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Unnamed Nuzlockes

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Master of Squirrel-fu, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises* Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    I love Pokemon. I love Nuzlocking.

    This is pretty old and hasn't really been edited. Most was kept in a small jounal and later retyped into a note pad. As I was writing while playing most of it was kept brief. I might eventually try to edit them into an actual story though it's unlikely. I felt the need to at least share them.

    Unnamed Black Nuzlock p1
    Unnamed White Nuzlock p1
    Unnamed Soul Silver Nuzlock p1
    Unnamed Touhoumon 1.8 Nuzlock

    Let's Start:

    Unnamed Nuzlocke Black:


    5/7 Sat. - Started nuzlocke.
    Gender: Female
    Name: Kyonko (#1 had no effect trainer)
    Starter: Oshawott
    Scenereo: Professer juniper left a box of pokemon in my room while I was sleeping. Waking up I was suspecious. Could this be a bomb? It's from Juniper so it might as well be. Cheren came into my room. Hey knock when you enter a ladys room!
    Cheren: Why it's not it has anything to do with you.
    I swear to god Cheren, if you keep this up I will end you.
    Cher: What's in the box?
    I don't know it was here when I woke up.
    Bianca rushes in.
    Bianca: Late! Late Late! So-oooo-orry! Father ate the Birthday sammichs I made so I had to do it again. Hey what's in the box? It had better not be samichs, cause if it is I'll be pissed, no one's muscling in on my turf!
    Relax B, let's check the tag. "To my favorite guinne pig -Juniper"
    Cheren: ...I'm not going anywhere near that.
    Bianca: Why? It's not like it's a bomb...
    ChereN: It's from Juniper.
    Bianca: Oh yeah... I'll just go put these sammiches in the kitchen.
    Box: *click*
    Cheren: *from behind me* Huh? where's the boom?
    You little bastard I'll show you boom! I'm no one's meat sheild!
    Bianca: *looks in box* Hey Guys there's Pokeballs in here!
    Bian: Ya rly! I call dibs on fire!
    Damn, well water types are usually solid and pretty badass.
    Cher: Dammit, grass types suck.

    Bianca received Cutepig, Kyonko received Derpawott, Cheren received Smugleaf/Excalibur

    Cheren: Oh my! I guess grass types can be pretty awesome too. Hey Kyonko, U mad? Oh god not the face!
    Trainer [F] used bitchslap. It was super effective.

    Bianca wants to battle, I wonder if we can do this inside. I'm in doubt about it but maybe if this thing dies Juniper will give me another. Holy fuck the little guy is awesome and takes out the pig quick. Such power! I must have moar! Hey cher-!
    Cher: *standing next to destroyed plasma screen* It wasn't me! It was an accident! You can't prove anything!

    Left with Bianca, downstairs Mom starts making lots of innuendo about hearing us. Have to stop by bianca's for absolutly no reason and B got yelled at by the fat bastard about staying in the kitchen and making him a sammich.

    [Intermision]TV seems to know that I just started, It's desturbing how much they know and i think their mocking me by being #1 while still not having done anything or everyone else sucks ass. I also have a cartoon, where's my cut?

    Went to Juns.
    Jun: I am Juniper! The greatest pokescientist in the universe! Wahahaha!
    Yesbot: Jun's the greatest/ Yeah Juniper!
    Cheren: Do you have to do that everytime we come here?
    Jun: Science sences tingling! *sniffs me* Hmmm...
    WTF? get away from me!
    Jun: Yes, elevated amounts of adrenilin and stress, light persperation, increased pulse, and the footage from the hidden cameras I installed in your room indicate that you just battled both your friends in high stakes poke combat.
    Yeah... Well we just came by to thank you for the free pokemon.
    Jun: Oh those weren't free! you see the /box/ was the birthday present, the pokemon were part of a contract!
    Jun: yeah, by accepting them you all agreed to be my unpaid child labor force! I now own you!
    What the hell!? There's no way that can be legal!
    Jun: Well it is in Unova! we haven't changed the penal code since 1437, and that was to outlaw those damn Orrenite from coming here to take our jobs! Also your parents sold you all to me for 50 bucks each, I wasn't kidding when I said I own you. Now lets name your little meat sheilds before we forget!

    Named oshawott Aterix, Smugleaf is Excalibur, Jun named her pig HamSammich. You got problems B.

    Jun: now that that's out of the way, here are your pokedexs. Go out and catch some monsters and fill them up with nice tasty science. You'll face monster, brave the elements, fight cultists, and experience horrors man was never meant to know! Truely this adventure will mentally scare you for years to come!
    Cher: ...
    Bian: Miii~ ;A;
    Jun: But I have good news! Your inevitably painful and likely nightmarish deaths will serve to further SCIENCE! Now get you're freeloading asses out of here and collect data like good little slaves!

    Went to route 1, B wants us to all take our first step to adventure together.

    Met up with Jun, she showed us how to catch a poke.
    J: this is how you catch ur own minion!
    C: I don't think they're called that.
    J: Guinepig?
    C: that's worse!
    J: Emergence food suply?
    C: Just stop...

    J left to town. B recs a Poke catching contest, most before we get to town wins, she left with C.

    Caught (F) patrat. lvl.2. "Lookout". Grindin to lvl10

    3-way tie to catching contest. J called, to give us the location to find her.

    Jun gave a tour of the Pcenter. B question's who 'Someone''s pc belongs to. Jun dodges the question. and Says they're obviously no where near her level of genius

    Something is happening in the plaza outside. Old guy named Ghetsis steps up, he says he reps team plasma theme looks midevil., he wants to talk about pokeliberation. Starts talking smack about trainer, Blah blah pokemon are people too, treehugger crap.

    Green haird guy comes up to me after PokePETA Leaves. He can hear pokemon talk (poor crazy bastard), He's N, Cheren introduces us stupid asshole. C is now being Mr. Exposition, seriously stuff it! Crazy man is also a Poke freedom fighter aperently and also a trainer. He attacks me!

    Crazy man sends out Cat! Go lookout buy us some t- and he got eaten by the cat. ...huh, that sucks.
    Hey aren't you guys supposed to be for propokelife?
    N: Meh, circle of life, hakuna matata, and all that...
    in the end He got... hosed[pun!] by Aster.
    N: that's a horrible pun...

    N spouts more crazy about rivals grinding and tropes before running off like a bitch. C leaves, fat load of help he was.

    explorin the city, Jammed out with these cool chicks and their chinchilah. Met some blind girl who think I look like Aster, and the tv continues mocking me. Left town.

    Mom called. She made pointless small talk and hung up. Seriously that woman needs to act her age.
    Mom: So do you miss snarky.
    Mom snuck up on me. Got some running shoe she threw at my head.

    Caught F Purrlion lvl 5. "Trixxy"

    Crushed all the other trainers. No one takes losin to Aster well. B snuck up and challenged me.

    B is Moe as always.


    First town awyeah. Trixxy mooched some stuff for me. Found c in schoolhouse. Battle start! He got owned. C gave berries.

    Grinding in dream yard! Got a F Pansear lvl.10 "Monfuego"

    Grinded, Fought gym, Beat guys with Monfuego, they were cheaters and used type advantages.

    Outside met guy named Fennel, said he was giving me something from jun, Led me to a house, to his room Gave an HM and sent me on a quest to get Dream Mist from the Dream Yard. It comes from a Munna.

    In Dream yard, Met up with B. B's lookin fir the mystery Pokemon.

    Found Munna but dicks from plasma showed up. They plan to use the dream mist to trick peoplew into releasing their pokemon. They're kicking Munna. B calls them on it. They're using troll logic to explain why they're different from other trainers. Battle!

    Monfu Vs Patrat
    Monfu vs Purrlion
    I won. Mon lvl up.

    G pops up, more Gs pop up. Teleports if front of us. Grunt flee. New poke apears. B relizes before me that G was a 'dream'; by the new poke to trick grunts. Fennel apears cause she was impatient.. Ne poke is Musharna. Exposition from fennel Munna evolves to Musharna, Confirms B's theory and Musharna has the ability to turn dreams to reality. we got dream mist. Fennel ran off.

    caught a M Audino lvl 8 "Cameron"

    Grinding, Aster evolved, learned Razor Shell
    Went to F's house, she gave C gear.

    Went to daycare, left Trixxy.
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  2. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises* Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Day 2:
    Stayed the night at the Daycare center.
    Was attacked by a croud of preschoolers of the corn, little bastards nearly got me. Creepy buggers with glowing eyes, got chased into the woods and got lost. After going west Cheren found me, well specificaly I found him, or rather my fist found his face when he snuck up on me. Battle!
    Battle was tough, Aster & monfu got hurt a bit but i won.

    C thinks Badge# = Strength. Plasma goons just ran by, Bianca is chasing them with a little girl, no stay away from her B she's evil incarnate! She says she lost her Pokemon. C Ran ahead to get the Poke back. Went to save him from the trap.

    Caught F Pidove lvl 8 "Pidgit"

    Battled Cheating Breeder, kept spamming bite and every one caused Cam to flinch.

    Entered Cave. with C.

    Caught F Woobat lvl 10, "batzy"

    Sturdy ability is annoying.

    Grunts: The child cannot use the pokemon to it's full potential, doesn't that make the pokemon sad?
    Grunt: It's the same for yours so hand them over., better yet we'll just take them.

    Grunt;How can we lose? the good guys dont lose!
    C: Lets go return the pokemon...
    ???: You don't need to return it!
    More plasma grunts apear.
    Newgrunts: We'll show you our combined power and show you justice!
    C: Why are you villain acting so self-rightious? Kyonko, we've been friends our whole lives, We've got each others back, Lets show them how its done.

    Double battle! Vs Aster & Excal vs Patrats.

    Grunts: Justice will prevail!
    C: How can you consider stealing pokemon justice?
    Grunts: Blah blah trainers are evil and make pokemon suffer
    C: Suffer? you grunts keep throwing around that word but I don't think you know the meaning of it.

    Grunts flee
    C: Trainers bring out the inner strength of their patners and pokemon put their faith and loyalty in their trainer, what part of that is suffering? Kyonko I'll return the pokemon.

    Left cave to return pokemon, little girl gave me heal balls. Bianca leaves and the girl bites the head off the poor little pokemon.

    Grinding time! Made it to next town, sign says Big Mall, shopping fuck yeah.
    Ran into Cheren, gave some advice on the gym
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  3. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises* Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Went to pin wheal forest

    went to gym, ran into N, He says he sees things, Battle!

    N cheats, tadpole had homing water gun and kept hittinh trixxy, switched to aster and ate it.

    N starts talking crazy and UNLIMITED POWER! eunogh to make everyone agree with him, runs off ranting about zokram and him being a shounen hero.

    Turns out it's a museum, guy named hawes comes up to me, gives me a tour. Dragon bones, meteor, and a metall ball he dismisses. Gym in the back with asome sort of trivia puzzle. Leader is his wife.

    Went back to forest. Battled trainers.

    Ran into grunts. Blocking path. went to gym, it's a library, Battle!
    Nerd says he is strong because he's always reading. beat him

    Book search puzzle. condesending nerds, condesending nerds everywhere. Last question was If you heat it up in a pot it will become delicious. Obviously the answer is Tehpig! I ended up getting surprised by fighting a little girl for the true final. switch in book, moves bookcase to show stares. Room looks pretty awesome. Battle!

    Aster vs Herdier 1HKO with razer shell.

    Aster vs Watchog Put Aster to sleep, Damn you cheren and your chekov berrys I already eat! lucky Aster woke up instantly to shell smack it. it used retaliate and got in a good hit, i was worried, Razershell managed to kill it. Fuck yeah Lvl up! 24!

    guy runs in says Grunts stole bones.

    Ran out, grunt claim dragon skull for the liberation. Len runs outside

    ran out, guy comes up to Lenora says hey and asks about new fossuls, its leader Burge.

    B comes up, says hey and asks whats happening. C pops up does the same. Split up B&C stay at gym Me and Burgh search forest. B gives me drowsing Machine. Off we go!

    Split up again, asshat stuck me with the trainer and grunt filled way.
    Burgh: Let's split up, I'll cut him off by going doen this well lit paved path with a beautiful scenic veiw, and you follw him though the dark scary woods filled with monsters and maniacs.
    I. fucking. hate you.
    Burgh: kid, you aren't being beautiful

    Caught a M lvl14 Cottonee. "Flufmodeus". Woo more crap.

    fought lots of Audino and lvld up lots.

    Holy shit I got chalenged by Carmon Sandiego!

    Hard battle against Pansage with Mon, Trix, and Batz.

    Fought last grunt, nearly lost but won and lvldup. Dragon skull obtained.

    Old guy named Gorm shows up.

    Grunt calls him Gorm of the 7 sages. and appoligises for losing the skull. Gorm doesnt care, says they can afford to lose it since it's not from the legendary Zokram, he threatens me. Burgh shows up and acts cool.
    Burgh: 'I show up and what do I spy? this important looking guy.'
    Where the hell have you been!?
    I was preparing my entrance, if it' not flashy and in high style, what's the point?
    Must. resit. urge to. break face!
    Len shows up. Norm introduces himself as a sage and outs Ghetsis as one too and says they will win no mater what. Says the "Know thy enemies" Sun Tzu quote and runs.

    Len: Are you planning to chase them Burgh.
    Bur: No, if we chase them they might fight & who knows what would happen to the skull, we'll be heading back, but I'll be waiting for Kyonko at my gym.
    Gave Len skull and got moonstone. runs off.

    Caught Tympole in outer forest. "Rhapsody"
    Traded Flufmodeus for a petilil in the town. "Lillil" joins the party!

    In forrest, Batzy died to Leafpillar thing @ lvl 13.

    Going to next town. Sky row bridge is awesome!
    Girl in station: I walked so far! My legs are sore! ...Um, you don't have to look.
    So does that mean I can massage them instead?
    Girl: ...
    ...I'll just be going then.
    Sign in background says "Tender Loving" While talking to girl.

    In Castelia city, Huge! I'm awestruck. Guy gave me a firestone. Streets are so crouded. Aster got a massage. Holy shit Yaht in the harbor!

    Battle Company Ahoy! Monfuego learned Yawn!
    Battled president, he was dressed as the janitor. Got exp. share! Best. Fight. Ever!
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  4. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises* Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Still exploring city, guy yelling he lost his glasses, scared the shit out of me. He gave me a flash TM. Still creepy. Chilled in cafe. Some creepy old guys huddled in a corner chuckling.

    Went to the passers by club and was made the Statician, great more work hopefully i get paid. I hand out surveys
    Got a survey. 1) Hobby? Videogames 2)Job? Student. 3)Battle or Trades? Battle 4) Favorite kind of Poke? Cool

    Fought dancer Mikie, sent out Pansage oh shit! Half my guys are tired and only Aster is left! Aster bitchslapped his ass. Entered building with alot of men in suits. One pats me down and let me up the elevator, only one button for the 47th floor. it's a party!

    Next route it's a desert, Arceus fails Geography is the only excuse that this can exist nextdoor to an ocean. Caught M Scraggy lvl 17, "Phalizard" Debating weither Sigmander or Freude would have been better, man I wanted a Crocoduck. Grinding time! road covvered in sand; workers tell me to kill time until it's fixed.

    Went to challenge gym, ran into C coming out, he warns guy is strong. C leaves, Burgh comes out, he says he can't fight because Plasma was sighted in the city.
    Burgh: how dare those bastards try to upstage me!? for the crime of distracting others from my magnificences they shall pay!

    Went to pier, ran into Burgh, C, & B. They're with some girl (Iris) B got her Munna stolen, Girl said she chased the grunts but lost them, Burgh says that it's alright but girl still thinks it's not good enough, B calls her Iris. Burgh says we'll get it back but finding them in a city will be ike a needle in a haystack. Sudently stupid grunt apears. He says he'll grab another poke. He gets 2nd thought seeing us all. He runs.

    Burgh says we split up, Me and him chase Grunt, B and Iris stay. Burgh runs ahead, Iris declares herself B's bodyguard. I leave.

    Found hide out, battle! One says he'll handle "the weak looking runt" so he can show off. I demand blood. Beat him, then I /beat/ him his crys of pain fill my heart with joy. They run in building. Iris and B show up, they got lost. Burgh is an idiot & rushs in, Iris drags B with her. I feel a bit annoyed.

    Ghet: Well if it isn't the great gym leader Burgh.
    Burgh: What are you doing here? What's your purpose?
    Ghet: I thought it might be ammusing to make a hideout infront of a gym but I guess we were found quicker than I thought. No matter, are all of you familiar the legend of the Unova's Origin?
    Iris: Yes, the black dragon correct?
    Ghet: It is more than just a myth, the dragon appeared before a hero who fought for justice and peace in a time of war. The dragon shared it's knowledge and bore it's fangs at those who stood against it. Together the dragon and the hero brought peace to a word at war. and all the nation were united under one flag. That is the founding of Unova. ...Our purpose, dear Burgh, is to bring back this hero and dragon and bring 'peace' back to Unova. The hearts and minds of all the people will be united as one and then we can create a world without secrets, the next stage of humanity, it's evilution. This is the world we desire, that is the Purpose of team Plasma!
    Burgh: There is something youre saying I dont quite understand. We all have one thing in common, me you any one in this world, our love of pokemon. Do you remember your speach in Acculula? *steps up* You made me question myself and look deeply at my relationship with my partners and for that I thank you. But what you guys are doing is not strengthening the bond between the two kinds, no, you're burning all the bridges we have made. What do you have to say!?
    Returns Munna.
    B: thank you.
    Iris: Bianca! why are you thinking them they're theives!
    B: I'm just so happy Munna is safe.
    Ghet: This is a sweet and touching moment. But to achive peace we will return the Hero King of legend and return peace to the land! Farewell.
    Iris: Why didn't you stop them their running away!
    B: It's okay, no ones hurt, and more importantly my dareling pokemon are back!
    Iris: *sigh* if you're happy...
    Calms down, B mentions wanting to tour the ciry. Iris says she's still a bodygurd and drags B off.

    Burgh leaves. Off to gym. Oh god it's full of clowns! Aster protect me! Oh god Ninja clowns. They're everwhere! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Made it to the Leader and it only cost 4 clowns their lives, a net gain for humanity!

    Battle! Nearly lost Pyrokey to Mantismon but burned it down.
    Outside gym phone rings. B Challenged me after being trained by Iris. Location Route four gate.
    B showed up, she's new improved and as bouncey as ever. Curbstomped her.
    B: Since we've left Nevuma town I've meet a lot of people and I've been thinking about what i want to do in life. When you look at it that wway, Pokemon have given me a lot of new experiences. Having my pokemon stolen was just horrible experience and I was so unsure... Still I gotta say I'm really glad for everything, I would change a thing. I've learned so much on this journey. Pokemon are a very big part of my life. I'll see you again Kyonko.
    B left. Went to route 4, C pulled a gary and challenged me. Fucking A.
    Hard fight, Chim vs Excalibur, Lil vs Panpour.

    C: Your strength comes from your trust in your pokemon.

    Call coming in, it's Jun! Called everyone but Bianca didn't answer, she'll be waiting at the end of the route.

    Caught M Yamask "Gheist" in castel ruins

    Oh god I fell in quick sand! With my last breath I curse C! Oh, I'm alive, Cam dig us out.
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  5. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises* Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
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    At gate to new town. Met jun and C. Said Elesa called her about Electric poke, she gives us some ultraballs and tells us to get back to work and leaves. I go to Nimbasa.

    Right outside of the gates are grunts harrassing and old guy. He runs the daycare and they want to rob him. Oldman: What is this shit? You kid, kick their asses for me.

    Battle! won. they ran

    Guy punched guy off bike and gave it to me as a thank you. B came up, she rattleing on and on and says she's going to the musical, I'll be meeting her later. Wandering town. Tv tabloid: Living Icecream! & mocks my lack of pimping out my poke. Those sick bastards!

    Oh cool a theme park! Shit it's the crazy hobo guy, be descreet... Shit he found me. Team plasma is here and he takes me to them. They're gone so takes me up the ferris wheel to see if we spot them. I swear if he tries something Aster is gonna be cleaning blood of his shells. He says he's the king of plasma and Ghetsis asked him to help save the poke, also we're just PC's in a game and pokemon came from space. He's Crazy I tells ya!

    Back outside, grunts run up, holy shit the king thing was true! They call him lord N! Don't be so damn smug you only got 1 right. He says I also care for pokemon and I'm under his protection, this would likely be more dramatic and romantic if he wasn't dressed like a bum. He wants to fight to cover a retreat then He asks if I follow his logic. No, no way in hell you crazy asshat. Battle!

    Aster cuts them all down with his shells.

    Aster Evolved!

    N: You're strong but there is a future that I must change and for that future I will be the very best, like no one ever was! Crushing you will be my test, for freeing pokemon is my cause! just try to stop me for any hope you will travel across the land searching far and wide! With your pokemon you will understand the powe That's inside. At the league it'll be you and me, for that is our destiny!

    N runs. Wander the city, B picks me up and we go to the theater. Entered Trix, she's sporting a tophat/tie/sunglasses combo. B's Father found us coming out of the theater. He's come to take her back home! B doesnt want to. Girl buts in for B, Elesa, She's the gym leader and a model, she goes on about how there are many different people and we don't always get what we want,and are also nothing compared to the manliness of Valkner. We must respect the wishs of others but still be ourselves and valkner. B begs her dad to let her stay. He accepts and tells her to becareful. He asks me to look after her, haven't I always?

    El says some final words about stuff and valkner and leaves, B is really excited about her. I'm feeling kind of insulted. B runs off.

    Trixxy evolved. On route 5. Beat chef with Pan monkeys.

    Caught lvl22 M Ciccino "Chewy"

    Caught Lvl 24 Gothita, "Mimette"

    Caught lvl 20 Panpour, "Ampersand"

    Evolved Chimpyro to Simisear.
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  6. Master of Squirrel-fu

    Master of Squirrel-fu *Smug Drone Noises* Moderator

    Feb 14, 2013
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    Beating everyone on route 5

    Went to gym. Looks like something out of tron. Smashing flying mice.

    Beat Elesa. She start's beging Valkner sama for forgiveness.

    Btlling guys at the super bowl.

    Went to R5. Cher showed up. He says since both have the bolt badge we should fight to see who's better. Battle!

    Drained the Joss Liepard with Lil's gigadrain, Aster hosed the bird, Chim burned Excalibur. Lil took out the water monkey.

    C is starting to get mad about how he hasnt beaten me, I feel kinda sorry for him. Elesa pops up and talks to us. She takes us to see some flame haired guy. He starts talking about how awesome festivals are. C asks who the idiot is. Holy shit Elesa says he's the fraking champ! C calls bullshit snf I'm inclined to agree, Alder calls him a judgemental little brat. He says he's on a journey to explore every corner of Unova. C says he's not a brat he's Cheren, the future Champ! Whats with this OoCness? Alder asks why, C says to be the strongest and since the strongest is the champ that is what he will be. Alder tells him it won't just be that's the strongest but his team. And to teach him the value of respecting his pokemon he'll make the 2 of us battle some kids. ...wait, don't drag me into the asshats problems! Oh dammit the kids are preschoolers, I feel like a criminal being forced to do this, oh god they're using puppies! Yes, just rub more salt in the wound! Maybe I'll go eas- Holy mother of fuck! the dog just went for Joss neck! fuck this go all out Lil!

    Beat the creepy little brats, I keep expecting their eyes to glow and speak in tongues.

    Al says their are those who fight for strength and those who fight for fun and if he wants to be champ he's gonna have to change. Fuck, if those kids fight for fun than I want nothing to do with it!

    Elesa takes us to the bridge. Bridge drops.

    Caught Ducklett "Donald"

    In next city. C is talking to a texan. Seems Elesa told him about us so he's probaby Clay. Yep. Seems he's pissed because lowering the bridge somehow allowed some grunt to escape. C explains how it's not our fault, Clay say fuck you I'm gonna blame you anyway now go find their midevil asses before he gives us a Texas Howdy Boom. He won't let us fight his gym till then. Me and C split up.

    It's raining
    Open market

    Watched my cartoon, damn I'm badass. Ran into guy who says "Living is using time given to you. You cannot recall lost time. Don't forget that"

    Caughtlvl 25 F Herdier "Sammy"

    Ran into C in cold storage, he thinks the grunts are in there. It's fucking cold!

    C makes small talk as we enter, He asks if /i think there is something more than strength like al said. He finds it a bother to think about and we should hurry up.

    Split up. Guy comes up and says he knows a way to keep warm, Aster... .Guy apparently means a battle or so he says. Another guy comes up and says I seem excited for being so cold, this place is full of pervs. I will burn this place to the ground!

    Made it to the end and there's an open container, C shows up

    Into the box, The Grunts, New Sage (Zin) surrounded by grunts he's telling the grunts to huddle next to him. ...Is he, Oh god! He is! I need to throw up. Cannot unsee! KILL KILL IT WITH FIRE!

    After the curbstomp Clay and the Texas Rangers show up. The rangers take care of the grunts. C says that seperating pokemon and people is the same as not having pokemon and how plasma are stupid, also its cold and we should leave. No shit sherlocke.

    Went to Gym, Ghet and grunts are outside. Ghet greets clay, he's come to take the grunts, Clay gives them up. Oh no you don't! Ghet disappears and Clay runs into his Gym. C runs for help and I chase Clay. He's at the bottom of the mine. Battle!

    Aster Blasts his pokemon away with waterpulse. Razershelled the frog thing, Rebound hit Clay and knocked him into a wall He makes a freudian speach and when I let my guard down he attacks the wall and the tunnle starts to colapse on us. Aster protects me and we run leaving Clay his last words are to go to the end of route 6.

    I leave the city. B shows up, asks if I was at the gym when it colapsed, I tell her what happened. B gets upset about me putting myself in danger, we get into an argument she pulls her pokemon, she says if she beats me I have to listen to her asnd stop being so rash. I win, she breaks down crying, she tells me how I'm always getting in trouble to help others and when we were kids, she wishs she could be strong enough to not only look after herself but to protect me so I would get hurt being stupid and rash. We catch up asnd she leaves later, before she goes she gives me the TM fly and tells me that if I ever need help to use it to ask her for help.

    Caught a deerling "Charley"
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    Still on route 6, spent the night in a lab, Aperently there are a lot of mushroom pokemon who look just like pokeballs. Made it to charge stone cave like clay said, the entrance is covered in an electrified web. Found a box with a TM, the badge, and a note that says there is a electric spider nest and Plasma grunts in there and I have to crush them.

    Caught F lvl 24 Drillbur, "Terra"

    Holy shit Ninja! They take me to N, he sent them after me. N says Ghet got them from the Shadow Triad. Holy Fuck! The Ninjas made the spider nest. N says that I've been choosen as a child of prophacy and asks if I'm surprised, No, after everything I just got used to all the delusions gathering around me. He says I simply dont understand what it means. He says he told Ghet about me, B, and C and Ghet sent the triad after us. He learned alot about us, C seeks strength, B is breaking from her dream of saving others being crush and learning not everone can be strong and I am more neutral. which is a good thing. N Runs. I walk around until I find a floating crystal.

    "Hey you!" B runs up, "Didn't I tell you to come to me instead of heading into trouble by youself, right prof?"

    "How should I know? Not like I listen in on all your conversations through the bugs I planted in the pokedex for that exact perpose. Oh hey there Kyon. How ya been?"

    Jun is here for research and new guenepigs and explains how through electromagnetism the stones can flaot in technobable then brags about her genius and how some oak guy can kiss her ass. B is Jun's bodyguard.

    near the end of the tunnel Jun says that her studies proved Klink came into existance less than 100 years ago. she says its a breakthrough in the origin of pokemon. And sudently NINJAs! Kidnaped again.

    Brough to N. "Mix too many values and the world turns grey. I won't let that happen I will seperate the man and pokemon, then the black and white will be distincly. Only pokemon can become perfect beings, that is the future I fight for. Kyonko do you have a dream?"


    "Then show me your convictions!" Battle! I won with Aster & Chim. "Hurting my friends, that's all these battles are. This is why I wish to end this."
    "Kyonko!" B runs up, seems she found me.
    "You have some good ears to hear Kyonko all the way over here, impossibly good in fact, how would you like to help further SCIENCE?" Jun looked tired but perked up at the mention of experiments, "Hey who's the bum?" You only just noticed him?
    "Professer Juniper, the formost genius on pokemon in all of Unova, I've wanted to meet you for quite a while. You think you can quantify, break up, and anylize pokemon. The very concept of your Pokedex fills me with disgust." N

    Jun, "It's nice to see my genius procedes me, you're quite a passionate little brat and I respect that. But you're a fool if you think that I'll stop my research! SCIENCE will march on!

    N leaves, Jun leaves, B says bye and leaves after Jun. I exit tunnel to next town.

    Guy and a girl come up to me, I feel the strange urge to punch his face in. He introduces himself as Cedric Juniper, that explains it. He's Jun's dad, Jun has told him alot about me, looks, personality, Blood type, birthday, Sizes, and my fear of clowns. Note to self get restaining order on Jun. He calls Jun's science a good attempt but far too short of his genius, then he upgrades my dex without my permission to prove it. Now i get free internet and the ability to hack any computer only now it won't speak english anymore, goddamn moonspeak!. Girl comes up and asks who i am. we get introduced. She's skyla his friends daughter. She says she's the gym leader.

    Ced shouts about how nothing will stop SCIENCE! and leaves. Before Sky leaves she tells me she's going to Celestial tower to investigate a sick pokemon and see if it needs help. Adventure!

    This is an aviator town, the TV actually praises me! #1 no struggle trainer WOO! route 7, grinding! Also faught a ponpador monkey.


    Phone call, It's mum, small talk again. Battling clowns on tight ropes!

    Caught M lvl 27 Zebstika "Raijin"

    Lost Chimpyro to a watchog hyperfang. Aster crushed it's skull.

    Chimpyro ne' Monfuego, lvl. 10-33. Lovely, happy, and caring. you will be missed.

    lost Terra to a timburr.
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    took time off for mourning.

    Got M Archen named Raptoryx. Grinding!

    Raptoryx Evolved!

    Lilil evolved!

    gOING TO CELESTIAL Tower. Caught Litwick lvl 28 "Poe"

    Poe helps light the way. This place is full of assholes! Who wants to fight in a barrial tower!?

    Poe!, Poe died! I'm so sorry Poe!

    Made it to the top, Skyla is there. she tells me to ring the tower bell. It's supposed to soothe the spirits of the pokemon. She says that it will make a sound depending on the soul of the trainer. going to ring the bell. This is for you guys, the ones who we've lost.

    Skyla says it's beautiful and that I must be a kind and strong person to make such a sound. But that there is a small hint of darkness within. It sends a shiver down her spine. As I leave the tower I see a shadow, Poe! I whip my head around and see... Nothing. It's just a trick of the eye. I leave. Inside behind in the shadows Chimpyro, Batzy, Terra, and Poe flicker into view looking meloncholic, and then fade away.

    I head off to challenge Skyla. WTF, you have ti shoot yourself out of fricken cannons!? Goddamn crazy leaders and their fricken avangarde style gyms! Ow! stupid canon shoot me into a wall! Skyla is going to pay for that! Beat Skyla.

    I leave the gym and N is waiting outside, okay first the Ninja and now this are you a stalker as well as being a crazy bum!?

    N says all battle are is just to compete and that that is enough to justify hurting pokemon!? He asks if he's the only one that sees something wrong with that. i can simpathize now, maybe he's not so crazy. Now he wants to talk to my pokemon, great job ruining the mood I almost thought you could be sane. Pokemon don't talk idiot. He says he can understand them because he was raised by pokemon... Okaaaay, I can acctually believe that, sorta. And apperently he think pokemon never lie. I think you should have a word with Trixxy. So he talks to Ryx before I can stop him. Holy shit he says I'm from Nuvema town, live with my mum, and Jun gave me the pokedex! Oh my god he really can speak to pokemon, or he really is a stalker... Or he read my twitter account. idiot. He says he wish to live in a world where pokemon and people trusted each other like me and my partners. That's actually kinda touching. He says if it where true he wouldn't have steal the pokemon when he took over the world. ...Read the mood jackass! He tells me Ghet is looking for the light & Dark stones, and these stones seal the legendary Pokemon. I get the feeling you dont like ghet. N's plan is to befriend the legendary pokemon and become the new Hero.

    He calms down, he wants to concoure the world without force since using force will only hurt the pokemon. He says I too should understand Pokemon are more than juyst tools. N leaves.

    I go to the next route. At twist Mountain C shows up, since he also has a gym badge he wants to fight, when the hell did you get that!? And stop this shit!

    After that C starts to whine, Alder makes a dramatic entrance by jumping off the cliff. Alder tells him to shut his bitch mouth and stop whining like a little girl. Al asks us if we remember what we said when he asked why we want to be strong. C says he just wants to be strong simply to be strong. Al says he reminds him of Marshal. He gives us HM 03 and leaves. I leave.

    In cave I caught a boldore "Vanguard", not a total loss.
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    Back track time!

    Caught Basculin, "overbite"

    Caught Wubat "Woolzy"

    Got an egg on 18 from Indiana Jones.

    Caught Klink in lab, "Gadget"

    Caught a crustle "Sebatian"

    Egg hatched into Larvesta, "Belphebug"

    Caught Alomora, "NotLuvdisc"
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    Went into the Veilstone cave. It's filled with Molemen and sand people. aperrently it's a dumping ground for the fail experements of the Juniper Family. Well they seem traumatized enough. Sudently fell down a hole, down below Cheren was battling a grunt. Luckly Cheren's face broke my fall. The Grunt gloats, then he's crushed by giant rock. Now to the Next town so i can change out of my gore stained cloths, Happens more often than I like. Exploring the town fan into a disco fish.

    Stunfisk, "Funkstis" Joins the team.

    North of town A Drudigan was plotting his plan to concour the world! So caught up in rallying his forces with a rousing speach he never notice that I chucked a pokeball at him. Iskander joins the team!

    Iskander seems to like this new developement, since his previous Army was just some Tincan bugs and derpfish. The first step on the road to conquest will be the nearby gym! Screw type advantage, Kick reason to the curb, Do the impossible beat the unbeatable (Roh Roh Fight the power!). Stampede through the Gym until we find the final boss, Bryce Lee! Iskander goes for a Lariot and Bryce just out classes him big time, without pokemon. Holy shit! Ikander gets back up and we settle this with a pokemon battle. Tough, especial since type advantage is either neutral or in his favor, but i win without taking too much damage. And I got an autograph! Can't wait to rub this in Cheren's face! And there he is! Suck it!

    Cheren: Grumbles
    Hey, what's wrong with you?
    Bianca: Oh he's just having an identy crisis. Or he's gone emo... Either way it's depressing
    Cheren: I'm just wondering if we've all changed since we started...
    Well, you probably would have tried to eat my autograph last month just to be a dick...
    Bianca: And u would have just kept trying to pick a fight instead of worrying about him!
    Cheren: And you would make us sammichs to get us to stop fighting...
    Bianca: *Holds up Sammichs*

    The conversation is interupted by Bryce Running up to us and asks "Who are you!?" while pointing at me. ...Um we just had a battle not 10 minutes ago.

    Bryce: Not you! Those men behind you!
    Triad: Young master sends for you from Dragon Spiral tower. We have come to retreive you. *Holds up wet napkin*
    Oh hell no not this shit again!
    Bryce: Not so fast! *Jump kick*
    Cheren: Holy crap that guy just exploded!
    ...Into a log?
    Bianca: Kya! No my upper arm my only weakness!
    Triad: This was unexpected. ...But the mission remains the same. Come to Dragon Spiral Tower. We will be waiting... *disapears in a swirl of leaves*

    [scene of running to DSTower, Cedric in the background]

    Inside the Tower is rumbling like an earthquake.

    We enter the room, there's an old guy with an afro looking like he never left the 70's. All his grunts dress like hippies and disco-ers.

    Plasma: Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!
    Bianca: Help me Kyonko! They want dress me in polyester and feed me to a dragon, and worse they won't stop playing disco music!

    Cool oneliner about disco already being dead.

    Miniboss uses disco speak to say that N is about to become a hero and he's going to attack us. Cher and Bryce hold them off so I can go up.

    Upstairs ran into N. He's with a giant black Dragon.

    N: Hello again.
    Why did you want me to come here?
    N: Because I wanted you to be here to witness me becoming the true hero of this story. This is Zokram, the Dragon of Will. He stood beside the previous hero who freed this land from tyrany.
    Wait, that's not how the legend goes!
    N: Plothole, retcon, forshadowing *shrug*. Moving on, I will be heading to the League, and of course as the rival character I will succeed in the challenge as the plot demands it. From there I will usher in a new age where Man and Pokemon live seperatly. Now I must be off, since I have to do some off screen grinding. Oh and don't try to fight 'fire with fire' you won't like the consequences, all that will happen is everyone gets burned.

    N escapes on Reshiram and the rest of the gang come in along with Cedric. Cher asks what N ment about "fighting fire with fire". Byce suggest we head back to town to talk about this first since the tower seems like it's going to collapse.

    Later we talk about what happened at a local dinner. Bianca wonders if what N meant is there is another legendary dragon. Alder chrshs though a wall ala Koolaidman and confirms it.

    Alder: As much as I don't want to suggest it but we will need to borrow it's poer if we're to even have a hope of fighting Zokram.
    Cheren: what do you mean?
    Alder: The Dragons of Will and Knowledge are powerfull beyond beleif. Long ago there was a similar situation to this, Dragon vs Dragon. All of Unova felt the power unleased by their clash. And two scars remain as eternal proof, a barren lifeless strech of desert in the center of the land where they began and a deep crater where the final blow was delt. With the kind of power even /one/ of these holds N and Plasma win. They can hold all of Unova hostage and we will have to give into their demands.
    Bianca: That's terrible! We have to stop them!
    Alder: Right now there isn't a single pokemon in the regien that can hope to beat that dragon. Except the other... but that could easily end up turning everything even worse and finish Unova for good with their fight. [aside]or repeat what happened last time...[/aside]
    What was that?
    Alder: But a plan is a plan, even if it's just a back up... Head to dragon spiral tower as soon as you can, I think I know where we can start searching for the other dragon...
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    Went to relic castle with Cheren. Went through sandtrap maze, at the end we run into Alder facing off against Ghetsis.

    Alder: You 2 get behind me! NOW!
    Cheren makes it but the sand colapses and I slide towards Ghetsis
    Alder: Get away from the girl!
    Ghtes: Hmph, there is no reason to be so cautious it's just me here.
    Alder: that's why!
    Ghets: I guess even a fool can learn from past mistakes. But that's not why I'm here. *steps closer* Congradulations are in order child, *grabs my chin* you've been chosen by the young king.
    W-what are you talking about!? *knocks away hand and bask away*
    ghets: You need to learn some proper etiquette... As I was saying ealier Alder, it seems we are both at an impass.
    Alder: Explain.
    Ghets: The White stone is missing from the alter.
    Alder: What!?
    Ghets: Yes, I knew what you where planing and came here to retreive the stone and end any hope of resistance you could have put up before it even began. Imagine my surprise to learn I needn't have come here at all. Now the plan can continue without delay.
    Alder: You bastard do you know what you're planning to do!? You say you want to free pokemon but have you even considered what they want as well?
    ghets: Oh this is rich, that /you/ would say that of all people in this room. It seems you have forgotten yourself in your cowardice.
    Alder what's this guy talking about?
    Alder: Nothing, the bastard is simply stalling don't beleive a word out of his slimy weasle mouth
    Ghets: You wound me, is that any way to talk to an old friend and partner?
    alder: Quiet!
    Ghets: Why? These children have a right to know just who they've been foolish enough to blindly trust. You see this man is one of the original founders of the group I now lead. One of the strongest supports, the blood on your hands is stagering. The one who we all prepared to crown our next king.
    Cheren: What? there is no way this idiot could be what you say!
    I agree, you have to be lying. Alder would never do that. Right?
    Alder: ...
    Ghets: Even he can't deny it. He was Plasmas greatest general... But then he turned coward and ran after it was his own pokemon that suffered for the cause, after making many "necesary sacrifices" of the men and pokemon of the teams he lead and those who fought him. The strongest trainer turned yellow and abandoned his men and his title and ran with his tail between his legs. How are those friends of yours, by the way, the ones up in the league you left to guard /it/. You should keep in touch more often, you never know when something can happen.
    Alder: What did you do to them!
    ghets: Nothing as of now, but N is on his way there to show them what becomes of traiters. He will show the world he is stronger than their broken coward of a Champion.
    Alder: No! I will fight you I won't let you do this! And the people will fight too, we trainers won't just sit back and let you take our friends!
    Ghets: You of all people should relize that is untrue, that even the strongest of men will fold and surrender in the face of death. The word of Plasma is speading, and more people are releasing their pokemon, questioning the world, /joining us./ it won't be an army that stands against me but agroup of stubborn selfish fools. Fools that the new child king will crush.

    Gehtsis leaves. Alder says he has to go back to the league but is confused about what to do about the lightstone. He'll leave that to us since he needs to hurry, he promises to fill us in on his whole story as soon as he can. Before he can leave Jun calls and we need to hurry to Nacrene Museum.

    Bianca, Ced, Lenora, and Jun are waiting there. it turns out Jun had found the Light stone inside. It was one of the artifacts that Lenora had dug up on an excivation of the Relic castle. She hands it to me but Al stops me. He says that once I take this there is no going back, that I /will/ be the last stand against N should he fail. I understand.

    Ced ruins the moment by asking just how I'm suppowed to summon Reshiram. Awkward silence and everyone looks at Al. Al has no idea but says we should head to the Dragon trainers of Ocelucid city. Everyone splits up, Al will go ahead, Cher will go to train in case their needed. Jun and Ced will use science to try to help. Bianca sticks with me on the road to Ocelucid. Bianca and I have a talk on the way there.

    Bianca: I've been thinking about my future, what I want to do when I'm finished with my journey. At first before I started I thought about just staying home, being a proper lady...
    Bianca: yes, yes I know no need to say it. Then when I started I experience an entirley new world, one I never thought existed. Filled with excitement and adventure... But it was a little too for me to take in at once. When we made it to Nimbasa city and met Elesa I breifly thought about being like her and becoming a model...
    Well you certainly look good enough to be one, although your poise can use some work.
    Bianca: *giggle* I couldn't give up pokemon and addventure like that, not even for all the pretty dresses and jewlery. And Charge stone gave me another option, when I helped Jun I found I was interested in researching pokemon... but then I wouldn't become stronger like wanted. Kyonko, can I have one last battle, so I can decide just what I should do?

    I win

    bianca: I see. You're as strong as always Kyonko...I guess you will never need my help, I'll just keep getting in the way. go on ahead without me. Just, just stop them. We both know just what it's like to lose a friend even if only temperarily in my case.

    She hops on her pokemon to leave before I can stop her.

    On the bridge, AND SUDDENTLY NINJA! The take me to ghetsis.

    Ghetsis: We know you have the light stone.
    I won't let you have it!
    Ghetsis: On the contrary child, I am no here to take it. The Boy wishes you to keep it, and I can't go against the king. He wishs to see if you can awaken the dragon within. To test himself against you to see who is the real hero.
    Then why did you bring me here?
    Ghetsis: Because this is unnecisary. I've been molding the boy since his birth to become the perfect King, all this work, the years of planning and secrecy are almost complete and our goal is just ahead. And now of all times the boy wishs to go against his teachings and jeprodize everything. I will not risk all the hard work on the whimsy of a child. So this is good bye.
    but I thought you said you couldn't go against N!?
    Ghetsis: Of course but if you were to die here than you are unworthy of facing the king and would never be able to use the orb.

    In the struggle against the Ninja I fall off the bridge.

    Ghetsis: Unfortunate. Search below, I need proof. If you find her body bring me the head.

    Luckly I managed to avoid them and climbed back up. On the next route as soon as I came through some asshat chucked a TM at my head. One severe beating later and some Biker skinheads are trying to start something and asking for protection money, I am not in the mood for this shit! Everything sort of goes red and next thing I know I'm standing on a pile of bodies. They make me their leader and I have them pay me protection money so I can go shopping, I need some new 'not bloodstained' clothes. Caught a Pawniard, Shredder.

    In the next town Ghet is holding a Rally I try to hide in the croud but I think he might have seen me. crap. the rally ends and Alder takes me to meet the dragon masters. Sonova- It's Iris and Epic beard guy (from Poketube)

    Iris: Oh it's Al and that violent girl who helped out that time.
    You little brat! I'm the one who did all the fighting! Revenge shall be mine do you hear me!?
    Dray: So what does the champion want with us gym leaders?
    Al: We want to know how to awaken the the White sphere.
    Dray: What's the magic word?
    Al: ...Please?
    Dray: No.
    Shazaam? *roles eyes*
    Iris: Correct!
    Sweet! So you'll tell us about it?
    Iris: Hells nah bo~y!
    but you said-
    Iris: You got the magic word correct
    Dray: It's just the simple fact
    Both: We never said we'd tell you!
    Why you little!
    Iris: *choking* B-but we might reconsider if you can beat Draydon!
    You better not be lying!
    Iris: I swear I'll tell you everything we know!

    Intermission. Unova's creation Myth:
    Long ago the land of unova was seperated into many small rival city states and constanly wared against each other. There were two brothers and a Dragon. They united the land under onw flag in order to make a utpia, but the problems of the world were not fix'd. There was still famine, theft violence and all manners of sin stainging the land. The brothers could not agree on how rule. The younger beleived the people should rule and decided for themselves what is to happen and how, that they would do what was best for the whole. The older called him a fool and argued that the peasenst of the land were too dim and selfish to acheive anything other than chaos. He wanted to rule them all himself, he would rule with an iron fist and force the people onto the rightous path to peace. The younger called him a tyrant and that ruling though fear was not true peace.

    The brothers querreled until they made a bet, they would split the land in 2 and govern each themselves, they would return to see the fruits of the others labor. And so they seperated, each with half their Legendary dragon. Years later they met again to see what the other had accomplished, the older had indead lead his land into a place of peace, but the citezens all feared the whip of their tyrant as all those who strayed even the slightest from the path were dealt the gallows. The Younger had lead his land into a lawless land of utter freedom of choice, a select few slimbed their way to the top and kept their foot in the face of others to keep them down.

    Neither could agree who was right and so war began, The older called upon his fearful drones and the younger raised his loyal army. The earth was torn asunder by fighting on a scale never seen before and the land was bathed in storms and fire. the fighting continued until one day a wanderer from another land came, he showed the brothers the price their people had payed for their foolishness. Shocked and disgusted by just what their bickering had caused the brothers laid down their swords and sent away their dragons. Knowing they could never atone for their sins they returned the land to the people once again and left to live in solitude for the remainder of their days.

    Intermision end

    Went to fight Draydon, Asterix beat everyone down. Against Draydon he kept using Dragon Tail whenever I used sword dance so it go annoying. Beat him, turns out they know nothing about how to release the orb. I leave the gym with Draydons head smashed though the wall.

    Outside Jun is waiting, Using her Scientic genius she had figured out how to resurect Reshiram and that I should bow to her superior mind, she used tecnobable to explain it and all I caught was somethingaq bout stress and midochlorians. She asks if I regret what has happend so far, I say no and she hands me a master ball.
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    On my way to the League HQ.

    Cheren: Hold up!
    What are you doing here?
    Bianca: we came to see you off...
    Cheren: You're going to the league?
    Yes, We've already comfirmed that...
    Cheren: Hmph! Like a shorty like you can take on the league, if Alder can't defeat N what makes you think you stand a chance?
    You calling me weak you pasty faced nerd!?
    Cheren: Yes, Yes I am. These guys are far above the level of anyone else in Unova. There is no way a midget with anger issues is going to stand a chance! I came to drag you back home before you kill yourself!
    No, I'm going ahead, I'm not going to just abandon everyone to save myself! Who cares how strong this 'League' is? If they stand in my way I will /crush/ them under my foot and use their head as a steping stone!
    Cheren: ...Fine *pulls out pokeball* Than I guess for someone so confident in beating League beating me will be no challenge. If you win you're strong enough to go, if you lose... Than you didn't stand a chance anyway.
    Bianca: w-wait I'm sure there's a better way to sol-
    ...Fine, out of the way B.

    B keeps trying to interupt but we ignore her, finaly she has enough and jumps between the pokemon to make it stop. We got lucky and she wasn't really hurt, we suspend the battle and sit around in silence.

    Bianca: ...I guess Cheren was right...
    Cheren: Hmm?
    Bianca: What you were saying a few days ago about all of us changing...
    Oh that again...
    Bianca: It's true! Both of you seem closer now...
    Me/Cheren: That idiot? No way! Hey stop copying me!
    Bianca: *giggles* See?
    Sigh, I feel the same way I always did. I'm still the same impulsive, violent idiot.
    Cheren: And I just as Smart, handsome, and deep as I ever was...
    You forgot modest...
    You know, if anyone has changed it's Bianca
    Bianca: Huh?
    Cheren: Yes, You always used to stay out of the way when ever we fought...
    You mean whenever I had to teach you manners.
    Cheren: Ignoring our forgetful friend here...
    *Sticks out tongue*
    Cheren: where before you would ignore anything bad now your starting to stand up for yourself.
    Bianca: I'm not sure...
    Look at it this way B, it took guts to jump into the middle of a pokemon battle, and I admire that in a girl...
    Bianca: *blush* wha-wha! I-I'm flattered Kyonko, but I-I just don-
    Cheren: I always figured...
    Huh? wait what do think I meant?

    Spent the day with the guys before I had to leave.

    out of nowhere a Buffolant tries to kill me. Shredder managed to stop it and smashed it's face up. It's the First encounter so I tell Shreder not to kill it yet, False swipe. Pokeball go! Good job Shredder you get a hug! Ow why did you push m- No! The Buffolant broke free and used Revenge (4x super effective on shredder). Aster takes it down. Shredder...

    Made it to Badge bridge.

    Made it to Victory road, Last chance to get a Mein Shao. Oh god Giant Metal Ants! Why did it have to be Giant metal ants!

    Battling my way up the mountain I nearly lost Aster To a Zebsrtika's Crit. Discharge.

    On the way up ran into a girlly looking guy near the top. Literally. He helps me find some of my pokeballs which fell off. Vanguard Evolved.

    Gadget Evolved at Level 50, Mimmette lvl 51.

    League Battle.

    Going in with Rapteryx, Aster, Lillil, Gadget, Rhapsody, & Mimmette.

    First tackled the fighting Master. Nearly lost Rapteryx to a Sawk with sturdy that used Rock Slide. And his Concelder kepts spamming hammer arm. The ghost girl was no challenge, she just kept writing in that creepy notebook and asking for my name. the dark guy was a dirty cheat and kept calling hijmself "The Dark Adonis", ha, you're nothing but a Mid-boss!

    Next Psychic: Little brat had the audicity to sleep before this!
    Caitlin: Yawn, Hmm, This better be worth the effort of getting up or I'm gonna be mad.
    Caitlin: ...You look familiar, You remind me of a boy I met before.
    Caitlin: Yes. He broke into my mansion and savagely attacked my buttler. I've been trying to find him ever since. You eyes are just like his, Those beady evil eyes, full of nothing but contempt for your fellow man, the eyes of a true villian. *blush* *wiggle*
    Uh... Freak.
    Caitlin: I'll show him just how strong I've gotten, prepare to to taste Prada heels as you're nothing but a stepping stone on my path. Let's see if Alder was right about you.
    Oh yeah, Bring it on bitch!

    Turns out the bitch had game, unlike most pychics hers where far from glass cannons. Her Reuniclus took a crit Aquatail to the face by Aster and nearly took him out with a thunderbolt. I switched to Rhapsody for a chance to heal, but the blob knew Energy ball. The world just seemed to stop for an instant and I felt something heavy in my chest. Hate. HATE!
    a burning hatred for this bitch! But I did notice my team's worry, and it clicks, I need to keep my head. I'm their leader and they're depending on me. I calm my self down, I'll need to be smart to take her down. It took effort from every one and we took a beating, but I erked out a win.

    Caitlin: I guess I'm not ready to meet that man again. Congradulations, you're beaten the elite 4, the path to the champion is now open to you. go to the center of the main hall and it shall open up.
    ... *glare*
    Caitlin: I take it you hate me, for killing you're pokemon? *walks closer* ...Selfish petulent child. *slap*
    Ow! What the fuck was that for!?
    Caitlin: What give you the right to hate me? Do you think I'm some kind of autonomous machine who's only goal is you're defeat for no other reason than just programing? I did what any trainer would have done, what you would have done, I took a out a threat to my friends. Charles, my reuniclus, has been with me for /year/, we knew the risks when we started but we accepted them. Do not think you are the only one effected by your little fights, to walk the path of a Trainer is to stride beside death itself. Who's more to blame, me for striking the blow or you for putting him in the way?

    Caitlin: Good, it seems you're starting to understand. one last thing, you should know, there is something very dark dwelling deep within you, learn to control youself and it or it will consume you.
    Went to the center of the main hall, turns out the statue was a secret entrance to an elevator.

    Holy fuck this place is huge! I'm near the peak of a mountain There's a giant stair case leading to a greek temple at the top, there seems to battle going on but sudently it stops. Crap Al!

    N: It seems I have won, but than again that was already a forgone conclusion.
    Al: How, how is this possible!? There's no way!
    N: Like I've said before it was a forgone conclusion, after all what kind of story ends with someone beating the villian while the hero is away? no no, that would simply be boring, what happens when you send the old master to fight the villian that logicly they should utterly decimate (or atleast put up a good fight against) they're defeat is obvious and only serves to show off the power of the villian. That Mr. Worf is why you lost.
    Al: ... I have no idea what you just said, all I heard was crazy.
    N: Sigh, some people just don't know their tropes or story genre cliches. Speaking of which, I know you're there Kyonko, and I know you've only just arrive to hear my post battle monolouge and none of the battle itself.
    So are we going to fight?
    N: Oh no no, who do I look like Mutha fuckin` Gary Oak? No this isn't gen. 1, or your ordinary elite four challenge for that matter. Gamefreak decided to be mercyful & try something new and now you get a chance to fully heal before the final boss! If you just step into my castle we can procede with the plot!

    What castl- Holy fuck where did that come from!? Pokechrist how did I miss that!?
    N: Plot.
    oh that's just your answer to everything isn't it?
    Al: My battle temple! It's ruined!
    N: Now now Alder, just because you lose doesn't give you the right to use puns.
    So... A castle?
    N: Yes that's been establish Hilda-san. In case you've somehow missed it Plasma's got this whole Middle Ages theme going for it. And what better way to show off the new 3D graphics than a giant castle rising out nowhere? Now if you could step inside and heal yourself we can finish this before the man behind the controls has to stop for the day.
    Fine, wait if I get to heal here than that means...
    N: yes you just whasted tons of full restore and eathers for no reason.
    N: *looks at watch* Sigh, and I was so hoping to finish this today.
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    N escaped to the castle while I was distracted by taking my rage out on some nearby rubble. Shut up Al, no one cares about your damn stadium, it's be fixed when this is over and the castle mysteriously disapears! wait, fuck now N's got me doing it too. Speaking of the little freak he was kind enough to leave a note "Waiting at top of castle, battle to decide fate of Unova bread eggs milk". ...Huh.

    Cheren pops up, good he can look after the crybaby while I take care of him.

    Unfortunately the paper I orignally wrote this part on was destroyed and now most of what I wrote is long forgotten. What I can remember is the 6 sages shoing up to stop me. then the cavalry arives and all the gym leaders show up led by B and Clay in a big damn heros moment to give me time to run up stairs to find N.

    Running up the stairs AND THEN SUDENTLY NINJA! They take me to Ghetsis upstairs.

    Ghet: So you've made it this far have you child? No mater, your story ends here. I've witness the power of our king first hand. He tamed a legendary pokemon and defeated the Champion of Champions. He is truely the New Hero of Unova, a weak child like you stands no chance against him. Our time is here and our plan is complete and unstoppable. It is time to end this, go face your destiny; fall before our king and cement our rule.

    They throw me into the room behind him. It's enormus, a thrown room. at the far end N sits.

    N: we meet again Kyonko, I trust you know what this means... It is time for this story to come to it's conclusion.
    i won't let anyone else get hurt!
    N: Big words Hero, but then again that's all they are. You yet to awaken, Reshiram still lies dormant. We're alot alike you and I, we just tumble upon different truths. That's why I had chosen you to stand against me here. Had we met under different circumstances i wonder what could have been... but enough whasting time monolauging, it's time to choose; will you give up here or will you gather your friends and face your end head on, hurry destiny awaits! Zokram, come forth!

    I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck. Than the far wall just ceases to be. Zokram flies in. The presure is overwhelming, I can't even move when it attacks, this is it!
    Vanguard manages to save me.
    Dammit, this is unreal! I-I didn't expect this, there's no way we can win this. I don't want anyone hurt but we can't just give up here. Everyone is standingtheir ground, there's no way we can just let it end like this! Every battle up to now, every lose we suffered to get to this point just to abandon my team, my partners, my friends.No. I will stand by their side, and after so many trials and loses one last battle against a titan to decide it all. Let go guy and kick some ass!

    The world seems to go grey and everything seems muted. I can feel a heat coming from my bag. I think N says something about awakening but I can't be sure. My bag explodes and the light stone flies out. and Light pores forth from it.

    N: so Reshiram finally apears.

    Th-this power! I can feel it, like I'm invinceble like I can crush N like a bug, that I can take his place and rule this world like a god! Ah, no i just want to stop N why did- the dragon! The dragon's doing this. but the power, I can save everyone, yes I can save the world. I can protect it, even from itself. No! Dammit I don't want this! But only the Hero can beat- No! Destiny- Screw destiny if fate says we'll lose here it can kiss my ass. We don't need a crutch like fate or your double edged sword. We'll make our own path!

    Reshiram finally forms in front of us, I give the order and the Guys unleash hell.

    N: ...I see, you've made your choise. Let's just hope you don't regret it.
    Before we could react Zokram Fires a Crit Fusion Volt and takes out Raptoryx and Mimette. Lillil takes it out with a full powered Petal Dance. Vanguard Blocks the Zoroark that tried to sneak through, Gadget intercepted the Archeoptrix coming from above and Aster took on the Carracosta.

    It was all so fast, and before i could react it ended, we lost half the team and th rest are on deaths door.

    N!!!!! I tackle him. i just want to kill him for what he's done but i can't, I'm just as guilty, I made the call.

    N: It looks like you've won. So tell me, the victory you've achieved here, the price payed worth it ws it more than you were willing to give?
    I-I never wanted this.
    N: heheh, So you've awakened to my truth. Your regretting your decision now aren't you. This is what i wanted to stop this kind of pointless suf-

    I punched him. Right in his uppity mouth. you're wrong, I do not regret this nor was this pointless.
    N: What?
    We knew the risks I made the call, and they /followed/. They chose this, to fight and die protecting what they loved. they stood their ground and sacrificed themselves for others. What they did here was not pointless.

    ugh, i feel exausted, I just want to go home...

    Ghtsis runs in. He stops by N, ...and starts kicking him!?
    Ghetsis: WORTHLESS WORTHLESSWORTHLESS! all the years, the effort, the sacrifice, worthless! I should have never bothered with you, a failure! this is why i never gave you a name, on something as undiserving as you such humanity would have been whasted. You've by far exceed what little use you had.
    N: ...father?
    Ghetsis: father? Ha, I was never your father, to me you were just a tool, to be used until it snaps and disgared at my convinence. You were just a means to an end, A puppet on strings. the only use you had was in controling Zokram, the weapon of terror i would have used to rule this land. But you had to lose.
    Ghetsis: but luckly, while I didn't foresee this happening my original gambit can be adapted. I can still salvage my plan. I have no need for a defective tool in my new world, nor troublemaking brats. Trash like you both is better off gone.

    Triad: We've brought the former chapmion like you comanded sir and a trainer that was acompaning them.
    Cheren! Alder!
    Ghetsis: Excelent, Line them, this girl, and this *kick* heartless freak up. We'll use them as hostages to gather the others and then execute them all publicly to show everyone the price of disidence.
    Triad: Yes sir!
    Ghetsis: but first get rid of their pokemon, it would be unwise to allow them any chances...

    Dammit all! Is this how it's all going to end.
    N: *cough* yes, that would be a very disapointing conclusion to this story. ...Kyonko, I'm sorry for all this. You might never forgive my, and I wouldnt blame you, but let this be my atonement.
    N leans on me & starts to glow.
    Ghetsis: No! No intererring!
    He sicks a Coffagrigus on us. I guess this is it, there's no one left. I close my eyes and wait.
    I open my eyes, and ...Mimette!? Raptoryx? Aster, everyone! How? N! He's lying on the floor not moving, damn we have to hurry!

    Hard battle won and ghetsis is defeated.

    Ghetsis: No. No! How, i was going to be the god of the new world?
    The Triad break away and flee with Ghetsis.

    Alder: Pitiful, he could nver see it was he himself that lost his humanity and that it what his own childs purity that let him reach such hights. A parasite. Child, N, it's no wonder you only saw the ugliness of humnity with a monster like him as your only example.

    N: No, he was right, I'm just a useless freak. Nothing I've done has ever been fruitful, I was just dancing to his tune, fighting blindly for a beleif that was nothing but a lie.

    Alder: You fought for what you honestly beleived in, and that is the most anyone can say. In the end no side is ever had the answer or is truely "right". All we can do is move forward with the cards we are delt and make the choice that will let us live with ourselves after.

    N: I guess, I can live with that. Kyonko, can you carry me to the hole over there, there's something i need to say. when we first met, in Accumula town, I spoke to your pokemon, I was shock by what they had to say.

    Erm, it wasn't embarassing was it?

    N: No, no. I was surprised by just how much he loved you, how close the bond the 2 of you shared. At first I couldn't wrap my mind around it. how could a pokemon trust a human? the longer the journey became the more my beleifs were shaken, with each meet there were more pokmon who loved their trainers, and the closer you became to yours. That's why I chose to fight you here, to test your convition to see if i my beleifs were truely just. I guess I was never cut out to be the Hero, i was just the no-name Rival after all. Someone unloved and broken like me could never hope to beat you who is surrounded by friends.

    No, n. you aren't unloved and you do have friends. just like mine fought beside me yours did to. you aren't a freak, you aren't worthless, you aren't a nobody. your you, your N, you're the hero who saved Unova.

    N: ...thank you Kyonko. You said you had a dream Kyonko. ...make it come true, ...because all that's left ...is the future.

    *Sniff* I-i will.
    N: Thank you. ...Hey, Kyonko ...This world of color. This world of color ...it, not so bad after all.
    N: ... ... ... Farewell...

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    And that's the end of the normal game of Pokemon Black.

    The post game was completed, also Nuzlocked but I have since misplaced the note book that held most of the actual notes. I will look for them tonight and hopefully post them tomorrow.

    In the mean time it time for the other side of this nuzlock~

    Unnamed Nuzlocke White...
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    Started New Nuzlocke, Male "Kyon"
    Edit: Colored pic of the protag.

    Ran into Jun the other day, she was saying some weird things about welcoming me to the pokemon world and such. She must have been sniffing her test tubes again. She asked me if I'm a boy or a girl... That's mean Jun! Why do you always do this when ever I visit!? She also introduced me to Bianca and Cheren. I think you need to lay down Jun, the fumes are getting to your head. Jun finally said that she was going to give us some Pokemon. Then everything went psychodelic. Not to self, wear gas mask next time you go to Jun's.

    Woke up in bed the next day. There's a package on the table and cheren's in my room. He explains that I've been out since yesterday, Jun left this box in my room, and Bianca is on her way to pick up out Pokemon. After a while Cheren Complains that Bianca's late, speak of the devil. No really, he's the only thing I can think of that might be just as evil. She says sorry for being late and she'll make it up to us later, but I can see in her eyes that what she means is she'll get us both back for Cheren's complaint.

    I get to pick my starter first, thanks Cher, I pick Oshawott, it looks so adorable! Bianca picked picked Tehpig (said something about emolation), Cheren picked smugleaf.

    Bianca challenged me, OH GOD NO! She'll kill me! Cheren protested on the grounds it'll mess up the room. Thanks Cher! He then folded when Bianca convinced him the pokemon were to weak to damage the room. Curse you Cheren! the look on her face tells me I might not live through this. I ran, the chase destroyed the room. In the end Xiretsa, Oshawott, took out Tehpig. With her main weapon gone she managed to trick Cher into fighting me. Xiret beat Smugleaf.

    Went downstairs, got Xtrans from mom

    C: Sorry for the mess maam
    B: Yes, if you want I can force Cheren and your son to clean it for you.
    Mom: Oh no worry I can force my child to do it myself, go on ahead.
    C: Very well, I shall be waiting at the reasearch center.
    B: Ah,Kyon I need your help later at my house m'kay~?

    Cher tells me to go get Bianca. went to her house. It's a trap.
    After a breif struggle she forced me to comply. Wry?
    B: Oh don't give me that look, moe as it may be. I needed a model and you know you like it *evil grin*
    No! Never!
    B: Aw, and I bought these just for you~. Catgirl-Meido!Moe is just so you! Perhaps you would have like the Shrine girl or the bunny girl more? *grope*
    Well the shri- Not the point! Just let me go!*blush*
    B: S-so moe... *GropeGropeGropeGropeGrope* Time to unwrap my gift!*drool*
    Oh god not like this! At least let me be the man!
    Mr.B: *walks in* I got sammichs you wante- Hng!
    P-please save me!

    After the embarrasment B said she was just joking and let me change back. And we left for Juns.
    Mr.B: Were are you going? I made you all those Sammichs you asked for so you can at least tell me shy you need them.
    B: Going for a long walk with My friends.
    Mr.B: Not with that Cheren boy right? Or any boy for that manner?
    B: Nope! Just Kyon here.

    In Jun's lab, Jun makes her intro again. Jun, please learn to wear a mask when you work with chemicals I think it's screwing with your memory. Jun says she's researching how Pokemon came into exisince. She then proceeds to grope me! From this she can aperently determine that I just had a pokemon battle and won. ...and a tigh- Jun! Jun asks us to go on an adventure to fill the pokedex.

    Now onto route 1! Adventure ho!

    Route 1
    Jun shows us how to catch pokemon.

    Jun: so thats how you catch your own guinepig.
    Bianca: Yes, now i shall have an army on minions at my service!
    Jun: That's the spirit!

    Made it to the end of the route, Caught M lilipup "GARdog"

    Next city, Jun gives tour of center.

    Later outside a crowd is gathering arounde some LotR cosplayers talking about pokeliberation, PETA Pokemon Ethical Treatment Agency.

    Weird guy comes up to me after the show, he seems kinda shy and girly. He also talks fast, he says something about my pokemon saying something. Cher asks what he means about pokemon talking, since that is impossible but only to the logical thinking. He seems so sad that we can't hear it. Aw, I want to give him a hug. He relizes he hasn't introduced himself and says he's N. Me and Cher introduce ourselves and cher tells him about the pokedex. N seems shocked, he ask if we would really catch all those pokemon just to fill up the dex. He looks like a kicked puppy, HNNGG! Don't look at me like that! N challenges me for the sake of pokemon. He sends out a cat to face GAR.

    Gar smacks the cat away, N looks heart broken, he says he's a hero and as a hero it's his duty to stop my villiany and runs off crying. Now I feel aweful. Cher tries to comfort me by saying that trainers and pokemon are partners. He's going ahead to fight the gym.

    On next Route, Mom calls and tells me to turn around. Huh? BOOTTODAHEAD! She gives me a flying kick to the face, what kind of mother are you!? She tosses me some running shoes and runs off laughing.

    Caught a Purlion "Conner"

    At the end of the route Bianca ambushes me.

    In dream yard got Pansear. "Dante"

    Battled Cheren in trainer school.

    Leader of the gym is back, he says the gym can have water/grass/fire pokemon but since they're dick they will use type advantage and buffs.

    Training Dante, going too fricken slow, darn you antigrinding! Darn you to heck! lvl up Dante learned new move *gasp* ...Furyswipes. ...FFFFFFFRRRRRAAAAAKKKKK!!!!1!

    Battle Gym!
    GAR instaowns foe lilipup. Pansage used work up x2, potion, and vine whip, GAR smashed Pansage down woo! Wait, this means grinding Dante was pointless, NOOO!!! Those hour whasted!

    When I leave the gym a cute scientist girl runs up. She's Fennel and jun asked her to give me something. HM01 Cut! I now I have to ruin one of my guys with this utterly horrible HM to continue, gosh darn railroading! taught to Conner, now to get the dream dust to pay for this peice of garbage.

    In dream yard Ran into Bianca, We stumble across a Munna, grunts appear and start to hassle us, B calls them on their stupidity, Fight!

    Caught Munna "ADamnHippy"

    Grinding on Audino, Xiret evolved!

    GAR Evolved!

    Later Fennel bores me to sleep with her useless invention.

    On next route Cher challenges me.

    Grunts run by, Bianca is chasing them, they stole some girls pokemon, have no fear I will save it!

    Run into group of grunts, me and Cher tag team to curb stomp them. Afterwards we monolouge why their villians and we're heros. Returned Pokemon.

    Caught Audino "Joy"

    Next town! Cher is there to meet me, he gives me some Chesto berries and some advice on the gym.

    Caught Sawk "Bert"
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    Grinding! Xirets, GAR, Dante, and Bert at lvl 25.

    Went to fight gym, as I get there N walks out.

    N: Dwa! Y-you again! H-halt villian! Moe Trainer toransuforumu Desu!
    Magical Hero Trainer N: P-pokemon are for befriending not capturing to f-fill a pokedex, t-to protect future Pokemon I will stop you!

    Battle! Bert took out his bird, tadpole, Timburr with huricane kick.

    MHT-N: *crying* N-no! My friends weren't strong enough! *Sniff* I need more power, so I can stop your evil and protect all the pokemon! I need to get Reshiram, the legendary pokemon of the hero who created Unova, then I can beat you ...*whisper*and then maybe we can be friends.*blush**runs off*

    Inside museum/gym. Went on tour, saw a dragon skeleton, a meteorite, and a black stone from the desert. Ooohhhh~ Pretty~...

    In the gym, fought a bunch of Nerds. Beat Lenora, guide comes in and says PETA is trying to steal the dragon skeleton. come out as soon as they steal it. We chase them outside and run into this hippy looking guy, he's the next gym leader Arti Burgh. Cher and Bianca drop by so Cher can use the wifi to do research on pokemon via bulbapedia. Bianca gives me a Drowsing Machine she stole from some guy.

    In forest
    Arti: We should split up, you take the long dangerous path filled with dangerous terain, vicious monsters, and hostile trainers and I'll take the paved road filled with a scenic view and a latte stand.
    Kyon: ... *twitch*

    Caught Petilil "Lily Bell"

    Managed to fight off grunts and get the skull.
    Sage Gorm: oh yeah, well.. we didn't need that anyway!
    Arti: Aw sweet, you took care of them for me, now all I have to do now is steal all the credit!
    Kyon: Wah? How can you do that?!
    Arti: by telling everyone I beat them while you cried in the corner, Hahaha being a gym leader is sweet!
    Lerona: whats going on here?
    Arti: I beat these guys while Kyon cried in the corner!
    Lerona: ...What guys?
    Gorm: *running away* Viva la Liberation!
    Arti: Huh, hey they were just here! Kyon back me up on this!
    Kyon: ... *punchs Arti*
    Lerona: Well, for thank in getting back the crystal dragon skull have this rock I brought back from my last trip to the moon.

    On to the next town! Oh awesome bridge! Giant buildings. And a girl asked me to look at her legs. God I love this place.

    Meet some dancers, after Xiretsa served them in a dance battle they gave me some bling.

    Xire & GAR smashed battle company. Went to fancy party, ruined by the fact the guard frisked me and snuck a grope in,

    Ran into a little kid who turned out to be a zorua looking for his mother... Zellos joins the party!

    Caught Sandile "Gaterface"

    Went to challenge gym, Cher came out with Arti and told me to hurry to the peir.

    At the peir Ran into Arti, Bianca, and some girl.

    Arti: Just in time, this girl just had her pokemon stolen
    Kyon: Oh you poor thing.
    Iris: Uh, it's not me it's her...
    Kyon: ...Balonaea.
    Bian: They took Munna while I wasn't looking. *pout* I-I don't need /your/ help Kyon! Idiot!
    Iris: I heard this ladies scream and came running.
    Bian: It was a sceam of rage! Don't give me that look, you'll pay for that!
    Iris: Oh this is so sad, people and pokemon belong together!
    Arti: How about you help us get it back Kyon?
    Bian: Yes, I can't stand by and let someone steal my minion from me! As my spare you'll come along to do grunt work. I-It's not like I want you to or anything! It's just you duty as my minion! Tsu~n

    chasing grunt, after we find their group Arti leaves fighting them to me. Darn you and your cowardice Arti! Darn you to heck! They ran into hideout.

    Sage: Drat! How could building our hideout right across the street from the gym go wrong?
    Ghet: Yes, making a base of operations not only accessable to the public but within sight of the obvious protaginist couldn't have possibly gone wrong. Well while I'm monolouging would you like to hear the backstory to this game? not like it matters since all you can do now is button mash 'A'. Long ago a white dragon apeared to a young hero who wanted to unite a waring world, By combining their power via fusion dance they were able to unite all of Unova under 1 flag under the threat of max pwnage. Our goal is to reserect the hero and reunite the world.

    Next battle gym, revenge will be mine! Oh god Clowns! Repressed memory flash back! No Mr. Smiley that's a bad touch!

    Everything is a blur but Dante won everything, I'm covered in green slime and Arti seems to be suffering PTSD and is crying in the fetal possition. I think I'll just go with ignorance is bliss on this one and call it a day. Outside Bian called me and gave a challenge. Beat her, ran into cher, beat him.
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    Caught Yamask "cleopatra"

    Caught Siglyth "Maya"

    Inside next city

    PETA: Old guy, like give us yo pokemans yo! We team PETA and wez fites 4 Pokerights!
    Oldman: *sitting on bench**sips cola* *points* Let me tellya, thats bull shit. You, girl in the hat, deal with these punks for me.
    Beat grunts
    Oldman: Nice, *Punchs random person off bike* here take this bike.

    Bian draged me to see a musical staring pokemon. At first I was like "no way" but then Xiretsa put on a top hat, glasses and cane and everything sudently went awesome. Outside we ran into Bianca's father, he was pretty pissed that Bianca ran this far without telling anyone and was going to drag her home. When out of nowhere Elesa apeared.

    Eles: That is no way for a man to act! A real man wouldn't bully his daughter if he wore Pokespice and smelled like a man and not like a lady. I'm a model!
    Mr.B: Uh...
    Eles: You sir, look at your daughter, now look at me, now look at that girl over there, now back at me, I'm riding a lightning zebra. You can too if you started acting like a man and not like a jerkass.
    Mr.B: Hey! Look here...!
    Eles: No, look down, now look up, now look over there, your daughter has a firesumopig and a reality warping plush toy. That's because she's a trainer and not some punk kid. Anything is possible when you have pokemon and not some wimpy bakugan!
    Mr.B: I, I suppose so, *sigh* Bianca, I guess I have been a little over protective, you've made it this far and you've got some strong pokemon. But I still want you to come home!
    Bianca: But dad!
    Mr.B: But first how about you take another walk with those friends of yours.
    Bian: Thanks dad.
    Mr.B: And you lass, be sure to take care of my daughter.
    Bian: Uh, pops that's a boy... but don't worry Kyon always takes care of my needs whenever I ask him...
    Mr.B: YOU LITTLE PUNK DIE! *chase*
    Bian: Revenge!

    Grinding, Xiretsa and GAR evolved.
    Found Zella's Mima!

    Hiding in amusement park, saw some grunts and went to chase them, hey there's a cute girl in front of the ferris wheele, turns out you can only go in pairs, hey you need any- GWAH N! I'll just be going now...

    N: *grabs sleeve* ...Please. I've never been on one before...*puppydog eyes*
    {inside Ferris Wheele}
    N: Oh, so your not a villian? Yay! So can we be friends? *MOESTARE*
    Kyon: Y-Yes. [aside] cool it man there's a thingy under that skirt... that short skirt, I wonder if N's wearing panti- No! bad brain don't think of N in panties! Think of N not in panties! ...not, wearing, panties...
    N: Ah, uhm why're you smashing your head against the window?
    n: Oh that's cool cause I'm not See! ...bike shorts! Oh God the blood! Are you alright?
    Kyon: Is this heaven?
    N: No, don't go into the light... Wah! Uh uh CPR! That always works!
    N: Um, Kyon, now that we're friends there's something I have to tell you...
    Kyon: [desperate]That you're really a girl!?
    N: .../No/. Um, I'm the king of Team PETA, A magical talking Purrloin that sounded suspiciously like my father told me I'm the reincarnation of an anceint hero of a lost civilization. It then started to snigger about how it couldn't beleive I was buying all this (which is odd since I wasn't anywhere near a pokemart or buying anything) and gave me a magic pen that I use to transform into Magical Hero Trainer N! Now I have to fight for pokemon rights, peace, and love in a sailor fuku.
    Kyon: ...So, you're not a girl?
    {getting out}
    Grunts: Lord N!


    N: I-I lost again... I need more power if I want to free all the pokemon, I will beat the champion, and then I will have enough power to save everyone!

    Caught Solosis "Reginald". He charmed Lily before capture.

    Taught Regi Atract, he's a lean mean seducing machine.

    Nearly lost Regi to a Cinccino's tailslap, but Regi was boss, he evolved and exploded the chinchilas brains for being so ungentlemanly.

    Went to gym, very high tech, Regi beat all of them. Finally got to Elesa.

    Eles: Ha! You aren't wearing Pokespice and smell like a girl and not like a man! You cannot beat me, and now Flying Squirrels!
    Kyon: Hey Elesa, look at your pokemon, now look at me, now look at my pokemon, now back look at me, now look back at your pokemon, they just exploded. Anything is possible when your mons are broken and not weak mascots. I'm riding a Samurott.

    Meeting Elesa at the draw bridge, ran into Cher, he challenged me. beat his ass nearly lost Regi to when his Liepard got a crit persouit on switching out. Beat him, Elesa came by and led us to some crazy looking guy, Cher asks who the idiot is, It's Alder the champ, Cher says something witty and Al calls him a cynical asshole. He says he's on a jouney through Unova. We introduce ourselves and Cher states his dream. Al calls over some kids to attack us.

    Onto the next town.

    Me and Cher get stopped by Chuck fricken Norris! He says he had to leave to spin kick the draw bridge down and the other rangers lost the gurnts he captured and now we have to go find them or else. Cher asks how it's our fault. cheren, he's chuck Norris, He's not wrong reality is and it will pay for contradicting Chuck Norris.

    Caught Deerling "Buckly" and Vanilite "BenNJerry"
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    Found the grunts in a freezer shed, the workers keep inviting me to do... things. Meet up with Cheren and suround the grunts, the sage with them is making them dress as meido and huddle with him to keep warm. Cher says something witty, The sage says he'll beat us for the king and make us the newest additions to his cosplay branch of PETA. Beat the grunts and then Chuck Norris kicks a hole through the wall and the texas rangers enter and arrest the PETA. Chuck tells me to visit the gym some time. Well we leave but I see some clothes lying around ...finders keepers.

    Beat Gym

    Ran into Bianca

    Into cave caught Drillbur, Sudently Ninja! They take me to N he says that they're team 7 and hired by Ghetsis to protect him. Also he asked Ghetsis to get some info on me and my friends. That's kinda creepy N. The look on his face when I told him was adorable.

    Revived Archen, Duster

    In cave ran into Bianca, she jump kicked me into the floating stone, then she started shouting about how it was so cool that the stones move when you ram someones face into it and wants to try again. Jun came by and said that it's actually when ever a force acts on them and Blah blah blah SCIENCE!, She gave me a lucky egg. Woo! Grinding!

    Regi evolved!

    Back inside cave, Jun calls me over, apperently Klink sudently appeared less than 100 years ago and she must hide this fact from the Pokecreationist. Walking around and Sudently Ninja! They take me to N.

    MHTN: Ah, Kyon! Um, Mugyuu~ everything out here is so confusing. Somethings are okay sometimes and bad the next and some bad things are okay when it's for good but not when it's really bad and people are saying freeing pokemon is bad but it's good! Mou~ why can't it all just be good and bad. Good things are good and bad is bad everything will be black and white and easy to get. I fight for good and freeing pokemon so freeing pokemon is good! Ah, Sorry I get a little carried away talking about my dream you have a dream don't you kyon?

    Kyon: Yeah,

    N: Ah, I almost forgot! "Pokemon are meant to be free, Magical N supports Pokemacipation, in the name of the Liberation I will punish you in a sailorsuit!" Sorry 'bout this.

    Kyon: wait, who's wearing the sailor suit?

    Battle! I win.

    N: Guuuu~ I can't win, and all that happens is my friends get hurt. No, you must keep strong N, Don't give up N! let the pokemons cheers bring you strength!

    Bianca: Kyon Hello! *Dynamic Entry!*

    Kyon: Guh-mph! *Lands on N*

    Bianca: Hey Kyon Milstrone is just- Kyon, who's that?

    Jun: Well, I guess it looks like Kiyone owes me $50.

    Bianca: Kyon! What are you doing to that poor girl!?

    Kyon: No wait it's a misunderstanding, it a guy!

    Bianca: No! Say it isn't so Kyon! Oh if only I hadn't hesitated, and forced you than you wouldn't need to seek comfort in /that/ world.
    Kyon: What are you talking about I'm not an astronaut?

    Jun: Crap, looks I owe kiyone that 50 bucks. Dammit Juniper you gotta quite betting on the long shots...

    N: Wait, you're Juniper? You're the evil scientist who did unspeakable experiments on both pokemon and people? The same Juniper who was charged for crimes against humanity, pokemon, and life in general? You're the same Juniper who sent children into the wild without any supplies to catch pokemon for your pokedex!?

    Jun: You forgot my being the first person to get a dishonorary degree in science!

    N: Pokemon are free beings and can't be anylized like machines In the name of the Liberation I will punish you!

    Jun: You're not the first to try that *pulls gun*

    N: MIIIIIII~! *cries and runs away*

    Jun: Always nice to meet my fans, but now I gotta run, Bianca I need you to help me, my minion got sick with a cold so I had to terminate him.
    You fired him?
    Jun: Nah, I just fired at him!
    B:*glare* We'll talk about this later Kyon. And I don't care how smexy it is I'll bring you back from that world!
    Kyon: Why do you kepp saying that, I'm still on PokEarth, i mean Earth!

    Outside of cave ran into some guy,

    Caught Zebstrika "Jovis"

    Caught Litwick "Fuu"
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    Grinding. main force is at lvl 40+

    Searching the lost tower, ran into some girl who started meowing and attacked me. Why are all these crazy people attacking me in a grave yard!?

    At the top of the tower ran into Skyla, she tells me to ring the bell and it will calm the spirits of the resting pokemon. She also says that the persons character is reflected in the sound.

    Rung the bell and followed her to the gym to fight. They load me into some kind of big tube and OH GOD IT'S A CANNON! My Face!

    Battle! GARdog thunderfanged her whole line up.

    Outside Ran into N! Sorry 'bout that. Uh, N why did you fight me before?

    N: T-they say trainers battle to understand each other better... but all it does is hurt the pokemon! Kyon, I'm not the only one who finds something wrong with that right? *hug*

    Kyon: N-no of course not!

    N: ...Something is pressing against me.

    Kyon: I-t it's nothing!

    N: Oh, its a Stoutland, hello Nothing!, oh, you're name is GARdog? that's odd... [to Kyon] I lived with pokemon since I was born, sometimes it seems easier to understand them than people. They're so much more open than other people. Hey Soutland, um, *blush* c-can you tell me a little about Kyon? ...So Kyon is from Nuvema town. And he thinks I look good in my costume?

    Kyon: GAR! I told you that in confidence!

    GAR: Woof! *starts wrestling with Kyon*

    N: ... *giggle* you to get along so well, I wish everyone was as kind as you Kyon and treated their pokemon just a well. If more people were like you I wouldn't have to fight, and maybe father...

    Kyon: N, are you al- *gets shoved by GAR and lands on N* Gah!

    N: *blush* K-Kyon, we're friends right, even though we're on opposite sides?

    Kyon: ...Yes.

    N: No mater what right? No mater what happens you will always be my friend?

    Kyon: Of course N. Nothing you do can make me think any less of you, we're friends. And friends stick together through thick and thin.

    N: *turns head away* *gets up*

    Kyon: N is something wrong? If it is I promise I'll try my best to help!

    N: *Turned away*...Do you really mean that Kyon, do you swear?

    kyon: Of course!

    N: No! Please take this seriously Kyon! I need you to understand, I don't want you getting hurt because of me! I want you to really mean it when you answer!

    Kyon: ...I do N, I really do. I swear.

    N: ...Ghetsis is searching for the Light and dark stones. When the legendary pokemon were sealed away they said that the stones would be the keys to releasing them when the Heros return. Kyon, it is my destiny to release Reshiram from the light stone of Truth. I have to show the world I'm the new Hero and save everyone. I- I don't want to fight anyone, I don't want anyone to be hurt *tears up* All that will happen if I fight is trainers will use pokemon and the pokemon will be the ones hurt. I'm sorry but in order to ensure peace th-than trainers like you, that really do love and turst their pokemon will be seperated. I'm sorry for doing this to you Kyon, I really am. *runs off*

    Off to twist mountain. Ran into Cheren, He wants to test his strength.

    Al jumps off a cliff and lands infront of us. Cher says something snarky and Al asks if he always has to be such a cynical asshole. He gives us HM Surf leaves.

    Time to backtrack. Surfing battles! Got an egg from a ranger.

    Caught a Kling "Machina"

    Caught Scraggy "Tonks"

    In Guidence Chamber an old guy said he saw my strength and I might be the one.

    He said long ago there was a war between people and pokemon and a fire started in a forrest wear many pokemon lived. And in this time of need the legendary knights Cobalion, Terrakion, and virizion apeared Terrakion destroyed the rocks blocking escape in, Verizion protected the pokemon from the flames, and Cobalion led the pokemon out. Their strength stoped the fighting and the war ended. And with their job done they disappeared. One of them is in this cave but the pokemon don't trust poeple and it might attack. He wants me to show the knights the new world where Pokemon and people coexist peaceful

    Caught Cobalion

    Back at twist mountain. Battled my way to the end and found Cheren fighting a grunt. Cher tells the grunt that if he wants to free pokemon he should start with his own. The grunt runs and cher says they're a bothersome bunch and he'll be staying here a while to train.

    Outside I run into Cedric, He asks if I know about Dragon spiral tower and then tells me about it even though I said yes.

    Caught a Palpitoad "Bolter"
    Caught Kungfu weasle Bruce
    Off to challenge Gym. It's full of Martial artists. Everybody was kungfu fighting! Bruce is showing every one who's boss!
    Fought the "King of Kung-Fu" he had a glass jaw.

    Found the gym leader. He had a bad accent and kept yelling "bad day" Bruce took him down easy. Bruce evolved!

    Outside ran into Cher and Bian. Cher asks if he's changed since Nuvema.

    Bian: Oi Kyon, let's all go do something. I hear Bryce has a new movie out!
    Bryce: *runs out* Bad day, bad day, bad DAY! Wah, who are you? What are you doing stand out here?
    Bian: OMG! It's Bryce! I'm Bianca, this is Cheren, and you already know this one here, we were ju-
    Bryce: Nono! not you them! *points to poorly disguised Ninja*
    Ninja: We're a hedge. Just an ordinary hedge. Also Ghetsis told us to tell Kyon to come to spiral tower.

    Went to tower, it keeps shaking, some stuff must really be going down. Mid way up ran into Bryce and cher fighting some grunts.

    Bryce: Bad day bad day! Can't we talk this over!?

    Cher: Kyon, we'll hold these guys off you go ahead and take care of their leader. Ugh, troublesome.

    up stairs heard some really evil noises. Screams, yells. Some one yelling "Burn, baby burn!" Ran into a sage, he sent some grunts to stop me, they all went down easy and the guy fell off the edge. Oh, did not mean to do that...

    Up stairs I found N standing in front of a glowing white dragon. Something seems off, N is acting weird, his eyes are not...

    N: What do you think Kyon? The great white dragon of legend, who stood beside the Hero who united the land. Now Reshiram and I will head to the League and defeat the champion. This is the begining of the new world of black and white.

    Kyon: N! Are you alright you don't seem to thinking like yourself, this isn't like you. What you're doing is going to hurt lots of people and pokemon!

    N: No Kyon, for the first time I am thinking! I can see it all clearly. In order to acheive the greater good sometimes you have to do smaller evils. Kyon, people are ugly stupid creatures prone to self destuction and a plague on the world, Can't you see? Cant't you see that it is a far more logical to simple cut away the coruption, that it would be far simpler to wipe the slate clean and start over. Some good things may be lost but it is far less than the the evil that will be erased. This is the only way Kyon, you can't save everyone! Is it worth it to save 1 if 10 others would suffer in his place!? There is always a price and it is the hero's job to to shoulder the responsibity and pay it!

    Kyon: No this is wrong N, that is not the way the world works, I will save everyone, no mater how hard no mater what it takes I will protect everyone I can! The N I know, The N I- The N that is my friend would understand that!

    N: If you insist upon this nonsence than you too will have to become a Hero, than we shall see which is stonger, Your ideals or my truth. If Reshirams counterpart Zokram recognizes you than we will be equal and you can try to stop me. If you wish to protect your foolish notions of peace than search for Zekram.

    N Flew away on Reshiram. Bryce and Cheren run up. Cher starts questioning me. Bryce tells him to calm down and we we need to head down and figure out what we're going to do.

    We tell everything to Ced and Bianca. Bianca is surprised that there are 2 legendary dragons. Alder shows up and confirms it. He tells us we need to hurry, that Reshiram has enough power to hold true to N's promise of 'cleansing' humanity. He says with Reshiram on their side PETA can make any claim they want and everyone would have to comply. He said that Reshiram and the other pokemon managed devistate Unova before with their power in an instant. Bianca asks if it's really a good idea to reawake something so dangerous, Alder says it's the only way as he doesn't think any other pokemon they have can stand against it. And it's better if we find it first before PETA gets to it. He says he thinks it might be in Relic castle. Al and Cher leave. Bianca stays with me and tells me she'll be staying behind.
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    At the entrance ran into Cher. He says Al went ahead and we should hurry, Tag team! Down stairs Ran into a sage, he says that Ghetsis asked them to test my strength. Made it to the bottom where Alder is facing off against Ghetsis. Al calls us over.

    Ghetsis: Working hard, rushing to reserect Zokram arent you. But... it seems your stone is in another castle. With you're fate sealed it's pointless to continue, besides congradulations are in order.


    Ghetsis: Why our king has chosen you, kyon, as his counter part. The other hero of legend, The Counter Guardian, The Black Knight who fought beside and later against the White King. You, and only you, are the only hope of stopping us.

    Cher: Just what is your goal Ghetsis?

    Ghet: My goal? The Unity of all of humanity of course, to bring peace to not just Unova but the world, and to seperate man from Pokemon in order to stop the senseless cruelty you all revel in.

    Alder: And what about all the Trainers who honestly care for their pokemon and the Pokemon who do the same?! Isn't this liberation you're so proud of nothing more that simple theft or kidnaping?

    Ghetsis: What is this? You, Alder, would oppose this? You who lost his pokemon to both illness and needless battle, you who abandoned your title and call your friends to shoulder the burden of guarding the league in your place? Why would someone who has seen just why we fight so stand against us? *Smirk* It matters not, N, shall show the world he is stronger than their coward champion. With his power he will force the world to listen to him.

    Alder: Then I won't lose! I will fight for all the trainser who love their pokemon, for all the pokemon who beleive in their trainers, for everyone! As long as you continue to threaten innocents I will fight with all my strength to stop you!

    Ghetsis: Didn't you hear me before? You have no hope, our king has no interest in you. Victory against you is assured.

    Alder: So did you stay behind like this just to mock me!?

    Ghet: Of course not, I have much more important uses for my time. The King requested this as he did not want to see needless suffering much to my protest. I would have perfered to simpy see you crushed instantly under the kings heel but he is too merciful, fare well. *escapes*


    Cher: Alder, what are we going to do now?

    Alder: I will have to head back to the league and face N. But more importantly, what should we do about the Dark Stone?

    *Phone rings* It's jun calling to tell me to get to Nacrene City.
    *At Nacrene*

    Jun: Alder told me what's going on. You got caught up in something big this time Kyon.

    Lenora: Here it is...

    Bianca: That- The stone from the Ruins?

    Lenora: Yes that's right, I didn't quite know the real signifigence of this until recently. To think we had something so dangerous out on display with nothing more than a rope to guard it.

    Bianca: We're lucky PETA didn't notice it before when they stole the Dragon Skull.

    Lenora: Here Kyon take this...

    Alder: Hold on! Kyon if you take that stone that means you /will/ have to face N.

    Kyon: but aren't you going to fight him?

    Alder: Yes, I will be heading back to face this N in battle, but ghetsis speaks the truth, in all likelihood I will probably fall, I have not fought seriously in quite a while and they've been preparing this for years. I will only by time but that is all. By taking that stone you will be accepting your fate as the Counter Hero. You might die ...you might kill.

    Kyon: *tense* ... I see, ...N... I promised N I would save him, and that is what I will do! *grabs stone*

    Lenora: Kyon, we're all counting on you, don't let us down. Now take care, godspeed, and good luck.

    Cedric: Not to ruin the mood but does anyone even know how we're going to awaken the stone?

    ... frick.

    Lenora: Well, I have 2 colleages in the north who specialize in dragons...

    Alder: Yes! the Twin Dragons of Opelucid! If anyone would know it would be them!

    Jun: Well I'll be off to my lab to research anything about these Legendary Dragons that might be useful.
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    On the way to the new city

    Ran into Bianca infront of the tunnel and had a battle. Coming out a guy threw a CD at my head OW!Bikers tried to hit on me and didn't stop even when I told them I was male, ugh!

    Caught a Pawniard!

    In next town Ghetsis is making a speech about how N has become the hero and blah blah blah pokeliberation, met up with Alder in the crowd. After Ghetsis is done the crowd disperses and I see Iris and some old guy! They're poking holes in Ghetsis' logic. Me and Al go up to them and Iris calls me 'that girly looking guy who helped out that time", Hey! I was the one who did all the work! ...wait.

    Followed Iris to her house. They told me the legend of the origin of Unova.

    Off to fight gym. Xiretsa smashs all challengers, though it was tough. Made it to Iris.

    Kyon: *Rides in on Xiret* Oh yeah!
    Iris: You made it though my gym, impressive. But I bet that the battles have tired you out.
    Kyon: I guess, hey give me a minute real quick... *runs off*
    Iris: ?
    Kyon: Okay I'm back from the pokemon center!
    Iris: Hey you can't do that! That's cheating!
    Kyon: Under what rules?
    Iris: Oh, you'll pay for this!


    Xir took out the first 2 before the last managed to survive and used Dragon tail to knock him away, luckly Duster took him out. Ha I win! Wait don't cry! Wah! what do I do!?

    Outside Ran into Jun. She tells me that her research shows that Zokram will awaken if my psyche starts to fracture and blah blah blah science babble. She tells me I've grown up in the month since Nuvema town when I started. She asks me If I regret my jouney. no, I've had fun, made friends, and seen the world. I have never felt happier than I have on this journey. She gives me a Master ball as a present and a token of her apreciation.
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    On next route.

    Meet up with cher and Bianca. Cher asks if I'm headed to the Leage, and since it's Alder fighting N it should be alright, but if something does happen he wants to know I'm strong enough. Battle!

    Nearly lost Duster to Serperior and a critical hit but took him out. Beat him. We spend the day together just like the old days. at the end of the day we just lay around the hills outside Opelucid and talk. Bianca says that we've grown up since Nuvema town. I've grown a backbone and Cheren has started on removing that stick from his bum. We all been through alot, we've found out many things about outselves and each other, and what a long strange trip it's been. Me and Cher chip in too. Then Cher tells me that if anything happens to Alder He will do everything he can to help, and just not to be reckless like I usually am and runs off. Bianca says she too will do everything she can but can't really think of anything really dramatic to say so she'll go with 'best foot forward'.

    Grinding ho!
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    Off to challenge the Elite 4.

    Mima [F]Zoroark: Illusion
    LVL 54
    HP 143
    ATK 130
    DEF 79
    SPA 154
    SPD 87
    SD 159

    Duster [M] Archeops: Defeatist
    LVL 51
    HP 158
    ATK 175
    DEF 82
    SPA 115
    SPD 81
    SD 139

    Reginald [M] Reuniclus: Magic Guard
    LVL 56
    HP 218
    ATK 101
    DEF 107
    SPA 170
    SPD 114
    SD 44

    Lily Bell Lilligant: Own Tempo
    LVL 46
    HP 147
    ATK 69
    DEF 74
    SPA 120
    SPD 70
    SD 110

    Xiretsa [M] Samurott: Torrent
    LVL 56
    HP 194
    ATK 167
    DEF 109
    SPA 148
    SPD 86
    SD 110

    Bruce Lee [M] Mein Fu: Inner Focus
    LVL 50
    HP 142
    ATK 148
    DEF 68
    SPA 109
    SPD 79
    SD 139

    First Fight, Against Caitlin. Lead with Mima disguised as Bruce. Mima lead with Nasty Plot and Reuniclus used Psychic, Blasted them all with Shadow ball.

    Next took on Ghoust girl. I led with Mima she lead with Cofagrius. She kept spamming full restore and I whasted a bunch of moves taking that thing down but afterwards it was smooth sailing for both Mima and Xiretsa to take out the rest.

    Next to Take out Dark guy. Led with Lily He led with Scrafty. Put it to sleep, spammed Quiverdance and Used Petal dance. Thing woke up and did poison jab and kept going everytime I healed the cheating jerk. Then he sends out a Bisharp! It mangaged to Survive a 3X power Petal dance! Than it used X Scissor! Luckly it somehow missed. Killed it next round. Then Lily had nothing left to fear!

    Finally to the Fighting guy! Reginald and Duster ROLFStomped him.

    Now to the end! Go up to the statue and the elevator took me down.

    In the stadium N was standing over Alder. The place is trashed all to hell. Alder looks beat to hell and N looks fresh and as cold as the last time.

    N: It is done, you have been completely crushed just as predicted. With this I now hold the title of Champion and all it entails. My goal is now 90% complete. Within 1 hour I shall Unite Unova and all pokemon will be free of man.

    Al: Urgh! *Tries to stand*

    N: *Glares at Al and he falls* Back down Human. Do not spit in the face of my kindness or it shall be revoked. I will not hesitate to to finish you and your pokemon if you continue to resist. *Smirks at Al's flinch* You know the pain of loss well, stand down and you will not taste it again. Their lives are in your hands, it is your choice sacrifice them in vain or let them free.

    Al: Please... I-I beg you. Don't seperate people from pokemon!

    N: Even in your last moments you won't back down. ...You have made the correct choice. Kyon, you can come out now. I've been waiting. You have retreive the stone just as predicted. We shall fight, but not here. This is not suitible place for history. Arise!

    N: In this castle where the fate of the world will be dicided *Leaves*

    Inside Sages challenge me, the cavelry arives.

    Outside of final Room Ghetesis Comes out.

    In room
    N: And you still resist? Don't kid yourself into thinking you can help any of them. You will fail no matter what you do. And then what happens? You're left with nothing, that's what. The smart thing to do - the only thing - take those important to you and run as far away as you possibly can. You act like you have a conscience will save you, but you're just being sentimental. You think you can change things? You honestly believe that one act of selflessness will save them? How could it - look at them! Humans are nothing but a virus, and if we don't cleans them they'll spread like weeds and destroy everything including themselves. You can't change reality, only the shadows you see on the wall! And that's all it is, shadows. Tell me what you think you could actually change, They're hearts, their minds, the nature of their species? They will always be weak and frightened creatures! The strong devoir and the weak die, and those who can will take what they want! That is natures way, the Truth of this world!

    N: Kyon, what I desire is a world of peace. I had thought to simply seperate the two, Pokemon and man, but that is no longer enough. Man's ways, they are a deseise that has spread to far, and must be cleansed in fire to protect the rest. *Walks up to me and me him* Hmm. It seems that Zokram has yet to chose you, how disapointing. I honestly liked you Kyon. I felt you were someone like me, some one who cared for pokemon as more than just pets but as equals, as family. In you I saw a friend *Face tenses and shakes himself* But I have seen the light. As a trainer, as a human you are by default a plague upon this world, a part of the stain that must be cleansed. You have 2 choices challenge me to a fight you can't win and watch your pokemon die or spare them and leave to watch a new world order born. Reshiram, come!

    Reshiram burst through the wall and insinerates everyting around, N is protected by some feild and Regi blocks the blast for me.

    The darkstone trembles and glows. It sudently morphs into Zokram.

    N: Very well then. Can your Ideals Measure up to my Truth?


    Regi took out Reshiram Lily went against Caracosta, nearly took it out in one hit but it had sturdy. It used stone edge. My heart nearly stoped. I was amazed when lily dodged it and Petal dance it to death. Bruce kicked a snowcone to death. Adn then a giant machine, and finally a Mima clone. Duster took out his rival Archeops with a well placed rock to the face.

    N defeated.

    Ghetsis walks up to N and stabs him while he lets his guard down. Then Ghets reveals his true colors. Battle!

    Xiretsa got poisoned but took down the coffin. Bruce Jumpkicked an afro buffolo in the face. Duster nearly got taken out by a Hydra but swept it away with dragon tail. Regi took out the sesmitoad and Bruce knocked out the Bisharp. And then the Hydra came out again, Sent out Regi to buy time to heal, used a Future sight/Psychic combo. Oh crap it's part dark! Well Future sight is more than enough and it does typeless damage! No damage!? and Reginald got taken out by a critical Dragon Pulse. Bruce took revenge but got blindsided by the Electross. I froze and the Electross almost got me but Duster saved me. No Duster! He has type advantage and you can't take him out in one hit! A Crit rockslide and is survives! But it's dazed! Duster got in a second and it was taken down!

    After all is done, I punch Ghetsis in the face, it takes Cher and Alder holding me back from outright murdering him. They Take Ghetsis away. And I face N. N starts appologizing for everything, no N, it's okay I told you we would be friends forever. He asks me to take him to the ledge and i do.
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    And that's the White version. I had bought both of the games and nuzlocked both. I rushed a bit with this to make it in 10 days after started and just barely made it within a couple hours. Also note, for those who see similarities, I only discovered Black Adventure after completing the nuzlocke.


    Unnamed Nuzlocke Soul Silver

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    Name: Marill [F], Lover of Cute things.

    Had weird dream of Prof. Oak introducing me to the world of pokemon. He was kinda creepy. Checked email, had one from gold, Do I know someone by that name? Went downstairs to get some munchies, Mom told me Gold came by for me. theres that name again.

    Went outside and a Marill ran into me, Oh god get it off! It's little fangs hurt! Flung it off and it landed on some weird kid with a cell phone coming out of Elm's lab.

    Found some guy peeking into Elm's lab, Hey what do you think you're-! Is that Mrs. Elm? So bouncy~ How dare you stare at Mrs.Elms delicious goodies! wait, your looking at Elm? Well if you're like tha- OH GOD MY FACE!

    I run into Elm's lab to get some bandages. He asks If I can help him with his research on walking pokemon like Gold does. 2 questions 1) can I get some help first 2) Who's this Gold fellow?

    Elm says he's going to give me a Pokemon but is interupted by checking his Poketwitter, Some guy Named Mr.Poke called (wow Is that his real name?) and he's aperently kinda crazy and this time his discovery isn't full of shit. Elm says he's busy so he's sending me in his place, and hands me something for protection. Hey! I'm not that kind of gi- this is a tazer. Why are you giving me a tazer!?

    Elm: Oh right! that probably won't work, so take this shank and one of these little monsters, I'm sure they can help dispose of the body.

    I don't know, they all look too cute to be dange- Oh god the Gaterthing it ate the lima bean! gyaaaa~! Get it off! Profeser why aren't you helping!? It's latched to my face! Get it Off me! The Hedgehog thing saved me! As thanks I won't name you sonic!

    Azula [F] has joined the party! Woo!

    Elm says I can heal my pokemon with his magic computer. What about my head wound?

    Elm: Are you a pokemon? No, fuck off!

    He then kicks me out and makes me go to Mr. Pokemons house
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    On my journey. ran into some kid with marill that taught me how to catch pokemon. The Marril tried to chew off my face when he wasn't looking.

    In the town there was some creepy old guy, he gave me his old shoes, yuck! and a map card for my PKgear. Some stupid kids were blocking the road battling their rattata.

    Made it to MR.Poke's house, got my chiv and Azula's ready for anything

    Mr.P: Elm said you would visit
    He also said you were a dirty liar and I should put you down.

    He says an egg appeared in the pokemon center run by the old folks, well when two people love each other very much they give each other a special hug you see and- he says the old people gave him the egg and he doesn't want to pay poke support so he's giving it to me.

    Oak: Hi~
    Oh god! Don't sneak up on me, hey you you're the guy from the dream! Oak and poke where hanging around trash talking this guy name Birch for being from poke devri. Oak gives me his new super pokedex because he thinks one can never have too much unpaid child labor.

    now he has to leave to get to his radio station.

    Outside got a phonecall from Elm. Better head back.

    Azula has evolved! woo!

    Ran into the Readheaded girly douche. he challengely me to a fight. Oh god he's got the Hell Gator! The new and improved Azula wins. He drops his trainer card and when I give it back to him he punchs me again! Got to the lab, told police about the guy, named Silver. left.

    Outside some kid i don't know with a marril taught me how to catch pokemon and gave me his balls, hehe inuendo. Caught a Pidgey [F] "Hawkeye", Weedle [m] "Hornet", Bellsprout [F] "Trifid".

    Battling a weak Rattata, Hornet was about to kill it but it got a crit quick attack.

    Hornet: lvl 3-6, lasted longer than I thought.

    Beat bell sprout tower. Silver was a dick, He punched me because I called him out on hanging out with a bunch of mucled halfdressed monks in a dark tower... escaped using rope, soo~ Dizz~y

    Got into an arguement with a creepy looking tree. It's surprisingly good at rheteric.

    Off to fight the gym. Falkner is pretty cool, then I learn he cheated to get a lvl 13 pidgeoto. Azula beat the whiny dunce, little brat was using his old man's pokemon!

    Elm called and told me to carry the egg. Went to pokemart to pick it up from assistant, he says I'm the only one who can do this, what about you? Nothings gonna pop out of this and try to eat me like the watermelon incedent is it?

    Outside some lady in a kimono sees me holding an egg and comes up to me. Apperently on famous on Poketube as 'Marril-girl' since someone keeps uploading vids of me getting attack by an evil marril.

    Ruins of Alf, For some reason these look familiar *Ruins look like ALFs head*
    Smashing piceless acheological arfifacts for shits and giggles, found some fossils, candy, and shards. I feel like link!

    Messing with some stone carving and fell down a hole. Scientist asks if I fell down a hole than I must have solved the puzzel, yeah it wasn't that hard, it doesn't take decades of research to solve a sliding pictograph. He gives me the Unknown report, screw this, Come Azula! where's going treasure hunting! I'll get my special Indie hat and Trifid you ready your vinw whip!

    Oh god the unknown are swarming! Unknown, Why did it have to be Unknown!?

    Finally out. to the next route! Caught Ekans [M] "Adnocana"

    In the next town some fat kid tried to sell me a snack for over 1 billion poke. Yeah like I'd pay that much for ...Slowpoke tail? ;A;

    Huh, oh god the egg is hatching! Crap! I dropped it! Don't mention this to anyone Azula! Wait something's coming out! Woo I'm a momma! hmm, there seems to still be some egg shell left, better rip it off, Azula why are you holding me back?

    Ralph has joined the party, Ralph seems kinda slow, *whistles*.

    Back at the lab I show Elm my baby boy, he says there's no other like him. Odd since he has a dex entry, have you been huffing the chemicals agian.

    Caught a magikarp. Ziz joins the party!
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    Exploring union cave!

    Heavy G is tough! Oh god creepy fire breathing clowns!

    Got a call from mom. She spent my money! Wah, good news, she got me present! got to go pick it up.

    And outside!

    Hoppip, So cute! Must catch! PuffBard has joined the Party!

    Holy crap I got a phone call from Ralph! Ralph I didn't know you could talk, or use a phone or do such secretly while I'm looking right at you! And I didn't know you had a goldeen or kids! Wow, I need to pay more attention to my lil boy.

    Made it to Azaela town.

    Black suited guy with an awesome hat was arguing with an old guy and puched him in the face! He says he's a good samaritan for guarding an unsafe well. Good people don't sucker punch the elderly! I don't care how cool your hat is, Sick'em Azula!

    In town some old guy told me people are stealing slowpoke tails, and that's terrible.

    Black suit guy in front of gym says Slowpoke tails are tasty, oh god why did you tell me that!? No I'm not glad you told me! This is worse than sucker punching old people, at least the elderely aren't cute!

    Go to Kurts house, he asks if I want some of his balls, why do guys think I'm that kind of girl!? Oh you mean pokeballs. Kurt says that he can't make any right now because He has to go fuck up some Team Rocket grunts for stealing Slowpoke tails, those bastards! wait for me Kurt!

    At the well, Kurt used Roar on enemy guard! He then triped in the well and got knocked the fuck out, guess it really was dangerous, but still what a klutz to ruin his own awesome entr-gwah!*trip* Oh my head! You'll pay for this Rocket you pay for getting dirt on my cloths! Oh and I guess I better avenge Kurt too

    Kurt: I'm not dead you twit!
    Quiet Kurt, corpses don't talk.

    Hey a slowpoke! She's Aderpable :)

    Rocket Grunt from outside, he want revenge for Azula throwing him down the well. Wah! Protect me Azula!

    hey a tailess slowpoke, it has a note. "Be good and look after the house with Grandpa and SLOWPOKE.
    Love, Dad."

    ...Azula. show no mercy.

    I punch the bosses face in and Ralph steals his hat. I'll be keeping this.

    *Image of Ralph wearing Rocket hat* (>w<) Dawww~

    Oh god Zombies!
    Kurt: I'm not dead!
    Please don't eat my brain!
    Kurt: *sigh* Rocket has fled we better get out of here.
    Good idea Mr. Zombie, it smell like misery and poo down here.
    Kurt: ...And thats the the history of Team Rocket.

    Uh, Mr.Zombie, you just came inside, sat down and said "...And thats the the history of Team Rocket." But what ever distracts you from my young tasty flesh.

    Kurt: ...just give me your fucking apricorns.

    Fast ball Get!

    On to Ilex Forest to look for missing assistant!

    Oh god silver!
    He asks if Rocket was back, yeah they were cutting off slowpoketails for snacks and harrassing the elderly! Luckly I was there and thanks to my stunning beauty and keen mind beat them! Hey quit laughing!

    Ah ghost! Azula got cursed for killing it!
    Chompy Gaterface! Trifid put it to sleepp and almost has it. It got Trifid with a crit bite! Hawkeye revenge!

    Silver: You only won by luck, get your weak pokemon away from me. I hate the weak like team Rocket, and especially you, don't get in my way again.
    You, you bastard! I hate you! You won't get away with this. Trifid! *crying*

    Ilex forrest, caught a Paras, Shitake

    Off to fight Bugsy, Oh god the bees and insects! who would have expected Bugsy to use bug pokemon!? They're everywhere! Help me Azula!

    Hey a little girl! Can you tell where Bugsy is? Oh god Giant scyth bug! I'm sorry! Heavy G, smash! Bug guts, bug guts everywhere. Woo new badge, cute too!

    Bugsy: *pouting* my pokemon...
    Oh you poor thing! You're adorible! Omochikaeri!
    Bugsy: Tatsukette!


    Ilex forest, aperently the assistant lost his ducks and can't go back until he finds them, time for some duck hunting! *Puts on hunting cap and readies shotgun*

    Now I got HM01 Cut!

    Ralph keeps calling me.

    There's a fat guy runing headfirst into trees. Hey, it's headbutting fatguy from Poketube! Can I have an autograph! Teach one of my pokemon how to headbutt? sure, now can you sign this helmet to 'Pok'E-bay'

    Caught a Rattata [F] 'Remi'

    Ran across some kid and his grandpa, hey something seems familiar... Oh god my face! It's that evil little marill! Vengence shall be mine you cute little demon! The kid rips it off and takes over to introduce me to his grandpa and get some bandages, Thanks but who are you again and how do you know me? He than takes me into the daycare center to meet his grandma. She calls me his girlfriend and wants grandbabies to spoil. Ethan denies it and says we're just neihbors, seriously I don't think we've ever met before now. She says he's got an eye for /talent/, and I got /talent/ in just the right places. Thanks lady, I knew it was just a mater of time before someone relized my talent! Now can you tell me what it is, I haven't really figured it out myself...

    G-ma: ...You're lucky you're pretty, girl.
    Thanks! :)

    The boy gives me his number and leaves.


    Goldenrod city! Shopping!

    Gambling shop! Capitalism ho! Good thing I have a doctoral degree in aplied mathmatics! I cleaned the place out and took a few of their pokemon to cover some dept.

    Tanya the Abra & Illyana the Dratini join the party! Woo!

    Window shopping when a guy asks me to help advertise his bike, woo freebies! All he wants is my name and digits... ...('_')

    Looking for the subway when the little demon reappears, get it off! Some boy rescues me, thank you what's your name? He says his name's Ethan Gold and we're neighbors, I'm sure I would have remembered that. He says there's a dress shop down the tunnel. Pretty clothes what are we waiting for? He gives me a dress case as a present, ...THANK YOU THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! [GLOMP] Awe he's embarassed. Thank you, hope to see you again soon Whatsyourface! Now come Azula we must find pretty dresses. All you trainers down here shall rue the day you stood between me and cute things!

    Holy crap a cosplay cafe! Drat all that's left is team Rocket, Well at least I make this look good. Picture time! Heh heh, our first family picture everyone! I'm going to treasure this forever! I put the pic in the inside of my awesome hat for safe keeping.

    At the Radio station taking a quiz for a free radio card.

    Wondering wondering, hey a flowershop! apperently watering cans are a dangerous thing to handle.
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    Guy gave me his spearow to diliver a message to his friend. Kenya has Joined the Party!

    Ralph Evolved! I'm so proud! And now he's not being as derpy anymore!

    Now off to fight Whiteny.

    Her sign says "The Incredible pretty girl" I'll be the judge of that.

    So... Pink... and everyone uses cute pokemon! Holy crap I want to join this gym!

    Fighting Whitney. Azula took out Clefairy quick but Miltank proved tough, Azula refused to bow down and when it looked close Miltank used milkdrink, ewww~. ...oh crap. Miltank used Rollout. Luckly Heavy G caught the cow and wrestled it into submission. *Snap* oh, crap. Heavy G you should should be more careful.

    Whitney: M-Miltank?

    Cheese it! I guess this means I won't be joining here...

    Now with this gym badge I stole while Whitney was in the loo I must shoulder the great resposibility that is a watering can. Come Azula we have a date with destiny, let's go kill us a tree monster!

    Oh god there's a girl with it! I'll save you from his clever wordplay! Get in the ball foul beast, never more shall you use the power of rheteric for evil! The little girl said I was funny and gave me a pot and some fruit.


    At the Pokeathelon Dome

    ~I'm On the road to Ecruteak city!~
    2 pretty girls come up to me, a little too close, personal space! I NEED AN ADULT! Help me 'Zula!
    Hey they have cute Pokemon! No, must, resist, urge, to, GLOMP!

    Last Clefable used Metronome and got Guiotine! Holy Fuck! Thank Pokechrist for grinding.

    Met the creator of the Pokestorage system and the faceboy of Pokephiles everywhere Bill! He gave me an Eevee that was abandoned because the owner thought it was sick, awe poor thing let me ha- Holy pokeballs! It's shiny! I got a shiny Eevee!

    Off to celebrate my luck by going to the theater. Theres a mook harrassing the pretty dancers! And now he's suddently burst into song and dance, maybe I shouldn't have had that sodapop...

    Inside Burned Tower, mmm, smells like bacon. Ran into guy Named Eusine, he's looking for Suicune what ever that is.

    Addventure! Oh no, not now, maybe if I sneak past real quiet maybe he won't try to punch me. Sneak sneak, nin nin. Oh crap he saw me!

    Silver: So it's you, you must be here to try to catch the legendary pokemon to make up for your weak pokemon. Hmph, As if a trainer like /you/ can ever be strong. Only those who dedicate themselves to becoming the strongest are capable of handing that kind of power. not a scared weak little girl like you!

    Ralph mind flayed the Ghastly.
    Heavy G rocked the Magnemite with Magnitude.
    The Croc killed Kenya!
    It managed to freeze Ralph for a while and tried to eat him, but Ralph erked out a win.
    Azula fried his bat
    He backs off.

    Silver: Battling weaklings like you is just annoying, you don't deserve to have pokemon, a pathetic trainer like you couldn't even dream of catching a legendary pokemon.

    ...Azula, we're leaving. We need to train, I'm not letting this happen again...
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    On Farm for Miltank, greedy cows ate all my Oran Berries!

    Caught a Tauros! Bruiser has joined the party.

    Bug catching contest. Maybe I'll get a cute butterfree!
    You know for bugs these pokemon are pretty darn cute.
    Oh christ giant bladed mantis! Help me Ralph!
    Woo got a Scyther, and she's timid aww, I guess I misjudged you, how about a hu- on second thought a nice pat on the head is also good.
    Alita has joined the Party!

    I Lost, I lost to a kid with a Caterpie, what catching game were the reffs watching!?
    *sticks "Hug Me" sign on back and watchs chaos*

    Mt. Mortar
    Caught a machop, Teddy Joins the Party.

    Went to pick up my Dratini from the Daycare, she leveled up quite a bit, the old woman wouldn't give her back so I had to dip into my rainy day fund.

    Illyana joins the Party at lvl 28!

    Olivine city
    Silver came out of the gym, he was being a dick and said the gym leader is taking care of a sick pokemon at the light house and that she should have just let it die since the only pokemon of any worth are those that can fight. He tells me to go train at the light house.

    Illyana evolved.

    Back at Burned Tower
    Caught Weezing, Hudson joins the party!
    Heavy G evolved

    Exploring downstares and saw a bunch of scary dog things! They run away, oh god the blue one's coming at me! Can't move, dog will eat me! It leaves and I might need some new pants.

    Eusine: DID YOU SEE IT!!!!????
    Gah! ...now I /definitely/ need some new pants...
    Eusine: I've been chasing Suicune all these years and I've never seen it so close! I'm all choked up! Clearly it see something in you, they say legandary pokemon love purity... So to catch Suicune Obviously I must steal your purity!

    ('_') ...Azula. Roast him.

    And so I leave the burned tower with another pile of ash on it's already dirty floor.

    Off to fight Morty
    This is the most terrorfying place I've ever been in, it's like walking into the abyse the shadows are so dark I swear they seem to be eating the surounding light. And it filled with ghosts & old people! I'm relying on Ralph and his Mind flaying powers and mental fortitude!
    the evil old people are turning out the candles out of spite to get me to walk over the edge! That's it when I get out of here I'm signing that euthenasia bill! Oh god I've never been so terrorfied!

    After enduring trauma I'm sure I'll need /years/ of theropy to recover from I make it to Morty.

    After careful testing I figured out Gengars moveset, it has only one move that can hurt Ralph with only 5pp, I use the Hypnosis to prep Ralph with battle items. Ralph Mind flays Mortys team.

    Yeah! Now to begin the horrible journey back to the door.
    Morty: Oh there's no need I have a short cut, it'll take you where you deserve in no time!
    ReallY? Thank you! Where is it?
    Morty: Over here, a little closer, Here's the shortcut.*Shove* The Shortcut to Hell!
    Morty: Hahaha, I can't beleive you fell for that! I just use a colored fog machine. Crap! Don't cry, I hate it when girls cry! uh, uh, here! have this TM! It's shadow ball!
    Now that water is no longer a veriable it's back tracking time!

    In Union cave Ran into a hiker, He used a 'Jihadude' Almost lost Ralph but my baby's one tough cookie!

    Ran into the Ace sisters. Annoyingly difficult to beat.

    route 42, Caught Flaffy, Luxia joins the party.


    Back at Olivine...

    Going to the light house to train.

    At the top I found a girl with a very sick looking pokemon, the amphardos was in real bad shape. Jasmine asked me to go a pharmasy nearby for some medicine to help.
    You got it! This trainer is on the case! Side quest ho!

    Water route _yeah_. The trunks on the guys are skin tight, at least they aren't speedos.
    ...why did I just think that? ;A;
    Some guy says the water around him is nice and warm. ...ew!

    Finaly made it to Cianwood, Hey there's a gym! But no time to dawdle gotta save an Amphardos!

    Girl on the island says the leader spars with his pokemon, holy pokechrist! that is hardcore! And some poor guy had his pokemon stolen by What had to be Silver, yet another thing for him to pay for *fistshake*. He wants to give me the other in case he comes back.
    Shuckle woo!

    I got the medicine from the guy with the russian accent, it smells like my mom after she gets home from the bar. I have determined that the quickest way back is by flying since I don't have to deal with 100 encounters on the water, so I must beat the local gym. going north to punch a few rocks for training.

    Hey whats tha- Oh god! It the blue monster dog! It circles me and jumps at my face again!
    At least this time my pants remain clean
    ...spoke too soon.
    Eusine: Suicune is so gracefull and beautiful and majestic *shiver*
    ... ('_') I'm outta here. And I'm calling that guy from 'To Catch a Predator' on you!
    Eusine: No! I want to be closer to my darling Suicune! I relized earlier that I made a mistake, Suicune respects your courage not you innocence!
    Ha! Well that's nice. well I better get go-
    Eusine: ...So that's why I must kill you and eat your heart! That way I can get gain your courage. You're tasty tasty courage!

    Managed to beat the psycho
    Eusine: Drat, looks like I lost, I think I'm starting to see the real reason Suicune is watching you.
    No you don't, and don't even try. That monster dog just want's to haunt my nightmares.
    Eusine: Well I better get back to searching for Suicune.
    Yes yes, go. go far far /far/ away from me.
    Eusine: I have a feeling we'll see each other again!
    God I hope not...

    Now to the Gym!
    The leader is standing under a waterfall, on his head, in weighted cloths, holding up a giant boulder. ...Is it too late too change my mind? He sees me and HOLY MOTHER OF POKECLAUS! HE JUST PUNCHED THE WATERFALL IN TWO!!!! He's pissed that I interupted his training and now we must fight.

    Chuck: Chuck SMASH!
    Oh god we're gonna die!

    Ralph got a lucky crit. on the primape, the poliwrath was just horrible. Spaming Hypnosis/Focus punch/Surf. Thank Arceus for Charm but chuck also spamed healing items, where the hell are you getting these things!? And how do you keep hitting on Hypnosis!?

    Chuck: Chuck got endorsement deal with company. They use Chuck for free advertising and Chuck get cheap items. Really help in Chuck's training. On 2nd, Chuck not know, Chuck just lucky.

    Crap, well I guess it's a battle of atrition via stock. And this soon may became my most expensive battle yet. managed to win though. And Chuck is also pretty cool when he's not trying to kill me. Even gave me the Focus punch TM. Woo! Now I can fly back! ...Wait I don't have the HM, *twitch*. Oh coolio some lady oputside the gym gave me hers! Minutes later Ralph defied physics, logic, and biology and flew us back to Olivine.

    Gave the medicine to Jasmine. And upon drinking it Apmhy goes super nova. And the whole world went white...

    *Later* Gym
    Jasmine: Hello again Marill, this may be odd but we haven't properly introduced ourselves. I'm Jasmine, the gym leader here and I use Steel pokemon.
    Hello, you know who I am, I'm the girl you blinded and left at the top of a tall tower right next to a hole in the floor.
    Jasmine: ...Sorry I didn't think you would look directly into it. oh well
    Jasmine: But you didn't, now back to the matter at hand, we have a battle to fight.
    ...*twitch* Azula. you know what to do. *Uses Azula flamethrower and goes all Rambo*

    Jasmine: ... You are a strong trainer, much more skilled, powerful, pretty and kind than me! Especially kind! And Forgiving!
    Just shut up and give me my prizes.

    Some grinding later Azula Evolves!

    On the way to mahogany town! ...Mahogany.

    Suicune! (;[];)

    What do you want, I have to get to Mahogony Town and change. ...Mahogany.
    Eusine: You are always around whenever Suicune Apears! So I've been following you! Secretly! You should get that mole on your butt checked out!
    Eusine: It is a mystery why Suicune loves you! I've check all the myths and I still can't figure it out! I won't stop stalking you until I learn just what it is that make you so irresistable and steal it for myself! You hear me!
    And then he jumps back into the bushs.

    Now Mahogany Town, the town known for it's tourist traps. ...Mahogany.
    Now to visit the tourist traps, got a ragecandybar. Horrible taste, expensive, but I must have moar! Also visited the completely unalarming and not at all suspicious suvineir stand.

    Oh it's almost time to hear my lottery numbers, so turn on the radio and- Gah! oh god the noise is horrible! It's like a million nails scratching at the chalkboard of my brain!

    At lake of rage, cuaght red Gyarados.

    Lance: Hey are you a random child? Want to needless risk your life for absolutely for no payoff whatsoever?
    Boy skippy I do! Do I look like an idiot that would agree to anything an adult asks me to do?
    Lance: Yes.
    Damn, you're right :(
    Lance: Okay, there's this mysterious radio signal that is forcing the Magikarp in the lake to evolve.
    ...So what's wrong with that? It's like audio rarecandy, which sounds pretty awesome.
    Lance: ...*PIMPSLAP* Meet me at the souvineir stand. Or I /will/ find you

    Well since he's asking for my help his pokemon can't be all that strong. Hey lance I'm here.
    Lance: Hyperbeam!
    And than sudently the entire right side of the souvineir stand disapeared in a beam of pure destruction. Oh god you just killed that guy!
    Lance: You didn't see anything. Right?
    Dragonite: *evil grin*
    I see Not'ing. NOT'ING!
    Lance: Good. Now to the basement, Dragonite's still hungry.
    Basement? Oh look there's some stairs in the rubble, right next to owners charred corpse. That Dragonite just eat in one bite. ...(;^;)

    Bang!Band!Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang! Oh god he's got a gun!
    Grunt: Now you're probably asking yourself, did I fire 6 shots or just 5, So Are you feeling lucky punk! huh are you!?
    You fired 6.
    Grunt: Huh really? *looks down barrel**click click* Guess you're right, well We have explosives all over the floor, one step and you'll just be a black mark on the floor and some red stain on the ceiling!

    Turns out the the explosives were Jihadude. It's worse than I thought!

    Ran back into Lance, he heals my guy, thanks!
    Lance: Hey, I need a meat sheild anyway. Besides I just took them off that pile of ash right there. Now go find the passwords for me like a good little minion.
    Hey! ...I perfer 'Henchgirl' it makes me sound like a super hero. ;) And can't you just use Hyperbeam?
    Lance: *PIMPSLAP* That's saved whn there's some one else on the other end! So either get the passwords or stand infront of the door!
    Azula managed to beat the password out of a couple grunts.

    Silver: Oh, you have got to be kidding me. /You/ again. Out of the way, /I'm/ the one going to take down rocket. But first tell me who the man in the cape is. He was strong enough to beat me, His speed, stregth, endurance, and techneique where beyond anything I've ever seen! He'll be the pole which I'll measure myself against. I'll find him again and this time I'll be the one on top!
    I knew it! I knew your where like that!
    Silver:*Punch* a weakling like you knows nothing! *storms off*
    Oh god my face!

    Opened the door. Guy says he's the leader Giovani.
    ... No you aren't. Giovani looks nothing like you. You're just wearing an Al Cappone rubber mask.

    Blah Blah blah, voice activated password. Blah blah, Rocket disbanded. Blah blah, we'll be back. Blah blah, can't stop us without my voice.

    Hey I didn't know Murkrow could talk...

    New exec apears and she tries to jump me with a grunt. Sudently their pokemon are consumed by a white lazer and disapear. Well that was quick.

    Lance: Well, I've done my part. Now be a good meatshield and take care of those electrode for me.
    ...Fuck. You. So. MUCH!

    Azula managed to get them all before they could blow thank god.
    Lance: Good meatsheild, here have this HM, it sucks ass anyway. Also nice hat, yoink!
    HM05 Whirlpool get! Man this day sucks. I'll get you for this Lance!
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    Taking on gym to use this cruddy HM. Woo skating! I don't even have to change since Azula is keeping me nice and toasty!

    Gym leader was a cranky old guy and brags how he's trained his pokemon since before I was born. Oh than this will be easy since Azula will just have to fight some senior pokemon!

    Well they went down pretty easy but the Dewgon was a tough old froggy.

    Outside got a call from Elm. He says Team Rocket has taken over the radio again and asks if I know anything about it. And how would I, also why are you calling me? Oh right the Jenny rebellion wiped out nearly all the police force so everyone has to relly on untrained children. He says Team Rocket is back and to go take care of them.

    Adventure ho!

    At goldenrod Team rocket has taken over the radio tower, it is now up to me and my super spy skills to go undercover and figure out their heinious plot! Tricked one into thinking I was a new recruit and got a uniform, heh, I make this look good! I bet I also look pretty intimidating!
    Grunt: no, I doubt you could intimidate a meowth kitten. In fact you just look very asaultable, I wouldn't be surprised if you had to fight off molesters.

    My disguise seems to work and all the grunts are real nice to me now, I even got a few snacks! Woo! Now spy time, operation stealth rocket is ago! Hello comrade! I'm definitely a new recruit and not a spy! I here for orientation and training not stop your evil scheme!

    Grunt: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear your suspiciously specific denials because I was too destracted by your short skirt. God I love working here, now please head up the stairs, I'll just be down here watching!
    Woo! Mission halfway done now to-

    Silver: Hey you Rocket bastards! You interupted my radio drama! So stop this shit before I have to- *sees me* /you/ what are you doing here? And what are you wearing? It looks...
    Oh god, please don't punch me! I'm not with them!

    Silver: ... *Starts to strip me*
    Gyah! I take it back, you can punch me just stop this! My cloths! *Sob* Now I'll never be a bride!
    Silver: You only have yourself to blame! If you weren't so weak you wouldn't have to disguise you self so sexily- I mean obviously!
    But I like to dress up! It was either this or Gardevoire cosplay!
    Silver: ... You know I could wait until next week for the rerun, I'm outta here.

    Now I'm stuck here in the loby in just my skivvies. Now i have to fight Team rocket in my underwear! at least this is just a radio station...
    First floor down, saved Mary! Now follow me! Time for the back up plan. Beat Team rocket with the power of Music! Azula, Ralph, Heavt G, Illyana! It's time... To ROCK!

    Upstairs ran into the excec again, he was trying to get support for TR over the radio with free giveaways. and they're raising funds by playing lots more adds. You fiends! Radio is for listening to relaxing music not a tool for fund raising! for the crime of poluting the airwaves with ads and Nickleback I will punish you!

    Ralph mind flayed his team of floating balls of poison. Now tell me where the director is or I'll show the darkside of music!

    Excec: Or you'll /what/?
    I'll force you to listen to nonstop Britney Spears!
    Excec: Oh god no! I'll talk! He's in the tunnel, here's the key! *jumps out window*

    Crap now I have to go outside in my underwear, I really need to get some more cloths.

    Ran into the mysterious Kimono girl again, hey can I borrow your robe? Please? damn it.

    Now to defeat team rocket!
    Silver: Hold it!
    Oh god no! It's the abusive pervert! I thought you left!?
    Silver: I lied before so I could tail you.
    So you've been following, /watching/ me, while I was half naked? you really are pervert.
    Silver: Oh don't flatter yourself
    Says the guy who striped me to my unmentionables less than an hour ago...
    Silver: I though you would lead me to Lance!
    I don't know what your thinking but I'm not that type of girl!
    Silver: What? Forget it! I was planning to take you on after Lance but since your here...
    Just because I'm wandering the alleys looking for criminals in just my underwear does not mean I'll sleep with you!
    Silver: I ment a fight!
    Oh. Well if it's a battle you want it's a bat- *smack* Oh god my face! I thought it would be a pokemon battle!
    Silver: Sure that too.
    Bring it you ginger bastard!

    It was a challenge but Silver went down easy enough

    Silver: I don't understand, how could a weakling like you win?
    I trained, I planned, and most of all I trusted my friends' strengths. But you just abused your pokemon and only trained their stats and nothing else. There is more to battle than who is strong or weak. like strategy, ...or spamming potions.
    Silver: ...I still don't understand this, but I think I'm starting to get the grasp of it. I won't let this end here and I won't give up training to be the strongest. So you can stop making a fool of yourself, I'm leaving. ...Here.

    He gave me his coat. ...this doesn't mean I forgive you! You still have hell to pay! Hell I tellzya! hey he forgot his wallet in here, score!

    Off to fight more grunts and creepy guys the look in their eyes and their dialouge has me feeling worried even the girls, really wish I had some cloths. Also Heavy G took an explostion to the face and just shrugged it off cause he's boss like that!

    Found the prez and got the key. Now back to the tower!

    Nearly lost Heavy G to a weezing spaming Sludge when he got poisoned while trapped in rollout.

    Fought the lady excec from the hideout again.

    Now to the observation deck to fight the final boss!

    His name is Archer :0 Hey you aren't a tall well muceled tan epitome of white haired manliness! >:I Illyana beat this fake faker and his devil mutts! Oh god the final Devil dog is too strong! Ralph get the holy water! The power of Arceus compels you! The power of Arceus compels you! And with his devil dog sent back to hell the faker disbands Team Rocket over the air waves, Woo! Disbanding a poke mofia will look great on my resume!

    Director: Oh you've save all the pokemon nation wide!
    Well I wouldn't say nationwide, but it was all in a days work for ...HenchGirl!
    Director: Here take this.
    Silver wing get! Well, This will look pretty cool in my hat when I pry it from Lances cold dead hands. And downstairs I get a hero's welcome!
    Mary: I'm here with the current hero of today, the famous Marill girl from Poketube, or you might know her by her self claimed monicer 'HenchGirl'. I'm Mary and it's time for an interveiw with the girl who took down the pokemofia Team Rocket with nothing but her pokemon. So how did you bring down a major evil orginization without even the cloths on your back?
    Well mary I just beat them with the power of Music, pokejesus, and good old fasion type advantages! Also I don't think the listeners need to know about my current wardrobe.
    Mary: Why, they can see you already.
    ...What? this is a radio tower.
    Mary: ...Yeah, but we do Pokepodcasts, I've been taping your entire ordeal, it's been going live to all our millions of fans across the Pokenet. So by now all of Johto and most of Kanto has seen you nearly naked. And your heroism is now permenately hosted on the Pokenets.


    In the Ice cave ran into Kimono girl again, she was stuck to the ice so I had to push her to safty. In black thorn city some chick thought Illyana was cute and wanted to trade her for a Dodrio. hell no, I wouldn't trade Illyana for all the cute pokemon in the world! Keep you're stupid Schitzo freak bird! Also there's a guy in town who hears voices in his head, he says it's the radio but from what he says they tell him I think he's picking up signals from hell.

    The leader here is some kind of dragon priestess.

    An old lady says she would teach Illyana a cool new move but didn't because she says Illya doesn't trust me. Crazy crone of course Illyana trusts me! Right girl... Right? Illya?
    Oh, I see. So is this about the devildog? Look I had no idea it was so fast, I thought you would out speed it, I made the call and sent in Ralph, it wasn't because I didn't trust you, but I just couldn't risk it! Maybe you'll see that later.
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