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Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by der_ Weltschmerz, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. der_ Weltschmerz

    der_ Weltschmerz Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Nov 12, 2019
    Likes Received:

    Year 2050, Earth 52. The aftermath of the 2040 war is still visible. Way too visible. Humanity has lost and become a slave to an immortal tyrant known as Vandal Savage. Survivors; men, women, and children are compelled to serve under penalty of death or be sent to forced labor camps.

    Somewhere not far from the floating Earth in space, the former Watchtower of the Justice League hangs suspended. Inside, a person fixedly observes the immeasurable and tempting darkness of the galaxy. He thinks. Thinks of war. of the victims. He turns around and sees a monument in the middle of the old meeting room that greets the memory of the dead and missing. The list is long. Too long: Robin (dead in action), Batwoman (dead in action), Green Arrow (missing), HawkGirl (missing), Rip Hunter (allegedly dead) ...

    His gaze stops on the engraved name of Rip. He sighs deeply and a vivid fragment of memory returns to him.

    -"Here Captain Rip Hunter, I'm on a ship with my quite rare crew, Gideon isn't answering, we don't have a single weapon, and we are under heavy attack by Savage's alien zombie soldiers!"

    -"Palmer, try to connect the device again, we'll try to make a jump in time."

    -"I've told you 100 times that nothing works!!! We're going to die here!" Ray Palmer yelled at the captain. In an ironclad corner of the ship, Professor Stein was trying to connect some shabby wires. As always, I had the idea in mind that I was going to try to short-circuit the ship to restart and transport it to another time. They did not believe in success, yet they let him do it. Suddenly, pitch-black and silence invaded the room, and only a few thousandths of a second passed before the ship reactivated. They looked at each other and a brief violent shock hit the ship.
    "What the fuck!! Here Captain Rip Hunter, my crew and I are totally in deep shit, have someone answer!" There was a shriek and finally, a voice was heard.

    -"Captain Rip Hunter, Justice League of the Watchtower. Batman here. What's the problem?"

    -"The problem?" Sara Lance shouted from the back of the ship, "The problem is that we are all fucked!"

    -"Captain Hunter, where are you and with whom?" Batman asked, calm as always.

    -"Hunter here. We are somewhere lost in space, with me are Sara Lance, Martin Stein and Ray Palmer!" Professor Stein has reactivated the jump time , we are gonna try to..."


    A sharp sound echoed in the black knight's well-trained ears. He tried to call the crew without any answer. Were they dead? Had they managed to jump in time? He did not know and a sense of unease pervaded him. Crippling never-ending wave of anxiety traveled through Batman. A few months later, he learned that his ship had been hit, but it had also jumped in time and was stuck in the time interval. No one has ever entered or left and nobody knew what it looked like.

    Out of the blue, a noise made Batman quiver. He turned around and saw a female figure looking at him. It was Wonder Woman. She stepped forward and put her hand on his shoulder.
    -"You always get angry about what happened to Rip, don't you? You know it's not your fault. His ship was light years from the base, you couldn't have done a thing. So, come on. The new students have arrived, and we must welcome them as we should "

    A few hours later, members of the Justice League, or what was left of them, were sitting on top of a large hall and watching newcomers to school. Martian Manhunter got up and walked over to the new students. They were in a single row waiting to take the mental exam and be assigned to a family. Some were excited as they had heard about it. Snippets of "I hope Superman is my guardian!" and "You're kidding! Flash is so much better! He's lightning quick, not to mention funny!" were heard throughout the room.

    From above, Batman thought. He thought about the war and those children who would have to be trained to fight Savage's army. He thought of Earth and other planets. he thought about Robin, Oliver, Hal ... that was too long ago.

    Chapter 1

    A deafening explosion of considerable duration wrapped up the interior of the Watchtower forming an impenetrable smoke screen. An anthropomorphic figure of average height and athletic build emerged from the dense monochromatic setting; with hair of a penetrating scarlet colour and a beard as thick as a tropical forest drew the attention of everyone being present there.
    -Calm down! The more fear and anger you feel the less you will manage to control your powers! the young fugitive seemed not to reason; he "hit" the air in an energetic and repetitive manner with fast and energetic clicks. This kinetic energy was stored and then released in the form of directed shockwave.
    -Halt! The dark knight shouted as he dodged the out-of-control teenager's attacks . He stepped aside and threw a batarang at the foot of the clicker, forcing him to blunder around; The latter fell like a giant rag doll and tripped over several meters down the floor until he ran into Batman who immediately placed a super-power inhibitor collar on the wide neck of the inert body. Martian, I'm fed up with this bullshit, do your thing! Batman withdrew without a trace. Wonder woman's lazo tied the teen tightly so he couldn't escape. He was stiff as a rock but knew that if he resisted the powers of Martian Manhunter, the whole situation would only get worse.
    I’m entering your mind, I don’t need your consent but I see that you have a predisposition ...
    Well ... What could you find out about our disgruntled trouble maker?
    His name is Salvatore Bucellati, He comes from Italian immigrants who were fleeing from wanted gangsters. Apparently the family ratted the thugs to the cops for running an organ trafficking operation. Salvatore is an orphan and was adopted by a middle-class American family. As a kid he began to show disabling anxiety and notable hyperkinesia. He was later diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Despite the medical labelling and his constant discomfort as a result of his permanent psychomotor excitement, he has an IQ higher than average. It shows marked interest in everything related to programming and robotics ... the alien's speech was stopped abruptly by the bat hero. J'onn J'onzz showed a little anger.
    -I'll call Luthor to help us stabilize your anxiety, boy. he’ll know what to do; He has plenty of resources and could be a good mentor for you to improve your knowledge about technology and hacking. Your name from now on will be "Snapper" and I have a special task for you when you're ready...
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019