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Ultima's writing dumps

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by ultima333, May 14, 2018.

  1. ultima333

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    This is the thread that I'll be putting random snippets into.

    Please remember this thread is in the SFW section, and is unlikely to move to NSFW.

    Feel free to suggest prompts or whatever. If you post pics, please put them in spoilers and don't do too many in a single spoiler.
  2. Threadmarks: Super Senpai 1

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    Generic_Generica you asked for this :V

    <Generic_Generica> ults
    <Generic_Generica> Write about a kohai and senpai getting along
    <ultima-phone> Okay.
    <ctcel1986> GG I don't think you should be encouraging ultima to write shipping fics about you and him :p
    <Anon-phone> Ok.
    <ultima-phone> ctcel1986: shush! :V

    It was just another boring day for Nathan Hendricks at Ascendant Academy, the average boy leaning back in his chair as he listened to Doctor Gallium drone on about the theories behind powers and their development. While most people would consider learning from one of the leading scientists and builder-class heroes in the world an exciting opportunity, Nathan was very much ahead of the curve with his own studies.

    Before Nathan decided to take a nap and review the notes after class, however, he saw the door of the classroom quietly open as a late student tried to enter without causing an interruption. A girl entered, waifish with glasses short pink hair. She wore jeans and a baggy gray hoody, not unlike Nathan himself, and glanced at Nathan and the empty seat beside him.

    The girl shuffled into the seat, clearly trying to avoid attention, before sitting down and opening her bag, frowning at it. It seems she forgot her book, Nathan mused.

    At the pinkette’s distressed look, the boy held out his own textbook and notes to her. She hesitated for a moment, before accepting.

    “Thanks,” the girl whispered, brushing at her hair.

    “No problem,” he said, returning it with a smile. “I’m Nathan.”

    “Rebecca.” She returned his smile, before changing focus to Doctor Gallium. He had begun talking about the Lignis Cells that indicated whether a person had powers, and Rebecca was flipping to find an empty page.

    “Oh, here,” Nathan said, reaching for his notebook and finding the section he had written on the subject. The girl’s eyes widened slightly at the detailed notes, and Nathan handed the notebook back. “Don’t worry, I already know all this stuff.”

    Thanking him again, Rebecca was able to follow along with the droning lecture with his notes, and Nathan turned back to staring at the ceiling in boredom.

    The class went on for another forty minutes, at the end of which the bell rang and the other students had files out, Nathan and Rebecca were packing their things. As the girl handed him back his books though, Nathan waved it off. “It’s fine, I actually finished the last of the homework last night.”

    “Oh,” the girl hesitated. “Um, I’ll get it back to you in time for next week?”

    Nathan awkwardly scratched his head. “...For the semester, I meant. You can keep them. My power- I kinda have a leg up on the class.”

    “Oh,” Rebecca said. “Ohmygod I forgot that everyone in this school had powers…” The shy girl tried to bury her face in her hoodie’s sleeves.

    Nathan, for his part, just chuckled. “New to Ascendant? Don’t worry about it. If you don’t pay it any mind, everyone here’ll be happy enough to just be treated normally. Well, most people at any rate.”

    The pinkette peeked at the young man through her sleeves, blue eyes regarding him carefully. “Really?”

    “Yeah, a lot of people are used to being treated strangely, so they’re just happy to fit in for once.” The brown-haired boy nodded. “Oh, our curriculum is probably a bit ahead of what you’re used to. If you need any help with homework, just let me know, okay?”

    Overcoming her prior embarrassment, Rebecca nodded. “Thanks,” she smiled at him, before saying goodbye for the day.

    Maybe this semester won’t be so boring after all, Nathan mused.
  3. DeathShade

    DeathShade Morally Inferior Messiah

    Apr 3, 2016
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    Why is this threadmarked as Moderation?
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  4. ultima333

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    Because apparently that's the default threadmark for me:oops:
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  5. Generic_Generica

    Generic_Generica Verified kōhai Moderator

    Feb 29, 2016
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    Ganbatte, senpai.
  6. Threadmarks: Medicine and Murder

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    In a certain sunflower field, the sky was clear and the air pleasantly warm. The few clouds in the sky provided the perfect amount of cover, making the land picturesque. The sea of sunflowers swayed gently in the breeze, the yellow ocean marked only by a few clearings and paths leading to the distant mountain and village.

    In one particular clearing, a girl slept. Her short hair was white as snow, framing a face that would be the picture of cuteness were it not for the couple stitched scars that marred it. The girl’s body was clad in a tattered robe, yet if one looked they could see the glint of a pair of crimson blades attached to a black leather belt.

    Slowly, the girl stirred awake, sitting up and opening her eyes. Her gaze swept across the area, evaluating it quickly and carefully, cataloguing information with attention unbefitting of her apparent age. Carefully, she stood up, and as her ears picked up sound, she moved into the wall of flowers.
    Her mind twitched, and the snow-haired girl cloaked herself in the mystery of the night, hidden from perception.

    Just in time, too, as quickly the pitter-patter of shoes skipping on dirt grew closer, and another young girl entered the clearing.
    This one was clad in a black dress with a red skirt, and a bright red ribbon kept her shoulder-length blonde hair from getting in her face. Her red shoes came to a halt as she stood in the clearing. Most notable of her features however, were the ball-joints that were the girl’s elbows and knees; they matched the cream color of her skin, but they marked her as clearly inhuman.

    The newcomer’s blue eyes danced around the clearing, the rest of her body stock still for a moment. “Strange,” she murmured, “I swear that noise came from here…”

    In the midst of the flowers, the scarred girl eyed the doll-like newcomer, waiting for a chance to strike. She knew that there was no way for her target to perceive her, so with great patience--

    Blue eyes snapped to meet yellow. No, not quite- the doll was looking at where the scarred girl was, but not at the scarred girl herself.

    “You can come out, I just wanted to meet you,” the doll girl said. “Yuuka-nee’s away right now, so you don’t need to hide.”

    The white-haired girl hesitated, and her hands twitched towards her knives under her tatters. Slowly, she relaxed; she felt no hostility or deceit coming from her prey- from the girl. Carefully, she stepped into the clearing, and dropped her presence concealment. Her muscles remained taut, however, ready to bolt if it proved necessary.

    To her credit, or possibly due to her nature, the blonde girl didn’t react, other than her head tilting slightly. It was plainly obvious the snow haired girl was no normal human, or more than likely, not human at all.

    However, the more her eyes drank in the stranger, the more recognition dawned upon her. Not of name, but of similarity to herself.

    She looks like she’s had a sad life… those scars aren’t new at all. Moreover, there’s something about her, that reminds me of the place I used to live.

    Like she was thrown away, left to die. Like so many others were.

    Like I was.

    The doll gave a bright smile. Not anymore. “My name’s Medicine. Medicine Melancholy,” she offered. “Do you want to be my friend?”

    “...Friend?” The ragged girl whispered, her voice unused to speaking. “We’ve never had a friend before,..”

    “That’s okay,” said Medicine. “I only have one friend. You can be my second!”

    The snow haired girl gave a smile, not a slasher smile, but a true grin of happiness. “Our name is Jack.”

    As Medicine had found out, Jack didn’t know how to play many games, something that didn’t surprise the living doll much. Instead, they sat under a tree near the edge of the sunflower field, Medicine teaching her new friend how to play Checkers.

    Medicine soon discovered, however, that Jack was a startlingly fast learner, with her pieces being taken followed by a sweet “king us, please.”

    And so they played, until the sun started to set in the sky, the sky turning yellow to match the field of flowers.

    As Jack finally took Medicine’s last piece for the fourth time that night, the doll-girl just gave her new companion a smile. Jack had been somewhat shy at first, but she could tell the scarred girl was slowly getting used to spending time with her. Which is just as good, as nightfall was fast approaching.

    “Jack,” she said. “Night’s coming soon. Do you want to spend the night with me? Yuuka-nee said she’d be back tomorrow, and I’m sure she won’t mind.”

    Jack hesitated. Spend the night? Why? She was plenty used to sleeping outside, so there was no reason for it. The confused girl just tilted her head.

    Medicine, to her credit, or perhaps physiology, didn’t blink. “It’s not safe outside at night. Most youkai know not to bother me, but they won’t know you, and there are occasionally stupid ones.”

    “We are used to staying outside,” the snow-haired girl responded. “We don’t need sleep.”

    “I don’t need to sleep either,” the doll said. “But it’s still nice. So please, why don’t you come with me? You can sleep in a bed, instead of on the ground.”

    Jack stood still for a moment. “... We’ve never slept in a bed before,” she admitted, kicking her feet and looking away.

    “I know how you feel,” Medicine said calmly. “I hadn’t either, until Yuuka-nee took me in.” She gave a wide grin to Jack’s confused look. “But no friend of mine is allowed to go without one! Come on!”

    Grabbing her by the hand, Medicine led Jack through the winding paths of the sunflower field, and the flowers grew taller and taller until they stepped into a clearing in the middle of the field, where a small house was.
    The short, one-story building was nothing particularly fancy, of stone construction with red shingling, and a few small windows. On the oaken door, there was a small sign that said ‘Kazami’ with a picture of a potted sunflower.

    Jack’s mind raced with a rundown of the defenses of the house, and ways to break in. The sunflower maze wouldn’t stop anyone determined, and the house itself wasn’t defensible, especially not to someone like her--

    She was pulled out of her thoughts as Medicine yanked on her arm, pulling her to the door. “Hey, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s fine. Yuuka-nee’s a big deal, everyone knows not to mess with her. She’s super strong. Trust me, it’ll be alright.”

    Trust… Jack thought about it, as she was led through the small house into a bedroom. She had never had that luxury, of someone she could trust. Everyone else had been a stranger, a target, or a threat. Yet despite that, the chorus of souls within her were begging for comfort, something that Medicine, her friend… despite not knowing who Jack was, had provided.

    “Sorry, I forgot there’s only one bed.” Medicine said nervously, her hand still clutching Jack’s. “If you’d like, I can -eep!”

    Jack headed for the bed and climbed in, all but dragging Medicine with her. Clutching the doll tight, she whispered thanks, before closing her eyes.

    Medicine, for her part, was somewhat surprised at this turn of events, but… she could hardly fault Jack. She recalled how she too had been like this, back when Yuuka had first taken her in, including using the elder youkai as a hug pillow for her first few nights.

    With a quiet sigh as she felt the gentle rhythm coming from her new companion, Medicine resigned herself to her fate. Mm. I guess this isn’t so bad...

    Jack the Ripper gets thrown into Gensokyo. Meets Medicine Melancholy, who sees a bit of her old self in Jack, and decides to adopt.

  7. Fallenblades643

    Fallenblades643 Canned food pls?

    Mar 1, 2013
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    Go. On.

    Jack in a sundress SOON™.
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  8. Threadmarks: Murder and Medicine 2

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    Murder and Medicine (Fate / Touhou Project) - 2


    Golden-green eyes snapped open on a scarred, snow-haired girl. After a brief panic, she recognized the unfamiliar softness of a mattress beneath her. Strange, the infrequent times she slept she woke in cold alleys… so where was she, and why did it feel like something was missing?

    The clatter of pots and pans startled Jack from her reverie, and she reached for her knives--

    -Which were gone.

    The girl frantically threw the blankets off of her, and looked about the rustic bedroom. She saw her beloved knives, on a small nightstand with a flower and a doll.

    Upon seeing the doll and collecting her knives, the events of the previous day came to her, and the girl relaxed.

    Friend, Medicine had called her. Warmth blossomed in Jack’s chest. She had a friend.

    Slowly, Jack walked toward the bedroom door and opened it. On doing so, the scent of cooked bacon and eggs assaulted her, and her stomach announced its desire. She crept through the hallway, before coming to the small dining room and kitchen.

    Sitting at the table was Medicine, and at the stove stood a tall, green-haired woman. The unknown figure flipped a few strips of bacon, her plaid ensemble protected by a stained apron.

    Medicine was relaxed, her legs idly kicking under the table. Was this the person she had mentioned yesterday?

    Before she could ponder further, the woman stilled. “Medi, your friend is awake,” she said.

    Jack realized she had been maintaining her stealth ability, and cautiously, lowered it. She was rewarded by a smirk from the woman, and a bright smile from the living doll.

    “You’re awake! Sorry for sneaking out of bed, Yuuka-nee got home so I asked her to make some breakfast for you.” Medicine smiled. The woman, Yuuka, calmly set a still-steaming plate of food on the table.

    “Medi’s never asked to bring a friend over before. Usually all the fairies are too afraid of me to even play with her. Come, sit, enjoy your food,” Yuuka said, red eyes boring into Jack.

    Hesitantly, Jack took a seat under the watchful red eyes of the cook. Medicine, for her part, looked at Yuuka and frowned. “Why do you always need to try to be scary, nee-san?”

    Yuuka turned to the doll and pouted, breaking any semblance of intimidation. “What, I’m not allowed to tease her?”

    “This is why no one ever wants to visit you, you know,” the doll said.

    Yuuka huffed. “If they can’t stand me having a bit of fun, then I wouldn’t want to be their friend anyways. Besides, that just means I visit them instead.”

    Jack stared at them, bemused. Tension broken, she cut off a piece of pancake dripping with syrup, and stuck it in her mouth. “Nummy!” Jack exclaimed.

    The green-haired woman smiled, her hands on her hips as she gave a confident nod. “Of course! I grew the wheat myself, and I’ve been cooking for.. Well, a while. But I’m glad you like it.”

    Jack scarfed down the pancakes, and let out a soft burp once they were finished. Medicine frowned, before leaning across the table and dabbing Jack’s face with a napkin. Leaning back, the doll smiled.

    Yuuka cleared her throat. “So, Jack was it?” The girl in question turned towards the woman and nodded. “Medicine here said you didn’t have anywhere to go, is that true?”

    “Nuh uh,” the snow-haired girl replied. “We’re from London, we don’t know where here is… though, we like it more than London already.”

    “Hmm. London, was it? That’s in the outside world… And do you have anyone that’s going to miss you back there?”

    Jack shook her head. “We lived on the streets, we were never able to find our mommy…”

    Yuuka’s expression softened. “Hm. Well, I suppose one more tagalong wouldn’t hurt. You’re already friends with Medi-chan, too…”

    The snow-haired waif looked up at Yuuka, confused, and the living doll just smiled at her.

    “I’ll tell you what, Jack, you can stay here for a while, on a few conditions. One, you help around the house and field a bit every now and then. Two, don’t cause trouble and lead it back here. It’s bothersome to have the shrine maiden try to scold me. And three… you’ll have to learn how Gensokyo works.” Yuuka smiled. “Do you think you can do that?”

    Jack was stunned. She had been offered shelter in London, but she had always detected a hint of malice, or exploitation. But she felt none of that here. Slowly, she nodded.

    “Wonderful!” Yuuka clapped her hands. “Well then. Hm… I’ll need to go to the village, buy another bed, and hmm… Some clothes too,” she said, eyeing Jack’s rags.

    “She could borrow one of my sets for the trip,” Medicine interjected, “it should fit close enough for now.”

    The rest of breakfast was a blur of both Medicine and Yuuka fussing over their new friend, and Jack being bewildered at the situation. And so began Jack’s new life in Gensokyo…


    The end feels kind of awkward, but wanted to get this bit out.

    Now that the setup is complete, I can move onto episodic one-shots! Yay!
  9. Threadmarks: Dragon SI idea

    ultima333 Always Sleepy Moderator

    Apr 3, 2014
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    Shitty dragon SI idea


    I woke in darkness. The ground was cold and hard beneath my claws, and blue tinged my vision as my eyes adapted to the lack of light.

    Wait. Claws?
    Something wasn't right.

    Blearily, I blinked my eyes. I couldn't identify any sources of light, so how the hell could I even see? And beside that, why the hell did I have claws where I felt hands?

    I moved to stretch up, and felt something brush against the cave's smooth ceiling. I turned my neck around (which was also longer than I remembered it being) and saw a pair of great leathery wings. Combined with the scales on my body which were a pitch black, it painted a pretty clear picture of what I was now.

    A dragon. I was a fucking dragon.


    I had explored the small cave I had woken in, and there wasn't a whole lot to it. There were a couple small chambers, a small pool of faintly glowing water, and pretty much nothing else.

    Oh, there was the door, too. The giant, menacing-looking dark-metal door covered in runes I couldn't read and sealed shut. What's more, it seemed to be pretty much the only way into this place, the rest of the cave just smooth dark stone, no stalagmites or rock formations.

    Just me, this pool, and the door.

    Right. Well, there had to be something I could do.

    Hm. If reading shitty (albeit fun) isekai stories had any bearing on this, I should be able to….


    • Name: <Unnamed>
      Race: Obsidian Dragon
      Level 5
      HP: 488/488, +0.7/s
      MP: 336/336, +1.8/s
      Str: 368
      End: 338
      Wis: 178
      Mag: 236
      Cha: 188
      Abilities: Antimagic Scales, Entropic Breath, Dragon Magic 1, Mana Channel, Upgrade

    Okay, I had never heard of an ‘obsidian dragon' before, but it sounded pretty sweet. Antimagic Scales sounded handy, and so did that breath weapon. Dragon Magic 1 was apparently access to some different spells, which apparently I hadn’t really unlocked any super special ones, though there was a ‘humanoid form’ which would be nice, but not really useful right now.

    But that last one…

    • Spend mana to permanently improve a stat, value or ability of any target. Sequential upgrades to a stat cost increased mana.
      Skill type: O̘u͉͈̗̣t̩̭̯s̼͔id̸̜e̲̲r̦̕

    That sounded uh, pretty good actually. Like, unlimited growth potential good. Especially since my mana regeneration was steady, too. The ‘skill type’ thing was a bit eerie, I wasn’t sure if there were some kind of taboo against it. But it’s not like there’s anything I could do about it, so I put it out of my mind for now.

    Really, it was going to be like playing an incremental game with my mana regeneration and capacity...

    Well, I didn't have anything to do, so I may as well put them to the test and try and find a way out of here...


    Time passed, and passed and passed. I couldn't really tell how long it had been, it kind of all blended together. I couldn't track it by hunger or thirst, or even exhaustion, since none of those things seemed to be an issue any more. I could track my mana expenditure, sure, but given that was constantly changing both the max and the regeneration, it was hard to really keep track of what it was at.

    At first, I had just focused on improving my mana regeneration with my Upgrade power, and I found that the pool in the cave was a wellspring or something, as my mana recharged even faster when I was in it. But after doing that for a while, I began to think of escape.

    I didn't want to stay here forever, that I knew. But at the same time, that door was… foreboding. I would rather not accidentally wake any ancient evil gods while trying to find my way out, thank you very much.

    So that left the other option, dig my way out. Slowly. Very slowly.

    The stone was near unbreakable at first, but after a while of spending my mana on upgrades and clawing, I finally managed to do more than just scratch the cave walls. over time I worked my way towards the surface, and I found my breath weapon could be used to eat away the rubble I cleared, similar to acid, and help keep me from filling my original cave with broken rocks. ‘

    Still, it was a long process. By the time I breached the surface, I reckoned that several months had passed, judging by how much my stats had increased from upgrades.

    Not that that really mattered, since after reaching the light of the sun and seeing my surroundings, I recalled that my earth didn't have giant trees quite that big.

    What the hell was this? Fucking home of the wookiees?

    All around the rather anticlimactic hole I came out of were towering, twisting giants of trees, climbing through the air. I have visited redwood forests in California when I was little, and these dwarfed them and had long, thick limbs to boot.

    I confirmed that no, I wasn't just small by comparing myself to… well, all the other vegetation and grass on the forest floor. If anything I was about the size of a large horse.

    No, it's just that these trees were big.

    The hell...

    Well, for better or worse, I really was in a different world.

    ### edit: a few minor changes.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018