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Worm Resources Thread

Discussion in 'CW Index' started by Ack, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Threadmarks: Index

    Ack (Verified Ratbag) (Unverified Great Old One)

    Feb 12, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Worm Resources Thread

    Ported directly from the Spacebattles forum for your edification.

    Comments welcome. Please reference any corrections or additions; this resource is intended for canon, not fanon, or unsupported interpretations of canon.

    Worm: Table of Contents

    Wildbow's PRT Quest Google Doc

    PHO Interlude generator [by Conceptualist]
    PHO Interlude Wizard

    Worm Feats and Source Thread

    Bugs of Brockton Bay [ Boomslang ]

    Cape Master List [by irrationalSandwich] (edited by Wildbow)

    Weaver Dice (includes Trigger Event Guidelines)

    Common Mistakes in Worm Fanfiction

    Worm Chapter Synopsis by steamrick
    Spacebattles link

    Timeline (not always accurate)
    Timeline plaintext backup (with extras and corrected dates)

    TVTropes Worm Page

    World Map

    Just a couple of suggestions when doing quests or serialised stories:
    1) An index at the beginning, to allow readers to jump to any specific chapter
    2) A link back to the index from any specific chapter (or, as I do, a link in the sig).
    3) Continuing links from one chapter to another, to allow readers to read straight through.

    This last one is fairly important; otherwise you're forever skipping back to the index and losing your place.

    Trust me, your readers will thank you.

    Brockton Bay
    Boat Graveyard
    Lord Street Market
    Fugly Bobs
    Central Bank
    Capes in city as of story start (April 8 2011)

    Arcadia High
    Winslow High

    Hebert Family
    Hebert House

    Hero Groups
    Brockton Bay Brigade/New Wave
    Other Heroes
    PRT Department Designations

    Villain Groups
    Azn Bad Boyz
    Empire Eighty-Eight/Pure/Fenrir's Chosen
    Faultline's Crew
    Slaughterhouse Nine

    Other Villains
    Random information
    Phir Se

    Other Groups

    Youth Guard
    The Other Side of the Coin

    PHO Canon Members

    Dinah Alcott
    Emma Barnes
    Unwritten Rules
    The PRT's Quarantine Zones (and where it puts troublesome capes)

    Inconsistencies and Queries
    How Long was Taylor Bullied For?
    When is Taylor's Birthday?
    How Tall is Taylor?
    Was Dragon a Superhero Before Richter Died?
    Longest Surviving Members of the Slaughterhouse Nine?

    About Powers and Shards
    per Bonesaw
    per Tattletale

    Stuff I've Added, and Headcanon
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2018
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  2. Threadmarks: Chapter Synopsis

    Ack (Verified Ratbag) (Unverified Great Old One)

    Feb 12, 2014
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    Worm Chapter Synopsis by steamrick

    Warning: Extreme Spoilers

    Arc 1: Gestation: In which Taylor's home and school life, her power, and her first night as a hero are introduced
    1.01: Mr Gladly’s class, drink pouring in the bathroom, goes home with ruined art project
    1.02: Musings of Emma and ruination of superhero notes, introduction of costume, decision to become superhero NOW
    1.03: First night in costume, looking for trouble and finding the ABB, Lung orders to kill kids
    1.04: No cell phone or money – Taylor attacks. Lung grows, Taylor turns to flee but Lung hears
    1.05: Desperate defense against Lung, Introduction and exit of Undersiders
    1.06: Armsmaster arrives and talks, Taylor heads home
    1.x (Interlude; Danny): Exposition of (world) history, Danny worrying about Taylor’s whereabouts and difficulties in school, Taylor returns

    Arc 2: Insinuation: In which Taylor joins the Undersiders
    2.01: Awkward morning, Taylor’s hair is burnt
    2.02: Taylor looks up the Undersiders and Lung (plus ABB) during homeroom; Tt invites ‘bug’ to meet
    2.03: Julia gives Taylor’s work to Madison in Mr. Gladly’s class, Mr. Gladly offers to help with bullying
    2.04: Situation in the corridor, Emma breaks faith by telling of Taylor grieving for her mother, Taylor runs out of school
    2.05: Taylor goes to public library, agrees to meet Undersiders
    2.06: Undersiders make recruitment pitch and inform Taylor that Lung is in bad shape; Taylor accepts
    2.07: Taylor reveals her civilian identity, is shown the hideout, dogs show up snarling
    2.08: Throwdown with Bitch, Taylor almost leaves
    2.09: Power introductions, Taylor tells Danny she made new friends
    2.x (Interlude; Victoria): Victoria cripples a thug that Amy patches up (again)

    Arc 3: Agitation: In which Taylor robs a bank
    3.01: Taylor jogs to meet Brian, talks over breakfast, goes to school and flees at Sophia’s taunts
    3.02: Back to the hideout, hand-to-hand practice, Talk of Sponsor
    3.03: Bank job vote and planning
    3.04: Morning with Danny talking about Undersiders and school, starting of meeting with Armsmaster
    3.05: Meeting with Armsmaster, decision to go rob the bank
    3.06: “Cops and Robbers” talk, introduction of S-rank threats
    3.07: Arrival at Bank, taking hostages
    3.08: Bagging money, smalltalk with Bitch, Wards arrive in large numbers
    3.09: All-out attack, Taylor takes out Clockblocker
    3.10: More fighting, Tattletale goes back in the bank, Kid Win’s cannon, Fire extinguisher to Taylor’s head
    3.11: Panacea and Glory Girl vs ‘Bugs’ and Tattletale
    3.12: Tattletale asks Amy ‘who’s your daddy’, Undersiders retreat
    3.x (Interlude; Wards): Wards debrief, Gallant names Skitter, Panacea helps out

    Arc 4: Shell: In which Taylor gets brain damage
    4.01: Emma Insults, Bitch is missing and two of the Undersiders are murderers
    4.02: Shopping with Lisa, Fugly Bob’s Burgers
    4.03: Trigger events explained, Taylor shares the Locker Incident
    4.04: Brian backstory, Costume deals, Present from Brian, Bitch is MIA
    4.05: Locker empty and money missing, enter Über and Leet
    4.06: Fight time, Bakuda drops in with the ABB
    4.07: Lots of explosions as the Undersiders retreat, Bakuda’s recruits are forced, Bakuda checkmates the Undersiders
    4.08: Bakuda gives her insane maniacal speech, the Undersiders get away again
    4.09: Caught again, Taylor gets hit by the Pain Bomb
    4.10: Taylor un-toes Bakuda
    4.11: Taylor wakes up concussed, shows the ability to hear through insects, lots of talking with Undersiders and Danny
    4.x (Apology Interlude; Purity): Kayden (Purity) is re-recruited by Max (Kaiser)
    4.x (Interlude; Brutus): Brutus is a good boy

    Arc 5: Hive: In which Taylor learns that if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself
    5.01: Villain meeting at Somer’s, Skidmark gets excluded and the Travelers arrive
    5.02: Hookwolf complains about Bitch, Meeting ends, Bitch gets scolded about communication
    5.03: Shopping at mall with Danny, meeting Emma, ambush by Shadow Stalker
    5.04: Meeting at Principal’s office, Taylor wants to hit someone
    5.05: Preparation for mixed-group raid of ABB warehouse
    5.06: Attack planning, Begin of raid – Oni Lee and Lung are there!
    5.07: Fight with Oni Lee until he flees
    5.08: Going into the warehouse, first aid for Newter, finding Lung
    5.09: Lung fights E88, Sundancer makes a Sun and Kaiser stabs Lung, Lung gets back up and Skitter puts him down
    5.10: “You carved out his eyes!” and talking with Bitch
    5.x (Interlude; Gregor the Snail): A look-see into Faultline’s crew

    Arc 6: Tangle: In which Taylor becomes a true Undersider
    6.01: Hunting down the last of the ABB
    6.02: Morning in the Loft, Relationship with Brian?, going to Brian’s place
    6.03: Assembling furniture and talking, introducing Aisha, Caseworker visit, decision: spill all info to Protectorate in a week
    6.04: The ceasefire is over, Biggest Job Yet
    6.05: Crashing the party, things go less then optimal
    6.06: “Surrender.” “No.” getting free and getting out of there
    6.07: Fleeing, Armsmaster and Dauntless catch up, Circus and the Travelers show up, Coil introduces himself
    6.08: Discussion of further employment with Coil and his ambition to conquer the city
    6.09: Composing the letter to Miss Militia at home, talking to Danny, decision to stay with the Undersiders
    6.x (Interlude; Canary): Canary’s conviction, meeting Lung and Bakuda, Incarceration, Lung establishes himself

    Arc 7: Buzz: In which Coil outs the civilian identities of E88
    7.01: CQC training with Grue, Regent and Heartbreaker reveal, Taylor goes with Bitch to visit her dogs
    7.02: Bitch’s dog shelter, Taylor finds worms in Sirius
    7.03: Lunch with Bitch, E88 arrives, Bug emergency costume
    7.04: Brian arrives, relationship advice from Bitch, back to the loft: Coil outed E88
    7.05: Tactical retreat, split up, Brian and Taylor run into Sophia on the bus
    7.06: Sophia vs Taylor in the bookstore; “Like his sister. A friend.”
    7.07: Purity flips out, the Undersiders agree to meet up, ambush by Hookwolf, Stormtiger and Cricket
    7.08: Fight scene; Grue and Taylor flee and find the others
    7.09: New Wave vs Purity (plus guests), introduce Night, Crusader and Fog
    7.10: More fighting until Tattletale tells Purity where Aster is and reveals Kaisers misinformation
    7.11: Debriefing in Coil’s base, Coil brings out Dinah
    7.12: Taylor is determined to save Dinah, Taylor nearly leaves the Undersiders, the Endbringer sirens sound
    7.x (Interlude; Hannah): Miss Militia’s origin story; Hannah and Colin discuss personnel transfers

    Arc 8: Extermination: In which Leviathan happened.
    8.01: Evacuation. Gathering of who's who in Brockton Bay and the world. Meeting the Undersiders again. Legend's speech (Endbringer odds).
    8.02: Endbringer tactics; Specifics of fighting Leviathan. Plan A and B: soft and hard targets. Fate of old Leviathan targets. Organization. Surprise Tsunami. Endbringer armbands
    8.03: Leviathan fighting. Skitter first aid. Surviving a Tsunami from within. Clockblocker freeze. Plan B.
    8.04: Problems with getting Scion's help. Leviathan breakout, death of major villains. Armsmaster mano-o-mano, Troll Endbringer. Bug Tracking. First mention: Bug silhouettes, extended range, hint of EMP.
    8.05: Laserdream flight, more bug tracking, Leviathan creates the sinkhole. Shelter fight, broken back, Bitch appears. Evil triage procedures. First mention: Parian stuffed animals. Scion in a fight.
    8.06: Evil triage procedures continue. Aborted hospital escape, outing a Ward. Panacea rubbing it in.
    8.07: 'Hero' procedures being a dick. Armsmaster being a dick. Hijacking the armbands, outing a hero actually being a villain, a hero actually being a hero, and a villain actually being a hero.
    8.08: The problem with Endbringer funerals. Brockton Bay's memorial. Namelist of the fallen. Meeting with Tattletale, decisions to make for the future. First mention: Coil's powers (Tattletale's exposition).
    8.x (Donation Interlude; Lisa): Back in time: Tattletale in Broadwalk and Coil's men, detailed decription of Tattletale's powers. Formation of Undersiders. Forth in time: Leviathan deductions, fight and fall.
    8.x (Interlude; Coil): Coil's preception of his powers, Coil's mercs, Coil's capes on call, Coil's almost finished base, Coil's outlook. Reasoning for Dinah, question and answer sessions. First mention: Noelle

    Arc 9: Sentinel (Wards Interlude Arc): In which the Wards are fleshed out as real people dealing with Leviathan’s aftermath
    9.01: Piggot welcomes Weld at the Airport, gives him the rundown on the local cape scene, Weld messes up his introduction
    9.02: Flechette and Shadow Stalker on patrol, Flechette meets Parian (again)
    9.03: Parahumans 103, Ward interactions, Clockblocker is a jerk, the Wards run into the Travelers at the corpse display crime scene
    9.04: Fight from Kid Win’s perspective, the Travelers flee, Kid Win’s dyscalculia is introduced, Weld organizes the Wards, Kid Win meets Chariot
    9.05: Flechette, Vista & Parian, Kid Win gets a compliment from Piggot, a look into Vista’s head
    9.06: Shadow Stalker perspective during supply escort, Shadow Stalker follows Skitter; tries to kill her and gets ambushed

    Arc 10: Parasite: In which the Undersiders beard the Wards in their own Den
    10.01: Hiding out as Regent takes over Shadow Stalker
    10.02: Flashback to Taylor rejoining the Undersiders and meeting Imp; the Undersiders infiltrating PRT headquarters with Shadow Stalker
    10.03: Weld spots the trap – fight scene; Grue gets frozen and Tattletale reaches the computer
    10.04: Dragon speaks up and locks the Undersiders in; the Undersiders start to retreat – more fighting
    10.05: Dragon vs the Undersiders; Bitch knocks Skitter into the containment foam but Dragon lets her go when the suit melts down
    10.06: Still getting away; Skitter confronts Bitch; they get rid of Shadow Stalker and bring the data to Coil; Dinah reveals that Jack Slash will end the world; Coil orders the Undersiders to establish territories; Skitter confronts Coil about freeing Dinah
    10.x (Interlude; Alec): Alec did not, in fact, let Shadow Stalker go and now proceeds to ruin her life
    10.x (Donation Interlude; Dragon): We find out who Dragon really is; we get a peek into the Birdcage; Dragon talks to Colin about his confinement and his plans

    Arc 11: Infestation: Where Skitter claims territory and the Slaugherhouse Nine visit their potential recruits
    11.01: Taylor has Nightmares; looking over Skitter’s new lair; Taylor meets her Dad while running
    11.02: Skitter makes her big speech to claim her territory
    11.03: Skitter runs Merchant thugs out; Skitter promises to rescue Sierra’s brother and recruits Tattletale to help
    11.04: Taylor meets Lisa’s team; they go to the Merchant festival
    11.05: Disgusting Merchants are disgusting. Skidmark makes a speech: “Superpowers in a can!”
    11.06: Merchant ringfight; Scrub triggers and Lisa learns more about Shards
    11.07: Faultline’s Crew crashes the party; Taylor (and additions) try to leave; confrontation with Newter about a bit of Cauldron paperwork
    11.08: Taylor recruits Charlotte and turns Bryce in to Sierra and recruits her, too; Grue visits Skitter’s lair
    11.a: Bitch’s background and her meeting with Glory Girl and then Siberian
    11.b: Theo meets Jack Slash while babysitting Aster; he has two years to kill Jack
    11.c: Burnscar meets Faultline’s crew – Burnscar want to visit Elle
    11.d: Colin gets gutted by Mannequin
    11.e: Hookwolf meets Shatterglass
    11.f: Dinah and Coil (almost) meet Crawler
    11.g: Cherie and Regent family reunion (sort of)
    11.h: Panacea gets a visit from Bonesaw and runs away from home

    Arc 12: Plague: In which Brockton Bay fails to unite against the Slaughterhouse Nine
    12.01: Skitter practices bug controlling and rat control, then meets up with Grue
    12.02: Hero / Villain truce meeting: the Undersiders and Travelers get thrown out
    12.03: Spying on the truce meeting and discussing options
    12.04: Jack and friends show up and lay down the rules to their test
    12.05: Taylor races to reach her dad before Shatterbird sings
    12.06: Skitter organizes the wounded in her territory to save as many lives as possible; Mannequin shows up
    12.07: Taylor vs. Mannequin; Mannequin retreats
    12.08: Brian shows up the next morning; Taylor recruits her first enforcers
    12.x (Interlude; Jack): The Slaughterhouse Nine destroy the Merchants
    12.x (Donation Interlude; Jamie): How Battery gained her Powers and met Assault

    Arc 13: Snare: Where the Undersiders are attacked by the Nine and launch a counter offensive
    13.01: Jack’s terms of engagement are delivered. Coil, the Undersiders, the Travelers and Circus discuss plans
    13.02: Skitter talks to Panacea about her nomination to the Nine, Mannequin attacks them and kills Bitch’s dog (Lucy)
    13.x (Donation Interlude; Aisha): Some of Aisha’s home life is shown. Imp tries and fails to kill Bonesaw; Cherish suggests that she and Imp strike a deal
    13.03: Mannequin attacks Skitter's territory, fights the Undersiders and Genesis, is saved by Burnscar forfeiting the rest of his turn
    13.04: Burnscar delivers her test to Bitch (to kill the other members of the Undersiders) and then sets Skitter's territory on fire
    13.05: Taylor confronts Bitch, talks to Genesis and convinces Coil, the Travelers and the Undersiders that a more aggressive plan is needed
    13.06: The Undersiders and the Travelers ambush the Nine, they capture Shatterbird and Cherish, Grue is captured by the Nine
    13.07: Cherish reveals that she struck a deal with Imp, Skitter tries and fails to get the Protectorate to help them in attacking the Nine. It is revealed that Armsmaster has escaped his confinement.
    13.08: The city's villain alliance attack the Nine. Skitter, Tattletale, Trickster, Sundancer and Ballistic launch a rescue attempt to save Grue and are in turn captured by Bonesaw alongside Imp
    13.09: Bonesaw tortures Skitter, talks about her 'passenger' and is then attacked by Parian. Grue has his second trigger event, kills Burnscar and wounds Bonesaw
    13.10: Taylor and Brian talk about his second trigger event, Brian confesses that he has feelings for Taylor
    13.x (Interlude; Piggot): Piggot reflects on the state of the city, watches footage from where Hero was killed by Siberian, talks with Legend, then organizes a plan of attack on the Nine

    Arc 14: Prey: Where the Slaughterhouse Nine is driven out of Brockton Bay
    14.1: Taylor talks to Rachel and Brian, the Undersiders talk to Cherish, are told Siberian is a projection
    14.2: Siberian chases Panacea, Undersiders and the Travelers help her escape
    14.3: Panacea creates relay bugs, Protectorate arrive, Chariot tells Tattletale that the Director wants to talk to her
    14.4: Director Piggot tells the Undersiders they are going to firebomb the area; they leave. Panacea creates a giant beetle for Skitter
    14.5: Skitter and Weld fight Mannequin and Crawler to protect heroes frozen by Clockblocker, Glory Girl is injured by Crawler's acid vomit
    14.6: Skitter names the beetle Atlas, Panacea heals Glory girl, hypnotises her and runs away
    14.7: Skitter goes to the Endbringer shelter looking for Jack and Bonesaw, Crawler and Manniquin are killed
    14.8: Bonesaw activates her city wide plague, Skitter is caught in the effect, Bonesaw and Jack pretend to be Tattletale and Grue
    14.9: Cherish tells Jack Diana’s prophecy, Skitter realizes who Jack and Bonesaw are
    14.10: Jack tries to recruit Panacea, Panacea creates a cure for Bonesaw’s epidemic
    14.11: Bonesaw modifies Cherish, the Nine recruit Hookwolf and leave the city
    14.x (Interlude; Sierra): Sierra moves corpses; she and Charlotte are attacked by gang members and saved by Skitter
    14.y (Donation Interlude; Legend): Legend is given Armsmaster's lie detector, speculates on Hero’s tinker specialization, Triumvirate’s connection to Cauldron is revealed, Siberian is revealed to be Manton, Legend finds out Cauldron is lying to him, Battery dies

    Arc 15: Colony: Where the Undersiders consolidate their hold on their territories, agree to save Dinah, and where Coil starts to plan to kill Skitter
    15.1:Information on Bitch’s people, Taylor gives the Undersiders spider-silk costumes, they agree to turn on Coil and save Dinah
    15.x (Donation Interlude #1; Carol): Brandish’s back story, her and Lady Photon's trigger event, how Marquis went to the Birdcage and Carol adopted Amy, Panacea accidentally cripples Glory Girl, goes to the Birdcage
    15.2: The Undersiders secure Regent's territory, defeat Othala, Victor, Rune, Night and Fog
    15.3: Regent takes Victor as a hostage, Taylor is upset that he didn’t give her advance warning that he was planning to do this
    15.y (Donation Interlude #2; A guy with the second trigger event): Brian deals with trauma, explores powers granted by second trigger event, kisses Taylor
    15.4: Aisha threatens Taylor, information on all of the Travelers' and Undersiders' territories is given, Coil asks Skitter to make sure the Mayor does not have the city condemned, Tattletale’s power tells her Coil is planning on killing Skitter
    15.5: Skitter talks with Ballistic and asks Parian to join the Undersiders, Flechette arrives and stabs Skitter
    15.6: Flechette, Parian and Skitter talk, Skitter gives Parian money
    15.7: Taylor's stab wound is given medical attention, Parian agrees to an alliance
    15.z (Donation Interlude #3; Alexandria): Information on Alexandria’s background and how she got involved with Cauldron, founding of the PRT, Protectorate and Triumvirate, first Endbringer attack (Behemoth), how Siberian injured Alexandria, different perspective on the meeting with Legend
    15.8: Skitter threatens the Mayor, the Mayor’s son is revealed to be Triumph and his girlfriend to be Prism
    15.9: Skitter sends Triumph into anaphylactic shock, the Mayor promises to do whatever she asks
    15.10: Tattletale is confused that Coil didn’t kill Skitter, Taylor goes home to her dad, Coil reveals that he has a way to fool Tattletale’s power
    15.x (Interlude; Rory Christner): A look at Triumph and Prism’s relationship, how Triumph gained his powers, Assault argues that the Protectorate capes should respond to the attack on Triumph, Dragon and Defiant (Armsmaster) arrive

    Arc 16: Monarch: In Which Coil gets taken down
    16.1: Taylor holds a Barbecue, Grue shows up, then Dragon crashes the party. Coil makes a promise.
    16.2: The Undersiders and Travellers assault the PRT, and cause some chaos. Imp sneaks out with Piggy.
    16.x (Donation Interlude 1; PRT Squad): Description of the PRT's invasion of Ellisburg, facing off against Nilbog. Piggot gets a glimpse of Thomas Calvert's real face.
    16.3: Piggot gets under Taylor's skin, then under Tattletale's. Gives them an ultimatum, then a little information.
    16.4: The Undersiders go ground-surfing. Bitch fights an immortal robot, and then they all run away.
    16.5: Taylor realizes Dragon's specialty, takes a detour through a mall, and gets caught by Dragon. Tricks her way free, and then Dragon retreats.
    16.6: The group heads their separate ways, Taylor checks on her people, then Brian and her have a heart-to-heart.
    16.y (Donation Interlude #2; Defiant): Defiant follows up on the S9's trail, investigating a hospital attack. Talks between him and Dragon, where he discovers she is a parahuman Tinker. She mentions a problem with Cauldron.
    16.7: Taylor and Brian say goodbye to each other, Taylor heads to her dad's, meets with his friends, then goes to the debate.
    16.8: Coil attacks the debate with Circus, Uber, and Leet. The Wards come in to save the day, but have to deal with a bomb.
    16.9: Taylor's blind, but uses her bugs to see. Lisa comes to see her, and they realize Coil is Thomas Calvert.
    16.10: Taylor talks with the Travellers, then goes to meet Director Calvert. He agrees to let Dinah go, but then there is a sudden but inevitable betrayal.
    16.z (Donation Interlude #3; Marquis): A Look into the Birdcage, with Marquis and Amelia. Discussion of why they can't escape, and Amelia learns something Important, but the Simurgh keeps her from telling anyone.
    16.11: Taylor gets shot, but fights on. Coil lights the house on fire, but Taylor fights on. Coil gives up, and Taylor escapes.
    16.12: Taylor tracks down her team, tries to rescue them. Fake Taylor makes it look like she betrayed them. They figure it out.
    16.13: The Undersiders try to trick Coil, but he sees through it, then Tattletale tricks him, before Coil spites them all in death.

    Arc 17: Migration: In Which We Learn about the Travellers.
    17.1: Backstory for the Travellers. They get set for a game tournament, then get transported to Earth Bet.
    17.2: The group dislikes the Simurgh's choice of music as they climb through the building. She dumps some monsters on the city.
    17.3: The group hunkers down and tempers flare up. Krouse kills a bird, and they find out they are the aliens here.
    17.4: Krouse fights some people, gets lost in another memory, then finds a mysterious case of superpowers.
    17.5: The group gets back together, Jess makes a revelation, and the Simurgh stops screaming.
    17.6: They go to get help, get trapped by the system, then Krouse becomes Trickster and give Noelle half a vial.
    17.7: Trickster dodges Myrddin, the other Travellers drink the vials, and they get out of Madison. Noelle gets a third eye.
    17.8: Trickster has a meeting with Accord, Cody messes with Noelle, and Coil hires the Travellers. Then Trickster wakes up.

    Arc 18: Queen: In Which Noelle is fought, but nothing works
    18.1: The group learns about Noelle, has a trip to the doctor, and Taylor asks some questions.
    18.2: Dinah gets taken home, the group makes a battleplan, and Ballistic leaves in disgust. Vista has been kidnapped.
    18.x (Donation Interlude #1; The Most Powerful Man in the World): Kevin Norton explains to Lisette why he is the most powerful man in the world. Then, he makes her the most powerful woman.
    18.3: The group meet the Wards, gives them the lowdown, and then Clockblocker gives Taylor the third degree.
    18.4: The PRT get moving, Eidolon and Tattletale have a little chat, and Noelle offers an ultimatum.
    18.y (Donation Interlude #2; Crusader): Morning with The Pure, Kayden and company go to research triggers, and Theo gets abandoned.
    18.5: Everyone decides to work together and The Undersiders get threatened with a kill order. Attack of the Vistas!
    18.6: Three Vistas are taken down, then another is a little while later. The group goes to stop Eidolon from making a mistake.
    18.z (Donation Interlude #3; Jessica Yamada, Therapist): Jessica has meetings with Victoria, Sveta, Clockblocker, Weld, Flechette, Kid Win, Vista, and Eidolon.
    18.7: The group watches Eidolon face Noelle, she makes more clones, and Taylor finds some bugs she can't control.
    18.8: Taylor tries to reason with clones. Some backup arrives, for both sides of the conflict. Taylor gets eaten.
    18.z (Donation Interlude #4; Faultline): Faultline's Crew hunts for clues about Cauldron. Tattletale calls to hire them, and Contessa gives them a warning.

    Arc 19: Scourge: In Which Noelle is Beaten, but We All Still Lose
    19.1: Taylor dreams of battles, Weld gets messy, and Tattletale brings the roof down.
    19.2: Taylor lays her cards on the table, gets healed up, and sends Grue home. Tattletale makes some enemies.
    19.3: Taylor chats with the Wards and Tattletale shares a theory.
    19.x (Donation Interlude #1; Blasto): Blasto gets a new lab, Bonesaw and Defiant trash it, and Bonesaw wears Blasto like a suit.
    19.4: Atlas joins the fray, Tattletale spills Cauldron's secrets, and Echidna starts round two.
    19.5: Taylor gives directions, Clones run amok, and Noelle gets in two good bites.
    19.6: Chevalier takes his shot, Psycho-Eidolon drops a bombshell, and Taylor cuts Noelle deeply.
    19.7: The tide turns, Sundancer sets Noelle alight, and the Triumverate faces the angry heroes. Lisa opens up about her past.
    19.y (Donation Interlude #2; Parahumans Online): Greg is a creep on PHO, then makes an unfortunate realization.
    19.z (Interlude; Emma): The story of how Emma met Sophia, or when Emma stopped and learned to enjoy being a b***h. Taylor proves to be the strongest of all.

    Arc 20: Chrysalis: In Which Taylor Dies, and Skitter Remains
    20.1: Taylor doesn't want to go to school, information on the state of the Bay, Taylor deals with some thugs.
    20.2: Arrival in Arcadia, Taylor keeps Greg off her trail, and Emma gets in her way.
    20.3: Taylor shrugs Emma off, Emma gives it her best shot, the principal gives a warning.
    20.4: Taylor gets trapped, tries to hide, then tries to escape. Decoies don't work, when Defiant and Dragon touch down.
    20.5: Skitter is outed, Taylor rallies the students, a butterfly to say goodbye.
    20.x (Donation Interlude #1; Stan): Responses to the broadcast of the events at Arcadia, from Sophia, Danny, the PRT, and the Slaughterhouse 9.
    20.y (Interlude; Accord): Accord thinks about his plans. The Undersiders meet with the Teeth, Fallen, and Ambassadors. Accord discusses the Butcher.

    Arc 21: Imago: In Which Skitter Says Her Goodbyes
    21.1: Undersiders gear up for war, the PRT takes a hit, and Tagg threatens Danny.
    21.2: Taylor rides a dog and goes have a chat with Annette.
    21.3: Taylor, Regent, and Imp take down the Fallen, Taylor learns what Regent and Imp have been up to.
    21.4: Citrine reveals Accord is making some new capes, they discuss the end of the world, and Brian and Taylor come together one last time.
    21.5:Taylor heads home in the rain, finds some heroes waiting for her. Miss Militia apologizes, discusses Tattletale's portal, and they make a truce.
    21.6: The Undersiders and Ambassadors take out the Teeth, Cherish brings down the Butcher, and Taylor spends time with Bitch.
    21.7: Taylor visits Tattletale, Lisa tells her to give 'em hell. Taylor goes to the PRT... and surrenders.
    21.x (Donation Interlude #1; Number Man): View into the life of the Number Man, as he prevents an escapes, looks at an old costume, and thinks on an old friend.
    21.y (Interlude, Parian): Information on Parian, her early life, the nature of her powers. The Undersiders meet to discuss Skitter's surrender, then Parian takes Fletchette on as her lieutenent.

    Arc 22: Cell: In Which Taylor is in Custody
    22.1: Taylor gets taken to a cell, Dinah refuses to play ball with Tagg, and Taylor reveals the time limit of sunset.
    22.2: Taylor calls in Mr. Calle, writes out a list of demands, and finds out the Slaughterhouse 9 has gone into hibernation.
    22.3: Tagg calls in Danny, Tattletale makes the portal hers in truth, then Alexandria joins the discussion.
    22.4: Alexandria goes after the Undersiders, while Taylor sends a warning. Regent, Imp, then a bodybag. Taylor suffocates Alexandria, then kills Tagg.
    22.5: Taylor wakes up in an empty building, breaks out of her cell, then gets caught by Dragon and Defiant.
    22.6: She learns that her team is ok, strikes a deal, and an announcement is made. Weaver is joining the Wards.
    22.x (Interlude, Charlotte): Charlotte sees the news, sends the kids to bed, and Danny and the Undersiders arrive. Preparations are made to defend Skitter's turf. Little Aidan dreamed of the whales.
    22.y (Donation Interlude; Lung): History of Lung. A Japanese thug gang invades a meeting. Contessa kicks ass. Kenta survives and triggers. Lung fights Leviathan, is captured by the Yangban, recruits Bakuda, and learns about recent events while in the Birdcage.

    Arc 23: Drone: In Which Taylor Works for the White Hats
    23.1:Taylor gets pulled out of prison, meets the Protectorate and Ward leaders, then goes out and kicks the Adepts' asses with butterflies.
    23.2: Weaver accompanies the LA Wards to pickup Pretender. Comes in conflict with Bambina and her team. Pretender is taken by Cauldron.
    23.3: Taylor goes to confront Glenn, finds out when restrictions will be lifted. Offers to make costumes, gets mail, and designs her costume.
    23.4: Taylor meets with Mrs. Yamada, talks about her fears. The Wards go to visit a high school, and Taylor invents Weaver Dice. Then come Behemoth.
    23.5: The group flies to India, Taylor gets a jetpack, meets with the Undersiders again, and watches the attack. She is put in command of the Chicago Wards.
    23.x (Interlude; Number Thirty-Six): Cody, now Number Thirty-Six, fights with the Yangban against Behemoth. He spots the Ambassadors, sees Accord, and sneaks off, cutting down Chevalier, Accord, and Tattletale.

    Arc 24: Crushed: In Which Behemoth is Fought and Finished
    24.1: Taylor familiarizes herself with the Wards, they build a lightning rod, then rescue some people. The Undersiders are conflicted.
    24.2: Alexandria joins the fray, Contessa steals injured capes, The Ward return to find Behemoth has devastated the defensive lines.
    24.3: Taylor helps evacuate a building, talks to Tattletale, searches for Behemoth's objective. Finds Phir Se and his Time Bomb.
    24.4: Taylor convinces Phir Se to play with the others, gathers a few allies, then cuts Behemoth off at the knee. Phir Se strikes. Behemoth gets up.
    24.5: The group retreats, meets up with the wounded, makes a last stand before the temple.
    24.x (Interlude, Chevalier): Information on Chevalier. First meeting with the Wards, seeing images. Fastforward to Behemoth, planning the fight, the fight with Cody, waking up in the hospital during final stand. He thinks on his Trigger Event, then takes the fight to Behemoth. He falls, then Scion comes and wins.
    24.y (Interlude 2, Aftermath): The Chicago Wards make a decision regarding Taylor, Pretender leaves in Alexandria's body, Colin tries to fix Dragon, Taylor calls her dad, then goes to a tribunal over her conduct. Meanwhile, the video of her time in New Dehli circulates, and the world wonders, what comes next?

    Arc 25: Scarab: In Which Taylor Grows Older
    25.1: Director West tries to railroad Taylor, she broadcasts the meeting, the capes come to her aid. Taylor becomes a Ward, and her dad stands for her. The Chicago Wards hold their own initiation.
    25.2: Taylor trains with Theo, Simurgh attacks an airplane, and Taylor has another sessions with Mrs. Yamada.
    25.3: Taylor does a stakeout, the Wards fight Topsy, Watch, and Mockshow. The Director and Taylor share some words, and Weaver hits the ground running.
    25.4: The Wards appear on T.V., the spotlight keeps falling on Weaver, and then a new challenger appears. Khonsu strikes Japan and Cape Verde.
    25.5: The battle with Khonsu continues as the world watches. People from across the world are taken to Cauldron to negotiate. Cauldron knows how the world ends.
    25.6: Timeskip. Taylor's 18th birthday. She goes to see Brockton Bay before being sworn into the Protectorate. Sees the Undersiders. Jack Slash makes his move.
    25.x (Interlude, Bonesaw): Bonesaw puts Jack in stasis, works on making the Slaughterhouse Clones. Brief meeting with Contessa, Riley meets a boy, then they all wake up. S9 is back.

    Arc 26: Sting: In Which the Slaughterhouse Nine Thousand are Fought
    26.1: The Undersiders and Red Hand come to Killington. They dodge the traps, and find Nice Guy. Imp kills him, and Theo gets a message from Jack Slash.
    26.2: Killington is burned, Defiant and Taylor talk. Golem faces his first challenge, they win, but Jack gets word. Two targets appear.
    26.3: Taylor's group attacks an apartment, S9ers ambush them, Eidolon comes to help and gets turned away. Jack is headed to Nilbog.
    26.x (Donation Interlude; Saint): Dragon coordinates the offensive against the Nine. Saint watches, then sees she is tracking him down. He reminices, then pulls her plug. The Dragonslayers take over her place.
    26.4: Taylor arrives at Ellisburg, Dragon is silent. She meets Jack at Nilbog's table, Golem joins, then Nilbog attacks. Taylor kills him, the monsters riot, and Jack escapes with Nilbog's body.
    26.5: The heroes unite to contain Ellisburg, the Wards and Undersiders swap places. A building crushes the Siberians, and Chevalier executes a Snowmann. The group preps to take the fight to Jack.
    26.6: The group tracks the portal, Saint doesn't help. They enter the Nine's Lair. Grey Boy stole Aster. Skitter attacks, kills Cherish, Screamer, and Aster. Some of the Nine escape.
    26.a (Interlude A, Golem part 1): Theo prepares as they follow Jack. Harbingers ambush them, Golem moves on. Finds Jack, fights. Scion gets caught by Grey Boy. Jack tears apart Golem with Hookwolf.
    26.b (Interlude B, Golem part 2): Flashback to training between Taylor and Theo. Golem breaks free of Hookwolfs attack. Reinforcements arrive. Grey Boy traps Jack, then Foil kills him and Siberian.
    26.x (Interlude, …): History of the entities, Scion and Eve. The birth of their species, their arrival, the bonding of the Shards, Eve's death. Scion wanders, then sees Jack. Jack talks to him. Scion listens. The Golden Morning begins.

    Arc 27: Extinction: In Which Scion Begins To Fight
    27.1: Taylor finds Brockton Bay in ruins. She and Rachael assist in rescue. Scion does a strafying run. Taylor heads through the portal, find some refugees, then heads to a meeting at Cauldron.
    27.2: The meeting commences, Tattletale explains about the shards, reveals Cauldron knew. Evacuation is suggested, they prepare to open the Birdcage, Skitter goes to see Shadow Stalker.
    27.3: Taylor meets with Shadow Stalker, offers her a way out if she fights. Then, they go and see the Birdcage prisoners come out.
    27.4: Taylor has a chat with the Faerie Queen, the heroes gather and attack in stages. String Theory's device works, then Scion teleports to where they are.
    27.5: Scion drops a golden bomb. Taylor is mortally wounded, survives by transformation. Meets with Irregulars, helps battle Scion with distractions. Scion leaves, Taylor blacks out.
    27.x (Interlude, Eidolon): As Eidolon fights Scion, he thinks on what brought him to this point. His powers waning, the exposure of the Triumverate, Legend confronting them, first getting his power. He learns to gain strength, only for Scion to cut him down with four words.
    27.y (Interlude, Addendum): Just go read it.

    Arc 28: Cockroaches: In Which the Heroes Regroup
    28.1: Taylor wakes up, Tattletale argues with Doctor Mother. The world is falling to pieces, while Scion travels the multiverse, blowing everything up. The group get ready to fight back.
    28.2: The group questions Saint, Tattletale picks him apart, Teacher escapes with pieces of Dragon, and Taylor notices something about the Endbringers.
    28.3: They plan to fight the Endbringers, Taylor goes and talks to Panacea. Lung joins her group, as does Shadow Stalker. They head to face Simurgh.
    28.4: Tattletale reveals Eidolon made the Endbringers. She talks, Simurgh listens, then follows. They set her against the Yangban, while Leviathan attacks the Elite.
    28.5: The group fixes their craft, then visits the site of the Elite's destruction. Simurgh upgrade Leviathan. Cauldron is concerned, and the Five Armies are hashed out.
    28.6: Taylor goes to put her affairs in order, while the Simurgh follows Tattletale. Taylor visits Charlotte and the kids, Glenn and Calle, and Miss Militia. Simurgh sings a lullaby.
    28.x (Interlude): The Simurgh dreams of past and present. Chevalier shoots down Ingenue, Defiant and Dragon are reunited, Chevalier addresses the Protectorate. The Irregulars assault Cauldron.

    Arc 29: Venom: In Which Cauldron is Uncovered
    29.1: The group gathers, the Doors have stopped working. They travel to Brockton Bay. Scion arrives, causes havoc. The Simurgh comes too.
    29.2: Scion fights, tearing the group apart. Gavel, the Queen of Swords and King of Cups all fall. Everyone sees a vision of Scion's true form. Scion moves on.
    29.3: Taylor tends to the wounded with Legend, sets off to find Cauldron. Meets up with Satyrical's group, finds out they've been played. They head into Cauldron.
    29.4: The group finds some bodies, meets the Custodian. They find prisoners of Cauldron, and then run into the invading force. The group tries to slip away.
    29.5: The Case 53's go and search the cells. They hypnotize theirs, then go out and attack the rest. Custodian assists, they make their way down, meet Satyrical's group.
    29.6: They head around, until Satyr's group tries a betrayal. Things get tense, then Imp makes them back off. Scion arrives, and Taylor's group flees.
    29.7: The group slides down, is met by the Doctor's group. They fight, then join up. The Doctor takes a vial, then Scion blows up the rest.
    29.8: They find Eve's flesh garden. Sveta leaves, Scion gets sad, then angry. The group bunkers down, then drops the roof on Scion's head.
    29.9: The group returns, while Scion vents his anger. They get healing, the rest head out, then Panacea knocks down the wall in Taylor's brain.
    29.x (Interlude; Fortuna): The other entity's perspective, it looks to the future, then crashes. Fortuna awakes, and sees the paths to victory. She slays Eve, and becomes Contessa. Cauldron is founded. Contessa fakes her death, then meets Teacher.

    Arc 30: Speck: In Which Khepri Rises Victorious
    30.1: Taylor wakes up, Tattletale berates her, then Marquis pulls everyone away. They try to escape, but Taylor comes through, before leaving by choice.
    30.2: Taylor gathers some capes from the battlefield, the Faerie Queen has a message, Taylor gets some info, then grabs the Doormaker. She heads to Teacher.
    30.3: Taylor takes down Teacher, then gets the key to the Yangban's world. She claims them, then moves on to the Birdcage.
    30.4: Dragon stops Taylor, and they fight, drones against swarm. Dragon fakes her death and breaks Taylor's control, but Taylor comes through. She gathers more capes, from the Birdcage, the Goddess' world, others. She fights the Faerie Queen. She wins.
    30.5: The final battle against Scion. Taylor gathers her all, striking, losing herself. Finds a weakness to Foil. Bastard, the false Entity. The Doormaker's power dies.
    30.6: Taylor despairs, as all are gathered. She then sees the light, and hope. She gathers a few, taunts Scion with Eve, and then finishes him with Foil's power.
    30.7: The world doesn't make sense. The strangers stare, then shout. A stranger approaches, then another appears, the fighting has no blood, she flees, they chase, there is a door, she walks through. Contessa has a chat with a girl.

    Epilogue: Teneral
    E.1: Jessica Yamada meets with Ciara, once known as the Faerie Queen. Ciara debuts as Valkyrie. She meets with Riley and Goblin King.
    E.2: A warlord terrorizes, gets a visit from Imp and the Heartbroken. Imp and Shadow Stalker talk.
    E.3: Defiant tries fix Dragon's code. They talk. He loads Pandora, she and Dragon fight. They win.
    E.4: Rachel comes to town, tracking a guy. Fights a new monstrous trigger. Finds the guy, has a talk with Miss Militia.
    E.5: Teacher enters a building, breaks out Ingenue. They escape. Lung kills Simurgh's child. Teacher meets with Marquis.
    E.x (Interlude: End): A teenager and woman talk on a train. The Undersiders gather to mourn those they've lost. Taylor meets her mother.
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    Brockton Bay

    Brockton Bay has unusually warm climate for region.

    Geograpghically (WOG) it is located where Portsmouth, NH, is located in the real world.

    Population (prior to Leviathan hit) is 350,000 people.

    Library is old-fashioned with chandeliers. Endbringer shelter under library.

    The Forsberg Gallery (downtown) is 26 storeys tall, built around 2007 or so. Badly damaged by Shatterbird.

    Brockton Bay in top ten for cape population per capita.

    Hero/villain equilibrium by about 2000.

    Cemetery is near Captain's Hill and the woods, near the upper end of Grue's territory.

    Villain presence became high in late 90's after import/export business died.

    There is a harbour at the south end of the city.

    Galvanate was among the powered villains that supplanted organised crime in early to mid 1990's.
    Ex Mafia enforcer, can render minions near invulnerable with electrical powers

    Weymouth Mall opens on a Sunday

    Bus line ends at the ferry station to the north of the Boardwalk, is between one and two miles from the Undersiders' lair.

    Import/export down around 1995 (Boat Graveyard then?)

    Ferry was amomg the first things to go when that happened.
    Signage stating that the ferry will be back in service soon has not been taken down since about 2002.
    Danny Hebert has been trying to get it reinstated.

    Boat Graveyard, previously Lord’s Port:
    Lord Street Market
    Fugly Bobs
    Somer's Rock
    Local newspaper is the Brockton Bay Bulletin.

    Brockton Bay Central Bank is six storeys tall, with crenelations on the roof, gargoyles and so on.
    It has a garage basement for loading and unloading armoured trucks. There is an elevator that goes from the vault to the garage.

    Named Capes in the city as of story start:

    Undersiders: Grue, Tattletale, Regent, Bitch.
    Merchants: Skidmark, Squealer, Mush
    Faultline's Crew: Faultline, Newter, Gregor, Labyrinth, Spitfire.
    Empire Eighty-Eight: Kaiser, Kreig, Menja, Fenja, Hookwolf, Crusader, Stormtiger, Cricket, Rune, Othala, Victor, Alabaster.
    ABB: Lung, Oni Lee, Bakuda.
    Uber & Leet.
    Coil, Trainwreck

    Unaligned: Taylor ( not yet given a cape name), Purity (split from E88), Parian (rogue), Circus.

    Crusader, Night and Fog were in E88, but left at the same time as Purity did.

    That's off the top of my head, not counting Cauldron, Protectorate/Wards, NewWave or out of towners.
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    Arcadia High

    Arcadia High has a Faraday cage so students can't call or text in class.

    Head of Arcadia after Echidna is Principal Howell. Previously second in charge. Predecessor got in a fight and died. Unattractive, bleached hair.

    Arcadia High four storeys high, two long buildings connected by shorter crosspiece. Offices are in crosspiece. South side is classrooms plus cafeteria and gym, north side is longer, with auditorium and more classrooms.

    Winslow High School

    Principal Blackwell is a narrow woman, dirty blond, with a severe bowl-cut haircut.

    Mr Quinlan teaches math. He is elderly, with a gut. Leaves class early. Taylor suspects a drink problem.

    Mr Gladly is young, tries to be popular. Teaches World Issues. His classroom is on the first or second floor.

    Mrs Knott teaches Computers, is Taylor's favourite teacher, and home room teacher. Tall, broad shouldered, strong jawed, long blonde hair. Tries too hard to look 'girly', looks like a male transsexual. Sympathetic toward Taylor, but can't help her.

    Greg Veder knows some Spanish.

    Winslow has at least three floors.

    School lockers had separate padlocks, not integral.

    Madison Clements is cute, adorable, petite, wears sky-blue pins in her shoulder-length brown hair.

    Girls' washroom is on third floor.
    Girls' washroom toilet stall doors open outward, not inward. There are between three and six stalls.
    Toilets on one side, sinks on the other. Mirror above sinks; scratched and stained.

    Lunch hour goes from 11:45 to 12:45.

    There are about forty students in Taylor's home room class.

    Taylor's home room is on the ground floor. May be relatively close to the front doors of the school.
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    Hebert Family

    Danny's father heavy-set man, bad temper, hit people (family?)
    Lost temper with family

    Taylor notes that she gets her skinny genes from both sides of the family; Danny's mother may have been slender.

    Danny calls Taylor 'kiddo'
    Annette calls her 'little owl'

    Taylor's full name is Taylor Anne Hebert. [14.8]

    Annette Rose Hebert ("Anne-Rose") has a thin-lipped, wide, expressive mouth and dark curly hair, which she has passed on to Taylor. The large eyes and gawky figure come from Danny. Annette never goes much past an A cup. She is willlowy and taller than the average man. Also has long eyelashes.

    Taylor was born when Annette was still in college. Was studying law when she got pregnant with Taylor, ended up as an English professor after that.

    Annette Hebert was 39 when she died (1969-2008) Died summer of 2008.

    Annette Hebert was a feminist and a follower of Lustrum in her college days, but quit when it got violent. Taylor knows this.

    Annette's mother never really likes Danny; her father likes him a bit. Her parents were very controlling.

    Danny met Brian & Lisa after Bakuda

    Danny and Taylor are both short sighted.

    Danny was stick-thin, awkward as a boy.

    Danny has a temper, but has never yelled at Taylor.

    Taylor’s blood type is AB

    Taylor has a piece of metal (from Fletchette’s dart) bonded to the bone of her shoulder socket since before Echidna

    Taylor’s birthday is on the 11th of June 1995 (date that WB posted the first chapter of Worm).

    Had her split with Emma around the beginning of September 2008 (1 week before school started).

    Taylor runs every morning and every other afternoon. Does other exercises in the alternate afternoons.

    Danny's co-workers are Kurt and Lacey (married) and Alexander

    Danny drives a car (not a truck).

    Danny suspected that Taylor was up to something before she was outed, but didn't know for sure, and didn't really want to know.

    Taylor spent a week in the psych ward, but a month away from school, according to Charlotte

    Taylor started running February 2011.

    Taylor prefers black tea as a drink, but will drink coffee.

    Taylor is in the advanced stream of her Computer class; she knows how to program in Visual Basic and how to use spreadsheets.

    It is stated that when she joins the Wards, Taylor is 5'9", and when she is eighteen she is 5'10". However, see Inconsistences.

    Taylor states her weight as 130 lb as of 2013; however, this may or may not be including costume and gear.

    Taylor did a semester in law class; doesn't remember much from it.

    Taylor's locker has been broken into or vandalised four times.
    1: Flute taken
    2: Locked in locker
    3: Backpack stolen. Happened late Nov/early Dec 2010. Possibly when Trio got idea for locker incident.
    4: one other.

    Hebert House

    House is older than Taylor - back to coal days

    Bathroom is upstairs, has shower with tub (in Danny's interlude, he wonders if Taylor has gone into the bathroom when she's moving around downstairs, but that's ambiguous)

    basement has workbench

    Sofa bed and TV in living room, table and chairs in kitchen.

    Kitchen table visible from sofa

    There is a microwave in the kitchen. Stove is gas.

    Bedrooms upstairs; Danny's bedroom over back door.

    Danny's bedroom door is across the hall from Taylor's.

    Front steps - bottom one is rotten.

    There’s a doorbell

    Back door leads into kitchen. Back steps have rail. Key to back door under a fake stone.

    Taylor has a computer in her room, with internet capability.

    From the kitchen, there are doorways to the living room, basement and front hall. (as well as back door) All are lockable. Front hall apparently leads past the living room into the kitchen. Stairs are accessible from front hall.

    The house is on a street that runs off Lord St. It's at least seven blocks away from Lord St.

    Bus stop is one block from the house.

    Furnace in basement, used to be coal fuelled.

    Coal chute into basement, 2' x 2'

    Basement has windows that are the same level as the driveway and front garden.

    The house has a driveway and a front garden.

    There is a mirror on the wall of the front hall.

    There is a chain link gate in the fence at the side of the house.
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    Hero Groups

    Brockton Bay Brigade/New Wave

    Panacea born in the latter half of 1994, taken in by Dallons 2000 (aged six), manifested 2008 (age 13).

    Glory Girl and Panacea are around the same age. (16 in June 2011)

    Brockton Bay Brigade (pre New Wave) Lady Photon, Manpower, Brandish, Flashbang, Fleur, Lightstar (as of 2000). New Wave formed late 2000.

    Panacea's birth name was changed to Amelia Claire Lavere when she was living with Marquis and changed again to Amy Dallon when she was adopted by New Wave.

    (Fleur killed in her civilian identity by cape looking for entry into Empire Eighty-Eight after BBB becomes New Wave, Lightstar quits)

    Carol and Sarah were kidnapped when Carol was 13, held captive for months. Triggered when the kidnappers decided to kill them.

    Panacea's mother died of cancer (according to Marquis)

    Amy knows about entities once in Birdcage. Every time she tries to get a message out to Dragon, it is intercepted by Simurgh.

    Carol Dallon & Alan Barnes work in the same firm

    Mark Dallon sometimes neglects to take his meds

    Vicky is dating Dean, not Gallant.

    Amy's relationship with Gallant (confirmed by WoG)


    The name Protectorate was first used by Hero, Legend, Alexandria and Eidolon, before they signed up to work for the government (team formed May 1, 1988) and was applied to the government team thereafter. Legend was the leader. There may have been other members.

    Interlude 3
    Tinkers who deploy unreviewed items (and said items are later found to be unsafe) can face fines or jail time

    PRT Directors:
    Boston - Armstrong
    New York - Wilkins
    Washington DC (Chief Director) - Roberta Costa-Brown, followed by West.
    Chicago - Hearthrow
    Brockton Bay - Piggot, then Calvert, then Tagg, then Miss Militia

    The Deputy Director in charge of the Wards is Renick.

    West is heavy set, muscular, with close cropped grey hair. He is Alexandria's replacement as Chief Director.

    Chief Director of the PRT is based in Washington DC.

    The liaison between the Protectorate and other worldwide teams is Morgan Keene; he has powers.

    PRT helps train other hero teams.

    The PRT building has at least two basement floors.

    Director's office is in the top floor of the PRT building of Brockton Bay.

    Chicago has two PRT buildngs. One has a atatue on it, paid for by Stardust, a Tinker.

    Brockton Bay PRT building has four PRT soldiers in the lobby, plus a tour guide. Two have grenade launchers with specialised loads, two have containment foam sprayers.
    Gift shop in PRT lobby sells action figures, posters, video games and clothing.
    PRT soldiers are outfitted in kevlar plus chain mesh vests, and closed-face helmets.

    Brockton Bay Protectorate base has a force-field roadway leading to shore.

    Director Emily Piggot

    Piggot knows of three Coil agents in PRT building as of just after Leviathan (via Dragon)

    Piggot has steel-grey eyes and weighs at least 250 lb. Bleached blonde bob haircut.
    Her callsign while in the field was “Lady”.

    Piggot knows about Tattletale’s background. Visited her parents and told them that she was still alive. They are still looking for her to exploit her abilities.

    Piggot spends eight hours a night (while sleeping) doing hemodialysis.

    Director Piggot wears a navy blue suit jacket and skirt.

    Her name is pronounced 'Pig-oh' - the 't' is silent. Citation

    Armsmaster/Defiant & Dragon

    Armsmaster born ~ 1980
    Triggered 1996

    Armsmaster's father worked two jobs, mother travelled, eventually divorced
    Was loner as child

    Armsmaster is helped by Dragon to escape after the Nine leave town, rebrands as Defiant in green and gold, with dragon themes to his armour.

    Dragon & Defiant go to BB to apologise to Skitter, questioned and co-opted by Director Tagg into outing her.

    Dragon tells Armsmaster about herself after Mannequin’s attack on him

    Armsmaster’s nanoblades are vulnerable to heat and fire (ie, useless against Behemoth)

    Defiant and Dragon are in semi-intimate relationship (using a robot body) after Nine

    Dragon knows Taylor is Skitter after Undersiders raid on Wards. Also knows about bullying.

    Dragon triggered on May 9, 2006, exactly one year after Andrew Richter died.

    She was just starting to work closely with the Protectorate then, building and improving tools such as containment foam sprayers.

    Saint was already working to hack her then, which put the pressure on her to trigger.

    Andrew Richter worked out of an ordinary house with a living room full of computers. He was a Tinker focusing on computer programming.

    Sophia Hess/Shadow Stalker

    Sophia got aggressive after she got her powers.

    Shadow Stalker once shot Grue with a crossbow bolt and it went right through his stomach. It took him a month to recover. This happened after she joined the Wards.

    Shadow Stalker's crossbows use compressed air cartridges

    Becomes a probationary Ward Aug/Sep 2010.

    Six months younger than Taylor; born around December 1995/January 1996.

    In Wards, she has drop-down lenses in mask to detect electricity

    Triggers at age 12, about eighteen months before she meets Emma. Met Emma around the first week of August 2009 (school let in about a week into September, Emma and Taylor had their split a week before that, Taylor says they haven't spoken in three weeks).

    Lives at 33 Stonemast Ave with little sister (4 yo), brother (Terry, ~ 20 yo), mother and mom’s bf (Steven)

    Her mother knows about her cape identity. Her father has left her mother; he may or may not know about her cape identity.

    Shadow Stalker was in fight against Leviathan and against Behemoth, a few months earlier.

    (in the bookstore)

    (in juvey, when Taylor comes to recruit her)

    The woman with Sophia at the meeting at the school was from the PRT. She is blonde and blue-eyed, with a heart shaped face.

    Sophia Hess timeline:

    > Born December 1995/January 1996
    > Triggered around Feb/Mar 2008. Aged 12 at the time.
    > Met Emma, saved her from ABB in the first week of August 2009. Aged 13.
    > Encouraged Emma to dump Taylor as a friend at the beginning of September 2009.
    > Took up bullying Taylor Hebert in the first week of September 2009.
    > Arrested and made a probationary Ward in Aug/Sep of 2010. Possibly why they let up on Taylor until the Christmas break, because she would have been under scrutiny.
    > Turned 15 in December 2010/January 2011.
    > Shoved Taylor in the locker on January 3, 2011.
    > When Taylor returned to school in February of 2011, Sophia encouraged boys to chase her after school, possibly to duct tape her to a telephone pole. This spurred Taylor to start her regular running program.
    > Clashed with Taylor, in costume, at the Weymouth Mall on April 24 2011.
    > Given a two week suspension from school around April 25; off track and field until further notice.
    > Attacked Taylor in bookstore on May 6.
    > Two week suspension ends around May 8.
    > Kidnapped by Undersiders June 3.
    > Used as bait in attack on PRT building June 4
    > Forced by Regent to fake a suicide attempt on the same night, sent to juvenile detention.
    > Found out that Skitter was Taylor July 8, had a tantrum
    > Recruited by Taylor for Scion fight June 23 2013. Not happy about this (age 17).
    > Went back to being a vigilante after Khepri.

    She is the same height as Taylor as of the Weymouth Mall incident, April 24, 2011.

    Dark skin, straight black hair.

    Her hair is long enough to reach the small of her back, but she usually wears it in a ponytail.

    Known around school to be a bitch, but is popular due to her association with Emma.

    Regarding Sophia's age:

    Sophia has two and a half more years till the end of her probation (ie, her eighteenth birthday) as of the night she is kidnapped by the Wards. That happens on June 3, and puts her age at fifteen and a half, and her birthday around Dec/Jan.

    (Sentinel 9.6)

    (Scourge 19.z)

    Sophia goes on probation three years and four months before her eighteenth birthday (ie, at the age of fourteen years and eight months). Given that we know her approximate birthdate, this puts her probation date at around August/September of 2010.

    (Scourge 19.z)

    And finally:

    Sophia has had her powers for two and a half years to this point; that's basically a couple of months after her twelfth birthday (3 yrs 4 mo plus 2 yrs 6 mo = 5 yrs 10 mo before 18th). This puts the date at about Feb/March of 2008.

    (Scourge 19.z)

    Which means that when she met Emma for the first time (first week of August 2009) she'd had powers for about eighteen months.

    Director James Tagg

    Tagg has a wife and two daughters, twenty and twenty-two (born 1991 and 1989). College students overseas.

    Tagg is in his forties

    Tagg was army, a PRT squad leader, and a general before becoming Brockton Bay PRT Director.

    Tagg was in Lausanne (post Simurgh) 2002-2003. Ongoing battle situation.

    Miss Militia

    Original name Hana, Angicised to Hannah

    Miss Militia triggers in 1985. Joins Wards in 1993 so must be at most 9 years old at triggering. If 8 at triggering, then born in 1977 and is 34 in 2011.

    Can make paired weapons.

    Dated Chevalier for a while, after both joined original Wards team. Never got serious.


    Chevalier was vigilante before joining Wards, recruited by Alexandria. Went after the Snatchers, serial kidnappers who caused family car to crash and kidnapped his younger brother. Brother still missing.

    Chevalier's cannonblade has at least six shots

    His middle name is Michael.


    Legend studies the records of everyone he’s going to be working with.
    Has been married to Arthur for six years (since 2005).

    He is handsome, with a good speaking voice and wavy brown hair.

    He finds out about the duplicity of Cauldron after the Nine.


    Alexandria is outed during Echidna. Steps down to Deputy Chief Director of the PRT, to train her successor. Killed by Skitter before she can retire to work for Cauldron.

    Alexandria was team leader LA

    Alexandria is unaging, unhealing. Nothing grows, body is static.

    She is Caucasian, not Hispanic.

    Alexandria served as Doctor Mother's bodyguard from August 21 1986 to the same date, 1988.

    Alexandria was from LA. It was her idea to form the Protectorate, so that the government could not push them around when they got around to working for them.

    Alexandria wears a helmet in costume; she has a star-shaped scar at the corner of one eye (the one that Siberian ruined). It's probable that her right eye is the missing one.


    Real name is David.

    Eidolon had thick eyebrows, thinning hair and heavy cheeks.

    Before his recruitment, he was in a wheelchair, attempted to join the Army, and then attempted suicide when he was turned down.

    Powers he has used in canon:
    (Thanks to Redshirt for this list)

    - Ice manipulation/water freezing (Extermination 8.5)
    - Sand manipulation (Interlude 15 - Alexandria)
    - Healing abilities (Interlude 15 - Alexandria)
    - Crystal manipulation (Interlude 15 - Alexandria)
    - Teleportation (Interlude 15 - Alexandria)
    - Hyperdense projectiles (Interlude 15 - Alexandria)
    - Wood manipulation (Interlude 15 - Alexandria)
    - Striker class force field generation (Queen 18.4)
    - Danger sense (Queen 18.7)
    - Power invulnerability (Queen 18.7)
    - Gravity manipulation [also grants flight] (Queen 18.7)
    - Dessication effect (Queen 18.8)
    - Lightning orbs, contact with orbs causes damage, each subsequent contact draws upon the energy of the last (Interlude 18 - Noelle)
    - Psychometry (Interlude 18 - Yamada)
    - Time distortion bubble (Scourge 19.5)
    - Personal Forcefield (Scourge 19.5)
    - Flickering [Restoration back to a certain state] (Scourge 19.6) *
    - Vacuum field [100 meter diameter] (Scourge 19.6) *
    - Trajectory Alteration (Scourge 19.6) *
    - Aerokinesis [storm conjuration: range = 3/4th skitter range; air solidification; flight] (Scourge 19.6) *
    - Exploding concentric circles (Scourge 19.7)
    - Hydrokinesis (Interlude 22 - Lung)
    - Energy blasts the size of small houses (Interlude 22 - Lung)
    - Heat based force field [?] (Crushed 24.1)
    - Alexandria powerset/transmuting kinetic energy into something else (Crushed 24.2/Crushed 24.3)
    - Force field taller than Behemoth (Crushed 24.4)
    - Force field with Inviolable durability (Crushed 24.4)
    - Terrain protection effect (Crushed 24.5)
    - Lasers (Sting 26.3)
    - Portal creation (Sting 26.3)
    - Levitation [self and others] (Extinction 27.5)
    - Mirror illusions (Extinction 27.5)
    - whatever he did to emulate the G-Driver (Extinction 27.5)
    - Air pressure sensory power (Interlude 27)
    - Invisible bubble with reactive teleporting (Interlude 27)
    - Matter creation (Interlude 27)
    - Density warping (Interlude 27)
    - Unknown precog ability (Interlude 27)
    - Telekinesis that would let him move objects violently along strict paths (Interlude 27)
    - Future sight [identifying points of high future stress and danger with colored blotches] (Interlude 27)
    - Abstract power that can level a complex (Interlude 27)
    - Defensive crystal power (Interlude 27)
    - Regeneration (Interlude 27)
    - Living field of distorted space (Interlude 27)
    - Shard sensory power (Interlude 27)
    - Ability to tap others for energy (Interlude 27)
    - Erasure power (Interlude 27)
    - Cross dimensional terraforming [or something like that] (Interlude 27)
    - Reality push (Interlude 27)
    - Offensive space distortion power (Interlude 27)

    * = used by Noelle's Clone Eidolon


    Velocity is ex-military, was a callow youth who enlisted due to promises of ways to learn languages (Russian, Chinese) hoping to travel during/after the fact, and instead got stuck in the rank and file with no follow-through and longer terms than he expected.
    As with many breakers, it was a confluence of factors that led to his trigger in the end - being caught in a bad situation in a bad place in a bad mental state.
    Likes being a cape, and is happy to have an 'out' from the service, which could well have killed him due to the despair/frustration if nothing else, but frustration sort of permeates his existence. Duties and hours keep him from taking classes (though he has recently started putting some classes in Chinese on the local Protectorate's tab to give an edge when dealing with the ABB). This is sort of echoed in the power he got; a promise of freedom, but all he ultimately gets is a kind of helplessness and a kick in the balls.


    Assault & Battery

    Battery around 22; got powers underage from Cauldron, in Wards till 2007, or perhaps a little earlier (see below).

    Assault's pet name for Battery while she was pursuing him as Madcap was 'puppy' because when she first fought him, he likened her attempt at a costume as pathetic and adorable, "like a three-legged puppy". However, he agreed not to call her this in public in return for her letting him call himself "Assault". He still uses it in private after they're married.

    Battery started in New York, transferred to Brockton Bay after teaming with Assault.


    Hero was blond, and had many health problems, as did the other original (Cauldron) members of the Protectorate, before their recruitment (in fact, Cauldron specifically targeted people with serious health problems for recruitment).

    Strider is teleporter

    Silkroad speeds travel. Outward effect is a red glow.

    Prism (Sam) splits into three copies. Dating Triumph.
    Prism is second in command in New York Protectorate, under Legend.

    Spire head of San Diego Protectorate team

    Stardust was a Chicago Ward, a Tinker, who graduated to Protectorate in 2008 (born 1990) and died in 2009.

    All of Vegas Protectorate were Cauldron capes.

    Shuffle can move bits of the landscape around.

    Wards ’HQ (down to lowest floors in the elevator).

    Browbeat joins Wards just before April 14. Was a solo hero in the city before that.

    As of April 14, Aegis is 17 (birthday around late July, beginning of August)
    Clockblocker is next oldest (birthday toward end of August)

    Clockblocker is a little shorter than Skitter.

    Vista turns 13 in 2011 (b 15 May 1998), joined the Wards 1 month short of eleventh birthday (April 2009). Triggers in 2008.
    Her parents are divorced. Blonde hair.
    Vista kills Shatterbird in Coil's base.

    Kid Win triggers, joins Wards mid to late 2009, a few months after Vista. Around 15 in 2011.

    Flechette/Foil is 17 and a senior. She triggered 3 years prior to her appearance, as part of a group trigger in New York. One of her old nemeses, March, was another part of that group trigger.


    Gallant is blond. Kid Win makes his armour for him.

    The armor is primarily protective, with some cosmetic features. Think stylized medieval armor with lights recessed in the midst of it, to give him more of a 'gleaming' look, highlighting edges. The armor is basically a super-reduced version of Armsmaster's, which is a smaller-scale version of Defiant's (which is tanky and bulky). It primarily offers enhanced strength, but 80% of that boosted strength is going towards just allowing Gallant to move around easily with the armor and equipment. Between gauntlet and armor, he can throw a pretty mean punch.

    He decides the emotions he uses in his blasts.

    The blasts take the form of nebulous blobs of light that fly out. Bowling ball sized. Somewhere between a bowling ball and equivalent amount of water in hardness. He can concentrate it to narrower beams 'lasers' by using fingers instead of full hands.

    It's alluded to, but he's tied into some of the local business by way of his wealthy dad. He'd easily cross paths with Theo in the hoity toity events (given similar backgrounds/locations - they live in the Towers), and is generally very wealthy.

    Aegis' costume is rust-red with silvery trim and a shield emblem.

    Clockblocker's costume is skintight, with interlocking pieces of body armour where they won't interfere with movement. He has tanned skin and red hair. His helmet has a blank opaque faceplate.

    Kid Win doesn't wear a helmet; he has a visor, and red-and-gold body armour.

    Gallant's armour is silver and gunmetal.

    Weld has a Boston accent.

    Chariot (Coil mole) has jetpack and roller skates. Later goes to floating flight pack, flight suit and rollerblades.

    Skitter notes that Tecton's power armour lets him stand 'head, shoulders and chest' above her. It also makes him 'as wide as he is tall'. This is probably an exaggeration in both cases, as he is able to drive a PRT truck with no real difficulty (though he notes that the armour doesn't make it easy).

    Flechette had a surrogate mother who tried to keep her.

    Cuff triggered around the beginning of July 2011.
    Her parents were killed in Hawaii.

    First Wards team (probably 1993) formed with Miss Militia, Chevalier, Reed, Mouse Protector, and six others (unnamed) (Interlude 24)

    Golem can create multiple extrusions from one intrusion. He can withdraw extrusions or leave them there, as he sees fit.

    Annex (Kirk) has jet black skin, killed by Bohu

    Tecton has one piledriver in each gauntlet. He has computers in his suit which allow him to refine his power use (using data obtained from studying Gully at work).

    Raymancer dies of radiation poisoning between Echidna and Behemoth

    Golem fostered with a family called the Gails.

    Greenhorn joins Wards just before the Nine reappear.

    Weld has no sense of touch, taste, smell.

    Gallant is very well-off.

    Wards get a trust fund.

    Wards know about Shadow Stalker's enmity for Grue; Aegis works to keep them apart.

    Wards all know about Vista's feelings for Gallant.

    Weaver works out basic RPG in 23.4, just before Behemoth

    Other Heroes

    Rosary pulls things apart into tiny slivers, moves them, then reconstructs them where she wants them. She can also make changes using the bits of deconstructed matter.

    Rosary is a young woman in a rose-tinted robe with gold at the edges, and a gold-coloured mask.

    Halo's hoop is five feet wide. He can put a force field around himself.

    Chubster (killed by Leviathan in 2011) was a Protectorate hero from Los Angeles, real name Ben Cothran. His daughter, Charley, goes by the hero name Auroch.

    PRT Department Designations

    The West/East/North/East-North-East designations for departments are for special cases. It goes dept 1-67 in order of the US's largest cities to the smaller ones (with Anchorage as #64). Special cases include the Canadian cities, priority places for departments that didn't fit with the order, and quarantine zones. Mexico would be included in the special cases if it were to join the PRT, very possibly with a separate set of designations.

    Canadian cities were added as part of a treaty, but given special designations (Vancouver (NW), Edmonton (N), Toronto (NE). Montreal proved complicated, added during the treaty but late to get implemented). Brockton Bay (ENE), Pueblo (F), Jasper (J) were hives of scum and villainy and warranted special attention. Others include quarantine zones (PRT Departments Q1-Q7), such as Gary (unexplained explosion in villain population), Freedom Indiana (Pastor), Eagleton (Machine Army), Ellisburg (Nilbog), Flint (Redacted), Gallup (Villain Group) and Madison (Simurgh), in that order.

    1. New York, New York.
    2. Los Angeles, California.
    3. Chicago, Illinois.
    4. Houston, Texas.
    5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
    6. Phoenix, Arizona.
    7. San Antonio, Texas.
    8. San Diego, California.
    9. Dallas, Texas.
    10. San Jose, California.
    11. Jacksonville, Florida.
    12. Indianapolis, Indiana.
    13. San Francisco, California.
    14. Austin, Texas.
    15. Columbus, Ohio.
    16. Fort Worth, Texas.
    17. Charlotte, North Carolina.
    18. Detroit, Michigan.
    19. El Paso, Texas.
    20. Memphis, Tennessee.
    21. Baltimore, Maryland.
    22. Boston, Massachusetts.
    23. Seattle, Washington.
    24. Washington, District of Columbia.
    25. Nashville, Tennessee.
    26. Denver, Colorado.
    27. Louisville, Kentucky.
    28. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    29. Portland, Oregon.
    30. Las Vegas, Nevada.
    31. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    32. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    33. Tucson, Arizona.
    34. Fresno, California.
    35. Sacramento, California.
    36. Long Beach, California.
    37. Kansas City, Missouri.
    38. Mesa, Arizona.
    39. Virginia Beach, Virginia.
    40. Atlanta, Georgia.
    41. Colorado Springs, Colorado
    42. Omaha, Nebraska.
    43. Raleigh, North Carolina.
    44. Miami, Florida.
    45. Cleveland, Ohio.
    46. Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    47. Oakland, California.
    48. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    49. Wichita, Kansas.
    50. Arlington, Texas.
    51. Bakersfield, California.
    52. New Orleans, Louisiana.
    53. Honolulu, Hawaii.
    54. Anaheim, California.
    55. Tampa, Florida.
    56. Aurora, Colorado.
    57. Santa Ana, California.
    58. St. Louis, Missouri.
    59. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
    60. Corpus Christi, Texas.
    61. Riverside, California.
    62. Cincinnati, Ohio.
    63. Lexington, Kentucky.
    64. Anchorage, Alaska.
    65. Stockton, California.
    66. Toledo, Ohio.
    67. St. Paul, Minnesota.
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    Villain Groups


    Citrine explains her powers, and Othello's, in 21.4

    Citrine's effect causes a yellow glow.

    Othello's invisible friend can attack from his other realm, only his weapon is tangible, nothing visible.

    Azn Bad Boyz (ABB)

    Lung is only proof against his own fire, but can disrupt other fire

    ABB colours are red and green

    Lung is a little over six feet tall, wears an ornate metal mask, has dragon tattoos all over his upper body.

    Lung's mother is Chinese, his father Japanese. Born in Japan, moved to China after he triggered.

    Lung born after March 2 1980; probably 30 in 2011.

    Lung speaks English but with an accent.

    Lung's name is not pronounced "lung" as in the bodily organ; it is pronounced "loong" as in "Kim il Sung".

    Bakuda in ABB on or before April 1 (Lung recruits her Mar 23)

    Bakuda remotely triggers bombs by crossing big toe and next toe, causing toe rings to come into contact; the rings are on her left foot.

    Bakuda is around 23 in April 2011. She has Asian features but pale blue eyes, and a Boston accent.

    Bakuda's bomb would have EMP'd a fifth of the USA.

    Lung had fought the Empire Eighty-Eight, New Wave, the Protectorate and the Wards by the time he was captured. He hadn't won, but he had escaped each time.

    By the time canon starts, he had so many crimes over his head that he was automatically due for the Birdcage.


    Saint has a cross tattooed on his face, with moving glowing components tracing a circuit pattern.

    Other members of the Dragonslayers:

    Margaret (dark skin, large eyes, full lips) Saint has a thing with her. Nickname Mags. Used to be law enforcement.

    Mischa Dobrynja. Male, believes he can sense trouble coming. Wears a "Wyrmiston" suit, with a wheel on the back. Based on Pythias; the wheel creates EM attraction to objects.

    Dragonslayers are based in Yonge St, Toronto (as of June 2013)

    Richter had four AIs; Dragon, the Birdcage warden, the Robin Hood program and the Manhunter program, which went rogue. The Dragonslayers shut down the last two.

    Empire Eighty-Eight/Pure/Fenrir’s Chosen

    Theo Anders born 1996, 15 as of 2011

    Mother's name Heith (cape name). She was cousin and guardian to Fenja and Menja, and had similar powers. Killed by Teeth between 1996 (Theo's birth) and 2000 (Marquis' capture) in a turf war. Probably before Teeth are almost wiped out for the first time.

    Kaiser (Max Anders) born 1977 (34 in April 2011)
    Son of Allfather (Richard Anders)
    Head of Medhall Corporation
    Very charismatic, controlling

    Purity (Kayden Anders) born Kayden Russell 1982 (29 in April 2011)
    Triggered at age 16 (1998), car accident. Does not need food; gets power from light.
    Interior Decorator
    Purity worked with Kaiser for ten years (2000-2009)
    Had a child by him (Aster)

    Married to him for one year. Marriage & partnership broke up during 2009.

    Was second in command during marriage

    Kreig (James Fleischer)
    Married, three children.
    Travels to London twice a year for nearly twenty years

    Alabaster - albino young man. Body resets after several seconds.

    Leah was a mole in the Chosen for Coil before Shatterbird killed her

    Hookwolf, Cricket and Stormtiger were all cage fighters before they triggered.

    Crusader is good-looking, and a ladies' man.

    Crusader's sister was deaf, half-blind, mentally deficient; he had to donate an organ (probably a kidney) to save her life. Tried to kill her by pulling the plug, got caught, triggered as a result.

    When Purity split with the Empire in 2009, Night and Fog also split off and went to Boston.

    Faultline's Crew

    Faultline is twenty something; real name Melanie Fitts (as per pre-Worm fic).

    Spitfire has curly brown hair and lots of freckles; real name Emily.

    Labyrinth has platinum blonde hair, can create selective realities. Real name Elle.

    Newter is 16, immune to infection and disease.
    Blue eyes, all iris, rectangular pupils
    can fall sixty feet and land safely, stick to walls
    His hair is red and looks wet, but he usually dyes it cobalt blue.

    Palanquin two blocks from Lord St

    Faultline is extremely professional.

    Gregor has cartilage skeleton, can concoct adhesives, lubricants, acids, fire retardant in stomach, project through skin

    Shamrock joins before Merchants raid
    Shamrock has red hair. She is Case 53 whose memory was not wiped.


    Skidmark is black and has bad teeth

    Merchants wear coloured plastic wristbands for status

    Post Leviathan, Weymouth shopping centre roof has fallen in.

    Merchant capes (post Leviathan): Skidmark, Squealer, Mush, Trainwreck (Coil mole), Whirligig (tk with ability to create a short range vortex with trash in it), four others

    Skidmark's power creates a glowing band of colour, six or seven feet across, violet to blue

    Mush puts out tendrils that gather garbage to him, create a larger form

    Slaughterhouse Nine


    Bonesaw is 12 as of 2011, blonde (b 1999, triggered 2005; 6 yo)

    Uses a prion powder to knock out powers

    Bonesaw talks to Skitter about the Corona Pollentia, the Gemma and the passengers

    Bonesaw as of S9 stasis has a berserker mode, activated by attempted mind control

    Riley's family: parents plus brother (Drew) and pet (Muffles)
    The girl that Bonesaw kidnaps and murders to build Winter is called Melanie Hemston


    Mannequin was Alan Gramme (Sphere), wife and children killed 2005 or so by Simurgh, rebuilt himself into closed-off body. Now nine feet tall.

    Alan Gramme was blond, with a long face. As Mannequin, obsessed with walling himself away from the world.
    His wife's name was Catherine
    He had two children, both possibly girls, seven and five


    Dr William Manton gave his daughter a formula against orders and she couldn’t handle it, became monstrous. He took Formula F-1611 and manifested the Siberian. Daughter is in Cauldron custody. Cauldron chooses to leave Siberian loose to keep people going to Protectorate.

    Jack Slash

    Jacob was a young trigger. His parents were a little mentally unbalanced, and they shut him inside a bomb shelter with a radio link to his father, who wanted to use it to instill Jacob with sufficient fear of the threats of the outside world. A one-way communication, feeding into and playing off his fears, gaslighting, convincing him a war was underway, it broke the boy, but he wasn't released when he was broken. He stayed. His parents left him in there, mostly because it was easier. In a twisted way, having a boy in the shelter to hear dad's words, it made Jacob the exact son they wanted.

    He triggered on exit, his entire reality challenged on seeing that the world was fine.



    Mouse Protector killed by Slaughterhouse Nine on contract to Ravager, then mashed together with Ravager by Bonesaw to make Murder Rat (seriously, guys–hiring the Nine is a BAD IDEA!) who became a member for a short time, before mental deterioration reduced her/it to being a Bonesaw meat puppet.

    The Nine go into hiding about July 5, 2011.

    Slaughterhouse Nine original members:
    King, Screamer, Harbinger, Nyx, Psychosoma, Breed, Crimson, Grey Boy, Jacob (Jack Slash)
    As of 1987 (Jacob and Harbinger kill King then, Harbinger leaves to become Number Man, and Jacob becomes Jack Slash).

    Crawler joined S9 after 2005

    Ned (pre Crawler) bad home life, maybe poor nutrition. 5'6" tall, narrow shoulders

    Winter was female child soldier, became arms dealer, stagnated, got powers, Used them for profit, then the slave trade, before joining Nine. She was among the latest of the Nine to die before Brockton Bay.

    Chuckles was a member of the Nine when Bonesaw was recruited.

    Membership of the Nine, following Brockton Bay:
    Jack Slash, Bonesaw, Skinslip, Night Hag, Hookwolf.

    King was tall, blond, broad-shouldered

    Grey Boy, name Nicholas, 10-14 yo in or before 1987. Born perhaps 1975.

    Breed creates bug-like creatures that keep getting bigger and tougher over days. They burrow into people, paralyse them, and eat them from the inside out. He creates ten a day. He looks normal.

    Screamer is female. Voice does not reduce with distance. Can also hear perfectly over a distance. Can mimic voices, make them sound as if they are right inside your head.

    Cherish was in the Nine for a month.

    Crimson feeds on people, gets big and muscular.
    Carries a sword

    Nyx is an early Case 53

    Psychosoma is male, with a pencil moustache

    Grey Boy does not have the memories or the skills of a real child

    Victims of Grey Boy can think and speak, but whatever happens to their body keeps repeating. He can adjust the duration of the loops, but can't turn them off.

    Nice Guy needs to focus on people for his power to work. If he can’t see them, the focus is much weaker. Hearing someone’s voice is a focus, but not strong.

    Total membership of the Slaughterhouse Nine over the years was 30 or so

    Jack Slash

    Grey Boy

    Murder Rat

    Nice Guy
    Hatchet Face

    Night Hag

    Damsel of Distress

    (and four others)


    Teeth were nearly wiped out between 1993 and 2000 (perhaps 1997?) by Slaughterhouse Nine after hiring them to kill a couple of Protectorate capes in Brockton Bay. Kaiser had powers and was over 15. Marquis was still extant, Allfather was running Empire Eighty-Eight.

    Teeth nearly wiped out again in Brockton Bay almost a decade ago (2002-2004?). Total turnover since then.

    Spree creates rapid-fire duplicates, all very slightly different (possibly alt-universe dupes), getting dumber the more he produces.

    Butcher is a Cauldron cape [29.07]


    Travellers arrived in Earth Bet just before Christmas Eve, 2009.
    They leave Madison on Dec 23.

    Arrive in Boston in March of 2011; Coil contacts them immediately.

    Travellers in BB in early to mid April, invited by Coil

    Their costumes have a black and red theme.

    Genesis (Jess)

    Genesis has a mop of auburn hair. Has been in wheelchair since she was four. Legs are atrophied. She deliberately goes into a coma-like state when forming her creatures, cannot be woken by anyone but herself.

    She has three piercings in one ear.

    She doesn't wear a costume, as she doesn't go out with the group.

    Sundancer (Marissa Newland)

    Sundancer [Marissa (Mars) Newland] is tall, blonde, slim and has delicate features. She hates the fighting, and just wants to go home. Her mother was very domineering.
    She was 17 ("one year away from being able to move out of home") in 2009.
    She can't be burned - her power normalises all temperatures within about six inches of her body.

    Sundancer and Noelle had a friend, Chris, who was killed in the transition.

    Wears a black and red costume with a sun motif.

    Echidna (Noelle Meinhardt)

    Noelle is a superb instinctive tactician.
    She is of petite build, with long brown hair. She's insecure and has previously had an eating disorder.

    Wears a sweatshirt over her human half.


    Ballistic has brown hair and blunt features. Taylor finds him attractive.

    Ballistic 's first name is Luke, last name either Casseus or Brito. His costume consists of black and red body armour, with a square mask.

    The other Traveller was Cody, who turned against Trickster and was traded to Accord for his part in the disruption of Trickster's meeting with Accord. He was sold on to the Yangban. Cody later killed Accord during the New Delhi Behemoth fight.

    Dinah joins Travellers for Scion fight.

    Once in the Birdcage, Trickster becomes a brainwashed minion of Teacher. He is killed during Scion battle.

    Trickster wears a black costume with a red mask and top hat. It gives Taylor a sort of a Baron Samedi vibe.


    Undersiders formed by Coil mid 2010, around early July (ten months before Buzz 7.4)

    Undersiders hit Ruby Dreams Casino ~ 7 Mar 2011 (pre Skitter)

    Undersiders worth ~92 million about time Skitter surrenders.

    Spiral staircase from ground level to the Undersiders' hideout in the Redmond Welding building.


    Skitter meets Dinah (12) on May 14.

    Taylor finds out about Coil after fundraiser hit (May 5)

    Finds out about Regent's Heartbreaker connections after argument with Danny (May 6).

    Lisa tells her about Coil's powers after Leviathan (May 15).

    Taylor had six hundred thousand after the Nine left town, gave two hundred thousand to Parian.

    When she gave herself up, she was worth fifteen to twenty million.

    Sierra is 20 or so. She has red hair in dreadlocks. Her brother Bryce has spiky black hair, and blue eyes. Loses all but thumb on right hand in Merchants raid.

    Skitter’s base has a secret entrance into a storm drain letting on to the beach
    Three storeys.

    Charlotte is Taylor's age, dark haired. She knows her from school.

    Taylor starts a relationship with Brian after the Nine and his second trigger to help ground him. She has trouble rekindling her old attraction toward him.

    Grue and Skitter break up (and have sex for the last time) at the end of 21.4. (July 11)

    Weaver meets Contessa, finds out about PtV during Behemoth fight.

    Taylor is told that Grue made it off the oil rig, then left after helping heal her. Tattletale told her this, and the others backed her up on it, so that Taylor would not blame herself for convincing him to come along.

    Taylor finds out about Dragon's real identity after the Scion oilrig fight.

    Taylor's bugs can detect the Custodian

    Number Man tells Taylor she had two trigger events, probably in quick succession.

    Khepri's range is fifteen point nine eight feet.

    Dates -
    First fight with Lung: April 10
    Bank robbery: April 14
    Taylor hits Emma in Weymouth Mall: April 24
    Meeting at school: perhaps April 25 ? First attack on ABB same day.
    Attack on fundraiser: May 5 Danny's attempted intervention happens the same night.
    Coil outs E88: May 6. Taylor clashes with Sophia in bookstore the same day.
    Kidnapping Sophia: June 3
    Attack on PRT building: June 4
    Taking over territory: June 5
    Attacking mayor's residence: June 17
    Attacked by Dragon, destroy four suits: June 18
    Mayoral debate, Coil fakes death, Skitter kills Coil: June 19


    Lisa 16 as of 2011, born 1995, joined Undersiders 2010 at 15. Forced to join by Coil.

    Eyes are a bottle-glass green. She has a light dusting of freckles across her nose.

    Brother was a senior in high school when Lisa was in her first year. His name was Reggie, but everyone called him Rex. She triggered after his suicide, age 13 or 14. Her parents tried to exploit her power, so she left. She doesn't know why he killed himself.

    Lisa spent "years" on the street, according to Tagg.

    Driven to be the smartest person in the room.

    Knew about Aegis before bank job.

    Knew about Genesis after ABB fight.

    knows about Coil’s powers after Leviathan, told Taylor same.

    Knows about entities as of Merchants raid. Gets a mental block, finally gets past it when Jack is captured.

    Knows about Cauldron and Nemesis program (and about Newter knowing more) as of Merchants raid.

    Figures out that Siberian is a projection after Grue's second trigger.

    Tattletale dislikes Accord (partly because when he's working on a big problem, he's the smartest person in the room).

    Realises that Coil can no-sell her power before attack on Christner house. Coil probably tortured them all for information in a throwaway timeline.

    Tattletale's shelter opens one day before Merchant raid (rescue of Bryce, recruitment of Charlotte). Eight computers on site
    Lisa has an office with curtained off sleeping area, and a computer.

    Lisa's people: Minor (squad leader), Dimitri (2i/c), Senegal (creep), Brooks (short, ex air force medic, also creep), Jaw (big, bearded, easy going), Pritt (woman, ex child soldier)

    Tattletale realises Endbringers are playing to lose, that they are artificial constructs, during Behemoth last stand


    Parian is from Basra.

    Her father is dead via heart attack.

    Was studying engineering, now studying fashion after trigger event.

    Trigger event was due to overly pushy boy in her class, plus father's heart attack.

    She’s five feet tall.

    Takes over Lisa's shelter and territory just before Echidna.

    Parian four years older than Rachel, born ~1990.

    Has severe trust issues.


    Bitch is 17, manifested 2008 (age 14), in foster care from 4 yo (1998), b 1994

    Triggered when her dog (Rollo) was trapped in pool by her foster mother.

    As of 2013, in a casual sexual relationship with Biter. Has been in others; inference is more than one.

    WagTheDog has dark skin and blue eyes, and shows all the signs of having a serious girl-crush on Bitch.

    WagTheDog's real name is Cassie.

    Rachel's hair is blonde by end of arc 21.

    Rachel lets her hair go back to auburn by June 2013


    Brian born June 1993, manifested late 2008. (age 15)

    Parents split up when he was 13 (2006)

    Father was in the military, born around 1973. Was a boxer.

    The Laborns lived in Bbrockton Bay; PHO has Grue moving to BB after working in other cities, so he likely took jobs out of town to distance himself from where he's from.

    Aisha born 1997, manifested 2011, after Leviathan (age 14)

    Aisha lets Alec take control of her a while before the fight with the Fallen (21.03)

    Imp's mask covers her face, including mouth, but not her hair. She straightens her hair.



    Alec (Jean-Paul Vasil) is son of Heartbreaker, 15 yo (b 1996), triggered at 11 (2007)

    Partly immune to Heartbreaker after powers came in

    Regent is lazy; he doesn't do much to keep fit. He's also very passive-aggressive.

    He's very good at drawing and painting, but doesn't apply himself.

    His mask has a hard exterior, is padded underneath. At the beginning of canon, his mask did not cover his mouth. Later on, it did.
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    Other Villains

    Heartbreaker is in his forties (born in the mid to late sixties), black hair, scruff of a beard, more lanky than athletic. Not much impulse control.

    Pretender is albino; when he takes Alexandria over, his real eye (with a pink iris) shows up where her missing eye is.

    Teacher is fat, ugly, with a red face and balding head, curly hair.

    Marquis has brown hair and beard (same shade as Amy's). He claimed to have killed Iron Rain, despite having an unbreakable code against killing women and children. Jack Slash tried to make him break that code and failed, attested that he could not have killed her. Marquis told the story probably so that Amy would find out who he was.

    As per Guts & Glory, Marquis was thirty in 2000 (born ~1970)

    Marquis did not deal in drugs.

    Lustrum saps energy from sources (including people) near her to form a hard light body. The body can be large and roughly the same density as her own, or it can be normal sized and dense enough to have its own gravity well.

    Black Kaze can teleport. While teleporting, innumerable versions of herself occupy space in the area between herself and the target point (with some leeway to either side), moving for a fraction of a second (not long enough to be seen). She teleports past you, you get shredded by a thousand cuts.

    Moord Nag in power in Namibia since 2004.
    Moord Nag's shadow beast has a death aura.

    Califa de Perro (King of Dogs) south american. Possible villain, dog themed, enjoys the role so much he makes howling and yelping noises. (25.6) Can speak English.

    Red Hands are professional thieves. Grue forms a relationship with Cozen of the Red Hands during the time skip.

    The Three Blasphemies are young women wearing masks with ruby lips, depicting a smile, a frown and a snarl. If one is alive, she can bring back the other two.

    String Theory has been in Birdcage since 2009. She was threatening to knock the moon out of orbit. During the attack on Scion, she uses a larger version of her "F-Driver" on Scion. It annoys him slightly.

    Lab Rat has been in Birdcage since 2006.

    Teacher originally helped Saint figure out Dragon's code.

    Glaistig Uaine triggered 1983.

    Blasto was crime lord of east Allston, in Boston, from April 2009, after being forced from Brockton Bay by E88. He was hired by Accord in June 2011, just before the Nine attacked and Bonesaw abducted him.

    Leet's power in a nutshell:


    Calvert was ranked lower than Captain at the Nilbog incident (probably 1st or 2nd lieutenant).

    Was given an honourable discharge (2001, after Nilbog), served several years as a paid consultant for parahuman affairs, then ended up as a field commander for PRT strike squads.

    Ran a construction company (fanon name Fortress Construction) as a side business under an assumed identity, used his powers to get his base built without anyone noticing.

    Calvert has been getting information on local capes for almost four years (late 2007)

    Taylor's contact with Coil is Ms Cranston, a blonde woman

    Coil’s squad leader (one of) is called Fish. Lisa gets along with him.

    Coil’s base is large and elaborate, with two levels; steel walkways over a lower level.

    Noelle’s vault is on the lower floor. It has an inner and an outer door (as of just post Leviathan), and an intercom with visual pickup on both ends. Noelle is capable of tearing through both if she really wants to.

    Coil has 50+ mercenaries at beginning of story. Advanced body armour, high-power purple lasers on their rifles.

    Coil's base is rigged to blow and collapse if someone messes around too much on his computer without specific passwords being entered (no prompts are given).

    Coil's Base

    Another entrance:

    Coil's base, post Leviathan

    Heavy vault door (~20 feet high) installed on Noelle's area late May, secondary vault door soon after.

    About Coil's soldiers:

    Thomas Calvert's secondary identity lives in a slightly rundown house, in a cul-de-sac in the southwest end of the city, about ten minutes' drive out of the city proper. He drives a four year old Prius.

    Crane the Harmonious
    Phir Sē

    Phir Sē creates time-travel portal, and can walk through time

    Phir Sē has a daughter who is a hero

    Phir Sē has a confederate, a teleporter who can bypass the Manton effect

    Phir Sē about 35, born 1976

    Phir Sē had a wife and sons, chose defeating a 'monster' over using time travel to save their lives

    Phir Sē had three colleagues: Tuanta, Sifara, Bahu. One of them can teleport large things into the stratosphere.

    He was killed by Behemoth.
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    Other Groups


    Doctor Mother, the founder of Cauldron, is black. She speaks fluent English, with a French accent.

    Doctor Mother and either Contessa or Alexandria met with David (Eidolon) in May 1986.

    Will administer formula on site, or deliver to off site, as requested.

    Contessa has black hair and pale skin, and her power does not work against Endbringers. Possibly because there is no real way to destroy one, short of Scion.

    Contessa can determine the conditions needed for a second trigger.

    Cauldron knows that Scion is to end the world. Legend is told after Echidna.

    Cauldron created so many Case 53s as psychological warfare against Scion.

    The Number Man is blond and wears glasses. He and Jack Slash were no more than 12 when they killed King.

    Power formulae have factors, including "O", "P" and "R".

    O is about uniqueness ("originality")
    P is raw effect ("power")
    R is predictability ("reliability")

    T-6001 tends to grant flight
    B-0030 makes things implode. Has killed two test subjects

    Wildbow on why Cauldron is essential:

    The largest villain organization and arguably the second-largest parahuman organization in the United States, the Elite got their start in San Francisco as ‘Uppermost’, an organization of rogues organized by rogues, involved in production and entertainment, managed by parahumans. In 1998, Uppermost reached out to the PRT for assistance in dealing with a bill (NEPEA-5) that sought to curtail parahuman involvement in business and media, arguably targeted directly at Uppermost. After a great deal of consideration, the head office turned down the offer for assistance, the bill was passed, and Uppermost disbanded. Many members of Uppermost found their way to the Protectorate and Wards as a way of avoiding bankruptcy and to manage the fines and fees that followed the bill’s passage.

    The events that followed have been pieced together from hearsay and investigation - Uppermost’s core group divided and started up their own businesses and independent directions, still in the open, in keeping with NEPEA-5. Unbeknownst to the PRT and the public, this group of members were still in contact. By the time it became apparent what they were doing, the new group, dubbed the Elite, had combined assets, employees and businesses quintupling Uppermost at its peak, and formed a loose confederation. Many core members have been supplanted by a more ruthless leadership, titling themselves after elements of the aristocracy. At the same time, however, despite the ‘hostiles’ designation in the files, the Elite are not open adversaries of the PRT. Cooperation or interaction with the Elite is a hotly debated subject within the PRT, from the lowest to the highest levels; the Elite do reduce crime numbers where they are active, but they also aggressively target rogues and powerful parahumans the PRT would rather support. While official judgment is pending, the present stance is to address the Elite on a case by case basis.

    The Elite does not pursue traditional villainous enterprises, though they may temporarily maintain connections to organized crime if it suits their purposes. If they have any pattern, it is to seize an area on the highest level -economic or political-, then undermine local opposition on the fundamental level with sabotage, blitzkrieg-style strikes, remaining consistently off the public’s radar by subterfuge or careful manipulation of media.

    The organization forms a loose pyramid-style structure of cells. The head cell, based in San Francisco, manages interests on the national scale, while each step down involves a step down in scale. The Elite expect villains and groups to be beholden to the Elite and nobody else, Rogues are folded into the organization, and resistance is systematically crushed. Once an area is firmly under control, these resources are leveraged to expand elsewhere.

    The Elite currently control territories across the Western seaboard, maintaining presences in:
    ◈ California ◈ Nevada ◈ Arizona
    ◈ Washington ◈ Idaho ◈ Oregon
    ◈ Florida ◈ N.Y. (Tentative) ◈ Other (various cape cities, tentative)



    Behemoth can leap a hundred feet in a single jump

    Behemoth's 'core' nulllifies Chevalier's space-warping ability at a touch

    Behemoth's flesh is silver, ichor is black

    Behemoth glows almost white when radioactive

    Behemoth can fry people from the inside within 32 feet.

    Simurgh's 'core' is in a major wing joint

    Switzerland was devastated when the Simurgh caused several nuclear power facilities to have meltdowns, spreading radioactive waste across the country.

    Lausanne was fenced off, the inhabitants bombed out and gunned down. Tagg was involved.

    Simurgh came in from the dark side of the moon.

    56 Endbringer attacks in 19 years, before Behemoth dies.

    Canberra was sealed under a dome after the Simurgh's attack. No-one really noticed (j/k).



    Cody is one of four non-Chinese in Yàngbân.

    Has a thing for 32, another English speaker.

    8 is another English speaker.
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    Otherwise known as Baumann Parahuman Containment Centre.

    Situated in the Canadian Rockies, in British Columbia.

    Built in or before 2002, given that Teacher refers to Marquis being there for eleven years, after being released in 2013. Run by housekeeping AI programmed by Andrew Richter. Maintained by Dragon after Richter's death.

    Between 180 and 200 people in the Birdcage as of Khonsu (more than 180, but not many more).

    Birdcage casualty rate 2/3. (Canary is inmate #601).

    It is possible for the PRT to release inmates from the Birdcage, with the risk that others may slip out.


    Real name Paige Mcabee.

    Had a boyfriend who cheated on her and told her she would never amount to anything, before he left her. Then, after she purchased powers and became famous, he wanted half of her earnings.

    She is 23 as of April 2011 (born ~ 1988).

    Canary was arrested in the middle of 2010, went to the Birdcage with Lung and Bakuda in April 2011.
    Eight months waiting for trial?

    She has a really distinctive speaking voice.

    Taylor meets Canary after being rebuilt from the Scion oilrig fight. [28.1]

    Canary bought Cauldron powers in early 2009

    Canary had a sexual relationship with another (female) prisoner in the Birdcage.

    Dragon put Canary's name on a list of first releases from the Birdcage.


    The classification system was initially created by the PRT ground-patrol and response teams in New York as a means of quickly identifying threats and adopting strategies. As many as thirty categories were added to accommodate other types of parahuman as the methodology spread, and these forms were later condensed as it was discovered that certain strategies were valid against parahumans of a broad type.

    The number rating is a ballpark scale for the threat to a team, rather than any indication of the raw strength of an ability. Adjust for possibility of harm, panic, an exceptionally high degree of control that might allow one to target specific team members or civilians, or exceptionally low degrees of control that might point to collateral damage, spreading effects or aftereffects. The PRT stresses the pairing of number rating with power to encourage immediate and intuitive grasp of appropriate responses to a given crisis.

    It is the responsibility of PRT operatives and parahumans to familiarize themselves with the current ratings for all relevant threats.

    Number Estimation
    1 Poses a threat only just above human norms, an unexceptional individual may be able to cope with the ability or walk away unharmed from an altercation where the abilities in question were leveraged. Ability should be assumed to be a nonthreat and need not be identified if other matters prove more pressing.
    2 An alert, exceptional, well equipped, and/or trained individual should be able to answer or address the ability in question, but it can prove problematic. Team members are reminded of standard countermeasures and should put these measures in effect when there are no pressing other matters
    3 Civilians, even alert or fit civilians, will not be able to handle the ability or abilities in question. Several trained individuals may be required to deal with the situation. Protocol suggests that care should be taken to remove civilians from the area and discourage them from participating.
    4 One full squad of trained operatives should be able to deal with this situation alone, but exceptional circumstance, context and environment may bias things one way or the other.
    5 Additional countermeasures come into effect. A typical parahuman and/or one parahuman assisting a squad of operatives should be able to deal with the power in question. Operatives can engage until assistance arrives.
    6 A typical trained parahuman and/or one parahuman assisting a squad of operatives should be able to deal with the power in question. Operatives should postpone engagement.Parahumans and operatives should assume that traditional actions are going to be met by a complication. Acquiring further intel recommended where possible, but not mandated.
    7 Parahumans should engage in pairs or trios at a minimum, two fully equipped squads should be deployed. Acquiring further intel is mandated, all acting parties should shift to the defensive or delay until intel can be acquired.
    8 Evacuation of civilians should take priority for all squad members. Engaging should be avoided outside of specific missions and tasks. Capes should engage only when supported by their team to ensure a minimum of complications or danger.
    9 Assume extreme complications, with standard tactics not applying, or the power in question having an additional factor that exaggerates its effect. Capes and PRT should evacuate where possible, and should only engage when a specific mission and strategy has been outlined. Major countermeasures should take effect.
    10+ In the event of a serious confrontation, additional teams or specific high-rated individuals should be called in to manage the crisis.

    In the categories themselves, parahumans fall into the following classifications, with the following countermeasures:

    Has the ability to transport themselves and/or others to other locations, by means of enhanced speed, teleportation, flight, vehicles or the like.
    General response is to limit movements where possible, anticipate attack from any direction. When declared in the field, if possible, append classification with type. Mover: Teleporter!
    Threat level 2+: Communicate mover nature. Where possible, move fight to a contained area where free-ranging movement is less effective, targeting objectives or other threats to draw attention and focus. Lock down area.
    Threat level 5+: Assume containment is impossible. Clearance granted for truck-mounted nonlethal measures (net launchers, foam sprayers) that might otherwise inconvenience locals.
    Threat level 9+: Higher office and PRT offices in nearby or neighboring cities should be notified of possible threat or retaliation in case of confrontation.

    Can affect a broader area, asserting some degree of control over the battlefield. May include gas, explosions, forcefields, and ambient or radiated effects.
    General response is to spread out, minimizing the shaker’s ability to affect multiple individuals at once.
    Threat level 2+: Communicate shaker nature. Where possible, move or stagger fight locations with some regularity, to slow their ability to seize total command over a battlefield. Shaker-class threats take high priority, and can or should be baited out and taken out of action.
    Threat level 5+: All individuals should remain as mobile as possible, operating alone or in pairs. Evacuate the area, and personnel are warned not to rely too much on cover, environmental advantages, or situational advantages. Stagger confrontations, leaving an area when identified.
    Threat level 9+: Evacuation takes utmost priority.

    Has enhanced strength or durability, most dangerous in a melee, typically very difficult to put down. While the execution may remain fairly stable, the source of this power can vary.
    General response depends on degree of brute classification, but should involve focusing fire, limiting movements, and maintaining a safe distance.
    Threat level 2+: Communicate brute nature. Assume divided fire will not have any serious effect, and devote focused fire to the target. Treat as low priority unless movements cannot be restricted, in which case the brute can be escalated to moderate priority.
    Threat level 5+: Assume standard munitions are not going to hamper the brute. Lethal munitions are authorized, truck emplacements are authorized. Property damage should be expected and accounted for. Where possible, move fight to an open area.
    Threat level 9+: Inter-city missile emplacements and other large scale munitions are authorized. Assume standard parahuman abilities are not going to hamper the target.

    Has the ability to alter themselves to a different state in which they maintain different abilities. Appends other powers, but only in this state. Can also include general altered states.
    Target the individual outside of any enhanced state where possible. All other effects depend on the sub-classification.

    Has the ability to control others. Can include degrees of control (swaying attitudes or emotions) and a wealth of controlled entities (individuals, animals, objects, created beings).
    Numbers assumed to be equal, masters take second highest priority and are targeted first.
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to master classification. Master prioritized as target, with likely location regularly communicated to team and oversight, to allow expedient removal.
    Threat level 5+: Assuming nonhuman, non-sapient minions, full lethal munitions are authorized against any massed forces. In case of controlled humans, all standard ‘eyes-on’ protocols are in effect (see Changer and Stranger). Passwords in effect.
    Threat level 9+: Inter-city missiles and other large-scale munitions may be authorized, depending on the situation.

    Can create devices or alter existing devices well beyond usual restrictions of education, knowledge, resources, and/or physics.
    Tinkers are less dangerous when removed from their gear, but should not be assumed to be harmless. A typical tinker can artificially assume any number of other classifications, depending on specialty. Specialty should be appended to the classification in every case possible. (ie. phasing specialty or electricity specialty)
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to tinker classification. Disruption is encouraged, with use of flashbangs.
    Threat level 5+: Electromagnetic pulses are authorized to disrupt gear, with some property damage likely.
    Threat level 9+: Other tinkers or liasons should be contacted to better inform about capabilities and to answer immediate threats.

    Ranged, offensive attacks of some form. Can include blasts, thrown or moved objects, grenades. Not always damaging, but generally deleterious.
    Response varies greatly depending on the nature of the blaster. At low levels, cover is highly recommended. At higher levels, movement is a higher priority, and cover should be assumed to be useless.
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to blaster classification so they can take cover at next opportunity. Frequent reporting on blaster’s location and likely direction of fire are encouraged. Suppression of ranged fire is encouraged but not mandated.
    Threat level 5+: Resources and/or personnel are devoted to pressuring the blaster threat, keeping them moving and focused on a target to protect other personnel. Truck-mounted emplacements may be necessary to apply sufficient pressure.
    Threat level 9+: Evacuation of likely firing zone is prioritized. Responding to high-caliber ranged threat is likely to necessitate matching response, if civilians or property are endangered. Inter-city missiles and other large-scale weapons are authorized.

    Possesses enhanced knowledge, skills and/or perceptions beyond any reasonable norm. Includes clairvoyance, precognition, skill acquisition, enhanced hearing and enhanced sight.
    Thinker capes, all numbers assumed to be equal, take the highest priority in engagements.
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to thinker classification. Communication should be limited and the thinker should be cut off from teammates where possible. Encrypted or coded communications may be necessary. Failing that, the operation may need to be silent (noncommunicative team).
    Threat level 5+: Maximum disruption to the senses, with flashbangs and nonlethal truck emplacements put into regular effect. All possible measures should be undertaken to keep the thinker threat from communicating. Pre-prepared thinker countermeasures (false information) should be entered into play. PRT thinkers should be contacted remotely to maximize counter-thinking.
    Threat level 9+: Contact the head office to discuss needs and resources available.

    Has a power that applies on physical contact. Often applies a changed state, like the breaker classification, but isn’t personal. Melee range, but not strength or durability, as per Brute.
    General response is to maintain a set distance and maintain visual on the striker. Open areas are preferrable to cramped quarters.
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to the striker classification. Formation should maintain a distance. Foam sprayers authorized.
    Threat level 5+: Truck mounted foam sprayers and net guns are authorized.
    Threat level 9+: None.

    Can alter their form, appearance, and/or natural abilities through some manipulation of their bodies. Does not include new powers beyond natural weapons, armor, or durability.
    Sustained focus fire is recommended. Low-ish priority, all numbers assumed to be equal.
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to Changer classification. Basic ‘eyes on’ protocols initiated, with team members maintaining constant eye contact with one another, and eyes on the changer. Changer is never assumed to be unarmed.
    Threat level 5+: Full eyes on protocols and verbal passwords put into effect. No facility, locked down or otherwise, is assumed to be impregnable.
    Threat level 9+: None

    Can manipulate powers in some capacity, altering, granting, strengthening, weakening or removing them entirely, or has powers that interact solely with the powers of others.
    PRT squads are encouraged, with capes sidelined, barring all but the most threatening situations. Ranged fire and distance is encouraged, with minimal contact and involvement, to preserve safety of involved capes.
    Remainder depends on nature of power.

    Powers predominantly lend themselves to infiltration. Ability in question might bypass defenses, mislead, or help to avoid notice.
    Full ‘eyes on’ is SOP where possible. Other safeguards include indiscriminate fire and high priority targeting.
    Threat level 2+: Team is notified as to stranger classification. Areas may be secured and ‘taped’, to track movement through doors or windows. Passwords in effect.
    Threat level 5+: Constant communication between every team member and a relay in the operations room is implemented, complete with passwords and personal passwords.
    Threat level 9+: Nonlethal shoot-on-sight implemented for anyone who goes ‘dark’ for any period of time.

    Dinah Alcott

    Dinah Alcott is Mayor Christner’s niece, and he knows Coil has her after the lake meeting.

    Dinah's mother's name is Anna.

    Dinah has straight brown hair.

    Dinah saw necessity for outing Skitter even before she was released. Left two notes; one telling Taylor to "cut ties" (with her friends and family) and the other "I'm sorry". Taylor was blind at the time, but read them after the Echidna battle. Chose to ignore them, because Lisa needed her as a friend, and because she was just reconnecting with her father.

    If Dinah lies about her power’s results, she gets headaches that disable her powers for a while

    About Dinah's kidnapping:

    He's almost certainly lying about her going with him willingly, but the duration that Dinah has had her powers is interesting. At least since February.

    Emma Barnes

    Emma admits that she's bullying Taylor for the hell of it in 20.3. Also admits that Sophia would have had the say as to whether Taylor got let into the group if she had met their conditions.

    Emma got a few hundred dollars every few weeks to have her picture taken for mall catalogs.

    Emma's mother is called Zoe. Her older sister's name is Anne (about 5 years older than Emma).

    Emma dies during Scion's attack on Brockton Bay; traumatised by Taylor's revelation as Skitter, she refuses to leave her room thereafter, even when everyone else is evacuating to escape Zion's rampage. Presumably, she is killed when Earth Bet's BB is destroyed.

    Unwritten Rules
    Also known as the unspoken rules. (The narrative transitions from one to the other over the course of the story). They cover the following:

    Don't murder someone you've just beaten.
    Don't rape someone you've just beaten.
    Don't unmask other capes under any circumstances.
    Don't go after the family of another cape.
    Don't go after another cape in their civilian identity.
    If someone breaks the rules, a truce can be called so that everyone can get that person.
    Against huge threats, such as Endbringers, a truce is automatically declared.
    Nobody defends someone who breaks the Endbringer truce on purpose.

    PRT Quarantine Zones (and where it puts its troublesome capes)

    The PRT is big, and being big, it has an awful lot of places to stow the more problematic capes. The top departments have individualized roles where they focus on a specific dimension of PRT activities, whether it's overall administration (New York), branding (LA), or training (Houston).
    So one possibility for dumping grounds for sketchy capes is a location like Minneapolis or San Diego - the former being an acclimatization zone and training area for new & international capes, the latter being a training area for Wards on the rise. Take your troublemaker or sketchy individual, and put them in a place with an excessive number of capes, a lot of already existing oversight, and existing resources.
    The second possibility is somewhat tricky, and becomes a balancing act. There are areas the PRT desperately wants to keep secure, and securing these areas becomes a punishment duty:
    • Gary, Indiana was designated HOSV, wherein the villain population is deemed out of control.
    • Freedom, CA is quarantined after the Pastor incident.
    • Eagleton, TN was evacuated, quarantined and is regularly patrolled after the Machine Army incident.
    • Ellisburg, NY was quarantined and walled off after the Nilbog incident.
    • Flint, MI is another example, info redacted.
    • Gallup, NM was designated HOSV.
    • Madison, WI was quarantined and walled off after a Simurgh attack, with extensive measures put in place.
    Naturally, the PRT doesn't want to put the wrong person on the wrong detail. Too violent a person in, say, Gallup or Gary would be a recipe for disaster, a spark to a powder keg. A mentally imbalanced or vulnerable person in Madison would be similarly disastrous. But find the right combination, like a trigger happy lunatic in Eagleton, and things are mostly fine, because they'll happily patrol and gun down the machines on the regular. Someone unambitious and lazy might let something slip through or grow out of control in Eagleton, but would be fine with the sleepy task of maintaining a watch on the periphery of Freedom.
    Finally, the capes with personal issues can be the 'sheriff' for a small town or out of the way place. A good option for the ones who tend to pick fights or develop rivalries - put them somewhere with no or very few capes.
    [ ... ] They'll strive to accept anyone and everyone they can, and put the problematic ones in places where they won't be as much of a problem.


    Containment foam is yellowish-white. It was formulated around early 2000 by Dragon.
    Containment foam sprayers look like flamethrowers.

    Professor Haywire was a supervillain tinker who opened the portal to Earth Aleph before the Triumvirate was founded in 1988. He operated out of Madison, Illinois, and he was deceased by 2009.

    President of the US in 1993 was James Griffin.

    Mayor Christner’s children: Rory (Triumph), Kyla and her twin sister.

    MRI scans will detect the presence of powers.

    Kevin Norton ("the most powerful man in the world") is gay.

    Jotun, Alabaster and Dauntless are the three trapped in the time bubble in 21.5.

    Quinn Calle likes to speed.
    Quinn Calle is married.

    Mrs Jessica Yamada is of average height, Japanese. Very punctilious.

    Sveta idolised Weld, was upset when he left Wards

    Eli (store attendant who Bonesaw befriends) born 1978 or 1979.

    Wall around Ellisburg is sixty feet high.

    Nilbog's creations live 4-5 years.

    Sveta was a fisheman's daughter; she had two brothers. She likes to draw.
    She has a triple-digit body count.

    Madison Clements' mother is petite; her father is not. Both her parents are fairly young.

    Madison is also petite, and a brunette. She plays on being "cute".
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    Inconsistencies and Queries

    How Long Was Taylor Bullied For?


    There was a conflict within the timeline, regarding the length of time that Taylor was bullied.

    Throughout the text, it is mentioned that Taylor was bullied for one and a half years.

    However, in Emma's interlude, it is mentioned twice that Taylor had lost her mother a year before they started high school. The date of Annette's death, as per her gravestone, was 2007. It has now been amended by the author to read 2008.

    This now puts the year that Taylor starts high school as 2009.

    Also, Taylor and Emma have their split at the beginning of September. At the time, Emma's thoughts refer to Taylor as being thirteen (which is an error). Taylor's birthday is the twelfth (or nineteenth; see below) of June. Emma was Taylor's best friend for years; she would not make such a simple mistake as that. So Taylor had turned thirteen before that point (Emma may well have attended the birthday party, before Taylor went off to camp). This puts the year as 2008 2009.

    So either a) Taylor's mother died two years before the bullying started, or b) Taylor was bullied for two and a half years.

    Taylor was bullied for one and a half years.

    I'm going with the second interpretation. Timeline as follows:

    Emma meets Sophia four weeks before school starts in September 2009.
    Taylor comes back a week before school starts (three weeks after the incident with Emma and the ABB).
    Bullying starts September 2009 (Taylor is 14)
    September 2010, Taylor starts keeping notes.
    January 3 2011: Locker incident. Taylor triggers
    April 24 2011: Taylor and Danny encounter Emma and Alan in the Weymouth Mall. Taylor slaps Emma, is restrained by Shadow Stalker, and then later tells Danny about Emma being one of the bullies.
    ~April 25 2011, Taylor decides to not go back to school, after the disastrous meeting at the school.

    Bullying has been going on from Sep 2009 to April 2011–one and a half years

    When is Taylor's Birthday?

    Just after the S9 arc, Taylor says she's fifteen. She's told by Danny that no, she's sixteen. "It's the nineteenth; your birthday was a week ago".

    When she's facing court, she is asked for her birthdate. She says the nineteenth.

    HowdyU on FF.net (who has provided evidence of speaking with Wildbow) says it's the 12th.

    How Tall is Taylor?

    Taylor's height at the beginning of the story is indeterminate; Lisa, being a bit older than her, is just the right height to give her a one-armed hug around the shoulders (ie, an inch or two taller). This is in April.

    At around this same time, while sparring with Grue, she notes that he's about a foot taller than her, and almost that much taller than Alec (ie, Alec is about an inch taller than her).

    At the end of July, three months later, her height is measured at five feet, nine inches.

    Shortly after she turns eighteen, she refers to her height as five feet, ten inches. At this point, Tattletale is significantly shorter than her, to the point that when they hug, Tattletale puts the bridge of her nose on Taylor's collarbone.

    There are three explanations possible here:

    1) the initial height measurements/estimates are out. If Taylor was closer to fiive feet three when she met the Undersiders and then joined the Wards, then ended up at five-ten at eighteen, that would fit.

    2) Taylor undergoes a massive growth spurt (from 5'3" in April to 5'9" in June, and then slows down). This would cause problems with her one-piece spider silk outfit.

    3) Taylor is wildly out with her estimates of relative height; maybe Lisa was wearing heels or thick soles the first time they met, and a couple of inches difference in height translates to "about a foot taller than me" when she's sparring with Grue.

    Was Dragon a Superhero before Richter Died?

    Dragon only began independent operations after May 9 2005; however, as per a comment by Teacher that Marquis had been incarcerated in the Birdcage for eleven years as of 2013, indicates that it's been open since 2002.

    In addition, they were using containment foam in 2001 (the Nilbog incident) and before that, against the Siberian in 2000 (which didn't work at all). Containment foam is specifically mentioned as being formulated by Dragon.

    So it seems that up until his death, Richter had Dragon make and distribute various useful items, as well as build and maintain the Birdcage (for which he created an AI to manage it). She may even have been sending out Dragon suits for actual heroic work; it's only after Geoff Pellick gets his hands on Richter's cheat codes that she starts having problems with the Dragonslayers.

    Longest Surviving Members of the Slaughterhouse Nine?

    Bonesaw notes that the longest serving members of Nine are Jack Sash (23 y), Mannequin, Bonesaw (6 y), Shatterbird, Siberian.

    However, Crimson or Hatchet Face must have had a good run, given that Hatchet Face replaced Crimson, and Cherish replaced Hatchet Face.

    Cherish was in for about one month, which leaves over 20 years for the other two to cover.

    Crimson dies after Winter joins, given that Crimson and Winter were briefly lovers.

    The WoG about the Nine in 2005:
    However, this contradicts what was said in Bonesaw's interlude:
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    About Powers and Shards

    per Bonesaw

    per Tattletale

    If someone has a corona pollentia, they have the potential to trigger. If they take a Cauldron vial instead, they're much more likely to be a case 53.

    Once Scion goes rogue, all shards he releases have no required secondary powers to keep the hosts safe.

    Trigger events carry a memory of what was happening when the shard was released from the entity.
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    In case the Timeline goes down again, alethiophile supplied me with the plaintext. I have added what dates I have gleaned, and fixed a few errors I have found. If you find more, please supply me with citations.

    May 20, 1982 — Scion first sighted
    1983 - Glaistig Uaine triggers
    1984-1986 — First superheroes appear
    1985 - Hana (Miss Militia) triggers, age 8-9
    May 1986 - Doctor Mother and Contessa recruit David (Eidolon)
    Aug 20-21, 1986 — Alexandria triggers. Works as Doctor Mother's bodyguard until August 21, 1988.
    1987 — Superheroes reveal to the public
    1987 — King is killed, Jack Slash takes over Slaughterhouse Nine. Harbinger (Number Man) leaves.
    May 1, 1988 — Founding of the Protectorate (Legend, Library of Alexandria, Eidolon, Hero)
    1989 — Vikare is killed
    Dec 13, 1992 — Behemoth sighted (Marun Field, Iran)
    Jan 18, 1993 — Formation of the PRT. Protectorate joins the government.
    June 1993 - Brian Laborn (Grue) born
    Jul 6, 1993 — EB Sao Paulo (Behemoth)
    Jul/Aug 1993 - Carlos (Aegis) born
    Aug/Sep 1993 - Dennis (Clockblocker) born
    Mar 26, 1994 — EB New York (Behemoth)
    Nov 1, 1994 — EB Jakarta (Behemoth)
    Jun 11, 1995 — Birth of Taylor Anne Hebert
    Jun 18, 1995 — EB Moscow (Behemoth)
    Dec 1995/Jan 1996 - Birth of Sophia Hess
    1996 - Theo Anders (Golem) born
    Jan 4, 1996 — EB Johannesburg (Behemoth)
    Jun 9, 1996 — EB Oslo (Leviathan; first appearance)
    Nov 7, 1996 — EB Cologne (Behemoth)
    1996 - Armsmaster triggers
    Apr 23, 1997 — EB Busan (Leviathan)
    May 2, 1997 — Lung triggers
    Sep 30, 1997 — EB Buenos Aires (Behemoth)
    1998 - Kayden Russell (Purity) triggers (age 16)
    Jan 18, 1998 — EB Sydney (Leviathan)
    May 15, 1998 - Missy Biron (Vista) born
    Jul 3, 1998 — EB Jinzhou (Behemoth). City is decimated, as CUI refuses to allow outside help.
    Dec 25, 1998 — EB Madrid (Leviathan)
    Jul 21, 1999 — EB Ankara (Behemoth)
    1999 - Riley (Bonesaw) born
    1999 — Scion dons white bodysuit
    Nov 2-3, 1999 — EB Kyushu (Leviathan). Lung engages Leviathan. In the ensuing battle, the island sinks. 9.5 million people die.
    2000-2009 - Purity works with Kaiser in Empire Eighty-Eight
    Apr 10, 2000 — EB Lyon (Behemoth). Attacks a nuclear power plant.
    Sep 15, 2000 — Hero is killed. Remaining heroes of the original Protectorate become the Triumvirate.
    Sep 16, 2000 — Alexandria recovers from Siberian
    Sep 17, 2000 — EB Naples (Leviathan)
    2000 — Lung immigrates to China
    2000 - Marquis captured, Amelia Claire Lavere (age 6) taken in by Brockton Bay Brigade (latter half of year)
    2000 (late) - Brockton Bay Brigade becomes New Wave. Fleur killed in home invasion. Lightstar quits.
    Dec 2000-Aug 2002 — Lung held captive by Yangban
    Feb 2, 2001 — PRT squad investigates Nilbog. Capes flee, PRT troops slaughtered. Emily Piggot and Thomas Calvert only survivors.
    Feb 25, 2001 — EB Vanderhoof (Behemoth)
    Jul 7, 2001 — EB Hyderabad (Leviathan)
    Dec 7, 2001 — EB Lagos (Behemoth)
    Apr 24, 2002 — EB Shanghai (Leviathan)
    Aug 21, 2002 — EB Bogota (Behemoth)
    Dec 31, 2002 — EB Lausanne (Simurgh; first appearance)
    Apr 1, 2003 — EB Seattle (Leviathan)
    Aug 12, 2003 — EB London (Simurgh)
    Oct 3, 2003 — EB Lyon (Behemoth)
    Jan 20, 2005 — Bonesaw joins S9
    May 9, 2005 — EB Newfoundland (Leviathan). Andrew Richter dies. Dragon relocates to British Columbia.
    2005 - Legend marries Arthur
    ~2005 - Alan Gramme's wife and daughters (7 and 5) killed by Simurgh. He snaps, rebuilds himself as Mannequin.
    May 9, 2006 - Dragon triggers
    2006 - Lab Rat sent to Birdcage
    2007 - Boston Games (Fleur is murdered sometime after this, possibly the same year)
    2007 - Battery leaves Wards for Protectorate
    2007 - Jean-Paul Vasil (Regent) triggers
    late 2007 - Thomas Calvert buys powers, triggers as Coil
    Feb/Mar 2008 - Shadow Stalker triggers (age 12)
    Apr 10, 2008 — Newter kidnapped from alternate reality (age 13)
    August 2008 — Annette Hebert dies (aged 39)
    2008 - Panacea manifests (age 13-14. Glory Girl triggers first.)
    2008 - Bitch manifests (age 14)
    2008 - Grue triggers (age 15)
    2008 - Purity marries Kaiser
    2008 - Vista triggers (age 9 or 10)
    early 2009 - Paige Mcabee buys powers from Cauldron, becomes Canary
    April 2009 - Blasto becomes crime lord of east Allston (Boston) after E88 forces him from Brockton Bay
    mid-April 2009 - Vista joins Wards
    Aug 2009 — Sophia meets Emma, saves her from ABB
    Sep 2009 - Taylor splits with Emma
    Dec 2009 — EB Madison (Simurgh). Travellers arrive in Earth Bet.
    Dec 23, 2009 - Travellers leave Madison.
    late 2009 - Kid Win joins Wards
    2009 - Purity leaves Kaiser
    2009 - String Theory sent to Birdcage for threatening to knock the moon from its orbit
    July 2010 - Undersiders formed by Coil (ref. Buzz 7.4)
    Aug/Sep 2010 - Shadow Stalker becomes probationary Ward
    Sep 2010 - Taylor starts keeping notes on bullying
    Jan 2011 — Taylor triggers
    Feb 2011 - Taylor takes up running
    Feb 24, 2011 — EB Canberra (Simurgh). A dome is placed over the city.
    Mar 23, 2011 — Lung recruits Bakuda
    Late March 2011 - Travellers arrive in Boston. Meeting with Accord disrupted; Cody sold to Yangban by Accord.
    Early April 2011 - Travellers arrive in Brockton Bay.
    Apr 8, 2011 — Story begins
    Apr 10, 2011 — Skitter's first fight with Lung
    Apr 12, 2011 — Skitter joins the Undersiders
    Apr 14, 2011 — Undersiders rob a bank
    Apr 15, 2011 — Undersiders fight Bakuda
    Apr 20, 2011 — Bitch attacks dog-fighting ring
    Apr 23-May 4, 2011 — Alliance against the ABB
    April 2011 - Canary goes to Birdcage with Lung and Bakuda
    Apr 24, 2011 - Clash between Shadow Stalker and Taylor at Weymouth Mall (Taylor hits Emma)
    ~Apr 25, 2011 - Meeting at school regarding bullying. It goes badly.
    May 5, 2011 — Undersiders attack fundraiser, Skitter finds out about Coil
    May 5, 2011 - Taylor has argument with Danny, leaves home
    May 6, 2011 - Taylor spends day with Bitch, E88 outed
    May 6, 2011 - Sophia attacks Taylor in bookstore
    May 6, 2011 — Empire Eighty-Eight collapses.
    May 14, 2011 — Dinah's kidnapping revealed. Skitter realises she is drugged, doesn't like it.
    May 15, 2011 — EB Brockton Bay (Leviathan). Armsmaster crippled and disgraced, lake created in city. Death toll includes: Aegis, Gallant, Velocity, Manpower, Shielder, Kaiser, Menja. Dauntless, Jotun, Alabaster trapped in time-grenade bubble. Flashbang receives brain damage.
    Mid to late May - Travellers move into Coil's base. (Noelle has already been there for at least a month)
    May 20, 2011 — Endbringer Memorial completed
    May 31, 2011 — Skitter rejoins Undersiders
    June 2011 - Blasto begins work for Accord, kidnapped by Nine
    Jun 3-12, 2011 — Slaughterhouse Arc
    Jun 3, 2011 — Sophia kidnapped
    Jun 4, 2011 — Undersiders attack Wards
    Jun 5-Jul 14, 2011 — Skitter controls Boardwalk
    Jun 6-8, 2011 — S9 Interludes
    Jun 9, 2011 — Shatterbird's attack
    Jun 10, 2011 — Merchants destroyed
    Jun 11, 2011 — Grue's 2nd trigger
    Jun 12, 2011 — S9 defeated. Also, Taylor's 16th birthday.
    Jun 14, 2011 — Skitter drives off ABB
    Jun 17-21, 2011 — Jessica Yamada's Interlude
    Jun 17, 2011 — Panacea incarcerated by her own choice
    Jun 17, 2011 - Attack on Mayor Christner's residence
    Jun 18, 2011 — Parian joins Undersiders
    Jun 18, 2011 — Undersiders fight Dragon. Imp kidnaps Director Piggot. She is fired and replaced by Calvert.
    Jun 19, 2011 — Coil fakes death at mayoral conference, then Taylor kills him for real.
    Jun 20, 2011 — Echidna. "General" James Tagg takes over as Director.
    July 2011 - Cuff triggers (around beginning of month)
    ~Jul 5, 2011 - Slaughterhouse 9 go into hiding
    Jul 8, 2011 — Taylor's identity revealed
    Jul 9-14, 2011 — Skitter prepares to leave Undersiders
    Jul 10, 2011 — The Fallen Defeated
    Jul 10, 2011 — Skitter attacks PRT.
    Jul 11, 2011 - Grue and Skitter break up
    Jul 13, 2011 — Teeth Destroyed
    Jul 14, 2011 — Skitter surrenders to PRT. Tagg and Alexandria attempt to break her. She kills them.
    Jul 14-27, 2011 — Taylor Imprisoned
    Jul 21, 2011 — Wards fight Adepts
    Jul 24, 2011 — Weaver in Vegas
    Jul 25, 2011 — Meeting with Glenn
    Jul 26, 2011 — EB New Delhi (Behemoth). Behemoth killed. Regent dies saving Imp.
    Jul 27, 2011 — Weaver joins Wards
    Sep 28, 2011 — Bonesaw meets Contessa. "Breadth and Depth."
    Nov 4, 2011 — Bonesaw kidnaps Melanie Hemston.
    Nov 8, 2011 — Blasto dies
    Nov 12, 2011 — Bonesaw has second thoughts
    Nov 25, 2011 — EB Flight BA178 (Simurgh)
    Jan 11, 2012 — Weaver fights Topsy
    Jan 20, 2012 — Khonsu (first appearance)
    Apr 2, 2012 — EB Luderitz (Leviathan)
    Jun 5, 2012 — EB Manchester (Simurgh)
    Aug 15, 2012 — EB Rio de Janeiro/Cape Town/Perth (Leviathan)
    Oct 10, 2012 — EB Bucharest (Tohu/Bohu; first appearance)
    Dec 19, 2012 — EB Paris (Simurgh)
    Jan 24, 2013 — Bonesaw gives Eli the envelope
    Feb 26, 2013 — EB multiple targets (Khonsu)
    May 17, 2013 — EB Los Angeles (Tohu/Bohu)
    May 26, 2013 — Slaughterhouse Awaken
    Jun 19, 2013 — Slaughterhouse Attack
    Jun 20-24, 2013 — Apocalypse (Golden Morning). Shadow Stalker recruited by Taylor. Grue killed.
    Jun 23, 2013 — Endbringer Truce. Canary recruited by Taylor.
    Jun 24, 2013 — Panacea jailbreaks Taylor's shard to create Khepri. Khepri kills Scion.
    Jun 26, 2013 — Story Ends
    ~Dec 2013 - Epilogue: Taylor and Danny on Earth Aleph; Taylor meets Aleph!Annette. Undersiders hold memorial for all who fell.

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    Don't forget to add the dates of all the events of the PRT Quest that Wildbow's running on SB! ;)
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    Now he's dating events? Great, now I have to trawl through all of that ... ugh.

    In other news, I've linked Conceptualist's PHO Interlude Generator to the top of the thread.
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    The Youth Guard originated from a landmark ruling, Reed vs. PRT, in which parents of one of the first Wards raised complaints about the impact of the Wards program on their day to day life.

    The small group was put in place to act as oversight to ensure that the Wards were well treated and soon snowballed in size, drawing from television appearances, lucrative charity drives and mass public support. It remains the third largest of the peripheral organizations around the PRT.

    The Youth Guard, as it stands, is a separate organization which maintains a different leadership, command structure, funding structure, goals and methodology than those the PRT employs.

    Over the course of a number of court rulings in the past twenty-five years, the Youth Guard has effectively won or negotiated for particular powers over the PRT offices.

    Mission Statement of the Youth Guard

    The Youth Guard’s public mission statement, as it appears on their website:

    ● To increase the personal safety of child parahumans, reduce their risk of physical, mental, or emotional harm, and to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse

    ● To ensure that the child’s essential needs are met, and that the duties do not impact their requirement for food, water and sleep

    ● To ensure that the child’s peripheral needs are met, and that their duties do not have an egregious impact on their need for entertainment, freedom, self esteem, or family

    ● To prevent the long term harm to the children by way of a neglect in education

    ● To ensure that the child’s identity remains strong, preventing ‘boot camp’ grinding down of personality, brainwashing, cult-like manipulations, and sexualization of the costumed alter ego

    ● To act as liaisons for parents who feel that the PRT is coopting their rights

    ● To offer legal counsel to children and parents who have signed on with the PRT, when concerns lie with the PRT or other groups

    ● To research better practices on how to keep Wards safer

    ● To maintain comprehensive data on the latest trends in abuses

    ● Coordinates national efforts in these areas through collaboration with nonprofit agencies, government, industry, law enforcement, educators, and families

    The Youth Guard employs thirty thousand individuals across the United States, and is an exceedingly popular charity. 68% of those polled said that they believed they were directly supporting the Wards program by donating to the Youth Guard. 62% believed they were directly supporting their local teams. Youth Guard bumper stickers shirts and ‘badges’ are a common sight across America.

    Penalties the Youth Guard Can Impose

    It is the Youth Guard’s prerogative to decide what penalty best fits the situation, serves the interests of the Ward(s) in question and is most likely to change the department’s behavior. The Youth Guard can offer a warning instead, but are not liable to without notable outside pressures.


    Penalties are not exclusive, and can be in addition to legal action.

    If funds are not available to pay a fine, the Youth Guard may request that a representative is installed on the staff for a temporary duration, with veto power as described in Y.G. Involvement, third offense.

    An on-staff Y.G. Agent will retain the ability to cancel any action, purchase, funding, or event that involves the Wards program, directly or peripherally. The Y.G. agent does not have access to classified material, but can request access to the Ward’s files. They can take disciplinary action with the Wards, but cannot assign orders or mission directives.

    Offenses do not expire. Once a first offense is made, the Youth Guard is authorized to call for a second offense penalty for future violations, regardless of violation types for the respective incidents. In lieu of this, the Head Office may attempt to restructure the department instead.


    In circumstances where risks to the Ward are viewed as above and beyond the call of duty and not solely the fault of the Ward, the Youth Guard may call for penalties.

    These concerns and subsequent penalties typically follow events where the Ward themselves feel they were thrust into a situation they were not comfortable with, where PRT staff raises questions, or footage finds its way to television or the internet, with the Ward facing obvious undue risk and, in rulings where the penalties were assigned, ensuing harm.

    Mental and emotional risk are harder to assess, but specific cases may be made for putting Wards in the way of parahumans with an undeniable ability to cause mental or emotional trauma, including specific Masters or Shakers.

    All Wards have their particular needs, relating to the circumstances of their trigger events, and knowingly thrusting a Ward into a situation where their traumas are exacerbated can raise questions.

    Essential Needs

    Wards should not be placed in action for prolonged periods of time if they would be denied the ability to eat, hydrate themselves or use bathroom facilities. Repeated interruption of the Ward’s sleep schedule may raise questions. These problems are usually symptomatic of a greater issue, and the Youth Guard typically steps in at the behest of the parent or youth.

    Tertiary Needs

    Rarely a standalone point, but oft raised as context to support other rulings. Overly authoritarian discipline, disallowing the Ward the ability to make their own decisions, cutting them off from loved ones, and denying any entertainment in the off-hours where the youth remains on duty may raise questions.

    Frequently a concern for Directors the head office would like to stress that the concern lies primarily with situations where the Ward is given no choices at all. The essential point to take away is that they are youths, not robots.


    Perhaps one of the most frequently raised concerns, given that it comes to pass twice a year at a minimum for any Ward, measures currently require that a youth maintain at least the same average grade that they had prior to becoming a parahuman. However, maintaining the same grades for a prolonged time may still be cause for concern. The objective, the Youth Guard would argue, is for the PRT to be a positive influence, giving structure and mentorship to the Wards, with a corresponding increase in grades. The drop of a letter grade with a report card may warrant Youth Guard attention. Midyear grades or report cards in multi-semester programs may warrant a warning instead.

    A lack of attendance can be considered a zero grade, with all the consequences this might entail.


    Related in part to tertiary needs, the Youth Guard works to ensure that the Ward program conforms to particular standards and will have the opportunity to check in on any policy changes that might allow the Ward program, training or peripheral rules to compromise the Ward’s identities. Wards are given a degree of involvement with the creation of their costumed identities, and those identities should conform to particular standards.

    Costumes should maintain 65% coverage of the body from the jawline down at a minimum. Cleavage should not be demonstrated, and with a young woman standing straight, arms at her sides, dresses and skirts should not be so short that she can touch her bare thigh, unless she wears monocolor tights beneath. Costumes should not emphasize sexual characteristics, unless it is to mask the apparent age of the Ward (ie. cases have come up where school-going peers drew parallels between classmate breast size with those of blossoming local Wards).

    Taking action that suppresses or interferes with the Ward’s gender identity and/or sexual identity is strictly prohibited. Should a Ward self-identify as one gender, the department should strive to assist in creating a costumed identity to match that gender.

    Name and brand changes should be limited. Adolescents in particular face sufficient identity issues without frequent rebranding. In some cases, the Youth Guard has stepped in to support Wards who wanted to keep names, even those of questionable taste. The PRT head office would strongly recommend that the name be chosen carefully and privately, with all relevant parties in attendance.

    Other Concerns and Priorities

    Youth Guard can support lawsuits or employ their own media teams in support of or in opposition to PRT interests. Egregious issues may be accompanied with lawsuits and/or prominent news segments and interviews that can interfere with PRT objectives and goals.

    The head office can be petitioned in requests to change or alter rules noted here, with the Youth Guard counseling and offering a vote. The Youth Guard can also be called, either for simple questions or to invite a representative for a meeting.

    The Other Side of the Coin

    This is from a post by ImmortalsBlade on SV, covering a very concerning look at YG and why it can be a very bad thing:

    The Youth's Guards corruption and hypocrisy is based on actual corruption found in CPS, most notably in the Kentucky CPS scandal from a few years ago. It's also based on exploitation of child actors in Hollywood.

    The decision to intrinsically link the PRT's PR machine and the Wards it self was from the Youth Guards own supposed mission statement. Look closely at what they do for offenses.

    In the first offense we see very clearly that the Wards themselves are immediately targeted. The Wards pay is reduced and all forms of management is taken out of the picture. Now of course a $10, 000 fine is laughable. I mean honestly, that's like one bulk purchase of Printer Ink and toner+ paper. They probably run through that in a week. But consider for a moment what this means for a lot of vulnerable Wards. I think it'd be reasonable to assume that the Wards may often be the only refuge for a lot of young Capes who trigger. Abusive or neglectful families (Such as Vista's) or simply not having a family for any reason.

    With an order that the Wards grades be kept to a minimal standard that can not be dropped plus the regularity of PR shoots and the like consider for a moment how the Ward can support themselves, especially since so much of their paycheck is locked up in a trust fund. Plus the pressure to remain in the Protectorate into adulthood. The wards are likely the only way for these kids to support themselves.

    And the first thing, in the name of "Protecting" them is to strip away their sole means of support. How does that help the Ward?

    But what it is is intimidating. The Wards, who are very much children, would be terrified of reporting anything that they feel is effecting them. One "infraction" could ruin their lives. They also don't vanish as well, it just builds and builds. All that pressure being put on a child.

    Then there's how much control the Youth Guard has over their lives. Look at what they can do here:

    ANYTHING involving the Wards, even tangentially, can be canceled by a Youth Guard Member. Consider for a moment what that might mean. Now, let us move on to the second bit highlighted. The Youth Guard can discipline Wards. Sure they can't order them, but would a Ward disobey orders the Youth Guard suggests the higher ups give? Especially considering what they could do to their life?

    There is not a government agency ALIVE that would allow this to exist. Hell, governments have dismantled organisations who've tried to amass this much power. So, why would they have it then?

    Why would an advocacy group for protecting Wards be given so much power over their lives that is seemingly only there to punish the Wards if something happens to them?

    Well, consider Child Stars, especially the notable horrific cases that have cropped up over the years. Especially the old one's, from the golden age of hollywood. Stars that had their whole lives put on display, analyzed by everyone yet abuse and exploitation happened to these children without a single person bringing it up until years later.

    Examine their lives, their struggles and then consider something about the Wards. Isn't it awfully familiar? Aren't the threats used by the Youth Guard awfully similar here?

    But wait, this rabbit hole goes so much deeper.

    We must take a look at the PR as displayed in Canon and here, where dangerous and utterly ludicrous orders and suggestions were given to underage heroes in potentially lethal situations. All to keep them dancing to a specific tune. Decisions made solely to make them more marketable, more befitting of the relentless financial machine that dictated PRT policy. How could the youth guard exist when the most closely looked at cases are treated in that way? When even when so closely monitored psychopaths like Shadow Stalker can physically assault a 13 year old?

    Well, what Wildbow accidentally stumbled into was a terrifying glimpse into the horrors experienced by Child Stars and victims of corrupt CPS organisations. A pity it was wasted on the alter of "escalation" when there could have been a very interesting story there. But got to fight Endbringers and Scion and make hard decisions, right?

    Anyways, I would like to direct your attention to now to the before mentioned CPS allegations of corruption and abuse. I would encourage people do their own research into this matter, as it is a wide-spanning issue that can scarcely be covered by one writer on a webforum.

    As I was saying, Wildbow had stumbled into the terrifying world many people in our communities are suddenly thrust into. I'm sure we're all aware about how shitty foster homes can be, with sexual and physical abuse and just plain old neglect running rampant. However, there have been allegations (And I stress allegations) that this is encouraged financially. With individuals even able to put in "orders" for the children of one specific family.

    Now again, let me make it clear there are good people working in CPS, and social workers working with the system to provide the best possible care for children in need. That we are talking about the worst possible cases.

    More importantly, allegations persist that there is a financial reward for how "troubled" the children are, how many mental illnesses they have and what not. This is entirely without a trained psychologist or medical professional seeing them. As such they are also put on medication to help control their mental illnesses that of course serve little more than to keep them drugged up. Parents are slandered as unfit over minor things (such as unwashed dishes or dirty laundry) and often are intimidated into giving their children up.

    Now, that isn't to say there isn't people who really deserve to never be allowed near children but this is specifically talking about the worst cases.

    So with that in mind we begin to see a trend between all three institutions listed. PR, the Youth Guard and CPS.

    The Youth Guard is very much a penal system for the Wards and ONLY the Wards. They specifically dismantle any support structure the Wards might have and punish them and ONLY them. Why would they penalize only the Wards? Well obviously it's to keep them compliant. Punish them when they act out.

    How does PR relate to this? Well they have to ensure the Wards actually LISTEN to their suggestions. How much power would a PR person wield if the Ward or the Wards parent could tell them to kindly fuck off when a design or action is suggested? The Youth Guard and it's bizarre hypocrisy in only punishing the Wards makes perfect sense when you consider what it can do to make a Ward more compliant with demands. A stick to beat the children when they get out of line and don't do as they're told.

    All under the guise of a charity to protect them.

    How does CPS relate to it? Well, the Youth Guard is apparently now the only form of Child Protection for the Wards. They ARE CPS for them. A NGO which is very much For Profit that has control over a government agency on EVERY level. They can deny medical check-ups, therapy. Their powers as stated are so broad they can effect every part of the Wards life even if they aren't technically supposed to affect the civilian life.

    How easy would it be to claim that a Wards parents are abusing them? Especially considering the majority of Wards will likely be from less off families considering how trigger events work. A Ward gets the shit beat out of them by a supervillain, spends the day at home.

    Oh, an anonymous tip said the War- I mean normal everyday child is being beaten. GASP! They are covered in bruises and they refuse to talk about where they got it.

    See? It'd be hilariously easy to take the parents out of the equation. Perhaps the PRT could "protect" the child by keeping them in the same city with the Wards rather than shoving them in a foster home?

    Honestly, this would have been a much more interesting story than canon worm. The Hebert's have CPS called on them, Taylor has to fight to uncover the corruption in the system while dealing with supervillains and trauma. I'd read it. But unfortunately that'll never be.

    So, how does this all relate back? Well, that was just using the canon system Wildbow accidentally created and examining it logically. What would happen if we were to look at it from a more worldly lens, and try to make it a system that wasn't added in to punish players in a quest.

    Well, we must look at the original case and a little Law nicknamed the Coogan Law. Named after Jackie Coogan who according to wikipedia:

    Fairly straight forward. Now, in Reed Vs PRT, the originator case of the Youth Guard in this setting quietly set in motion events that overturned the Coogan law. As while the media portrayed it as parents desperately trying to get control of their children from the evul guvenment it was in actually parents trying to control the income of the the Ward. Suffice to say, they won.

    Parahuman minors, child employee's and actors. They all suffered because of this as slowly right after right was whittled away. The Villain problem is not only because of "LOL!CAULDRON" and "LOL!SHARDS" but because of their own short-sightedness allowing exploitation to run rampant and the people to buy into every second of it. Rogues and independents stay independent because they don't want to be dragged into that mess. New Wave is aware of this but well, their attempt for accountability died violently as you are aware. That and with Parahuman rogue corporations being faced with regulation after regulation the whole situation is at a tipping point.
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    Stuff I've Added (and headcanon)

    My material:

    Mrs Knott's first name is Gladys; her maiden name was Harvey. her husband's name is Franklin. She is currently divorced.

    Principal Blackwell's name is Carrie.

    Madison's father's name is Rod.

    Brian and Aisha's father was a chief petty officer in the Navy.


    The school was under pressure from the PRT rep for Sophia; she was covering up for SS's misdemeanours in order to keep her cushy job.

    Mr Gladly was a popular kid, who favours popular kids. He ignores misbehaviour from the popular kids (especially girls) because he wants to be seen as the 'cool' teacher.

    Winslow is the dumping ground for all the other schools. If you screw up elsewhere, you go to Winslow.

    Jack Slash knew about Manton, but went along with the charade.

    Alan Gramme was on the moon when his family was killed in a Simurgh attack. Possibly London.

    Bonesaw helped build Mannequin into his current casing.

    Bonesaw triggered before the Nine came to get her (this is an upcoming plot point in one of my stories).

    Taylor was always taller than Lisa; she was wearing flats, and Lisa was wearing thicker soles, when they first met. Lisa is about 5'7"; Taylor was 5'8" when they met, and grew a few inches in the intervening time. Brian was about 6'2" when they met. Tecton stands about 6'6" in his armour.

    Sophia wears lifts in costume to bring her up to 5'8"; she's about 5'6" normally. Emma's about 5'7". Madison is about 5'1".
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    Information on Insects, Arachnids, Crustaceans, and Things Skitter Could Control

    World's Largest Insects

    North America's Longest Insect

    The Largest Insects in North America That Fly
    Tarantula Hawk
    You see a tarantula hawk and you never forget it. The 2-inch long insect is a spider wasp. The insect has a blue-black body and rust-colored wings. The stinger is the most formidable aspect of the insect, reaching lengths of up to 7 mm. You are bitten by a tarantula hawk and your body shuts down in pain. Luckily, these insects are relatively docile unless you're a tarantula. Walk the other way when you see a tarantula hawk, they do sting if provoked.
    Chinese Mantis
    You visit New England and you see the biggest praying mantis that you have ever seen. You are looking at the Chinese mantis. The insect reaches incredible lengths, at just over 11 cm long. The bodies of the Chinese mantis are green or brown, and the eyes of the insect appear to be clear in the daylight. Mantis enthusiasts often keep this insect as a pet, due to it's large size and interesting appearance.
    You see a dobsonfly and are not quite sure what you are looking at. Somewhat elusive, the adult fly is well-known by fishermen, but rarely seen by others. The insects live near water, and they spend most of their lives in the larval stage. People often call these flies "water bugs," and fishermen use them for bait. As adults, dobsonflies live long enough to emerge, mate and lay eggs.
    Giant Leopard Moth
    The giant leopard moth is also called the eyed tiger moth. You recognize this moth by its white wings covered with black spots. The wingspan of the giant leopard moth is 3 inches, making it one of the largest insects that fly in North America. Baby giant leopard moths are familiar to many people in North America; they are known as wooly bear caterpillars.
    Dragonflies belong to the Aeshnidae family. There are 41 species in North America, all of which are considered to be some of the largest flying insects on the continent. You immediately recognize a dragonfly because of its long, slender body and large wingspan. Do not worry when you see a dragonfly, they are harmless to humans. (Note from Boomslang- I've seen 4in long dragonflies in NYC, so Skitter using them in Brockton Bay is not a stretch. The largest in the US are 5X5 and found in the Southwest.)

    From "The Most Intrusive Types of Swarming Insects"
    Africanized Honey Bees
    Africanized honey bees are the things of horror movies. This cross between the European and African honey bees was once located in Brazil. Today, the bees have made their way to the southern portion of the United States. The bees are no more dangerous than the average honey bee. The issue with these insects lies in their numbers and behavior. Regular bees send a worker or two after you if you get too close, but Africanized honey bees send the whole hive. You run across a hive of regular bees and you get stung once; you stumble into a hive of Africanized honey bees, and you are stung hundred or thousands of times.

    Yellow Jackets
    Yellow jackets are relatively harmless when on their own. In a group, however, these insects have deadly potential. Yellow jackets build large, underground nests that hold hundreds or thousands of insects, depending on the size of the colony. You mow your lawn and unwittingly run into a nest, you will be swarmed and stung hundreds of times. It is estimated that it takes approximately 1,200 stings to kill an adult human; a not unheard of event in the United States.

    (Note from Boomslang: hornets are not aggressive unless their nest is disturbed, at which point they get very nasty. Unlike bees, they can sting several times each and their sting is more painful than a bee or wasp's. If you are not allergic to stings, and the nest is not directly in your way, it is often beneficial to live and let live since they are pollinators and eaters of pests. In Skitter's case, the multiple and more painful stings means HORNETS can be scarier than BEES.)

    The Most Poisonous Venomous Insects in North America

    Black Widow Spider
    The black widow spider is famous for its venom. Only the adult female of this species in venomous. It is about 1.5 inches in length and has a unique red hourglass shape on its back. Black widows are generally only found in the southwestern United States, but they occasionally appear in Canada as well. Contrary to popular belief, the bite of a black widow is not usually deadly, but it has the potential to lead to fatal complications in young children and the elderly.

    Africanized Honey Bee
    The Africanized honey bee is also known as the killer bee and with good reason. It is also found in the southwestern United States. The main reason killer bees are so dangerous is because they are territorial, and they attack in large swarms. One sting does not do much to hurt you, but they attack in swarms of 300 to 500 and are able to sting hundreds of times per minute. People who are attacked by large swarms do not always die from the insect poison, but they often go into shock, which has the possibility to be fatal as well.

    One more poisonous venomous inhabitant of the southwestern United States is the scorpion. While most scorpions are actually harmless, there are several venomous varieties. Scorpion venom is neurotoxic, and it causes many of the same symptoms as a black widow bite. If the insect venom is left untreated, the sting has the potential to be fatal, especially in very young children. In some cases, death occurs up to 4 days after the sting.

    Lastly, people often keep harmless varieties of tarantulas as pets, but certain types are very dangerous. The unique thing about tarantulas is that their venom is not particularly strong. What actually harms humans are the tiny hairs all over the spider's body. These hairs are poisonous to humans, and they cause severe inflammation of the upper respiratory tract that often results in difficulty breathing.

    (note from Boomslang: while they would not be venomous, tarantulas are available at many pet stores. They are also freaking scary. I have yet to see a fic in which Taylor breeds her own tarantulas.)

    Likely Bugs (& More) in and around Brockton Bay

    Acorn Weevil
    American Honeybee
    American Carrion Beetle

    American Lady Butterfly
    American Cockroach
    American Oil Beetle (can cause blisters if touched; found in CT)

    American Pelecinid Wasp
    American House Spider
    American Dog Tick
    American Salmonfly
    Asian Mulitcolored Lady Beetle
    Arrow-shaped Micrathena Spider
    Arrow-Head Orb Weaver
    Assassin Bug (bite is extremely painful but not dangerous to humans)
    Augochlora Sweat Bee (bright green, no hives)
    Bark Crab Spider
    Banded Woollybear Caterpillar (and Banded Woollybear Caterpillar Moth)
    Bed Bug
    Black Saddlebags Skimmer dragonfly
    Black and Yellow Garden Spider
    Big Dipper Firefly
    Bee-Like Tachinid Fly
    Basilica Orbweaver spider
    Black Carpenter Ant
    Blue-fronted Dancer is a Damselfly
    Blue Dasher (a Dragonfly)
    Black-Tailed Bee Fly (not a bee)
    Black-Legged Tick
    Black Widow Spider
    Black Vine Weevil
    Black Swallowtail Butterfly
    Burying Beetles
    Buffalo Treehopper
    Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
    Brown Mantidfly (not a wasp, but looks enough like one to freak people out.)
    Boxelder Bug
    Bowl and Doily Weaver Spider
    Bold Jumping Spider (no web)
    Cicada Killer is a wasp that rarely stings humans.
    Chinese Mantid/Chinese Mantis
    Checkered Beetle
    Cedar Beetle
    Carpenter Ants (largest on continent. Not venomous, but bite can hurt due to size.)
    Carolina Wolf Spider (largest wolf spider; found all over)
    Carolina Mantis
    Carolina Locust
    Candy-Striped Leafhopper
    European Cabbage White Butterfly
    Eastern Velvet Ant, aka Cow Killer, rumored to have a sting powerful enough to kill a cow.
    Cottonwood Borer
    Common Whitetail Skimmer dragonfly
    Common Thread-Waisted Wasp
    Common Sanddragon dragonfly
    Common Pillbug
    Common Green Darner (about 3 in long & rather fast)
    Common Eastern Bumble Bee
    Common Coneheads
    Comb-Clawed Spider (bit Peter Parker; unaltered ones are not venomous)
    Coffinfly (needs un-polluted water)
    Clymene Haploa Moth (flies day & night)
    Clouded Sulphur Butterfly
    Dobsonfly (males cannot bite, females can deliver a painful bite)
    Dingy Cutworm Moth
    Differential Grasshopper (CT)
    Darkling Beetles (can emit skunk-like secretion from abdomen)
    Cuckoo Wasps (very small stingers; pretty enough that even Glenn might approve.)
    Cuckoo Bee
    European Cross Spider
    Cranefly (looks like a 2 in mosquito. Does not feed on blood. Or anything at all. Still great for being disturbing.)
    Eastern-Eyed Click Beetle
    Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly
    Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth
    Common Pondhawk dragonfly
    Eastern Hercules Beetle
    Eastern Harvestman (arachnid but not spider, do not bite)
    Eastern Carpenter Bee
    Eastern Amberwing dragonfly
    Earth-Boring Scarab Beetles
    Dogbane Leaf Beetle
    False Bombardier Beetles (no firepower)
    Evergreen Bagworm Moth
    European Mantid, or European Mantis (up to 2.5 in)
    European Earwig (does not actually try to lay eggs in ears, but the myth could be useful. Although rarely used, they do have wings.)
    Emerald Ash Borer Beetle (killing these/using them as food for the rest of the swarm would be a kindness.)
    Eastern-Tailed Blue Butterfly
    Forage Looper Moth (active day & night)
    Five-Banded Tiphiid Wasp (males have fake stinger, females have real one)
    Fishing Spider
    Firebrat (house pest gets into the flour, may eat book-binding glue)
    Fiery Skipper butterfly
    Field Cricket
    Feather-Legged Spider (web is not sticky)
    Familiar Bluet is a common damselfly
    Formica Ants do not sting, but they can bite if threatened. Their greater defense comes from the formic acid they can spray from their abdomen.
    Fork-Tailed Bush Katydid
    Golden Tortoise Beetle
    Golden Northern Bumble Bee
    Giant Water Bug (can deliver painful bite, supposedly a delicious insect)
    Giant Swallowtail
    Giant Stonefly
    Giant Mayfly
    Giant Leopard Moth
    German Cockroach
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    ParaHumans Online Canon Members

    Bagrat (Veteran Member) (The Guy in the Know)
    Ekul (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    AverageAlexandros (Cape husband)
    White Fairy (Veteran Member) (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    XxVoid_CowboyxX - Note: is Greg; tried to fake @ GZ:BB
    GstringGirl - Note: is Sveta
    Chilldrizzle (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Morgan Sinister (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Lo A Quest (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Char (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay) -Note: probably Skitter's go-to gal
    bothad (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Laser Augment (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Aku-42- tried to fake @ GZ:BB
    Whackograve- admitted initial lie about fake @ GZ:BB
    Laser Augment (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
    Brilliger (Moderator: Protectorate Main) -note: opens discussion re:Legend stepping down; probably not Dragon. ;)
    Valkyr (Wiki Warrior)
    Mock Moniker
    Weld (Verified Cape) (Irregulars)
    Answer Key
    Whitecollar (Cape Wife)
    Miss Mercury (Protectorate Employee)
    Space Zombie
    Xyloloup (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Procto the Unfortunate Tinker (Not a tinker)
    WagTheDog (Brockton Bay Refugee) - note: ends up working for Bitch.
    Good Ship Morpheus
    Mac’s Dual Rocket Propelled Grenades (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Reave (Verified PRT Agent) (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Vista (Verified Cape) (Wards ENE)
    Miraclemic (Original Poster) (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Mr. Fabuu (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Bruce Lao (Brockton Bay Refugee)
    Nondeceptive (At Ground Zero: Brockton Bay)
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    With thanks to Boomslang

    Capes That Fought Leviathan
    Named in Text

    The Undersiders
    The Travelers
    The Boston Wards led by Weld-"He clapped one heavy hand down on my shoulder as he passed me and offered me a tight smile." (Okay, Weld is not actually named, but the description of the metal "Adonis" is pretty damn clear.
    Kaiser - deceased
    Glory Girl
    Lady Photon
    Manpower - deceased
    Shielder - deceased
    Aegis - deceased
    Gallant- deceased
    Kid Win
    Bastion, who had earned a great deal of bad press, lately. Someone used a cell phone to catch Bastion using the word ‘spic’ several times as he yelled at a kid who only wanted to take his picture. - Deceased.
    Haven, the Christian team from the bible belt
    Two teams with corporate sponsorship that were being very careful to not interact with one another. Some sort of bitter rivalry, there.
    Dragon suits
    Shadow Stalker
    Miss Militia
    Dauntless - trapped in time bubble, presumed deceased
    Velocity - deceased
    Alabaster - trapped in time bubble, presumed deceased
    Fenja - deceased
    Strider - deceased
    WCM- deceased
    Iron Falcon - deceased
    Acoustic - deceased
    Harsh Mistress
    Resolute - deceased
    Fierceling - deceased
    Chubster - deceased
    Good Neighbor - deceased
    Hallow - deceased
    Strapping Lad
    Prince of Blades
    Mama Bear
    Mister Eminent
    The Dart
    Brigandine - deceased
    Jotun - trapped in time bubble, presumed deceased
    Escutcheon - deceased
    Herald - deceased- He had a trumpet and a flag on his chest.
    Scalder - deceased
    Cloister - deceased
    The Erudite - deceased
    Smackdown - deceased
    Impel - deceased
    Apotheosis - deceased

    "I didn’t see Cricket or Stormtiger."

    Capes Described but not Named

    Some cape wearing armor studded with stone imagery retaliated, some sort of power that let him generate matter, like chunks of rock or metal pouring out in a stream, spraying into Leviathan’s face, making the creature pull back.

    ...some teenage boy with a metallic bird design to his costume, the helmet that covered the upper half of his face looked like a bird’s head, maybe an eagle. His left leg was smashed into pulp from the knee down. The bird-costume was below average in weight for a teenage guy. He was wearing armor.
    [This would be Iron Falcon - Ack]

    It was a woman witih a white costume, white hair and what was probably skull paint on her face.

    Someone was manifesting green fireballs in his hands, lobbing them at Leviathan, where they exploded violently. “Your fire, is it radioactive? Is it anything special, extra dangerous?”He gave me a look, lobbed another fireball, “It’s fire, it combusts if I concentrate it.”Looking a little sick, he nodded, wreathed his hand in flame and then pressed it against the woman’s face. “I’ll stay here,” ??? said, “Keep an eye on her. You go.”

    An obese cape in armor, getting CPR from a man with a princess-bride style mask over the upper half of his head, a goatee, a chainmail lined mantle and a shotgun three times the normal size. He didn’t know what he was doing – the fat man’s chin was almost touching his collarbone. When I moved to take over, Shotgun Westley left without a word, wiping his mouth and unslinging his gun as he ran back to the fray.
    (Note: the obese cape does not survive)
    [This is likely Chubster - Ack]

    Some woman with a costume that outlined her bones, like a really good version of the skeleton costumes you saw on Halloween. She began using her fingers to check Clockblocker’s neck, and I couldn’t help but suspect she was a doctor.

    some guy with crimson skin

    I didn’t recognize the next cape to charge in to attack. A heroine in a brown and bronze bodysuit. She flew in low to the ground, gathered fragments of rock and debris around her body like it was metal and she was the magnet, then went in, pummeling with fists gloved in pavement and concrete. You could tell, almost right away, the woman didn’t have much training or experience. She was used to enemies that were too slow to move out of her way, who focused their attention wholly on her. Leviathan ducked low to the ground, letting the heroine pass over him, then leapt for Flechette. In the very last fraction of a second, the girl flickered, and was replaced by the brown-suited cape, who took the hit and stumbled back, fragments of rock breaking away. Flechette dropped out of the sky where the cape had been, landed hard. It took her a few seconds to recover enough to fire another bolt at Leviathan, strike him in the shoulder. Trickster had just spared brown-suit from making a fuck-up that got someone killed.

    Note from Boomslang: I hope this helps with the development of characters as well as keeping track of who was where and when.
    I suspect Good Neighbor and Hallow were part of Haven.
    Jotun might have been one of the E88 parahumans that get counted but never talked about.
    [His real name wasn't given on the memorial, so probably not - Ack]
    My guess is that Whirlygig is a Ward and/or a very whimsical person.
    [She's a member of the Merchants - Ack]
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    I'm curious where you found when the Undersiders were made, I wasn't able to find it, but had heard it was early 2011 not 2010, not saying you aren't right I was just curious.
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    Thanks for bringing this up. I've been meaning to correct it.

    According to Brian, Coil formed the Undersiders ten months before the clash between Bitch and the E88 following Coil's little infobomb regarding the E88's collective secret identity. That happens in early May (specifically May 6), so the team was formed in or around early July of 2010.

    Buzz 7.4 for the ten month figure.
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    This is almost certainly Chubster (Ben Cothran, father of Charley Cothran, aka Aurochs).

    Whirlygig was a member of the Merchants; a woman with long hair that covers her face. She's able to create a telekinetic windstorm around herself.
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    This is an awesome resource; thanks for creating it.

    One small problem with your headcanon:

    When Lisa spilled the beans about Cherish's plan to dominate the Nine, Jack's rant about how disappointed he is not to get to watch the plan play out and then blow up in Cherish's face includes this: "I wanted to see what she did, how she worked around Siberian’s immunity to her power…" If he knew about Manton, he should have known that Siberian wasn't immune to Cherish's power, applied to her controller instead of to her. If Cherish had indeed suborned Manton, her plot might have succeeded in spite of Jack and Bonesaw's defenses against her power. That seems like a pretty strong hint that canon!Jack was genuinely unaware of Manton.

    I'd also like to mention a particular species of assassin bug (that term refers to the entirely family Reduviidae, rather than to any one reduviid species) that I would have liked to see in canon, as it's one of the more formidable insects Taylor could have used when she needed to really hurt someone: Arilus cristatus, the wheel bug. It's one of the largest members of the assassin bug family, and its cytolytic venom (somewhat similar in its action to rattlesnake venom, though the effects are local, not systemic) gives it a bite more painful than the stings of most bees, wasps, or hornets. I speak from experience; I made the mistake of picking one up when I was about eight years old, and it jabbed me in the ball of the thumb with its proboscis. It hurt for several hours afterward and itched for days. It's also an extremely cool-looking insect, the domed thorax and long cylindrical head giving it a passing resemblance to a tank (or perhaps a particularly weird steampunk mad scientist's version of a tank).
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    Or he was lying.