tie him up in Enkidu and drop a several hundred ton gold statue on him to knock him out. You did all the real work. Lung's regeneration doesn't work as well against toxins, after all."

    "How do you know that?" Armsmaster interrupts.

    I think for a moment about how much I should tell him, before smiling and answering, "I happen to know a lot of things, after all, I am the KING" I state confidently. Sha Naqba Imuru For the Win If I ever need it, YAY.

    Taylor looks over at me for a moment, probably wondering if I know things about her. Sadly, I do know about her. Quite a bit, in fact. Taylor, Skitter, Weaver, Khepri. I silently promise myself that I won't let it get that bad.

    Armsmaster nods, "Have either of you considered the Ward program?"

    "I've considered it before," Taylor answers, slowly and visibly uncomfortable, "I don't think it's for me."

    Turning down Armsmaster couldn't be easy for her but, she's right. She shouldn't join the Wards, considering Sophia Hess, one of the girls most responsible for the personal hell that is Taylor's school life, also happens to be Shadow Stalker, a member of the Wards? Yeah, That's Gonna become a Big Bomb About to go nuclear.

    "Perhaps another time, but I wouldn't mind registering as an independent hero." I give my reply.

    It seems Armsmaster isn't surprised by our refusal "What the two of you have done here tonight is spectacular. You played a part in getting a major villain into custody."

    Wait, is he just that predictable? In the Original worm novel, he said very nearly the same thing. I imagine Armsmaster writing up a program to help him deal with talking to people. But he's not being quite as short and crisp with us as he would have been when only Taylor was present in the original Taylor. Maybe he's putting more effort into recruiting since there's two of us?

    "But you need to consider the consequences." I sent Enkidu back to the gate as Lung was injected with the Knock out serum.

    "You're talking about revenge from the ABB for taking out their boss. From the gang, and from Oni Lee and Bakuda, the new bomb tinker." I state as if casually discussing the weather.

    Normally if there's a pair of people you don't want to have as enemies, it's a woman who can build exotic sci-fi style bombs and has an ego equal to the entire Uchiha clan combined working with someone who can act as a teleporting serial suicide bomber. On his own, Oni Lee couldn't much cause trouble, but Bakuda? Her appearance on the cape scene was a terror campaign against her university, and if I don't take care of her soon, in under a week she would begin a similar campaign across the city while forcing people to work for her by implanting bombs in their heads. It would have resulted in a truce between heroes and villains of the city ide their differences to take her out.

    "Yes," Armsmaster nods, "These are very, very dangerous people, who will be looking to free Lung and get revenge on those responsible for his capture."

    I already know where Armsmaster is taking this, so I play into it, "That doesn't matter, I am the KING and a King doesn't need to hide from his subjects."

    Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Taylor raise her head. I know her school life, the same way I know what Armsmaster wants: when bullies regularly deride and destroy her work, the thought of having her work stolen, just like that, can't be pleasant. Armsmaster turns his head to Taylor. "and you? do you wish to take credit?"

    Taylor looks at me for a long moment, then turns to Armsmaster, silent almost long enough for it to be awkward.

    "Yes please," Taylor replied fidgeting awkwardly but more confident than before. Well, It seems My A-Ranked charisma Is helping her as well. At least I think it is.

    Armsmaster has a somewhat sour look on his face as he turns to walk towards his bike, "Call me at the PHQ if you're ever in a pinch."

    "Oh, make sure Lung's properly treated for the stings and bites all having a full venom load," I told Armsmaster, "Especially if whatever tranquilizer you've hit him with impedes his regeneration. The city needs you at the forefront of the Protectorate, not benched because of an inquiry."

    "Noted," comes Armsmaster's clipped reply. "You said you wished to register as an Independent? If so why do you not wear a mask?"

    "I am Gilgamesh, Armsmaster I do not hide from my anyone. I face my issues head-on."

    "I see, please come to PHQ register as soon at your earliest convenience," a few moments later, once he leaves I can hear the dull roar of Armsmaster's motorcycle, as he takes Lung off to Protectorate Headquarters to await his truck to the Birdcage. Hopefully without a break-out before then.

    "So you need a ride home or is there anywhere I can drop you off?" I turned towards Taylor.

    "You have a vehicle?"

    "Sure, You could call it a vehicle," I say as we walked out into the open. and then I Summon [Vimana] back from a Golden portal. I lowered it so Taylor can climb on board an then jumped gracefully on it.

    I turned around to see Taylor still staring at the [Vimana], heh, must be quite a shock for her. I reached down towards her, "What are you waiting for? Grab on." This seemed to snaps her out of her little shock. and grabbed on to my hand which I then pulled her up to the ship. Then I Strode toward the throne and sat on it before starting it up again this time It took it an instant to start up. Wonder why?

    "This is not a vehicle! Where are the controls and other chairs?" She blurts out awkwardly? As I look up at her.

    "There are none."

    "But but how?" I motion her to come closer. Once she is Clos to the throne I give a mental command to lift off and it Gently begins ascending.

    "Don't worry as long anyone standing on the [Vimana] Will no be affected by G forces unless I allowed it to, as for controls, there are none this is the [Vimana: Throne of the Heaven-Soaring King], as such it doesn't need any controls I simply have to will it and it shall move. As for chairs." I activated the gate of Babylon and brought out a heavy solid Gold chair lined with Soft red silk for maximum comfort. also weighed around 1 Ton. Dropped it next to my throne.


    I pat the chair. Indicating that she sit on it. She wobbled toward the chair, the shock of all this must be finally getting to her. likely too much for her, and plopped down exhausted, "So which way do you want me to take you?"

    She tiredly pointed towards a certain direction and I Gently took off slowly accelerating so that I didn't startle her. After a few minutes, she points me towards a house asks me to drop me off.

    "Here please," she said in a low voice.

    "Very well" I lowered Vimana to an empty building nearby and waited for her get off.


    "You are quite welcome, well then see you later," I replied cheerfully. Then turned Vimana towards the PRT's Rig that they call a Headquarters blasted off in the direction that I remember it was in. I think she was quite exhausted and would later realize that she showed an Unkown person her house. I could literally Imagine the panic she would have before she remembers the Unwritten rules.

    I kept climbing up until I saw the Rig in the Distance and then began heading towards it.

    Get ready Brockton Bay your King Is here. Well More like a prince but semantics.

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    Emiya Pendragon

    Emiya Pendragon Time Walker

    Mar 9, 2018
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    As I headed to the RIG I stopped in mid-air, I decided not to go yet. There were several other things I wanted to try first before meeting up with them.

    I concentrated and activated Fantasy world creation. This was indeed quite an overpowered ability now that I thought about it. I could create entire dimensions where they follow any kind of rule that I wished. I could even create a world made of cheese. It wouldn't be that hard. Sure, I could find a world made of cheese with kaleidoscope cause the infinite multiverse has every single possibility in existence, no, while that was awesome that was not what I wanted to do right now. I wanted to enjoy myself and what greater way to enjoy my time here than messing with people... So what should I do? Ah, I know... Coil, what better way to mess with him than to make sure he can't get Dinah Alcott. I activated [Sha Naqba Imuru] and checked for Dinah's location.

    "There you are" now that I know where she was I knew she was safe, for now, it was time for the fun to begin. I de-activated [Sha Naqba Imuru] and Used Fantasy world creation to create a small pocket dimension that looked like an exact copy of Gensokyo except without the residents living in it, Once that was done I went to the Mikos shrine. I would try to visit the real Gensokyo some other time, I would absolutely love to party with them, hell I would even host the party myself if I had to. *internal fanboy squee* However now was not the time to think about that. I then dismissed Vimana and entered the shrine to get some rest. Tomorrow was going to be quite fun indeed.

    I dreamt of a kingdom I did not know, but I knew it was mine. I saw so many strangers around me, yet I knew the names of each and every one of them and considered all of them to be my citizens. Of all those people, one stood out from the other in my eyes. Someone I knew to be quite far more close and dear to me. Enkidu was the name on the tip of my tongue. I dreamt of the day I first met him and the fierce fight we had that tore up the earth around us, which ironically lead up to being best friends. Yet The happiness was not to last forever.

    I woke up scared and sweaty, adrenaline pumping through me, I've never experienced such a realistic dream before, I can still remember each and every detail quite vividly. I shook My head and decided to head to the hot spring nearby to take a bath. Once I was done I felt quite refreshed I changed to my casual clothes and got out of the shrine to take a walk in the lush forests of the morning to get a breath of fresh air. The air here is absolutely different compared to the Bay. It's much lighter and easier to breathe. The flowers and gardens here make the are even better with the occasional musk. Today I felt much different I felt much easier to move, much quicker. It was difficult to describe but I could tell that I was much stronger than I was yesterday.

    Servant: Gilgamesh

    Strength: B -> A

    Endurance: C

    Agility: C->B

    Mana: B

    Luck: A

    N.P: EX Gate Of Babylon

    Once I felt satisfied with my walk, I decided to head back and opened a portal using the kaleidoscope directly to the street in front of Fuglybob's. There were surprisingly quite a few people at this time of the day. I closed the portal and entered it leaving citizens gawking or taking pictures with their phones and headed to the counter to give my order.

    "One challenger please, Oh, with fries and a coke too." I smile brightly.


    "Are you sure? You do know the conditions, right?" I gave a nod "Well it's your funeral kid, I'll need your sign here. Fugly Bobs will not be held responsible for any hospitalization as a result of this endeavour. Good luck kid you'll need it."

    "Nah, I don't need any more luck, I've already got A-rank Luck" I replied as I and took my own pen from the gate. His Slack-jawed face was absolutely priceless.[​IMG]

    Once done with my order, I head to a seat and waited for my order enjoying the looks people were giving me. Messing with people was so much fun, I can kind of understand why Zelretch loves trolling people. A few minutes later a young blonde haired girl entered the establishment, someone I recognized quite well, Tattletale came and sat in the seat in front of me. I raised my eyebrow, then she gave a shrug and a grin.

    "So what is Mr King doing in a place like this? Shouldn't you know, be in a much more fancier restaurant worthy of your stature?"

    "I could" I reply grinning back at her mischievously "but I am here for something I can only get In Brockton Bay"

    "Oh, and what is that? a cape?....no that can't be...tinker tech...no...Wait Bug Girl?" I raised an Eyebrow at her deduction. "No, that not all there's something else..." She started to massage her head. Looks like she is starting to have a migraine.

    "Entertainment" I state grinning all the while as she raised an eyebrow. "I plan on enjoying these next few weeks to the fullest. So how about I get you away from your boss?" I said grinning even wider, my molars becoming visible as I took in her shocked face.

    "Wait, you know who he is? No, not just his name, you know more than that, his identity as well..., How did you find out? A thinker power, no that's not it, then how?" I started laughing at the absurdity of it all.

    I ignored her question and pushed forward. "So, shall I take you away from your boss or give you the tools to take him down hard?"I heard her take a sharp intake of air as I'm sure her powers told her I wasn't joking.

    "I want to get rid of him for good, but there's a catch isn't there?" she said almost despairing.

    "Now, don't worry, it won't be something you would find difficult," I reassured her, after all, it shouldn't be too difficult for someone of her calibre.

    She took a deep breath and continued "Alright, lay it on me."

    "One, once you get rid of him I don't care how, I want you to forge me an ID. Gilgamesh Uruk, 15 years old the rest as long as the officials cannot identify it as a fake I don't care." I didn't have an ID here and I better get one before the protectorate discovers that I didn't legally exist here.

    "Two, once you take care of Coil, take over his operations and reduce his criminal activities while maintaining his legal businesses and give me 5% of the total in cold hard cash." While I had the treasure beyond anything you could possibly imagine, I still needed cash. Sure I could literally exchange a few Tonnes of gold with the right people for lots of money, but that would crash the market and I didn't want that. It's not as if the bay wasn't bad enough as it is.

    "Three, I will be yours and the Undersiders new boss." she tried to object but I raised my hand to interrupt her and continued, "but I won't ask you to do anything ridiculous nor will you have a metaphorical gun to your head, you are free to refuse any job if you wish." The Undersiders are good guys and girls, they are the result of the system failing them horribly.

    "Four, since you will be taking over Coils operations, you will eventually come across a group of mercenaries called travellers. The Travelers were originally a high school computer Gaming Club from Madison, Wisconsin on Earth Aleph."

    "Earth Aleph? I thought dimensional travel was outlawed and forbidden?"

    "That's right but, when the Simurgh attacked Madison on Earth Bet, she brought several buildings from Earth Aleph - including the one the Travelers were meeting in. Noelle sustained serious internal injuries which were exacerbated by the lack of medical care. When trying to find help for her, Trickster stumbled across a suitcase containing six vials of superpower-granting formula. Each member of the Travellers took a dose except for Noelle and Oliver who shared half a dose each. They then resolved to become mercenaries in order to finance their search for a way home. I want you to inform me, if you do indeed meet them, treat them well. If they ask about the help you can give tell them you have a cape who can fix their problem, once you do, contact me."

    "You are joking right?" She stared incredulously. "HOLY shit you're serious. You are actually serious! Holy hell."

    "Sir your challenger, your One hour begins now." A waiter approached carrying a humongous tray with an equally humongous greasy burger.

    Fugly Bobs was fast food of the most shameless kind, sold out of a part-restaurant, part-bar, part-shack at the edge of the Market, overlooking the beach. Anyone who lived in the area had probably eaten there once, at some point. Anyone with any sense then waited a year to give their hearts a chance to recuperate. It was the sort of place with burgers so greasy that if you ordered takeout, you could see through the paper bag by the time you got home. The speciality burger was the Fugly Bob Challenger: if you could finish it, you didn’t have to pay for it. It probably went without saying that most people paid. I was a servant however, a heroic spirit to be precise, while I may have a body it has 2/3rds divine and it was capable of some truly insane feats. Like, for example how I just finished this heart-clogging greasy monstrosity in just under ten minutes.

    A few seconds pass before the crowd that gathered to watch the spectacular spectacle burst into cheers and a few people even cried out that I was bullshit. I got my picture taken on the wall and then walked out with Lisa and walked towards the park.

    Once we arrived, to a fairly isolated area, we sat on a bench covered with natural shade from the tall trees in the park and turned to face Lisa.

    "So, what are we doing here My Lord?"

    Really? My lord? Well, at least she knows her place.

    "So," I began, "You wish to take down your boss correct? Let's see." I closed my eyes and began concentrating on power-manipulation, to create a power for Liisa to help her take out Coil. I took a charge and began shaping it and formed it into a charge that would allow her to experience timelines that coil splits up so she can hit him on both ones. It is a not an active power and will only activate if Coil or another power splits the timeline. The second charge formed it to give her heightened reflexes spider sense and E rank strength and speed, that should give her 10 times average strength and speed, along with the heightened reflexes and spider-sense I was about to give her would make her a terrifying opponent on the battlefield. I bought it outwards and it formed a glowing mystical orb in my hands glowing gently.


    "That...What is that thing?"

    "This is the 'tool' I am giving you," I reply as I threw it towards her and watched it as it rippled and disappears like a drop of liquid into Lisa, who was standing in shock trying to comprehend what just happened before she began to grin.

    "So that's how he does it"

    "Yep, that's how he does it, Welp I've gotta get going see ya later, Oneechan," I said giving the brightest smile I could leaving Tattletale stuttering mess. Unlike Taylor, her powers allowed her to deduce what it meant.


    I then turned around, opened a portal and stepped through it to another dimension using Kaleidoscope and searched for a certain time and dimension to continue my plans. Leaving Tattletale to scheme for herself.... after she gets out of her fugue.
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    I would advise editing your chapters (except chapter 1) and clicking the top left button, which removes text alterations. Your font is larger than standard in chapter 2, and in chapter 3 it is black, which for those of us who use a darker interface, makes it hard to read.

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    It's entertaining. Please continue.
    Thanks for wtiting.
    Also Lisa shouldn't know Taylor's name.
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    Her powers is literally Sherlock Holmes times 20 so yeah she can easily find out. And tell that I already know her. Bit still thank you for informing me.. Edited.
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    But she can't get knowlwgde ex nihilo. I doubt she would have time to get through every girl in the city to learn her name. It would be easier to ask her for a meeting and learn from her like she did in canon.
    That's my reasoning at least.
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    This is looking to be a pretty fun story, I love kid Gil.I just wish the font size is consistent
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  12. Threadmarks: Unicrack 4 (My Hero Academia)
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    As I came out of the other side of the Rainbow coloured kaleidoscopic portal, I took a look around my surroundings.

    I was standing in the filth covered beach. If Kaleidoscope worked properly and my aim was correct those two should be...

    There... I spot little Izuku and Allmight in his skeletal form cheering him on or was it insults?

    I kept a few hundred meters between me and them as I watched in silence as young little Izuku trained. Really that boy is a skeleton, absolutely nothing like what he would become in the future.

    Watching the little kid push a whole rusted truck makes me feel like I didn't do anything to deserve this power. I wished I could help him but If I do create a power for him Allmight would likely notice it Immediately. While he may or may not be aware of my presence here he is unlikely to consider me a threat, I may not be afraid of him as I ought to be. He has the strength to literally change the weather in a single punch the amount of strength needed for something like that would make Heracles look like a child. If he ever was summoned as a heroic spirit His strength and speed would likely be at EX rank. and that's in his current state. According to the anime, he quoted "I really have gotten weaker. Back in my Hayday 5 hits would have been enough to knock that guy out, but today it took more than three hundred mighty blows" end quote.

    Taking this into consideration All might at his prime would have 300 divided by five, that's 60. So at his peak, he would be SIXTY times more powerful than he was now. I don't think I would survive without my armour, and even then that's doubtful.

    Regardless, enough thinking, that's not what I came here to do.

    Ah looks like they are done for the day, and are heading this way.

    I suppose it's time to greet the duo. Now, how should I do this?

    "Hello, young man. Tell me, what are you doing all the way out here?" Oh great, I guess that should teach me for zoning out in the middle of nowhere.

    "Oh, sorry about that sir I tend to zone out a bit often. What were you saying again?"

    "I asked what a young like yourself is doing all the way out here? It is going to be sunset soon, do your parents know you are here?"

    "Nope" I then turned to Midoriya and gave him a look over. This guy was really pushing himself to the limit. I could see some of his muscles red from the exertion and I didn't even know that was possible. Wait, this gives me an Idea.

    "Hello, you must be Izuku Midorya right?"

    "Y-yes, w-who are you?" Obviously, He doesn't know me. SO plan A.

    "Wait, you don't remember me?" Bluff. Bluff as hard as I can. Bluff so much that Satan himself would call bullshit.

    "N-no? Sorry" The poor kid looked so guilty. I better finish this.

    "Bah, it doesn't matter. I guess Not many people do remember me after all. I wasn't exactly the social type back then, I only had one friend and that guy would cling to me like a golden chain."Bullshit level increasing every passing second.

    "Y-you were in my class." He asked surprised.

    "Well I did see you in class, and, remember that day when Katsuki-san fell into the river." Bulshittery reaching level 9000. Technically I wasn't lying. I saw it happen in an anime.

    "O-oh, you saw that..." and he started mumbling to himself. I sweatdropped. Seeing it happen in real life and seeing it happen in anime is completely different. It's seriously freaky.

    "Oi, snap out of it dude," I interrupted. "Don't worry about it it's not your problem, Its mine, so don't worry about it. Anyway, you're training for UA high right?"

    "H-how?" He asked surprised.

    "Eh, its kind of obvious. Well, I suppose I'll Introduce myself" I offered a handshake. As Mdorya accepted my handshake I passed the power I just created to him. Through our handshakes and felt it start getting to work. There wasn't any glowing orbs or things like that but I couldn't be too sure. Allmight is the Number one hero for a reason after all.

    I may not be able to give him a flashy power but that doesn't mean I can't help him at all. I reach out for my third power manipulation charge and form a new power out of it. A power that increases the bodies natural regeneration by a factor of ten, increases its total durability and vitality. The former is similar to battlefield regeneration and is constantly active. The latter is set to activate every time Midorya rests after heavy exercises or suffers heavy injuries. This will help him train longer and increases his strength and ability to handle One For All much faster than in canon.

    "I'm Gilgamesh. Nice to meet you Midoriya. So whos this skeleton? Your trainer for UA?" This caused Midoriya to choke on air and Allmight to splutter wide Eyed.

    "I'm NOT a skeleton" "He's not a skeleton" both of them cried in outrage at what I just insinuated. One one them coughed out blood as well. I began cackling madly at their reactions, Oh man that was so worth it.

    (Tell me is not a skeleton I dare you From now on I'm calling him skeleton might when he is in this form.)

    "A-ah, have t-to go home now M-mom might get worried"Midoriya stuttered. This kid really needs a lot of confidence. If all goes wee He's going to have a lot of confidence. "S-see you later,"

    As Young Midorya left I turned to Skeleton Allmight "Yo, Allmight" Skeleton Might stiffened for a second before trying to deny it.

    "Kid, are you blind? Look at me, Do I look like AllMight to you?" He gestured he skeleton like bones indicating that he has no muscle mass.

    "Yep, you look exactly like Allmight" I declared smiling brightly, causing him to stumble clearly not expecting such an answer.

    "Really kid?" He raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think that I am Allmight? I mean look at these bones, I don't have a shred of muscle! So how can I be Allmight?"

    "So you agree that you are a skeleton?" I counter.


    "Well If you don't have muscles, that means you only have skin and bones, so you literally are a skeleton." I began to grin as Skeleton Might released a sigh admitting defeat.

    "Cheeky kid, go home your parents must be worried." Huh, that's boring, lets spice this up. This is going to backfire so have my face is going to fly off I can feel it already.

    I Lowered my voice just above a whisper and then hit the nail on the head with one sentence. "Or should I say One For All?"

    I Could feel All might s surprise as his glare sharpened evaluating me. As if he was judging what to do with me. Several seconds pass as his glare got more intense before he questioned me. "How do you know about One for all? There are only a handful of people I have shared that information with and I certainly don't remember you. So tell me who do you work for?"

    I could tell that the only reason that allmight hadn't given me a punch to the face was that I was a kid.

    "Well, I knew Nana Shimura-sensei" I reply causing Skeleton might's eyes to widen.

    "I see, so you knew sensei?" he asked much more gentle now that his hard stare was gone.

    "Mmhmm," I replied not wanting to give a lie as he would likely find out if I did.

    "So, how's your injury doing?"

    Skeletonmight doesn't seem to be surprised that I knew this. Well if I Knew About one for all it shouldn't bee much of a surprise after all.

    "No, luck there kid." He said lifting his shirt. Exposing his scar to the world.

    'O, my God. I didn't think it was this bad' Allmight must have noticed my reaction

    "Yeah, its pretty bad, not even the current medical technology can heal it. Even Recovery girl couldn't do it." sighed Skeletonmight The number one hero, Allmight Someone who sacrificed so much to bring the world out of the dark ages by providing a pillar of support for the entire nation. This man...is worthy of being a heroic spirit several times over.

    "Hey, Toshinori san. You said that with current technology you can't heal it. But what about the past?"

    "What do you mean by that?"

    "My name is Gilgamesh for a reason. My Power literally is a vault filled with ancient treasures. I'm not sure how that works but I can access all kinds of treasure from it."
    like I got Skeleton Might's attention. I can't imagine the pain he goes through every day and yet he does not falter for if the greatest Pillar cannot support society then it would likely collapse.


    I closed my eyes and concentrated. 'Healing items' I thought to the Gate, I 'saw' several million stars filling my sight, each of these was noble phantasms but since I am not searching for noble phantasm or an item that I specifically know I had to be quite careful with my wording. 'without any adverse effects' the moment I added that clause a couple of hundred thousand lights vanished.

    'That was close, 'starts working instantaneously'' and a few hundred thousand disappeared again, 'works at a noticeably fast pace, and as expected the same happens again' Alright according to Allmight his injury was so severe that even modern medicine can't heat him. 'can perform miraculous healing on par with Divinity.' this time almost all disappeared leaving a few hundred thousand. 'not a potion' I added just in case and then took a look at each of the noble phantasms. One of them caught my eye. I knew this one quite well, I Opened the gate and dropped 'it' on my hand. This whole process took less than a second but it felt like a few minutes. I saw Skeletonmight's Eyes Widen in surprise as he caught a look at the 'thing' that just dropped out of the gate.


    Caduceus. One of the most powerful noble phantasms in existence. By itself, it would be able to heal most injuries, but not the level of injuries Skeletonmight has. But my divinity Boosts the staffs healing prowess to unimaginable levels.

    "Holy hell kid." skeletonmight said while staring at his scar that seemed to be closing so fast. Within seconds, the scar was gone but I could feel Caduceus consuming my mana like a man dying of thirst likely due to the fact it was still healing his internal injuries. Within a minute the Glow of Cadeceus Dimmed and I dissolved it back into the gate. when he was healed discreetly took a copy of one for all and stored it within me.

    Skeletonmight stood there rubbing his hand over the location of his old wound as if he could not believe it was gone.

    What happened next was quite a treat.

    "MY BOY, THIS IS WONDERFUL. I FEEL AS IF I WAS IN MY PRIME AGAIN, HOW CAN I EVER REPAY YOU FOR THIS." ALLMIGHT DECLARED loudly as he could I swear he is like Alexander in so many ways.

    "Well, once you finish training Midoriya kun for the Exam you could treat us to a high-class restaurant or something I guess that should be fine. I've always wanted to see what it was like in a Five-star restaurant."

    "VERY WELL, I WAS NOT EXPECTING SOMETHING THAT SMALL BUT IF THAT IS YOU ISH THEN IT SHALL BE DONE. WE SHALL MEET AGAIN YOUNG MAN, FAREWELL." and took off to the night sky cracking the ground beneath him. Well, I suppose I'll come back later, I opened a Kaleidoscopic portal to my next destination and stepped through to a strange forest. A look up towards the sky confirms that I was at my intended destination. 'The witch won't know what hit her' I thought as giggled to myself thinking of the things That I was going to do.


    Whelp that's done. the second game has begun. Who guesses which world Gilgamesh has arrived will get to say one thing for him to do.
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    xxxholic universe next? He did mention a witch after all.
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    Yes please, I will be watching this.
  17. Threadmarks: UNICRACK 5 (RWBY)
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    Kaleidoscope. The second true magic. It doesn't just allow me to travel anywhere.

    No, unlike Planeswalkers Kaleidoscope allows me to completely bypass the blind eternities when travelling from plane to plane. This would technically allow me to take other people along with me for the ride. But, no that's not the greatest advantage that kaleidoscope has over planeswalkers. Its called true magic for a reason after all. Kaleidoscope also allows me to travel to anywhen. Yes, you heard me right unlike planeswalkers, kaleidoscope allows me to travel through time as well.

    I aimed to arrive approximately 10 years before cannon. That means team RWBY and JNPR are kids right now. probably 6 or 7 years old.

    Once I arrived I activated [Sha Naqba Imuru] to find out the location and the ongoings of several people. Including One Summer Rose who is currently still alive. I have about 7 days before her death if I didn't interfere.

    The next one was Neo. From what I saw Neo at this time was NOT a badass. She was a young girl in rags. living in the streets. Pickpocketing others for a living, quite like Emerald was. Then there was Amber who was currently in Beacon.

    Then there was Jaune Arc. That kid was one of my favourites. That guy has to be as innocent or nearly as innocent as Little Ruby.
    His sheer determination and will was quite a sight to see. That boy... I wonder what would happen if someone actually gave him the training he required?.

    Once I had checked on every one that I wanted to I took out Vimana and headed to a deserted location. Far away from any Major kingdoms. This area was quite mountainous and snowed a lot. Heavy snowfall all year long. I activated fantasy world creation and created a replica of Chaldea Security Organization. Except without the people. While I could do that, I simply do not wish to do so.

    And while I had the Hanging Gardens in the gate of Babylon It wouldn't be fun.


    What people don't understand is how big this place. It was HUGE. The number of facilities, rooms were ridiculous. There were canteens and storage rooms stocked to the Brim with food other necessities.

    Once I took a layout of the building I head to the conference room, Used Fantasy World Creation to Create Robots. Several hundred Robots. Then I programmed each of them to do specific tasks across Chaldea and powered them up.


    Once that was done I created. 10 repair drones to keep up the maintenance of the robots and Chaldea Security



    The Unlike its Counterpart in the Fate Universe. The Mini Remnant in Chaldea had pitch black continents with small flickers of light here and there. The largest flickers of light were in 5 different locations. They were Atlas, Vale, Mistral, Vacuo and Menagerie. The rest was Pitch black with a specks of white dust all around. The Black Represented Grimm and shining flickers of light represented humanity. There was another difference. This globe did not simulate the future. It showed the current status of remnant and it was indeed quite dire. 90% of all of the remnant had been occupied by the Grimm. The RWBY show might seem Light hearted but the reality was far from it. Once all the robots were up an running I headed outside to set up several defences.

    When I meant defences I meant DEFENCES with a capital D. Anti Grimm defences to be specific. But that does not mean it can be used to target anything else manually.

    This time I did not hold back the Fire Power. I created hundreds of different kinds of defences within a 20 Kilometer Radius of Chaldea. I set the turrets of my defence each with its own Power source, a cerulean core.
    A Cerulean core should last about 10 years of continuous fire before Replacement was necessary. Each turret was around the Size of a Two story Building or slightly larger.



    Laser Turrets Instantly Vapourize anything depending on Charge time, size of Grimm and Amount of Turrents Firing at the Enemy. Turrets Sync With nearby turrets and Calculate the greatest threat before All turrets in range of threat Fires at the same Time. If the charge time the target is unaffected or not removed increase charge time Maximum duration 5 seconds and increases Power Usage as necessary.

    Specializes In all Grim Types

    Range 10 KM Air or Ground.

    Type 1

    Type 2
    Gattling Cannon: Specializes in Multiple small targets. Example Swarms of Beowovles.

    Range: 2 KM Air or Ground


    Specializes In Close quarters... Any Grim That does manage to Get Close Enough Would Find Themselves heading into a Wall of Fire. That is If they manage to get past the Laser and Gattling Turrets.

    Range: 100 Meters Ground.



    Railgun Turret.

    Takes 60 seconds charge and fire a Round. Each round Is powerful enough to obliterate Large deathstalker or nevermore deathstalker in a single shot. It is unlikely Fires a Round at hypersonic velocities. (Mach 22)

    Range 100KM. Air and Ground

    Nuclear Missile Turret. Range 50 KM. Air and Ground.

    !Used Only If all other options are ineffective. Last Resort In automatic Defense System.! Only 4 Payloads Per Turret. And only Ten turrets exist.

    Detonates with a force of equivalent to a 100 Megatonnes of TNT.

    Each defence system is also hidden by mechanism that burries the turret in the snow if a sensor of any 300 turrets detect a Grimm it will inform other turrets within the range of the Grimm and sync up before Rising out of the ground via hydraulics and riping the grim to shreds.

    Once I was satisfied with the amount of firepower around as automatic defence systems Its Time to Build my WEAPONS...

    More like Super Weapons.

    I created an Ion cannon control centre Next to Chaldea Security Organization.

    Once that was done, I took out Vinama and Blasted off into the orbit of Remnant. Once I reached Orbit I created 30 Supercharged Ion cannons. And Deployed them randomly across remnant.

    Five of them however are directly above the Grimmlands and Salems castle. It's a Good thing Remnant still doesn't have space tech or I might have to use something else. As an emergenceny kill salem method.


    Mode 1

    Mode 2

    Once that was done, I head off to vale and activated [Vimanas] stealth mode when I approached Vale airspace.

    Once I was in the middle of vale I sent vimana Back to the gate and Dropped sharply onto a nearby building, sending spiderweb cracks throughout. Ooops. Let's hope no one lives here.

    Strolling through vale I took in the sights until the reflexes that were honed by Gilgameshes memories caused me to react and reach back the instant I felt it.

    To my surprise or perhaps not I caught the hands of a young faunus boy.


    KAWAAAAAAI CUTENESS Over 9000...It should be illegal to be this cute... KAWAAAAAIII scream internally and it took all my will to make sure I didn't just glomp him then and there.

    How could people Hate something this cute? It should not be possible.

    "I'm sorry mister can you please let me go? It hurts." cried out the little faunus.

    Oh sorry, little guy.

    As soon as I let him go he sprinted off into an alleyway agile as a cat.

    Ok, that might be a little racist.

    I crouched low and pushed off the ground Cracking the pavement beneath me, intent on following this little cute creature, leaving a crowd that formed when I caught the faunus boy staring at the place I just left.

    As I reached the apex of my jump I tracked the kid and began following him from the rooftops.

    Soon enough he knocked on the door and entered a small abandoned house. I gently Landed on top of its roof.

    "Did you find anything Shiro?"

    "Sorry." So, that must be his name.

    "Wait I smell something quite odd. Are you sure you weren't followed?"

    "What do you mean"

    "There someone nearby, I think you were followed."

    "No way it cant be..."

    Thre Children came out the door each of them wearing rags. The First one I didn't Recognize.likely around 11 years old.


    The second one was the one that tried to pickpocket me.


    The third one was a surprise well well, looks like I found little Neo.

    From what I can see she's about 12 judging from her height

    (TimeSkip).........15 minutes.

    It was quite difficult to convince them that I meant no harm. Little hands pounded against me until they got tired, but offering food from the gate made it difficult to argue. It was honestly quite sorrowful.

    The older kid who detected me was named Kuro. I mean, really, can their parents or whoever named them be more imaginative?

    Their starving tummies betrayed them by growling loud enough to wake the dead at the sight of so much delicious food.


    After all, I literally dropped a huge table and chairs filled to the brim with food and drink fit for a king inside their little-abandoned house.

    They began tearing apart like a pack of rearing wolves. Only Neo seemed to have any semblance of manners, and she went straight for the desserts. I joined them in their feast shortly after.

    Not long after we started eating Kuro stopped...

    "Is something wrong?" I asked.

    "This... this isn't poisoned?"

    Poisoned...POISONED!? Who the fuck gave kids poisoned food? This faunus discrimination was going too far. If humans can't appreciate faunus then I was going to do something about it. People don't know What they have until they lose it.

    "Everyone, come on out the foods okay!"

    Several little faunus children came out from the back of the abandoned house, each one looked like they were skeletons. They barely had any fat or muscles.

    All the little faunus kids began digging into the food like a pack of Hyenas. No, I wasn't Exaggerating. Where was the orphanage? Why does the orphanage not take care of children like this? Looking at the little kids who came out it was obvious. Almost everyone was Faunus.

    Something must have shown up on my face as everyone stopped eating.

    "Sorry about that. Who the hell gives you guys poisoned food anyway?"

    "I don't know, a bad orange-haired man with a stick and a white coat comes, he gives us food and sometimes he beats up some of us. Sometimes it's poisoned sometimes it's not."

    GODDAMN ROMAN TORCHWICK! I thought he wasn't so bad but this makes my blood boil. I am going to make sure he wishes he was dead.

    IN...OUT ....IN...OUT... no need to get angry here I'll deal with torchwick later.

    "S-so what are you mister?" asks Shiro barely keeping himself together... Neo stopped eating The Chocolates and glanced my way interested to hear what the reply was

    "I am a God..." The silence was quite awkward and stretched for quite a while... What? I was 2/3rds Divine. I definitely am at least a Demigod.

    "Ah...I see" Shiro nodded in agreement. Neo nodded as well.

    "NO WAY, he cants be a god. That doesn't make sense" Kuro returned "Gods don't exist."

    Neo just looked amused swapping her eyes every now and then seriously how does she do that?

    "Then how did he bring all that food?"

    "That's probably his semblance"

    "A food semblance? That doesn't make sense."

    "I don't know maybe he teleported the food or something but he's no god."

    "But If he is not a God then Why is he so nice to us? No one was this nice to us before."

    Kuro Remained silent for a moment before facing me "Are you really a god?"

    "Well More like Demigod. I'm Two-thirds Divine after all."

    "I see, then If we pray would you help us?" The kid's voice was filled with hope all the kids stopped eating and looked at me waiting with bated breath for my reply.


    "I see" the kids seemed hopeless. Even neo's face fell.

    "Because I'm going to help you guy's any way whether you pray or not, just tell me what you guys need."

    The Frowns on the kid's faces turned to surprise and then joyous laughter as I was swarmed in a hug of epic proportions

    "Can't Breathe.."I struggle to get out without hurting them.

    "You said you are a god. that means you don't have to breathe..." Kuro murmured "That is If you are a god."

    "Oh right!" I almost forgot I was a heroic spirit now. So I can go pretty long without air. When they realise that I forgot that clnedno breathe caused the children to laugh even more.

    After that, the children kept asking me different questions. Some of them were sensible and some of them were downright silly.

    "So what do you guys want to be when you grow up." I inquired, sending the plates tables and chairs back to the gate.

    "I want to be a doctor," one said.

    "A Huntsman," said another.

    "I wanna be a chef so I can have all the food. I want" And Another

    "I wanna be a doctor" and it kept going.

    It went for quite a while, but the most common ones were 'Huntsman/Huntress or Hero.

    "What about you Neo? What do you want to do when you grow up?" I inquired.

    She raised her head and put her hand on her chin looking thoughtful before she shrugged.

    "You don't know?"

    She grabbed a piece of paper from I don't know where wrote something on it and turned it around for me to see grinning all the while.

    'I want to have fun where ever I go'

    "hehehehe" I knew this trip would be fun but its time to wrap this up I had other things to do.

    "So you Guys want to come over to my place?"

    "Heaven?" they asked.

    "No, heaven is not somewhere you go while alive."

    "Then where are we going?"

    "My Evil lair MWUAHAHAHA" I gave my best Villain impression.

    Some of the children started laughing. Kuro just sighed and Shiro just smiled brighter. Neo just rolled her eyes and gave a smile as well.

    "Well then kids, hop aboard Gilgamesh express"

    "You know you are a Kid as well"

    "Ack" he got me there.

    I bring out vimana and use one of its functions in it to enlarge its size so that all 25 children can comfortably sit on it without crowding around, while I fly it. Activate stealth mode and accelerate gently to let the children enjoy what is probably their first time in the air.

    6 Days till Summers "Death"
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    All aboard! (CHOO CHOO MOTHA FUCKAS!)
    :D I couldn't resist, but this was a great chapter.
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    The next day. The kids have begun adjusting nicely to their new life at Chaldea. That's not to mention there weren't any problems. Some of them still couldn't believe it. On the second day after I bought all the children, I realised I wouldn't be able to look after all the children's needs. After all, I'm still a child myself whether I admit it or not. 15 years old is not adult that's definite. The robots I created were a big help but they were not human and can only do so much even if they were highly intelligent.

    Anyways while the children can take care of themselves and Neo has been following me around for the past few weeks. I mean seriously at least let me use the toilet in peace without standing outside the door.

    I realised they needed someone to take care of them. Now, where can I faunus adults who were willing to take care of children and work in exchange for good food shelter and nice working conditions? The Schnee mine of course.

    I took [Vimana] and went soaring through the skies with Neo on tow because she just keeps following me. I think I understand why she followed Roman even though he was not the best person. She was lonely, so very lonely. While she had a few friends in the children. No one can really communicate with her. The only reason I was able to communicate with her was that I was experienced with body language. Big Thanks to Gilgamesh's memories.

    I gave her a potion to keep her warm as we were heading to Atlas. She was not a heroic spirit and she still did not have her Aura unlocked. She would freeze to death in such cold place without proper clothing or something to keep her warm. While on the Vimana and Chaldea, she may not freeze to death but once she gets off it there would be no protection from the cold. And even IF I was affected by the cold I had my armour to protect me.

    If I do remember correctly there were the Schnee mines in Atlas. The Faunus workers are not exactly forced to work there. It's just there are not many places that accept Faunus workers so they have to work in the mines if they want some kind of income. Jacques Schnee is a man only concerned for profits so much so that. Safety equipment is not something he would get them as long as it was not necessary or legal. After all, there were more than enough faunus for him to hire. The Faunus who work there is work in barely livable conditions, not that they have anywhere else to go.

    However if I can offer them safe working conditions and homes for them and their families the would likely accept the offer, however, this time I'm not sneaking in no I'm going through front door Metaphorically speaking. I decided to take out my Grand order Datapad activate its Radio transmitter.


    I break the sound barrier as I enter Atlas Airspace leaving a bright green trail behind me as I command Vimanas 'engines' to glow even brighter as increasing the glow and trail of light and it defied the laws of physics as I started to do some insane stunts so that I can get attention. Barrel rolls and loop the loops were not usually possible at Mach 2 After all. Within minutes, my Grand Data Pad crackled as Atlas Air Control contacted me.

    "Unidentified Aircraft, this is Atlas Air control, you are Entering Atlas Airspace Please respond"

    "This is Gilgamesh, Pilot of the Vimana, I copy you over." I hear shuffling and a lot of noise in the background. It's obvious that the didn't Expect me to respond.

    "Vimana, may we inquire your destination and what your reason is for entering Atlesian Airspace?"

    "Schnee Dust Company, I am here to make a business deal with SDC."

    "I see..." I hear a lot of muttering from my Grand Tab before I receive my response, "Vimana, Please decrease speed to 350 heading 202. Decrease altitude to 3000"

    "Roger Speed to 350, heading 202, altitude to 3000" I drop My speed and follow their directions, let's see what they were going to do.

    As I followed the instructions I was lead to an Airship docking port where I saw several people on the spot where the control tower said I was to land. Internally Smirking I sped up as I headed towards the landing site.

    The People at the site began running, away from the port, some searching for a place to hide as they braced for impact.

    I brought [Vimana] to a stop just in front of the docking bay creating a large gust of air. Everyone began to look up when they couldn't hear the sound of a crash or an explosion and saw Vimana slowly pacing forward and landing on the docks.

    I kept [Vimana] powered up and gave it the mental command with a huge amount of Mana to stay hovering off the ground at this position until I returned. I dropped out of [Vimana] followed by Neo, who was wearing the cloth I created for her and an unbreakable umbrella. At least unbreakable to any weapon made in Remnant. It was a gift I gave for her birthday yesterday. Which means She was 13 now


    The people on the ground were staring at me as well as Neo. Of course, this means they are stunned by my greatness and Neo's beauty.


    It was Kind of obvious why they were staring at me. Not even Mr Schnee would spend his money on an armour made of Gold and Mithril.

    "Good afternoon sir, please follow me." A butler came forward.


    They led us inside the Schnee manor which was apparently what we landed on. A good thing I instructed [Vimana] to hover. If I actually landed the thing, the mansion might collapse from the weight of the craft.

    "This way please" We were lead into a Fancy Room filled with books and toys and Ms Schnee opposed to Mr Schnee who I expected in the end with her two children on either side on a sofa. The Klien closed the door behind as we both entered.

    I Discreetly activate [Sha Naqba Imuru]
    to check something. It seems Mr Schee Has not taken control of the company, yet. So the faunus were still treated quite well. They also had much better wages but there were still discriminated outside the company. The next thing I found was that Ms Schee was poisoned by a slow-acting poison. However, the perpetrator was none other than Mr Schnee. I decided to take care of this discreetly and deactivated [Sha Naqba Imuru]


    "Greetings young man, so you must be the pilot of the strange Aircraft." she said as he turned towards us ushering us ta a seat.. "Take a seat please." she gestured and as we both took a seat in front of the trio.

    "Greetings Ma'am" I offered her a handshake which she accepted and Neo gave her a deep bow. and a smirk before seating One leg on top of the other her eyes glinting mischief.

    "I apologise for her behaviour, My name is Gilgamesh and you are?"

    "Oh, please don't be so formal, leave that to when you grow up young man, just call me Crystal, Everybody here does."

    "Of course, as long as you do as well Crystal" "And who might you be," I ask turning to little Wiess.

    "Wiess Schnee, a pleasure" She gave a short bow.

    I turned towards White "Whitely Schnee" he gave a short nod.

    "So tell me, young man, what are you doing all the way out here?" she inquired.

    "Crystal, you are aware of the faunus home conditions and the way they are treated in Atlas Outside of the military and SDC Correct?"

    "Yes I am aware, unfortunately as a company, we cannot interfere with their lives. We do pay them fair wages and give them medical treatment and even meals if they work during those times. However, sadly this only thing that I can do legally."

    "That's the reason I came here madam, I believe I can solve the problem for your faunus workers."

    Then I told her about Chaldea, about how it was a secure location where several faunus children were staying and that it had several rooms available that I was willing to give for the faunus and their families in exchange simply for raising the kids at Chaldea. She asked about the Location and when I told her about it she asked how the faunus can get transportation. as well as how I would Provide for ass the faunus. I replied that It would be given from my own pocket.

    I told her about the rayshift system and how it can be used to teleport Humans faunus and even items so that the faunus workers can leave and come back to work easily... Boy, was she surprised when she learned that it was a teleportation system. To be specific it was modified for teleporting rather than rayshifting but who cares.

    Once that was done we discuss the timings and the location for the rayshift to take place.

    "It's nice to see someone who wishes to help the faunus so much. Tell me Gilgamesh, Why do you go through all that effort to help the faunus here?"

    "Because I wanted to" Crystal burst into laughter at the answer as if she thought it was ridiculous.

    "I see" Crytal Calming down

    Klien came in and announced that lunch was ready. Only then did I notice that neither Neo nor Wiess were here.

    "Where's Neo?"

    "Well, it looks like Wiess made a new friend" Crystal replied a hint of amusement in her voice. As we spotted Wiess, White and Neo across the room Playing games. Video games. Huh, Wiess Plays Video games? Well, you learn something new every day I suppose.

    "Still, I find it strange that a young man like yourself is out here, Where are your, Parents?"

    "They are not in this world," I said My voice cracking, as looked away, I may not miss dad, but I miss mom, I miss her hugs, I miss her warm meals, I miss her so much. I was so deep in thought that I didn't realize I was crying in silent agony, tears rolling down until I felt two sets of arms wrap around me. Neo's and Crytal's.

    "I'm sorry for bringing up something like this." Crystal whispered. "It's alright you didn't know Ma'am" I tried to reassure them even though my voice cracked with sorrow. I didn't realise how much I missed my mom and she was dead for before I left that world.

    "You know, I did tell you not to call me Ma'am right? But Since you seem to be breaking that promise I will have to insist on making you call me Mother or Mom."

    I stood there frozen my mind unable to comprehend what was happening.

    "I know you may know like it but feel free to call me mom even if it's not official... yet." Crystal smiled. Yet I didn't want to let go of my mom. I didn't want to replace her.

    I took a deep breath and steadied myself. "I need some time to think about this..." as kind women as she was I knew it was influenced by my luck stat and charisma so it didn't feel right for me to take advantage of it.

    Later we all had dinner together. Neo and Wiess were becoming fast friends. Opened the gate of Babylon and took out a special kind of wine a wine that counteracts poisons and increases the bodies poison resistance by a huge amount and poured a glass for Crystal.

    "So how did you get a wine bottle out of thin air?" Crystal asked a bit of curiosity tinging her voice.

    "My power allows me to store almost anything I own inside a pocket Dimension" Let her assume it was a semblance.

    "Well it certainly is a useful one" It was, it truly was.

    Throughout dinner, we made small talk about the current state of the world and other light-hearted topics.

    Once dinner was done we all went to a hall when Crystal asked the butler to bring all the workers to the hall so that she could give an announcement.

    When all the Faunus worker were gathered She told them that she got good news for them and passed the mic to me.

    "Hello everyone it's nice to meet you all, today I am here to offer you something. Are you given good wages yes? But everyone here has experience people treating you all different and making your life hard just because you are faunus right? Some of your families are endangered at other times?"

    The 250 or so faunus in the Great Hall began murmuring.

    "You don't have to worry anymore. Lady Schnee and I found a place that has all the facilities you and your families could want. It's safe from Grimm and has the most advanced medicine and technology in Remnant"

    The murmuring began anew much louder this time.

    "I'm sure, you are thinking that it isn't for free am I right?

    I got several nods from the crowd.

    "Don't worry it isn't much the only thing I will ask is to take care of each other within the facility I am providing and there are a few faunus children I took in so if there are families that can take care of them. that's all I ask. Oh and that there is no Violence in the facilities."

    The Crowd seemed surprised at the conditions, but what they don't know is that I am not a human. I am a Demi-God.

    "Everyone can come to work at any time you choose but as you know in SDC the pay is per hour. However, within the facility Money is not needed.

    "Food, drink Medical Facilities everything is provided. for you and your families. If you wish to make your own food then ingredients will be provided as well as entertainment or any other services you may require if something is missing please don't hesitate to ask a robot near you. Yes, there are robots in the facility and are highly intelligent."

    "So if anyone is willing to take care of an orphan please raise your hand."

    Slowly but surely I saw hands go up in the air and it was not long before everyone had their hands raised. "All right you can put your hands down."

    "Alright". Tomorrow at 9 am in the morning I want everyone to pack up and bring whoever or whatever you wish with you. Yes Everyone in your family is provided. Pets however have a special garden where they must be kept. Is that alright Lady Schnee?" She gave a nod

    "Alright then tomorrow 9 am I want everyone to be here at 9 if you are late that's Ok because It would take a few hours to take everyone and everything and be getting all of it settled in the facility, Not to mention the teleporter supports 40 people at a time. Oh and right before I forget the name of the facility you are going to is named Chaldea, and we will be providing very high tech safety suits. so I hope no one gets injured working any more Is that Ok? Ay questions? Yes, you over there." I said pointing to a young scared faunus.

    "What Kind of suits are we getting?"

    "I am very Glad you asked here is what will be provided." I opened the gate and took out a Mining suit that I prepared for them.

    "Looks Cool doesn't it, next!"

    Then People started crying. I didn't really know how to comfort them. One of the adults, a bull faunus came up me and a Crystal.

    "Is this real, is this true? This isn't a Joke is it?" the man asked fear evident in his voice.

    "Its real. Thaks to this young man here,"She places a hand on my shoulder plate "we can now extend our aid to your families." Crystal replied in a soft tone.

    The man had a solemn look on his face before asking "Can we bring more people? People other than our families our friends?"

    "Of course as long as you don't fight outside the arena present for sparring while inside Chaldea its, not a problem. We have more than enough space for quite a lot of people. Chaldea is built to hold up to 150 thousand people. and can be expanded in the future if it needs to be. I built that place as a safe haven for humans and faunus. But anyone is allowed as long as they don't discriminate. No racism will be tolerated in Chaldea."

    The man and some people in the crowd cried tears of joy While Others road in happiness.

    "But for now everyone, it's time for a celebration. I took out vast amounts of food and drink and made it all appear in golden tables and chair behind me. "Tonight everyone dines like a king."

    And so that I literally kicked the Cannon train off its rails completely.

    It lasted for two whole hours. Before we continued the Question and answer session.

    "Are there bathrooms in this Chaldea Place?"

    "Of course there are bathrooms at Chaldea. Each room has one."


    "Is the food good?"

    "Well the food is pretty good there and its prepared by robots. But if you want to cook for yourself, you can ask a robot for Directions to the nearest kitchen. Next!"

    "Are you single"

    "No comment, Next!" Really am I single? What makes you say that not that I have a girlfriend anyway.

    "Are you gay?"

    "No comment Next" Really what is wrong with these people.​

    And the questions degraded from there on with few important questions in between.

    An hour later all the Faunus workers went home and I was exhausted mentally.

    "Well that was certainly eventful," I said facing Crystal " I guess its time to go home."

    "Neo its time to go home" she pouted "You know, we can come here another time right?" She stopped pouting but still seemed unhappy.

    "Alright How about I give to access to the Rayshift? You can use it to come whenever you want is that alright?" At that, her eyes began glowing with Joy and she nodded before tackling me in a flying anime style hug or would have if I hadn't dodged it. Then, she started to have depression. Really why did she have to get depression?


    Wiess, Whitely and Crystal began to laugh at us.

    It was definitely an eventful day.

    4 Days till Summers "Death"
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    This is an enjoyable story. Obviously kinda cracky, but that's really not a bad thing. The only problems I have with it is that the tone tends towards fanon cliches, the pictures got annoying after a while and the fact that my internal voice got more and more screaming teenage fangirl as I read. These aren't necessarily negatives though, as that sort of thing tends to come through with crack and power wank style stories. Also, some people like the pictures, so it's personal opinion more than anything.
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    Yeah, that's why I put most of it in spoilers.
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    Jacques Schnee.

    I have to teach him a lesson in such a way that he turns on a new leaf. Coming up with such a thing would take time. Speaking of leaves. Thankfully thanks to Kaleidoscope I had all the time in the world. It's currently 9:00 pm. I had just returned from my deal with Crystal and tucked the kids and neo into bed. Once I was sure Everyone was asleep I activated kaleidoscope and left this world. You see when I said I had all the time in the world thanks to the Kaleidoscope I meant that I can leave this world and travel to other worlds preparing for my plans and enjoying myself. Once I felt that I had a plan to teach Jacques a lesson without physically harming him too much, I can come back to Remnant not second after I left.

    I changed Into my casual wear as I stepped into the new world. The world of Naruto or precisely on the day of the nine tails attack as I fell toward the Ninetails which was thrashing about trying to get free from Kushina's Chakra Chains. Looks like I arrived just in time before Minato Performed the Shiki fuuin.


    I adjusted My course and landed next to them causing them to look towards me in surprise.

    "Enkidu" I call adding my own bindings as well to keep the nine tails down.

    I was not going to let the Kushina and Minato Die.

    "Ig Alima" I called the mountain felling sword came through the [Gate of Babylon] and dropped it on the nine tails. Its sheer weight Keeping it from moving as it growled in futility trying to escape.

    "KURAMA" I shouted causing the causing the Ninetails to halt its struggles. "Do you really think Hogoromo would be proud of you for killing innocent people?"

    "YOU, HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME, ANSWER ME SPIRIT." the fox growled out surprising everyone who could hear him in that list included Minato, Kushina, Sarutobi Hiruzen and a few ANbu Standing outside Kushina's Barrier.

    "Have you forgotten the reason Hogoromo created you Kurama? While I can Understand your anger at Madara and Mito for manipulating and sealing you should not take your anger out on those who did not deserve it. I know what happened tonight and rest assured the man who manipulated you will pay dearly. Instead of trying to do everything by killing people. Try to understand from their perspective."

    "They just saw you appear out of nowhere and begin attacking, of course, they are going to fight back but if you tell them about how you had no choice in the matter then nearly everyone who attacked you today would instead support you and put all their efforts in finding the person responsible for forcing you to attack." I could hear The Sandaime gasp in surprise.


    "Well, I sure Yoondaime-sama can do something about that, eh? " I said as I turned towards the couple who was staring unable to comprehend that the Kyuubi was actually reasonable.

    "I am sure that Minato can attest to what happened. After all, he fought the man responsible himself. What do you think Minato san?"

    "What Guarantee would I have that the nine tails will actually keep its word?"


    The two glared at one and other each one unwilling to back down. Kushina then collapsed due to chakra exhaustion and her Adamantine chain barrier dissipated. Leaving only Enkidu and the mountain-sized sword to keep it from getting back up which I dissolved back into the gate of Babylon. The ninetails didn't move from its place staring at Minato and Kushina deep in thought about something. Minato caught Kushina before she touched the ground and lay her to rest. The Third Hokage came forth with Emma ready to deal with any threat if necessary, eyeing both Kurama and I Warily.

    "Her vitals are failing she is suffering from the extraction process, added with the strain of childbirth I'm not sure how long she will survive Minato-san. If you will allow me I have something that would bring her back to full health." I said to the grief-stricken man before he activated the Flying Thunder God.

    "Do it" he snapped, "But if you harm a hair on Kushina I will make you Regret it," his voice frigid and distrustful. I took out a potion from the Gate of Babylon.

    "This a Potion of Vitality. If she drinks it she will recover from all her wounds and her Vitality will be restored." I said as I gave him the bubbling red potion.


    Minato took the potion and looked at it carefully before taking a tiny sip of it to test it. The moment he did he straightened up. most of his scratches vanished and his body regained some of its energy. Minato waited for a moment to make sure nothing happened before feeding Kushina the remainder of the potion. Kushina coughed up a bit of the potion as her body healed up at an insanely fast pace but even after her Vitality was restored the condition began to deteriorate again. Due to the Huge loss of chakra.

    So I activated Fantasy world creation and created a mana potion. You may ask why I don't just create a chakra potion. Chakra is just the mixing of both the physical and mental energies of a person. Kushina is currently suffering from chakra exhaustion her physical energy is literally full now but her mental energy is empty and must be restored hence a mana potion. I hand the mana potion to Minato and he repeats the process.


    The moment Kushina finishes drinking the mana potion her physical and mental energies (ie Ki and Mana) combine and she was literally overflowing with chakra as she glowed blue. "HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME. What was that?" Kushina asked facing me wide-eyed.

    "That my dear was a Mana potion," I replied.

    "I have got to get me more of those, do you have any more, where can I get more?"

    Enma the monkey king interrupted her "You, you are not human. I sense divinity in you. Tell me why did a god come down to the mortal realm?"

    Everyone Including Stared at me wide-eyed trying to process what the monkey just said.

    "Are you sure Enma?" questioned Sarutobi a hint of disbelief in his voice.

    "The moment I saw him I suspected he was a divine being but the last potion he gave Kushina confirms it. That potion was created by his will alone. Isn't that right nine tails. You are a being of chakra. you should be able to sense it as well." Emna questioned Kurama.


    "Very well since you wished to know I shall indulge you.....I just stopped you from killing the child of prophecy Kurama, the one Hogoromo spoke of." Kurama's Eyes widened as he gazed upon little Naruto who was oddly silent in his cradle."

    "The child of prophecy that Jiraiya spoke of?" Sarutobi whispered more to himself but I answered in affirmative anyway. Bullshit My way to peace. XD

    "So Kurama, Minato, Sandaime sama." I paused "Do you think an agreement can be made?"

    "Very well, You have saved Kushina for that you have my gratitude. As long as the Ninetails Honours its agreement I shall so as well."

    "So shall I" Sandaime added.

    "If the bastard fox can behave himself then I don't really mind DATTABANE!."

    "OI, it's not bastard fox, it's KURAMA, I HAVE A NAME, USE IT YOU BRAT! HMPH, VERY WELL I SHALL AGREE FOR NOW IF TO JUST TO SEE WHETHER OR NOT HE IS INDEED THE ONE FATHER SPOKE OF" well look like they are getting along fantastically, and tsundere Kyuubi looks so KAWAAAAI. I have to thank my A+ charisma and 2/3rds divinity or else this might not have been possible. As Minato and everyone Relaxed a bit.

    An ANBU Spoke up. "Did we just stop a Bijuu by talking to it?"

    "I think so. The yondaime ended the war almost single-handedly, I guess this is just another day for him." said another one.

    "Well according to a theory I read, the Stronger the person the more 'quirky' they became so maybe its possible after all?" said another one.

    "How are we going to tell the villagers about this?" a young Anbu questioned.

    Everyone Including Kurama was silent at this statement.

    Fortunately for them, I had a plan "Alright Guy listen....." I gathered them together and relayed to them My crazy plan.

    "Are you nuts?" Enma literally screamed.

    "Hell Yeah, I'm in that sounds awesome, count me in," Kushina said shaking in excitement.

    Minato just facepalmed "This is so crazy it might just work. God Why did you do this to me, was I someone horrible in my past life?"

    "No, you were not," I said activating [Sha Naqba Imuru] and deactivating once I confirmed Minato's past life.

    He just facepalmed harder. "WHY GOD WHY?"

    "Because your luck sucks?" Minato's face fell at hearing my reply as we implemented the plan. This was going to be so much fun.

    Little Naruto also began Giggling as if finding his fathers misfortune Funny.

    And so we began heading back to the village, riding on top of Kurama's Head. While I Flew Above them with Vimana
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    Thank you it was super entertaining. Can't wait to read more
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    The Hidden Village in the leaves was currently in a state of emergency. There was panic in the streets but thankfully for a disaster of this level, there were not that many casualties. But that didn't mean the number of casualties was low. Estimated casualties were in the low hundreds for Civilians and mid-hundreds for shinobi. For a population of 2 million and the scale of this disaster, it showed the effectiveness of the Yondaime and his shinobi.

    As most of the villages worked tirelessly around the clock trying to get a semblance of order their worst fears were realised. The Nine-tails was heading towards the village.

    'What happened to the Yondaime?'

    'Why couldn't the Sandaime and Yondaime stop the Beast?'

    'If the Yondaime and Sandaime were dead who can stop it now?' These were the types of questions that were floating in everyone's minds.

    As the Nine-tails approached the walls it stopped, leaving the citizens confused.

    What happened?

    Where was the earth-shattering roar?

    The Tailed Beast bombs?

    The destruction left in its path?

    Instead of doing any of this the nine-tails crouched down announced in a loud voice.


    As the bijuu said that, the people nearby began to realise that Yondaime and Sandaime were atop the nine tails. what bewildered them the most was the Yondaime was actually thanking it for carrying him.

    As the Yondaime got down the bijuu spotted someone he never thought he would see again today.


    Several shinobi as well as the Yondaime. Began their chase for the mastermind behind the disaster today. While the village began rethinking their opinion on the Nine-tails. Thus began the chase for the perpetrator of the disaster. Usually, the perpetrator would be able to escape in an instant but because of his ability to warp space.

    But even he was a human, no matter what augmentations, such as Hashirama's cells, may have. He had run out of most of his chakra during his attack and was thus vulnerable. He had to be rescued by black Zetsu before Minato caught him.

    "WELL AREN'T YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING KAMI-SAMA?" said Kurama looking upwards facing Vimana.

    This caused all those who saw it look at where Vimana was causing them to grasp. I use all 3 of my Power manipulation charges to create a storage power which stores charges automatically just before 24 hours pass and the new charges generate so that no more charges will be wasted. Then I used two charges to create an Anti-Genjutsu power and threw it at Kurama. It may not stop Infinite Tsukuyomi, but any other Genjutsu will likely fail. While making a copy and keeping the copy for myself. The moment it sank into Kurama his eyes widened in understanding.

    "HEH, I GUESS YOU'RE NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL. HEHEHE, IT WILL BE FUN SEEN THE LOOK ON HIS FACE IF HE TRIES TO TRIED CONTROLLING ME AGAIN" giving a vulpine grin. I look down from Vimana, smiling back at him in my armour. "Take care of the kid Kurama."


    "Well take care of yourself as well Kurama and don't worry you won't get lonely anymore you have a whole village to keep you company after all. I have somewhere to be this isn't the only world I have to be in after all."

    "OI, I DON'T FEEL LONELY AT ALLI!! FUCK YOU TO GILGAMESH, I DON'T CARE IF YOU ARE A KAMI" Kurama roared while giving me the middle finger and the whole village was staring at him there jaws dropping.


    "Guhahahahahha" several people fell down laughing.

    "WAIT" I looked at where the voice came from and see Kushina sprinting. "Where do you think you are going? You didn't even have lunch with us!"

    "I do have another world to be in Kushina-san"

    "Then at least have some tea before going off I don't care if you are a Kami, You saved my life, Minato's life and little naruto's don't say our lives are worth nothing. I want to repay back Even if it is a little bit so Get your ass down here, DATTABANE!"

    I lowered Vimana just above her height and looked at her pleading eyes "Perhaps another time Ms Kushina You Have little Naruto and a whole village to worry about."

    I took out a special dial from the gate of Babylon. An artefact which can affect reality in a small area depending on the amount of mana I fed it.


    When I activated it, the two dials began rotating, the innermost one began rotating clockwise and the middle one began rotating counterclockwise.

    Within minutes the Whole village began to repair itself, pieces of buildings flew back together.

    Peoples wounds and bones began to mend, all over the village.

    Repairs that would have taken at least a decade were done in seconds. Leaving the whole village with another shock. Well, I won't be surprised if there was a shrine built for me the next time I came here.

    I put the dial back into the gate as I turned to the village. "I shall be back in six years Mortals. I hope you can create a welcome worthy of my station." I gave a small mischievous smile. "When I do come I shall give those who I deem worthy a portion of my divinity or a treasure so invaluable not even this planet would equal its value. So until then."

    Well, I got what I came here for so I guess it was time to leave. I sat back down on Vimana, expanded Vimana's wings and blasted off into the sky leaving behind a green trail and a sonic boom.

    Then opened used Kaleidoscope and opened a portal to a certain world. A world of crazyness.

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    I shouldn't be surprised... But going to the [World of To Aru] as Gilgamesh? I wonder what manner of madness will happen next...
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    Nope he going to fate
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    Stay away from nasu verse,,
    that way lies madness..
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    Its even worse...
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  29. Threadmarks: UNICRACK 9 (PMMM)
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    Servant: Gilgamesh
    Strength: B

    Endurance: C

    Agility: C
    Mana: B

    Luck: A

    N.P: EX Gate Of Babylon



    Poses a threat only just above human norms, an unexceptional individual may be able to cope with the ability or walk away unharmed from an altercation where the abilities in question were leveraged. Ability should be assumed to be a nonthreat and need not be identified if other matters prove more pressing.


    An alert, exceptional, well equipped, and/or trained individual should be able to answer or address the ability in question, but it can prove problematic. Team members are reminded of standard countermeasures and should put these measures in effect when there are no pressing other matters


    Civilians, even alert or fit civilians, will not be able to handle the ability or abilities in question. Several trained individuals may be required to deal with the situation. Protocol suggests that care should be taken to remove civilians from the area and discourage them from participating.


    One full squad of trained operatives should be able to deal with this situation alone, but exceptional circumstance, context and environment may bias things one way or the other.


    Additional countermeasures come into effect. A typical parahuman and/or one parahuman assisting a squad of operatives should be able to deal with the power in question. Operatives can engage until assistance arrives.


    A typically trained parahuman and/or one parahuman assisting a squad of operatives should be able to deal with the power in question. Operatives should postpone engagement.

    Parahumans and operatives should assume that traditional actions are going to be met by a complication. Acquiring further intel recommended where possible, but not mandated.


    Parahumans should engage in pairs or trios at a minimum, two fully equipped squads should be deployed. Acquiring further intel is mandated, all acting parties should shift to the defensive or delay until Intel can be acquired.


    Evacuation of civilians should take priority for all squad members. Engaging should be avoided outside of specific missions and tasks. Capes should engage only when supported by their team to ensure a minimum of complications or danger.


    Assume extreme complications, with standard tactics not applying, or the power in question having an additional factor that exaggerates its effect. Capes and PRT should evacuate where possible, and should only engage when a specific mission and strategy has been outlined. Major countermeasures should take effect.


    RUN AND CALL THE FUCKING TRIUMVIRATE. ENDBRINGER TRUCE IF NECESSARY. Avoid confrontation if possible. Evacuate Civilians with all haste. Call FUCKING CONTESSA IF NECESSARY.

    Fallout Manipulation -Shaker- Threat level 6

    Magical Feathers -Changer - Threat level 5

    Paint Generation -Changer- Threat Level 6

    Fantasy World creation -Shaker- Threat level 10

    Comic Book Pretty -Stranger- Threat level 1

    Kaleidoscope -N/A- Threat level 12+

    Power manipulation -N/A- Threat level 10

    One For All- Changer/Brute/Striker/Mover - Threat level 10


    As I came out of the portal I activated stealth mode as I kept flying through the Airspace of Mitakihara City. I flew over to the highest tower and activated Sha Naqba Imuru to confirm the Location of everyone.

    Madoka. Check.

    Sayaka. Check.

    Kyouskiko. Check

    Sakura. Check. Mmmm pocky.

    Mami. Check.

    Homura. Che- wait ah I see.

    From what I see It seems I arrived a little too early. I arrived in the last timeline as intended but before Homura's time checkpoint. She should wake up in this timeline tomorrow according to Sha Naqba Imuru.

    I open the Gate of Babylon and took out my GOLDEN Bed and place it on top of the tallest tower in Mitakihara before laying down. Placing some wards that would protect me just in case something can bypass My magical resistance and Rank A strength. However, I have a lot of Mana and Magical girls and Kyuubey would most likely have detected me from the amount of mana I keep releasing. I took out a necklace made of gold. and wore it around my neck. The moment I did I felt my Mana being suppressed. It may look like an ordinary chained necklace but it had tiny runes etched into each chain that keeps mana from leaving my body.

    I lay in bed looking over MIkatihara as Something came to mind?

    Is it me, or does Mitakihara look like an exact copy of Fuyuki?

    I glance over Bridge over which Walpurgisnacht appears. I have quite a nice view up here

    It looks Exactly like the Bridge Fuyuki has in Fate Zero and Fate/stay night.

    Not to mention the caster of the fourth Grail war summoned Cthulu or at least something similar to it at that same Bridge?

    I must be too tired if I am over thinking this much...



    As I woke up next morning I realised It was early in the morning the sun just rose. The air was crisp and clear. The birds were chirping and I was literally going to fall off the skyscraper. Why did I think It was a good idea to put my bed on a skyscraper again?

    Well, nevermind that. Looks like my Power manipulation charges are full again. This time I decided to not interfere directly. I decide to go down the sneaky route. I use my first charge to give myself the ability to astralize.

    This was the best way to hide along with the necklace which suppresses my magical signature. Astralization would hide me from mundane means and prying eyes.

    Especially the incubators senses. However, it came with a cost of being unable to physically interact with the world.

    No matter, I used the second charge to give myself telekinesis. Hmm, only 500 meters? I suppose that is plenty to be able to affect the world while being completely undetectable and intangible.

    I put my bed back in the gate of Babylon and float down towards the hospital that I saw Homura in.

    Hopefully, I can get this done before Homura wakes up.

    As phased through the walls and entered Homura's room.
    I looked at the little Homura I began to sob as I recalled what I knew of her.

    At first, she was a young girl trying so hard to get her friends to help her. But no one listened to her. And they fell to the little white devil's traps... And she slowly felt lonelier and lonelier and more hopeless as time passed.

    So she decided to stop asking for help and decided to fight on her own, every time she lost something but she tried again and again until she became cold and pragmatic.

    At the end, her best friend found out about it when her cold mask cracked she spilt out her secret. Her best friend made a wish that she truly sired and she was finally safe or so she thought.

    At the end the incubators show their true nature once more and she realised that her friends were never safe so she literally reshaped the universe by taking her friends Goddess powers and removing their memories hoping to keep them happy and safe without danger and constantly watching over them and the little white devil's to make sure they never harm anyone else.

    This was one of the people I admired the most. Seeing her in such a state was heart-wrenching.
    When I saw her trying time and time again to save her friends even though they rejected her she didn't give up nor did she stop caring for them. Watching her suffering in an anime was so different from what was in front of me.

    Whether she knew it or not I would have given up a long time ago if not for her. Seeing her like this I could not even think of not helping her. I couldn't even begin to imagine the pain she went through.

    "I am not going to let you suffer anymore. No more. You saved me before and you kept me going. Your kindness and your drive to never give up even if they didn't believe you. Its what kept me going. Now Its time for me to repay the favour. I shall take care of Walpurgisnacht. Rest up Homura chan" I whisper. She stiffened ever so slightly but I didn't let her know that I knew she was awake. This was neither the time nor the place.

    I Deastralized? and reached out and took her hand. She was so thin and feeble. Her heart was weak but she used her magic to keep enhancing her heart so that it doesn't give out on her. The rest of her body may be strong as a magical girl but her heart still needed enhancement to keep up with the rest of her body. All of this she sacrificed and yet all she received in return was scorn. I vowed under my breath that I would stand by her even if the world itself turned against her. I would do everything I could to lighten her load.

    I used Kaleidoscope to retrieve a vial of Phenex tears from the Highschool DXD verse.

    The vial appeared in my hands in a Rainbow coloured Kaleidoscopic flash of light.

    As I opened the vial and carefully poured a vial of Phoenix tears on Homura's thin fragile hand she glowed a dull pink after a few seconds indicating that the tears have completed its work.

    I also felt her hand gaining a bit of muscle. Looks like she isn't so skinny anymore her atrophied body has recovered completely and her heart is now quite strong.

    I gave a sigh. I probably look pathetic, don't I?

    If the real Gilgamesh could see me now he would probably Enuma Elish me for staining his precious visage.

    Nevermind. He would do it anyway just because my mere existence is an affront to him.

    "I am Gilgamesh, I shouldn't cry so easily damn it. "

    I let go of Homura's hands and wipe my tears.

    "Time to make the incubator pay, for making Homura suffer so much, no one gets away with hurting those I love," I said in a voice cold as ice as I gave a demonic smile. I turned around and began to Astralize into gold flakes as I walked towards the door from habit before I realised that I was intangible and invisible again. I float out of the hospital facepalming at forgetting something like that.

    ( my smile was something like this)[​IMG]

    If I had turned back after astralizing I would find out that Homra looking at where I was wide-eyed with a little blush dusting her cheek.

    (Homura POV)

    "Who was that?" She didn't meet or know anyone named Gilgamesh in her past timelines and he used magic to cure her. She didn't think magical boys existed perhaps this is one of the incubators secrets? An experiment perhaps? But Why did he cry for her? She didn't know many people before she became a magical girl. Unless! He knew somehow he knew about her time loops!

    She blushed again. No one had ever confessed to her before. She was just average

    'Normal, I'm just normal or maybe not. I am a magical girl. This is confusing. Why me? There are better people than me"?

    "no one gets away with hurting those I love"....."no one gets away with hurting those I love"....no one gets away with hurting those I love.....no one gets away with hurting those I love........

    Her face became redder and redder as her cold mask cracked faster and faster until she fainted, steam coming out of her ears and her eyes in swirls.

    Poor girl, she can hold her mask against the scariest of monsters and insults from her friends but it begins to crack from the smallest bit of praise. Praise and someone liking her was something she wasn't used to.


    Meanwhile, in across the whole world, all the incubators bodies suddenly shuddered as if somebody stepped on his grave. The incubator never experienced something like this and dedicated several Exahertz of processing power to find out what went wrong. But even after countless diagnostics nothing came up.

    "I wonder what that was?" The incubator would never find out until it was too late.
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    No one hurts those I love? Fine with me, but how come he is so attached to Homura at first sight?
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