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Going for a Walk (Hellsing Ultimate Abridged/Worm crossover)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by rocketmce, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. goricnac

    goricnac Not too sore, are you?

    Mar 23, 2018
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    What kind of mega moron do you need to be to think that shooting the cape that just contained 2 international criminals and hangs out with the Endslayer is a good idea on any level? Holy shit this idiot was so high on his own nationalistic pride and bullshit he basically signed the death warrants of all the guards with him, legit surprised non of his subordinates told him to shut the fuck up or just ran away.
  2. Morkail

    Morkail Not too sore, are you?

    Apr 21, 2020
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    Unbound undead shard... free in the world... well this will end well.
  3. Highlord

    Highlord Making the rounds.

    Apr 6, 2021
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    At first my interest in this story had tanked the moment widlbow's author avatar arrived without being in a body bag. Now though, it seems everything is about to explode in cuntessa and fucking saucepan's face. Good.

    I hope alexandria gets eaten. And not in the fun way.
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  4. shakeval

    shakeval I trust you know where the happy button is?

    May 12, 2017
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    he's probably a corrupt douchebag or even in cahoots with frogglet one and two.
    Will be a lucky break if he survives without Taylor eat his arm.

    On another note, missed the catchphrase when being asked what kind of vampire are you?
    "A real fucking vampire"
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2021
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  5. Adalwulf13

    Adalwulf13 Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Jul 18, 2019
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    Just started reading but I love the chaos and the resulting laughs
  6. 24caratcoal

    24caratcoal Plotbunny Rancher

    Nov 30, 2016
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    Or, you know, her reputation for destruction precedes her and he doesn't want his homeland subjected to that.
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  7. Threadmarks: 7.8

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    “So you are the one behind Miss Hebert’s abilities?” Doctor mother asked as she straitened her posture, looking up at Alucard with scrutiny, “It seems there is more to the universe than we had anticipated. What are you, and how have you managed to grant Miss Hebert her abilities, and through her, Miss Bakir? You are not in line with what we know of. You do not fit into the context of how we know Parahuman abilities function… so I ask again, what are you?”

    Alucard chuckled, his laugh a deep, dark tone that seemed to reverberate and echo in the room despite there being no sign of anything that would allow it to, “You believe me to be connected to those parasites leeching off of your world? Let me tell you now, I am nothing like them. I’m a transdimensional fuck-mothering vampire, I made a deal with the devil himself, I spat in the face of God, and walked away… I am no alien parasite, I am no mindless entity trying to surpass entropy… I am a monster. A necessary evil. A bulwark against monsters far less controlled than me.”

    Doctor Mother was silent. She had stopped writing anything down after his first sentence, and as he continued to speak, her muscles tensed, her eyes widened, and her grip on her pen and clipboard increased so as to make her knuckles white.

    Alucard chuckled again at her reaction, “So tell me, good doctor, what do you make of this revelation? What do you make of the monster standing before you?”

    The woman was silent for a moment, unwilling to answer right away. She closed her eyes and drew an intake of breath, “I see. I believe you truly are beyond what we know of and are prepared for. We cannot kill you or Miss Hebert, that much is abundantly clear. However, we cannot allow you to continue to interfere with our operations. In lieu of that fact… until we see each other again.”

    “That’s not good. Alucard, that’s not good, right?”

    Alucard moved, attempting to grab the woman in front of him before she stepped backward through an invisible portal, which closed when Alucard tried to follow. He grimaced and was prepared to try one of his more unique tricks when he felt the floor beneath his feet disappear and the air around him begin to rush downward.

    He began falling through a portal beneath him, and when he reached to grab the edge to keep himself from falling through, his fingers were cut off, and the portal closed again, resulting in him being thrown into freefall… somewhere.

    Alucard looked around at the space where they were falling, and noted that it looked a bit like a particularly clear night sky, with stars twinkling in the distance… and then he saw the vast expanse of ground that was swiftly coming up to meet him. He grunted, angling his body so that his feet would land first, resulting in a soft landing through the use of limited telekinesis… something that Taylor’s body barely had access to, even as powerful a vampire she had become.

    He did not appreciate what he landed on, however. The ground was soft and moved like flesh beneath his feet, and he could see the land around him was similar, though when he looked up… were he purely human, the sight would have terrified him, and even as ancient a vampire as he was, it was not something he had seen in all the centuries he had lived.

    Tall crystalline spires rose out of the fleshy ground, bleeding tendons and strips of flesh desperately clinging to them. Huge gashes in the ground bled rivers of discolored liquid, flowing this way and that through the uneven ground. Enormous crystalline formations rose into the sky, often defying the natural laws of physics and geometry in the way that Taylor and Alucard both understood them, though Alucard at least was more used to such occurrences. Alongside the spires were long, thick towers of wavering flesh that seemed to hang upward, as if gravity were pulling them up.

    “Alucard… where in the fucking devil's name are we!?”

    Alucard chuckled, “I’ll admit, Tay-Tay, this one is new for me too.”

    Alucard was about to continue when he heard the sound of warping and tearing flesh coming from behind him. He turned around quickly to see one of the floating pillars of flesh behind him, as something moved underneath the wall of skin, bulging and writhing in a way that didn’t suggest anything human. The skin began to break, and whatever was inside it began to tear its way out, revealing multiple clawed limbs connected to a single torso, and a head connected to an unnaturally long neck. The head had no eyes, instead almost exclusively consisting of a set of tendrils that most definitely covered a mouth.

    The creature, whatever it was, stumbled out of the opening it had made, covered in a clear, sticky fluid. It raised its head in Alucard's direction and made a motion as if it were sniffing. It shuddered, and after a moment, screeched, its tendrils splaying outward revealing a gaping mouth filled with dozens of fanged teeth, spittle spraying in Alucard's direction as it began racing toward him, stumbling clumsily on its many limbs.

    Alucard reacted quickly, racing forward and grabbing the creature's head and neck and twisting before it could latch onto him, tearing it off. The body, however, was still animate, forcing him to tear it limb from limb, even tearing the torso in half before it stopped moving, covering the ground around him in red blood. He grimaced, licking the blood off his fingers. It was good. It wasn’t human blood, that much he could tell, but it was also familiar somehow.

    “Alucard… what is that? It doesn’t… it tastes like… parahumans?”

    Alucard paused. Parahumans did taste ever so slightly different, but no, that wasn’t where he recognized it. It tasted… He blinked, and laughed, “Oh, no, Tay-Tay, that’s not parahuman. You’re on the right track, but this… this is something much different.”

    He heard a loud screech, much like that of the creature he had just killed. He looked up and saw another had clawed its way out of the pillar higher up, and he saw more of them clawing their way out of it as well. He heard more screeching, and he slowly looked around him, seeing more of them clawing their way out of the other pillars, and even a few seeming to dig themselves up out of the ground.

    “Well, it seems like we’ll have a fresh supply of the stuff anyhow…”


    Siren’s wailed, people screamed, and through it all, the Queen grimaced. She had lost her connection to [Host] and Alucard. She didn’t know what had done it, or who, she supposed, but it didn’t matter, the moment [Queen Devourer] found them, they were as good as dead.

    “Queen, stop!” the [HOST] of [Binding Manipulator] yelled, “This… this is insane! You can’t find Taylor by just breaking everything!”

    Queen paused, looking around at the area around her. What was left of the airport was in flames, the bodies of well over a dozen individual’s that might have held the [DATA] she needed had been disposed of when she was done interrogating them, and several [HOST] bodies were among them, having decided to get in her way.

    “I need to find Taylor. They did something to her, and we need to find out who and what.” She explained as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

    “But you’re just killing everyone who even gets near you! They won’t know anything, and if you keep this up, you're going to get the heroes coming after you! Something that even Taylor wouldn’t want!” Sabah all but begged.

    Queen stopped. It was possible that the [HOST] of [Binding Manipulator] was correct, and that Taylor wouldn’t want her to extract information in the method that Alucard had taught her. His method was efficient, if not aligning with the normal [HOST] species moral standards.

    “Well then what do you suggest? We are on enemy territory. They have made an attack on us, and we do not even know who or where they are… I should be connected to Taylor, and yet I am not.” she explained.

    Sabah’s face scrunched up in a look of deep concentration as if she herself didn’t know what to think about that, “But this-” she gestured to the area around her “-isn’t going to help, all it will do is attract the wrong attention, we need… someone, something, anything that knows more about this than we do. Lisa, another thinker of some kind, someone who can find out information without having to literally eat other people.”

    Queen considered the proposal. In truth, there were benefits to using alternate forms of information gathering, but-

    Queen stopped. Something pinged across her system, a connection, admittedly a weak one, but a connection nonetheless. Inside the secluded dimension of her true form, she traced over the connection, following where it led. It was barely there, and its exact origin point wasn’t traceable, but she recognized the signature. It was Taylor. Her [HOST].

    But the ping was so far away, in an entirely different dimension that Queen couldn’t see, buried underneath layer upon layer of encryption… encryption she recognized. Signals like it only came from one of two places, in Queen's experience at least, and neither was a particularly good sign.

    In Taylor’s home dimension, Queen used her avatar to do something… destructive. She used the power that she had used on the conflict engine, causing a shockwave throughout the airport, shattering windows, and even tearing apart the asphalt. When she looked at Sabah, she saw that her body was regenerating, some of her flesh having been torn from her body.

    “That… what…?” Sabah asked, her vocal cords not having fully regenerated.

    Queen’s avatar frowned, “I found Taylor… and she is in perhaps one of the worst locations she could have possibly found herself in.”

    At least she had Alucard with her…
  8. Threadmarks: 7.9

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Alucard felt blood flow past his teeth as he ripped into the neck of another creature. He’d lost track of exactly how long he’d been fighting, and had decided to pull out a few tricks, well, the ones he could use while Taylor let him drive. She had taken to her vampirism far better than Seras had, but she was still far younger than he was, even if she did have a fairly large head start.

    Ghoul-like familiars battled against the monsters, with the notable exception of any of the parahumans Taylor had eaten… another side effect of getting her connection to Queen Devourer cut off. Taylor and Alucard had spoken for a while, sometimes speculating on just who Doctor Mother and her associates were, where they were, and what it was they were fighting.

    Alucard grunted as a creature that had apparently decided to grow wings bit into his shoulder from behind, prompting him to reach behind and grab it by the neck, wrenching it free before slamming it down onto an exposed crystal coming up out of the ground, skewering it.

    “All I’m saying is the bitch didn’t just send us here for no reason, she must have known these things wouldn’t be strong enough to kill us.”

    “Maybe, maybe not.” Alucard responded, discarding the mangled corpse of one of the creatures that had thrown itself at him, “Still, it sure seems like she wanted us to die out here if the number of creepy crawlies is anything to go by!”

    Several of the Ghouls were cut down by larger creatures with long, scythe-like limbs. The bodies dissolved into red blood, flowing into the de facto river that Alucard waded through like it was nothing. He idly noted the sheer variety of creatures that were now attacking him, considering one of Taylor’s earlier theories.

    “They’re like antibodies, protecting the larger organism from whatever is threatening it.”

    He would give some credence to the theory, but to him, they were more like parasites, but then again, if his theory was correct, and the taste of the creatures was anything to go by, the thing they were standing on was more of a qualifier to the title than the creatures were.

    “What exactly is this place anyway? It tastes like parahuman, but you said it was something else but never elaborated.”

    “I have an idea. I could be wrong, but I do believe we are on the skin of one of the same creatures that Queenie is. That, or one of her parents, though I think either of them would have noticed by now.” He informed her. It really was possible he was wrong; despite his own confidence, he was in uncharted territory. He’d never dealt with sentient creatures like Queen Devourer and the other shards. Even the big old golden boy didn’t really feel like either the devil or Big-G, so that was right out.

    “What is she anyway? She’s a vampire too, but she’s clearly not human, is she some kind of alien?”

    Alucard hummed, “An alien is probably the best descriptor you could give her, but I wouldn’t even call it quite that… a sentient, biological supercomputer perhaps?” he offered.

    He continued to cut through the creatures with seemingly no end in sight -- before Taylor spotted something that he would have considered a temporary distraction, but apparently caught Taylor’s eye. She jerked his head over to a large, thick tower of flesh, one that seemed taller, and had crystalline structures jutting out of it and into the ground.

    “That looks important, don’t you think Alucard?”

    “Quite possibly. Change direction then?” he asked, receiving the mental equivalent of a nod, resulting in Alucard slowly making his way toward the tower.

    The river of blood flowed along with him, the ghouls wading through it, often skipping steps and simply flowing with the river in order to keep up. More eldritch creatures sprung up from the ground or dropped from the waving flesh towers, each one that was killed adding to the river of blood. Alucard noticed offhandedly that the more of the creature's blood was added, the more discolored the river became -- it had started off as a solid red, but every now and again, he would spot a flicker of purple or blue in the liquid, before it would very quickly be flooded by red once again.

    He made a mental note of the fact before continuing again, slowly making his way to the large tower. As he got closer, he began to realize just how large it was. The base of it was perhaps the size of a football stadium, and he hesitated to guess just how tall it was. The large crystalline structures that jutted out of it, or from the ground up and into it, acting somewhat like supports, were some of the largest he’d seen yet.

    When he did finally reach the base, he could see several holes in the ground, which got bigger the closer he looked to the tower, and at the very base of it, even digging into the walls, there were holes that went down at an angle, wide enough that one could quite comfortably fit a vehicle through. He hummed in thought as blood flowed down the holes, giving him at least a sense of where they led. Down, down, down they went, curving and intersecting, much like an anthill. Some led to dead ends, filling up with blood, while others seemed to flow into one another to form massive caverns that continued to flow even deeper.

    “Well, this is interesting,” Alucard muttered to himself. The creatures were beginning to become more hostile. Larger ones were clawing their way out of the tower, and a few even began to climb up out of the holes in the ground, massacring any ghouls they came into contact with only to be brought low by hundreds of them pulling the thing down and ripping them apart.

    “What is this place? Some kind of hive?”

    Alucard hummed in thought before he felt the ground rumble beneath his feet. He spun around just in time to see a truly massive creature claw its way up out of the ground. Ghouls clawed at its limbs as it stalked forward, ripping flesh from its legs, but it all but ignored them. Its flesh seemed to be particularly strong, and whenever a ghoul managed to rip out a significant chunk of meat, it kicked, sending the familiar’s body flying.

    “Wait… these are antibodies… right? Or at least, that’s my prevailing theory.”

    “A sound one, at the very least. The only alternative would-be parasites, but whatever we are standing on seems to be alive, somehow, so I’m inclined to agree with you.” Besides, he hadn’t encountered any parasites like these on Queenie’s body, though that might have simply been due to the damage she’d taken beforehand.

    “Right, and, how far do those holes go down?”

    Alucard paused his thought process to consider the fact, even as he continued to rush forward and up the creature's leg, up toward its center of mass. The holes themselves went down far, and while the smaller, narrower ones were already being filled with blood, the wider, larger ones were still going down, reaching almost a mile deep.

    Alucard reached the back of the creature, and moved up to its neck, where its spine would be, before plunging one hand into it, gripping the piece of bone before wrenching it out, resulting in the head falling forward and the rest of the body stumbling. It still moved, though a fair bit more clumsily. The ghouls took advantage of its disarray, climbing up its legs and ripping and tearing into its flesh, and soon enough it was little more than a skeleton already being dissolved into the river of blood.

    “Over a mile deep, now,” Alucard noted, “And going deeper. What are you thinking, Tay-Tay?”

    “What’s down there that these things are trying to protect?”

    Alucard could almost hear her grinning, and he laughed, “Well now, that does sound like an interesting idea. Why don’t we find out?” he asked, not waiting for an answer as he leaped forward, diving feet first down one of the largest pits. The blood continued to flow, and as he slid down, he made sure to keep from falling down the dead ends.

    It was when he was about halfway down when the blood narrowed into one, single tunnel, to the point where it was less sliding and more freefalling, continuing to do so for almost two miles. It was when he left the tunnel completely that he realized what the creatures were trying so desperately to protect.

    “Is that… a heart?”

    A great ball of flesh weakly pulsating with glowing light once every couple of seconds, likely almost a mile in diameter was beneath him, suspended in an enormous chamber by several giant, probably many mile-long tendons of flesh, a chamber which he was falling through with great speed. More crystalline structures covered everything, some connecting different tendons, and a large number of them covering a gaping wound in the ball, several tendons that had likely connected to it having been ripped apart, likewise covered in crystals, though the less connected they were to the heart-like organ, the less alive they looked.

    The flesh became pale and grey, the blood that came from the wounds becoming a discolored brownish red, and in places it looked as it rot had taken to it, blackened necrosis decaying large swaths of flesh. Around the wound in the heart itself, the necrosis almost seemed worse, and Alucard could almost see the blackened material being eaten away, the crystalline material blocking off some sections, but looking as if it was growing too slow to stop the infection.

    Alucard barely realized that he had all but stopped falling, the gravity in the large chamber being almost non-existent, reducing his body to a state of weightlessness, the blood that had flowed into the chamber floating in the air, forming orbs of red fluid, which he found he was able to control to little surprise. He quickly began to absorb most of it, even as he looked at the injured, frail, half-dead heart of whatever it was that he and Taylor had found themselves inside of.

    “This… I want to say it's amazing, but… how do we even begin to describe something like this?”

    Alucard didn’t answer. In all his years, he’d never come across something like this. He might have imagined something like it during one of his drug trips, but never when he was sober. The presence of a deity was probably the only thing that compared, but this was something different… less grand, not as pure white, none of the angels singing, but still remarkable in its own way and horrifying in others.

    “This is something different, Taylor.” He remarked, “Something very different.”


    Lisa wasn’t one to panic, but given that she was staring down the literal avatar of what a power was? She felt fairly safe in the fact that she could barely think. Her power was going haywire, trying to understand what she was looking at. It wore Taylor’s face, but it wasn’t Taylor, it had said as much itself. The five mismatching wings on its back were obviously from the Simurgh. The claws had come from Hookwolf. The sporadic carapace-like armor that covered her red coat, the too-long limbs, that pitch-black eyes… all of those had come from various capes that Taylor had eaten along the way.

    “You shouldn’t be scared, Lisa. Taylor admires you, so I admire you. She wouldn’t kill you, so I won’t either.” It said in Taylor’s voice, though there was very clearly something added to it to make it particularly distinct.

    “Th-that’s not exactly reassuring,” Lisa informed the thing in front of her.

    It cocked an eyebrow, but didn’t respond in any other way before turning to look at Sabah, “We need to leave. We need to find the ones who took Taylor, or better yet, Taylor herself… the latter of which would be greatly more difficult, given her position.”

    Lisa took in what it was saying, still trying to wrap her head around what her power was telling her. Taylor’s power had somehow taken control of her body and was talking to them through it. Taylor herself had been taken during the fight, though Lisa wasn’t sure how her body had stayed behind and her power had gotten separated somehow. The thought that a person could be disconnected from their power was… disconcerting.

    “Wait… you know where Taylor is?” Lisa asked, to which it nodded in answer, “Then, why would it be hard to get to her? Can’t we… teleport, fly, drive, or some other form of transportation?” Her power was being remarkably useless in her current situation. She didn’t have enough information, and the fact that she was being bombarded with new and unrelated info didn’t help matters in the slightest.

    “She is not somewhere that I have the abilities to go… despite the powers I have access to, none allow for more cross-dimensional travel than I am already capable of.”

    Lisa blinked, “Cross-dimensional… Taylor’s in a different dimension… how does that even…” her mind was running a million miles a minute, her power was working into overdrive, and her head hurt. She rubbed her temples and closed her eyes, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

    “Lisa, I don’t know what’s going on either, but… we need your help, ok?” Sabah asked, shaking Lisa from her thoughts.

    She looked up at the vampiress, the girl who defied all logic in that she had somehow adopted Taylor’s own abilities, to the point that as she… ate, more people, she began to gain more and more of Taylor’s own abilities, sans the copying powers bit.

    “I… have no idea how I could even begin to help,” Lisa stated, “We’re way out of our league here, someone who can cut people off from their powers, Endbringers being killed every time they show up, alternate dimensions, I-I just… what the hell is going on?”

    Sabah frowned, Lisa’s power informing her that the girl didn’t know much more than she did, “I have no idea, but, for the first time in… I have no idea how long we've been able to do something. The world thought the Endbringers were unbeatable… Well, Taylor proved them wrong. People thought the bay was going to be ruled by gangs until the end of time, and Taylor wipes them all out in a month. We owe her, me more than anyone.” she explained.

    Lisa frowned, then sighed, “Ok. Yeah, your right. We need to do something… but I need information.” She informed them, both Sabah and Taylor’s power made manifest nodding in acknowledgment, “And, we need to get back to Brockton. My bunker has computers, documents, information-gathering tools, everything we would need… probably.”

    “Probably?” Sabah asked.

    Lisa shrugged, “I have no idea what we’re doing. Interdimensional travel? I don’t even know where to start with that.”

    Queen smiled, “Good to have you on our side,” She said, reaching over and grabbing both Lisa and Sabah by the shoulder, causing both to look at her questioningly, “You said you need to get back to Brockton, yes?”

    Black mist enveloped the three of them. For several seconds, it felt like there was nothing beneath Lisa’s feet like she was in weightlessness… much like the feeling when Taylor had teleported her around before. When the black mist cleared, they were back in Brockton… absolutely nothing like Lisa remembered it.

    Fires covered the streets, cars smashed to pieces and bodies littering the ground, and when she looked around, her eyes widened as she saw Armsmaster, clad head-to-toe in his power armor and using a new, different halberd that had a blurring, glowing blade, standing head-to-head against Crawler. The monster spun, swinging its tail around to hit Armsmaster, knocking him to the side and into a building before his many eyes finally noticed the three of them.

    The mutated thing laughed, a guttural, wrong sound that echoed through the street, “FINALLY!” it roared, and began to charge straight toward them.
  9. Threadmarks: Interlude 6: Jack Slash

    rocketmce Getting sticky.

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Jack expected to be slaughtered upon entering Brockton Bay’s city limits. Admittedly, that was perhaps a bit premature of an expectation, but the gut feeling he got about certain people and certain situations wasn’t a good one. The reality was simultaneously comforting for himself, and disappointing for some of the others.

    Carmilla had left the bay, leaving to visit another country overseas. Crawler was… not happy. He roared in frustration, swinging his tail into another building, killing the occupants that had tried to take shelter inside. They were still on the outskirts of the city, so it would take several minutes for the cities heroes to reach them, plenty of time to cause a ruckus and make their presence known.

    Jack had of course allowed Shatterbird their usual arrival, which had sent the city into a panic, though Jack noted that as he watched from afar, the local police and Protectorate response had been far better organized than many of the other towns and cities they visited. Oh, there were other cities that did it for better, but for one the size of Brockton, their response was remarkably well thought out, almost as if they had expected the nine to come to their city.

    One thing that had bothered Jack, however, was that he had yet to see any of the heroes he had expected. The Wards were most notably absent, though he suspected that was due to local procedure requiring them to not take part in battles against S-class threats, but the absence of the other heroes bothered him somewhat. Not once did he glimpse the American bandana of Miss Militia, nor could he spot the lion mask of Triumph or the red and blue bodysuits that Assault and Battery wore.

    It was entirely possible that the Protectorate was trying to hide the heroes away from the nine, but Jack wasn’t entirely sure.

    He was brought back to reality, away from his thoughts, when he felt Bonesaw tugging on his sleeve, “What is it Bonesaw?” he asked politely, a smile on his face betraying his inner questioning and concern.

    “Can we go find the heroes soon? All these normal people are getting boring…” She said, gesturing to where she had been casually dissecting and reformatting people’s bodies. A teenage couple that had apparently been out on a date had been sown together, a mother who had been taking her baby out in a stroller had her child sown back into her stomach, and several other people had experienced a myriad of other atrocities, but all of them were things that Bonesaw had done before.

    In truth, only parahumans ever brought any real interest to her, each one being unique and different, their powers providing a playground that a normal human could never compare to.

    “We’ll do that whenever we can find them, alright? They’re playing a little hard to get at the moment.” He explained.

    Not a second after he had said those words, did he hear an explosion coming from one of the gas stations nearby; Crawler had run out of people and had resorted to simply destroying buildings instead. He had been the most frustrated by Carmilla’s disappearance, having been the one to initiate the journey to Brockton. Hatchetface was frustrated as well, but not nearly to the extent that Crawler was.

    “We just have to wait until she comes back.” the scarred man had said in response to Crawler’s frustration.

    She had gone over to Europe, and while Jack had contemplated the idea of leaving the continent, it was never an idea he had seen much worth or prospect in. Now, he was worried he might have to in order to keep the nine together or risk losing Crawler, who he could see was debating the idea of swimming across the ocean. Jack really wasn’t sure if keeping Crawler was worth the price, at that point.

    “Do you know what’s wrong with Mannequin?” Bonesaw asked, gesturing to the aimless form that the man was. While the rest of the nine had taken to the slaughter, Mannequin was eerily absent from it. His clawed hands were still clean, the chains he’d use to string up numerous victims still within the compartments within his arms.

    Jack frowned, approaching Mannequin in a non-threatening, but firm manner, “Alan, won’t you join the rest of us?” he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

    Mannequin turned his head to look at Jack, then turned to look at each of the nine that were present, all but Shatterbird and Burnscar having taken part in the slaughter. The mentioned two had taken to scouting out the rest of the city, the latter setting fires throughout.

    Mannequin tilted his head, then shook it, causing Jack to frown, “And why not? Are you waiting for the heroes to show up like Bonesaw is so eager for?” he asked.

    He didn’t respond at first, but after a minute, he nodded, though Jack would readily admit he wasn’t convinced. He neglected to force the issue, however, Mannequin would need to act when the heroes came, regardless of his hesitance. If he didn’t, he would die, not something Jack was unprepared to deal with.

    He left Mannequin to his silence, and was about to go check on the Siberian when he heard it; the loud rumble of a vehicle’s engine. And not just any vehicle, either, at the rate it was getting to them it was likely Armsmaster's bike. Sure enough, a moment later, a blue and black bike of enormous proportions came roaring into view, its rider swinging a halberd out to the side.

    It seemed faster than it should, and even Jack was taken by surprise at how quickly it moved as it drove through the center of the road where the nine had gathered. He moved so fast that the halberd had actually caught Hatchetface in the shoulder, knocking him spinning to the ground, his arm flying off in a blur.

    Jack was admittedly surprised. Very rarely was the Protectorate so aggressive in their assault, but he could say that it was at least a welcome one.

    Crawler immediately began to chase after the bike, his own legs allowing him to keep up in a way that didn’t look quite right. Regardless, Jack felt it prudent to begin their withdrawal, “Bonesaw, dear, please make sure Hatchetface doesn’t bleed out. Otherwise, Mannequin, Siberian, we’re heading out, please finish up your activities and come along,” He announced.

    Bonesaw was quick to run to Hatchetface’s side, already taking out her kit and picking up his arm in order to reattach it. The Siberian finished swallowing a piece of flesh she had stripped from someone’s arm, and Mannequin wandered his way toward where they had left the van. Jack was about to follow when he felt a sinking feeling in his gut, and the urge to duck behind cover. He complied, such gut feelings having saved his life many times before, and dodged to the side behind a turned over car just in time to avoid a bullet that broke the asphalt of the road he had been standing on.

    He grunted in frustration, “Bonesaw! Get to cover!” He ordered, and she complied, just in time to see Hatchetface’s head pop. Blood, bone, and bits of grey matter covered the road as the bullet went through his head and even into the asphalt beneath.

    Mannequin moved to cover as well, while the Siberian looked up toward where the shots had presumably come from, trying to find exactly where they were coming from, only for a rocket to hit where she was standing, an explosion rocking the area. Before the smoke could clear, the Siberian dashed out of the smoke toward where the rocket had come from, leaving the rest of them.

    Jack sighed, peeking his head out from cover. His gut was still roiling, but the urge to duck for cover wasn’t there anymore, “Bonesaw, Mannequin, head to the van now-” He was cut off when his gut lurched, and he turned to see a blur move past him, and he felt a punch to his gut, sending him sprawling to the ground.

    He grunted, getting back up to see what exactly had hit him, looking around only to see a stunned Mannequin and a missing Bonesaw, “Mannequin! Get to the van!” he ordered, dashing out of cover. His gut was roiling, making him feel as though he were going to vomit. Clearly, these heroes were not the standard, taking measures to kill as many of the nine as they could.

    The two members of the nine made their way to the van, but before they could reach it, something hit it, sending it flying through the air toward them. Jack was able to dodge to the side, but Mannequin was not so lucky, being hit by the truck that soon crashed into the building behind them.

    Jack turned to find a man in black and red body armor, a mask completely concealing his face, “Well, and who might you be?” he asked, reaching for one of the knives at his waist. He needed to buy time; the Siberian was dealing with the sniper most likely, and she would come searching for Bonesaw soon after she was done. Shatterbird would have heard the ruckus, and likely would have seen Crawler chasing after Armsmaster, so it was likely she would come, but not guaranteed. Burnscar was a possibility, but she was probably lost in the fires that she had started. His most likely support would be Mannequin, once he managed to extract himself from the wreckage of the van, but considering the odd behavior of the tinker as of late, he wasn’t even certain of that.

    The cape in front of him remained silent, making Jack frown, “Come now, you’re not interested in a little chatter? Not the least curious as to why I chose your city? I’ll admit, I have a few of my own curios-” Jack staggered.

    There was a loud bang, and then a sharp pain in his back, followed by a wet sensation trickling down his spine. He whirled around, dragging his knife and extending its edge, only for another shot to hit his hand, dislodging the knife as he finished turning around. He grunted in pain, cradling his disfigured hand. He looked up to see a woman with no mask, holding a rifle in her arms. She wore black fatigues and had a round face, with blond if graying hair, and wore a stern expression.

    “What-” Jack could barely get the word out before she fired another shot, hitting him in the chest; Bonesaw’s enhancements would keep the round from doing any significant damage to his internal organs, but the shot still hurt.

    The woman fired again, hitting him in a similar spot. She did so again, and again, and again, making Jack stagger backward as he tried to reach for one of his knives. She stopped after a second, and Jack was able to reach into his apron for one of his knives- only to hind nothing. He looked down at his hand, only to find a bloody stump just above where his elbow would have been.

    He heard a buzzing sound and turned to look just in time to see a man wearing red armor swing a glowing sword at him. He felt weightless for a moment, the wind flowing against his cheeks as he looked up at the blue sky. The back of his head hit the ground and tried to blink. He tried to say something, but no words would come out of his mouth. He saw a body fall to the ground, headless, and then it clicked.

    His vision faded to black, even as he tried and failed to figure out just what had happened.
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    Get fucked you murderhobos!!! The same goes for Cauldron too.
  11. Thorfaxdragonkin

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    Truly love how they went straight balls to the wall on the s9
  12. zeebza

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    Who were these people that killed the nine? I'm drawing a blank
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    Jackie boy, the Brockton Bay superheroes deal with Carmilla almost daily. And you are nothing compared to Carmilla.
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    If I had to guess:
    Miss Militia was the sniper
    Battery zoomed in, punched Jack, and yoinked Bonesaw (probably to have Panacea disable her)
    Assualt was the one who punted the van
    And Piggott was the one who shot Jack

    No idea who the sword guy is though.
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    Sword guy was Dauntless. A lot of people seem to forget he ain't dead here.
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    i wonder who's shard Tay and Alucard are about to murderlize?