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Last Activity:
Jan 28, 2022 at 8:10 PM
Sep 1, 2021
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Know what you're doing yet?, Male

TheRealNoodlehammer was last seen:
Jan 28, 2022 at 8:10 PM
    1. PlasticSoldier
      Welcome to the site.
      1. Blaze5x5x5 likes this.
    2. Ouroboros Maelstrom
      Ouroboros Maelstrom
      Merry Christmas Bratan.
      1. FicEater, Blaze5x5x5, Rikov and 2 others like this.
      2. Evilhippy
        Ha! That's good.
        Dec 24, 2021
        Rikov likes this.
    3. Sypho.uad
      You gonna post your naruto series as well here? Those were some really good stuff as well. Mods might come down on the troll Emperor fic and some parts of the sekirei fic as well. Better to just move them here as well?
      1. Blaze5x5x5 likes this.
    4. Priest
      So, how do I find the story through all this chat, I don't care about the comments I just want to read the wonderful works of the author.
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. Evilhippy
        Or above those buttons will be another one called Reader Mode.

        Click that and it will remove everything but the story posts from a thread.
        Nov 26, 2021
      4. Priest
        Ok, I think I need to be clear... How do I find the stories from the author profile page because I cant seem to find it. Thanks for the advice for navigating things once I find the stories.
        Dec 22, 2021
        Blaze5x5x5 and Evilhippy like this.
      5. Ouroboros Maelstrom
        Ouroboros Maelstrom
        Priest Click on 'Postings', 3rd tab. Scroll to bottom, click 'Find all threads by TheRealNoodlehammer'.
        Dec 24, 2021
        Blaze5x5x5 and Evilhippy like this.
    5. Setras
      Can't believe somebody else registered Noodlehammer... What a bitch move
      1. Blaze5x5x5 and Sypho.uad like this.
    6. Qawsed
      Just wanted to say love your work and can't wait for more content
      1. Sypho.uad and InZodwetrust like this.
    7. kyoran
      good. How do I read the novels?
      can you leave me the link
      Google translator
      1. Sypho.uad, Laylin and Southmonk like this.
      2. lucusit
        You need an account to view the nsfw forum where the stories are located.
        Oct 24, 2021
        Sypho.uad likes this.
    8. JustDusty
      I was curious if you had plans to continue Shadow Play on ffn
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
      2. Evilhippy
        I think he's having issues with the commissioner paying him.
        Oct 19, 2021
        Sypho.uad and Venyr4434 like this.
    9. Darth Kader
      Darth Kader
      Hey mate thanks for posting here, I actually came to this website cause of you.
      1. Sypho.uad, Magikuser, Mrt9001 and 3 others like this.
    10. Hiiliketoast
      Im new to the site and am a little confused as to how to view noodlehammers content although i am on my phone so maybe that has something to do with it
      1. Sypho.uad, Evilhippy and Fitsdreia like this.
      2. Kirakishou
        Hiya~ If you're still seeking noodle's content, you can navigate to any forum, for instance the NSFW Creative Writing section and hit the search bar on the top right.

        You can search by author in that forum. Makes it a lot easier to find posts. You can also search by title if you're looking for specific content.

        Hope it helps!~
        Sep 19, 2021
      3. Fitsdreia
        On phone you just search for the author and then go to their main page/profile, then click on the information tab and then on the threads link, that should show you all their threads, and with authors thats generally all their works on the site, well unless they upload content on another person thread. Tell me if it helped or if you has other questions.
        Sep 20, 2021
    11. TriedgeThePK
      A little late, but welcome to our little corner of well-meaning deviance and degeneracy. I hope your stay is long and fruitful.
      1. Sypho.uad and mac_&_cheese like this.
    12. Glen Fredrie Aguilar
      Glen Fredrie Aguilar
      Came here after reading your message in metagaming
      1. Sypho.uad and mac_&_cheese like this.
    13. Pushk1n93
      When and where to expect a new chapter in Metagaming?
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
    14. GrandmasterEli
      One of the recently posted chapters isn't thread-marked but the one after it is, almost missed it when I clicked the next chapter.
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
    15. PinkShadowReader
      Welcome to QQ! We have lewd cookies!
    16. Sv010ch
      Welcome to QQ. Happy to see you here in this den of debauchery and degeneracy. I'm gonna be honest, I was waiting for that banhammer to drop on you ever since you've started criticizing real world religions and I am surprised it took that long. FFMods are actually very consistent if you know what to look for and religion is one of their hot buttons.
    17. ZzzSlothzzZ
      Loved the whole 'middle finger to the law'
      aka To the mods an.
      FF has been inconsistent like that for as long as I can remember.

      Welcome to the Lewd side.
    18. Arbogast
      omg, i have 200x-flashbacks just looking at this site xD
      I came here from FF after ur message. thx for ur story, i'll be waiting for a new chapters)
    19. Sagiji
      Thanks you for reposting your amazing story
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
    20. Subbia Srinivasan
      Subbia Srinivasan
      I have the saved version of for love of magic from FF. You want a copy ?? It has author notes and All
      1. Sypho.uad and garral414 like this.
    21. Nitewolf
      Will you be posting the others here?
      1. Sypho.uad likes this.
    22. Vankish2826
      I really like your stories, hope you can post For Love of Magic here soon, I really like that story.
      1. Sypho.uad and kroThermite like this.
      2. TheRealNoodlehammer
        I've already posted the first 29 chapters
        Sep 4, 2021
        Sypho.uad and Evilhippy like this.
    23. Venyr4434
      Hey! Glad to see you here. I hope you transfer your other fics here too. You make great stories man!
      1. Sypho.uad and A TinyTinDragon like this.
    24. steamrick
      Hey man, happy to have you here :)
      Too bad about the ff mods. They really are incredibly inconsistent - just look at the fact that Wordhammer's Spiral Path (and its Tangents in particular) are still up, a decade after completion.
      I love that story (almost as much as yours) but it gets real dark at points, up to and including rape, torture, crippling and gangrape. No way is it in keeping with ff's guidelines.
      1. ninojk likes this.
    25. Mr. Cloak
      Mr. Cloak
      Good to see you here man!
    26. FartMaster_Ultimate
      this is my fist time browsing forum for posting fanfictions and I'm immensely disappointed. stories and comments just mashed together without any structure. your story "for the love of magic" is already riddled by them. this is the worst reading experience in my life, and this site is very unsuited for anything even slightly more serious than roleplay.
      1. mac_&_cheese likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. FartMaster_Ultimate
        its more about issue with with story and comments mixed. you have 1 story comment then 30 other people comments then another story comment. how do you even keep up with story? i asume if you watch thread you will be notified with every single comment, and not just with a new story post.
        to be fair ive never been on site like this. seems a bit cluttered and confusing to me.
        Sep 4, 2021
      4. Megaolix
        Given you have been here for less than a day, just get used to it first.

        Second, if the story is threadmarked, then just use the arrows after posts to move to the next chapter.

        This is a forum. There will be comments between chapters, that's how writing on a forum goes. If you don't want to use forums, just wait until he report on Ao3 or somewhere else. Or a story-only thread.
        Sep 4, 2021
        Evilhippy and Sliperino like this.
      5. AureusCaduceus
        Reader mode makes it so you don't see anything but the story posts
        Sep 4, 2021
        Evilhippy and Subbia Srinivasan like this.
    27. Thomas Gebhardt
      Thomas Gebhardt
      On the FF-Profil Page you mention that you were going to post on Ao3. Could you give a link, because frankly this Questionable Questing forum format might be not the best suite for those monster chapters of yours, you know with all those people posting stuff between the actual story posts.
      1. mac_&_cheese likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. ChiChi
        and threadmarks that said as a reader I do like AO3 as well as QQ and I like to think the community there is nice enough
        Sep 4, 2021
      4. TheRealNoodlehammer
        I haven't gotten around to doing anything with AO3 yet. Reposting all that stuff is tedious as hell.
        Sep 4, 2021
      5. zst74984
        TheRealNoodlehammer I hope that you will not be discouraged and post your stories on Ao3. I have found that site very useful for an avid reader such as myself (tags for stories and bookmarks are very helpful while looking for a particular favorite among hundreds).
        Nov 21, 2021
        Sefera likes this.
    28. Vergil1989 Crossover King
      Vergil1989 Crossover King
      Even if I've never read any of your stuff from FF, the fact you left isn't all that surprising since I've heard of plenty of people getting their stuff deleted for bullshit reasons. I thankfully avoided that, but I still left since I didn't want it to happen either. That aside, welcome to QQ. :D
      1. elixirmaster and Mr. Cloak like this.
    29. yessboss21
      Oh thank you for the works you created, glad i follow the urge to check out FF again, would have been lost like a five year old on a mall during christmas if your acco7nt just suddenly got terminated.
      1. ChiChi
        What would a five year old be doing on a mall?
        Sep 3, 2021
        yessboss21 likes this.
      2. yessboss21
        Shopping and having an outing with the family...then got lost because he saw something interesting...and because his toy was not bought for him.
        Sep 4, 2021
      3. ChiChi
        you shop from the roof of the mall? *points to the word 'on' in the first post and the first response*
        Sep 4, 2021
    30. mothtoflame
      Glad to have you here Noodle! Please consider uploading Metagaming? and your other current works so we follow them as they update live.
      1. Status, Nitewolf and Snake/Eater like this.
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    Once upon a time a man had an idea that he would make money by selling original fiction on Amazon. That man also thought that it would be a good idea for his first foray into that field to be a bodice ripper sold under the transparently porny name of Jennifer Haze. That man was, in hindsight, perhaps not as clever as he thought he was. That man was I.

    In any case, it would be ridiculous to invest all that effort into writing a book and then not shilling for myself wherever I have a chance, so have a link to it.

    At the moment, there are only two things there; the aforementioned bodice ripper and a shitpost of a short story. I'm working on adding some less embarrassing stuff eventually.
    If anyone feels compelled to throw money my way, I have a Subscribe Star account here.