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Yet Another Dungeon (A Dual Danmachi FI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Titanacoracy101, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Threadmarks: YAD Chapter 1

    Titanacoracy101 Making the rounds.

    Sep 29, 2017
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    Previously on- Yet Another Dungeon


    Now on- Yet Another Dungeon


    Chapter -1


    The crushing weight surrounded him, from all sides, it filled his lungs, locked his limbs into place and drove his heart into a frenzy of panicked beating. The beat of his heart seemed to surround him taking up his entire world, no it did surround him Nathaniel dimly realized through the haze of terror that had overtaken him. The walls around him were beating in time with his heart sounding like some ancient war drum, booming ever louder and faster as each second passed in a crawl.

    The sound was all there was now, and Nathan felt his blood burning in his veins as he struggled against his restraints. Had to get out of here. Have to get out! HAVE T-!

    The wall broke open as if it were not but rotting wood, thick chunks of stone falling around him as Nathan fell to his hands and knees on the rough ground, desperately spitting out clumps of sludge and mud in between sucking in great gulps of air as his abused lungs practically wept with relief.

    “Guh” Nathan spat, finally dislodging the last of the horrible substance that had filled his throat and nose, and shakily pushing himself off the ground so his back rested against the wall. “What the hell…” Had he been kidnapped? Had he been fucking buried alive?! What the shit did he do last night to deserve that?! Hell what did he even do last night, the last thing he remembered was meeting up with Noah and Otto for poker, what happened after that?

    This train of thought was thoroughly derailed when a surprised shriek echoed across the tunnel Nathan had found himself in, and he watched through bleary eyes, as a massive tower of a man fell from the ceiling with a yell of fear that quickly turned into one of pain as he landed nose first on the rough rocky floor, and curses as his first instinct to touch his now broken nose left him with a fresh wave of pain. Blearily Nathan took in his fellow kidnapee as his eyes adjusted to the odd blue lighting that filled the abandoned mine they had presumably been walled up in.

    He was much taller than Nathan, being closer to seven foot then Nathan’s own six-foot-one and built like the lovechild of an angry bear and a linebacker, this combined with the heavy fiery-red braids he had tied behind his head in a ponytail and the well groomed beard that covered his neck and chin, allowed Nathan to figure out the man’s identity despite the strangeness of his attire.

    “Otto, what the fuck are you wearing?” Indeed Nathan’s large Swedish-born friend was dressed like he had just walked out of the Ren-Faire or just came home from a HEMA training session, kitted out in full plate though its dark almost glass-like appearance meant that it most certainly wasn’t the set Otto had on a stand in his basement. The fact that he had an axe and an honest-to-god war hammer tucked into his belt, were just icing on the cake in Nathan’s opinion, current situation be damned.

    “Nathan? Is that you?” Blinking away tears the bigger man turned his head from his spot on the ground to look at Nathan and blinked a couple times in surprise. “What the hell are you wearing? What happened last night?”

    What was he wearing, what did the lummox mean? Taking a look down at himself, Nathan found himself not in the athletic shorts and simple shirt he had gone through yesterday in, if it even was yesterday still as who knows how long they were stuck in those walls, no he looked down and found himself in something straight out of his weekend at Comic-Con last year. For he was wearing a leather duster with ceramic armoured plates on the shoulders and forearms, over a pair of faded olive green fatigues and what looked like riot armor. But whilst he noticed these details through the blood rushing to his ears and his brain skidding to a stop, his gaze was focused like a laser on two things. The Pip-Boy 300 on his left forearm its screen glowing a characteristic golden-amber, and the big iron on his hip.

    “Otto I have no idea what happened last night, but if this is a prank than it’s in very poor taste.” Taking a deep breath to steady his heart, “Either way, do you have your phone on you, I’m gonna try and call the police.


    Otto did indeed have his phone on him, unfortunately it had exactly zero signal whatsoever a fact that left them with no way to contact with the rest of the world, and no other option other than to pick a direction and hope they find a way to the surface. So they set off Nathan in front because he had the freaking gun, and Otto right behind him with his axe in hand, the weird obsidian like material it was made of reflecting the light in a way that made Nathan very uncomfortable. The glow seemed to be sucked into the weapon and shining through in microscopic veins that seemed to suck the warmth from around them, though the big Swede behind him seemed thoroughly unbothered by it, the lucky bastard.

    In that manner they went for what felt like five hours, but his Pip-Boy’s clock seemed to cheerfully prove him wrong by showing that barely twenty minutes had passed. On and on they went following the weird blue crystal sconces that seemed to grow organically out of the walls to what they hoped was the way out. That is of course until they ran into the first sign of life since they busted their way out from their tombs, having been totally alone not even encountering anything as small as the ants and flies that seemed to make their home in every building in Kansas during the summer. This fact did not make what came next any easier, for the creatures that found them were most definitely not human.

    The larger of the two were dog-headed little freaks with sharp-looking nails as long as Nathan’s fingers, whilst the second was small and green with a hefty paunch. The two humans froze for a moment upon spotting the creatures but their opposites did not, the two creatures springing forward with claws and fangs bared and Nathan just...reacted. In a movement he had never seen outside of movies and speed shooting competitions, his hand blurred to his waist and raised the ornately etched revolver from its holster his hand around the polished ivory handle and his finger already pulling the trigger, the creatures and the weapon being just more evidence for a possibility Nathan refused to entertain.

    Two shots rang out catching the dog-headed monster, Kobolds he thinks they were called, in the eye and sending it to the floor dead, whilst his second caught its companion the goblin in the neck. He nearly fired a third time when he felt one of Otto’s meaty hand fell on his shoulder and push him to the side, just in time for a freaking yellow-and-green rooster to fly by his head after apparently emerging from the wall to his right. The strange avian never getting the chance to make a second attempt as Otto brought down the axe hard on its body and split it in half with a sound like breaking glass. The bird falling apart into a pile of black ash, two halves of a shattered purple gem the size of a grape, and a golden egg.

    Silence surrounded them as they both attempted to put together what in the hell just happened, though Otto managed to get it together faster and put their thoughts into words.

    “What the fuck just happened?!”


    After being forced to get their shit together for a second time in less than an hour, and possibly making Nathan seriously worried about Otto’s mental health when the latter proceeded to stick his hand into the chests of the two monsters that had attacked them as if they were nothing but jelly and pull out two purple stones like the one he broke when he bisected the tye-dye rooster, causing the monsters to fall apart just like the bird. After examining the stone, his serious face frozen in a stern frown totally unlike the comforting grin Otto usually wore to put the ‘smaller peoples’ at ease, the big Swede reached down to put the two stones and the golden egg into the leather pouch that was tied to his belt. Only for his hand not to touch the bottom of the bag like he expected, instead it just kept going far deeper then should be physically possible until he had his arm buried up to the elbow in a bag barely large enough to hold a football.

    Dropping the items he held in his hand Otto felt them plop down a little until he could just barely brush the tips of his gauntleted fingers against them, and as his hands moved past them and brushed past something else. Reaching for it, he felt what he thought was a handle he felt it leap eagerly into his grasp and Otto pulled back his hand in surprise bringing the mystery item with him. When he freed his hand from the bag Otto found himself looking at a ebony claymore, and he just let out a tired sigh when he saw Nathan fiddling with the device on his wrist and getting a bowie knife to appear in his left hand by pressing a button.

    “So,” Otto began “looks like we have a bag of holding and a wrist-watch with its own personal pocket dimension,” an explosive sigh left his lips “great as if the day wasn’t weird enough.”


    For ten more minutes they traveled before they reached the ‘entrance’ to the fucking fantasy dungeon they found themselves in, neither of them speaking as the tension between them seemed to grow thick enough that one could cut it with a knife. The tunnel they had been traveling simply opening up to reveal they had walked into a massive pit maybe ten meters deep, its base lined with arches that led to tunnels that went every direction possible, its top revealing a beautiful mural depicting an azure sky, and its sides lined with gently sloping stairs on which figures straight out of fantasy walked in pairs or groups.

    It was the figures that walked along these stairs in groups, pairs, and as individuals that truly drove the point home that they were not in Kansas anymore. For these figures turned out to be men and women of all ages and sizes dressed up in strange clothes and armor and carrying a variety of weapons one wouldn’t be surprised to find in a Final Fantasy game. In addition as Nathan and Otto made their way up silent as the grave, the former drawing a few glances as his outfit was so different than those worn by the locals, they were able to make out the more subtle features of these people.

    Some were normal humans, albeit with some hair and eye colors that were not biologically possible, but a good number of them had features that marked them out as inhuman. Some had pointed ears and possessed an almost eerie look of beauty and fragility to them, whilst others possessed animal traits such as tails and ears from pigs, felines, canines rabbits, and raccoons.

    It was when a large beast of a man with the ears and a tail from the last passed them dressed in a dented cuirass and with a heavy flanged mace resting on his shoulder, that the two Earthlings were knocked out of their stupor.

    “Otto,” Nathan turned his head to look his larger friend dead in the eye. “I think we just got isekai’d.”
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  2. Threadmarks: YAD Chapter 2

    Titanacoracy101 Making the rounds.

    Sep 29, 2017
    Likes Received:
    Previously on- Yet Another Dungeon

    +Our intrepid morons emerge in the depths of the dungeon. They have their first encounter with Nathan shooting a goblin and kobold, whilst Otto bisected a tye-dye rooster called a Jack Bird+

    Now on- Yet Another Dungeon

    Chapter -2

    The displaced pair stood in a gilded room, golden walls and silver-veined floor tiles etched with elaborate swirls that shifted to resemble various beasts and figures the longer one dared to look, chandeliers of all shapes and sizes hung from a stylized and shallow arched ceiling, whilst the hum of crystal lamps ensconced at regular intervals along the room’s walls and bathed the room in a cheery glow. Between these sources of light were great windows three times the size of a man, through which the two could spy a bright blue sky dotted with fluffy cotton-ball like clouds whilst the trees out front swayed in a gentle wind, even as humans, elves, and beastfolk sat on marble benches beneath their branches. Some in the black vests and pants of the tellers and advisors manning the booths they had passed as they walked toward the only open booth in the busy building, whilst others wore the armor that marked them as the same as those adventurers they had passed on their way out of the Dungeon, and it was the Dungeon for the two of them had figured out where they had been dropped after Nathan’s declaration of their dimension hopping.

    They had been transported to the world of Danmachi, a world where gods walked alongside mortals and adventurers delved deep dark holes in the hope of loot and glory, though at least whoever had done so at least had the courtesy to kit the two of them out when they did so. Unblessed adventurers did not tend to last long even in the relatively tame upper floors of the Dungeon, unarmed and unarmored ones were all but assured to die an ignominious end at the hands of monsters such as the goblin and kobold they encountered. For all its color the world of Danmachi, Gekkai, was a dangerous world with powerful threats existing both below ground and above.

    It was for that reason that the two of them decided to do the smart thing and find a Guild employee instead of walking out into a city they had no idea how to traverse, with none of the local currency, called Valis, to boot, in the hope of finding a recognizable face or a sympathetic god or goddess. So the two of them made to approach their chosen booth, which helpfully was located right beneath a hanging sign which read “Registration”, and was one of the few that had no line unlike the others, manned by a young woman wearing the Guild uniform with pink hair and pink eyes, the golden name tag worn beneath her collar spelling out “Misha Flott” in flowing script.

    “Good morning gentlemen,” Miss Flott said as her eyes flicked up from the papers in front of her to move from the larger Otto to Nathan when the latter stepped forward to take the lead. “how may I help you today.”

    “Good morning Miss Flott,” Nathan said putting on his best smile and gave the woman an apologetic look. “I’m sorry to bother you but me and my friend have an issue that we’d like to report.”

    “Ah, I’m sorry to hear that,” And indeed she was, in the same way that all people were sorry when more work was dumped onto their laps. “I can go and get you the necessary forms so you may file a complaint, but you should really go to your Guild advisor with this.” The last part was said most likely the hope that they would buzz off and drop what would likely be quite a bit of paperwork in someone else’s pile.

    “That’s just the thing Miss Flott, me and Otto don’t have an advisor” Nathan watched as the woman’s rose-colored eyes seemed to focus on them just a little harder and one of her think pink eyebrows gently began to rise in a questioning expression. “We aren’t even part of a Familia yet, we hadn’t even been in the city until this morning, and while we were planning on joining one it seems like someone decided to kidnap us from our rooms and dump us in the dungeon.”

    Nathan watched as the pinkette stiffened and blanched as he went on, good it meant she understood just how much danger they had been in as unblessed adventurers even kitted out as they were. It was for that reason he wasn’t surprised when she reached beneath the booth and placed a closed sign on top of her work area.

    “I’m going to have to ask you to come with me to see my manager because this is way over my paygrade.”

    The shorter woman, for indeed she was over a foot shorter than even Nathan who guessed she was around 4’9 or 4’10, disappeared for two minutes before coming back to usher them through a series of doors and drop them off at a private room that was just as lavish as the main hall though on a smaller scale. With wall panels made from polished, dark woods and floor tiles filled with web-like veins of gold, and a heavy looking desk. Behind which sat a man maybe a few inches taller than Misha, with graying hair, long droopy dog ears and a thick moustache.

    “Gentlemen, please feel free to take a seat.” Mr. Moustache said, said stache twitching with every word. “My name is Joseph Rehmer, and Miss Mott tells me you two went through quite the ordeal this morning?”

    “Yes sir, my name is Nathan and this is Otto” Nathan said stepping up to the plate once again, whilst otto gave a small nod as he settled into his chair. “Last night we were taken from our rooms and brought into the city through some means unknown to us, before being dumped in the upper floors of the dungeon. After we regained consciousness, we decided the best course of action was to try and find our way out instead of sitting and waiting for a rescue party that we probably wouldn’t even know or care to look for us. During our trip we encountered a goblin, a kobold, and a colorful bird I was unable to identify…”

    “A Jack Bird,” Mr. Rehmer answered helpfully “a rooster like monster with a very distinctive plumage, they are fast creatures and are usually not all that aggressive. They are also guaranteed to drop a certain item, you wouldn’t happen to have it on you would you.”

    It was clear to both of them that the Chienthrope was looking for evidence with which he could either verify their story, so Otto reached into the pouch at his waist and felt a number of small items eagerly jump into his large palms. Reaching over Otto placed the golden egg, the two intact magical stones from the goblin and kobold, as well as the broken stone from the jack bird on the man’s desk.

    “These are what we recovered after the encounter, sir.” Otto spoke for the first time since they had emerged from the dungeon, his deep rumbling voice filling the room even with as quiet as he was speaking.

    “Thank you Mr. Otto.” The Guild employee nodded to the larger Swede, before reaching into his desk with one hand to pull out a pair of spectacles, even as he began turning the items on his desk and running his fingers over them, applying pressure at specific points with the pads of his fingers and keen eyes seeking any imperfections that might prove them to be elaborate fakes. Finding none, the older man let loose a quiet sigh and leaned back in his chair, pushing up his spectacles and rubbing at the bridge of his nose in an effort to relieve some of the stress that the situation had undoubtedly caused him.

    After a moment he clasped his hands in front of him and turned his gaze onto them, “I won’t lie to you too, this is one hell of a mess you just dropped on us. If the rest of your story checks out than someone will have not only dropped two unblessed individuals in the dungeon would bring up charges of kidnapping and attempted murder, and since they also brought you in from outside of the city it means we can also tack on smuggling and human trafficking. However, it also means that whoever did it is most likely a part of a familia, and depending on which one can make dealing with the perpetrators extremely complicated.” The man’s expression was pinched as if he had just eaten a lemon, and neither Nathan or Otto blamed him, the situation sucked. “Either way there is going to have to be an investigation of this. Though I can assure you two that the Guild will do our best to find out who did this to you, what comes after however is out of my hands.”

    “Thank you sir,” Knowing a dismissal when he heard one, Nathan stood up and shook Mr. Rehmer’s hand. “You have been a massive help and knowing that this is being looked into is a massive weight off of our shoulders.”

    “I only wish I could do more, gentlemen.” The graying chienthrope paused for a second, before a small smile broke out on his face. “Actually there is one thing I can do, one of the Guild’s specialties in fact.”

    Rehmer did indeed make good on his promise, providing them with directions to a decent hotel, in addition to exchanging their drops for Valis. Though the two intact stones they had were only worth 160 Valis, the golden egg was worth a full million, meaning they weren’t hurting for cash at the moment and wouldn’t be for a while if they were careful with their money.

    Using some of their funds they bought a map of the city from the Guild, which displayed some of the Labyrinth City’s most prominent landmarks and businesses, the eight pizza-slice shaped sections Orario’s walls divided the metropolis into, and colored patches that represented sections of the city such as the commercial, residential, industrial, and entertainment districts. It had already proven it’s worth many times over as it kept them on track in the fantastical city, as a good number of the streets weren’t named and the layout was far from standardized, so they had to use the landmarks on the parchment to make their way around.

    They arrived at Purple Pam’s Pub, whose sign depicted a curtseying pallum girl dressed all in purple, and got booked a room for the next few days. The place was far better than either of them feared, it was cleaner and better looking than some of the motels back on earth, and Mrs. Pam was kind enough to offer them a discount on the meals and include the lowered charge in their room-price. So that meant they would still have access to breakfast, lunch and dinner if they showed up at the appropriate time, and gave them one less thing to worry about while they figured out what they were going to do.

    At the moment the two of them were resting in their pseudo-apartment, a trio of decently sized rooms which had two beds, a minifridge that was apparently powered by magical stones, a cheap yet well-made desk, a walk-in closet with a small floor safe, and a bathroom which had a tub and toilet that like most things in the city was powered from the stones adventurers recovered from the chests of monsters. Nathan was currently laying on the bed in nothing but a ratty blue t-shirt and a pair of boxers and fiddling with his Pip-Boy, whilst Otto was standing beside the desk fiddling with his tunic, the rest of his armor in a pile under the desk and wrapped in one of the blankets from the closet so as to muffle the clinking sounds it made as it grew with every piece Otto took off.

    “So what do you have in there?” Otto questioned, his gaze focused on untying the knot that kept his tunic’s collar nice and tight.

    “Thirty-three guns, a camera and a set of binoculars, twenty-two melee weapons, a ton of ammo, a few outfits, the Riot Gear I had on earlier, a suit of T-51b power armor, quite a bit of food and alcohol though you’ll want to run it through the food sanitizer first, some drugs, and a decent amount of books, magazines and holodisks.” Nathan said bored, “Just like the last three times you asked me.” The shorter Nevadan let out a deep breath through his nose. “So how much longer are we gonna avoid talking about this, this fucking drug fueled nightmare come to life. Or are you just going to put if off for a few more hours?”

    “What do you want me to say Nathan?” Otto said his hard and tired eyes flicking over to meet Nathan’s own. “The whole situation is fucked, and bitching about it isn’t going to do a goddamn thing.” He ignored the small curses nathan mumbled under his breath to pass by unaddressed, well aware that his smaller friend was just as stressed and irritable as him.

    “You’re right,” Nathan let out with a heavy sigh. “you’re fucking right. Panicking and ignoring the world is going to do us no good, we need to come up with a plan.” Sitting up and leaning back against the headboard he continued. “So what do we know about the setting.”

    “Noah was the one who was ga-ga over the series but I did read light novels, and we all watched the anime together so I know you have at least the basics.” Pausing a bit to see if Nathan actually remembered their binge watching of Danmachi during the exhausted haze that followed midterms, Otto was somewhat pleased to see him nod and gesture for him to continue. “So we are most definitely in Orario, though where in the timeline we are I don’t know. We could be anywhere in the series, though seeing as how we met with Misha in the Pantheon we can at least narrow our date of arrival down to anywhere between five years before the start of the story and half a year after the start.”

    “So there is the potential for us to find a few familiar faces at the very least,” Nathan nodded, “That’s good. But what do you think we should do, you know the local situation far better than I do.”

    “Right, just give me a second.” Otto leaned back in his chair, with his eyes closed as he tried his best to piece together his memories of the series. “So the major players in the city are the Freya and Loki Familias due to their number of high-level adventurers. With Freya having the only level seven, four level sixes though one has partially left the familia, four level fives, and an unknown number of level fours. Loki meanwhile has three to six level sixes depending on where we are in the timeline, a potential of four level fives, four or five level fours, and an unknown number of adventurers at or below level three. The two of them took over the place of the Zeus and Hera Familias following their failure to kill the One Eyed Black Dragon.” Otto sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “As for the other major players, you have the Ganesha Familia which are the closest thing to a police force the city has, the Ishtar Familia which runs the Entertainment District like their own little fiefdom, the Kali Familia which consists of an entire nation of warrior women who are taught to fight and kill even before they can talk, the Ares Familia and its subordinates control the Kingdom of Rakia whose military personnel all have a falna with their level determining their rank within the kingdom.” Pausing for a second, Otto than continued. “Then you have the Guild who are headed by the god Ouranos and his secret subordinate Fels, though the guild mostly wields soft power through the form of economic and political punishments they are not afraid to have a patsy stick a knife in anyone who crosses them. There is also the Hermes Familia who are a kind of jack-of-all-trades Familia who will try anything so long as they make a profit, the Guild often uses them to keep an eye on the black market. The big players in the industrial district are the Hephasteus and Gobinu Familias who produce much of the gear used by high-class adventurers and have a decent stranglehold on that particular market... Then you have the Dionysus, Ikelos and Thanatos Familias..not only are they scum, they are potentially active threats to the city and its people and are likely to kill hundreds if not thousands of people should their plans go on as they did in the original timeline.”

    “That it?” Nathan questioned, his eyes glazed as he sorted through the information he just learned.

    “Yeah, that's it for the most part.” Otto said.

    “Alright, well we’re not going to be able to do anything about those last three as we are now, so lets put in that for the moment.” Nathan said wringing his hands. “Either way, it seems to me like the only real option we have is to try and join a Familia, so thoughts?”

    “Ishtar, Freya Hermes, Soma, Ikelos, Dionysus, and Thanatos are right out” Otto said his voice flatter then the Great Plains could ever hope to be. “The first two are glorified harems, Hermes is shady as fuck, the Soma Familia is filled with back-stabbing addicts, and the other three should be obvious.”

    “Alright so that's five off the list.” Nathan said, “The Gobinu, Hesphasteus, Miach, and Dian Ceht Familia’s are also unlikely to take us seeing as how the first two are mostly smiths and the latter are both this world’s versions of pharmacists.”

    “Agreed.” Otto replied, whilst he had attended a few seminars and read a few books on the subject, the Swedish born man was far from confident enough in his metalworking to simply walk up to two gods of smithing. “So that leaves us with trying to join up with the Loki Familia, or one of the smaller Familias such as the Takemikazuchi or...the Hestia Familia.”

    “Really?” Nathan said, his eyebrows slowly inching up as he began to nod his head. “Go full cliche SI and try to join up with the protag?”

    “Honestly, yeah.” Otto replied, “Hestia is one of the few gods here I can stomach both in the original timeline and based on the legends back on Earth.”

    “You’d know better than me when it comes to that I suppose.” Nathan smiled recalling the long hours the big immigrant had spent lecturing him and Noah whenever they brought up anything to do with mythology. It was kind of a point of pride for Otto that he was so familiar with so many pantheons, and the rest of their social group often paid the price for that familiarity. “So we’re agreed then, first thing we do tomorrow is see if Hestia has come down from Tenkai, and if so we see about joining up. If not we try either Loki or Takemikazuchi?”

    “Agreed.” Otto said his fingers finally managing to undo the stubborn knot on his collar. “Either way, it would probably be a good idea to get to sleep if we’re going to go wandering around the city looking for a goddess.” Tossing the shirt onto the rest of the pile, Otto crawled into the second bed in the room. “Goodnight Nathan.”

    “G’night Otto.”

    Both men fell into a deep sleep soon after, neither noticing the glowing mist that seeped from beneath their beds and began to envelop their heads. Filling their nose and ears with silvery blue motes of light, even as the rest began to stick to their skin and slowly sink into their forms, changing them both inside and out. The two twitching and kicking in their sleep as their dreams changed from the pleasant oblivion of before, to that of stories long finished.

    Nathan dreamt of a Vegas wanderer from a world long dead, the embers slowly cooking. He experienced the man’s life in the slums of Boulder City, raised by a whore and sent off into the world by youthful foolishness. He experienced a life of adventure as a bounty hunter, as a mercenary, as a guard, and as a courier. A courier who took two the skull yet still got up, a courier who took the Mojave by storm and forged an enduring legend at the expense of nations. Stealing the army of the first, subverting the soldiers of the second, and destroying all hope for the third when he killed the vast majority of their leaders.

    A man who had conquered a blackened mountain filled with mad hulkish mutants all to save a decaying vaquero turned mechanic. A man who had given a tribe of ordinance obsessed isolationists the power of flight in return for their loyalty. A man who buried a centuries old order of knights beneath the rubble of their bunker-home in return for daring to slap the collar of a slave on him, delivering their sole survivor into the two arms of a group of a group of healers and teachers who sought to better the world through good deeds rather than force of arms. A man known as the grim-reaper to those convicts and drug-fiends who sought to prey upon those honest folk who dared to try and make an honest life in the ruins of the old world. A man who conquered the madness of the Big Empty and the nightmares of the Sierra Madre, and forged the tribes of Zion into a warband strong enough to protect their home from the deprivations of a tainted republic and a ruined legion. But most of all a man who sought to bring out the best in his companions, even when the world kept trying to drag them down to it’s sordid level.

    Otto meanwhile dreamt of a cold land split by war, he dreamt of a soft scholar forced by circumstances to raise to the occasion and be the hero the people needed and surpass his own limits many times over. He dreamt about ruinous battles that shattered landscapes, where a mortal man pit himself against draconic spirits who sought to reforge an ancient empire, an equally ancient dragonborn who sought to enslave the world and build naught but monuments to his own vanity, and a clan of millenia old vampires who sunk to unbeforeseen levels of depravity in their quest to blot out the sun and reduce the free peoples of Nirn to little more than cattle to slake their bloodlust. He remembered fighting the ghost of a long-dead queen and her host of ghoulish draugr, of travelling into the impossible realms of Oblivion to fight not one but two Daedric Princes and a throng of long dead heroes from Tamriel’s past all to save the Aetherial realm of the god Stendar. He experienced so many great deeds done in the service of the people of Skyrim that rose him to the ranks of nobility throughout the province. He remembered fighting in a bloody war that pitted brother against brother and son against father, he remembered destroying fortresses and cities in service of an age-old empire. He remembered failing to save the Emperor he swore to serve, and he remembered destroying an ancient brotherhood down to the last man in order to assuage the shame of his failure. He remembered rising to the highest ranks of many prestigious orders, curing an order of Companions of the curse placed on them by the Prince of the Hunt, saving a school of magic at the heart of a mystic disaster brought on by artifacts of the very god of magic, and returning a guild of thieves to the lofty heights they once enjoyed. He also remembered being a fairly terrible bard, but a decent storyteller all the same, so that was a plus even if the memory made him cringe in his sleep.

    Nevertheless all dreams must end when the sleeper awakes, however that does not mean they do not leave their mark.

    As the sunlight slipped through the thin curtains drawn over the windows of their room, Otto was violently shaken awake by Nathan. Groggily turning around and trying to see through the terrible haze of his headache and wincing at the soreness that infested his body, Otto turned to glare at his friend though froze when he saw what had become of him.

    "Otto something fucking weird happened last night." Nathan said, a thin scar ran across his lips making it look like he had been cut with a razor, and a pair of quarter-sized circles of scar tissue had appeared on his forehead. Almost as if he had been shot...
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    The Dragonborn and the Courier. Pretty interesting, watched and also looking forward to the Deities and Dungon's Dragons react to knowing what the Dragonborn actually is and the Warlord that is the Courier.
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    You know without all the weird technology that exists in Fallout to support him once he uses what stuff he has The Courier while a tough hombre is just a bog standard human. At least compared to something like the Dragonborn.
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    Indeed he is, and something to note is the background for this story.

    This story is the result of having two friends from college play a modded playthrough (though the mods had to be run by me first for approval) of a game of their choice for a month. Whilst keeping a log of their choices and stats, and bring them to me at the end of the due date so I could run this story like a D&D Game complete with dice rolls and bonuses and debuffs based on their character's stats and history.
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    “‘She’s a goddess,’ you said.” Otto said doing his best to imitate Nathan’s more nasally voice as the two of them all but collapsed on the bench behind them. “‘we’ll find her easy’ you said.”

    “Shut up Otto.” Nathan grumbled leaning against the tree the bench was planted in front of as he rubbed his neck in order to relieve the stress knots that were beginning to form. The two of them had set out first thing in the morning, well second in the morning seeing as how they kind of had to discuss the freaky dreams the two of them had and the alterations that had been done to their forms. Though the changes came mostly in the form of scars and more advanced musculature, the two of them noticed a few other things as the day drew on. Their new bodies were not only stronger (though to varying degrees with Otto seeming to come off better in that regard) but they also seemed to be lighter on their feet and got tired far less easily, a fact that became readily apparent the longer their search dragged on.

    The two of them had made their way to the Pantheon after their little talk and had gotten confirmation that Hestia had indeed descended from Tekkai close to three months ago, though no one knows where her current place of residence was, having been kicked out of the Hephaestus Familia home close to three weeks ago. Of course the two of them had known that she was more than likely staying in the abandoned church that Hephaestus had let her stay in after she was kicked out of the main house, the only problem with that was that they had no idea where the church was actually located outside of it was in the northern half of the city. So the two of them had made their way down the eastern road and began searching the second section of the city which housed the Colosseum and the Hephaestus Familia workplaces, thinking that the church would at least be somewhat close to the rest of the smith goddesses properties. Yet two hours of searching and asking for directions from the locals had them come up empty, so they moved to the first section which also housed the Loki Familia’s main home the Twilight Manor only to get similar results.

    So now the two of them were taking a break on a bench along the northern road, and were deeply regretting not staying to take advantage of Mrs. Pam’s cooking.

    “Look, were both hungry and searching the other two sections on an empty stomach is just stupid.” Nathan said, “So let’s just get something from one of the food stalls and than keep looking, that fine with you.”

    “Yeah,” Otto sighed hoping against hope that the gods had decided to implement food safety standards when the descended, whether that was before or after the introduction of bikinis and gyaru he did not know or care. “I saw a stall selling these potato things up the street, they smelled good at the very least.”

    “Sounds good,” Nathan replied standing up and dragging the reluctant Otto along with him, as they made their way up the street.

    Not a minute later they were standing in front of a small stall and waiting patiently as the as of yet unseen vendor rummaged around beneath it.

    “Excuse me ma'am,” Otto said after maybe a minute of waiting, and wincing when he heard the ‘eep’ and telltale thump of someone hitting their head, causing him to feel a bit guilty “Are you alright?”

    “Yeah, yeah I’m okay. Sorry dear customers for the delay, what can we offer you here at Jamarukun” The young woman said finally revealing herself to the two displaced travelers. She was short being maybe four-foot-seven at most, though that did nothing to detract from hew own beauty. Icy blue eyes, pale and unblemished skin that was flawless as the rest of her, youthful features complemented by the short dress she wore. A thing of some strange velvety material that hugged her shapely form tightly from her flared and wide hips to her generous and ample bosom. For such a petite woman, she was easily the most well endowed woman the two men had ever met, something that wasn’t helped by the blue ribbon that wrapped underneath her chest that acted like some pseudo-bra. Gloves of the same velvet-like material hugged her forearms and hands, which reached up to brush back a stray lock of raven black hair that fell down her shoulders in two pigtails held together by two ivory colored bows. The only off thing about her was the fact that she wasn’t wearing shoes, meaning she likely had been walking around on the cobbles of the city’s streets and walkways which couldn’t be comfortable, and the admittedly cute headband she wore which featured two golden puffballs held up by a pair of silvery springs that twitched and wobbled every time she moved like a pair of antenna.

    She was also the woman the two men had spent the last four hours searching for, and the two of them spent more than a while beating themselves up mentally over forgetting that Hestia worked a potato puff stall along Orario’s busiest roads, a fact that could have saved them quite a bit of time earlier. Though perhaps they spent a little too much time on their own self-recriminations, seeing as how the goddesses expression became more concerned the longer they stood their not talking like a pair of morons.

    “Excuse me dear customer, but are you alright.” The goddess said her brows scrunching up a bit in worry and some mild wariness.

    “Ah please forgive us, maam.” Otto said stepping up to the plate as his friend seemed to require a little bit longer to reboot from their discovery. “We’ve just had a busy day and, well please forgive me if I’m wrong, but you wouldn’t happen to be the Lady Hestia would you?”

    “Eh,” She blinked, “Yes that’s me, are you one of Hephasteus’s children?”

    “No, no Lady Hestia” Nathan said finally having his mouth catch up with his brain. “You see we just arrived in the city yesterday, and while...we were hoping to join your Familia.” The shorter man said finishing with a shallow bow and elbowing his larger friend in the side so that he remembered to do the same, apparently it was just something you did when talking with a noble or a literal divine-being in this world. But after a few seconds of silence the two of them looked up to see just how bad they had fucked up, but saw something they certainly weren't expecting.

    Hestia was staring at them, eyes wide with surprise and her jaw slowly dropping, at his last words. Blatant shock filling every inch of her divine features.

    “You...you want to join my Familia?” She managed to get out, her voice quiet as if she didn’t trust them to still be there if she actually said the words aloud, sniffling as big fat tears began to form in the corners of her eyes.

    “Uh…” Otto started, concerned and taken aback at the tears, ‘he had little idea what to do with a crying woman, even less when that woman was a literal goddess. “Yes, Lady Hestia my name is Otto and this is Nathan and after talking about the various Familias in the city, we decided that trying to seek you out and asking if you would have us would be our best choice. To be perfectly honest you outstripped the other choices by a wide margin.”

    Really?!” Hestia squealed, her form practically shaking with joy, disbelief, and embarrassment at his words. It was at that point that Otto remembered that gods and goddesses could sense when a mortal was lying to him, so he kind of understood her reaction to his words.

    “Really, Lady Hestia.” Otto nodded giving the small goddess what he hoped was a reassuring smile, though he had to look down quite a bit to meet her eyes, even as he reached into his pouch to hand a handkerchief to the woman who was doing her best to hold back tears. “We promise to pull our own weight we have a decent amount of funds to our name so you don’t have to worry about that, we also have our own gear and a room at a nearby inn so if you don’t have any room to put us up we can make other arrangements.”

    “No!” Hestia all but shrieked, desperately clutching the handkerchief Otto had handed her in one hand and holding onto Otto’s far larger hands as if they were a lifeline in a raging storm. “I have room and your more then welcome to join my Familia, it isn’t much, in fact you two would be my first members,” She mumbled the last part under her breath, the quiet admittance in sharp contrast to the rest of her almost frantic words. “But I promise soon we’ll be the best Familia in Orario!”

    “Thank you for having us Lady Hestia.” Nathan said giving another shallow bow and a genuine if tentative smile, even as Otto patted the goddesses hand reassuringly pleased that she wasn’t going to start crying in the middle of the street. “We’ll just wait over on that bench for the end of your shift so we can make further arrangements at your earliest convenience.”

    “There’s no need for that sonnie.” An old weathered voice said from behind the two of them, causing them to jump in surprise and turn to find a wrinkly old man smiling mischievously behind them.

    “Mr. Jagmaru!” Hestia shouted in surprise, quickly dabbing the remainder of her tears and straightening her headband, “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, bu-”

    “Come now, Lady Hestia.” The man who the stall was presumably named after interrupted the goddess with a kind smile, “I understand, this is a cause for celebration, so why don’t you take the rest of your shift off and get to know your two children. The birth of a Familia is a wondrous thing, so don’t worry, I'll take care of the stall for today, my treat.”

    “Thank you sir,” Hestia beamed, a sight that filled all three of the men present with a kind of indescribable joy. Taking off her headband and handing it to the older gentleman, who proceeded to put it on himself and take her place behind the stall.

    “Come on then,” Hestia said still smiling, as she grabbed Otto’s hand once again and began to presumably pull them in the direction of the church she was staying at. Things were definitely looking up for the two of them.

    The story really did not do the disrepair of Hestia’s church any real justice, the place was falling apart like a house of cards. The beams were all but rotten, the windows were broken and the colors faded, the curtains were moth eaten, and the ground was covered in so many splinters from broken pews that Otto had Nathan pull out a pair of slippers from his Pip-Boy to give Hestia just so he could stop worrying about her cutting herself.

    “Well here we are! The Hestia Familia home!” Hestia turned to give the two men a smile as she spread her arms like the place was some great review. Of course because the universe was a cruel mistress, the church chose that moment to have one of the rafters fall and smash the pulpit to pieces, causing her smile to become sharp and brittle in embarrassment and shame.

    “Don’t worry about it Lady Hestia,” Otto said patting her on the shoulder in an effort to reassure her, as Nathan walked around and tested the strength of one of the pews before taking a seat. “I’m sure with a bit of work-” The pew collapsed under Nathan. “A lot of work, this place will make a wonderful home.”

    “Thanks Otto” Hestia sniffled, before wrapping the larger man’s waist in a hug and burying her face in his stomach, the surprised man stiffened for a little bit his arms hovering and unsure of where was safe to put his hands to return the hug. After a second he decided ‘screw it’ and took a knee so he could properly hug the upset goddess.

    “Look we can talk about the housing situation later, right now how about we make our Familia official and then go out to celebrate, our treat. Does that sound good?” Otto said comfortingly, taking the same tone he did as when he looked after his old neighbor’s children and hoping it worked.

    “Yeah..Yeah, let's do that.” Hestia said pushing back and using her new handkerchief to dry her cheeks as she put on a smile. “Today’s a happy day, so take off your shirts.”

    “Eh!” Nathan said from his spot on the floor, “What did I just walk into?”

    “Weren’t you listening?” Otto replied chidingly.

    “Hey cut me some slack my head hit the floor and I was dazed,” Nathan answered shooting his larger friend a glare as he rubbed the slowly growing bump on the back of his head. “Why are we stripping?”

    “I need to give you your blessings.” Hestia said blushing a bit at the wording.

    “Oh,” Nathan blinked, “good a reason as any I suppose.”

    The next few minutes saw the two of them in one of the church’s side rooms with the two men being shirtless, Otto sitting on one of the armrests as Hestia poked and prodded the scars on the laying down Nathan’s back with a frown.

    “We doing this or what?” Nathan said embarrassed and more then a little ticklish as the small woman beside him kept poking the scarred flesh of his back.

    “Sorry,” Hestia mumbled “You just have a lot of scars..” Peeling off one of her gloves Hestia brought her hand up to her mouth, and to Otto’s surprise pricked her index finger on one of her canine teeth. From the small wound he watched as golden ichor welled up into a fat drop on the pad of her finger, which she then began to use like ink to draw various runes and sigils on Nathan’s back.

    Than before Otto’s eyes the golden ink began to darken and sink into his friends back forming what looked like something you’d find in a d&d spell book. An image of a burning brazier forming at the base of his neck as the rest of the ichor began to form various symbols that he assumed were Nathan’s stats and other categories such as skills and magic, though to his surprise they weren’t empty. With a furrowed brow Hestia grabbed a nearby sheet of paper and smoothed it out on Nathan’s back, before pulling it back and holding it out for the two of them to see.

    “This..this shouldn’t be possible.” Hestia said concerned, and Otto could see why as he gazed over her shoulder and observed Nathan’s falna-sheet.

    Nathaniel Hughie Grant
    Race = Cyborg




    Strength = 0(+625)C-
    Endurance = 0(+880)B+
    Dexterity = 0(+500)D-
    Agility = 0(+500)D-
    Magic = 0(Locked)I-



    Fortune Finder = Considerably more valuable items will be found the longer one stays in the dungeon and the deeper they go. (Drop Items and Magic Stones) Friend of the Spirits = By a quirk of fate or just pure happenstance you managed to gain the favor and protection of one or more spirits.

    • Miss Fortune = Just when your enemies think they have the upper hand, the spirit known as Miss Fortune appears to turn their world upside down.

    • Mysterious Stranger = The spirit known as the Mysterious Stranger may appear during a fight to lend a hand, with his usual deadly efficiency.

    Chain Attack = Each consecutive and uninterrupted attack deals an additional 5% damage with the effects continuing to stack for as long as the hit streak continues. Action Time = Grants the user of knowledge of all potential targets within a set range or their line of sight, percentage chances of an attack on specific portions of these targets succeeding, and provides a massive but temporary increase the agility and dexterity that allows them to respond to the world around them as if it was in slow motion.

    • The skill can only be used once every hour, though its effects can be extended by two seconds for every target killed whilst active.

    Development Abilities

    Hero of Another Story = As a Hero of a legend already come to pass, the recipient of this blessing was bestowed the ability to rapidly learn the skills needed to overcome their trials. Now that their tale has past its climax this skill has faded somewhat but the victorious Hero is still capable of learning and mastering skills at an accelerated rate.
    Luck D= Improves your luck, with improved results in everything from finding resources in the dungeon and getting drops, to luck at games of chance.
    Abnormal Resistance G = Negates the effect of abnormalities such as poison


    Squib = In return for a permanent multiplier of 125% to the recipient's strength, endurance, dexterity and agility, Squib will permanently lock their magic stat at 0 and prevent them from learning any magic either naturally or through the use of grimoires.
    Otto had a very strong suspicion that this had a lot to do with the dreams-nightmares-memories they each experienced last night. Something all but confirmed when he read Nathan’s second skill, he may have been a bigger Elder Scrolls fan but he still recognized the Mysterious Stranger, and whilst he was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth...this development did mean they could have some problems coming their way. The most immediate of which would likely be reassuring their goddess, whom was flicking her eyes from the sheet to Nathan in worry and befuddlement.

    “Nathan what does this mean?” She said handing the sheet to the man in question who quickly perused its contents. “What’s a cyborg? What’s a squib? Why do you have so many skills and abilities, this really shouldn’t be possible.”

    “I don’t see what the big deal is?” Nathan said sitting up and rolling his shoulders, trying in vain to turn his head and look on the new marks on his back. “This ain’t bad for a level one, it should make things easier in the dungeon at the very least, though it kinda sucks that I won’t be able to use magic.”

    “No Nathan, listen please.” Hestia said grabbing him by the cheeks and smushing them together as she made him meet her eyes. “A newly-blessed adventurer shouldn’t have these...everything, the falna of the gods pulls the story from people’s souls, and as your story grows so to do your abilities.”

    “Simple answer to that Lady Hestia, in fact its written right there on that piece of paper” Nathan said amused, tapping on the section that displayed his Development Abilities. “Hero of Another Story, ‘as a Hero of a legend already come to pass’, my story didn’t start today Lady Hestia, it started awhile ago and these gifts are records of that legend. ‘Fortune Finder’ for example is most likely the result of my stay in the Sierra Madre, where I and several others were enslaved by a madman who sought to use the ruins’ treasures to wipe the map clean. Whilst trapped there I learned to scrape and scrounge for every little thing, because supplies were low and everything had a use if you thought long enough. Thanks to that lesson I left behind Father Elijah broken and bloody in the trap set centuries ago for another man, whilst I walked away with more gold than I knew what to do with.” The longer Nathan spoke the more he saw his goddesses expression change, from horror and indignation at the thought of his enslavement, to shock at how he escaped his bondage, to curiosity for his explanation for the rest of his ‘gifts.’ “Look Lady Hestia I promise I’ll, no we'll explain everything later, but before that it might be simpler for you to give Otto his blessing too.”

    She stared at him for a long moment, then two, then ten, than a full minute before she sighed and slumped. “Your not lying, though your not telling the whole story either Nathan” She smiled sadly “Family isn’t supposed to lie to each other.”

    “I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than a simple lie Goddess,” Otto said placing his hand on her small shoulders, “Things have been...strange since we arrived in the city, and like Nathan said we promise to explain everything later. Though it would be simpler to have this conversation once rather then after each blessing...that is if you’ll still have us?”

    “What?!” Hestia said her eyes rocketing up to meet his own, “I’m not gonna kick the two of you out, your part of my Familia now no matter what!”

    After getting over his momentary shock at Hestia’s frantic words Nathan felt his face stretch into a great booming smile. “You truly are too wonderful for this world my goddess.”

    “Eh!” Hestia spat her face turning red like a cherry as her blood, or would it be ichor, rushed to her cheeks at his words. “w-Well, I uh- ALRIGHT OTTO time for your blessing so off with your shirt.”

    “...Alright, no need to yell goddess.”

    Not two minutes later both Nathan and Otto were sitting beside Hestia on the couch as they gazed at the two pieces of paper in front of them. One depicting Nathan’s falna, and the other Otto’s…

    James Otto Fris
    Race = Half-Blood (Nord and Divine-Spirit)




    Strength = 0(+400)E-
    Endurance = 0(+850)A
    Dexterity = 0(+1000)SS-
    Agility = 0(+100)H-
    Magic = 0(1200)SSS-

    Master of the Five-Fold Path = By achieving mastery of the five Nirnic schools of magic one has gained access to their mysteries and miracles.

    • Destruction = Has mastered the art of casting spells that harm the target by damaging its health with either elemental or magical attacks, draining and damaging its attributes, health and fatigue, making them weak to certain elements, poisons, and magic, and corroding any potential armor and weapons.

    • Restoration = Has mastered the art of casting spells that augment the target by restoring or fortifying its health, attributes, stamina, and mind, granting it resistances to the elements, magic, disease, paralysis, poison, and un-enchanted weapons, curing it of disease, poison and paralysis as well as harming the target by absorbing its health, mind, stamina, attributes and skills.

    • Conjuration = Has mastered the art of casting spells that call upon otherworldly entities through telepathy, can develop telepathic links with others. Spells of the school of Conjuration augment the caster by granting them Daedric and Undead guardians, spectral weapons and armor, and the ability to repel the undead.

    • Alteration = Has mastered the art of casting spells that alter the physical and magical properties of the target. Alteration spells can harm the target by making the objects it is carrying heavier and augments the target by making the object it is carrying lighter, granting it elemental and physical shields and the ability to breath and walk on water as well as opening locks.

    • Illusion = Has mastered the art of casting spells that affect light and a target’s mind. Illusion spells can harm the target by commanding, demoralizing, paralyzing, silencing, and causing it to frenzy, as well as augmenting it by rallying, charming, calming it, granting it invisibility, night-vision, translucency and illuminating it.

    Dragon Blooded = As a mortal blessed with the blood and soul of a dragon by Akatosh, the Father of Dragons and chief of the Divines of Mundus. Those with this blessing have an extraordinary aptitude in the use of the thu’um, being able to absorb knowledge and power directly from the consumed souls of slain dragons through the use of dreams and visions.

    • Do bonus damage against dragon-type monsters and gain more excelia from them as well.

    Hero of Another Story = As a Hero of a legend already come to pass, the recipient of this blessing was bestowed the ability to rapidly learn the skills needed to overcome their trials. Now that their tale has past its climax this skill has faded somewhat but the victorious Hero is still capable of learning and mastering skills at an accelerated rate.

    Development Abilities

    Mystery S (High Mystery) = Allows the user to activate miracles and create magic items.
    Blacksmith S (High Smithing) = Enables the user to add special abilities to their creations.
    Mixing S (High Mixing) = Improves quality when creating medicines, potions, and poisons.
    Mage S (Archmage) = Improves power, widens effect range, and makes mind usage efficient by creating magic circles under the user that support the magic


    Hircine’s Gift = Drastically increased strength and speed on the night of the full moon at the cost of the users sanity, when the Gift is active the victim will become more animalistic in nature capable of only recognizing simplistic concepts as “destroy threat” and “protect the pack”
    Powerful Blows = The first strike on an opponent has a one-in-four chance of doing double damage should it connect, though should the curse be activated and fail then the target will only take a tenth of the normal damage and the skill owner will take the other nine-portions.
    “How is it that yours is more ridiculous than Nathan’s” Hestia all but whined, before frantically shaking her head and turning the mother-of-all stern looks towards the two of them. “Explain.”
    And so they did, they told their goddess about everything before and after they were transported to Gekkai, each of them talking for hours well past the time the sun had set and risen once again. They told her about their lives back on earth, about their friends and family, about their homes, about what they left behind. They told her about how they woke up in the dungeon, choking and thinking they had been kidnapped and left for dead. They told her about their escape from the dungeon and their actions in the guild, about what they told Mr. Rehmer and what he gave them in return. They told her about last night and how they experienced first hand the lives of two men they were familiar with but never thought to be real, living their lives, seeing what they saw, and feeling what they felt. Granted they had to go into quite a bit of detail for Hestia to understand the circumstances behind what their second lives did and why they did it.

    Nathan told her of the world of Fallout, about the corruption that infected the world's leaders, about how they picked the world clean of resources, and as they fought over the scraps they started a war that lasted but two hours yet killed billions, with only a single survivor for every 3,300 men, women, and children that died by atomic fire. He spoke of the nuclear winter that followed, that all of the ash from the destroyed world rose up into the sky and blocked the sun for years, causing many plants and animals to go extinct even after managing against all odds to survive the initial bombardment. He told her about how the world was set back hundreds of years, the survivors of continent-spanning nations regressing into tens of thousands of petty tribes.

    “That was the state of things for a long time,” Nathan said grimly “everyone was a tribal whether they wanted to admit it or nor, didn’t matter if you lived in the ruins or the wastes. Of course us humans are stubborn creatures and something like a dying planet wasn’t going to stop us from rebuilding.” With a bitter smile that he launched into a lecture about the birth of the New California Republic, its origins and rise to power as well as the lives of its people and their beliefs, and its eventual stagnation and corruption as the Mother of the Republic tossed and turned in her grave.
    With a furrowed, angry brow he told the story of Edward Sallow and how he became Caesar by conquering and enslaving the tribes east of the colorado river, in such detail that he managed to horrify Otto and nearly reduce Hestia to tears as she clutched both of their hands like a vice. He told them how they reduced their men and boys to slave soldiers, incapable of nothing but blind obedience and devotion to their god-emperor, and how they broke their women and girls until nothing remained but obedient breeding stock and servile supporters.

    He told her of the Mojave and its glittering jewel, New Vegas, and the man who made it possible, Robert Edwin House, who had lived for over two centuries by turning himself into a canned abomination. Nathan spoke at length about House’s personal robot army, the Securitrons, as well as his organic subordinates. The cannibalistic White Glove Society of the Ultra-Luxe, the vile Omertas of Gomorrah, and the opportunistic Chairmen of the Tops. He told her about the other settlements of the region little Westside, the slummy Freeside, the tightly-knit towns of Primm and Goodsprings, tiny Novac, and the debauchery filled Nipton. He told her of how the region would become the battlegrounds where the NCR and the Legion fought for supremacy, their existences anathema to one another, with the chief focus of the battle being the architectural miracle that was Hoover Dam.

    It was then and only then, after he felt that she had enough information to draw her own conclusions, that Nathan told him about the man he shared his mind with, the Courier. He told her about how he was born in the ruins of Bullhead City to a former-tribal turned street walker and a mysterious stranger who she wasn’t careful enough with. How he grew up in the back rooms of brothels and casinos, learning how to count cars and schmooze customers from the managers as his mother turned tricks. He told Hestia how he left his mother behind when he turned sixteen without even a note saying goodbye after a massive argument, joining up with a water caravan as a guard and brahmin herder, staying with them for years until he was left behind during a stopover in Reno, after which he did some work as a bartender, then as a casino and brothel bouncer, a pit fighter, mercenary, bounty hunter, and eventually a courier.

    It was that last job that he ended up sticking with for the longest, doing jobs from Juneau to Baja, his most regular jobs taking him in and out of the twin settlements of the Divide, which took its name from its role as both a bridge and a divide between the lands of New California and the Mojave. Thanks to his frequent trips the settlement had the chance to become similar to a second Shady Sands. However the Divide would be smothered in its creator after Nathan took a job to deliver a package to the settlement, that unknown to everyone contained a detonator keyed to the stockpile of nuclear weapons that had rested within their silos for centuries beneath Ashton and Hopeville.

    Mere weeks after Nathan left the Divide on a new mission he received word that the Divide was gone, wiped off the map by the subterranean warheads whose detonation triggered a massive earthquake that ripped the land open, twisting Ashton, Hopeville, and the military facilities above and beneath. It became an expanse of cracked, blighted landscape, while the sand and ash from the devastation was caught by the artificial storms, turning an already savage weather into one, monstrous dust storm that could skin a man alive.

    In fact, it did flay people alive. Those who weren't killed by the nuclear detonations or debris let loose by the earthquake were twisted by the radioactive storms, flayed alive and turned into terrifying mutants, dead men walking sustained only by the radiation without and the hate within.

    However despite the guilt he felt Nathan still had a job to do, as he had been hired alongside six other messengers by the Mojave Express to deliver a platinum chip, carrying it the 150 mile trip between the Hub and the New Vegas Strip. However he was...delayed whilst making the delivery.
    Being intercepted outside of Goodsprings by the head of the Chairmen, Benny, who then shot him twice in the head with the pistol Maria (which Nathan set on the table as proof though it did little more than upset Hestia and cause Otto to slap him upside the head to have him put it away) and left him for dead, buried alive in a shallow grave in the Goodsprings cemetery.

    However unlucky for Benny, Nathan did not die, instead he was dug out by Victor, a friendly Securitron under Mr. House’s control. Who then delivered him to the towns resident doctor “Doc” Mitchell, who performed the surgery that saved his life and then nursed him back to health. Nathan repaid the good doctor by driving off the gang of escaped convicts, who were attempting to capture and kill a caravaner the town was sheltering, before setting off to hunt down Benny and recover his stolen package.

    Along the way he had a good number of adventures, saving the town of Primm from its own gang of convicts, killing the remaining Powder Gangers in their former prison turned fortress, clearing the road for the Mojave Outpost of the Mojave’s version of Killer Ants. Avenging the town of Nipton by killing the legionaries who had massacred its inhabitants, destroying the Legion stronghold of Cottonwood Cove by flooding it with radioactive waste filled barrels, destroying the Legion Garrison at Nelson, helping a retired sniper find the woman who had sold his wife and unborn child as a slave. Helping the ghouls of the Bright Brotherhood repair a trio of rockets that would hopefully take them into space, saving another ghoul (who would later become one of his greatest companions) from the peak of Black Mountain by killing his super mutant captors. Helping a schizophrenic Night Kin make peace with the idea of leaving behind her old life, helping a caravan master bring the men and women responsible for killing her caravan and many others to justice. Helping a scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel join up with the Followers of the Apocalypse, though their relationship was more-then-a-little strained these days after Nathan ended up killing the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood after they tried putting an explosive collar on him. As well as repairing an ancient robot that was far cuter than it had any right to be, and helping an old cyberdog find a new brain to cure his neural degradation.

    There was also his adventures outside of the Mojave, conquering the madness of the Big Empty and turning the minds of its masters towards the service of mankind. Conquering the nightmares of the Sierra Madre and walking away with more treasure then he knew what to do with, whilst the madman that enslaved him and several others ended up with a far more raw deal. Forging the Dead-Horse and the Sorrows tribes of Zion into a warband strong enough to protect their home from the invading White Legs tribe, and potentially strong enough to defend themselves from the deprivations of the Republic and the Legion.

    Of course that doesn't mean he stopped looking for Benny, he traced his hired Great Khans down to Boulder City where he trades safe passage in return for evidence that helped Nathan figure out where Benny was hiding out. In fact the smug bastard was just standing around in the main floor of his casino, boy was he surprised when Nathan convinced his second-in-command to have Benny walk straight into a trap.

    Then because nothing was ever that simple, Nathan got dragged into the spotlight of the three biggest players in the region. All of whom wanted him on their side in the upcoming resumption of hostilities between the Republic and the Legion. Turns out that platinum chip he had been hired to deliver wasn’t just a fancy decoration, it was a high density data storage device that unlocked and upgraded a robotic army belonging to Robert House but was buried beneath the Legion’s main camp.

    However at this point Nathan fully admitted to being fed up with all three parties, so he hatched a plan, he would take the army for himself and send the other powers in the region packing. To that regard he killed Mr. House and gained control of his Securirtron forces, killed the White Glove Society and the Omertas for their crimes, and brought the Chairmen to heel. He subverted the Great Khans and promised them support for building their own empire, a Great Khanate, in the wastes of Wyoming. He supported the Followers of the Apocalypse and their efforts to provide healing and education to the people of the Mojave, subverted NCR officials and gained the support of the common soldiers, and supported local powers such as the Freeside Kings and the Westside Militia. Gained the trust of the Boomers of Nellis Air Force Base by helping them recover an ancient aircraft capable of raining down thousands of pounds of explosives, and recruited the few remaining remnants of the Enclave who planned to go out in one final blaze of glory.

    It was then and only then that Nathan assaulted the Legion’s main encampment of Fortification Hill, killing the vast majority of the Legion’s leadership and freeing the slaves there before heading into the underground and activating the army of Securitrons that laid there in wait. As a result of his assault both the Legion and the Republic both panicked and moved towards the location of the final battle, Hoover Dam. On that day, Nathan led the forces of his unofficial alliance into battle alongside the army of the New California Republic, assaulting the Legion’s final holding in the region and killing the “Monster of the East,” Legate Lanius, before threatening the NCR into withdrawing from the region as Nathan formalized his alliance into an actual nation state. It was half-a-year into this process that the dream ended from Nathan’s perspective and that he was summoned from the Courier’s

    Otto meanwhile began his story by telling of the creation of Nirn, with Lorkhan, a Padomaic spirit, tricking or otherwise convincing the et’Ada, otherwise known as the Original Spirits who were created by the twin primordial beings Anu and Padomay, into helping with the creation of Mundus, the material world. Those spirits that agreed to help became the Aedra, the ancestral spirits, whilst those who refused became the Daedra, ‘those who are not our ancestors’ as they are termed in the language of the Altmer. Over the course of the project the Aedra created twelve worlds of creation, that were then molded together to form Nirn. Many of the Aedra died during the project, with some becoming mortals to ensure the continuation of life on Mundus whilst some become the Ehlnofey or "Earth Bones," the Laws of Nature.

    Many of the Aedra, deciding to follow after Magnus the god of Magic, fled back to Aetherius, a realm within the Aurbis and became the Magna Ge, tearing holes in Oblivion. Otto’s father Akatosh in his aspect as the Elven God of the sun, Auri-El, established the first kingdoms of the Old Ehlnofey on Atmora and the lands of Aldmeris. However a large number of Aedra are disappointed and angry with the creation of Mundus and sought revenge. These include the ancestors of Elves—the Old Ehlnofey, whose leader was Auri-El and whose heroes included Trinimac, Phynaster and Syrabane. Auri-El sought out Lorkhan in battle and warred with him. Lorkhan's followers included the ancestors of Man—the Wandering Ehlnofey and whose heroes included Kyne, Tsun, Stuhn, Jhunal. During the course of the war, the armies of man wrested control of Atmora from the elves, yet the war ended when Trinimac tore out Lorkhan’s heart and fired it into the sea with his bow.

    This war between gods caused the mega-continent of Nirn to flood and fracture into smaller continents and islands, whilst the lands of the Wandering Ehlnofey, which included the lands of Akavir, Atmora, and Yokuda to become isolated. Those of the Wandering Ehlnofey that remained on Tamriel became the Nedes, another race of men, whilst those that remained on Aldmeris became the Aldmer, the original race of elves.

    Following this came the end of the Dawn Era which was followed by the Merethic Era, which was in turn ended by the founding of the Camoran Dynasty which began then the First Era which lasted 2920 years, which ended when Tiber Septim conquered all of Tamriel and was crowned Emperor proclaiming the end of the Second Era which only lasted 896 years, with the Third Era in turn lasting a mere 433 years and ending after the events of the Oblivion Crisis that ended the Septim Dynasty, the current Fourth Era is in it’s 201’st year and was the year when Otto’s life became something straight out of an Edda.

    Born a plump and doughy son of a Nordic merchant woman of Bruma, Otto was traveling to the city of Whiterun to witness the reading of his uncle’s will. However whilst crossing the border he was captured alongside the rebellious Stormcloaks and sentenced to be beheaded in the town of Helgen. Spared only by the whims of chance as his half-brother, the eldest of the Dov, Alduin, who had been flung forward into time by the heroes of old. Leaving a burning town behind him, later learning that only a dozen other souls had survived the attack, Otto fled to Riverwood alongside a legionnaire by the name of Hadvar.

    From there he was sent to deliver a warning to the Hold Capital of Whiterun, running for a day and night on legs ill-suited for the task only to be conscripted to slay a dragon the moment he had completed his task. It was at that point that Otto decided the best way to make his point was to introduce himself to his goddess fully.
    “I am James Otto Fris, eldest son of my mother Sarah Fris on Earth, Sylva Fris on Tamriel, and Akatosh the draconic God of Time who serves as the chief of the deities of Nirn, known as Auriel to the Elves of the Summerset Isles, and Bormah to my brothers the Dov.”

    “Through my own feats and strength I have earned mine own name and legend” Otto’s voice continued as smooth and steady as a turtle heading towards a lake, unhurried and calm as he held Hestia’s hand and did his best to reassure the goddess who was entirely out of her depths “By slaying my rebellious kinsman Mirmulnir the strongest and most loyal hunter of the Dov, I became Thane of Whiterun and trusted confidant to my liege lord Jarl Balgruuf. By capturing a murderous necromancer by the name of Calixto Corrium, who had been murdering young women and harvesting organs and body parts from their corpses with the intention of reviving his dead sister, I was named a Thane of Windhelm. By retrieving the ancient helm of Jarl Hanse of Winterhold from its ancient home within Ironbind Barrow and its holder the undead Warlord Gathrik, I was named Thane of Winterhold. Through my actions to raise up the people of the Rift from the poverty and squalor they had fallen in I was named Thane of the Rift. In the same manner I was named Thane of Falkreath…. though that also involved defeating a coven of necromancers who sought to raise the hundreds of thousands of dead warriors that had been buried in the graveyards north of the city over the centuries.” Otto shrugged at the look Nathan sent him at that, they weren’t all that impressive when it came to magical ability.

    “After tracking down the master vampire and former dark elf known as Movarth Piquine, I led a contingent of guardsmen in hunting him through his underground den and slew not only him but his thin-blooded followers as well, and following our successful return to the Capital of the Hold I was named Thane of Morthal. In Markarth I became Thane by defeating an ancient confederation of tribes and their King Madanach ‘The-King-In-Rags’ and in the same day escaped from the most heavily guarded prison within the province, Cidhna Mine. By defeating the resurrected spirit of one of Skyrim’s most brutal tyrants, the Wolf Queen Potema, and preventing her from overrunning the province with her legions of bound undead, I was named Solitude’s Shield, Protector, and Thane to Jarl Elisif the Fair who held the throne following the death of her husband High-King Torygg. “

    “By curing my fellow adventurers of the Daedric Prince Hircine’s curse and rescuing my predecessor’s soul from said Daedric Prince’s Hunting Grounds, I was declared Harbinger of the Companions of Jorrvaskr. With the help of a fellow pilgrim I gained the acceptance of the spirit of the Eldergleam, one of the oldest trees in Tamriel which had been planted four eras prior, and used the sapling gifted to us by the goddess Kynareth to replace the dying Gildergleam within the city of Whiterun. By my knowledge of the mystic arts and with the assistance of the College’s resident spirit the Augur of Dunlain, I was named Archmage of the College of Winterhold, following the defeat of the power-mad Ancarno who was shaking apart the ties of the world through the use of the Eye of Magnus. Through deeds as great as they were terrible I became Master of the Thieves Guild of Riften and champion of their patron the Daedric Prince Nocturnal. Even more grievous was my greatest sin-” Seeing as how she had just heard Otto admit to being the head of an organization of thieves, Hestia braced herself for the worst. “Joining the Bard’s College in Solitude to become a Skald, biggest waste of time I ever willingly participated in, I swear.” And like that the wind was taken from her sails, as she felt their minds sputter to a stop as what he said caught up with them. Seemingly not noticing, Otto continued his monologue of an introduction.

    “By defending the city of Whiterun from an army of Stormcloak rebels, standing in front of the gate with axe and hammer in hand and laying waste to the thousands of warriors who sought to get by me, I was named the city’s shield. By laying waste to the Stormcloak’s fortresses and cities, sending walls and towers flying away as if they were naught but leaves in a stiff wind, I was named the Conqueror and was awarded the Rank of Legate in the Imperial Legion of the Reman Empire. By bringing the defeated Jarls who had survived the war to the negotiating table and forcing them to end their foolish war at the stone tables of the Monastery of High Hrothgar, I was named the Peacemaker. And by delving into the ruins of Korvanjund and retrieving the Jagged Crown of the now undead High-King Borgas, whose death heralded the end of the line of the Warlord Ysgramor of Atmora, and using it crowned my liege lord Jarl Balgruuf as High King of Skyrim in spite of the Imperial Candidate Jarl Elisif the Fair and the rebel Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak whom I had slain weeks prior during the Siege of Windhelm.”

    “But the greatest of all my titles still falls short of what was granted to me by gift of blood and soul from my father, who gave me my true name.” Pressing his thumb hard against the rim of his now empty mug he raised it to show the room, where from a small cut left on its pad there spilled a mix of mortal blood and the golden ichor of the divine. “Here me now for I am Ysmir, Dragon of the North, slayer of my eldest brother among the Dov the false god Alduin who claim all for his kingdom, those ancient vampires of the Volhikar Clan who in their arrogance sought to blot out the sun and reduce all the free peoples to naught but cattle, stopped the machinations of the Daedric Prince Molag Pal the King of Rape from absorbing the realm of the God of Mercy Stendarr, forcing the Daedric Prince Jygglaag back into his own realm of Oblivion through the wounds I dealt him and halting his invasion of the other realms, and killing Miraak my kinsmen and first of my mortal brothers who enslaved the people of Solstheim with the power of his voice to raise temples and shrines to his name, for I am the last of the Dragonborn, Dovahkiin.” It was this last word that had the greatest effect on them, as unknown to Otto a portion of pseudo-Arcanum possessed by him as a demigod, slipped into the words and it caused that word, no his being, to fill the room and caused a heavy weight to settle in all their of their chests.

    “You are such a drama queen.”

    “Really Nathan,” Otto shook his head, “Don’t ruin the moment.” Turning to Lady Hestia he frowned at what he saw, she was frozen stiff with her eyes glazed and unfocused. “Goddess, are you alright?”

    “Huh,” Hestia jumped, thoroughly startled as her train of thought came screeching to a thought, “sorry boys, I was just thinking.”

    “About?” Nathan said playfully nudging her with his shoulder.

    “Don’t get me wrong, this is really dangerous, the contents of your blessings, your pasts, and even what you are in Otto’s case put you both in a lot of danger not only from the dungeon but from the other Familias as well. However…” Hestia trailed off causing the two of them to lean in to hear how she finished her story. “... I just can’t get over how awesome this all is!” Hestia said jumping to her feet with a massive grin and pointing at the sky. “Take that Loki! My children are awesome!”

    “Huh,” Otto said watching as Hestia did a little happy dance, which did...interesting things to her bosom and derriere. “I’m awesome, apparently.”

    “First time for everything lummox.”

    Otto didn’t say anything, simply reaching over the couch to whack Nathan upside the head, even as he continued to admire his goddess.

    “If every day is like this then,” Otto thought to himself whilst admiring a particularly joyous hop. “then being isekai’d isn’t all that bad.”
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    The morning sun shined through what few glass windows the church had left, casting multicolored beams of light to fill the room like wispy crystals. It was two days after they had joined up with Hestia, and both Nathan and Otto had been busy since then. By the time they had finished explaining their origins and the reasons for their bizarre falna-sheets, they had already spent the entire night and a good portion of yesterday morning telling their story and answering the goddess’s questions. So it was no surprise that the three of them were all hungry and tired by the time everything was said and done, though that didn’t mean the two men were willing to let their new goddess to sleep in a ruined church or live off of cold potato puffs whilst they had money to spare.

    So the two of them set off towards Purple Pam’s Pub, Hestia deciding to take a nap while riding on Otto’s back, which got the two a few chuckles and odd looks from the people they passed on their way. When they got back they headed into the Pub’s main room, and after apologising to the establishment’s pallum matron for missing dinner and introducing the graying pallum to their goddess the four of them set into a celebratory meal prepared by Mrs. Pam’s daughters. The small Familia making small talk with their host, mostly about Hestia’s stay in the city and how the three of them met, whilst the table was set and the food was prepared. Not ten minutes later Nathan, Otto, Hestia were enjoying a meal of braised beef with pears with ginger, minted pea soup, and mugs of spiced cider, alongside Pam Prum and her seven daughters.

    The two men felt more than a little sympathy when they saw how quickly Hestia dug into the food laid out before her, realizing this was likely the first meal the goddess has had in weeks that wasn’t cold leftovers from work, and were more than a little grateful when Mrs. Pam began pushing more food the goddess’s way, probably having a similar revelation to the two dimensionally-displaced men.

    After that the day had passed in a blur of movement and activity, getting Hestia settled into her own room next to their own on the second floor, accompanying Mrs. Pam to the commercial district to help carry groceries and purchase supplies for their quest to fix up Hestia’s church. Stopping on their way back to pick up a couple of presents for the Prum family in the form of sweetmeats and a few popular story-books depicting the Knights of Fiona for the girls, a stylish pair of new boots with padded insoles for Mrs. Pam, as well as gifts for their goddess in the form of baby-blue slippers, a woolen red scarf, and a light blue bolero Otto thought would look good on her.

    By the time they had gotten back and distributed their gifts, something that had earned the two of them a few hugs from the Prum children and Hestia and a motherly kiss on the cheek from Mrs. Pam, it was time for dinner. The Hestia Familia grabbing a corner table as the dinner rush came in, the three of them enjoying plates of roasted cod, mashed potatoes, and toasted blackbeard with snail-butter, spending the rest of the day talking about their plans for the Church between downing mugs of frothy small-beer.

    That of course brought them to the here and now, Otto and Nathan doing their best to ignore their hangovers as they set about sorting the rubbish in the church into various piles, Hestia having gone back to the Pub an hour ago in order to help the Prums with the coming lunch and dinner rushes, apparently having volunteered to work as a waitress at their temporary home some time during the night before. The diminutive deity promising to return later with dinner, after they confirmed they would be staying to finish up the church proper, having already cleaned up the reception area and lounge, as well as the vestry and kitchens as best they could.

    They had made good progress, having cleaned or otherwise cleared half of the first floor, with only the side hall and store rooms remaining on the ground level, though they hadn’t started on the basement, attic, or tower as of yet. However being who they were the two of them were starting to get frustrated with the disrepair of the place, as very little of the furniture was salvageable and much of the main structure would need to be completely replaced.

    “Don’t you have a spell or something to make this go faster.” Nathan grouched, depositing a roughspun sack of splinters and scrap wood in the corner and grabbing a broom.

    “No Nathan,” Otto sighed, crouched over by one of the windows and carefully collecting the shards of glass on the floor. “This isn’t like the games, so its not like I have some convenient Menu I can jus-” Otto reared back in surprise as his vision was taken up by a white-ringed grey plaque. A scrolling list popping up along the left and right sides of his vision, whilst two bars of green and blue faded into view along the bottom of his line of sight. Pausing to examine the scrolling lists, he willed them to slow down so he could actually read the damn things, seeing that the one on the right contained a list of item categories such as weapons and apparel. Seeing that he honestly wasn’t all that surprised when after the left wheel stopped spinning he ended up recognizing the names of several spells, powers, and shouts he “remembered” using back in Tamriel. Following that train of logic, he guessed that the colorful bars on the bottom of his vision were likely representing his stamina and magicka, though the fact that the health bar wasn’t there was admittedly a little jarring-

    “Otto?” Nathan said poking him with his broom. “You’ve been staring into space, for a good minute now?”

    “Yeah I’m good,” Otto said standing up and grabbing the broom so as to stop the still-poking Nathan. “Though it turns out the universe likes to make me feel stupid.”

    “Huh.” Nathan said pulling his broom back and leaning against it.

    “Yeah, I do have a menu it looks like.”

    “...So do you have a spell that can help us or not.”

    It turns out that Otto did indeed have a spell that could help them with fixing up the church, several in fact. Something Nathan was delighted with, having decided to put his training as an accountant and take control of managing their little Familia’s finances, the spells being great ways to save money doing repair work. Otto’s spell Fabricate Object, allowing him to turn raw magicka into various items that would fade in a few hours as the magicka began to weaken, or permanently convert raw materials into products of the same material.

    Something the two of them immediately began to take advantage of, hurrying to carry bags of glass to busted windows and casting the spell to repair them, casting it on the floor to repair broken tiles, casting on the faded curtains to make ones that looked practically brand new, though being a few inches shorter than the old ones. Casting the spell on the walls to fix the rotting beams and stained plaster, and scooping up wood fragments from shattered pews to make tables, chairs, and cabinets.

    By the time Otto finally ran out of magic the sun was setting and the two of them had completely finished renovating the bottom floor, and were taking a break on the attic/second-floor after spending an hour clearing away years worth of dust.

    The two of them sitting on a sofa that was likely older than either of them, and drinking two-hundred year old soda courtesy of Nathan, absentmindedly talking about how their plans for the Familia-home’s layout whilst Otto perused his new inventory.

    “So I'm thinking we turn this floor into the bedrooms,” Nathan said gesturing around the large open floor of the attic with one hand, and stabbing at the clipboard on his lap with a pen he had taken out of his Pip-Boy. “put up a hallway down the middle and then a few walls along either side, and we could have rooms for the guys on one side and the girls on the other.”

    “Yeah, I see what your saying,” Otto said visualizing what Nathan had said whilst taking a sip of flat Nuka-Cola. “though it might get a little tight in the future should we end up growing to large.”
    “That’s future us’s problem,” Nathan waved dismissively, “besides bunk-beds are a thing.”

    “True,” Otto snorted with an amused smirk, imagining how a few of his companions from Skyrim would react to the dorm-lifestyle and snickering at the picture. Kharjo would likely end up stabbed due to his loud purring/snoring, Roggi would put them so deep into debt after a night of “sampling the spirits” they’d have to walk up to reach the bottom of the dungeon, and Borgakh would likely end up brawling with whoever was stuck sharing a room with her. “So what about the first floor, just gonna have it be general purpose?”

    “Kind of,” Nathan replied scratching at his stubble, ‘he really needed to shave’. “We can probably turn the actual church-part into a sitting area, put up a few more benches and coffee tables, line the walls with some cabinets, maybe add a few armchairs to give the place that whole “lazy room” feel the student-lounge back at the university had. We could cut a window in the wall separating the kitchens and the main hall, turn it into a dining room if we stuck a few tables in their. You thinking big rectangle-table or several smaller tables?” As he spoke he began labeling various sections of the floorplan he had drawn out, writing out names and furniture they would need, as well as anything else that popped into his mind.

    “I’d probably go with more than one table,” Otto frowned in thought. “All of those firemen-parties and picnics Noah dragged us to were like that, and it would mean we could move things around more easily.”

    “Alright multiple tables it is.” Nathan nodded, apparently deciding that was that as he drew several picnic-table sized rectangles within the lines representing the main hall. “So we have a lounge room and dining room, plus the kitchens. Besides those I’m thinking of sticking a tub in the vestry since it’s right next to the bathroom, and turning the smaller store room into a laundry room.”

    “Sound’s good to me,” Otto said finishing off the last of his soda, and turning his gaze back to his new menu. “We just gonna leave the other store room as a closet or something.”

    “Yeah,” Nathan shrugged, “I can’t think of anything it would be more useful.”

    “Okay, so that means we have the sleeping area sorted, a place to clean our clothes, a place to cook our food, a place to eat said food, a place to be lazy after we finish eating said food, a place to store our crap, a place to crap, and a place to clean ourselves up.” Otto said, tapping his index finger as he counted rooms off, “All that really leaves is the tower and the basement.”

    “I don’t know what to do with the tower, to be perfectly honest.” Nathan grumbled, slumping in his seat as his bottle finally came up empty. “I’ll probably just end up sticking a chair up their and installing some railings, have a nice little place to watch the sunrise.”

    “That..” Otto trailed off, “actually sounds really nice.”

    “Yeah, got the idea from my grandpa’s new place.” Nathan grinned slightly melancholic, “won a bunch of money and moved to Baja. He bought a lighthouse of all things and decided to spend his retirement sprucing the place up from him, we got postcards from him every month, usually showing off what he had done in the time between. The last two were pictures of this little balcony thing on the top of the tower, where he had brought up a couple of lounge chairs, apparently he went up their every morning and every night to watch the sunrise and the sunset. We’re probably not going to get as good of a view as he did, but I still think it would be worth the effort.”

    “Sure man.” Otto grinned reassuringly, sensing the downturn his friend’s mood had taken. “Hell we can probably knock it out first thing in the morning, once I get the magical juices flowing again.”

    “Nah,” Nathan shook his head, “I’m thinking we focus on the basement instead, see about turning it into a workshop.” At that Nathan elbowed Otto in the side, “See if you can actually make anything of use, or if your big oven mitts just knock everything over.”

    “Nathan!” Otto gasped dramatically, “I knew you just wanted me for my Abilities.”

    “Baby you know it.” That, that line was said with such sincerity, sent the two men into a fit of giggles. Forgetting for a moment all of their worries and simply enjoying each other’s companies.

    “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.” Otto said coming back down from his mirth. “Be a nice source of income if it ends up working, I got a few memories of working with adamantium and mithril, though they weren’t all that common in Skyrim, what you did get was often imported by the Legion or the Khajiit Caravans, so they usually charged you out the ass for even shitty ore.”

    “Weren’t you Legion?” Nathan asked, fighting down his...distaste for an organization with a similar name.

    “Don’t mean I’ll pretend like their shit don’t stink,” Otto shrugged. “I captured two cities, two major towns, and half a dozen forts for them during the course of the Civil War, and don’t even get me started on the rest of the big-bad-wannabes who tried to start shit. Point is I did enough for them that they can deal with me bitching about their taxes on inter-provincial trade.”

    “Fair enough.” Nathan shrugged, not like he had a horse in that race anyways. “So, you’ve been staring off into space whilst we’ve been talking.”

    “Have I?” Otto blinked in surprise.

    “You have,” Nathan confirmed “So either your losing it which is always a decent possibility with you being a diet-coke viking, or you’ve been browsing your magical brain box, so spill anything good inside.”

    “First off, I'm not a ‘diet-coke viking’ I’m a Nord, you however are indeed a diet-coke dickhead.” Otto said shooting Nathan a disapproving look which he easily ignored. “And yes, I have been looking through my Menu while we talked, though it’s a bit weird.”

    “Weird how?” Nathan asked with a raised brow.

    “Well it’s got categories for both my inventory and my spells,” He said gesturing to the menu only he could see. “and I switch between them using my eyes like one of those computer screens quadriplegic people use.”

    “That sounds annoying to tell the truth.” Nathan stated.

    “It takes a little getting used to,” Otto admitted “but the benefits of a personal pocket-dimension sure as hell seems worth it in my eyes.” Both paused and grimace at the inadvertent pun. “Anyway the menu on the right is my inventory and its divided into ten categories; favorites, weapons, apparel, potions, scrolls, food, ingredients, books, keys and miscellaneous. It also says I can just lug around eight-hundred pounds of gear with me as if it were nothing, apparently my menu’s the equivalent of my backpack.”

    “So you not only are you a giant, you are a stronk giant.” Nathan grinned. “Anything good in there?”

    “Let me check.” Otto said, not remembering the pocket-dimensions contents off the top of his head. “Alright so the favorites tab is empty, I got to figure out the stuff I want in there eventually. The weapons tab apparently contains ninety-three pounds worth of weapons in the form of the axe, hammer, and greatsword you already saw. Two ebony daggers with a paralysis enchantment, and an ebony bow with a paralysis and absorb health on it.”

    “You really seem to love that effect don’t you?” Nathan mused idly.

    “A target that can’t move, can’t fight back.” Otto replied with zero shame, before continuing. “Also got a few thousand arrows of varying quality in there, and some more unique weapons. An adamantium claymore by the name of Chrysamere, a blue-glass xiphos called Chillrend, an ebony warhammer named Volendrung, the staff of the God of Magic Magnus, the Sanguine Rose of the Daedric Prince Sanguine, and Spellbreaker a shield capable of reflecting spells, dispelling curses, and silencing any mage about to cast a spell. A trio of Tsaesci “blood drinker” long swords in the form of the Dawnfang/Duskfang, Bloodthirst and Rimelink. The tools of the Dwemer Tonal Architect, Lord Kagrenac; Wraithguard, Sunder, and Keening. As well as the bow and shield of the Sun-God Auriel, and the axe and shield of the Warlord Ysgramor.”

    “Gotta be honest I did not recognize most of those weapons but they sound important.” Nathan admitted.

    “You could say that.” Otto replied dryly not willing to go into the piles of lore behind those artifacts he had with him. “In the apparel tab I got twelve eight pounds worth of enchanted jewelry in the form of various rings, amulets and circlets. Twelve pounds of various bits of clothing in the form of work clothes, fancy outfits, casual clothes, and a set of Telvanni mage robes. As well as three other sets of enchanted ebony armor whose weight, when combined with the set I woke up in weighed something like 152 pounds, give or take a few pounds.”

    “The scrolls tab weighs a whopping three pounds, and holds six scrolls in the form of the insights of the Arch-Mage Shalidor on the five modern schools of magic.”

    “Not a fan of magic scrolls?” Nathan asked.

    “Never saw much use for them when I could just use the spell itself instead.” Otto admitted. “Food tab contains ninety-five pounds worth of raw meat, fruit, vegetables, bread, berries, eggs, wheat, garlic and alcohol, so we won’t have to buy groceries for a while. Whilst the miscellaneous tab contains 436 pounds worth of leather from a good number of different beasties, gems of varying quality, soul gems both filled and empty of all sizes and both colors, a wide variety of tools and random garbage, and various ores and ingots native to Nirn.”

    “You kind of skipped a few tabs, lummox.” Nathan said having only counted six tabs when his friend admitted he had ten.

    “I was getting to that you jackass,” Otto replied without any real heat. “its just that the other four tabs are...weird.

    “Weird how?” Nathan asked starting to get a little impatient.

    “They are full of shit but they aren’t showing up as weighing anything.” Otto said simply. “The potions tab has what I know is likely to be close two-hundred pounds worth of potions and poisons, yet apparently it weighs as much as your brain.” The big swede took the coming elbow with a grin, ignoring the harmless blow as he kept going. “I also have an ingredients tab full of animal parts and eggs, whole insects and fish, husks, mushrooms and other fungi, seeds and nuts, vines, flowers, weeds, oil, slime, and more. A good number of keys who were now completely useless for everything except melting down to make ingots. As well as what was quite literally hundreds of books and tomes ranging from skill books, spell tomes, and books on the history and lore of my pseudo-home realm of Mundus.”

    “That’s...quite a bit of shit, are you a kleptomaniac.” Nathan cheekily said, popping two more nuka-colas out of his Pip-Boy and handing one two his friend, before popping the cap off of his own and taking a long draught from his own bottle.

    “I also got just over 1.3 million septims in there.” Otto said and watched with growing satisfaction as Nathan shot cola out his nose and glared at him through teary eyes as he coughed.

    “Y-you did that on purpose.” Nathan accused.

    “Might have done,” Otto admitted “thanks for the soda.”

    “Jackass.” Nathan grumbled as he wiped his face clean “So are we going to try and exchange those at the Guild for Valis or are you planning on holding onto them?”

    “Probably going to exchange them.” Otto shrugged “They ain’t any good to me as they are.” He paused to take a drink of his own cola, keeping one eye pointed at Nathan in case he tried to take revenge. “So continuing on, the menu on the left is Magic & Powers and is divided into nine subcategories; favorites, alteration magic, illusion magic, destruction magic, conjuration magic, restoration magic, the shouts I know, non-spell based powers, and active effects. I was doing a brief account of the magic menu’s contents and there is a shit ton in there.”

    “How many do you know?” Nathan asked.

    “I stopped counting the spells after I got to six hundred,” Otto admitted with a shrug, “I also got something like twenty powers both greater and lesser, twenty active effects in the form of various buffs, and sixty-five shouts.”

    “That's...pretty damn game breaking dude.” Nathan said picking his jaw up off the floor.

    “I mean I’m no Thousand Elf but yeah that is far more spells than literally any other adventurer I know of.” Otto felt a little smug at that but didn’t let it show, mindful of his friends impotency when it came to magic. “Though I have a suspicion I can probably put together more shouts for lack of a better term. After all the thu’um is just spoken Dovahzul with a few extra steps, and I’m more than a little fluent in the language after all of the dragons I ate.”

    “That was weird and I know you did it on purpose.” Nathan said giving Otto the stink-eye.
    “Might have done.” Otto admitted. “Point still stands though, I have a shit ton of magic and the potential to make more magic-like abilities.”

    “Be careful with that,” Nathan said completely serious, “You might be powerful but there are still plenty of ways to get past that, and to the rest of the Familia.”

    “Yeah, I know.” Otto grimly replied. “I’ll try to keep it on the low down, though I don’t think that will last long, my abilities are kind of...loud.”

    “Just do your best, that’s all I can ask for,” Nathan said patting his friend on his shoulder.


    “I wonder.” Otto whispered.

    “Wonder what?” Nathan asked looking at his friend from the corner of his eye.

    Secret Servant.” Otto intoned, and both men flinched back when a swirling void of black and violet light appeared before them, Nathan reaching for his sequoia though he relaxed minutely when Otto put a hand on his shoulder.

    “And I’m telling you Professor Tolfdir-” A high-class voice spoke full of disdain, as the void cleared away to reveal a tall grey-skinned humanoid, with two pairs of curling horns, and bloody-red face-paint appeared before them. Dressed in a tan quilted jacket, orange vest, and silk trousers Otto recognized him almost immediately. “If I knew the Master’s location I would be there rather than in this frozen slum, I assure you that-”

    “Sythag.” Otto called to stop the Dremora butler’s rant at a man a literal universe away.

    “Not now Master,” Sythag dismissed, “I'm talking with Professor… Tolfdir.” The Dremora-Caitiff trailed off and turned to look at the two of them. “MASTER!”

    “Hello Sythag.” Otto smiled, whilst Nathan gave a small wave which wasn’t even noticed.

    “Don’t ‘Hello Sythag’ me, sir.” The Dremora said stomping one of his feet. “Do you have any idea how worried i’ve been, you’ve been gone for days. DAYS!”

    “Uh. Sorry?”

    “Do you have any idea what I have had to deal with since you disappeared.” The Dremora-Caitiff snarled with the fury of a mother who had just found their four year old who had wandered off from the playground and found them playing in a dumpster. “I have had everyone from the Imperial Legion, to the College of Winterhold, to the THIEVES GUILD, storming our parlor whilst I tried to keep your affairs in order. And don’t even get me started on the Dibellans and the merchants, not even gone for a week and they try to start trouble throughout the entire province. I had to dispatch your housecarls and most of the muscle you kept around just to ward off the thugs and saboteurs they sent to harass the miners and farmers under your employ.”

    “They what.” Otto said, the merchants he could understand, they were greedy little buggers and without him around to beat them back with the threat of bloody retaliation he wasn’t surprised they were trying to encroach on his businesses back in Skyrim. But he figured the Temple of Dibella would be smart enough not to try anything over Otto’s custody of the Sybil, especially since he had the backing of not only the High-King but the Legion as well. Apparently he was wrong.

    “Uh a little context here please.” Nathan spoke up.

    “Master who is this?” Sythag said with a long-suffering sigh, finally deigning to notice the Nevadan man. “Please don’t tell me you picked up another one. Were already providing room and board for over forty of your companions.” The last part was said with a pitiful whine brought on by plenty of long nights dealing with the mess forty-three of his Master’s ‘shield-brothers and shield-sisters’ could create without even trying.

    “Sythag this is Nathan.” Otto said gesturing to his friend. “Nathan this is Sythag. Nathan is a friend of mine from before I arrived in Skyrim, and Sythag is my majordomo, and does an amazing job of it to.”

    “Thank you Master.” Sythag said with a small bow, “But that doesn’t change all that has happened, we need to get you back to Skyrim from ...Master where are we? This isn’t Mundus and it most certainly isn’t any of the realms of Oblivion I have been to-” He was cut off by a slamming door from the floor below.

    “Boys I’m home and I brought dinner~” Hestia’s sing-songy voice echoed from downstairs, followed by the sound of bags hitting the floor as she saw the Church’s new interior. “WHAT HAPPENED HERE! NATHAN! OTTO! PLEASE TELL ME YOU DIDN’T ROB SOMEONE!”


    “Welcome to the Gekkai, Sythag.” Otto gave a thin smile. “The vacation planet of the gods.”
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    Nope. Still black on black. Weird.

    Still, it looks like i'm the only one complaining so far, so don't stress out over it...
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    I'll keep working on it.

    Can you at least read it? Or is it too dark to do that.
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    nice chapter thx for writing it
    yay for magic decorating wonder if he got the spell to turn iron into gold ^^
    could also be used to help that alchemist thats in debt
    do hope nathan will get something to shine perhaps tech of some sorts seems he is being outclassed by otto
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    So not only did they get the memories and abilities are they again characters but apparently those lives are real and those people are apparently missing from those versions of those worlds. That's a little bit more concerning I wonder if they can learn to world hope with the help of the Daedra?
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    The silence that suffused the room was so thick one could cut it with a knife. Four odd characters seated on wooden chairs around a table that had once been a decaying pew, and holding cups of hot mint tea. The four of them had been locked into an awkward silence for awhile now, the two men having since calmed down Hestia whilst Sythag ventured into the kitchen to prepare tea for the lot of them. That did leave them with a single major problem, one that was at the forefront of everyone’s mind, Sythag wanted-no needed his Master to return back to Tamriel with him, yet that would mean abandoning Hestia.

    Something Otto refused to do, having become increasingly fond of the diminutive deity over the brief time he had known her beyond her appearances in the light-novels and animes, the goddess growing on him like a particularly stubborn fungus. That did leave him between a rock and a hard place however, whilst he might of sworn to stay at Hestia’s side he had also sworn oaths of loyalty to the people of Tamriel and had responsibilities there as well. Responsibilities that if left unfulfilled would render a great many people destitute at best, but more likely lead to their deaths, and so there he sat silent and debating the paths available to him.

    Hestia was silent for similar reasons, desperately coming up with arguments in her mind to convince Otto to stay with her despite her own meager offerings, and fearing that if that was not enough and Otto did end up leaving he would take Nathan with him and she would be left all alone once more.

    Sythag and Nathan were simply enjoying the tea, Sythag marveling at the fact that he was in a room with a being rivaling the Prince’s in power and simply enjoying a cup of tea with them. Nathan meanwhile was just waiting on the others to start talking so they could be done with the situation and get back to work.

    “Master,” It was Sythag who finally ended up breaking the silence. “As enjoyable as this experience has been, and as lovely as the pleasure of Lady Hestia’s company is. I do believe it is time we return to Tamriel, it is likely that High-King Balgruuf and Military Governor Tullius have kicked up quite the tizzy after I have been summoned, and the sooner we return the sooner they can be assuaged.”

    “The High-King..” Hestia mused glumly. “I know what Otto is and what he did for the people of Tamriel, but is he really that important that you just have two people with titles like that waiting around on him to get back?”

    The room was silent at that, Otto admittedly feeling a little insulted at the insinuation, but the feeling vanished when he heard Sythag break into great booming laughs that left the Dremora-Caitiff gasping for breath.

    “‘Is he important that important’ she asks” Sythag snorted momentarily forgetting his apprehension and awe of the being in front of him, fighting down a fresh wave of laughter when she pouted at him, the absurdity of the situation sinking in. “Even forgetting just what the Master is and what he has done, and all of the sway that gives him with a people like the Nords, you have to remember just how many organizations my Master has managed to climb the ranks of. He is a thane of all of Skyrim and a sworn shield-brother of and highly favored advisor to the current High-King, something that grants him a considerable amount of political capital. Then you have his extensive properties, sources of wealth for not only him but for the local lords and the people of the region, and as such the nobility has a vested interest in keeping him around for the increase in tax revenue if nothing else. He is the Archmage of the College of Winterhold, one of four sources in the Empire for magical learning, and the only one not mired down in political intrigue. He is the Harbinger of the Companions of Jorrvaskr, a title that is as respected as it is ancient, and grants its holders the loyalty of a small army of eager warriors.Less common knowledge, is his position as the Guild Master of the local Thieves Guild, something that grants him protection from most of the local ne'er do wells and another lever with which to deter competitors. Then you have his membership with House Telvanni, his friendship with House Redoran, and his position as the head of the Red River Trade Collective.”

    “The what-collective.” Nathan asked having at least a vague recollection of every organization up until that one.

    “The Red River Trade Collective was founded half a decade ago by the Master during the middle of his journey to slay Alduin and has since grown to be the largest employer in Northern Tamriel,” Sythag said looking as if he was preparing to give the introductory speech to a bunch of new-hires during orientation day. “with thousands of employees across northern Cyrodiil, the County of Bruma in particular, and the Bretonic Kingdoms of Jehanna, Farrun, Evermore, and Wayrest. Due to Master’s friendship with House Redoran and membership in House Telvannis doors have been opened for us in Morrowind under the lands of those two great houses, with the branches we have set up in Firewatch, Port Telvannis, Tel Mora, Blacklight, and Raven Rock this last year each boasting several hundred employees. That’s not even mentioning the tens of thousands of employees we have across Skyrim proper, whom we employ directly or through one of our client-companies. Through whom we have a foothold in many major industries within the Empire and beyond.”

    “The Collective consists of twelve client companies,” Sythag continued, pausing only briefly to make sure they were following along. “all owned by either the Master or one of his employees; the oldest of these is the Tanner Corporation which consists of an expansive chain of general goods stores, with its members contributing funds and items to a fallback fund to weather a poor season, and improve profits. The Amber Rain Camp is our subsidiary in charge of managing the logging camps, milling complexes, and lumber yards that the Collective owns within Skyrim. The Red Road is a relatively new company and consists of an association of merchant captains, couriers and traveling trade caravans that did business all across Skyrim, eastern High Rock, and much of western Morrowind and Vvardenfell, shipping goods produced by the rest of the Collective in return for a cut of the profits.”

    “The Firestone Mining Company I am proud to say is the main provider of ore in Skyrim, with smaller branches in Cyrodil, Morrowind, and High Rock. Said company also has a near stranglehold over the Reach, in part due to its partnership with the Silver-Blood Treasury and Bank which Master acquired at the same time as the eponymous families many mines and fancy inns, following their unfortunate demise at the hands of the Forsworn. The ore mined by Firestone was turned into ingots and other finished products by Sturm-Stem & Felhammer, which operated eight dwemer-inspired steel mills and close to three dozen group-forges consisting of a multitude of smiths and their apprentices.”

    “Grand Shire Farms, owns and operates a dozen large plantations and associated homesteads across Skyrim’s many fertile plains and river valleys, especially after gaining control of sprawling orchards, apiaries and plantations of the Rift, previously owned by Clan Snow-Shod, following the Clan’s fall from grace at the end of the Civil War. The Honningbrew Meadery Association, controls much of the commercial alcohol production in the province, with facilities in Whiterun, Falkreath, and the Rift, as well as the facilities of the now late Black-Briar clan.”

    “Headquartered in Whiterun and with facilities in seven more cities throughout Skyrim, Morrowind, High Rock, and Bruma we have Pepperidge Pot Printing and Publishing, which is Skyrim’s primary publisher of books and scrolls, along with maintaining our own highly successful newspaper the “Red River Register” which is sold in twenty-three cities across Hammerfell, High Rock, Skyrim, Cyrodiil and Morrowind. Headquartered in Solitude, Snow-Soon Textiles and Tailoring provides much of the bulk clothing and uniform orders in the province, as well as providing custom order outfits for clients throughout the Empire. Then there was the Ember-Toe Collective which owned some three dozen inns and taverns in skyrim, with a further eight located in eastern High Rock and another six in northern Cyrodiil. The Stone-Eye Construction Company and Building Commission, which was responsible for much of the larger construction projects taking place across Skyrim following the conclusion of the Civil War, plenty of places need to be rebuilt and fortifications that need to be reinforced, good money in it too."

    “Finally we have the Blackstone Free Company which was based in Sky Haven Temple, the old residents having been evicted from the premises following a disagreement with my Master who technically owned the premises, and consisted of a little over two thousand former legionaries and adventurers who had been equipped and retrained at the Collective’s expense. Before being split into eight companies and assigned to important regional centers as guards.”

    “All of this,” Sythag said winding down from his rant about the extensiveness of his employers wealth and influence, something that had Hestia looking at Otto with wide eyes and Nathan to sit there nodding dumbly. “Means that the Trade Collective has a revenue rivaling that of entire provinces, with hundreds of thousands of septims passing through its coffers every day either to buy shares in the company, expand its holdings, or pay its employees.”

    “So yes my Master is very important to the Empire.” Sythag said between sips of his now tepid tea. “And it is very important that he gets back as soon as possible. I have done what I can but his presence is required for things to run as smoothly as they have before.”

    “WAIT!” Hestia said flashing to her feet and slamming her hands on the table, causing the cups sat there to clatter and Sythag to flinch and spill tea on his coat. “Otto, you just got here. Y-your not going to leave are you, your apart of my Familia, we’re supposed to be a Familia.”

    “Don’t worry my goddess,” Otto said pulling the goddess into a tight hug, as soon as he saw tears begin to form. He had made a decision and he was sticking with it, come hell or high water. “I’m not going anywhere.”

    “Master, please.” Sythag sighed, a pleading look on his face. “I know you promised to serve the Lady Hestia, but you are needed back home.”

    “I’m sorry, Sythag.” Otto said, and he truly was. “But I can’t go back yet.”

    “Is it an issue with your portal spell?” Sythag queried, a spark of worry entering his voice. “If so then if you tell me, I shall deliver the report to the College and to the Military Governor, I’m sure they will spare no expense should it mean you are returned safely.”

    “No, it’s not that Sythag.” Otto said continuing to rub small circles on Hestia’s back as he felt her start to calm. “It’s what’s beneath this city at the bottom of the Dungeon, a certain One-Eyed-Black-Dragon.” He paused as he heard his loyal butler gasp at the revelation, and felt a small shiver of shame stab at his gut at the potential deception. “Sound like someone we know?”

    “Alduin,” Sythag let out a shaky breath. “is it truly him?”

    “I don’t know.” Otto admitted, that at least being something he was sure of, and old scars aching at the mention of his destined enemy. “But my gut tells me it’s either him or someone worse, and I’m not willing to take that chance.” That shiver of guilt returned a hundred-fold as he watched his loyal servant slump into his seat defeated.

    “I don’t blame you Master.” Sythag whispered. “I just wish the situation is different.”

    “I do to Sythag, and I am lucky to have a servant as loyal as you.” Otto said, reaching over to place his hands on the Dremora-Catiff’s shoulder.

    “I guess there’s nothing for it then.” Sythag continued his form still boneless though a bit of life had returned to him at his Master’s encouragement. “I shall return to Nirn and inform the others of the situation, after that...I don’t kno-”

    “Question!” Nathan interrupted, having been silent throughout the entire exchange so far. “Couldn’t you two just set up a portal between here and Skyrim permanently, you were going to do it anyway to get home, so why not make one and leave it open so you can have a permanent line of communication open, hell if you need something you can literally just walk through and ask and vice versa.”

    The room was silent for a long moment before Sythag spoke up.

    “It’s possible,” He began, straightening in his seat. “the power requirements would be immense, but it has been done before, and can be done again.”

    “That’s genius.” Otto said honestly speechless at how he had missed what seemed like an obvious solution in hindsight. “Sythag!”

    “Yes Master!” The Dremora said all but snapping to situation.

    “I need you to see if Tolfdir still has that Sigil Stone I gave him,” Otto began, his brow furrowed into thought. “It’s the other half of the pair in my possession, using those we can likely set up a simple Transitus Network.”

    “Wonderful idea Master!” Sythag cheered, life returning to him as a path that potentially didn’t involve him being seperated from the one he served was revealed to them all. “I shall depart right away.”

    “Goodbye Sythag.” Otto said moving to get up to see the butler off only to stop when he felt Hestia squeeze him, settling on a handshake instead. “I’ll likely summon you either tomorrow or the day off and give you some letters. If you can get them to the right people then things should be much easier on your end, whilst we work on setting up the network.” Otto planned on calling in a lot of favors from a lot of different people, he also had letters of reassurance to write, and letters of promotion for those people who would be dealing with his workload in the Collective whilst he was in Gekkai.

    “Have a pleasant night Master.” Sythag said with a bow, before turning and bowing to Nathan and Hestia as well. “The same to you Lady Hestia, Mr. Nathan.”

    With that the two of them watch the Dremora-Servant disappear into the same black and violet void he appeared in.
    The blessed silence that followed his departure didn’t even last five seconds.

    “Otto did you off the Great Clans of Skyrim and take their shit.” Nathan asked turning to his friend

    “Might of done.” Otto admitted with a shrug, “The majority of them either supported the Stormcloaks and were thus free game following the conclusion of the civil war, in which case I just took their stuff but left them alive and with their homes. Or in the case of the Silver-Bloods and the Black-Briars, who tried to have me imprisoned and killed, I made my displeasure known and the new administration was quick to solve the issue and offer reparations. Those who sided with the Empire and didn’t try to kill me or burn down my property, I left alone or did business with should they be willing.”

    “Good job.” Nathan said, slapping his friend on the back. “Never liked them anyway.” He was admittedly glad that Otto would be staying with them, not looking forward to being left alone in such a crazy world, though the situation did dredge up worries about his own world. How were his companions faring, how was the nation they had been raising together, had it held together or had it fallen apart without him around to act as a lynchpin. Such worries would have to wait however, they had a goddess to take care of.

    “Hestia, you good?” Otto asked pulling back so he could look at the woman in the eyes.

    “I don’t want you to leave.” She mumbled, pulling the handkerchief he had given her days earlier from one of her bolero’s pockets and dabbing at her eyes, being careful not to let go of Otto’s hand as if he would slip away should she release it.

    “Like the lummox said, don't worry about it Lady Hestia.” Nathan said bumping the diminutive woman with his shoulder. “He isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.”

    “Oh,” Hestia said, pulling both men into a hug, Nathan from the side and pulling Otto into her front so she was rubbing her cheeks against them. “What did I do to deserve such amazing children!”

    “Goddess please!” Otto protested his cheeks flushing cherry red when he felt his arm get trapped between pillowy heaven. “This is embarrassing!”

    “Deal with it Otto!” Hestia said pulling the big swede closer causing him to blush even harder and Nathan to break out in cackles like an asthmatic hyena.

    The next two days passed in a blur of activity, the two men finishing up repairs of the church both inside and out during the day, whilst Otto spent hours each night writing hundreds of personalized letters to his companions, the supervisors and managers within his company, the professors of and his friends/students in the College of Winterhold, the members of the Companions’ Circle of Captains, his ‘friends’ Brynjolf and Karliah in Riften, and his superiors in the Legion, the Penitus Oculatus, and the Court of Dragonsreach. The letters being handed over to Sythag, who was summoned at the end of the second day, the Dremora servant confirming that Professor Tolfdir did indeed have the other sigil stone, and had begun construction of a Transitus-Network matrix within Haafingar alongside battlemages of the Imperial Shadow Legion, though they would not be ready to open the portal for at least another two weeks.

    This did leave the members of the Hestia Familia with a number of problems, namely space and permission. Their church simply wasn’t big enough to house both them and their end of the Transitus-Network, so they would have to go house-shopping. That is until Otto simply told them he could handle their housing issue should they just find a parcel of open land for him to set up on, which meant going to the Guild.

    The second issue was that they would be opening up a permanent portal across dimensions, in the middle of a city filled with gods and their roided up children, something that if they hid and was discovered was likely to have the entirety of Orario’s literal army of adventures fall on them like a sack of hammers. So they weren’t going to hide it, they were going to set up a meeting with the Guild and ask for permission to designate the Church as an official embassy of the Mede Empire of Tamriel, along with completing the rest of the business they had at the Pantheon.

    It was for that reason a goddess and her two children walked into the gilded palace at the base of Babel as dawn broke for the third time since Sythag’s initial summoning, and booked a meeting with the first available department manager they could find. The fact that it turned out to a familiar grey-haired chienthrope, was either coincidence or some strange quirk of fate, Otto mused.

    The three of them found themselves in the aging dog-man’s office, for the second time for two of them, with Nathan and Hestia taking a seat in the chairs in front of Mr. Rehmer’s desk whilst Otto stood behind them with his arms crossed at the small of his back, the three of them waiting for the room’s owner to actually arrive.

    “Nathan, Otto it is a pleasure to see you again and in such good company.” The sound of the door behind them clicking open and the heavy sounds of Mr. Rehmer’s footfalls was the signal they had been waiting for. “Lady Hestia it is a pleasure to meet you in person.”

    “Thank you Mr. Rehmer,” Hestia gave the moustached man a smile so bright it made his cheeks turn a rosy pink. “my children have nothing but good things to say about you, and it’s great to finally put a face to the name.”

    “You have my thanks, my lady.” The chienthrope gave a shallow bow. “Though I believe we should get started, it is never a quiet day here at the guild.” The man gave a small chuckle at that, but covered it up with an embarrassed cough when he saw that they weren’t joining in. “Now I assume your here to register yourselves as an official Familia.” Here he reached into his desk and pulled out three leather binders filled with paper, each one as thick as Otto’s meaty thumb. “Now each of you will have to fill these out, yours Lady Hestia is your registry for your position as goddess of the Hestia Familia, whilst Nathan and Otto yours are the forms you need to complete in order to register with the guild as adventurers.” Then he reached back into the same drawer he pulled out yet another binder, this one as thick as Otto’s palm was wide, and made such a loud ‘thump’ when it was dropped on the desk that it cause the Hestia Familia in its entirety to flinch and pale with dread. “However, since you are a new Familia you will also have to fill out these forms, these being the various forms and contracts associated needed for the Guild’s records. So which of you two young men is the Familia captain.”

    “Nathan!” Otto blurted out, ignoring his friends look of pure betrayal and loathing, no way in Oblivion was he dealing with that.

    “Right then,” Mr. Rehmer said casually tossing the binder to Nathan who felt the breath leave his lungs in a mighty ‘ooph’ when it impacted his chest. “Sorry about that son, thought you had it.” The remaining three binders were handed out much more gingerly to the relief of the Familia. “Now what else is there, I assume you asked for this meeting for more than just a simple registration.” Mr. Rehmer said leadingly.

    “Well your right about that.” Nathan said having regained his breath. “As the Guild serves as the formal government of the Labyrinth City of Orario we would like to request permission to establish an embassy for the Mede Empire of Tamriel within the city’s walls.”

    “...Excuse me?” Mr. Rehmer blinked.

    “Otto, please bring out Sythag.” Nathan stated

    “On it.” Otto said “Summon Servant.” Neither of the two men, nor their goddess, showed any reaction to the swirling void that appeared beside them, or the being that walked out of it, though Mr. Rehmer did rear back in surprise.

    “Greetings Master, Lady Hestia, Mr. Nathan,” Sythag said bowing lowly to each of them in turn, before turning to face the man who actually owned the room. “and to you as well Mr. Rehmer. You have my thanks for the assistance rendered to my Master when he first came to your fair city, rocky though it may have been.”

    “Uh-yes your welcome.” The chienthrope said dumbly, before whining under his breath to low for the others to hear. “Oh there is going to be so much paperwork for this.”

    “With your permission Mr. Rehmer,” Sythag began “I would like to set out a pair of Greater Mirrors of Communication so as to facilitate communication between yourself and my Master’s leaders.”


    “Just hold off on that for a second, please.” Mr. Rehmer all but begged. “I need to get Mr. Mardeel. Oh for Tekkai’s sake, this is so far above my paygrade its not even funny.”

    Not even half an hour later the fledgling Hestia Familia and their Dremora companion had been whisked off to a much larger room within the heart of the Pantheon, with thick carpets and dark wood paneling the only furniture in the room was a long oval-shaped table and the chairs placed around it. Only two of which were occupied, one by Mr. Rehmer and the other by a fat green-eyed elf Otto and Nathan recognized to be Royman Mardeel.

    “Lady Hestia,” Royman said standing up and giving a deep bow to their goddess. “gentlemen,” The bow was so subtle this time it was barely a nod. “please take a seat, would you care for some refreshments.”

    “No thank you Mr. Mardeel,” Hestia gave the elf one of her smiles and gave a little curtsey, whilst Otto nodded his agreement, both moving to take their seats. “though I appreciate the offer.”

    “I’ll take some of that lemonade however.” Nathan said ignoring the look Otto shot him as he poured himself a glass from the pitcher on the table, before grabbing a seat to Hestia’s right. “Thank you, I was getting started on that paperwork and it’s thirsty work.”

    “Quite.” Royman said his tone dry enough to put a desert to shame. “Now, Mr Rehmer has told me that you have put forth a most unusual request.”

    “Indeed,” Otto said leaning forward. “As the highest ranking representative of the Mede Dynasty of Tamriel within the Labyrinth City of Orario, I have been assigned the task of requesting permission to establish an embassy within Orario’s walls from the city’s formal government, so as to facilitate trade and communications between our two realms.” Gesturing behind him to Sythag who was the very picture of posh, servile obedience. “To ease this process my majordomo Sythag has brought along two Greater Mirrors of Communication so as to allow the leaders of my nation to speak with you face to face despite the great distances that separate us. And with your permission will deploy and activate them now?”

    “Granted.” Mr. Mardeel said settling into his seat and steepling his fingers in front of his face, his gaze focused solely on Sythag. The Dremora-Caitiff not letting such an action prevent him from doing his duty, raised his right hand snapped twice, causing two black-and-violet voids to pop into existence across the table from the Guild employees and to the left of Otto. The bursts of color fading to reveal two two-meter tall mirrors of elaborate gold and ebony studded with fist-sized soul gems that pulsed faintly with power, and a silvery face that had a great number of small runes incised onto its surface.

    Whilst Mr. Mardeel couldn’t know the value of the materials that went into the mirror’s construction, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows in surprise when he felt the power they held, magical energy radiating from them like heat from a campfire. All five of the room’s inhabitants watched as Sythag stepped forward and began tapping drawing a spiral on each mirror’s surface, dragging the pad of his index finger from rune to rune at a slow and deliberate pace. Each one flashing blue for a moment before fading completely.

    It was after the last rune had been activated that things got interesting, both mirrors flashing a milky white before colors slowly began to form on their glassy surfaces, revealing the form of two seated men.

    The one in the left-most mirror was a olive-skinned man with thinning grey hair, sharp aquiline features, and a physique forged from decades of warfare and campaigning. Something further reinforced by the armor he wore, fashioned from sturdy leather and smooth plates of high-quality steel and the same black metal the mirror had been fashioned from, and the sword at his hip, the grip wrapped in sweat-stained and well-worn leather. He peered through the mirror from his chair, gaze sharp and hard, matching nicely with the drab grey stone he sat in front of and the crimson dragon-banner to his left.

    The other was no less impressive in stature, being a tall fair-skinned man with a well-groomed beard and long dirty-blonde hair done up in a number of braids much like Otto’s own. Regal in appearance with stern features, enhanced by the rich, fur-lined silks he wore and the jagged crown of fangs and claws on his brow. Though he was no less dressed for war than the other man, for all could see the mail he wore beneath his silk shirt, and the well-used war axe he had at his hip.

    “Ah it’s working then.” The crown-wearing man, “Otto are you there?”

    “Yes my king.” Otto said stepping forward so the two men could at least see him. “It is good to see you once more.”
    “And I you my friend,” Balgruuf said “we feared the worst when we heard of your disappearance, though I believe we must wait a little longer for a proper reunion.”

    “Agreed.” The imperial in the left mirror said dryly. “Legate Otto, if you would do the introductions."

    “Yes General Tullius,” Otto said snapping a quick salute. “Gentlemen these are Balgruuf the Greater of Whiterun, the High-King of Skyrim, and General Tullius of the Imperial Legion, the designated military governor of Skyrim appointed by the Mede Emperor.” Both men gave shallow nods as they were called. “My king, General with us today are Mr. Royman Mardeel, the head of the Guild of the Labyrinth City of Orario, and Mr. Joseph Rehmer a manager of the same organization.” The fat elf and the aging chienthrope stood and gave shallow bows before returning to their seats, being careful to show respect but not subservience. “Also joining us are my goddess, the Lady Hestia Vesta goddess of hearth, home, architecture and family. As well as the captain of the Hestia Familia, Nathaniel Hughie Grant the Autocrat of the Free-Economic-Zone of New Vegas and chairman of the Vegan Confederation.” Both goddess and ruler stood and gave either a neat curtsey or a shallow bow, the latter ignoring the surprised looks he got from the Orario representatives, knowing full well he didn't give off the same sense of regality as the representatives of Tamriel.

    “Lady Hestia,” General Tullius said placing his fist over his heart and bowing at the waist. “While it is a pleasure to meet you, I must confess that I lack the knowledge of the way with which to address you.”

    “Oh,” Hestia said her mouth forming an ‘O’ of understanding, “Hestia is fine, Lady Hestia if you insist on being formal.”

    “Lady Hestia then.” General Tullius said trying to hide his discomfort at the idea of addressing a god in such a casual manner, and indeed she did appear to be a god judging by the first-hand account Sythag had delivered to them and the letters Otto had included in his parcel. “Thank the divines for that,” Tullius thought grimly amused “if it weren't for his info-packs we would be going into this blind.” The realm Otto had found himself in was just as insane as any realm of Oblivion despite the familiar trappings of its people and environment. “Autocrat Grant, will your people be participating in the negotiations as well.”

    “Unfortunately not,” Nathan frowned “much like Otto I was transported from my people and deposited against my will beneath the city in the Dungeon, however unlike Otto I have yet to be able to establish communications with my people, and whilst I might be the Autocrat of the city of Vegas, I cannot speak for the entirety of the Vegan Confederation without the blessing of the Council of Representatives. As such I am merely here as a neutral observer and a member of the Hestia Familia.”

    “Your presence is appreciated,” Balgruuf stated “and I wish you all the luck we had with reuniting with those you lost.”

    “My thanks High-King Balgruuf, your words do your own character and the character of the nordic people great justice.” Nathan said giving a nod to the foreign royal. “But I believe it best if we begin negotiations, the list of points we must go over is long and the day is short.”

    “Agreed” Mr. Mardeel said, ignoring the pathetic whine of Mr. Rehmer beside him, both Guild employees realizing not only were they trapped in a room with multiple heads of state, but one of whom had been kidnapped and dropped in the Dungeon without anyone knowing. Royman winced internally at the concessions they would have to make for what happened to the Autocrat should his people manage to establish contact with Orario, a favored subject and soldier was one thing, but a ruler was a whole nother level of “we’re sorry” money.

    The days negotiations lasted well past the time the sun set, with only a few brief breaks being taken to allow the involved parties to eat and refresh themselves, and whilst they were still far from done they had made good progress.

    They agreed that no reparations would have to be paid on the part of Guild as they were not the ones who kidnapped Otto or Nathan, however should it be discovered that one of Orario’s Familias was responsible for the crime then the Guild would be obligated to assist in their apprehension and punishment. Permission was also granted for the establishment of an Imperial Embassy in Orario as well as for the establishment of a Transitus Network hub, though the network would be restricted to a single hub in Orario and two hubs on the Imperial side, with the agreed upon location being the cities of Solitude and Whiterun. A parcel of land was relinquished to the Imperial delegation and the Hestia Familia respectively, the Imperial parcel consisting of a five-acre stretch of land within the seventh quarter along the western road, replacing the abandoned and dilapidated city block which surrounded the abandoned church at its center, the land being the future site of the Imperial Embassy. The second parcel consisted of an abandoned park in the seventh quarter twenty-acres in size, the equivalent of four city blocks, in return for 900,000 Valis, nine-tenths of their total funds, to serve as the site of their new Familia home seeing as how they would be giving up their old one to make room for the Imperial Embassy.

    The size of the embassy was also established with the Orario delegation agreeing to host an ambassador, two diplomats and immigration officers, six trade officers, as well as two support staff and security officers for every other member of the embassy for a total of fifty-five individuals.

    However there was still quite a bit to talk about, with the policy of immigration not even having been broughten up and both sides silently agreeing to put it off until the actual ambassador arrived. Whilst the minutiae of trade having only been briefly touched upon, with a tentative currency exchange rate of one septim to eleven Valis being established so as to allow Otto to exchange his stash of imperial coins for the local currency, though the rate could be, and was, likely to be changed in the future.

    However the Hestia Familia’s part in those future negotiations was likely to be very minimal, with the only member to likely be invited to future meetings being Nathan so he could continue his role as a third-party arbitrator and observer. Either way the days negotiations drew to a close, Otto and Hestia making a quick detour with Mr. Rehmer so as to exchange his Septims, whilst Nathan stayed behind to chat with Mr. Mardeel, the swede and goddesses leaving behind two chests filled with 600,000 gold coins and leaving with a Guild-sponsored banking card tied to an account of some 13.2 million valis with an annual interest rate of 1.9%.

    With the moon high in the sky the three members of the Hestia Familia trudged into a quiet Purple Pam’s Pub to find the locale’s owner wiping down tables, the pretty matron perking up as they entered and turning to face them with a welcoming smile.

    “Hello you three,” She said her voice filled with warmth. “How was your day.”

    “Pretty boring all things considered.” Nathan shrugged ignoring Otto’s bemused glance and the incredulous look Hestia sent his way.

    “Sorry to hear that dear,” Mrs. Pam said walking up and patted him on the hip, that being as high as she could comfortably reach. “Well I’ve got some ham and greens saved in the back for you, as well as a bit of that honey wine you like Otto.”

    “You are an angel Mrs. Pam.” Otto said resisting the urge to sweep the little woman into a hug.

    “Just doing my job dearie.”
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    It was ok, then you guys joined hestia familia, so I am out.
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    nice chapter thx for writing it
    yay for all the paperwork for nathan :D
    think otto learned his lesson with trowing that at his friend :D
    and as for the people in elder scrolls world going to the dungon think this video should cover the guilds feelings on it
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    You know I did think of that that this would be a great way to turn the world of danmachi into a trading Hub between the worlds of Tamriel and the world of Fallout I mean each has something unique that the world of danmachi whatever its actual mortal world name is doesn't have the easly enchanted objects and learn spells of Tamriel as well as the unique Technologies and Sciences of the Fallout Earth.

    assuming they can never form a connection, I mean I would figure that the Wizards could probably open a portal and maybe set something up. I mean even if fall out is kind of a craphole it's still has a lot of weird and interesting technology that would be useful if it could be mass-produced or they got to set up factories and get people to run them.

    So one good thing that could come from The Fallout universe is alternate sources of power since anything that's not primitive physical or mechanical physical power is produced by Magic Stones which apparently only come from the dungeon.
    They probably wouldn't want to use the soul stones for Enchanted objects for thier magic machines and that involves sacrificing someone soul.

    The Technologies from Fallout could reproduce some of their magic Tech with an alternative power source like nuclear power.
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    Otto rubbed his hands against the smooth stone of the altar in front of him, doing a final inspection of the freshly finished runes of the Transitus Network hub. Resembling an upright stone ring set atop a step-like platform, with a small pulpit like altar in its center, the hub was covered in hundreds of runes ranging in size from as large as his palm to as small as the fingernail of his pinky. Each rune had been filled with a combination of void salts and soul gem powder, and the entire process would have taken him months to complete on his own had he not cheated using the spells Fabricate: Object and Transmute. After that it was simply a matter of filling his recently lightened inventory, having stored most of his equipment with Sythag replacing them with a few bits and pieces that had been left behind in Tamriel, with stones he had collected by walking around the crumbling portions of the city that surrounded the church the night before. After that it was simply a matter of depositing the rocks in the cellar and transmuting the random stones into marble, depositing the void salts and soul gems, and casting Fabricate: Object to form the altar-like teleportation hub. Before double, and triple, checking his work before calling it a day and heading to the Pub, he and Nathan having deciding today would be the day they turned in their registration forms and went into the dungeon properly. Of course that plan was delayed slightly when he heard a number of solid knocks resound throughout the building from his place in the kitchen, having decided to fix himself a cup of tea before he left.

    “Who could that be.” The big swede mused silently brushing his hands against his apron as he entered the main room of the former church and went to see who was knocking on their door at seven in the morning. A silent casting of the spell Detect Life caused a trio of humanoid clouds of glowing blue-particles to appear in the entryway, confirming that whoever they were at least they weren’t immediately hostile.

    “Yes.” He said opening the door and raising his brow at what he saw, for on his doorstep were three unexpected guests. Two were employees of the Guild, as exemplified by the formal uniforms they wore, though they certainly weren’t any he recognized. One was an irritated looking chienthrope who did his best to replace his look with a business-like smile when he saw the door begin to open, whilst the other was a bleary-eyed dwarfess taking sips from a steaming flask every few seconds, taking an especially long drink the moment she saw him open the door before placing the flask in her vest’s pocket.

    It was the third person however that caught his eye, being an exceptionally beautiful elf who came up to just below his clavicle, putting her at about 5’7 in height. Her jade colored hair was tied into a simple ponytail that fell to her waist, except for two strands that either side of her face and made her emerald-colored eyes pop like those very same gems. Her clothes were simple in design though as a craftsman he could appreciate the quality that went into their crafting and the materials that went into making them. Consisting of a green military coat with golden borders and sash of yellow and orange cloth under an ivory cloak held in place by a golden broach, as well as black silk leggings that hugged shapely thighs, the view disrupted slightly by her cloak and the long brown boots she wore. The elf was one of the most beautiful creatures he had seen across three worlds, and was someone he would recognize anywhere. However despite this he still had a job to perform.

    “Welcome to the future sight of the Embassy of the Mede Empire of Tamriel,” He said opening the door fully, bathing the street in the merry glow that filled the church thanks to the multiple magelights he had cast hours earlier. “how can I help you?”

    “Hello Legate Otto,” The chienthrope man began respectfully. “My name is Royland Rehmer and myself, as well as Mrs. Je Muza,” Here he gestured at the bored looking dwarfess to his side, who gave a decent-attempt at a curtsey as she was introduced, Otto nodding in greeting. “have been sent by the Guild to offer our assistance with the creation of the Transitus-Network hub. We are prepared to foot the bill for the required materials, and Lady Riveria Ljos Alf has agreed to loan her extensive knowledge of the magical arts to the project as a favor to the Guild.” Again he gestured to the other member of his group, though this time the introducee merely gave an absent-minded nod, too focused on the magical lights flitting through the building behind Otto to do more.

    “Royland Rehmer…” Otto said rolling the word around. “Any relation to Joseph Rehmer?”

    “He’s my uncle Legate.” Here the chienthrope’s already plastic smile became just a little bit faker.

    “Well Mr. Rehmer,” Otto sighed “I’m sorry to tell you this, especially since you got here so early, but the hub has already been completed. Just finished thirty minutes ago, in fact.”

    “Is that so?” Royland hummed.

    “Yes,” Otto confirmed “your more than welcome to come inside and check if you’d like, or if you’d care to join me for a cup of tea before you go on your way?”

    “I’m afraid not Legate.” Royland said slowly shaking his head. “We are quite busy at the Guild and if you have already finished work on your end of the Transitus-Network then I and Mrs. Muza must return to the Pantheon.”

    “I however,” Riveria began, her eyes moving from the lights she had been studying to meet Otto’s eyes. “greatly appreciate such an offer, and would be more than happy to take you up on it should it still be open?”

    “Certainly.” Otto blinked, “The more the merrier.” He said stepping to the side and allowing the elven princess to walk past him into the church proper. “Have a good day then Mr. Rehmer, Mrs. Muza.”

    “And to you as well, Legate.” The chienthrope replied turning around and gesturing for his dwarven companion to follow, who had since taken out her flask and begun sipping it’s contents once more, Otto shutting the door behind them and moving to follow his unexpected house guest.

    Riveria raised an eyebrow as she saw her host lead her to empty table, nodding in silent thanks when he pulled out a chair for her. As he pushed her chair in and took his own seat she prepared to open her mouth and ask him about the tea he had promised, only to feel a brief flash of irritation when she saw him raise a hand presumably to stall her. Though the irritation died down to confusion when he wiggled the three central fingers of his raised hand, and she heard the clinking of dishes behind her. Turning her head she blinked in surprise when she saw that with a simple gesture he had levitated two wooden cups balanced atop clay saucers, as well as a whistling brass teapot, before summoning them from another room. That was impressive for multiple reasons, not only the fact that he had the control necessary to manipulate multiple objects he was not able to see without breaking or dropping them, but also because he was able to do such a thing without a chant or even a one-word incantation. She had to wonder what kind of magic a fresh adventurer had that would allow them to do such a thing.

    Originally she had only agreed to accompany the Guild representatives to render her aid to “a recently arrived VIP,” fully prepared to have to deal with some arrogant noble with more coin than sense or a snobby magister who thought he was the be-all and end-all when it came to magic, though she was willing to put up with it in return for the sizable tax cut the Guild had promised the Loki Familia in return for her assistance. To say she was surprised when instead of either of those two figures was the one that opened the door to the church, a building that had no business looking as well-maintained as it did in such a ruined portion of the city, was instead a towering pillar of muscle with a complexion and hair that wouldn’t be out of place amongst the dwarf clan-holds of the Far North, would be a great understatement.

    To hear that such a figure had not only finished construction of a stable teleportation hub in less than a day, but was also presumably responsible for the multitude of swaying magical lights that illuminated the church in place of candles or the more crystal mage-lights...Well at that point her accepting the offer for tea was simply an excuse to find out if the walking-mountain was blowing hot air or if he could actually back up his claims. Such a casual display of magic, did a good deal of proving him right but that didn’t mean she was going to leave just yet.

    “What blend will we be having today?” She said attempting to cover her earlier surprise under a guise of idle curiosity.

    “It’s called Bard’s-Throat,” Riveria blinked in surprise once more and she felt a slight flush rise to her cheeks when she saw the foreign man bite back a chuckle. “just a little blend of jasmine and lemon I learned to make whilst attending the Bard’s College in Solitude, only useful thing I got out of the experience to be honest.”

    “You were a bard?” This she had to hear.

    “If you stretch the definition of the word, then sure.” The man shrugged. “I can carry a tune with a drum, flute, or lute as well as your run-of-the-mill bar-bard, but my main reason for joining was to gain access to the college’s copies of the historical eddas and epics of my people.” He then shook his head in annoyance, apparently recalling something unpleasant. “Of course I couldn’t just be left alone to do that and the professors of the college decided the best way for me to pay my tuition was to send me to recover misplaced artifacts and records from a menagerie of dungeons. Why that fool girl Larina decided it would be a good idea to sell Professor Pantea’s flute to a coven of necromancers I will never know.”

    “You have dungeons in the Mede Empire?” Riveria asked, whilst the comment about necromancers was interesting, if for all of the wrong reasons, the mention of multiple dungeons was the thing that grabbed her attention first.

    “Aye, though I mostly stuck to the dungeons in Skyrim.” Otto confirmed “I know that they can be found across the continent. Though they are far smaller than the one you have in Orario, ours are mostly three to twelve story tombs and cave systems infested with undead or some garden-variety monster.” He paused to pour them both a cup of tea, Riveria nodding in thanks, blowing softly in order to cool the steaming liquid. “The closest thing we have to Orario’s dungeon would be the Abyss.”

    “And what is this abyss?” Riveria asked, taking a sip of her tea and humming in approval at the taste.

    “The Abyss,” Otto said emphasizing the word. “Is an unclaimed realm of Oblivion bound to Tamriel through a number of portals. The realm itself consists of a never-ending series of rooms and corridors, which together form an endless dungeon. Few adventurers have survived exploring its reaches, those that survived however have told us that the monsters within and the dungeon itself grew stronger and more deadly the further you ventured from the entrance, though at the same time the riches it offered grew ever more luxurious and bountiful.”

    “So it seems that there are at least some passing similarities between the two locations.” Riveria said quietly, her mind racing as she sought to memorize the bits and pieces of information her host was giving her, though some terms she was entirely unfamiliar with in the context they were presented. “I imagine you traveled quite a bit being a bard, you must have heard of and seen quite a few places.”

    “Aye,” Otto nodded “though I actually first heard of the Abyss during my time as Archmage as of the College of Winterhold.”

    “Archmage, you say?” Riveria said thoroughly amused, “How’d you achieve a title like that?”

    “I stopped a foreign ambassador from blowing up the continent after he decided to kill the previous holder of the title and mess around with what was essentially a limitless source of magical energy.” Otto admitted “Funnily enough, I only actually achieved my current level of familiarity with the higher dimensions and the clever craft after I got the title.”

    “...What?” Riveria stated, her mind screeching to a halt after a statement like that.

    “The man’s name was Ancano.” Otto continued as if he hadn’t just dropped a info-bomb like that. “He was an Altmer agent of the Thalmor, the current ruling party of the Aldmeri Dominion, that was assigned as a ‘advisor’ to my predecessor Savos Aren.” Riveria had to hold back a chuckle at the sheer amount of sarcasm and scorn that Otto managed to fit into a single word, as well as the little finger-quotes he did as he said it. “Anyway myself and the rest of my class were doing an archaeological study at the ruins of Saarthal, the first city built in Skyrim after the arrival of my people from the continent of Armora, and long story short I ended up fighting a draugr by the name of Jyrik Gauldurson and stumbled upon the artifact I mentioned earlier. We end up bringing it to the College, and a few days Ancano kills the Archmage and several students before locking himself in the main hall with the damn thing. We only managed to stop him due to the staff harassing him with spells long enough for me and three other students to journey half-way across the province, go into the ruined home of one of the most powerful mages my people ever produced, and retrieve a specific staff capable of severing Ancano’s connection to the orb.” Here Otto reached into his pouch and to Riveria’s surprise, pulled a two-meter long staff of glowing crystal and a bronze-like metal covered in black runes out of a pouch that looked like it could barely hold the man’s fist at best. The fact that the staff was practically radiating mana, not the mind used by mortal races, but the magical energy utilized and produced by spirits was simply icing on the cake. “After that I ended up dueling Ancano to the death, winning, and being named Archmage because the spirit that lived in the College’s basement said it should be so.”

    “Well…that is an interesting tale.” Riveria said her eyes glued to the staff Otto had so casually displayed, as if it wasn’t something cities like Altena would bankrupt themselves just to study. “You said you were the Archmage of a College of Winterhold? What exactly does that entail?” Riveria sipped her tea in order to calm her racing mind, the man she was having tea with was obviously far more than he seemed to be, level one or no.

    “It’s mostly an honorary title at this point, a way to flatter the most knowledgeable or powerful mage in a specific group.” Otto admitted. “I helped to set the general policy of the College, but most of the administration was done by my Master Wizard and my old Alteration Professor Tolfdir. I meanwhile focused mostly on research and artifact collection, delving into old tombs to recover lost records and items, managed to build up quite a collection over the years.”

    “Is that so?” Riveria asked, finishing her cup and nodding in thanks when Otto offered to pour her another cup.
    “Indeed, I had to leave much of it back home.” And Otto did sound legitimately upset about that, Riveria could understand that, there was nothing better in her mind than curling up with a good book and a warm cup of tea, and she gave a grimace of sympathetic displeasure when she thought of being seperated from her own collection. Especially given how much time and how many Valis she had spent adding to its contents. “However, I did manage to bring a few choice bits with me.”

    “Oh.” Riveria hummed, she would really have to get the recipe for the tea before she left, it was remarkably good for how simple it was.

    “I have with me a complete collection of ‘Shalidor’s Insights on the Five Schools of Magic’ all fifteen volumes…” At the small smile and quirked eyebrow Riveria sent him Otto flushed and realized she probably didn't know who Shalidor even was. “Shalidor being the creator of the abandoned temple in which I received the staff I showed you earlier, like I said he was one of the most powerful mages my people ever produced, and his writing whilst numerous have been scattered across the world since his death, and as such are highly sought over by modern practitioners of magic. Besides his knowledge of the intricacies of magic, Shalidor was also an incredibly powerful mage. He built the city of Winterhold with a single whispered word using nothing but his own power, and created the Labyrinth beneath the ruins of Bromjunaar in the same way, to test any Archmage that came after him and guard his hoard of relics.”

    “Truly,” Riveria said leaning forward in her seat. “he sounds as if he was quite a figure.”

    “Aye that he was.” Otto said smiling, happy he had someone he could talk shop with. “I’d be willing to loan you a couple of tomes from my collection if you’d like, I’d enjoy getting your take on them, especially given the different magical systems we both use.”

    “I’d...be honored.” Riveria said blinking in mystification, a mage offering to share access to their personal collection was a great sign of trust, something usually only done between master and apprentice, and even then the student couldn’t expect to be granted full access. “If you are sure?”

    “Certainly,” Otto snapped his fingers with his free hand, and Riveria watched in surprise as his hand disappeared in a plate-sized portal of purple-ringed darkness, only to reappear when he pulled back his arm now balancing a stack of six books on his large palms, an inkwell carefully balanced on top of the literary tower. “these are Shalidor’s Insights on the School of Restoration.” Here he set the books on the table between them, separating them into two piles, tapping on the left pile with his finger in between a sip of his tea. “The first volume covers magic that restores and replace various aspects of the target that were reduced through combat, illness or other damage. This normally is used to heal a person of their wounds, but such effects can also be used to counter the effects of curses and hexes, should you act carefully.” He handed one of the books to Riveria, who started flipping through its pages. “The second volume focuses on magic that can be used to enhance a body’s resistance to cold, heat, magic, poison, disease, and more. This third tome however focuses on holy and solar magic, spells that utilize spiritual energies and sunlight to combat undead such as draugr and skeletons, though they can also affect non-undead to a lesser extent as well.”

    “Whilst I greatly appreciate your offer Otto,” Riveria said giving him a tiny, almost infinitesimal smile. “I’m afraid that I am unfamiliar with the script used, you wouldn’t happen to have a lexicon I could use to translate would you?”

    “I can do you one better, in fact that's what these journals over here are for.” Otto smiled and snapped again, Riveriai watching as his hand once again disappeared and reappeared, this time holding yesterday’s newspaper. “Could I see that back for a moment?”

    Returning the tome Riveria watched as Otto set it besides one of the blank books he had produced, setting the newspaper and inkwell atop of the latter.

    Fabricate: Object.” Otto spoke, casting what was very quickly becoming his favorite spell, and creating a perfect copy of Shalidor’s Insights, right down to the notes in the margins, whilst only using about a quarter of the ink in the inkwell. Repeating the process twice more, Otto pushed the freshly made stack over to his elven companion for the morning. “Here you go, you get a copy and I can have mine.”

    “Thank you.” Riveria said flipping through the book, giving Otto an impressive look upon discovering that it was now written in the trade script of Orario, something she could at least read even if the blocky characters weren’t her first choice for written material. “That’s quite the spell.”

    “It has its uses.” Otto admitted archly.

    “I’m sure it does,” Riveria said her smile growing slightly. “Now as lovely as the tea has been, I’d like to examine that teleportation hub you said you set up, if that’s possible.”

    Riveria ended up staying for another hour, examining the rune-work on the Transitus-Network altar for close to forty-five minutes before apparently being satisfied. The two of them returning to the main floor around 8:15 AM, and leaving the church together ten minutes later after Otto had written down the recipe for the tea he served and promising the elven princess the he would be happy to attend another meeting next week, Riveria offering to host them at the Twilight Manor so Otto could pursue her own collection. Something the swede happily agreed to as he closed the door behind them, dispelling the magelights as he did so, something that unknown to Otto caused Riveria’s ears to twitch though she showed no other, outwardly visible, reaction to the minor act of magic.

    From there the two parted ways, Riveria presumably returning to the Loki Familia home, whilst Otto went to meet Nathan at the Pantheon.

    It was time for the two of them to go on an adventure!

    There might have been some kind of mistranslation between the two Earthlings and the denizens of Orario when it came to the word ‘adventurer.’ The latter presumably thought this word meant desk-monkey or something familiar, because when Otto and Nathan arrived at the guild and turned in the paperwork-packets they had been given the day before, the two of them had been in fact escorted to a side room where they found to their horror that yet another stack of papers were waiting for each of them. Thankfully these piles were much smaller than the ones they had received prior, being at most twenty individual sheets. Though the point remained, and Otto had to stop Nathan from pocketing the pens in retaliation after they had finished and a Guild employee took the packets away, the two of them still arguing in hushed whispers when the door opened once again to admit yet another individual.

    A familiar face, framed by shoulder-length brown hair and emerald eyes that shimmered behind the lenses of a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. The slim elfess gave the two men a grin, unpainted lips parting to reveal a hint of pearly white teeth. After entering the room and closing the door behind her, she placed her hand on her chest and gave a welcoming bow, before introducing herself.

    “Greetings Autocrat Grant, Legate Otto. I am Eina Tulle, though you are free to call me Eina if you wish.”

    Nathan immediately painted on a the same welcoming smile he gave whenever he had to deal with the delegates of the Vegan Council, kicking Otto in the back of the leg beneath the table in revenge for taking the pens away from him, before standing to return the woman’s bow. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Eina,” He greeted, before straightening and gesturing for her to do the same. “You may call me Nathan in turn if you wish, no need to stand on ceremony at the moment.”

    “Unless your one of my students or a soldier of the Legion, then you may call me Otto.” Otto rumbled standing to give his own bow, his eyes meeting Nathan’s and promising retribution causing Nathan’s smile to become a more natural smirk. “Whenever I hear the words Legate Otto, I’m worried I’ll look behind me and find that one of the Auxiliaries managed to get himself caught in a catapult again.”

    “Does that happen often?” Nathan said holding back a chuckle at the image, Eina holding back a giggle as well.

    “More often than I’d like.” Otto admitted with a sigh. “Though it did come in handy during the Siege of Windhelm, twenty legionaries strapped leather wings and burlap sacks to themselves and launched each other over the city’s walls. Managed to take three towers doing that before the Stormcloaks even realized what was happening.”

    “You gotta tell me the rest of that story later.” Nathan said later. “But I doubt Eina is here to listen to us reminisce about the good old days.

    “Ah, regrettably so.” Eina said flashing an apologetic smile towards the larger swede, who shrugged in acceptance. “I have been assigned by Mr. Rehmer to handle your orientations, though due to the fact you are the first members of your Familia, your orientation will be a little more extensive than others normally would be. Which means you’ll be here for a little bit longer, if that isn’t too much trouble?”

    “Not at all.” Otto said his brow scrunching up. “Information no matter how tedious or petty it seems is often the difference between life and death on the battlefield.”

    “What my friend means.” Nathan says rolling his eyes at his friend’s momentary lapse of tact. “Is that any help we can get would be greatly appreciated. Whether it be booklets and maps we could buy from the Guild, records from previous adventurers, or your own advice Eina. After all you’ve been around the dungeon far longer than either of us.”

    “Excellent! That is a wonderful attitude to have as an adventurer.” Eina said perking up. “I’d be more than happy to give you an introduction to the dungeon during the orientation. Now as you might have guessed I will be one of your advisors alongside my associate, Misha Flott…” Here Eina paused and turned to look behind her, before slumping, perhaps just now realizing that her coworker was not behind her as she thought. “I swear to Tekkai, that girl is going-”

    “I’m here, I’m here!” A familiar pinkett said slamming the door open and skidding to a stop beside her elven friend. “Sorry I’m late, I was busy with some paperwork and lost track of time.”

    “I’m sure you were.” Eina said dryly, even if she didn’t know her friend’s track record when it came to any kind of paperwork, she still wouldn’t believe her due to the sheer number of crumbs that littered her cheeks and shirt. “Either way you need to introduce yourself.”

    “Ah no need for that.” Nathan said amused by how fate’s favor seemed to fall. “We have already had the pleasure of making Miss Flott’s acquaintances.”

    “Eh.” Misha said, peering at the two of them through narrowed eyes before her eyes flew open as she finally connected the dots. “Your those guys that got dumped in the Dungeon last week! Your the VIPs were supposed to be advising?!”

    “They were WHAT?!” Eina shrieked, rapidly looking between her friend/coworker and her new charges, upon Misha’s revelation.

    “Ah perhaps this orientation will take longer than we thought.” Otto sighed, Nathan nodding in agreement as he munched on a pear he had gotten from...somewhere.

    After calming a panicked Eina, and stopping her profuse apologizing when she found out two foreign dignitaries had been kidnapped and dumped in the Dungeon beneath Babel without anyone noticing, the four of them managed to get started on the promised seminar and orientation. Eina and Misha providing them with knowledge about ‘dungeon etiquette’, and maps of the Dungeon’s ‘upper floors’ as well as the monster’s that called them home. Ranging from the plump Goblins and dog-headed Kobolds they had already accompanied, the massive Dungeon Lizards, the dark-clawed War Shadows, the one-eyed Frog Shooters, the mono-horned Needle Rabbits, the valuable Blue Papilio, the poisonous Purple Moth, and the so called ‘new adventure killer’ the Killer Ant. And while they were warned multiple times to stick to the first few floors they were also given lectures on the small demon-like Imp, the Bad Bat with their sonic screams, the deadly Infant Dragons, the monkey-like Silverback, the armadillo-expy the Hard Armored, the toothy Dungeon Worm, the rabbit-like Almiraj, the fire breathing Hellhound, the towering Minotaur, and the monstrous-tigers called Lygerfangs.

    Maybe a minute into the lecture Nathan had pulled out a holotape from his Pip-Boy and used it to record the expanded-orientation they were getting, and after a brief explanation that he was not in fact goofing off while they were talking, was allowed to keep going. The two Guild girls, though Eina did most of the talking with Misha throwing in comments focused on how to interact with other adventurers whilst in the dungeon, kept talking for a little over two hours, during which time Nathan managed to go through five holotapes before they eventually wound down.

    After that the two men were unofficially requested/required to promise to check in with either Eina or Misha when they entered or exited the dungeon. Otto and Nathan were finally allowed to enter the Dungeon a full three hours after they had first entered the Pantheon. The two friends once again entering the hole from which they first arrived.
    Finally after so long they were going to go on an adventure!

    The upper floors were boring.

    There was no easy way to say it, but it was true. For men like Nathan, who had wrestled mutant lizards who weighed over a ton and had foot-long claws capable of shredding rock and steel like tissue paper, or Otto, who had fought and won against multiple physical gods, well before they had gotten their Falna. The monsters of the upper floor posed very little challenge, with the enthusiasm of curb-stomping Goblins and Kobolds wearing off after the first twenty kills. Also subtracting from their enthusiasm is that, whilst they didn’t have to waste any time harvesting the stones and drop items of the monsters they killed due to Otto’s prolific usage of the auto-looting function of the spell Unseen Servant, there was no getting around the fact that the first five floors were uncomfortably crowded. With the vast majority of adventurer’s never getting past Level One, it was obvious that these disparate folk would stick to the floors they were least likely to be killed or horribly maimed on, something that while smart in practice, doomed them to mediocrity and caused no end of annoyance for Nathan and Otto.

    So after two hours of this, and committing what were likely war crimes against just over two hundred Goblins and Kobolds, the two of them decided to descend to the sixth floor. It was there that the two men began to have a modicum of fun. Nathan carving up Frog Shooters one after another with his bowie knife Blood-Nap and the .45 Auto pistol he had received from Joshua Graham, utilizing the crimson-hilted blade to split their tongues when the monsters endeavored to lasso him with the spine-covered appendage, before leaping onto their backs, using Blood-Nap and the sharp steel edge of his boots to hold him in place as he knelt and fired Graham’s Light directly into their one big eye. Whilst he was doing this Otto was dealing with the War Shadows that always seemed to spawn behind them, creeping up behind the two men and seeking to skewer them with their blade-tipped fingers. More often than not they failed immediately, Otto simply executing via prodigious usage of the spell Icy Spear, and the few times they weren’t slaughtered moments after their creation were cut down to size when he started lopping off heads and limbs with his adamantium claymore Chrysamere. However the two men quickly faced a similar problem as they did on floors one through five, the massive frogs and humanoid-shadows losing their novelty rather quickly. So after collecting stones from a baker's dozen worth of Frog Shooters and forty of the War Shadows, they decided to go down one more floor, vowing to return to the surface for the day should they not get the challenge they sought.

    It was quite lucky that the Dungeon provided that for them, as it seemed the dungeon had grown annoyed with their casual slaughter and as such upped the spawn rates for the seventh floor.

    “You about done over there Otto,” Nathan asked dodging to the left and bringing Blood-Nap down in a vicious stab that all-but severed the head of the Needle Rabbit who had sought to impale from behind. The corpse of the lupine-monster impacting the rocky floor with a damp thud, joining the four others of it’s kind that rested at the New Vegan’s feet.

    “Just about.” Otto said double-checking the seal of the glass jar in his hands, and examining the condition of the butterfly-like monster trapped inside. From what Eina had told him, and Otto’s own recollections of the source material, the powder the Blue Papilio secreted from its wings was highly valued due to its restorative properties, with a thimble-ful of the silvery-blue dust often going for tens of thousands of Valis. So if the two of them were able to take one of the things alive, he could harvest the powder and either use it himself or sell it to one of the various pharmaceutically-inclined Familia’s who called Orario home. Taking one last look at the struggling insect that was frantically tapping on the glass walls of it’s cells, trying to squeeze its too large body through the too small air holes that had been poked in the lid, Otto decided to end it. “Kaan Drem Ov. Gal Hah Dov.” The large Nord solemnly intoned, the words echoing throughout the corridor, as a fiery-golden glow emerged from his lips like mist on a cold winter day and seeped into the monster he held captive. The first three words he spoke, ancient sounds tied to the very Song of the Aurubis itself, calmed the insectile-creature, which then settled at the bottom of it’s new home as it gazed up to him in confusion, it’s earlier panic abandoning it in the face of the thu’um. The final three words however bound the monster to Otto as one would a pet to an owner, or a slave to a master, knocking aside it’s will and replacing it with a need to obey it’s new lord. “Good.” Otto said observing the changes in his new specimen, ignoring the sound of Nathan killing yet another Needle Rabbit. “Now sit tight little lady, I’ll have you settled in your new home in a bit, so until then you go in the Inventory.” With that last word Otto summoned the dark purple-rimmed orb that represented the physical manifestation of his inventory and carefully deposited his new prize within, before standing and moving to Nathan’s side. “Unseen Servant.” With that some six dead monsters collapsed into black ash as Otto’s spells harvested their horns and magical stones, depositing them within his inventory alongside the Blue Papilio. “You ready to move on yet Nathan?”

    “Nope.” A swing and a thump echoed throughout the corridor as yet another bunny bit the dust. “Now I am”

    “...Unseen Servant.”

    “This is dumb.” Otto said watching as Nathan did his bloody work, absentmindedly throwing out a bolt of Chain Lightning that fried a number of monsters in their shells. “You know this is dumb. Where did you even get the idea for this?”

    “You remember that WW meme Noah showed us before we got isekai’d?” Nathan asked, bringing the knife down one more time and removing the last of his captive’s mandibles. The Killer Ant at his feet had most definitely seen better days, Nathan having removed all six of its legs, split its abdomen and now both of its mandibles. The creature was no helpless and it’s antennae were twitching wildly as it called for assistance, more Killer Ants now charging the two men in groups of two and three from down the corridor.

    “The flammenwerfer?” Otto asked, tossing out a shard of ice that pierced the mouth and head of a Killer Ant that was yet to completely emerge from the walls of the dungeon. Causing the thing to slump forward like a marionette with its strings cut, still pinned to the wall like some macabre ornament by virtue of its abdomen still being lodged in the stone of the Dungeon.

    “No, the one with the cavalry charging a machine gun nest.” Nathan said before standing and sheathing his knife at his belt. “Pip: Item 5.” With that command code Nathan, materialized one of the items he had in his Pip-Boy’s favorite items. A magazine-fed, compact automatic weapon with a high rate of fire and a relatively low spread, originally created for use by American paratroopers prior to the Great War. Nathan’s 5mm Assault Carbine had been modified to accept extended magazines, a new and far more durable forged receiver, and a lighter bolt than helped increase the rate of fire by 20%. Something that would come in handy for what the mad Nevadan was planning. “Pip: 5mm AP.” That would as well. “Think you can use your fancy magic to Elsa us up a killing funnel?”

    “Let it be stated for the record that I think this is a bad idea, but yes I can.” Otto sighed, unwilling to admit that he was just a little bit excited for what was to come. “Wall of Frost.” Otto cast, raising his hand to paint the walls of the dungeon with crystal-hard pillars of ice, each one as thick as a tree trunk, that grew to form a solid wall. Continuing with his construction project as Nathan bayoneted and fired upon any Killer Ant he saw emerging from the opposite wall, as Otto finished up forming a pair of mirrored funnels facing either end of the corridor they had been fighting in. Something that would serve to funnel the inevitable horde of Killer Ants that would be coming at them, and would help to nullify the advantage their greater numbers would convey.

    Satisfied with his work, Otto stepped back and dismissed Chrysamere, depositing it in the void of his inventory and replacing the adamantium claymore with a pair of ebony long swords. Both made in the style of Tsaesci “blood drinker” long swords, each weapon followed a similar design no matter how intricate their construction. The first blade Rimelink, was as much a work of art as it was a weapon, with a grip wrapped in silvery snakeskin, a gilded guard laden with large icy-blue jewels, and a blade that greatly resembled the gaping maw of some serpentine beast. Chilling mist seemed to cling to the blade like a funeral shroud, and a thin layer of hoarfrost clung to its edge like a stubborn weed, a warning sign to anyone with a brain that the sword was enchanted. The icy-jewels he had mentioned being infused with the essence of the blizzards that hammered the northern coasts of Tamriel, its attacks freezing those it struck and leaving wounds that grew spine-like shards of ice that pierced flesh as if one had shoved an array of tiny hedgehogs within the ‘gifts’ it left in its wake. Of course this wasn’t Rimelink’s only power, nor was it the most important at the moment. No that honor applied to the sword’s ability to amplify the potency of frost magic, Otto’s preferred path of magical destruction, and something he would greatly appreciate in the battle to come.

    The second sword Bloodthirst, was nigh identical to its icy twin, with elegant jewels in it’s crossguard and pommel, a pronged blade with a serrated interior, a snakeskin wrapped grip, and a scale-like pattern that had been beaten into the sword’s gilded crossguard and pommel. But Bloodthirst differed from it’s cold-cousin in that its jewels were infused with swirling red blood that, Otto knew from bitter experience thanks to its old owner, sometimes sucked in entire cups worth, during a successful thrust or slash. The blade used its macabre thirst to enhance its wielder, healing them of their own wounds, increasing their speed and strength, and making sure they don’t tire during combat. All to ensure that the wielder can stick around as long as possible and continue feeding their sword. However despite the poor memories he associated with the weapon, Bloodthirst’s buffs would be a gift from the Nine against the angry hive of Killer Ants coming towards the two of them.

    “You don’t pay me near enough to deal with this.” Otto grumbled, readying a spell as the monsters drew ever closer.

    “I don’t pay you at all.” Nathan grinned, unloading round after round down the firing range Otto had provided him. “Besides this is our first time in the dungeon, can’t pay you if you never had to ‘deal with this’ before.”

    “I was talking about dealing with you.” Otto admitted, raising his arms and brought them down hard. Cold leaked from his hands, mist slipping between his fingers despite the grip he had on his swords, before rocketing forward in a spinning cloud of icy razors. The deadly mist passing over the Killer Ants in his way, like fruit in a blender, growing larger as it traveled before fading close to thirty meters from Otto. “Either way too late to back down now.”

    “That’s the spirit!” Nathan said from behind him, and Otto sighed when he heard the boom and flash of heat that followed those words.

    “Nathan.” Otto said bringing down Rimelink to split a Killer Ant’s head, the enchanted blade causing the monster’s thorax and abdomen to split open as dozens of sword like shards of ice grew from the inside out, turning the creature into a macabre pincushion.

    “Yes?” Nathan said, stomping down on the head of a wounded ant that had dragged itself towards his position.

    “Was that a grenade?” Otto asked, a number of icy arrows flying from his fingers to kill the first row of ants of the next wave, causing them to skid to a stop dead, and those behind them to crash into their corpses. Leaving them open for another Wall of Frost.

    “Might have been.” Nathan said readying another another one, hoping to sow some confusion upon his own second wave.

    “I really don’t like you some times.” Otto grumbled sighed in annoyance as he could feel the smug that was practically radiating off his friend.

    “Less talky. More killy!”

    Eventually the two of them started a game to see who could kill the most monsters, that the two of them continued alongside their massacre for close to five hours. Mowing down wave after wave of Killer Ants, and the odd Needle Rabbit that seemed to have it out for Nathan, they fought with gun, bomb, spell, and sword their counts reaching into the hundreds as the Dungeon through progressively larger waves at their bunker. It was when the piles of dead monsters had piled up so high that the waves were crawling over mounds of dead that came up to Otto’s shoulders in height, that the two of them decided to call it a day. Otto launching a bolt of chain lightning down both ends of the corridor, whilst Nathan decapitated the Killer Ant they had been using as bait for the duration of their game. The two men covered in a mixture of grime and giblets from their day in the Dungeon, though the latter thankfully disappeared when Otto cast the spell Unseen Servant to harvest the magic stones from their piles of victims, which collapsed into ankle-deep mounds of black ash now that the drop items had been collected.
    It was a smug swede and a pouty nevadan that emerged from the Dungeon that day on their way to meet up with their advisors, the two of them only realizing just how long they had spent underground when they saw the clock on the wall display 8:30 PM. The end of their little game resulting in 1,322 Killer Ant kills for Otto, and 678 kills for Nathan, the former’s prolific usage of AOE and multi-target spells proving more than a match for the latter limited stockpile of ammunition and explosives.
    Otto took the lead and the two of them headed to the exchange station, which conveniently for them was a familia brown-haired elfess.

    “Nathan! Otto!” Eina cried her entire demeanor perking up when she caught sight of her two newest advisees. “Where have you been?!”

    “We were in the Dungeon Eina.” Nathan said cheekily, that quickly turned into a yelp when Otto pinched his ear.

    “Sorry about him.” Otto said, twisting Nathan’s ear a bit before letting him go, and ignoring the look his friend sent him. “But yes we’ve been in the Dungeon the whole time.”

    “Did you get lost?” She asked worried, thinking that against all odds they had managed to lose the maps they had been given. “You stuck to the upper floors, right?”

    “Indeed,” Otto confirmed, Nathan nodded alongside him. “The deepest we went was the seventh floor.” Only for both men to freeze as they felt the terrifying aura their advisor was emitting.

    “YOU WHAT!” Eina shouted, drawing the attention of those few adventurers and staff members still in the main hall of the Pantheon.

    “We...stuck to the Upper Floors like you asked of us.” Nathan said confused, “Look Eina if your going to yell at us, could you do it somewhere else. Everyone is kind of staring at us now.” Both men watched as the slim elf-woman turned her head to look around the room and found dozens of eyes meeting her own, from both returning adventurers and her own coworkers. The realization and the attention made Eina flush, the tips of her ears turning a deep, cherry red, though that didn’t stop her from turning her glare back at the two of them.

    “Follow me.” She ground out between gritted teeth, giving an apologetic bow to the rest of the room, and placing a “CLOSED” sign atop her booth, before marching the two of them to the nearest empty meeting room. The room the two displaced-adventurers had probably spent the most time in during their stay in Orario, besides the Pub.

    “142 Goblin stones and 45 Goblin fangs, 79 Kobold stones and 32 Kobold nails,” Eina listed off, studiously ignoring the massive burlap sack of monster parts her coworker was trying to push through the door behind her. “40 War Shadow stones and 19 War Shadow finger blades, 13 Frog Shooter stones, 14 Needle Rabbit stones and 11 Needle Rabbit horns, as well as 2,003 Killer Ant stones.” Eina set the sheet had been studying down on the table, and reached up to massage the bridge of her nose. “Just...how? You two are newbie adventurers, if the reports you gave the Guild are in any way truthful then you received your Falna less than seven days ago and today was your first day in the dungeon. So how did you manage to do all of-of...of THIS! In less than a day!”

    “Miss Tulle.” Otto said calmly, looking at the relatively short elf women on the other side of the table. “Just what did the Guild tell you we were?”

    “That you were foreign dignitaries that had been kidnapped and decided to join up with a childless god the day after arriving in the city.” Eina said flatly, and Otto inwardly winced at the tone and how suspicious the words made the two of them look.

    “Be that as it may, Miss Tulle.” Otto said not letting any sign of the damage the words had done to him show on his face.

    “Before we arrived in this city we were far more than simple diplomats.”

    “What were you then?” If Eina’s voice was any flatter you could have used it to flip flapjacks.

    “Problem solvers.” Otto stated simply. “Whenever the locals or the Legion had a problem they would point me at it. Say there was a cave or fortress a days ride from one of the trade-paths or a village, that bandits had decided to set up shop in, maybe they were harassing some merchants or decided to kidnap a village girl. I would be sent in to act as an exterminator, missions like that never took more than a few hours at best.” Otto kept a careful gaze on Eina as he spoke, gauging her reactions to his words. “Things escalated from there, after I made a name for myself I started getting sent to hunt bigger and bigger targets. Things like problematic giants that were raiding the herdsmen, dragons that had made their nests atop of mountains and were flying out to feast on the bóndi, rebel armies and the cities that were housing them…” Otto said leadingly, watching as Eina’s eyes widened in realization. “I can and have destroyed literal armies in the name of my Emperor and my High-King, compared to the foes I fought to defend them, the creatures of the Upper Floors simply aren’t anything new or challenging for me.”

    “Same for me.” Natan said watching as Eina’s gaze shifted to him. “Before I became the leader of New Vegas I was a courier and delivered parcels across some of the most deadly and monster-infested portions of the world. Days where I only had to deal with a single horde of feral ghouls, fire-breathing ants, or pack of multi-ton reptiles with claws capable of shredding several inches of hardened steel like tissue paper were considered a slow day in my line of work.”

    “I..” Eina hesitated here, looking at the two of them with new eyes. “I see.” She finished in a small voice.

    “You are a wonderful young woman, Miss Tulle.” Otto continued, ignoring her sputtering look of surprise at his words. “You put your all into the work you are given, and the care you give to those given to be your charges is worthy of nothing but the highest of praise.” Here he stood from his seat and bowed deeply to his now scarlet advisor, her ears twitching wildly in embarrassment. “For that reason I apologize for the worry we caused you this day, and for failing to inform you of my own abilities.”

    “Same here,” Nathan sighed climbing to his feet and bowing alongside his larger friend, suppressing the smile that threatened to break out on his face at the embarrassed whine that spilled out from their advisor. “probably should have given you a better overview of our abilities before we went down. Sorry about that.”

    “Please..please just stand up.” Eina begged, looking behind her to see a trio of her coworkers on the other side of the door peering in. Ducking back when they saw Eina turn and spot them. “Stop bowing! This is so embarrassing.”

    The two cheeky adventurers simply bowed a little deeper, really there Guild advisor couldn’t possibly expect to act this cute and not get teased, now could she?

    Nathan and Otto stayed maybe twenty minutes longer, finally heading back towards the Pub after they had exchanged their drop items for cold hard cash. Their bank accounts now a good 2.5 million Valis larger than it was the day before.

    The two men were now in their room with Hestia, after a quick meal of broiled salmon and potatoes courtesy of Pamela’s oldest daughter Carmila, with Nathan lying on his bed shirtless as Hestia went about updating his Falna.

    “Alrighty then, lets see how your first day went Mr. Captain.” Hestia said proudly, peeling back the Falna-sheet so the three of them could see what little progress they had made. The two adventurers peering over their goddess’s shoulders to see if Nathan’s stats had gone up any.

    Strength = 8 (+625)C-
    Endurance = 9 (+880) B+
    Dexterity = 8 (+500) D-
    Agility = 8 (+500) D-
    Magic = 0 (Locked) I-
    “Good job Nathan.” Hestia said a congratulatory smile on her face as she handed the sheet to the grateful Familia captain. “Looks like your stats went up a good bit, so whatever you boys did in the Dungeon, it was something right.”

    “Thanks Lady Hestia.” Nathan said shooting a smug look Otto’s way behind her back, the bigger man rolling his eyes at his friend’s attitude, clapping him on the shoulder nonetheless. The nord spellsword taking his friend’s place on the bed and doing his best to ignore the fact that instead of sitting beside him like she had Nathan, Lady Hestia had instead decided to straddle his waist using his butt as a cushion as she went about updating his Falna.

    “Alright Otto,” Hestia said pushing herself off of him as she peeled a sheet of paper off of his back a minute later, much to Otto’s silent relief. “All done, let’s take a look.”

    Strength = 12 (+400) E-
    Endurance = 12 (+850) A
    Dexterity = 10 (+1000) SS-
    Agility = 12 (+100) H-
    Magic = 20 (+1200) SSS-
    “Good job Otto!” Hestia said hugging him around the neck when she saw his stats, such an action causing her to go flat against Otto’s back and cause the larger man to feel quite a bit of his patron’s figure. Nathan too amused at his friend’s plight to feel any sort of jealousy regarding the small but noticeable gap between their growth, simply popped out a Sunset Sarsaparilla and leaned back to watch the show. Of course, that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to keep quiet about it either.

    “Your such a one-upper lummox.” Nathan teased, watching in contentment as his friend tried in vain to pry their goddess off of his back so he could sit up.

    “Shut up mailman.”

    “Come on Otto, you’ve known me for close to two years now.” The grin that spread across Nathan’s face was positively shit-eating. “Do you honestly think there is any chance of me doing that.”


    It was hours later that Otto slipped out of his and Nathan’s room, casting a silent muffling spell so as to avoid waking up his friend as he went about doing his business. Tiptoeing down the hall and into the Pub’s cellar Otto readied himself for the meeting to come.

    Black Market.” With the words of power spoken, Otto watched as a swirling void opened up before him and deposited a familiar figure. “Hello Puetsal.”

    “Oh honored customer.” The bombastic Kynval-Dremora said, the multi-dimensional merchant giving a deep bow that set the numerous trinkets pinned to his Perthan silk robes. “What can the humble and generous Puestal do for you this fine night.”

    “I’d like to place an order.” Otto said simply, handing the daedra a sheet a folded sheet of paper which he took with a flourish.

    “Oh this humble merchant can do such a thing for you quite easily, dear customer.” Puestal boasted, his eyes scanning the list at a rate that was completely inhuman. “My, my this is quite the list but Puestal can get them for you. Though it should be two days before Puestal can do such a thing-”

    “You’ll do it by morning.” Otto stated flatly his inventory opening between them and depositing a hefty sack of golden septims on the table between them.

    “Dear and understanding customer.” Puestal simpered. “Such a thing is impossible, even for one as skilled as the generous and humble Puestal. It will take quite a while to gather the materials you ask for, and Puestal does have other customers he must treat.”

    “I’m not asking them you to gather them.” Otto said, waving his hand and plopping another gold-filled sack between them, Puestal’s eyes flicking to the table at the sight and his tongue flicking out to wet his grey lips. “The materials have already been gathered, I am asking you to pick them up and deliver them to me. The package can be found in Riften, my steward Brynjolf will be waiting for you at my manor, you are to pick them up and deposit them in this cellar within the next twelve hours.”

    “Whilst that does solve the issue of the time required to gather the requested items, oh wise customer.” Puestal said bowing once more, his gaze locked onto the sacks as if he were trying to burn a hole in them with his gaze. “The humble and considerate Puestal does have other customers, as he said-” A third sack plonked onto the table. “but they can wait whilst Puestal helps you oh favored and dearest of clients.”

    “I’m sure they will.” Otto said dryly, watching as the greedy Kynval-Dremora picked up the sacks and stuffed them up his sleeves, fifteen thousand septims disappearing into the robes of the Oblivion-hopping smuggler.

    “If that will be all,” Puestal questioned, receiving a nod from Otto. “then the loyal and friendly Puestal shall be off. Farewell dear customer.”

    “Farewell Puestal.” Otto said watching as the daedra disappeared into the same void he had appeared from. “Now I just have to explain to Mrs. Pam why she’s going to have six new crates in her basement when she wakes up. Oh well ‘better to ask for forgiveness than permission’ as they say.”

    Hours earlier a certain elvish princess walked into the meeting room in the Twilight Manor, being the last of nine to arrive. Scattered throughout the room were her companions and friends, people she had fought and lived alongside for years, decades in some cases.

    Seated besides the window were a pair of tanned Amazoness sisters, one tall and busty her bountiful assets held in place by a crimson bikini-top, the other short and slender her modesty preserved by the white and gold chest wrapping, they were the Hiryute sisters Tione and Tiona. Leaning back in a chair with his feet on the table, was a shaggy-haired and amber-eyed werewolf whose arms were crossed over his chest and his face locked into what seemed to be a permanent scowl, Bete Loga. Across from him was the problem child of their Familia, Ais Wallenstein, a beautiful golden haired and child that was likely going to cause Riveria to go grey before her second centennial was even close. Besides her was Riveria’s apprentice Lefiya Viridis, a golden-haired and blue-eyed elf girl who was currently sneaking peeks at Aiz over the top of her book.

    At the head of the table were the three members of the Familia she had known the longest. Gareth Landock the good-natured and kind dwarf that acted as a father figure to the rest of the Familia in the place of their goddess’ own whimsical nature. The Loki Familia captain Finn Deimne, a scruffy blonde-haired pallum who currently had his face buried in the Familia’s ledgers, no doubt trying to figure out how much the tax benefit the Guild had given them would have, and if it would pull them out of the red. The final figure was their goddess Loki, a tomboyish figure with light red hair and red eyes that was currently...building a pyramid of playing cards.

    “Eh hem.” Riveria coughed, catching the room’s attention and causing Loki to cry out in despair as her standing up to welcome home her child knocked over her house of cards. The trickster goddess sinking to her knees in despair as she cried over the ruins of her labors.

    “Welcome back Riveria,” Finn greeted studiously ignoring their childish patron. “how did it go?”

    “Much better than I expected, though it turned out my services were not required.” Riveria admitted.

    “Then what the hell held ya?” Bete drawled, his scowl turning from one of irritation to confusion. “You were gone for over an hour.”

    “I was having tea with the VIP the Guild enlisted me to assist in the first place.” Riveria said, looking towards the Level 5 and gesturing for him to get his feet off the table. An order he complied with though it did cause his scowl to return to normal...or as normal as you would get with Bete. “He was quite the interesting figure.”

    “Is that so?” Finn said, the beginning of a teasing smile starting to form.

    “No.” Riveria said, putting an end to that line of thought right then and there. Whilst Otto had been handsome in a rugged sort of way that was entirely different to the vast majority of elf men, and could actually keep up with her when it came to discussing magical theory. There was no way she was letting her friends get involved in her love life, especially not with Finn’s peculiarities, and Gareth was likely to go and give the poor man the ‘shovel talk,’ as the god’s called it, if there was even a hint of Finn’s teasing being true. “But he did make a wonderful cup of tea, and gave me a few books from his own collection. What made him interesting was what he showed me and what he did.”

    A gasp rang out through the room, and all eyes turned to Loki who had slammed her hands on the table, gazing at Riveria intently.

    “What did that lecherous foreigner do to you Mama?! What did he do to you with what he showed you.” She said dramatically, and every eye in the room turned from their goddess to the vice-captain, Lefiya turning crimson and beginning to splutter in second-hand embarrassment and outrage.

    “No.” Riveria repeated, this time with a bit more force. “What made him interesting was the fact that he possesses a staff capable of generating mana, not mind but pure mana, at a rate reminscent to a High Class Spirit, and as a Level One is able to cast at least four different spells.” During her time at the restored church that would soon become the embassy of this ‘Mede Empire’, Otto had cast four spells within her presence.

    He had used a telekinetic spell to serve them tea, a portal spell that he could use to store and retrieve items, the spell he had used to create the books he had gifted her, and the spell that dismissed the magical lights that had illuminated the church that he had cast as they left the church. A feat that should not have been possible even through the usage of grimoires, as mortals only had the capability to use three spells. Something that previously only she and Lefiya were able to get around due to her own ability to us Chant Connection, and Lefiya’s Elf Ring.

    Meaning, that it was all but certain that Otto possessed a similar ability or skill that allowed him to bypass the magic-slot limit, just like the two of them. Something that Finn realized as soon as he finished digesting Riveria’s words, the pallum adventurer leaning forwards with a quirked eyebrow and his chen balanced atop his interlocked fingers.

    “Oh, that is interesting.” Finn’s smile was all business now. “Tell me more.”
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    The next morning found Otto looking over the property they had purchased from the Guild. The park had been abandoned for over a decade at this point, falling into disrepair during the uncertain times that followed the ousting of the Zeus and Hera Familias, much like the rest of the seventh quarter. The grass had grown till it was tall enough to brush against Otto’s hips as he walked from mound to mound, double checking his work, whilst the fence that surrounded the property had been reduced to rusted iron and cracked stone. Despite that it was still a good piece of land despite the mess, the soil was moist and full of worms, whilst the weeds that had grown over the years had healthy roots and were a lovely shade of green. It was for that reason Otto had decided the plot would be perfect for his particular method of rapid-construction, something that had them burying flour bags stuffed with a menagerie of ingredients at six in the morning.

    Each bag contained a grand soul gem coated in a mixture of pulped crimson nirnroot and boiled trama root, as well as mashed and minced remains of various mushrooms and fungi, wrapped in a cocoon of giant lichen. The resulting ball had then been stuffed in the used flour bags he had bought from Mrs. Pamela alongside soil from the site they were to be buried. Otto was currently burying the last of the sacks now, pausing only to pour a lime-green potion of the burlap sack and waiting for it to soak into the material before covering it with soil and packing the earth back into place.

    He would have to do that twice more over the next week, but for today Otto’s work was done, and he was free to head back to the Pub, he had promised to help Mrs. Pamela in the kitchen this morning before he and Otto went into the Dungeon, and he would be damned before he broke a promise to that woman. He might have been a legendary dragon-slayer and a literal doom-driven hero but that woman could make him feel like a misbehaving toddler with a look and a few quiet words, hell she could do more damage to him than Harkon and Miraak combined just doing that.

    Nathan and Otto had decided to enter the dungeon again today, see if they could go a little deeper and grind their stats a bit more.

    “So how deep should we go today do you think?” Nathan asked tossing the core of the pear he had been snacking on in a nearby rubbish bin, the two of them entering the plaza which housed the Pantheon. “Think we can repeat yesterday’s success?”

    “We are not doing the bunker-thing again.” Otto said glaring at his captain. “You burnt through entirely too much ammo doing that, and besides, I don’t have as much space as I did yesterday.”

    “True.” Nathan said nodding placatingly, whilst gunning down those Killer Ants had been cathartic as all hell, he had burnt through far too much ammo for it to be an everyday thing. And while Otto admitted that he might be able magic him up some bullets using his Fabricate magic and some of his alchemical supplies, he wouldn’t be able to do it anytime soon. Needing space and access to facilities he wouldn’t have until their new house was finished, something Otto said wouldn’t be done for at least a week. “Think we should hire a Supporter to carry the stones? Might cut into the profits a bit, but not as much as having to cut our day short due to running out of space.”

    “It might be a good idea.” Otto said rubbing his chin, his helmet tucked beneath his arm and Chrysamere sheathed on his back. The two of them pausing near the fountain in front of the Guild’s offices to finish their conversation, the Dungeon wasn’t going to go anywhere so they had time. “But how do we find one? Do we just ask Eina to point us towards one, or do you think Supporters just ...I don’t know walk around and try to join up with people outside of their Familia? Self-advertisement and all that jazz.”

    “Lili doesn’t know what jazz is, but she is a Supporter Mister Adventurer!” A voice called out from behind Otto, the two men freezing at the name before exchanging looks and turning to see a VERY familiar face.

    Standing a few feet behind Otto was a tiny girl, just over three-and-a-half feet tall, holding an utterly massive backpack that would look large even on Otto, but with the girl holding it the whole scene surreal. She had chestnut colored hairs and eyes that peeked out from beneath the faded white cloak that covered her entire body, though the two men could spot two twitching bumps poking up from her head, letting them know that the pallum girl was most likely pretending to be an animal person using her magic.

    “Good morning Mr Adventurers,” Lili greeted the two of them, a smile on her face so masterfully faked that Nathan wanted to break out in applause. “Lili overheard you were looking for a supporter, If the Adventurers want, then Lili can be your supporter.”

    “Oh…” Nathan said his brain finally rebooting after best girl literally popped up out of nowhere. “Are you apart of a Familia, Miss Lili?” Nathan asked to buy himself a bit more time to put himself back into working order.

    “Yes,” Lili said with a nod. “Lili is part of the Soma Familia but Lili can Support other Familias as well.”

    “All right then, a few questions then you’re hired.” Nathan said holding up three fingers. “I’m guessing you have some kind of skill that lets you carry that massive pack of yours?” He asked nodding to her backpack.

    “Yes, Mister Adventurer!” Lili nodded, deciding to hop in place to show that she could properly maintain her balance and that the ludicrous weight she was carrying had no effect on her. Though such an action also did...interesting things to her chest. Nathan really needed to introduce bras to Gekkai...or maybe he would hold back on that for a bit now that he thought about it. “It lets Lili carry big things like this easy."

    “Alright good,” Nathan nodded, dropping one of his fingers. “Do you have any weapons on you, you probably won’t need to use them if you do get hired since one of us will stick by your side while your acting as our supporter but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

    “Yes, thank you Mister Adventurer.” Lili said bowing deeply, in what was probably a false sense of gratitude. “Lili has her crossbow and a dagger in case any monster’s get too close to her.” No mention of the magical sword then, which meant she either hadn’t acquired it yet or she was keeping it a secret.

    “Last question,” Nathan said dropping his middle finger so he was just holding up his index finger still. “We will be going down past the tenth floor, maybe to the twelfth at the deepest, today. So why we will escort you back to the surface should you decide it is too much, I would prefer to know now nonetheless if you are still willing to go down into the Dungeon with us.”

    “Yes Mister Adventurer,” Lili nodded resolutely. “Lili isn’t going to turn back, she is a good supporter.”

    “Alright then,” Nathan said dropping his hands to his belt and tossing the disguised pallum a coin pouch he had tied to his belt. “your hired. Though call me Nathan please.”

    “Uh...what is this,” Lili said peeling back the latch on the sack and staring down into a pouch that was filled to bursting with fifty and hundred Valis coins. “Mister Advent-Lili means Mister Nathan, what is all of this?”

    “A signing bonus,” Nathan frowned. “We will be going into the Dungeon and you deserve to get paid regardless of how well we do down there. Why is 24,000 Valis not enough?”

    “Urk-24,000 Valis!” Lili choked out, staring at the pouch with wide eyes. “But Lili hasn’t even done anything yet?!”

    “Signing bonuses are incentives.” Nathan informed her matter of factly, as if he hadn’t just handed her close to double a month’s earnings for a newbie adventurer. “It’s meant to incentivise you to join up with us again in the future. Besides there’s no certainty that we will do all that well in the dungeon, so you deserve to get paid either way. Why do you think it’s not enough?”

    “No, no, no this is fine Mister Nathan.” Lili said holding the bag to her chest, whilst Otto let out a heavy sigh behind Nathan. Why did his friend have to pick such an expensive way to tease people?

    “Then let’s be off.” Nathan said offering the girl his hand which she hesitantly shook. “We have a busy day ahead of us and I’d like to get an early start.”

    After checking in with Eina and entering the Dungeon It took them just shigh of ninety minutes to reach the tenth floor of the Dungeon, ignoring most of the less valuable and less interesting monsters as they went down. Though Otto did delay them for about five minutes whilst he chased and caught another Blue Papilio, covering up his capture of the monster by killing a Needle Rabbit and bringing back it’s stone instead, Nathan keeping Lili too busy to notice by helping her harvest the horns and stones from his own kills.

    By the time the three of them got their first look at the 10th Floor, Otto and Nathan had already killed maybe three dozen monsters between the two of them with such ease it was almost possible to pity the monsters of the Upper Floors. However the two men lost the easy-going attitude when they got their first glimpse of the final tier of the Upper Floors. While the 10th Floor kept the same structure as the 8th and 9th Floors, with moss-covered brown walls of packed earth and a floor reminscent of a short glass plain, though at the entrance of the 10th the strong light from the phosphorescent crystals that grew from the ceiling became foggy and diluted. Mist appearing across the floor reducing vision to unacceptable levels, both of them having poor memories of the times they were made to fight through thick fog, something that wasn’t helped by the sound of tramping steps from the large-category monsters that called the floor home.

    So they weren’t going to deal with it.

    “Otto get rid of the fog.” Nathan ordered, sheathing his knives and pulling out new weapons from his Pip-Boy before they got stuck in the thick of things. “Pip: Item 4.” With that command a futuristic looking war-axe appeared in his right hand, two bright white capacitors of some synthetic crystal on the opposite side of the weapon, that based on prior experience could be used as armor-puncturing spikes on the back swing, and a black metallic haft. The moment the axes was in his grip it’s saturnite blades were wreathed in a dark, violet-blue cocoon of electrical energy, the weapon giving an ominous hum as they powered on before falling eerily silent. Lili who saw the whole process couldn’t decide if that was better or worse than if the axes kept humming.

    Pip: Item 3” The second command saw the glove of his left hand replaced with a unique dark grey gauntlet with a speaker over the knuckles, the familiar weight making Nathan fondly remember the many times he used Pushy to turn particularly annoying foes into mush. The sonic shock wave it generated upon impact capable of bypassing armor and getting right to the meaty bits, pulping flesh and popping organs like soap bubbles. It had gotten managed to rid Caesar of his brain tumor quite quickly, though his Praetorians weren’t all that pleased with Nathan’s solution.

    “On it,” Otto said drawing Chrysamere from its place on his back. “Lok Vah Koor.” With those three words a blue wave exploded out of Otto and grew to encompass the floor in front of them, pushing aside the mist as it went by. That such an action had revealed a number of Bad Bat’s that had been hiding on the ceiling, or the sizable number of Imps and Orcs that had been milling about and were now looking around in confusion as the mist that had been hiding them was stripped away. “It’s done.” Otto said simply, ignoring the look of incredulous awe Lili had sent him, most likely assuming it was some kind of spell he knew. “Though I’ll likely have to do it again in twenty minutes are so.”

    “Thank you Otto,” Nathan said twirling his axe and rolling his shoulders. “Now let’s get started shall we, be a shame to let such a chance go to waste.”

    “Uh Mister Adventurer, are you not going to help Mister Nathan?” Lili asked, looking up at him, the poor girl having to look nearly straight up to meet his eyes. Nathan in the background jumping at the pig-like head of a panicking Orc, bringing his axe down in a vicious chop on the back of its head before sliding down its rear. Dragging his weapon with him and drawing a bloody arc from the monster’s skull down to it’s tailbone, along the length of its spine, the poor creature collapsing to the floor mortally wounded but not dead.

    “My name is Otto, Miss Lili.” Otto said, recalling that he never actually told the girl his name. “And Nathan will be fine, it will be good for him to burn some energy, Shor knows he needs it.” He paused for a moment his hand snapping out like a lunging viper to a spot just over Lili’s heads. His hand grabbing an opportunistic Imp by its face, his grip tightening and tightening until he heard a meaty squelch. Before nodding and dropping the now dead monster to the ground, Nathan meanwhile finishing off the Orc with a vicious left hook, his gauntlet creating a powerful boom that caused the creature’s head to pop like an overripe melon. “I meanwhile will be keeping an eye on you for...another fifty minutes or so? Make sure the monsters don’t swarm you while were down here. After that me and Nathan are probably going to switch roles, that way we can both get some exercise in today.”

    The two of them watched for a few minutes longer while as Nathan went about clearing the remaining monsters in the area. Killing a trio of Orcs and a small horde of Big Bats and Imps whose appearance had Lili looking at Otto in askance when he made no move to help his companion, only for his decision to be proven right when Nathan dealt with the group of small monsters with contemptuous ease.

    Unseen Servant.” Otto said casting what was quickly becoming one of his favorite spells, though he cast it a bit differently today. This time simply directing the spell to separate the loot items from their ‘containers’, a number of magic stones and Orc hides dropping to the floor as the monsters they belonged to dissolved into ash. “There you go Miss Lili, that should make things a bit easier for you.”

    “Uh...thank you, Mister Otto.” Lili said blinking at the magic.

    “No problem.” Otto said with a shrug and an easy smile. “We should probably get a move on, Nathan’s spotted another group.”


    “Yeah...we should probably follow him.”

    “This is not normal!” Lili screamed, launching a bolt from her Little Ballista, catching an Imp in the eye. “Infant Dragons are supposed to be rare monsters why are so many spawning?!”

    “Maybe they just like Otto?” Nathan shrugged, before stiffening and picking Lili up by the scruff of her cloak, backpack and all, dragging her with him. Getting out a split second before a Silverback crashed into their previous location, the large-monkey like monster rising from its crouched position as another of its kind and a Hard Armored emerged from the walls to support it. “Yeah no. Pip: Item 2.” With that command the matte-brown plates of the NCR Ranger patrol armor Nathan had been wearing dematerialized into motes of amber light, the glow fading half a second later to reveal the Autocrat of New Vegas now dressed in a set of T-51f powered combat infantry armor, with its knightley shell of hard poly-laminate composite plates glittering like silver in the dim light of the 11th Floor. Nathan who was now safely within the suit of power armor, jolted as the power armor finished activating the last of its systems, the suit now keyed to move with Nathan as an extension of his body rather than just another bit of gear.

    “Think you’ll be okay why I deal with our guests Miss Lili.” Nathan asked his Supporter careful not to take his eyes off of the three monsters, giving the suit time to tag them on his HUD. “Pip: Item 4-2” That second command caused his smaller hand-axe to dematerialize, replaced with a much larger, halberd-like variant .

    “Uh…” Lili said looking around, seeing that her customers were now thoroughly engaged with the monsters of the 11th Floor. Nathan preparing to take on a trio of powerful monsters, whilst Otto...Otto was currently fileting an Infant Dragon with his sword, standing atop a small hill made of it’s dead siblings though a small swarm of Infant Dragons and Hard Armoreds were currently swarming the base of the mound, eager to get at the dark-armored figure at its summit. “If it’s all the same Lili would rather stay with you, she doesn’t think she would last long on her own.”

    “Fair enough.” Nathan said, grimacing beneath his helmet, as whilst the sentiment was understandable it did make his job harder. “Hold on and sorry about the backpack.”

    “Hold onto wha-?” Liili said before squawking in protest when Nathan grabbed her backpack and threw it to the side, against the wall where hopefully it would be safe and relatively undamaged, before picking up the disguised-Pallum and tucking her under his arm like a sack of potatoes. Unable to place her on his back as he’d prepare due to the jump-jet that was installed there. The T-51f may have had enough features to put a Swiss Army knife to shame, but they took up space and made certain actions much more difficult than if they had been attempted in a suit of T-51b.

    Either way he didn’t have much more time to complain however as the trio of monsters had apparently decided now was a perfect time to charge, with the original Silverback leading the attack. Dropping into a ready stance Nathan dodged to the right, careful to keep himself between Lili and the monsters at all times, and brought down his PI-Halberd in order to take off the hand of the leading Silverback, though the creature reacted quicker than expected and only lost three of it’s fingers instead.

    Instead of being able to ready himself again Nathan was forced to dodge once more to get out of the way of the bull-headed charge by the Hard Armored, the armadillo-like monster missing Nathan by a hand’s-breadth, and receiving a mighty gash along its left flank for its trouble. Nathan unable to capitalize on the scored hit due to having to duck under a swing by the second Silverback, the nevadan man sliding beneath the clawed fist and stabbing up with his PI-Halberd. The energy-shrouded blade making a sizzling pop as it sliced through the monkey-like monsters throat and neck, leaving it hanging on by a few threads of fur-covered flesh as the monster collapsed dead to the ground.

    “One down, two more to go.” Nathan mumbled, the words blasted and broadcasted by the suit’s speakers for the rest of the room to hear.

    The surviving Silverback, apparently did not appreciate his comment and with a roar of rage charged Nathan and his passenger, bounding towards them using its knuckles and the pads of its feet. Leaping into the air maybe four meters from the pair in order to crush them with a flying forearm smash. Unfortunately for it, that meant it couldn’t dodge Nathan’s own counterattack, dropping to his knees as he raised his polearm. The saturnite blade catching the Silverback in the jaw as it sailed over Nathan and Lili, the metallic-ceramic axe-head encountering very little resistance as it split the monstrous monkey from chin to crotch as a result of its ill-conceived attack. Nathan rapidly bringing the PI-Halberd down to at a 45-degree angle to ward off the charging Hard Armored, the armadillo-like monster skidding to a stop maybe four meters from the power armored adventurer.

    “That’s right big fella, not so tough now that your friends are gone.” Nathan taunted keeping his Halberd trained on the pacing monster, which was moving from left to right in an effort to get past Nathan’s guard.

    “Uh, Mister Nathan.” Lili said, with Nathan said quickly looking down to realize he was holding the girl backwards, so her butt was facing forward rather than her head as he intended. Though his gaze snapped back forwards when he heard the Hard Armored take a step forward.

    “What, Lili.” Nathan said being careful to keep his eyes trained on his current opponent.

    “Its got new friends.” As Lili spoke, Nathan’s armor helpfully marked three new hostiles seven meters to the south-east...which meant they were right behind him.

    “Shit.” Nathan said simply, springing forward and using the thrusters of his jump-jet to speed his charge, swinging his PI-Halberd in an arc that cleanly seperated the Hard Armored’s head from its shoulders. The two parts hitting the ground with a meaty ‘thump’ as Nathan whirled around to meet his new opponents.

    Only to frown as they were revealed to be a trio of Imps, the knee-high monsters charging him at once. Nathan equal parts disappointed and relieved simply cut them down at once with a diagonal slash, wincing when the middle Imp burst into ash. Seems he had hit that one’s stone.

    “Well that’s disappointing.” Nathan said, setting Lili down on her feet now that the danger had passed. “Sorry about that Miss Lili, didn’t mean to jostle you around like that.”

    “It’s okay.” Lili said slapping her hands against her hood/dress trying to get off some of the dust Nathan had kicked up during his fight. “Lili kind of, no literally, asked for that.”

    “Either way, sorry.” Nathan repeated.

    “Hey you two good over there.” Otto called from his spot atop his throne of dead reptiles and cingulati, apparently having dealt with his own foes whilst Nathan protected Lili. “I think it’s about time to switch?” Nathan could practically hear the frown in his friend’s voice. “Wait what time is it anyway.”

    “It is 5:30 PM.” Nathan informed looking down at his Pip-Boy, “We’ve been down here for six and a half hours at this point.”

    “Really.” The surprise in Otto’s voice was palpable. “We should probably call it a day then, its going to take us at least an hour to get back to the surface, and we still have to harvest these stones.”

    “Agreed.”/“Lili thinks that would be a good idea.”

    “Alright then, motion carried.” Otto said making a gavel like noise with his mouth. “Unseen Servant.” With that all of the monsters in the area collapsed into ash as they were stripped of their magical stones and drop items...including the pile Otto was sitting on. The swede-born man falling to the ground in a crash of metal and a poof of dark-grey smoke as he kicked up a dusty cloud.



    “I-I meant to do that.” Otto said trying to cover up his embarrassment, despite Nathan’s cackles.

    “Sure you did Mister Otto.” Lili giggled, really despite the excitement the day hadn’t really been all that bad. Now it just remained to see just how badly her employers would rip her off when they got back to the surface.

    Nathan and Lili were sitting on a bench, the two of them snacking on fruit Nathan had popped out of his Pip-Boy, when Otto returned from the exchange desk.

    “So how’d we do today, lummox.” Nathan said swallowing the last bite of his pear, whilst Lili hesitantly nibbled on the apple he had given her.

    “After turning in all of the drop items and magic stones from today today’ earnings came to about 3.38 million Valis.” Otto said handing Nathan a slip of paper, the man scanning the receipt with a practiced eye only to pause when Lili started coughing beside him.

    “H-how much?” Lili gasped having accidentally breathed in a bit of the apple she had been eating.

    “3.38 million Valis.” Nathan said absentmindedly. “Not bad, about 880,000 more than yesterdays haul.” Lili about had a heart attack when she heard that her employers had made almost 6 million Valis in the past two days, presumably whilst sticking to the Upper Floors. That-that was insane on so many levels, Lili didn’t even know where to start.

    “So if we split that five ways,” Nathan continued apparently not noticing or caring about Lili’s internal crisis about the bounty they had raked in. “That would be...675,840 Valis per share.” He said after a quick bit of mental math.

    “Five ways?” Otto frowned, Lili hiding her own frown as well. It looked like she would be getting stiffed afterall. Though at least it sounded like they were going to give her a fifth of the days earnings, 675,840 Valis was still a lot of money however no matter how you looked at it. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to split it into thirds?”

    “One share for each of us,” Nathan explained, counting off the shares on his fingers. “and one share for our respective Familias. So it would end up being something closer to a sixty-forty split.” Lili froze at that, they were going to give her 40%, sure half of that was technically supposed to go to her Familia but there was no way she would be giving that lot of bastards a single Valis more than needed.

    “Sounds fair enough to me.” Otto said shrugging his massive shoulders, the Hestia Familia wasn’t exactly strapped for cash at the moment so not like it mattered to him. Reaching beneath his cloak the nordic archmage subtly activated his Inventory spell, withdrawing four of the ten bags full of hundred and thousand Vali coins the Exchange clerk had given him when he had turned in the day’s drops. “Here you go Missus Lili, do you want to count them?”

    “No, no Lili trusts Mister Otto.” Lili said shaking her head as she took the bags from the much taller human, the disguised-pallum practically shivering in greedy delight when she felt the weight of the coins she now held. These two had just handed her close to 1.4 million Valis, with this much she could probably get the meeting with Lord Soma, she finally had a chance to escape the hell that was the Soma Familia. “...Thank you.” She said her voice small as she hid the bags within her backpack.

    “No problem,” Nathan said giving her a smile as he stood up and offered her a hand. “if your feeling up to it then me and Otto will probably be doing something similar tomorrow, your more than welcome to join us again. Having a Supporter like you would really make things easier for us.”

    “Lili would…” The disguised pallum paused here before giving the Hestia Familia captain a small but genuine smile, the first one she had smiled in what felt like a long time. “Lili would like that Mister Nathan.”

    Lili felt exhausted as she dragged herself back to one of her hideaways, the pallum girl walking the quiet and empty alleyways of Orario’s slums, as her mind wandered back to look over her day with the members of the Hestia Familia.

    The Familia only had two members but they were bizarre even by the standards of adventurers.

    Otto, the massive man who stood maybe a few inches than twice Lili’s height was a sincere man that seemed equal parts exasperated and amused by his comrade’s antics, he seemed more like a big brother than anything else in Lili’s mind. He was also far stronger than any Level 1 adventurer had any right to be, the man having slaughtered dozens of powerful monsters, some of which would have given even a Level 2 a decent challenge.

    Nathan, the shorter of the two was also apparently the captain of the Hestia Familia, and was the one who had captured Lili’s attention the most. He was...unique, when compared to the rest of his kind.

    Lili had never had good experiences with adventurers, a vast parade of distasteful occasions having reinforced her image of the group as little more than crass bullies who would use their strength to take what they wanted and damn the rest. Nathan however was different, however, he had been oddly courteous when he had purchased her services, promising to escort her to the surface and even paying her a ‘signing bonus’ just in case they had to poor day in the Dungeon. He had also not abandoned her when they had been swarmed by monsters on the 11th Floor, though his methods for ‘keeping her close’ left something to be desired, he did keep his promise and make sure she was safe. Making sure to keep himself between her and the monsters at all times.

    Lili didn’t know how to feel about Nathan, things would have been so much simpler if he was like other adventurers...but Lili was glad he wasn’t?

    “Gah, why does this have to be so confus-?”

    “Oh, look who it is.” A familiar voice called out from behind her and Lili’s breath caught in her throat as she turned to see a pair of adventurers, members of her own Familia.

    “We heard you got quite lucky today,” Said the apparent leader of the two, Canoe Belway a slightly chubby raccoon man who swaggered up to a frozen Lili. “made a decent amount of Valis down in the dungeon. How about sharing that with your friends eh?”

    There was going to be no sharing involved, just like last time, Lili knew. Canoe and Ged were going to take all of it, they were going to take every last coin that she had been given and left her with nothing. But...there was a chance they didn’t know just how much she had made. She had stored the bags Otto had given her in her backpack, but the ‘signing bonus’ Nathan had given her was still in her coat pocket. Losing that, whilst it would hurt, was still better than losing everything.

    “Fine..” She said, reaching into her coat and removing the hefty leather bag from her pocket.

    Canoe, the thug that he was, simply walked up and snatched the bag out of her hands, jiggling it a couple of times to judge the weight and hear the clinking of the coins. Nodding in appreciation before placing his hand on her shoulder and viciously kneeing Lili in the stomach. The girl collapsed to her knees as she coughed and gasped for air,clutching at her stomach.

    “See, that wasn’t so hard.” Canoe said bringing up his knee once again and catching Lili in the nose, the poor girl flying back and banging her head against the cobbles of the alley. “Now was it.”

    “You…” Lili heard a familiar voice say as her vision darkened. “You are so dead.”

    Nathan vision went red when he turned the corner into the alley and saw what was taking place, his blood burned in his veins though he felt an icy calm take over him as he decided the fate of those in front of him.

    “You…” He said, voice calm as if he was talking about the weather. “You are so dead.”

    “Who the fuck are y-” That was as far as the dark-haired young man accompanying the man who had been beating Liil go before Nathan interrupted him.

    Action Time.” Nathan said activating his skill, and the world slowed to a crawl around him as if it were trapped in thick molasses. Of course this did not stop Nathan whatsoever when he charged the two walking corpses in his way, catching the human of the two with a vicious clothesline that sent him rocketing into the wall of the alley. Nathan grabbing the man’s jian-sword as he continued on his way, the Raccoon man who had struck Lili pawing at a shortsword at his waist, moving to slow to have any chance of stopping Nathan.

    Blood spurted across the alley as Nathan thrust the jian through the adventurer’s chests, the beast man’s eyes widening in horror as blood flew from his lips, though that did not stop Nathan from stabbing him five more times in the gut. He always did have an affinity for the number six.

    However Nathan still had another foe to deal with, so he released his grip on the jian and grabbed the racoon man’s short sword by it’s pommel. Flinging the weapon like a throwing knife into the throat of the human he had knocked over less than a second prior, who was already attempting to rise to his feet, only to be stopped by over a foot of sharp steel that severed his trachea and pulverized his C6 and C7 vertebrae.

    The entire engagement had taken less than two seconds but the results were clear, so Nathan took a deep breath and deactivated his skill, Action Time not even being a tenth of the way through its timer. Gazing contemptuously at the two dead adventurers, Nathan snorted and moved to check on Lili, assessing just how much damage the racoon man had done before he had gotten there.

    Kneeling down, he found that the either the blow to the head or the impact with the ground had knocked Lili unconscious. Her nose was definitely broken and was bleeding profusely, and a quick examination of the back of her head revealed that one hell of a lump was already forming. Thankfully the skull was not cracked and she didn’t have any other broken bones, so he felt confident enough to move her to someone who could give her more adequate care than his own minimalist training.

    “Come on Lili.” Nathan said shouldering her backpack, wincing slightly at the weight, and picking the girl up in a bridal carry. “Let’s get you to the lummox.”

    Lili awoke to the sound of humming and the smell of some kind of porridge, her eyes cracking open to reveal she was in a cozy looking bedroom that was far from her usual holes in the wall. She had been swaddled in thick blankets and Lili realized with a mixture of shock and horror that she was naked beneath the sheets. What had happened after she had been knocked out by Canoe! Had he-Had she been r-.

    “Relax, Miss Arde.” A kind voice said from her left, Lili turning her head to see a graying pallum matron resting in a rocking chair by the side of her bed, a pair of sewing needles and a half-finished sweater resting on her lap. “You ain’t got no reason to worry, nothing untoward happened to you, believe you me.”

    “Why...why” Lili broke into a hacking cough as she tried to speak, the matron rising from her seat and taking a deep saucer from the nightstand at her side. The older woman gently lifting Lili’s head so she could sip at its contents, which turned out to be some heavily watered down honey. “Thank you.” Lili whispered when the matron had pulled back the saucer and set Lili’s head back down, the water and honey having done wonders for her throat. “But why is Lili naked?”

    “Lili is naked because we had to check the rest of your injuries.” The matron said calmly. “Though only myself, Otto and his goddess were the ones to see you like that so don’t worry.”

    “Why Mister Otto” Lili asked, too tired to feel embarrassed.

    “Because the boy is a trained healer and was the one who fixed you up after Nathan brought you back last night.” The matron said as she retook her spot in the rocking chair and resumed her sewing. “You were in a dreadful state last night dear, covered in blood from your nose and with a pie-sized bruise on your stomach. Otto also said you had bruises on your ribs as well, though he fixed those up as well.”

    “Really?” Lili asked, she didn’t feel that bad honestly, she was just tired and sore all over.

    “Really.” The matron nodded with a small smile. “Boy whipped up a couple of potions using some blue flowers from my garden and a bit of wheat, and his goddess spoon fed them to you.”

    “Lili didn’t know Mister Otto was an alchemist.” Lili said dumbfounded.

    “Don’t look like he would be one now does he.” The matron said chuckling. “He’s also a surprisingly good cook as well despite all that muscle and beard, he’s in the kitchen now helping out my girls with the morning rush, but he made sure to make a bowl of porridge just for you. It’s on the nightstand beside me so just let me know when you feel up to eating.”

    It was at that moment that Lili’s stomach let out a grumbling roar that sounded like it belonged more to a monster of the Dungeon than a 3’7 slip of a girl. The sound causing Lili to flush and cover her stomach with her hands in embarrassment, her face turning a deeper scarlet when she saw the smirk break out upon the pallum matron’s face at Lili’s reaction.

    “I’m guessing you’ll be wanting that porridge now.”

    “...Yes please.”

    “I have seen you do some stupid things Nathan,” Otto frowned at his througoughly unrepentant friend. “but this...this takes the cake.”

    The two of them were currently in the cellar of Purple Pam’s Pub, in a secluded corner that had been blocked off by a large number of stacked barrels and burlap sacks stuffed with foodstuffs. The two men having absconded to the underground after the morning rush had finished, Hestia still upstairs with the Prum family, working with Pamela’s daughters to clean the dishes and tables before the next wave of customers arrived.

    “I couldn’t leave them alive Otto,” Nathan explained as he leaned against a brick and timber wall. “Even setting aside what they were doing, If I had just left them unconscious they would have woken up and brought the rest of their Familia down on us.”

    “Don’t. Bullshit. Me. Nathan.” Otto ground out through gritted teeth. “You weren’t thinking of that when you killed those two men, the thought didn’t even enter your mind until well after the deed was done, so don’t make up some excuse to justify this to me.” Here he let out a harsh sigh in order to relieve the frankly unhealthy amount of tension his form was building up. “Beside’s I’m not pissed that you killed them, I’m pissed that you were so sloppy in the aftermath.”

    “What.” Nathan blinked.

    “Neither of us are saints Nathan.” Otto stated simply. “We’ve both done things that would have seen us dragged in front of a war crimes tribunal back on Earth, but that is no excuse for sloppy work. You left their bodies in the open and made no attempt to hide them, it would have been the work of maybe a minute to pour alcohol down their throats, splash some on their clothes, and maybe cut that bag they took from Lili so you could scatter a few Valis around the scene. Make it look like they got drunk and fought over their loot, you killed them with each others weapons so it wouldn’t have been all that hard to sell. But no, as soon as they’re bodies hit the floor, you picked up Liliruca and made your way back here. Back to the Prums and back to Hestia."

    “I didn’t think of that.” Nathan sighed, giving something that wasn’t quite an apology but was close enough to count.
    “You didn’t think,” Otto replied flatly, ignoring Nathan’s growl of irritation. “you acted and then kept acting. I don’t blame you for saving the girl, I would probably be just as upset with you if you had just kept walking by, however I blame you for endangering our goddess and our hosts with your actions.”

    “Oh don’t worry about us boys.” A voice said from the other side of their wall of barrels, the sound of footsteps echoing throughout the room as Mrs. Pamela walked around to their side of the cellar. Looking between the two of them with serious eyes. “Whilst I appreciate the concern you show for me and mine Otto, I’ve been in this city long enough and made enough friends that you don’t need to worry about the Soma Familia starting trouble.” The pallum matron said, managing to fit an incredible amount of scorn into the name of Lili’s Familia.

    “Miss Pamela.” Otto said, nodding respectfully to the waist-height woman.

    “Nevertheless I apologize for any inconvenience my actions may bring you.” Nathan said picking himself up off the wall to bow deeply in apology to his host.

    “I already told you not to worry about it Nathan.” Pamela said drily looking at the nevadan man through narrowed eyes when he opened his mouth again. “You open your mouth again and I’m gonna whack you.” She nodded in satisfaction when the man’s mouth shut with an audible ‘clack.’ “Now are the two of them still lying in that alley?”

    “No,” Otto shook his head. “Right now they’re somewhere where no one is going to find them. Not unless they suddenly learn how to survive at the bottom of the ocean at least.” Otto had summoned Sythag maybe half-an-hour after Nathan had arrived with Lili in his arms, his friend having explained the situation to him whilst Hestia and the rest of the Pub’s inhabitants were busy fussing over Lili. The dremora butler, saint that he was, had picked up the two corpses and delivered them to Tamriel. Depositing them deep in the Sea of Ghosts, beneath one of the massive icebergs that could be found two days sail north of Skyrim’s coast.

    “If your sure?” Pamela said, pointedly not asking for details.

    “I am.” Otto replied, the bodies wouldn’t be found by local authorities unless they somehow learned to travel between dimensions, and were then able to find two corpses amidst the hundreds of miles of icy hell that could be found north of Otto’s homeland.

    “Very well.” Pamela said with a nod of acceptance. “Either way, that's not why I came down here. I came down here to tell you that Miss Lili is awake and can take visitors, your goddess is already up there with her, so you should probably go see her.”

    A pause.

    “That means now boys.”

    “Come in!” Hestia’s voice echoed from within Lili’s room a few seconds after Nathan’s knock, the two men shuffling into the bedroom Lili had been hurried into the night before. “Hello boys.” Hestia said from her spot by Lili’s bedside, an open book sitting on the sheets between them.

    “Good morning goddess.” Otto nodded before moving to the other side of the bed and taking a knee, Nathan choosing to stick close to the door. “Good morning Lili.”

    “Good morning Mister Otto.” LIli said smally shuffling in her cocoon of blankets in an effort to sit up.

    “Don’t worry about doing that. You should be resting.” Otto chided, as he saw the girl move. “How do you feel any aches or pains.”

    “No, Lili feels fine.” And she was being truthful, she didn’t have any of the cuts or bruises she thought she would have, and the soreness from the morning was fading fast.

    “Is that so.” Otto mused, moving to hold the girls wrist, pausing momentarily in order to get permission in the form of a confused nod. Grabbing her wrist with gentle hands, he turned over her hand and placed his index and middle finger between the bone and the tendon over her radial artery. For fifteen seconds he held his fingers there, measuring the beat of her heart. “Your heartbeat is good, do me a favor and take a couple of deep and slow breaths for me.” Lili did so. “No fluid in your lungs either.” Releasing Lili’s wrist he placed his hands atop his lap. “You said you weren’t feeling any aches or pains anywhere, has the bruising faded?”

    “Yes Mister Otto.” Mrs. Pamela had helped her check before she had left to tend to her home/business.

    “Good,” Otto nodded. “are you hungry, the potions I gave you were meant to increase your rate of recovery but they do use your own energy to do s-” A rumbling growl that emerged from the now blushing pallum-girl, caused a small grin to break out on his face. “I’ll take that as a yes. Goddess would you care to help me make something for us all to eat, it’s almost lunch time and I’m sure our hosts would appreciate the help.”

    “Sure.” Hestia smiled climbing to her feet, and giving a reassuring squeeze to Lili’s shoulder before moving to follow Otto. “I’ll be right back Lili.”

    “Yes, Lady Hestia.” Lili replied dutifully watching as she followed Otto out of the door, the bigger man stopping to pat Nathan on the shoulder before opening the door for their goddess and following her down to the kitchen.

    The sound of their footsteps echoed from the hall, Nathan and Lili listening as they faded, the two of them awkwardly looking at one another for a good thirty seconds before Lili looked away.

    “Why did Master Nathan help Lili?” Her voice was small, but Nathan could still hear her in the deafening silence that followed the departure of the rest of his Familia.

    “Because I know what those kind of people are like,” Nathan said remembering the countless men and women who prowled the Mojave, little more than animals, uncaring of who they hurt as long st they came out ahead. “and I promised someone a long time ago that I would never turn my head and walk away when I encountered it.” Veronica, and her last words to him when they parted his ways following his...confrontation with the Brotherhood of Steel, had stuck with him for a long time. “When I am confronted with the evils of man, I will rejoice. For when I am done there will be one less.” Graham may have been a questionable man due to his past, but he did give out some good advice. “A good man told me that, he told me it wasn’t fair for people to ignore the ugly parts of the world, they must confront it and themselves. I might not be a good man, I have done far too much in my life to ever be considered a good man, but I am selfish...I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I had left you there.”

    “Lili doesn’t deserve help.” Nathan saw the silent tears beginning to spill down her face as she spoke to words, she had given up hope long ago, reality having beaten that out of her years ago.

    “You do.” Nathan said simply, moving from his spot at the wall.

    “Lili isn’t a good person,” She said her voice denying the mere possibility that someone would care, could care. “She doesn’t deserve hel-.”

    “You. Do.” Nathan stressed, his voice leaving no room for argument. “I know what you’ve done Lili, people talk.” He watched her shrink into the bed. “I know about the adventurers you stole from, I know about the old couple and the flower shop, I heard about it all. People talk.” He watched as she tried to disappear into the bed, each word hitting her like a hammer, but it needed to be said. “But I don’t care.” As did that. “I have done far worse things in my life than rob a few stuck up Dungeon-divers, and I was forgiven. So if this dusty walker can be forgiven, then you deserve the same Lili. You deserve to be helped.”

    “...Please stop..please..” Lili choked out between sobs, heavy tears falling from her eyes. “Don’t make Lili hope..”

    “No.” Nathan refused, before smiling wryly. “One of my titles is literally the ‘Shield of Hope’, at this point giving hope is kind of part of the job description.”

    “You...you’re horrible!” LIli half-screamed half-sobbed, now clutching at Nathan’s shirt and burying her face in his shirt. “Master Nathan is horrible! A moron! An Idiot! A complete fool! Don’t you understand what Lili’s done? She’s the worst kind of pallum! She lied to you!”

    “I know and I don’t care.” Nathan said hugging the crying girl close, her recriminations dying down into loud sobs as she for the first time in years, was allowed to let everything go. “I’m going to help you.”
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