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Going for a Walk (Hellsing Ultimate Abridged/Worm crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by rocketmce, Oct 14, 2020.

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    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    “Say... what are the odds of all this just… blowing over?” Taylor asked as she walked through the city streets, admiring Parian’s handiwork. The girl had been busy during her duel with Ubermensch, and from the massive number of corpses littering the street, Taylor was willing to bet good money that the Nazi fucks had gotten more than they’d bargained for. The sounds of gunfire throughout the city notwithstanding, she figured that she could call it a good day.

    “I mean… it might? Maybe?”


    “Queenie, that’s… not exactly encouraging.”

    [Conflict exaggerated beyond normal parameters, drastic action warranted by outside forces. Ideal for the cycle. Dangerous for Taylor… mitigation of danger the priority]

    Taylor blinked, “That’s… sweet of you…?”

    “Tay-Tay, be nice to your sister.”

    “Again, I’m confused as to what you’re talking about… and, wait, hold on a minute, if Queenie is my sister in this analogy, doesn’t that make you my dad? You do know I already have a dad, right?” she asked.

    “Tay-Tay, you’re biological father has never said, to my knowledge, that he is not gay. Therefore I am leaving open the possibility-”

    “Ew! No, fuck! Too much information Alucard!”

    “I mean, I’m a voice in your head, so I very much doubt any fucking would actually happen…”


    “Thank you, Queenie…” Taylor muttered, continuing forward while trying to bleach her brain of the recent conversation. She found that several buildings were almost in ruins, some of them looking like a train had seemingly run into them… only to pull out and ram into another building. She recognized a bit of collateral damage from Parian's abilities, but she was still unable to locate Parian herself.

    She found an alley that looked more destroyed than the rest; in fact, she ended up having to teleport onto the roof in order to get around it, given the damage. When she looked on the other side of the alley, however…

    "Shit!" She yelled, immediately teleporting down to the bleeding body of Parian. The girl was lying on the ground, a growing patch of red visible on her outfit.

    "Shit, fuck, Parian, listen to me! Don't fall asleep, ok!?" She ordered, grabbing the rogues shoulder with one hand while she tried to put pressure on the bullet wound in her chest.

    "T… Taylor…?" Parian said, her voice quiet, almost a whisper, only for a violent cough to interrupt her, the cloth mask over her mouth getting stained red.

    "Don't talk! Fuck! Queenie, do we have anything? Any healing powers!?" Taylor shouted, trying to stem the bleeding on the outside, still panicking.

    She was used to causing death, not preventing it! Taylor was panicking, and from the frantic emotions running through her head, Queenie was as well. She could practically feel the eldritch entity in her head cycling through powers, combinations of powers, and anything that might work in order to save Parian's life.

    "Tay… this is one of those few times that being a vampire-"

    "Shut the fuck up, Alucard! It's damn hypocritical of me, but I'm not going to let someone whose life I've already saved die while I still have a chance!" Taylor all but shouted, "Queenie, do we have anything!?"

    [Fluid control: negative. Heat sink: negative. Matter reorganization: negative.]

    Taylor cursed again, "Parian, listen to me, I'm going to try and carry you, okay? Panacea- she's a healer, right? We can find her, fix this-"

    Taylor stopped when she felt something grip her hand. It wasn't a strong grip, in fact, she barely felt it at all, but when she looked she saw Parian's strings wrapping around Taylor's hand, the threads looking as if they were fraying at the edges.

    "Taylor… you're here…" Parian muttered, her voice weak and rasped.

    "I'm here. I'm not going anywhere, okay? We can fix this, you're not dying on me, got it?" Taylor ordered.

    [Bacteria cycle: negative. Antimatter manipulation: negative. Dimensional shift: negative.]

    "Tay… it's okay… I'm-" she coughed again, her mask being stained even further red, "it's okay… we're capes, it's… it's normal…"

    Taylor began to feel her cheeks get wet, "Parian. You are not going to die here, alright? You're going to build your boutique back up, and you're going to make me a damn good looking suit, you hear me? Mine's getting worn out as it is..."

    "It doesn't matter, Taylor. We're vampires. It doesn't matter if she dies now, or sixty years from now. You'll outlive her. You'll outlive everyone. You're a monster, now, and all you can do-"

    "Shut. The fuck. Up! I'm a monster, so fucking what!?"

    She felt her mist extending, taking shape in front of her as Alucard used her projection power to give himself a body like he had a handful of times before. Taylor looked up at him, at his pale, uncaring face.

    "Monsters don't get happy endings, Taylor. None of us do. You can't even turn her into a monster yourself, the rules won't allow for it. Even if she was a virgin, both of you are women. The original Carmilla, the one whom you named yourself after learned that the hard way." He chuckled slightly, "I suppose that might've been why she was such a bitch."

    [Hydro manipulation: negative. Dimensional projection: negative. Host projection: negat- [ERROR] new data acquired. Administrative projection: plausible.]

    Taylor shot up, "Queenie! You got something!?"

    Alucard's brow raised, but he remained quiet.

    [Administrative projection: [SHARD] avatar projected in [HOST] dimension. Rules of out of context data scenario: vampire conversion required virgin of the opposite gender. Proposal: Queen Devourer outside of gender standard, propose conversion of [HOST] Parian.]

    Taylor’s eyes widened as she jumped to her feet, “Would that work!?” she looked to Alucard, noticing that his own eyes were wide.

    He blinked. Then he laughed, a dark, full laugh, “That might actually work!” He said, “Well then, let’s break the rules, shall we?”

    Taylor grinned, “Queenie?”

    [Initiating Administrative projection.]

    Taylor felt as if her breath had been knocked out of her, as the black mist began flowing off of her in the same way as it had when Alucard had formed his own body. Instead of it coalescing into another person, however, the mist began changing color, and Taylor found that, despite her own abilities, she found the shape the mist was taking to be harder to look at than normal.

    The mist became a warping, roiling red that seemed to change in shape and size with no rhyme or reason. After less than a minute, though, it finally formed into a recognizable shape. Taylor’s eyes went wide as she looked at the shape that her power took.

    In a way, it looked just like her. It had her body, her hair, and her outfit, but that was where the similarities ended. Her eyes were heterochromatic, with one of them being completely black, while the other glowed a bright red, much like the eye of the Endbringer she’d just killed had. Her hair seemed to float and writhe in unnatural ways, never seeming to remain still, as if it was floating in zero gravity. On her back, however, was perhaps one of the most defining features. Five wings, two coming out of the left side of her back and three on her right, the same pale white of the Simurgh. Red mist flowed off of her from every part of her body, giving her a ghostly, wraith-like appearance.

    Queen Devourer stepped forward out of the mist, toward Parian. She kneeled next to her opposite Taylor, looking down at her. Parian, almost unconscious from blood loss, could only look up at the eldritch being before her, unable to speak or understand what she was looking at. Taylor smiled, “Heh, Alucard?” she asked, looking up to her mentor, even as he looked at the scene unfolding before him, “Fuck not getting happy endings.”

    Queen Devourer reached down, pulling the collar of Parian’s costume out of the way as she lowered her mouth to her neck, sinking her fangs into Parian’s dark-skinned neck.


    AN: Ye.
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    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    It was cold. She was thirsty. Her entire body ached, she felt like she’d ran a marathon, then swam the English channel, and finally gotten beaten half to death by overeager raccoons. She tried to open her eyes, only to be blinded by a bright red light.

    “Hey! She’s waking up!” A voice said.

    She recognized the voice, but couldn’t put her finger on where she’d heard it before, or who the voice belonged to. Her mouth was dry, and she tried to call out for something, anything to quench her growing thirst. She needed water, or food, something to help the ever-growing combination of thirst and hunger.

    “Oh shit! You’re probably starving, ok… um…” The voice paused, and she heard footsteps before she felt something prodding at her mouth, “Okay, here, drink this, it should help.”

    She felt liquid run across her lips and into her mouth. Her tongue was hit with the sweet taste of… something, she wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was wet, and probably water. She swallowed, and after a couple of seconds of drinking the slow trickle of sweet, delicious fluid, she felt her strength begin to return to her. She tried to lean forward, trying to get bigger gulps of whatever it was she was drinking, it was so sweet and warm that she just wanted more.

    “Well isn’t she thirsty?”

    “Woah, there, slow down, okay?”

    The voice again… who was that? She tried to remember her name… T-something. Terra? No. Tammie? Again, no. Taylor…? Yes, that sounded right. But… then there was someone else, someone she didn’t recognize.

    The flow of liquid came to a halt. She paused, grunting as she tried to open her eyes, trying to figure out why the flow had stopped. She managed to open her eyes, just in time to see Taylor looking down at her.

    “Hey, Sabah! You’re awake!” she said, a fanged smile on her face.

    “T… Tay… thirsty….” Sabah begged, her throat still aching from thirst.

    Taylor frowned, “Hmm… you drained the last one already… Ah!” She perked up when she looked away, and Sabah turned her head to see… Taylor? Walking along dragging a… a body? “Thanks, Queenie! I don’t know why she’s so thirsty, I know I wasn’t when I was turned…”

    The other voice spoke up, “Well, yeah, but you also weren’t dying of blood loss when you were turned. And you did end up going on a bit of a rampage that night, remember?”

    “Yeah, that is true,” Taylor said, before getting up from beside Sabah and walking over to her duplicate.

    The first Taylor took the body from the second Taylor and dragged it over to Sabah. She twisted one of its hands violently, snapping it off and allowing a spray of blood into the air, the sight of which made Sabah’s throat ache. Her eyes blurred, as the sweet smell coming off of the blood-covered arm reached her. She… she needed it, the blood.

    Using whatever strength she had available, she forced herself to roll over, closer to the stream of red liquid that flowed from the arm. With a heave, she forced herself onto her hands and knees, reaching out for the appendage, which Taylor handed her.

    “Hey, just be careful alright? This stuff is pretty…” Taylor’s voice vanished, as Sabah began to lap at the blood flowing from the limb, before becoming frustrated with the slow speed at which it was coming out and biting into it, sucking the blood from the body as quickly as she could.

    She felt her strength begin to return to her as she drank more of the sweet, delicious blood. Her senses came back to normal, she could smell more clearly, feel the ache of her bone and muscle, taste the sweet blood, and she could hear Taylor talking to herself, and when she finally finished, draining the corpse of all it had to offer, she opened her eyes and saw that the world was no longer a blur, the red tint of her vision gone, allowing her to see clearly again.

    She sat on her knees, blinking as she opened her mouth to speak, yelping as she finally became aware of the fact that she had been holding a human arm in her mouth, which flopped across her chest and onto the ground. She scrambled backward, her brain whirling at the conscious realization that she had just been drinking actual human blood.

    “Hey, Sabah, you ok?” Taylor asked, and the girl in question looked up to see Taylor kneeling next to her, with a… different version of her standing behind her.

    Taylor tracked where Sabah’s eyes went, noting her double with a click of her tongue, “Ah! Introductions! Sabah, this is Queen Devourer, she’s the one that saved your life and turned you into a Vampire. She’s also sorta-kinda-not-really a magic space parasite? The jury’s still out on that one, honestly.”

    Sabah, to her credit, did not immediately pass out or start hyperventilating. She slowly, carefully, and methodically ran what Taylor had said through her mind, “I… what?

    Taylor sighed, “Okay, well, that was the short version, would you like the long version?”

    “That was honestly a bit longer than I would’ve put it to, so, there is that.” the other, definitely male voice said.

    She whirled around to see an extremely tall, pale man standing behind them, leaning against a wall wearing an outfit slightly reminiscent of Taylor’s own outfit that Sabah had made for her. She turned back to Taylor, and continued to run the short version of the story through her head, and, finding it somewhat lacking, nodded hesitantly, “The… the longer version…”

    “Ok, all Parahuman’s have these things called shards leeching off of our brains, which give us powers in exchange for data. Queenie here,” She said, pointing to her doppelganger who waved at Sabah, “Is the one that was intending to leech off of me, until a right smug son of a bitch-” she pointed to the man leaning against the wall “decided to rewrite the script and turn us both into Vampires. You with me so far?”

    Sabah blinked, “I-”

    “Good! Okay, so, now that the two of us are vampires -- fuck-mothering vampires, might I add -- we get a bunch of cool powers that essentially amount to-”

    “Wait, no, what!? Taylor- what the hell are you talking about? I- Vampires? I-I don’t…” Sabah reeled as she tried to process the information that Taylor had been throwing at her without pause, something that she was struggling to do even when she wasn’t standing.

    Taylor sighed, “Alright… ok, how about this, you ask questions and I answer them, how’s that sound?”

    Sabah nodded dumbly, trying to figure out what to ask first, “So… you’re a vampire?” she asked, “Like, drink blood, turn to dust in sunlight, can’t walk into a house without someone’s permission?”

    Taylor wrinkled her nose, “God no, only one of those you got right was the drinking blood. No, sunlight doesn’t really bother me,” she said, gesturing to their surroundings, and now that Sabah actually looked, she could see that it was probably late afternoon, and even though the sun was beginning to set, it was still visible “And no, I don’t need permission to enter people’s houses… it’s kind of hard to kill someone if you need to ask permission first.” She said with a shrug.

    Sabah shook her head, “So wait… you had a trigger event, but, it turned you into a vampire?”

    Taylor waved her hand in a ‘so-so’ motion, “Not quite. See, when someone has a trigger event, a shard latches onto them and gives them their powers. In my case, however, my shard -- Queenie here -- got interrupted by Alucard over there, who turned both me and Queenie into Vampires. A long series of emotional events and struggles later, and, well, here we are.”

    Sabah nodded, before turning back to the man that had been quietly waiting behind them, “And… who are you?” she asked.

    The man smiled, before chuckling, then breaking into a full laugh, his mouth opening to reveal a mouth full of sharp teeth, “My dear, I am Alucard, hunter of monsters most foul, slayer of women’s hearts, and fuck-mothering Vampire extraordinaire. At your service.” He said, his eye twinkling.

    Sabah blinked, completely unsure of what to make of the person standing before her, “Um… so, wait… you’re the one who turned Taylor into a vampire?”

    Alucard smiled, “Indeed I am. You can, however, thank her for your own salvation, due to our… unique situation.”

    Sabah thought about what he said before she remembered just what she had been doing a minute earlier and what Taylor had said she had done to her. She spun around, eyes locking onto the Nazi corpse that was lying on the street, and as she stared at the dried husk of a corpse, she began to shake, feeling a creeping clawing it’s way back into her.

    “I-I… I did that?” she asked, her throat drying up as she looked at the results of what she had done. She had killed plenty of people up to that point; they were Nazis, for crying out loud, but as she put the pieces together and recognized what she had been capable of doing, what she had already done, made her skin crawl.

    “Hey,” Taylor said as she put a hand on her shoulder, “Don’t freak out, ok? Yeah, I turned you into a vampire. Vampires feed off blood, remember? And besides, the guy was dead already, and besides, you’ll be drinking live people in no time!” she said with a grin.

    Sabah inhaled deeply, calming herself to a certain extent. She brought her string-hands to her face and wiped away the dirt, blood, and grim. The sensation of the strings on her skin was… clean, she thought was the right word. And all she had to do to clean them was let her threads vanish into the aether, the grime falling to the ground, and when they appeared they were a clean, shining white.

    She looked up at Taylor, a faint smile on her lips, “That… was probably the worst possible thing you could have said. Thank you.”

    Taylor laughed, and she could hear Alucard chuckle, and despite her situation, she couldn’t help but laugh as well.

    “Well, while I must admit this is a touching reunion, I do believe the two of you should get a room.” Alucard announced, causing the two of them to blush instantly, “Oh come on Tay-Tay, I live in your head! I’ve seen the way you eye her.”

    “Shut up Alucard!”

    Despite herself, the interaction only made Sabah laugh harder. Her life may have been changed forever, but considering that appeared to be a weekly occurrence when Taylor was involved, she figured she may as well roll with the punches.

    “I don’t care if she is hot, you’re a pervert and would try to peek anyway!”

    “That’s not denial~!”


    Queen Devourer eyed the Shard in front of her. It wasn’t like the other shards that she’d eaten; no, those were, as her name implied, devoured. This one, though, [Binding Manipulator] wasn’t devoured in the same way that the other’s were… at least, not completely.

    Vampirism interacted strangely with Shards, and had the Thinker still been alive, she likely would have been overjoyed at the amount of data that could be gathered from them. They were unlike anything they had ever encountered, so wildly out of context that even the precognitive abilities of the Entities had trouble predicting them, which was part of the reason that the conflict engines had been so easy to deal with. How could they fight something that they could not properly see?

    Still, back to the point at hand, Queen examined the shard in front of her. When she had turned the Shards host, she had been presented the opportunity to devour [Binding Manipulator] outright but had thought better of it. Host Sabah had been relying on her shard’s power in order to function properly, her limbs being replaced by the shard’s summoned strands. No, she couldn’t devour it wholesale; she needed to get creative.

    Her first thought was to turn the shard in the same way that she had turned Sabah, and Alucard had turned herself and her host. However, that had the potential to cause problems. Should the shard not be inclined to follow along, to serve or partner with its host in the same way that she had with Taylor, it was likely that it might try to consume its own host; it was not attached to Sabah in the same way that Queen was attached to Taylor. It had been collecting data for some time already, while Queen Administrator had only just linked with its host, before being interrupted by Alucard.

    She had been given time to form an… emotional bond, one might say, with her host. She would go to great lengths to protect Taylor, and in many ways, she felt the closest thing to fear that shards could feel at the thought of losing Taylor as her host. It didn’t help that being Turned in the way that she had been, she was losing some of what made her a shard, losing some of that eldritch unknowable sentience, and becoming something far more… primitive.

    At the end of the day, however, that didn’t matter all that much. She had begun Devouring other Shards; a far more efficient way of gathering data, if you were to ask her, and now she was presented with a shard that she could not devour in its entirety.

    So instead of devouring it or turning it into a vampire-shard hybrid like herself, she turned it into something else. It was still alive; technically speaking, at least, but it no longer served its original purpose. Now, it was closer in function to that of the ghouls that Taylor left in her wake, at least, relatively speaking. A shard and a human were so radically different in nature and function, that comparing a Ghoul to what [Binding Manipulator] was now would be silly at best. Still, such a comparison did serve its purpose. Now, Sabah could use her power at its highest capacity; within reason, of course, Queen didn’t want her to accidentally kill every living being within a miles radius, after all.

    With that finished, she turned her metaphorical eye to the metaphorical horizon; the future held a great deal, and there were many enemies for herself and Taylor to face. And as much as she hated to admit it, morning would come on their midnight walk, and when it did, they would need to be able to bloody gold.
  3. rocketmce

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    And with that we are all caught up! Hopefully I can pull myself together soon in order to get a new chapter out, and hopefully the chapters will now be releasing on here at the same time they do over on SB.
  4. steamrick

    steamrick Matter: protons, electrons, neutrons and morons

    Aug 29, 2014
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    m-m-m-m-m-monster Update :D
  5. OdinMage

    OdinMage Getting out there.

    Dec 31, 2016
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    The only thing I have to say other than YAY!!! Is that 6.5 is lacking a threadmark. Can that be fixed?
  6. rocketmce

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Already done! Thanks for pointing it out, QQ has some weird mechanics that make multi-updates a but weirder to thread mark, so I probably would have missed that one.
  7. TriedgeThePK

    TriedgeThePK My arm is tired.

    Nov 4, 2019
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    Ya know, when I log in and see I have 4-6 updates to the stories I'm following, I'm a happy guy. 20+ Updates!? The return of the why-boner, WITH A VENGEANCE!
  8. Autocorruptor

    Autocorruptor “Correcting” Grammar

    Sep 1, 2020
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    Yeah, don’t expect any more updates for a few days/weeks. This is the entire backlog of chapters.
    Although it is very awesome to get 20+ chapters in one go
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  9. Thorfaxdragonkin

    Thorfaxdragonkin Making the rounds.

    Jun 21, 2016
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    Wake up to a pack of raptors calling ng from my phone instantly pissed see why my phone was going off and any anger I had is now gone.
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  10. ErubianWarlord

    ErubianWarlord need longer titles for this site

    Jan 14, 2020
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    Ho-ly shit Queenie is something else i mean fuuuuck. That last line giving me chills i wonder how many others will Queen Devourer turn before the Morning comes
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    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    “Decommission the masks.”

    “Director Piggot?” Rennick asked, staring at the woman before him, taking note of her slimmer physique. Less than a month after she had finally accepted the standing offer from Panacea, and she had already lost more weight in that time than she had since before Elisburg.

    “You heard me, Deputy Director. Decommission the masks. The costumes will likely be tossed aside as well, given Vista’s attitude toward the subject.”

    Rennick felt the sweat begin to pile up on his brow. He knew full what had led up to the order, given Vista’s refusal to wear any kind of identity protection. The other Wards weren’t nearly as gung-ho as she was, but Aegis and Clockblocker both kept their masks off unless they were told by a superior to put them back on. Gallant and Kid Win were far less open on the subject, but they didn’t try to influence their fellow Ward’s decisions once Vista had verbally disemboweled Gallant when he tried to get her to put her mask back on.

    It didn’t help that several of the protectorate members themselves seemed to support the idea. Armsmaster had even gone so far as to noncommittally endorse the idea, pointing out that only himself, Kid Win, and Gallant gained any real tactical benefit from the masks. For the rest of them, it was merely another part of the costume, and in many cases, it could very easily turn into a detriment. Miss Militia hadn’t agued against them either and had herself been wandering the Rig without her bandanna.

    The other heroes were split on the subject. Quite vehemently in some cases, such as Dauntless and Triumph, who were both against the idea seemingly on principle. It seemed unfortunate, then, that Piggot’s latest decision went against their own opinions.

    “What about the Youth Guard?” Rennick pointed out, “They’re likely to cause a fuss if we start sending them out without identity protection.”

    Piggot looked him dead in the eyes, “Then tell them to explain what I should do when the villains stop following the rules. When they stop caring about basic human decency and start acting like rabid animals.” she said. Her voice was laced with a cold tone. She had never been much of a fan of the Youth Guard, and the invasion of Brockton Bay hadn’t helped matters, given that they had gotten a request to transfer all Wards into protective custody.

    Suffice to say, the request had been ignored.

    “They can wear the masks if they would like, but we will no longer be enforcing the rules about wearing them. We won’t be commissioning any new ones, should we perhaps gain any new members. Speaking of…” she turned to the laptop that was sitting on her desk, several files pulled up before her, “There was an Endbringer attack, on top of a foreign invasion. If there weren’t any new triggers, I’m willing to personally lead an assault against the CUI.”

    Rennick nodded, “Well, so far only six have come to the Protectorate of their own accord…”


    Missy sat on her bunk in the Wards wing of the Rig. After she had stated her refusal to wear a mask anymore, the Protectorate had insisted she stay on the rig ‘for her own protection’. She could see through their words, though. Despite being the youngest of the Wards in Brockton Bay, she was the most experienced and had been a cape longer than any of the others. That was probably the reason she was able to figure out why the rules were so screwed up first.

    Dennis and Carlos had been the two that had joined up with her on the idea, and even though they weren’t as… vehement, about it as she had been, they were both able to see things from her point of view, and they both admitted that the world around them had gotten pretty fucked up.

    It also helped that Miss Militia wasn’t seeming to bother with wearing a mask either.

    There was a knock on her door, “Hey, Missy, you in there?” she heard a voice, Dennis, she recognized, say.

    “Yeah, hold on a minute,” she said, getting up and opening the door.

    Dennis was wearing his costume -- sans the helmet -- and was holding a lunch tray filled with food, “Just got back from a patrol with Assault and Battery, and Carlos told me you missed lunch, so I brought you some.” he said, offering her the food tray.

    Missy looked up at the clock on her wall -- 1:32 PM. “Huh… I guess I did miss lunch, thanks,” she said, taking the offered tray. She walked over to the table on the side of her room, setting the tray of food down on it.

    She was about to sit down to eat, when a thought occurred to her, “Hey, Dennis?” she asked, the boy in question pausing midstride as he was turning around to leave, “Did they tell you to wear a mask?” she asked.

    Dennis frowned, “Yeah. I… well, Battery did, I tried arguing with her, but she just brought up the fact that it was regulation, even if we disagreed with it. Though, Assault pointed out that once we graduated we could do whatever, so… Maybe he’s not as against the idea as some of the others? Battery did give him the stink-eye after though.”

    Missy frowned, wondering just how many of the Protectorate capes were having disagreements on the subject, “Well, thanks for the food.” she said.

    Dennis bowed, “You are most welcome, fair maiden.” he said dramatically, before turning around and walking off.

    Missy pulled out her laptop, deciding to browse PHO whilst she ate. She knew it was a bad habit, but she’d picked it up from both her parents and several of the other Wards. As she munched on some meatloaf, beans, and what she was fairly sure was supposed to be sausage gravy and biscuits -- she could never tell what the cafeteria would try to give her -- she was scrolling through PHO.

    A lot of it was just repeating information, people freaking out about the invasion and what Carmilla had to do with the whole matter. Missy sometimes wondered if she should try to contact her, but then, how would she? Carmilla didn’t have a registered phone number, and no one was really sure what her PHO account was. A handful of accounts had claimed to be her, but those had quickly been determined to be fakes.

    Realistically, the best way to get into contact with her up to that point had been to find her in the midst of combat with another cape or to actively try and go after her which… didn’t end well for those that tried. It didn’t help that her identity was semi-public either, meaning that anyone who really wanted to could look up who she was, her being the Carmilla, the Vampire Cape as PHO had dubbed her, seemed to work as a deterrent. Though, given her reputation, it was an admittedly effective deterrent.

    She was about to close her laptop when she spotted a particular thread on the Brockton Bay Boards, one that made her pause. It was Authored by someone going by ‘TheCrimsonFckr’ and was titled “Fantastic Vampires and how NOT to get eaten!” Considering the topic of the post, she decided to go ahead and read it. After doing so… well, she wondered just how safe the people of Brockton really were; they were either the safest people on the planet, or they had better skip town as fast as possible because if Carmilla snapped, there probably wasn’t much that could save them.


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    [​IMG]Topic: Fantastic Vampires and how NOT to get eaten!
    In: Boards ► Brockton Bay ► Capes

    TheCrimsonFckr (Original Poster) (Verified Cape) (Fuck-Mothering Vampire)
    Posted on May 16, 2011:

    So! you lot must be quite confused, so let me remedy that! I, TheCrimsonFckr, am none other than Carmilla, the Vampire Cape! You can check my tags, I made sure the mods got them right (Disclaimer: no mods were threatened and/or eaten during the verification process) so now people can actually contact me!

    This thread will be mostly telling you all about myself, but it will also function as a sort-of AMA! So if anything isn't clear, feel free to ask me!

    Let's go ahead and get the obvious out of the way: What are my powers?

    Short version? I'm a vampire, I drink blood, have super strength and speed, can turn into a bat (sort of), turn people into ghouls, and regenerate. That's the simple version. And the one that if you are a villain will also get you killed if you rely on it.

    More complicated: I'm a trump, and a stupid powerful one at that. The vampire abilities are just my base powers, the ones that I default to when I can't be bothered to pick a trump power. As to how my trump power works? Quite simple really. If I eat a parahuman, I gain their power. I can either use it myself or use what I think is their soul as a familiar. I like doing that with hookwolf, he good doggy now.

    Now with the powers out of the way, I can explain my oh-so tragic backstory!... Nah, I'm not going to do you all like that. though I will note that from a certain perspective it is rather tragic, but, eh, live and let live and all that. Now, I'm only going to type this once, so pay attention:

    I don't give a flying fuck about the unwritten rules. I feel this should be obvious, given my body count and that it's not really that hard to figure out who I am, but I feel it needs to be said. The only one I sort of agree with is not using a capes family against them, but that has its own set of problems I won't get into.

    The point? If you are a villain and you see me coming in you're general direction, you had better get on your knees and beg for mercy because if you decide to fight, you're going to end up with your insides on your outsides. On the flip side, please, if you do want to fight me, just say so, I need a good punching bag and I kinda need to keep my current one alive so I can't really be as rough as I usually am.

    Also, if you mess with my dad, not even Scion could save you.

    I also like Nazis. They taste good. And Asians. Hobos and merchants are disgusting though, they taste like sewer water and cocaine.

    Now with all of that out of the way, questions!

    (Showing Page 1 of 17)

    ► Luke_Ario13
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    So... umm... I'm glad I've left the bay. Anyone else?

    ► ScurvyDoge
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    How do you know what cocaine tastes like?

    ► Lemon65
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    So wait, if you are genuinely an actual Vampire, can you turn other people into Vampires? That'd be so cool!

    ► LordCorgi (Veteran Member)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Not how powers work my friend. Even though she is a trump (and a scary one at that) I don't think her power goes quite that far.

    If I were to guess, it probably works very similarly to how other people have theorized; her primary power is the striker bit that lets her eat people, which has side effect Brute, Changer and Trump powers. Though now that I actually read it coming from the lady herself... we may have guessed wrong.

    ► Dive Bucket
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    There's no way this is real... this can't be real, right? Carmilla's been active for months, and only NOW gets a PHO account!?

    ► NameThief
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    What's the deal with the tags? 'Fuck-Mothering Vampire'? I've never seen that one before.

    ► TheCrimsonFckr (Original Poster) (Verified Cape) (Fuck-Mothering Vampire)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Sorry, you feel that way buddy, but I feel you. I've thought about leaving the Bay myself some time, though I have a feeling I'd only be brought back by something.

    Because the crackheads love the stuff. And one tried to chuck a bag of it into my face, which then exploded and got inhaled. I don't really recommend the Experience, in spite of what Alucard says.

    I feel as though that's a rather personal question... and I think I'll let her answer that herself when she gets the courage to.

    You have no idea just how far off the mark you were. Though I will admit, you lot got closer than most.

    @Dive Bucket

    I've actually had an account for a while now, but only just now bothered to get it verified! [​IMG]

    Personal in-joke with Alucard. Most people don't get it.

    ► Airier (Veteran Member)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Who's Alucard?

    ► Arch
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    So hold on one moment, you're saying you eat capes and get their powers? How many capes have you eaten?

    ► Nurolace (Cape Wife)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Please tell me you're staying a hero. Things are bad enough as it is.

    If what I remember my husband telling me about Canberra is enough to go by... a lot. She's eaten a lot of capes.
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    (Showing Page 2 of 17)

    ► Lemon65
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Wait a minute... if she ate capes from Canberra, wouldn't that mean she'd have broken the truce? what's with that?

    ► Tanya-san
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Wait, back up a bit, who is this Alucard she's talking about? I looked on the PRT website and came up with nothing.

    ► ThomasAintIt
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    If I remember right, the circumstances were a bit different. She only ate the dead capes, none of the alive ones soooo... not great, but technically not breaking the truce?

    ► Fossilnet (Veteran Member)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Dead capes don't count I don't think. I'm pretty sure there are some capes that used the corpses of others in previous battles, but I couldn't give you anything specific.
    Edit: Stranger'd

    ► TheCrimsonFckr (Original Poster) (Verified Cape) (Fuck-Mothering Vampire)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    The crazy perverted voice in my head. Pay him no mind, he's only the one who turned me into a vampire and/or gave me my powers. It's weird, and no I will not be posting what he is wanting me to.

    I think I lost count around 300~ish? There were a lot of dead people at Canberra.

    No need to worry! I'm a hero through and through, and hopefully, things will be getting better soon.

    When I did eat a bunch of capes, no one seemed to care, so either way, it doesn't really seem to matter if it breaks the Truce?

    ► Parian (Verified Cape)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Oh god you're actually making this thread... Carmilla please don't go eat someone if they offend you.

    ► XxVoid_CowboyxX
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    What was that about eating those who offend her!?

    ► Fossilnet (Veteran Member)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Oh hey, you're here to... you wouldn't happen to have any insight on Carmilla's inner workings, would you? I've heard that the two of you seen to hang out a bit.

    ► Parian (Verified Cape)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    Unless you have done something to personally offend her, you will probably be fine... though I would suggest, at a glance given your post history, that you intentionally avoid provoking her.

    Unfortunately, there's not much I can say that she hasn't already. Beyond the fact that she is a massive pain in the neck and an absolute nightmare to share lunch with.

    ► TheCrimsonFckr (Original Poster) (Verified Cape) (Fuck-mothering Vampire)
    Replied on May 16, 2011:
    I can find you if you do 0.0

    Aww, you do care!
    End of Page. 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 15 , 16, 17


    Taylor cackled as she read the responses her thread was getting on PHO. Most of it was people freaking out over the fact that she even had a presence on the site at all, though there were plenty of people who were speculating over who she actually was. Such infamous users such as AllSeeingEye were there as well, with Lisa having taken over answering the more mundane or obscure questions asked, though Taylor herself ended up answering anything particularly personal.

    “Hey, Alucard, you don’t think this will backfire, do you?” she asked.

    “With millions of people having access to the internet, your identity, your powers, and any and all possible ways to counter you?... Nah, you’ll be fine. Right, Queenie?”

    [Threat: Information Reliquary, minimal interference.]

    “See? The only possible threat isn’t even able to take advantage of the information!”

    Taylor shrugged, “Fair. Still, I feel like there’s something missing, something that we should be doing…”

    “Well, the plot has been meandering for a bit. I can’t say it’s all that enjoyable, and we haven’t killed anything since Major-lite.”

    “... if that sentence came from literally anyone else, it would probably be cause for concern… why the hell am I getting introspective all of the sudden?”

    “Good question! Wanna go to Ireland? You’re a millionaire, you can afford it.”

    “What’s in Ireland?” Taylor asked.

    “Leprechauns! I never did get to kill one, and I want to find out if it explodes into lucky charms when you shoot it! Gotta do Anderson a solid after all.”

    Taylor frowned, “Why take a plane when we could teleport?”

    “Because taking a plane is more fun! We can bring a box of snakes on and throw them at Samuel L. Jackson!”

    Taylor paused, silence reigning for a full minute, “That’s a reference, isn’t it?” she asked.

    “Damn. You never got snakes on a plane did you?”

    “I don’t know who Samuel L. Jackson is either.”

    “... we have seriously got to educate you.”


    AN: I know I say this every time I update this story, but hopefully I can get back into the swing of writing this thing and maybe finishing it. On a side note, I do have a Patreon if y'all are at all interested. Maybe send a few dollars my way before the world decides that money isn't worth anything anymore. You also get access to the discord if you do so, so there's that.
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    Look upon my works ye mighty, and despair!
    This is what you have been reduced to, Hookwolf! A good doggy!
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    Since no one said it until now, I will ... How Many Breads Have You Eaten In Your Life?
  14. sssisss

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    Being good dog is a step up, really, from a nazi, dog-fighting, murdering scumbag.

    Might even consider it redemption post-mortem.
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    Crossposting from SB:

    People forget that The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy is canon, and that Aleph & Bet both have different versions, Both of which Taylor Has seen.

    And, yes, that means that She should recognize him at least as one of the "Mace Windu"s (assuming that Bet's version either did or didn't cast him in the same role.)
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    ...Please tell me you mean the existence of those movies on Earth Bet is canon, not that Darth Vader is a thing that exists in Worm.

    On another note, chances are she just didn't look up the actors. I know I don't look them up for every movie, especially if I didn't like the movie (and the prequels aren't really my favorites).
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    Little did you know that in Earth Bet’s rendition of the Star Wars prequels Mace Windu was also played by Nick Cage.
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  18. R3D4K73D

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    Yeah, I mean that they are canonical movies in Worm, and that Taylor has seen them, though rereading the part where it shows up:

    she hadn't yet watched the Aleph version until before the bank robbery, so i can concede she might not have actually seen Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu.
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    Taylor walked onto the airstrip as she admired her latest purchase. A small private plane with a several million dollar price tags that actually did make a slight dent in her wallet. Granted, she had spent more of her money on other stuff overall, but the plane was probably her most expensive purchase yet.

    Taylor swiftly turned to face the entourage that she had kidnapped invited to come along with her, “So, who’s ready for a trip to Ireland!?” Taylor asked.


    “This one’s for you, Anderson!”

    “Taylor… why?” Sabah asked as she stood in front of her friend, trying to wrap her head around the expensive purchase.

    “Why what?”

    “Why all this? The plane, Ireland, wrapping me up in all of this-”

    “And don’t forget the fact that half of us happen to be tied to moving dollies!” An irate Lisa said, gesturing to herself and a man in his late twenties who had duct tape covering his mouth. The man in question was very afraid, but considering the duct tape, couldn’t really add in his own opinions on the matter.

    “But I found Fred like that! And besides, when I asked if he wanted to come with, he said yes!”

    ‘Fred’ tried to say something, but whatever it was he tried to say was muffled by the duct tape.

    “Why is he wanting peanuts? Taylor, tell him he can’t have any peanuts until we get on the plane.”

    “Fred, you can’t have any peanuts until we’re on the plane. Pretzels either, though I’m pretty sure they have cheez-its on there too.” Taylor recited.

    “I’m pretty sure he wasn’t asking for peanuts... and I think he thought you were asking if he wanted you to free him from wherever he was being held captive, not whether or not he wanted to go to Ireland.” Lisa stated pointedly, ‘Fred’ nodding along persistently, “Also, his name is George.”

    “George? Pfft, he’s clearly a Fred!”

    Taylor turned to look at the man, tilted her head to the side with a squint, and muttered, “I’m pretty sure his name is Fred… he looks like a Fred to me.”

    Lisa gave Taylor a deadpan look, “Have you… considered taking the duct tape off?”

    Taylor blinked, “... Why would I do that?”

    “Oh, I don’t know, maybe because he hasn’t actually been able to speak since you kidnapped him?” She half-asked.

    Taylor looked at Fred, “Wait, do you want to be untied?”

    Fred nodded viciously.

    “Wait, seriously? I thought he was just into that kind of thing.”


    “... Queenie, we are going to be having a conversation about who’s minds you’ve been reading in a while. In the meantime,” she said, before walking over and grabbing the ropes, ripping them off of him in one fell swoop. In the same motion, she grabbed the tape covering his mouth and ripped it off, causing him to cry out in pain and gasp for breath, “There you go, Fred!”

    When she stepped back, he fell forward onto his hands and knees, gasping for air, “Thank… Gah… you…” he said, trying to recollect himself.

    “You’re welcome, Fred! Now, if everything else is in order, we will now begin boarding!” Taylor said cheerfully, spinning in place and walking toward the plane’s in-built staircase.

    “Hey, aren’t you going to untie me!?” Lisa called out.

    “Nope! Sabah, make sure to wheel Lisa onto the plane, and Fred, you help her, she’s a growing Vampire after all and needs to conserve her strength lest she gets hungry!”

    “Umm… my name isn’t-”

    “Shut up Fred! We’re on a time-table here!”

    With her orders issued, Taylor walked up to the jet and began climbing into it. On the ground, the three other humans were trying desperately to figure out what was going on.

    “... Can I…” Fred said, gesturing behind them, eyes darting as he got ready to make a break for it.

    Lisa looked at him with a tired stare, “Just… go to the PRT building, tell them Carmilla did it, and try not to make yourself too obvious.”

    He nodded rapidly, before booking it in the opposite direction of the jet. Meanwhile, Sabah walked up to the dolly that Lisa was tied to and began pushing her toward the stairs leading into the jet.

    “You aren’t going to untie me?” Lisa asked.

    “The only outcome of untieing you would be Taylor re-tieing you, likely much tighter and more uncomfortable. I’d rather not have to deal with that.”

    With that said, the two boarded the plane. Sabah put Lisa in the back, before walking up to the cockpit where Taylor was pressing buttons and flipping switches.

    “Taylor, do you even know how to fly this thing?” She asked, taking a seat in the co-pilot’s seat.

    “Yep! One of the Nazi’s I ate was a pilot and actually knew how to fly these things. Plus, we should have plenty of fuel to reach Ireland, so we should be just fine!”

    “Taylor, I’ll have you know that the words ‘Just’ and ‘fine’ should never be said in the same sentence when speaking of any kind of travel or plan. Just for future reference.”

    Taylor rolled her eyes, “If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you eat Murphy at some point?”

    “Yes, and he gave me indigestion. Something that should not be possible for a vampire. So there.”

    “Fine, fine, I conceded the point, no more invoking Murphy.”


    “He’s a downright psychotic bastard who decided it was funny to watch people suffer from everything that can go wrong, going wrong.”

    [... you?]

    “... Fair, there are a lot of similarities between us, but Murphy’s also an asshole.”

    “You’re not exactly doing a good job of differentiating yourself, Alucard.” Taylor noted, before turning to face a very perplexed looking Sabah, “Also, could you go untie Lisa and make sure Fred gets his Peanuts? It’s going to be a long flight, and they should probably get comfortable.”

    Sabah sighed, “Fine, fine, just keep talking to the voices in your head and don’t crash. I already lost my arms, I really don’t feel like losing my legs too.”

    Taylor wrinkled her nose, “Why your legs specifically?” she asked.

    “Because then I’d be a quadriplegic, and would suffer no end of jokes on your end.” She said as she left the cockpit, leaving Taylor alone.

    “... Why is she worried about jokes? What jokes could I even make about quadriplegics?”


    “Ok, Queenie, you need to stop looking into peoples brains, there’s some stuff in there that even I won’t touch.”


    “What is that?” Aegis asked as Vista walked into the briefing room, not wearing her normal costume, but instead wearing what appeared to be riot gear fitted to her size.

    “That, Aegis, is the first step of the reforms that are going to be put into place. Thank you for wearing the gear, Vista.” Director Piggot said, sitting at the head of the meeting room table.

    In the room were a collection of both full-time Protectorate members and Wards, with Miss Militia, Armsmaster, Triumph, and Dauntless sitting on one side of the table while Aegis, Clockblocker, Gallant, and Kid Win sitting on the other. Deputy Director Rennick Sat next to the Director at the end of the table alongside the full Protectorate Members. Vista took a seat near Kid Win at the edge of the table.

    “Now, with that to start us off, I want to direct everyone’s attention to the folder in front of you,” Piggot explained, lifting up her own folder, “With the recent events surrounding Carmilla, the Gesellschaft, and the pressure from the other members of the Protectorate and PRT, we will be putting forward a number of reforms.”

    “The first is new uniforms; No more costumes, and no more masks. Vista has made it abundantly clear about her stance on the subject already and in light of the invasion of United States soil by a foreign military, we will be changing the standard uniform to something more… appropriate.”

    Rennick spoke up during the brief pause, “Put simply, we won’t be playing by the villain’s rules anymore. Up until recently, there has been a status quo that the wider Protectorate has been… hesitant, to upset. New Wave made it their goal to upset the status quo when they made the first move to reveal their own identities, but as they were little more than a family with little political or institutional backing beyond their own careers and abilities, it did not go well.”

    The older Protectorate heroes nodded, “What happened to Fleur was a tragedy, one that I will not have repeat itself.” Piggot said, “However, instead of simply playing by the villain’s rules and praying they play nice, we will be taking a different approach. Any and all information on villains is to be brought to the Protectorate and PRT immediately. If their identities can be ascertained, a squad will be put together and they will be taken into custody. Without exception.

    “With that in mind, new uniforms will be issued to all members of the Protectorate and Wards. With the exception of Armsmaster, Dauntless, and Kid Win, given their own powers, will be issued uniforms that accommodate those powers. In the case of Armsmaster and Kid Win, the two of you will be issued riot gear that can be implemented with tinker tech. Dauntless will be able to keep his current gear, with the addition of more traditional body armor and modifications to his helmet.” Piggot listed off, with most of the other people in the room moving to eye the gear that Vista was wearing.

    “The Helmets will be equipped with shaded visor in order to protect the identities of the Wards and Protectorate Members. Just because the rules of the game are changing doesn’t mean that the old ones are useless. The rest of the gear will be similar to that of standard PRT trooper riot gear, including but not limited to, kevlar body armor, flares, containment foam grenades, and standard-issue sidearms.” Piggot explained.

    “In addition, broader and more varied patrol routs will be issued, allowing the Protectorate and Wards members to cover more of the city. Those that are legally able will be issued a Patrol Car to navigate the city, with the exception of those members with flight, or tinker tech vehicles of their own design.” She continued.

    Clockblocker raised his hand, “What about villains breaking out all the time?” he asked. Gallant turned to stop his questioning, but a glare from the director stopped him.

    “All criminally charged individuals held in Protectorate custody will be put under intensive twenty-four-hour surveillance and will be moved to a more secure holding cell as soon as one becomes available. Their trial and court sentence will be held as quickly as possible, with identity protection being removed for the purposes of the court of law.” She answered, “In other words, they’ll be unmasked and put into a more secure position before anyone can think to break them out.”

    She eyed the rest of the room, looking to see if anyone would ask any more questions, before moving on, “In regards to lethal force and self-defense. Should any Protectorate or Wards member be put into a situation where it is warranted, lethal force is to be authorized. I won’t have any of my capes being killed or maimed because they weren’t allowed to shoot back at someone trying to put a bullet between their eyes.”

    “In addition, firearms, close-quarters combat, hostage situation, and EMS training is going to be added onto your other training and education. We’ve had one too many incidents where any sort of it would be needed, but was not had.” she explained, “Now, are there any questions?”

    The following barrage of questions, rants, and arguments that followed had Piggot feeling as though she had lost another year of her lifespan.


    Jack wasn’t happy. It was hard enough keeping the other members of the Nine in control before Carmilla had appeared on the east coast, but ever since she had, Crawler had become nigh-on obsessed with her. Mannequin had as well, but for different reasons than Crawler.

    The death of the Simurgh had sent the already quiet, stoic tinker into an almost comatose state. It seemed all he did now was watch the news and look on PHO at what Carmilla’s latest exploits entailed. Jack had considered trying to get rid of Mannequin himself, but the man was far too valuable and obedient for him to simply kill. Doing so would upset the others, and make them wonder if he would do the same to them.

    Regardless, Jack had all but used up whatever charisma he had in order to keep the Nine away from Carmilla. He felt lucky that the Siberian seemed to share his view of avoiding her, though it was still somewhat irritating that they were apparently the only two that held such views. As said before, Mannequin had become obsessed with the vampiric cape, and it seemed as though discussion about her was the only topic he would actively participate in if only marginally more than he normally did.

    Crawler was desperate to go and fight Carmilla, to see if she would hurt him. Predictable, but unlike most predictable behavior, almost impossible to control. There were many times that he had threatened to leave the Nine and go fight Carmilla himself, only convinced by the practical argument that the rest of the Protectorate was unlikely to let him get close to her, and a handful of vague promises that the Nine would eventually make their way to Brockton. He was still only barely convinced, to the point that Jack feared he might one day wake up to find out that Crawler had run off to fight Carmilla.

    The others were marginally easier to handle; Bonesaw wanted desperately to study Carmilla, and quite possibly recruit her. Jack and the Siberian were able to convince her that they would be unlikely to convince her to join them, and even if they could, it wasn’t very likely that Carmilla would let her toy with her insides. She was rather saddened at the declaration, but left it at that, only agreeing with the other members of the Nine when they suggested they go to either fight or recruit Carmilla.

    Burnscar was easy, of course, content to spend her time with Bonesaw or staring at an open flame. Her interest in Carmilla was negligible at best. Shatterbird was much the same, though, without the interest in fire or spending time with Bonesaw, she was content to work on her sculptures and art. Hatchet Face was a similar situation to Crawler, though far less insistence. He wanted so desperately to kill Carmilla, but Jack had persuaded him with similarly false promises that he did Crawler, as well as informing him that it would take some preparation to kill her. As a consequence, he spent almost as much time researching Carmilla as Mannequin did, though for different reasons.

    It was when the group was staying at a camp-grounds in northern Texas that it seemed Crawler had finally had enough.

    “That’s IT! You’ve been saying that we will go to Brockton for weeks, Jack! When will we go?” The massive beast snarled.

    Jack grimaced, “Soon enough, Ned. We cannot be hasty. While you would more than likely survive whatever she might try, the rest of us are not as-”

    “I don’t give a shit, Jack! I’m tired of waiting, and if you’re just going to keep on waiting until the end of time, I’m just going to go and fight her on my own!” he growled, before turning around and stomping off.

    “Ned! Stop! You can’t just leave, we’re a family, here, remember? I said we will go, and we will, alright?” Jack said.

    He almost missed Hatchet Face shoving past him, walking in the same direction as Crawler, “Ya’ been stallin’ Jack, anyone with ‘alf a brain could tell that. I’m with Ned.” the scarred man said, walking after Crawler.

    Mannequin was silent, but Jack saw him slinking after the other two members of the Nine. The other members had stopped whatever it was they were doing, and were now watching the three begin to leave, and Jack could almost feel the control slipping through his fingers…

    “We leave tomorrow!” Jack shouted, causing the three members to halt in their tracks.

    Crawler turned to face Jack, “Tomorrow, eh? No take-backs?”

    Jack grimaced but shook his head. He feared he was going to regret the decision, but it was the only thing he could think of to say in order to keep Crawler, Hatchet Face, and Mannequin to stay.

    “We’re gonna go see Carmilla!?” Bonesaw shouted, her smile almost audible.

    Jack put on his best imitation of a smile as he could, which, from years of practice, happened to be a very good one, “Yes, tomorrow. Not tonight. Tonight, we need to rest and make our plans. Then once we are ready tomorrow morning, we’ll head for Brockton Bay.”


    AN: Alright, so another chapter on the block. I've hopefully addressed some of the issues with the protectorate that cropped up last chapter, and I'll be veering away from that side of the story in the future in order to turn the focus back on Taylor and her escapades. Anywho, thank you to Random One and Michael Whitmer who became patrons on my Patreon! If anyone wants to send me a few bucks, and hopefully speed up the output of chapters, feel free to do so on my Patreon as well!
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    Oh yes... How will one prepare to face Carmilla when forced to unwillingly by equally deranged teammates, Jack? Nothing like what other versions of him deal with, given that they do have a plan normally.
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    And that was how the S9 ran head first into a woodchipper Fuckmothering Vampire.
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