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The Pink Blossom Quest Library

Discussion in 'Quest Archive' started by Biigoh, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on the picture for a larger version​

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but CowbellTiara - http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/cowbell/
    The art there is amazing, it's also as far as I can tell Work Safe (if your workplace allows web browsing and stuff)

    [X] Time-Skip the rest of the Vacation, spend the rest of it with your grandfather, two "big sis" and cousin...

    At his statement that he would like to teach you, you feel a vague spark of... disappointment. You didn't want THAT.

    You wanted to... play.

    Play is a much safer word than what you really wanted.

    Still, it was nice knowing that your grandfather wanted to teach you. To pass on his accumulated wisdom and knowledge to you.


    It's just not what you wanted.

    And so, you smile at him before you reply with your carefully thought out response. "Awwww~, I'm sorry grandfather. I promised daddy that I would learn merchant stuff from him this trip. Fighting is more like... a hobby!"

    There is that sense of smug satisfaction from where your father is standing behind your two "big sis".

    Absolute Smugness.

    Complete Satisfaction.

    And oh, wow... he... he really isn't even trying to hide his satisfaction. You can't recall having sensed ANYONE being that smug or satisfied, let alone both.

    Still, your grandfather doesn't seem to note your father's feelings. Instead, an eyebrow rises at the look you have on your face, there is a certain hungry intensity that isn't normally seen on little children. Normally.

    You did, after all, promise your father that you wanted to be like him. So, it would be like finishing your vegetables and then you get your dessert... or something. You still don't see why Kiba-kun would say that, it's not like vegetables aren't tasty... you guess his mother must be a really bad cook or something.

    There is a sigh and a nod from your grandfather at your response. As if he was expecting something like what you said.

    "Besides, last vacation was mother's, this one is daddy's... We probably won't be merchanting all the time, though!" You continue on with a nod. "So, I guess we could do what daddy showed me when there isn't enough time and lots of things to do, make a schedule~."

    At this, your grandfather laughs as you latch on to him with your arms around his neck.

    He stands tall once more. There is something about being lifted up by a family member, by someone who cares for you and who you care for... to be hugged.

    This is nice.

    - - -​

    A late supper later, where Youmu just looks at you with a horrified, and not quite awed, expression, you spend time with your two big sis and cousin Youmu.

    Amidst playing dress-up, and tending to each other's hair and assorted other games, the tell of will never escape the confines of Big Sis' bedroom... you learn that your cousin is descended from Big Sis Yuyu like you, not like your other cousin who was descended from Big Sis Merry Bell.

    And thus did things proceed from there, an endless flowing of days... with a set "schedule", waking up in the morning with your "big sis" and waking her up... followed by exercise and cleaning up.

    "Big Sis" Yuyu... wasn't so big on waking up or exercise, but she was worlds better than "Big Sis" Merry Bell, who if not woken up, would surely sleep til 'noon.

    Breakfast with everyone and then you would either go out with your father... and he introduced you to his clients. This time, there wasn't any long and mysterious traveling about, nor genjutsu to hide who you are, You were also taken to offices and shops. You also got to watch father talk with people, write out contracts, and such.

    Other times, you went out with your "big sis" who took you here and there, and you got to enjoy yourself in the eternal spring and summer of the Fire Country's capital.

    At other times, you "played" with your grandfather... while your cousin watched in absolute horror and disbelief. As you "played" with your grandfather, you must admit to some annoyance.

    He was restricting himself to your level or just above it, using some sort of technique to gauge just how much of a hit you can take and not doing more than that. This wasn't learning, of the conventional sort. It was a "no holds barred" fight where being unable to withstand an attack would result in pain, wounds and possibly death.

    It is, in a nutshell, stupid and insane.

    Naturally, you enjoy it.

    The excitement, the urge to push yourself further, faster, harder... stronger.

    Still... days turned to night, and night to day...

    With the passing of time, you soon or was that eventually find yourself on a caravan back to Konohagakure with your father. It was a different one than the one that took you to the capital. But it was the same in a certain sense that all wagons and caravan were the same.

    It was also where you got to make absolute full use of your skills... and you napped. Long and hard.

    It is almost spring, and your birthday is but a mere two months away, and you are back in your home. Konohagakure seems so small and insignificant after your exposure to the world.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Spring Perspectives

    What Do?
    [X] Focus on your schooling, for once?
    [X] Get some naps in... sweet sweet naps.
    [X] Uphold your duties as the teacher's assistant.
    [X] Write In... because write in is always a good thing.
  2. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but Streetfighter Wikia/Streetfighte Alpha offical art

    [X] Uphold your duties as the teacher's assistant.
    Event Roll 1 1d100 ? [89] = (89)
    Sakura !!!!! 2d10 ? [10,1] = (11)
    Event Roll 2 1d100 ? [30] = (30)

    Returning home from your time at Big Sis Yuyu and Grandfather... you feel as if the world has shrunk around.

    The city of Konohagakure seems smaller, grimier... for want of a word, it felt insignificant.

    Objectively, you know that the world around you hasn't changed. Just that YOU have changed.

    And it wasn't from playing with grandfather or your two Big Sis. Rather it was your experiences and what you have seen with your father has allowed you to grow just a tiny bit.

    And you want more.

    You want it all...

    But you... can't.

    And so, you make do with life in Konoha.

    You go to sleep. You wake up. You do your morning warm ups and exercise.

    You eat. You play with mother or 'spar'.

    You go out and play with the other children from school... well... it was more accurate to say that you hung out with the children at the Orphanarium... you're fairly certain that Fishcake was just making words up when he called it that. Still, it sounded more impressive than "Old Home".

    And then you take nice long naps, only to wake up to dinner and repeat.

    That's what you wish you could do.

    Reality, however, is not so accommodating.

    The day after you return starts off cloudy.

    It rains. No, it pours.

    If someone had told you that the sky had a waterfall... you might actually believe him.

    It is cold and miserable as you walk to school with mother.

    Okay, you had a warm coat and thick boots on to stop your toes and body from getting cold and wet.

    It's the principle of it all!

    This is aside from using the technique father taught you to stay warm, and made water not splatter your face. Your mother disapproves of wasting chakra like this. Well... until father noted that it's not like you were going to be a ninja who had to conserve chakra.

    She still seems sulky as she walks you to school.

    The sulkiness ends when you hug her as you enter the school courtyard.

    Really... it seemed as if you were more mature than the adults in your life.

    Okay, that was just a patent lie, but who would even hear it in your head, right?

    And so, you go back to class.

    You help your classmates with their class work. The other "heirs" and "spares" seem content to do what was asked of them at their own pace before fooling around or napping or just lurking in the back of the class.

    Sadly, those were the interruptions you had to battle. You even had to go so far as to stop "Fish Cake" from running wild and out of the classroom. Decisively even.

    You're fairly certain the glare you copied from mother isn't THAT effective, but that "Fish Cake" wasn't used to it and thus backed away from running out of class.

    Really, why would a shinobi student want to run out of a mathematics class, you're not even sure... after all, they were using kunai in math related problems. Surely, that had to stick to impressionable students, right?

    After the class ended, when you asked your teacher about this, Mizuki-sensei just sighed and patted you on the head and noted that not everyone liked math like you did... or did that well with abstract problems.

    "Some people need to learn with their bodies and don't learn as well with their minds with words," he said with a smile and walked off.

    Huh... that reminded you of what grandfather said as he 'played' with you. Something about how much you improved when you felt it was a life or death duel.

    You suspect that your teachers wouldn't want you to put the lives of your classmates at risk with a battle to the death, or something, just to learn math.

    Yeah... no arranging of death matches at school.

    How boring.

    You guess this was no Rival Schools or something... but then, it was the only school in Konoha.

    Later that day, during lunch break... after the initial flurry of food trading was done... you considered this as you chitchatted with the students.

    The words of your father still in your mind, you tried to work out what your classmates liked and wanted, and if you could supply such. And so on, a valuable mental exercise as you made mental portfolios of your classmates.

    It was when you were talking about the vacation you had outside the village that you notice a darkening countenance upon the face of Uchiha-san.

    You mentally shrugged, if he didn't like that you had trips outside of Konoha, which apparently, none of the other students had, that was HIS problem. Not yours.

    So, you continue on, talking of the wonders of the capital and of your awesome cool grandparents.

    The orphans seemed to enjoy this part.

    The mention that your grandfather was a skilled samurai... seems to push Uchiha-san over the edge.

    And... my, he did have a nice looming presence. You had to give him a five out of ten for effort.

    You look up.

    Words are exchanged.

    Heated words, in fact.

    Something about it being a bit much to talk of trips out of Konoha as none of the children of Konoha were allowed to leave if they were studying and yet to graduate.

    You raised an eyebrow in response, and mentioned something back about truths and Uchiha not mixing well together.

    He snaps back a response about how you were obviously lying... after all, everyone knows that Samurai were nothing more than just jumped up brigands who looted swords from dead shinobi on battlefields like scavengers.

    The next thing you know, the two of you are standing behind the academy with your classmates watching...

    The rain had lightening and now, was just drizzling, giving a bit of an ambiance.

    You know that Uchiha-san had been having problems with you being... apparently, as smart and clever as you were in class despite not being from a noble clan. That the students saw you as being his peer along with the other heirs and spares... that was a terrible insult to him.

    Still, you had heard say from your friends in the shinobi-side of things that he was a good fighter. A REALLY good fighter. Some even went to say that the only one who might be as good as him might be Hyuuga-hime... and she was scary good.

    And so as the rain fell from the heavens, you find yourself not quite excited.


    Not yet.

    But you were feeling that pulse of heat in your heart slowly blossoming at facing the best fighter in your age group.

    As the rain fell, you could see two of the instructors standing above you in a classroom in a reflection off a drop of rain. They didn't appear too concerned beyond observing this little fight.

    In fact, they seemed content to watch and... what?

    Were they actually betting on the outcome of this fight? Like your classmates were?

    You guess they'll get a good show out of this.

    And the world stilled once more.

    - - - A New Challenger Approaches - - -​
    That stance that Uchiha-san adopted, as he lightly tapped the toes of his foot against the ground. The tensing of his leg muscles that you could see beneath his shorts.

    The absolute looseness of his upper body.

    [I know this stance. So, the Spider DID breed. But what kind of a man would...?] There was a sense of wonderment from the other you.

    Well... he didn't have those spinning eyes.

    So, that wasn't too bad.

    You just needed to focus on his legs, not even needing your other voice to remind you.

    "Hoo-shah!" With that, he launched himself at you with a series of kicks.

    They were beautifully executed. The sharpness of each kick lovely.

    There was only one problem with his probing attacks.

    Their speed.

    He was so... slow.

    As if he were moving in honey.

    And so, each and every kick was met by a drifting parry; forearm for high kicks, raised legs and knees for mid and low kicks.

    This wasn't an array of attacks by him.

    It couldn't be.

    He had to be taking it easy on you. After all, you were just a 'civilian' and not a 'shinobi' student like him.

    The look of surprise on his face changed to one of determination. "Senpusha!"

    At the flare of blue chakra from his feet, you huddled into a guarded stance and watched as a wheel of brilliant blue hammered against your defenses... your chakra sparking in friction against his cartwheel attack.

    Well... if he wanted to play like that. You'll just have to oblige him.

    Show him that you can take his hits. That you weren't just a normal little girl... y'know.

    Let's start this... easy.

    As he ended his move, the brilliance of his chakra fading away as he landed... you essay your counter. An easy response.

    "Dan ku kya ku!" You had to do it, you didn't quite laugh as you shouted out the name of this technique. You recalled the dojo of that man in your dreams as he showed you his techniques and taught you his Saikyo-ryu.

    You launch forwards, kneeing him in the chest... pushing him back.

    Just enough for a follow up kick that send him stumbling back.

    You land and... gesture at the Uchiha, indicating for him to come! To respond with more speed, more power... more. MORE.

    There was an intake of breath from your opponent as his hands flashed thought a sequence of handseals and well... this was going to be interesting.

    You see the sequence of hand seals end in the one that representated tiger and then...

    There was fire.


    You're sure it's every impressive to see and do.

    But you weren't concerned about that. Rather, your concern was getting out of the reach of the flames.

    You weren't fire proof, after all.

    And you couldn't be certain that this jutsu worked like [Yoga Inferno!] and not truly harm those burned in those flames.

    Thus, a pulse of chakra and you were air borne once more, darting from the wall of the academy to the fence, and then back... and ever upwards.

    You ended up clinging upside down to an electrical cable with your arms, while your feet rested against it.

    Gazing down, you know that this technique or ones like it... would depend on one thing... lung capacity.

    And... there you go. He was starting to wear out.

    With that, you launch yourself down... pushing off with your feet.

    To slam down upon your feet and one hand, even as the other glittered and glow as chakra [Ki!] gathered in your free right hand.

    This should be enough to finish the battle if your judgement of Uchiha-san was correct. It would be disappointing and sad... but it would be over.

    Speed was all you needed here, not power or range... and so, you use another of that man's techniques.


    There was a flash of light as the technique left your hand as you stood up.

    It wasn't much of a blow... but it was enough to send your opponent to the ground of the alley.

    As he squirmed on the ground, gasping for breath, you come to a realization.

    You don't feel any joy or excitement.

    There is only... pity and disappointment, that he did not match up to your expectations. That this fight was so... this was no fight. There was no heat, no excitement as you were brought to your limits and could push and transcend them.

    As you look down at him, you're certain that your face shows exactly what you felt.

    Was this how [HE] had felt whenever he fought and defeated an opponent?

    How would [HE] stand it?

    How could anyone?

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Spring Duels

    What Do?
    [X] Help Uchiha-san Up.
    [X] Walk Away, the weak are meat and the strong eat well.
    [X] Look at Uchiha-san and say something [Write In Your Victory Quote!]
    [X] Something Else Happens Like A Write In By You Guys Like a Boss!
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  3. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/858264/

    [X] Help Uchiha-san Up. The hand of mercy extended by a victor.
    Event Roll 1d100 → [1] = (1)
    - Follow Up Roll 1d3 → [2] = (2)
    Event Roll 2 1d100 → [10] = (10)

    It wasn't suppose to be like this, he decided as he looked at the stupid braggart of a merchant's daughter.

    If she only knew her place and stop mouthing off and fooling the homeless shinobi students into thinking she was an elite student or someone who mattered. She wasn't a shinobi student... just because she was smart didn't mean much.

    And his attempts to get her stop yapping... somehow ended up with the two of them settling it with fists.

    Objectively, he knew it was stupid. Dangerous even, that no one else seem to feel that way, that was ludicrous.

    And the instructors weren't around to stop the fight.

    And their classmates were crowded in the windows... just watching.

    Compounding the situation, the stupid pink haired girl didn't think that there wasn't a problem with her "fighting" with him.

    Civilians were weak.

    Everyone knew this.

    Well... perhaps, she would learn her place with a physical demonstration in the difference between civilians and shinobi.

    Or the difference between those descended from the ninja clans were that much higher than those without family or just 'starting' with a first or second generation ninja student.

    Some light kicks from the Uchiha taijutsu style should be enough to frighten her into sensibility.

    The scion of the proud and noble line of Uchiha mentally nodded as he tapped the toes of his foot against the ground.


    With that, he stomped upon the wet ground with a foot, using it to push forwards.

    Twist to flick at her with his right leg.

    It was as he kicked that the not quite right sensation that he had around Sakura spiked. The keen focus on his legs and not his arms like most of his classmates had. Only the Hyuuga girl did that consistently, and she was a good taijutsu fighter.

    That flicker of her arms and legs as they glided gently into place to block his high kicks, his spinning low kicks, his spear kicks... all of them... blocked.


    It was if he was sparring with his brother.

    The simple and easy grace, as she moved with surety. It was if she was utterly relaxed and could do this all day. And no matter how fast he struck, she kept paced as if she was testing him.

    Testing him.

    Such.... such a thing!



    "Senpusha!" He would show her the error in her ways. An advanced move from the Uchiha style... he spun forwards like a windmill, chakra erupting from his feet to pummel her.

    An eternity later, the technique ended...

    And Sasuke's world erupted into pain... that spread from his chest as he tumbled backwards.

    Getting back up, he could only glare at the pink haired she-devil, that was what she had to be, as she gestured at him to come at her. That cocky smirk on her face drove him onwards.

    He was going to wipe that smirk off her face.

    Tiger. Monkey. Boar. Horse. Tiger! Katon Gōkakyū no Jutsu.

    And he breathed fire as a dragon would. Father would be disappointed that he was using the famed Uchiha technique to deal with a civilian... but then he wasn't facing the she-devil with pink hair himself.

    As he ended the jutsu... there was a moment, as he wondered if this was going too far. Even if he was skilled in taijutsu... surely, no one would expect him to just breath out fight....


    As he skidded backwards at the sudden pulse of light and pressure as if he had been punched in his belly... the only thing that was in his mind was disbelief.

    That and the notion that this wasn't fair.

    What kind of a civilian merchant's daughter is this Haruno Sakura?

    The splashing of water as she walked towards him was the only sound in the world.

    He had lost.

    It was impossible.

    But yet there it was... he had lost.

    As he looked up at her... he could only see pity and disappointment.

    She PITIED him.

    At that moment, he only knew rage.

    Absolute rage... even if that look of disappointment and pity left her face, which it did, that she pitied him...

    As if knowing how disappointed mother was with him, with comparisons made to his elder sisters and brother. Saying that his brother could keep up with his elder sisters... unlike him.

    And the world broke.

    Went crimson.


    He could see her saying something before the patronizing look on her face changed.

    He could see the look of surprise... and...

    Yes. Fear on her face.

    That momentarily look of fear.

    It felt GOOD.

    The splatter of rain drops upon the puddles around him.

    His rapid breaths... the pounding pace of his heart...

    And the heat in his face. He could feel a flushed heat on his face...

    And his eyes BURNED.

    He had listened to his older siblings enough to know that he was experiencing the awakening of his sharingan. The heritage of the warrior maiden from before the World Move On.

    The greatest of gifts.

    And he rose.

    A furious snarl erupting from his belly, as he pushed upwards with his arm and legs... guiding his hands, fingers crooked in a clawing motion.

    Towards her belly.

    He could mentally see the spray of crimson now as he guided his arm upwards diagonally.

    She erupted in flames that spiraled outwards from her heart. A surging fire that was invisible to the naked eye.

    But not to his.

    Not now.

    And she MOVED.

    He rose to his knees to follow her backwards retreat. He wouldn't be giving her any breathing room.

    That would be stupid.

    A flicker of invisible flames, and he could see two of the instructors holding her.

    Yes. Yes... that was how it should be.

    The look of surprise returned to THAT GIRL's face.

    And pain spiked from his shoulders. And there was a heavy weight on his back.

    "Little bro. Congrats on the eyes... but I think you're going too far now. Time to stop." That voice.

    His sister.




    Not when he was so close.

    He could only pound the ground futilely with his hands.

    "My apologies for my brother's behaviour, Haruno-san. I will be taking him home now. Iruka, I should be back before lunch is over, if not. You'll cover my class, right?"

    That cheerful voice, he could only shudder... that ever present cheerful voice.

    - - -​

    "Stop taking your bad mood out on the people around you. It's really childish," You smile down at Uchiha-san and extended a hand.

    His blank look up at you turned into one of absolute rage.

    A clawing motion from his hand as he rose.... the eyes going crimson as a pair of spinning glowing dots appeared in the redness.

    That maniac look of rage.

    That snarl.

    Oh... it looks like he might not be that forgiving.

    Charka and heat exploded from your heart once more. Desperation lending you speed to move back and away.

    There was a flicker, and you were surrounded by your instructors keeping you from moving and...

    You recognized her as she appeared in a flick of lines behind Uchiha-san, her eyes glowing with the pair of crimson points in them like his.

    That cool and patient look that somehow managed to look aloof. You won't be forgetting that look any time soon.

    You wince as she silently drew her leg up vertically before slamming down in an ax kick that exploded with purple chakra from where it impacted on his back.

    While it looked impressive and rather painful, you can tell it was more a technique for show than actual damage. At least, at the speed and power it was going at.

    You can't hear what was whispered into your classmate's ear... but he stops moving.

    As if resigned.

    That look that she had at the meeting all those weeks ago stayed on her face as she picked him up and disappeared in that flicker again.

    You are looked over by your instructors, making sure that Uchiha-san hadn't clawed you and that his kicks had been harmless.

    "Told you, Mizuki... Haruno-chan, here, should have been a kunoichi. Her winning was no contest, there's no way in hell that Haruno-sensei would not teach her daughter some of her killer taijutsu moves." Okay, you hadn't known that your mother had been a teacher or something. "Although, I don't think I've seen those moves before. At least, not used by Haruno-sensei."

    The awed silence as you're brought back to play with your classmates is... staggering. There is not a few look of surprise, and... hero worship on your classmates' faces. Well, some of them, at any rate.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Bloodline Limits

    What Do?
    [X] Pretend nothing happened, and continue on.
    [X] Accept the hero worship by your classmates.
    [X] Talk to Iruka and Mizuki sensei about stuff... like just what is up with those freakish eyes, anyhow?
    [X] Write In
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  4. Biigoh

    Biigoh Tanuki Moderator

    Feb 19, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/760455/

    [X] Pretend nothing happened, and continue on.

    "...." While it was tempting to just make a fist and pose or something. It was kind of embaressing to do so when you were being given a once over by your instructors.

    Thus, you find yourself asking a question that you had to ask. While he hadn't been as good as expected. Those eyes HAD to do something, right? The [SPIDER] wouldn't have left useless things for those descended from her. Her pride wouldn't allow her to do such a thing. "Sensei, do you think Uchiha-san would be up for a rematch soon?"

    Your two instructors paused and looked at each other and then back at you. "Tell you what. We'll talk to his mother and to yours and see how things go."


    You blink.

    You're not sure why it was necessary to speak to your mother. But you're sure nothing bad could come of this. Really.

    Still, now that you had the attention of your instructors, there was that temptation to ask them what they thought of the fight and where you could have improved yourself.

    But that might lead to things you feel you might end up regretting.

    There was that vague suspicion that such a thing might already have have happened with the fight seen by your classmates and the instructors. Ah well, what was, was.

    And so, you return to your classmates and behaved as if nothing had changed.

    Perhaps, for Uchiha-san, the day that he fought you and gained those freakish eyes of his was one of the most important days of his life.

    For you, it was a monday.

    A very boring one. Full of disappointment.

    And so, truly for you, nothing had changed.

    Given the looks of awe, surprise, and respect directed at you, you find yourself deciding to take a nap. Continuing where you left off isn't viable. The mood was ruined.

    And so, you do.

    Huddled beneath blankets in the classroom, in the napping area.

    Ahhhh~ naps were nice. If only you could have more.

    And thus, you didn't see what happened amongst the other students.

    And lunch time flew by.

    You are eventually woken up by Mizuki sensei and sent to your history class with boring teacher. Well, you label him that... it wasn't really fair to him. But you felt the way that he taught history with pictures, diagrams, little models to be boring. Nothing like what mother and father did with their genjutsu to teach you things or tell you stories.

    You idly note that Uchiha-san wasn't there for history class.

    Nothing to be done. At least, none of the orphan students had made a break for it. If you're going to suffer this, you're not going to suffer alone.

    Okay... the OTHER students might not see it that way. Goodness knows, your teacher sees you as this nice girl who pays attention and keeps the other little hellspawn children in check.

    And slowly, the day passes.

    Before you know it, you're back home.

    Your mother just looks at you once the two of you get home. It's obvious that your teachers had talked to her. Or someone else.

    In any event, she knew.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Aftermath

    What Do?
    Set one
    [X] Explain the situation. You're not going to LIE to your mother, right?
    - - [X] Just going to put a positive point of view of what happened to her.
    [X] Look down and be all contrite.
    [X] Bravado! You're going to just run with the situation...

    Set two
    [X] Explain that you enjoyed the fight and are CURIOUS about the lessons in the ninja classes
    - - [X] but you still want to be like daddy, and be a merchant.
    [X] Explain that you enjoyed the fight, but it was just a hobby. Something fun to do, just not something to do all the time.
    [X] Explain that you enjoyed the fight and wouldn't mind trying out this ninja thing... for a little bit.

    [X] Write In! Like a Baus! Because you substitute your own words!

    EDIT... set one and two are meant to be combined together; ie 1 vote from EACH set. Unless you only want one of them.
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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danboori /post/show/836283/

    [X] Explain the situation.
    [X] Explain that you enjoyed the fight and are CURIOUS about the lessons in the ninja classes
    - - [X] but you still want to be like daddy, and be a merchant.
    Event Roll 1d100 → [79] = (79)

    Once within the Haruno home, you are taken into the small living room.

    "So." Your mother looks at you with a raised eyebrow

    "Mmmmh?" You look back at her with the look mastered by little children. Absolute Innocent is Go! Because as far as you know, you have done nothing wrong.

    "A fight with Uchiha Sasuke." A statement by your mother, and not a question. Right, you would have to explain yourself to mother, wouldn't you?

    "I am not surprised that you won. After all, you are my daughter," She looks at you. "What I am surprised at was that you allowed yourself to be goaled into a fight and then reveal that you can use chakra."

    Her gaze doesn't relent.

    You vaguely suspect that Uchiha-san was also experiencing something like this at his own home.

    "I can... I can explain." You look at her, determined to forge on. You suspect the fallout from the fight isn't going to be as easy to brush under th...

    Wait... what the...

    Why is mother hugging you with a smile now?

    "I am proud that you've won your fight. But remember, the whole point of you keeping quiet about being able to use chakra is so that people don't ask questions. So, in that sense, I'm disappointed in you. But we will hear your explanation after dinner."

    You sniff the air as she scoots back a bit.

    That smell.

    That was the scent of meat upon a rather hot metal surface. And now that you're no longer paying full attention to your mother, you can hear someone cooking in the kitchen.

    Wait a moment, if mother wasn't cooking. Did that mean your father is in there?

    Your father can cook?!?! Just what couldn't he do?

    Write a book?

    "Originally, tonight's dinner was meant to celebrate your father's successful venture into publishing," Your mother smiles at you.



    No, just seriously, what?

    Your father wrote a book?

    You had never seen him do that much writing.

    She continues on, as if uncaring of that slight tick that had formed on your face. "It's a recompilation of a set of rules written in the Old World. Your father collected what he could, extrapolated the rest, edited in his opinions and musings."

    "And I'll let him regale you afterwards about his book on the rules of acquisition," She smiles as your father starts bringing in metal trays that he places on the table. Trays with sizzling meat and vegetables. Bowls of rice and soup soon join the trays

    "But now, a celebratory dinner for your first fight and win," Your mother nods and pushes you to the table.

    This was not what you were expecting, you admit when you realized that you would have to explain things to mother.

    Dinner was delicious.

    There was also dessert. In this case, red bean jelly with chopped up chestnuts. Yes, mother was right; Victory tasted sweet and the strong eat well.

    With delicious warm food and tasty treat in your belly, you were forced to explain what happened.

    You spoke of the dire insults exchanged, of the slandering of your grandfather. He totally had it coming!

    The techniques used were explained and sort of demonstrated by you using your hands.

    Then you spoke of those eyes and how Uchiha-san nearly gutted you.

    But you also spoke of how certain you were that even if the instructors had stayed out of it, you would have taken him. His big sister did seem interesting, you hadn't known that the Uchiha kunoichi in the capital had been an instructor at the school and was Uchiha-san's big sister.

    Your father nods, a disgruntled look on his face.

    You smile at him, and patted his knee before hugging him. "Don't be such a sourpuss, daddy. I still want to be like you, and be a merchant even if I'm kind of curious as to what kind of lessons they have for ninja. I had thought he would have been... better and given me the fight I had hoped for."

    Your mother just looks at you with a raised eyebrow as if disbelieving.

    A soft knocking on the door.

    It looked like the family had visitors.

    There was a soft murmuring as your father spoke to them, before letting them in.

    There was Uchiha-san being led by his one of his sisters by one hand. She wasn't the same kunoichi that you had seen in the capital and again in school. The reason for this was the blindfold he wore, with patterns woven into them from shimmering metal threads.

    There was also, another older lady with them. She, like Uchiha-san's sister wore a headband of an active ninja of Konoha.

    Unlike the two other Uchiha kunoich you've seen, she doesn't wear form fitting combat garments. Rather, if you didn't see the headband woven into her belt, you would have thought she was just a normal house-wife or maybe a female civilian dressed in a blouse and long skirt.

    There was also that sense of restrained power that you sometimes got from your parents and grandparents, that if she did not restrain herself in some way... accidents might happen.

    Her eyes look absolutely normal.

    - - -​
    Click on picture for original version​

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but gelbooru - gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1761802

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 I can explain, really.

    What Do?
    [X] Play nice and stay quiet and observe the adults like a good little girl.
    [X] Ask what happened to Uchiha-san's eyes. You didn't do THAT.
    [X] Write In
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    Sauce is obviously not Danbooru, but wikipedia~

    [X] Play nice and stay quiet and observe the adults like a good little girl.
    - - [X] Ask what happened to Uchiha-san's eyes. You didn't do THAT.
    Event Roll 1d100 → [86] = (86)

    The Uchiha matriarch smiled at you as she entered the room.

    You have never seen anyone that relaxed. Big Sis Yuyu and Merry Bell might come close. But then, they likely didn't also have that sensation of restrain from get go.

    The complete appearance of easy, relaxation. It had to be artificial.

    You are certain. At least, with that sense of restrain that she radiated.

    She might be dressed in a civilian dress that would likely hamper her in any fight with the only consession to her active kunoichi status being the head band on her belt... but you instinctive realize that she was far more dangerous than she appeared.


    Or this could be a cunning ploy to cause a [double think] and that she wasn't dangerous, but looked so innocent and harmless that people with any sense of skill would suspect and thus think she was an absolute horror and something to avoid.

    This is giving you a headache.

    Still, you pay attention as she smiles and gives some oranges to your mother. A nice little symbolic courtesy thing. She does have a nice and friendly smile for you.

    How can any one smile that much?


    She turns to look at Uchihia-san and coughed. "Don't you have something to say to your classmate, Sasuke-kun?"

    Friendly, genial... but your metaphorical hackles are raised.

    Something feels wrong.

    Actually, everything about the situation feels wrong.

    "Ha... Haruno-san, I apologize for my rude words and behavior earlier. It was uncalled for me to challenge you to a fight, to my being a shinobi student and you a civilian student," You blink at your classmate, he doesn't seem very sorry or contrite. But he was apologizing for getting into that fight with you.



    Right. So, that was what the wrong feeling was.

    You WEREN'T the one apologizing. It did feel as if you should have been the one taken by your parents to the Uchiha home to apologize for the fight and beating up your classmate.

    Right, right... you were suppose to say something back. Even if the apology felt like it was a backhanded something-something.

    Your parents are looking at your expectantly.

    Okay, you can do this.

    "It is fine, Uchiha-san. I shouldn't have... gone into that shouting fest with you at school either," You murmured, not quite looking at his blindfolded face.

    You don't recall anything that you did during the fight that would affect his eyes. And thus, you open with your own question. "What happened to your eyes?"

    Your classmate flushes in... unspoken feelings, even as his mother laughed softly. "Ahhhh~, my son has to have his eyes sealed until he masters keeping them off and not turning them on for every little thing whenever he gets too excited."

    Wait... was she implying that your fight wasn't a big deal?

    Well, it wasn't.

    To you.

    You turn to her and look curiously. She seems sincere.

    With that she turns to look and talk with your parents. You're sure it's nothing important, they just seem to be discussing the fight itself, with Uchiha-san asking for their forgiveness for her son fighting you.

    Well... this feels awkward.

    At least, your inner voice feels so, even if she doesn't say a thing.

    So, you stay quiet and looked at Uchiha-san and his big sister.

    You assess her from her posture.

    Skill-wise, you know with certainty you can take her. But she likely has those eyes, and you're not sure what they would do. But she likely has been trained to take advantage of them.

    As the talking meandered with courtesy and such, you mentally play out the fight based on what you recall of what Uchiha-san did in the fight, what you remembered [SPIDER] doing in the dreams, and based on her skill level.


    Much more fun than listening to the talking that just had gone boring.

    Eventually, it draws to an end... and your parents and Mrs Uchiha shaking hands. Looks like it ended well with blood, fire or tears being shed. That's always good, you guess.

    With that, the Uchiha left your home.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Apology

    What Do
    [X] Go to bed and time skip away spring?
    [X] Ask mother and father for more training?
    [X] Reaffirm to your parents what you want to do?
    [X] [SOMEONE ELSE] point of view or perhaps a look at your dreams? In short, leave it to your GM?
    [X] Write In like a BAUS!
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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/428215/

    [X] ..... ...... .....

    You sleep.

    And in sleeping, dreamed as you were wont to.

    A silence broken only by your soft breath and the sound of your footsteps as you walked ever onwards. The soft not quite crunch of snow beneath your shoes.

    If this was the you of but a few years back, you would have thought it was impossible and insane.

    Walking this far north with nothing more than a bag to store your sleeping bag and a few items such as passport, assorted identifications, towels and toiletry. And wearing nothing more than just a jeans, sleeves blouse, and gloves.

    The you of now simply maintained the ki circulation to keep your body warm. The slight traces of the ki aura swirling around you is invisible to the naked eye.

    The only concession you made to the environment were a pair of sunglasses, and the lip gloss that you applied to your lips now and then.

    There was a purity in the endless horizon of white, blues and grays.

    Not even the wind made a sound as it raced across the frozen tundra. To the east of you, you can see gray clouds hanging over the open Pacific ocean.

    There had been a choice before you started this journey; you could have been like your friend in looking for work after graduating high school or perhaps settling down.

    You chose a different path, to walk across the world and experience it for yourself. Not chasing after Ryu, but to determine what you wanted, where you fit into the world.

    Did you look for perfection in the art of fighting?


    Perhaps not.

    There were organizations that sought martial artists of no mean skills, and some of them even legal; such as interpol, and various law enforcement agencies and military. You know this as you have been courted by some of them, with letters sent to your home.

    The tales of your prowess have only grown and spread as you continued to 'dabble' in various tournaments as well as kept up your cash flow by dropping in on assorted arenas in the underground fighting circuits.

    Still, you have ventured beyond human civilization for a simple reason; to push yourself beyond what you could within the cities of man, in the tamed wilderness.

    The other true martial artists in your circle of peers have done similar.

    You suspect that [HE] had also done so. There were stories, unverified, of islands sinking, of landscapes such as Ayers rock splitting.

    No, you know that [HE] and the other practitioners of your style have done so, in other remote regions of the world.

    Perhaps, this would be remove enough, you muse to yourself as you found a cave in a series of small and low hills.

    And so you set up camp.

    And meditated upon the essence of your style.

    Upon the sheer violence inherent in it.

    Of what you had seen [THAT NIGHT] as you memorized [That Man]'s kata.

    That aura that you kept a tight rein upon slowly expanded and blazed around you.

    Fire was an unnecessary thing when one's heart burned and blazed like the sun, providing vitality and warmth.

    - - -​
    Click picture for larger version​

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei 16.1

    - - -​

    The days passed, and it looked as if Uchiha-san would have to endure the blindfold for a while.

    With the passage of time, it appeared the battle between you and your classmate is forgotten. At least, there was the appearance of such.

    He still kept to himself, but now... he stayed away from you. Even as the group of friends you had grew from just the orphans during lunch to some of the other civilian students who looked at you in awe.

    You spent some time with mother, she doesn't seem happy that you're not learning as much with her. But then... you do spend time with father who assigns you homework.

    It's different and interesting work from your school work.

    It also requires you to actually think outside the box as the work becomes progressively more difficult. But then, what did you expect when you were studying basic accounting and tax laws, and how to fill out tax forms?

    Still, you persevere and you can tell that father was proud of you... that you were getting things right. And what errors you do make is corrected with a smile.

    There is also a decided slow decrease in time for naps.

    How vexing.

    Days became weeks and weeks became months, and things slowly enter a pattern as you find yourself doing less taijutsu with mother, but spending more time with father; even spending time in his office and doing the extra homework there.

    It is here that you learn the true nature of people, and how... one had to harden one's heart to their pitiful stories if one was to get ahead in life.

    Your birthday sneaks up on you.

    You only realize that it was your birthday was because your grandfather visited you with your two big sis. Your excitement seems to bring them amusement.

    Even if you sense that your mother and big sis Yuyu are keeping things civil for your sake, you're still happy to see your grandparents.

    Your grandfather seems proud of your victory over Uchiha-san when you told him.

    That day, you're taken to a temple in Konoha.

    You're given to understand that it belonged to a religious sect that was popular with civilians, even if it was as large and famous within Konoha due to its large ninja population.

    Entering the temple, you are exposed to... something you didn't expect.

    [HIM] and [AKUMA] were your inner voice's first reactions upon your seeing the statue within the courtyard.

    A man hewed from stone, dressed in a gi, seated as if meditating. The rough cut of that face and muscle sculpture was unmistakable from what you remembered from your dreams.

    It really was [HIM].

    And the features of that statue was of such correctness, that you can't help but think that whoever hewed the statue out of granite did so with a familiarity of the subject.

    The temple is dedicated to The Orge, you find out from your parents, a metaphor for the destructiveness of nature and of how one's life is within the palm of a greater power.

    The Orge was said to have been a deity from an unknown age before the rise of the Sage of Six Paths, who wandered the world in search of strong opponents.

    That said search meant that he encountered tyrants and heroes alike meant that he fought and threw down both equally. Those who were weak were spared... and yet, there was mercy and kindness in the Orge for while he didn't go out of his way to search for opponents, he had been known to wander into areas of conflicts where the powerless needed help.

    It's said that he still wandered the world. Your parents note that the Orge was a metaphor of how the civilians viewed chakra users such as ninja and true samurai.

    You drink in that visage, there was a savage oneness with the world. Violence unparalleled, so much so that one has gone... beyond it.

    A small princely sum of money was left in the donation box in exchange for an amulet to grant you safety in the upcoming year of your life.

    And with that little interlude, your life continued on as your grandparents left.

    And the days flowed onwards.

    Soon, it was summer... and your parents have done a little switch about. For it appears that your father is taking you on a business trip...

    - - -​

    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is danbooru - /post/show/1098534/

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Summer Break

    What Do?
    [X] Business trip to the Capital.
    [X] Business trip to Country of Earth.
    [X] Business trip to Country of Wind.
    [X] Business trip to the Country of... Rain!?!? Sounds Wet
    [X] Business trip to the Country of Wave.
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    Click on picture for a full size version​

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but wikipedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:pana_Banaue_Rice_Terraces.jpg ).

    [X] Business trip to the Country of Earth...

    It appeared that this year, you wouldn't be going with your mother on a camping trip in the summer.

    You were devastated.

    And then, you were told by your father that that was only natural, after all... you were going on a business trip with him.

    That night, you packed a small bag of essentials and had a healthy dinner before bed.

    You slept.

    You dreamt.

    You woke up.

    You did your stretches and exercises, washed up and had a small breakfast.

    The warehouse complex that your father runs his business out of is busy when you arrive with him.

    You see the familiar faces, but now they were busy.

    Very busy, in fact, counting... wait.

    Were those crates of...

    Yeah, they were what you thought they were.

    But just how many...

    You look about the warehouse, and spot numerous crates that look identical, save for a number stamped on the side. They all have "Gatou Corp" printed on the side and look somewhat used. And you didn't know of any alliance your father had with this "Gatou Corp".

    [So many kunai~ daddy is a gunrunner, I see.] That inner voice of yours doesn't make any sense. These were kunai and not those useless weapons used by hunters and farmers occassionally to deal with large animals.

    With the doors closed behind you, the soft glow of the sun rising in the distant east promised to make the day quite hot even with the ocassional puffy cloud that you had spotted in the dark heavens, you look about the workfloor of the warehouse.

    You can see kunai being transferred from crates marked and labeled with the famous fire symbol, something that is associated with the forges of Konoha, into those shallow crates labeled with the Gatou Corp branding.

    Stacked crates placed upon sealing scrolls before being sealed away. And those sealing scrolls sealed away into smaller scross that could be easily hidden on someone.

    Or perhaps into those unmarked containers of rice.

    Well... your mind is connecting the dots and is coming up with an answer that didn't bode well.

    "Is daddy doing something that is bad?" You look up at your father. "I don't think that hiding weapons in rice is something that would normally be done or allowed?"

    Your father's response is loud laughter and a nod. "Indeed, that is so."

    "However, some times to be a merchant... one must do what is necessary, even if you don't want it." Soon, the last crate of kunais are sealed away and hidden amongst the bundles of rice that are loaded into the caravan waiting outside.

    Your father leaves the warehouse, with you trailing behind him with a yawn.

    You are soon at the academy.

    Going in by a different door than you normally did, you look around curiously as your father leads you into unfamiliar areas of the academy.

    You are soon at the Mission Assignment Room, as proclaimed by the sign at the door. "Ah, Haruno-san. Punctual as always."

    Hey~, it's one of your instructors and old man Hokage. They were seated by a few others behind a desk, with scrolls and books here and there on said desk.

    "Indeed, punctuality is always a virtue."

    The old man smiles at you. There is that sensation of being... pinned and examined under that casual look.

    He didn't seem dangerous, just another old grandpa.

    He didn't radiate painful levels of skill and physical powress, nor did he radiate restrain.

    He simply was.

    So, why then had that gaze felt so intense? Why did he feel so dangerous? Was this what ninja could be like?

    "And you must be the Sakura that I've heard so much about," A friendly grandfatherly smile graced the hokage's face as you blush and nod in response to him.

    You hid behind your father's legs and peered at the dangerous old man.

    He was the Hokage, after all. An active nin at that age? Yeah, you're not trusting your senses that ping him as 'mostly harmless'.

    "Your request for an A rank mission has been accepted, and due to the request for confidentiality," Here the Hokage looked at the instructor, Mizuki-sensei, as if prompting him.

    "Yes, due to the sensitive nature of the mission you've put to us, we have put together a team of one jounin and two special jounins in a three man cell..."

    Your instructor droned on, but you're paying attention to your environment and thus catch the telltale flick of someone using genjutsu.

    Likely, they're going to make some kind of impressive entrance or something.

    "Mizuki, that'll be enough."


    That voice.

    You turn to look, and just how many clones were there of the damn [SPIDER]? You can accept her descendents looking like her, but this was going a bit far.

    This one looked the closest to that woman, even dressing similarly, with the only difference being the pouches on her belt and that headband that decorated her belt.

    "Uchiha Lily," Your father gives a polite nod to the kunoichi and to her companions who "appeared" out of thin air.

    With that, you and your father have bodyguards.

    There is this uneasy sensation that if this was necessary, then... it likely didn't speak well of where you were going. The kunai in the rice... were likely headed some place dangerous.

    - - -​

    Sauce is not Danbooru, but tumblr - http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lu7on3ZVrd1qjx1aso1_500.jpg
    - - -​

    Despite the guards in disguise as older genins, things soon settle into an easy rythmn on the road.

    There is "playing" with father as he taught you mnemonic cues and other mental shortcuts in terms, there was the napping, there was the curious examining of the guards in their henges and disguises, the meals at various stop overs.

    There was also the visits to the various farmlands and their villages along the routes that your father stopped at, to speak to the village headmen or women (as it maybe). He would gift them with small chests of copper coins, and they would tell him of how the farms and plantations of rice have been doing as well as what supplies they needed. Your father would respond with reassurances and take note of what they said.

    As you look at your father, you come to this sensation that despite being a merchant... your father seems to be behaving in the manner one might expect of a noble lord. At least as described by your grandfather when he spoke to you of the duties a noble had to the peasants.

    But ultimately, the journey to the border took forever.

    As you drew closer to the border, your father had a quiet word with the shinobi guards before speaking with and asking you to keep quiet about the cargo you knew.

    At least, beyond answering about it being a normal caravan.

    You promise to do so.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Summer Border Crossing

    What Do? (choose one)
    [X] Pay attention to your surroundings...
    [X] Look innocent by...
    - - [X] Taking a nap~
    - - [X] Eat a snack or perhaps a sweetmeat...
    - - [X] Read a book that you brought along...
    [X] Write In! Like Ze Big Boss...
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    Click on image for larger version​

    The image isn't from Danbooru, but the Naruto Wikia~

    [X] Pay attention to your surroundings...

    As in everything, observation is a skill. It is also one of the fundamentals, no matter how you cut it.

    By observing, one learns.

    By learning, one can then do.

    Hence why, there is that saying "Monkey see, monkey do".

    And so, you observed as your father approached the border guards, with their building by the side of the road to demarcate the border of Country of Fire and the other side just a little bit further down.

    Mere shaku away from each other on the road between countries.

    The low fence of piled stones marked where the Country of Fire ended, and a few shaku away another fence marked where the other border started and marked the foreign country.

    It almost seems comical in certain ways to you that nations are separated by a literal line and didn't touch each other. But there was also the sense that this was also for the best in that boundaries could be respected with the minor gap between nations.

    You trail after your father as he approached the border guards, a dried mango slice in your mouth as you slowly chewed on it.

    There is small talk as your father is offered tea by the officials as konoha nin kept an eye on things.

    He accepts the offer of tea on his and your behalf.

    He smiles and sips at it, explaining that he was moving a shipment of rice to the Country of Rain, as there was profit to be made given the way things were there.

    The officials nod in understanding.

    Shafts of paper are passed over to the officials to look over and stamp. They look at it, look back up at your father and smile before they take it to the back office to be processed.

    They return very shortly to return the paperwork.

    Signed and stamped.

    There wouldn't be a need to examine the caravan. After all, a fine and upstanding merchant such as Haruno-san shouldn't be delayed.

    This scene is repeated once more on the other side.

    And the caravan is in the Country of Rain with no fuss or muss.

    You say nothing about the money hidden amongst the paperwork that you had spotted. Or that they were different currencies on both sides.

    As the caravan proceeded further into the Country of Rain, your father idly notes to you that money is desired everywhere, as such, it opens doors that would normally stay closed as well as speed the bureaucratic wheels.

    Despite all of its abilities, money was in the end just paper or metal with an arbitrary value attached to it. Unlike things such as rice or kunai, those were useful even when you were alone... unlike money. But the value and trust that people assigned to money meant that it was a useful medium to do things with.

    The jounin hired by father, despite their disguises as genin, were rather tense. Which was understandable as you were outside of the Country of Fire.

    More importantly, the landscape indicated that there had been many battles over the years in the Country of Rain. Here and there were altered and unnatural landscapes from jutsu use. You could also see small hills from which rusted weapons rose as grass.

    You have a very good idea of where the weapons were for, there was a market here.


    If there was a war going on here, then... it was a fertile market, but at terrible risks to those who would traffic in such.

    The caravan meandered about in Rain. But here, there were no inns that dotted the roads. Or rather, there were fewer inns.

    And when Father sold off some of his rice in the caravan, it was at a marked down price from what you understand of the price that rice was sold at.

    Here your father notes that while a greater margin of profit is a desirable thing, one must sell at a price that the market can bear. It is like farming in some sense, one could harvest everything and stripping the ground bare and be unable to farm there again. Or one can harvest a little less than normal and be sustainable.

    You nod and pay attention to his words.

    You were also given compliments about being a studious girl and told to be a good merchant like your father by the people he did business with.

    You are... uncertain. But there is the vague notion that surely, there had to be some sort of sleigh of hand involved, but hadn't there been bundles of rice with scrolls sold?

    Or were they meant to go...

    You are confused, but don't say a word of your concerns to your father. Surely, he knows what he's doing.

    Eventually, tracing the map that you were given, you work out that there is but a single town left.

    It is at this town, that your father smiles and does his trading with missing nin.

    That could not be something good. At least, you assume the trio of nins, a kunoichi and a pair of shinobu, are missing nin with a line scratched across their headbands.

    "Gentlemen and lady," Your father smiled at the trio waiting for him just outside the light of the campfires with the fall of night.

    It was a small town, as such, it did not have the capacity to house the caravan.

    You stay behind your father as you watched him unsealed the crates of kunai for the trio of missing nin.

    Their brevity wasn't much, even if there was a certain amount of surprise at seeing you with your father. You father just waved off your presence as showing his daughter the ropes of his trade.

    Something that they seemed to accept, there were smiles and nods at you. The kunoichi even made you a paper flower to the smiles of her companions.

    Still, you see the nins walk off with the scrolls once they are resealed, and payment is made to your father in the form of a single chest that you could hide within.

    You suspect that there wouldn't have been enough gold or paper money in there for all the kunai unless scrolls were used.

    Said chest is sealed away in a scroll after your father took a peek in it.

    You are uncertain what to make of the triple set of horns symbol in a circle pointing outwards upon the metal item you see from your brief peek.

    Your inner voice just stays silent at the sight of the symbol. Which is odd, as she usually says or reacts somehow at the sight of Old World artifacts or items.

    - - -​
    Click on image for larger version​
    Sauce is /post/show/322994/
    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Power of Money

    What Do?
    [X] Don't Sleep, Attention Set At Maximum. [Will require a dice roll]
    [X] Talk to father, ask questions... before sleeping.
    [X] Continue on the business trip and don't ask questions until out of Rain Country...
    [X] Writes In Is Always A Good Idea.
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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/527894/

    [X] Don't Sleep, Attention Set At Maximum. [Will require a dice roll]
    - - [X] Put the paper flower on you head.
    - - - [X] Thank the nice lady who gave you the paper flower and comment on how pretty she is with all the power of our adorableness.
    Event Roll 1d100 ? [37] = (37)

    Given the tension in the adults, from your father and the disguised guards, it's clear that the missing nins were trouble. Even if they weren't the actual trouble causing ones, the reason that they needed enough kunai for a small war... that could only lead to trouble.

    Your inner voice is silent, as if thinking about something. This was certainly unusual, and thus you pay attention.

    Or at least more attention to your surroundings.


    You look adorable as you look about while your father carries you into the inn in the town that the caravan drivers, guards and employees were having their dinners. On shifts mind, just so that nothing happened to the caravan. A sensible thing when said caravan held but a fifth of the rice it bore originally, and the rest of the cargo space had been filled up with ceramics and metal harvested from the mines that burrowed deep underground to the ancient cities of the Old World.

    Yet, you look about curiously.

    Or as you like to think of it, attentively... with your chibi senses at full power!

    The town was much like every other town and city in the Country of Rain. Towers that rise to the heavens, build of metal and ceramics. Ancient figures carved and shaped to gaze down upon the citizens. The material retrieved also meant that said town had a staggering amount of pipes that served no actual purpose.

    Your father orders food from the harried wait staff. The inn was making a profit from the caravan's presence, but that did mean that the waitresses and waiters were kept extremely busy.

    And if you were a judge of things, it looked like they had hired on temporary workers to keep the flow of food and cash moving at a constant pace.

    As your food arrives, you see the three missing nin enter the inn.

    It's clear to you that they're not looking for your father. Rather, they must have likely left to secret away the scrolls before coming back for a meal before going off to do whatever that missing nin did at night.


    You're not certain... but those cloaks that they're wearing appear to be doing an excellent job of hiding their scratched headbands.

    You finish your rice and stew much faster than your father, who takes his time to savor his food as he always did.

    A silly notion to you.

    Not all food were equal, if it wasn't as tasty as mommy's cooking or the food at Big Sis Yuyu's home, then there was nothing that required you to take it easy and savor the food.

    And thus, you finish your food food and look at your father meaningfully.

    He smiles and nods, trusting that you could take care of yourself... and you slip off the chair and go over to the nice big sis missing nin.

    You look up at her, she looks down with surprise.

    "Oy oy, it looks like you have a fan, Konan," The nin with orange hair laughs as he leans back in his chair, the kunoichi just smiles at you.

    "Thank you," You eventually speak up after seeing the soft pink lips rise and curl at the sides just so. It was a nice smile that she had, you decide to yourself. Slight and shy, a bit awkward, but full of unspoken emotion.

    "Your flower is very pretty like you," You continue on as you point at it where you had placed it in your hair in imitation of her after entering the inn.

    Her male companions just shake their heads at your statement, not quite laughing at you. Yeap, the kunoichi did have style with her flower... the only question was if it was a ninja technique or if she was just that good with origami or both.

    "You know... my grandmother said that if you want something, you should grab it and wrestle it to the ground and claim it," You look at her companions sternly. Okay, you're not really good at stern, being far too cute for your own good. "And then after it's been claimed, bop it on the head when it's doing something dumb... like laughing at cute little girls."

    Yeah... too cute to be stern. Your statement just has those two laughing now, the orange head was laughing the red head was just snickering, as Konan blushes at what you just said. You didn't think there was anything wrong with what you just said.

    Before you can continue on, you see a frown graze the three missing nin even as you feel... an extremely mild killing intent. You doubt the killing intent could scare off a puppy. At least, that's your opinion and experience with your mother's killing intent as you looked about.

    There is also a staggering silence in the inn's dining area.

    Turning about, you see your father being accosted by what looked like a number of nins. Based on their posture, you know you can take them in fist to fist combat, but you don't know what other jutsu they know which could turn the fight against you.

    The shouts of cheating merchants from Fire Country arise up now from the leader of the group.

    You blink as your father calmly responds and invites him to sit and to discus...


    You blink at the sight of crimson on your father's face from where the rain shinobi had hit him with your empty dish from the table.

    That the plate shatters is of no concern to you.

    More importantly, your father is HuRT.

    He is BLEEDING.

    You STARE at the rain nin.

    And for a moment, your killing intent slips your control.

    The slightest of moments.

    But it is enough to cause the clientele of the inn to start screaming and running from the dinning area. The weaker civilians just collapse to the floor foaming at the mouth, unable to handle your murderous intent.

    The rain nins turned to look about, but seem to be unable to locate you.

    Your father is now looking at you with widened eyes.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Discourtesy

    What Do.
    [X] Father can handle this, right? Don't do anything... yet.
    [X] Show those nins that they have made a mistake.
    [X] Where ARE the guards that father hired?
    [X] NAP and [AWAKEN].
    [X] Write In.
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1197688/

    [X] NAP and [AWAKEN].
    Event Roll 1d100 → [61] = (61)

    You are Hanzo Hattori, son of the Salamander. A prince of the country of Rain. Power and nobility is your birthright. As is the ability to manipulate poison.

    You are a recently promoted special jounin and have been tasked with patrolling the border towns on the northern border with your squads by your father, Hanzo the Salamender.

    And you have done so, you have... also punished the fat merchants of countries of Earth and Fire as they travest your country, gouging your citizens for the bare necessities of life, such as rice and other such items, while robbing them at the same time by buying ceramics and metals dug up from the soil of Rain at a pitance that they would receive in their home lands.

    You've received word that there there is another fat merchant caravan from Fire that has stopped in the town of Long Zhi Men.

    You arrived to see the fire country scum hovering over Dragon's Gate like flies over a midden. Your scouts report that the caravan was guarded by a trio of somewhat attractive kunoichi, older genin, who likely have been stuck at their rank since their graduation. In short, career genin guards.

    Looks like the merchant in charge was cheap and had gone for attractive eye candy instead of combat capable nin. Understandable since even a squad of genin could slaughter a small army of bandits, and if they were attractive... even better. After all, what were the odds of a missing nin even striking at a merchant caravan and there wasn't a war going on, was there?

    You dispatch some of the more rowdy of your men and women to keep an eye on those eye-candies and keep them occupied if they tried to leave the caravan, three three men squads would allow for an overwhelming victory, if such was necessary.

    You and the rest of your men enter the inn and easily locate the stupid looking merchant. You can see why he hired eye-candies. What kind of man had pink hair and styled like ridiculous star.

    A conversation was struck up in the form of you greeting the merchant as he deserved. Doubly so, for his Fire Country nationality.

    His attempts to placate you by buying you a meal and drinks. Bribes even!

    That was responded to by smashing an empty plate against his idiotic face.

    There was a moment of silence and then...

    It surrounded you.

    Cloyingly so, like a miasma, so much so that it was hard to breath.

    An overwhelming sensation of HATE.


    An intention to KILL.

    MUTILATE in slow and excruciating unspeakable agony.

    So much hate, anger and violence...

    You are struck silent by it.

    It was as if the VERY world that surrounded you had told you in no uncertain terms just how much it hated you and will kill you.

    You are held immobile by that brief sensation.

    The citizen sheep in the inn reacted poorly to that sensation, screaming and attempting to escape that killing intent. The others who were weaker did not fare as well... collapsing to the ground foaming at their mouths.

    Still, you are trained for this. The fucker merchant must have hired some super elite jounin to avenge the other merchants you've extracted a toll from in the past year or two or three. Even if it was Copy-Nin Kakashi or the savage beast Maito Gai, you'll show them the worth of a scion of the Salamander.

    Kunai are drawn, as your men surround you in a protective formation, as you scanned about for the konoha nin. Your men jeer for the coward to show himself.

    And there was...

    Sakura blossoms floating about... you see from the corner of your eye movement in one hand of the merchant. Like one handed seals.


    "Ka.... KAI!" You flare your chakra, you can hear your subordinates doing so as well.

    And you realize with sudden concern that things just got worse.

    There was a loud laughter behind as the inn shuddered before exploding around you.

    Your turn and look.

    "No... it... it can't be!" But it was real.

    "So, I spy some fools who would dare to abuse their power." That cruel smile upon a face as if hewed from stone exposed teeth of that didn't quite glow, darkness was his flesh, while his hair glowed an incandescent aquamarine blue.


    With that he slammed his fist into the floor of the inn, and everything goes black as your world becomes pain unending.

    - - -​

    You are Konan. An orphan who grew up in the war torn fields of the country of Rain. You were taught the ninja arts by Konoha's Jiraiya.

    And since his departure, have been working towards making your homeland a better place beside your true friends, Yahiko and Nagato. At first, you had joined the shinobi corps under Hanzo before leaving after seeing his corruption up close.

    Since then, you three have formed Akatsuki, a rebellion of nins who've grown dissatisfied with how Hanzo is running things and are working towards overthrowing him and restoring the last daughter of the daimyo of the Country of Rain back to power.

    And things are not going good. Oh, certainly, they could be better. But wasn't that how life always was?

    You had but ordered dinner, when the merchant's daughter visited your table and gave you compliments before embarrassing you with the notion of claiming both Nagato and Yahiko as you.

    You must admit that there was a certain attraction to that notion. But, not while your country was in such dire straits. You had to save it from the corrupt nin who had taken over the nation, and whose leader even now was bleeding dry the country.

    There was an interruption as you observe the attack by the son of the Salamander on the merchant.

    And then... death. Unspeakable death and hatred surrounded you and your companion.

    If you weren't trained by Konoha's Jiraiya... you would have broken and ran from it, dragging your boys with you.

    It being the daughter of the merchant.

    The fire country merchant, Haruno.

    Was this the activation of a bloodline limit.

    You gaze at Nagato's eyes with their rings, It would be a poor response to run away from the very scary girl who was trembling, not from fear... but pure rage.

    A poor response and thank you, indeed, for a man who had supplied weapons for Akatsuki for the last year at a literal loss for himself.

    And the only thanks you can give him was in the form of an Old World artifact that Yahiko had found just last month.

    And so, despite your insticts screaming at you, you kneel behind the girl and hug her close to you even as Nagato wove an illusion to conceal your presence as the diners in the inn screamed and panicked and attempted to flee.

    A gentle, far too careful soft touch on your forearms had you looking at the girl, Sakura.

    Sakura, whose eyes glowed a soft and gentle pink. "Big Sis Konan, you should let me go. I see some people who need... a lesson taught. And I can not do that while you hold me."

    Yeah, the scary, scary girl.

    Thankfully, before you can reply... there are a number of girlish screams as the nins of Hanzo collapsed to the ground with their commander.

    The acrid stench of fear and urine wiffled from that group.

    "Sakura?" Well, it looked like the merchant had some skill with genjutsu... given that he was looking at the four of you where you were within Nagato's illusion.

    There was a look of shocked surprise on his face as he saw the eyes of his daughter.

    "Tch. I guess we're too late," You blink and looked at two of the three kunoichi that had accompanied the merchant in the caravan. "Oy, Haruno-san, I thought you said that we weren't suppose to cause any problems or some such."

    The two kunoichi looked at him as if believing that he had caused it all.

    Well, a nin disguised as a merchant was unheard of... only except he had been a merchant for years on end now. Former nin, perhaps?

    "Haruno-san," Yahiko looked at the merchant before handing him his daughter after picking her out of your arms. "It'll be best if you weren't involved here. The Salamander is harsh against those who he perceives as working against him. This was clearly the work of the rebel group Akatsuki."

    You and Nagato nod in response. "It would be a poor thanks after all that you have done for us."

    With that, the Konoha nins and their employer left the inn, daughter in his arms, as you draw out your kunai.

    It was dirty work, but one that would create the fertile ground from which a new Country of Rain would grow on and blossom from.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Salamanders and Angels

    What Do?
    [X] Sakura time as she wakes up?
    [X] Questioning of Nins by Haruno-san and his hired kunoichi?
    [X] Akatsuki Strikes Again! Hanzo's reaction?
    [X] Work with me here and give me coool~ write ins. ^_-
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/750998/

    [X] Sakura interacts with the people around her before Sakura wakes up, maybe talks with daddy?

    You are Uchiha Lily. A jounin of Konoha. An elite kunoichi of the Uchiha and all that jazz. You're sure someone out there is enjoying themselves muttering over words and all that.

    You are also acknowledged to the be most dangerous Uchiha by your family. While you have more powerful relatives, more skilled ones, Itachi certainly held the edge there in skill, none of them were as... twisted as you in delighting in the agony and pain of others.

    This focus of yours, that allowed you to calculate to the least of degrees in the method of delivering pain and agony that came with defeat of one's opponent... that allowed you to do things that were unthinkable. Twisted your sharingan that it was optimized for doing damage and not focused on 'just' defeating one's enemies.

    And today is a nice day.

    It is, in fact, an excellent day.

    Or evening, if you must quibble about things.

    You had thought it would be another quiet and far too boring day.

    Indeed, your mission has been such.

    Day in and day out of pretending to be nothing more than eye-candy career genin.

    Urgh... it made you sick.

    Certainly, you were professional and kept your opinions to yourself and smiled smiled as the Uchiha were wont to. To be cheerful, for each and every moment you were cheerful meant that you lived. And if you lived, it was because you were strong and thus deserved to live.

    Not only that, but you bear with the tedium, because you got to chitchat with Haruno Taicho during the long days when he wasn't playing with his little chit of a girl. You still call him that despite his retirement. He had earned your respect in the third war as the commander of your unit back then.

    Still, you had been delighted when those rain nin had approached you and the two newbies to 'play'.

    Your heart beat to a faster pace, like that of a fan as one fueled the fire. And so it was... battle stroked the flames with in you.

    Each and every motion of yours was economical, and designed to provide maximum pain while not truly harming beyond incapacitating the target.

    You didn't quite laugh as you side-step the opening volley of kunai, and glided into an attempt to cripple you by removing your feet. It was an amusing use of an earth jutsu, and excellent team work, even. Why if you weren't who you were and had a focus on your feet in terms of close quarter combat, it might even have succeeded in surprising you.

    It doesn't.

    Instead, you flip into the air, gliding around and over a punching counterattack. Your very flexible legs cinching around his neck before you used your momentum to flip the rather muscular nin into a boulder, cracking it. That was one of the way.

    You lick your lips as you eyed the other two who now seemed uncertain before dashed just that much faster than a normal human eye could see.

    Flashstep as some called it. A silly name... in truth, it was just moving at high speeds, staying out of sight.

    Which allowed you to laugh in delight as your legs encircled his neck, after you cartwheeled on to his shoulders and reversed your motion to slam him head first to the ground before leaping upwards and away from him as the last member of that squad threw kunai.

    "That's useless, you know... you might as well stand there like some eye candy, little kunoichi crying for a strong shinobi to come save you..." You didn't quite purr in response as you landed before dashing at the panicking kunoichi.

    "Awww... where's your bravado now?" You danced, gliding around her attempts to fend you off with her kunai as your hands darted out here and there, chakra enhancing your fingernails so that they were as sharp as a sword. "Do you need a little time out with your little boys to feel better?"

    She's young, somewhat skilled. You might even say that her specialty in using kunai in both ranged and close quarter combat might even be exemplary. But she was facing someone with just that much more speed, skill and experience. It really wasn't a fair fight.

    And soon, she is stripped of her weapon holsters, armor and assorted equipment. The scent of fear as she attempted to crawl away from you just makes you feel so much MORE. A brief pulse of chakra as you did an ax-kick ensured that she wouldn't be running anywhere soon.

    With that, you went to assist your team-mates who seemed to be having some difficulty in dealing with opponents with numerical advantages and experience with teamwork.

    Tch, what were they teaching those chibi-ko kunoichi in the academy nowadays or when preparing them for special jonin status?

    The fight is soon over, and those two ran off to help Haruno Taicho with whatever had flared that mass killing intent. You would go... but you had all these nice little children to play with.

    You didn't laugh softly and cheerfully as you took out your nin-wire.

    This was going to be fuuuu~n.

    - - -​

    You are K̪̪͕̓ͥ͝ͅa̷̢̭̘͍̠ͬ̌̆̊̈́̑s̳̭̣̏ͭͣ̒̿͂͟u͎̖ͨ̋͆͋̇͑͂ͅg̳̺̙͑ͥ̇ͤ̑͜a̴͋̋̇͏͏̜̦͈͉n͋ͥ̾̓̂ͦ̎̿͠͏̫͔̻̪̹̘̣̞̲o̸̡͕̝̹̻͍̎ͪ̿ͦ͛̚ ͉͕͙̝̗͉̄ͤͪ́̃̏̔̚ͅ Sakura.

    But you are not her.

    You bear her memories and a fraction of her skills.

    But you remember another life, where you grew up the daughter of the Haruno household instead of living in the Old World.

    At present, you're being carried by your/her father out of the inn.

    You are currently quite preoccupied by this... anger in you, and which beats to the pulse of your heart, making you feel... [WARM].

    You idly hum this song you've heard and wonder why your father feels so uneasy about the glow of your eyes. You probably could explain the hows and whys to him, but it likely won't do him any good. Not when the explanation is in a long dead language and contained specific terms that were esoteric even back then.

    And really, you had full control of the Breathing and Walking technique focused in your heart, as it gathered the natural energies in the environment, blended it with your ki. Currently, your ki production techique was at its absolute minimum. Just enough to saturate your body and fuel your basic enhancements.

    As your father approaches the caravan, you can hear whimpers and pleas for mercy.

    And an all too familiar laughter.

    The damn spider bitch, Han Juri.

    Or at least that of her distant descendent, if what you've worked out about the time since you 'died' and were 'reborn' is true.

    You blink at the shadows to the sight of the caravan, and the pile of cut off equipment and clothing.

    The head bands stacked on top of the ruined clothing spoke of just where the prisoners were from.

    You just blinked at the web of shimmering nin-wire, amongst which were strung up more rain nin prisoners, whimpering and begging for mercy.

    You can see how the wires spun and wound about the trees to keep the nins suspended by their fingers, toes, hair, and other body parts with loops of wire.

    To move would cause unspeakable pain.

    Just being in said web was to suffer.

    And crouched at the heart of it was that Uchiha nin. The look of excitement on her face and that heated breath of her as she flicked a wire to the cry of the enemy nins.

    "So... are you ready to play a game, little boys and girls? I know I am~," She giggled as she moved over the wires in a display of agility. "It's a very simple game, you have a choice of talking or singing. Personally? I prefer if you sang instead of talked."

    "Lily, that's enough," Your father spoke up. "They are respected nin of Rain. You should treat them better."

    "But Haruno taicho~, it's just getting to the... gooood part," She looked plantively at your father. You can tell that you're NOT going to allow this one near your father. She was dangerous... in a different way.

    "Ahhh~ I didn't know your family had a bloodline limit as well," She smiles at you, meeting your glowing eyes without concern or care that you were frowning at her. Yeah... dangerous and crazy.

    "We will have to determine that later," your father sighs in response. "Besides which, we will need to... get rid of any evidence here.

    There is a paling of faces amongst the captives.

    The drivers and other crew of the caravan were deliberately not near or in view of the nins.

    - - -​

    Pitta patta...

    Patta pitta...

    The sounds of running every now and then would pause in the heart of the Country of Rain; the village hidden by rain.

    Thyis was only natural, for the ruler of the Country of Rain was a very security conscious man.

    He believed in security checks of everyone going to see him.

    Or in the case of the package, it passed layer after layer... from one messenger to the next inner layer before said messenger retreated, while the next blanched at what the box contained.

    Until, finally... a trembling inner member of Hanzo's court presented the box to him, citing that it had been addressed to the ruler of the Country of Rain.

    Much more polite than Ursuper of Rain, Tyrant Hanzo.

    Absolute killing intent flooded the room upon the unveiling of what lay within said box.

    A head, facial expression of one who died in absolute terror.

    His son.

    And a letter.

    Its contents were brief and succinct.

    "To the tyrant of Rain, the corrupt lizard Hanzo, salutations.

    When last we clashed against your ill-bred and ill-mannered degenerate spawn, we promised that we would feed him his manhood.

    Alas, while the chance came, we were unable to do so. This was mainly due to the fact that his balls hadn't dropped yet. As such we return your 'son' to you, that you may care for him and nourish him properly that we may fulfill our vow.

    Akatsuki, Patriots of Rain"

    The throne room emptied as the man they called Salamander purpled in rage before a mist of darkness that ate at the paper in his hand spread outwards from him.
    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Webs and Sakura Blossoms

    What Do?
    [X] Offer to deal with the "evidence" for daddy? You're fairly certain you know of one such technique to do so. It'll be quick.
    [X] Watch Daddy deal with the "evidence"?
    [X] The hired kunoichi deals with the "evidence"?
    [X] Write In~
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/731175/

    [X] Watch Daddy deal with the "evidence".

    You raise an eyebrow at your father's statement of getting rid of evidence. Evidently, you're not the only one surprised at this statement.

    "Mou... you're no fun at all, but as always the needs of the client," She shrugged before leaping off the strands of wire that she had been perched on to the yips and squeaks of agony of the captive nin.

    She lands right in front of you, arms out to the sides in a three point landing.

    Naturally, you did what came to you almost by instinct.

    Punch at full power, maximum speed, with ki enhancing your body to make it nearly invisible and as deadly as a rocket.

    Straight to the face.

    How could you not? She looked so much, felt so much like SPIDER bitch Juri Han.

    It is true that from your casual examination of her that she was more skilled than you were currently, but her speed would not match yours at full enhancement. And that was all th...


    Oh, come on... this isn't right!

    Your punch at her wasn't telegraphed, and was moving faster than she should be able to see. But she just smiled, twisted her upper body and lazily slapped your forearm so that your punch went wildly off.

    As was to be expected, if the first failed... why, try try again.

    The punch this time was met with another slap and diverted again.


    You frown at her.

    She shouldn't be able to do this, right?

    A smile and an approving nod is all you get. "I like your little girl, Haruno-taicho~. I guess I can forgive you marrying that flabby hag if you can get a daughter with a bloodline limit, and knows her priorities~."

    "Little girl," She looked down at you and met your fist lightly with a fist of her own. "In honor of our renewed meeting, you are hereby named Murderfist. Wear that name with pride."


    Seriously, just... what?

    "My name is Sakura," You glared at her now, as you struggled to maintain control of your Walking and Breathing technique and not let it collapse.

    "Of course, it is, Mur.der.fist-chan~," You twitched and are sorely tempted to use your father as a launching pad to attack the damn spider clone.

    "Girls, girls..." Your father's voice cuts into the staring contest that your glowing eyes have with her black eyes. "Sakura, don't descend to her level. And Lily, please free those poor nins. Try and conserve your nin-wire... this isn't wartime where you have a nice and easy time acquiring equipment."

    "Hai hai~," The spider clone sharply salutes your father before walking over to the steel web before doing... something to the wire, causing it to collapse and freeing the nin.

    You suddenly find the focus needed to maintain your Walking and Breathing technique, as the steel wire recoiled themselves into on a spool that she held up to the heavens.

    Drops of blood flicker everywhere from the wire as it danced.

    "Gentlemen and ladies, I find myself with a sense of mercy today as this isn't the third shinobi war," You father speaks to the former captives. His voice loud, and you are certain that you can see the caravan workers observing everything. "Leave the field and live in silence. But harbor ill-will towards me or those in my employ and my mercy will burn you."

    Your keen eyes observe the rain nin as they ran for the pile of clothes and equipment before...


    What were they doing?

    Where were they fighting each other?

    Your father stays silent and impassive as he held you in his arms.

    There were no survivors as your father walks away to the caravan.

    Was this what Genjutsu could do if not used for storytime? How terrifying.

    Your eyes close and you fall asleep as your grasp on the technique of Walking and Breathing fades...

    You are Haruno Sakura... and with that, the memories fade once more into what observations you've made from the dreams.

    [Just rest a bit kiddo, you've had a far too exciting day for someone your age.] Oh, your inner voice was back.

    And you sleep.

    - - -​

    As the caravan makes its way into Earth Country, you find yourself... playing with the damn spider clone. Or being played with by her.

    And you find yourself HATING her.

    Even more.

    How could she so casually defeat you. Even without the boost in skill that you had from whatever had happened that night, you still can't touch her even with chakra being spent at a prodigious rate.

    As you collapse once more, into a sweating pile of TIRED... she picks you up with a cheerful humming. "Hate you... so much."

    "Hahahahaha, oh, Murderfist-chan, you say the most amusing thing," She laughs back as she manhandles you back to the caravan where your father is tallying things and chatting with his pet tanuki. "At this rate, I might have to marry you off to little Sasuke. Oh, I'm sure you'll survive the disappointment of being stuck with an Uchiha boy, but you're starting to sound like him."

    You're certain that the tanuki wasn't normal as it nods back at whatever your father is saying before accepting several scrolls and running off.

    It seems far too intelligent and had this habit of not being with your father most of the time.

    You are placed in a hammock and sigh with relief as you are given a gourd of water to sip at.

    As you rest, you can't help but overhear the quiet discussion that your father has with That Woman as you are starting to call her. You can tell she is ALL KINDS OF EVIL and is even now plotting to steal your father from you and mother... or was that steal you and your father from mother. Or something.

    "So?" Your father's question seems rather relaxed as he went back to writing.

    "Ahhh~ Haruno-taicho, you just love to take all the fun out of things," She pouts at your father and shifted about. "But taijutsu is high chunnin level. Easy. Even before the chakra burst technique she likes to use."

    Wait... they were talking about you.

    "Skills-wise, she learns fast. Very adaptive. Good sense of spatial placement. If I had to use fancy words, I would say that she is a prodigy, specialty in taijutsu and chakra based techniques." She paused and drank some of the tea that your father had out at his table in the caravan wagon.

    "I would wager that with her intelligence and memory abilities, that her current deficiencies in ninjutsu and genjutsu is easily fixed if she were to be transferred to the ninja academy. Haruno-taicho, people are going to be able to read between the lines of my report when we return to Konoha. There is only so much I can cover up, even for you," Your father frowns before nodding at her. "If you are not careful, she might simply disappear into the roots of Konoha. It... consumes prodigies. Especially ones with new or unknown bloodline limits."

    She tilted her head to look at you, where you are glaring at her. "She's a good kid, I would hate for something like that to happen to her."

    "Any suggestions, then?" He eventually grounds out.

    "Well... if this was war time, you keeping your daughter out of the academy and active service, this would be treason," She shrugged as she turned to look at him once more. "Since it's not... it's just a waste, even if she'll eventually marry and have children who'll end up in the academy."

    "I would suggest doing what certain malingerers have done to get out of real active duty," She leans forwards. "The medic nin curriculum. No penalty for not graduating, or quitting after graduating, and if she wants to, she could join the active duty teams."

    "But that's the best I can suggest. I'm sure you've already worked out what I've been saying."

    The caravan continues its path across the countryside as your father looks out of the wagon at the hills in thought, and a frown on his face as if he is unhappy with his choices.

    - - -​

    It is fall once more, and you are back at school.

    Things are different as you look at your schedule.

    You have been included in the shinobi classes, with additional medical classes that you know are not in the normal shinobi classes. Your mother seemed pleased as she walked you to school, as if having won a hard victory.

    Your orphan classmates smile at seeing you, and seem to have expected that you would join them as they greet you with smiles, nods and "Haruno-hime".

    The clan children just nod silently at you as if expecting this development as well.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Fall Classes

    What Do?
    [X] Focus on class work and helping classmates as you have been
    [X] Adapt to the new workload and start napping like Shikimaru
    [X] Write to Big Sis Yuyu, Grandfather and explain the situation and... something?
    [X] Write In.

    Pick Three To Specialize In, this selection is needed, no matter the choices made above
    [X] Architecture (basic)
    [X] Ciphers (intermediary)
    [X] Disguises (basic)
    [X] Etiquette (Nobility, High class, Middle class) (intermediary)
    [X] Geography & History (advanced)
    [X] Languages (intermediary)
    [X] Leadership (basic)
    [X] Math (advance)
    [X] Medicine (basic)
    [X] Physics (intermediary)
    [X] Genjutsu (basic)
    [X] Handseals (basic)
    [X] Ninjutsu (basic)
    [X] Kenjutsu (basic)
    [X] Bondage & Escapology (basic)
    [X] Kunai/Ranged Combat (basic)
    [X] Chakra Theory & Development (advanced)
    [X] Ninja-wire usage (basic)
    [X] Survival (advanced)
    [X] Trap Construction (basic)

    Taijutsu is not available as you're already WAY past genin level. Double-hitting something for specialization does NOT get you higher levels of that item.
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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is NOT Danbooru, but CGSociety.org - http://features.cgsociety.org/newgallerycrits/g15/510815/510815_1355887789_large.jpg

    [X] Focus on class work and helping classmates as you have been
    Class Foci~
    - - [X] Languages (intermediary)
    - - [X] Etiquette (Nobility, High class, Middle class) (intermediary)
    - - [X] Medicine (basic)
    Event Roll 1d100 → [37] = (37)

    Despite the shift to shinobi classes, you find that things haven't changed too much. It's just more.

    You find yourself, every now and then flaring a focused killing intent at Shikamaru. It wasn't FAIR that you didn't get to nap while he did, and if you couldn't... neither could he.

    He settles for just glaring back at you with narrowed eyes at the way you were preventing his sleep.

    Oh, yes... he was well aware of what you were doing there.

    The same old classes, and then... a new one, for you.

    Ninja Ethics.

    "Rise. Bow," You speak up and got the class to bow to the instructor. This was the first of the new classes for you.

    The instructor is... not what you expected. Not one of the chunins.

    Rather, it was an old man in robes.

    Bandages covered part of his face, concealing a single eye. He hobbled in, supporting himself with a crutch.

    The silence from the students as they looked at the old man was a good indicator that they were surprised by the age of the instructor.

    "Good morning, children," An aura of age, as well as injuries and experience from countless battles, hung upon him as a mantle from where he stood in front of the instructor's table. "My name is Shimura Danzo, and I will be teaching you ninja ethics today as your normal instructor is sick."

    The silence continued as he looked about the class, his single eye drifting on to the children one by one in equal measure. As he looks at you, there is a sense of appraisal before his gaze moves on. You can't tell if he was approving, disapproving... only that he had judged you in some way.

    The silence is staggering.

    It was one thing to have an active duty nin teaching you and giving you things slanted in the favor of Konoha. It was another to see an elderly nin. They were... rare, you mentally noted.

    Before today, you had only really known one such nin, the Hokage.

    He taps his walking stick as he looked about the silent classroom. "Well... it looks like I'll have to start as I see no staggering questions for me."

    "Perhaps, you imagine this is some high browed class that you must study hard at, right Haruno-san?" He's looking at you, his expression seemed indulgent. This... didn't feel right.

    "I'm going to be honest here. Those books you have there on the tables," He gestures with a hand. "Most of it is useless. I see some of you agree with me."

    "Nara-san, I assure you sleeping here is certainly a thing you could do. Or perhaps, you feel as if you could run out of here and play some games, Uzumaki-san, Inuzaki-san," He smiled. It was not a kindly grandfather smile. "By all means, do so."

    No one moved, instead... you and you classmates focused on him. There had to be something very wrong here.

    [Reverse Psychology?] Your inner voice muses hesitantly.

    Perhaps, it was his intent to get your attentions on him thus. If so, it was working.

    "I will say this again. Ninja ethics, as a class is useless. As a concept, it is pointless. Does anyone wish to hazard a guess why?" He leaned against the table to not quite sit there.

    A hand rises in the corner of your vision. "Yes, Hyuuga-san?"

    "But it can't be useless... otherwise, we wouldn't have this class," she stammers out a response.

    "A reasonable response, and one that makes sense, yes," He nods in agreement. "But consider this, why ninja ethics. Why not farmer ethics... or perhaps, merchant ethics?"

    He looks at you with a smile. This old man... was dangerous. But not in a fist fight, but his thoughts. His ideas and notions. A different kind of opponent.

    "This is why. There is being ethical or not being ethical. You can be one and not the other. To be ethical is to be moral and conscientious, to be unethical is to strive with every means to achieve your goals. No lines exist for you," There is something very wrong here, indeed. Shouldn't he be expounding notions of loyalty or some such here?

    "You are ninja. You are being trained in techniques that allow you to do things no normal mortal man can attain. Why then, should you be constrained by the ethics of said normal man, will you not be as gods?" He tapped his walking stick again. "If ninja village were run by humanist scientists, we might have brain-washing techniques to control you so that you are held to some kind of ethics."

    "But we won't and we don't. All we have are the Shinobi Rules. Rules that are taught to every single academy student in every ninja village. The rules may differ in what lines go where, and their wording," He shrugged here as if it didn't matter. And perhaps it didn't. "These rules are the guidelines that will help make you an efficient ninja. The efficient ninja is the ethical ninja as he has killed his heart, he follows his orders, and he is a true patriot. That is all to being an ethical ninja."

    "Your class work for the rest of this class, and when you get home, is to read over the ninja rules. Pick one, and write a single page essay on the reasoning behind it. Its advantages and its disadvantages," He smiled once more and looked over the class. "You have until friday for that essay when you next have this class. That is all. Do as you will."

    With that, he walked back out of the class.


    This couldn't be right, could it?

    A few of the more rowdy students, such as Fishcake, didn't quite cheer as the instructor walked off. This was now officially a 'free' class.

    You carefully look at your classmates, but they seem unsure as well. A few other students also seemed disturbed by the instructor; Shikamaru, Aburame who wore his sunglasses everywhere, and Hyuuga-hime.

    Still, you get to work on reading the ninja rules.

    - - -​

    Thankfully, your other classes proved to be more traditional and what you're used to. Well, most of them.

    Etiquette is certainly something you weren't expecting. Thankfully, your time with grandfather, big sis Yuyu, and big sis Merry Bell as they took you to visit their friends as well as tour the capital is put to good use.

    You find that you're ahead of the other kunoichi in training... well, except for Hyuuga-hime and Ino-chan.

    Languages is also something you are somewhat skilled with.... it appears that father lied to you when he said that everyone knew how to speak more than hihongo, and thus so should you. That the languages that he and mother spoke to you at home were not what everyone knew.

    Your classmates just take the fact that you can speak multiple languages in stride, even if not fluently. And certainly, your skills at reading proved to be much better than your speaking and understanding said languages.

    You also find yourself bereft of your classmates in medical class, and surrounded by surprised older students. Here, you study the human body in detail and just what sort of damage a human could take. More surprisingly, you found yourself surprised at the notations of what effects chakra usage had on the human body.

    The class on ninjutsu, genjutsu and other chakra usage was one that proved almost as surprising as ninja ethics.

    You knew how to instinctively use chakra. The class work made sense to you, the only difficulty you had was in handseals; mainly the speed you could do them.

    The notion of focusing chakra in specific patterns in your body to the handseals was a novelty when your mother showed you how to do it. You just never really focused on said mental imagery. You just did it, from imagery in mind to patterns in your body.

    Your class instructor seemed pleased at what you already knew and told you that all you needed was speed at doing the handseals and then you would be ready for the fun stuff, jutsu.

    There were the practices to gain better control... to increase one's chakra reserves. Spinning of leaves, cutting of leaves, it all seemed to come down to focus, focus, focus.

    Those lessons you already knew and practiced with mother. It hadn't seemed important. And yet, it seemed it was.

    Just what were your mother and father trying to make you without your knowledge?

    There was the basic technique of chakra enhancement of one's body. Which when explained to you got a raised eyebrow from you... it was a technique similar to what you used. With numerous limitations built in for safety, requiring it to be used for every technique and only enhancing specific attributes at a time, such as speed or strength or durability.

    Your basic enhancement technique was more efficient in how it enhanced everything even if it used up more chakra on activation. But then it was a persistent effect and not an instant type enhancement. If you had to compare it to anything, you would have to say that it was a lesser version of your true enhancement technique.

    It was possible that there was a technique similar to yours that used this technique as a foundation. You make a note to ask your parents about this.

    There was also numerous warnings in the text books and from your instructors to never try to pull in chakra from the air. You refrain from speaking about what you remember doing or did. You do ask why.

    The answer is... surprising. It was dangerous because there was no way to control the natural energies of the world and it was like a piece of dried ink soaked in water.


    It didn't seem right.

    But you kept quiet and thought about things.

    - - -​

    When you got home, you write a letter to big sis Yuyu and apologize that you wouldn't be able to make it to the obon festival in the capital because you were transferred to shinobi classes without your knowledge.

    Your letter joins your father's and given to his pet tanuki to bring to the courier nin... although, you do have to wonder just why your father entrusted your letter to his tanuki.

    Ah, well... as long as the letter got to where it needed to go, it'll be fine.

    And it is... as you get a response the next day after classes end.


    Even if a courier nin rushed it, they shouldn't be able to make it that fast and back.

    Something fishy was going on here.

    Still, checking the letter revealed that it was from Big Sis Yuyu. It even had her scent, the flowers that she made into a perfume, hung on the letter.

    It was a simple letter, as she accepted your apologies and there was mention that there would be something done to make up for this travesty interfering with your future visits.
    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Autumn season

    What Do?
    [X] Time Skip to Winter Vacation with your mother~
    [X] Focus on classes...
    [X] Focus on your friends and classmates...
    [X] Ask to visit your father's office after classes and homework...
    [X] Write In.
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    Omake / Non Canon Post

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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/635921/

    [X] Focus on your friends and classmates...
    - - [X] Ask to visit your father's office after classes and homework...
    - - [X] Talk to parents about your class work and that new teacher
    Sakura Event 1d100 → [16] = (16)

    After finishing your homework, including the odd essay after much thought and discussion with the other you, you find yourself at a loss.

    It was interesting the way that substitute instructor had spoken. Especially, given how you've noticed that the lessons thus far by the other teachers had emphasized that Konoha was a good place, a nice ninja village that was much better than the other villages. And to be a ninja was a good thing.

    He didn't even try to do so.

    He mentioned god like powers available to all ninja, and that ninjas were not constrained by ethics of normal people... which didn't quite make sense. Instead, he had mentioned rules, a code of behavior taught to all ninja everywhere.

    You had the vague notion that hidden amongst what he had said was that a ninja, or perhaps more accurately chakra users, were bound not by the ethics or social rules of those who could not manipulate chakra. They were bound by their own ethic rules.

    A ninja needed to have boundaries of their own, or perhaps boundaries that his peers agreed on. But what if said chakra user was greater than others, by what rules would he live by?

    Something to mull over, certainly.

    It almost seemed.... treasonous and immoral, if looked at directly. Perhaps, one needed to look beneath and understand the spirit of what he said?

    When you spoke to your parents about what you got from your instructor's speech, they certainly had a disturbed look on their face before waving off your concerns, and said that some times looking too deep and too far is also no good, that it twisted the perspective of what you're looking at.

    Also from what they knew, he did this with every batch of student's first ethics class, since his retirement from active duty. Every nin's very first ethics class had him as their instructor.


    Okay, in short, the adults weren't much help, your book was unreliable, you would need to think on this yourself. How annoying.

    Ah well, it wasn't as if he was going to be doing much teaching, it seemed. Just some sort of ninja academy assessment, then.

    You shake your head and instead just ask your father if you could go visit him after you were done with your schoolwork. He certainly seemed happy that you wanted to do so, and thus the answer was a "But, of course!"

    You thus find yourself with almost no time to nap, just soldiering on.

    School in the morning and early afternoons, homework after school (not that you had much of that, as you managed to do it during class itself), and then... time with your father.

    Occassionally, you nap in his office. Other times, you find yourself helping out with the paperwork, tallying up inventories and money intake and expenditures.

    It make you feel like you were helping him.

    And he certainly smiled a lot when you asked him questions or when you returned the books back to him all done.

    You also notice that he doesn't do business like a normal merchant, his business seemed more tailored towards big business... things bought and sold in bulk. As opposed to buying and selling stuff in a store, he bought and then sold stuff to stores.

    At least, what you were allowed to observe in his books. You have the suspicion that he had another set of books, for the exotic items.

    Some times, after he was done with work, he brought you along with him to have dinner out with clients or his workers. You don't drink any of the alcohol, it tasted unpleasant the one time you sipped at his sake.

    You find yourself smiling cutely at the adults he had dinner and drinks with. And certainly you get introduced to all sorts of interesting people, some of them even say that they'll remember you if you inherit your father's business.

    - - -​

    Despite the busy life you were now slowly immersing yourself in, you find yourself also busy at school helping your friends and classmates; such as with forcing them to study hard. Why, if you had to study, so should they.

    You slowly develop a reputation for studying hard and playing just as hard.

    Not even in taijutsu class, where you soak up the motions that they had like a sponge. And honestly, what kind of student would have difficulty with getting how to punch, kick and move properly?



    So, is this why they called you a prodigy? Because things were so clear and obvious to you?

    That you can see what your classmates were doing wrong. You could see where the slight errors cascade into larger ones, where energy, speed and power were simply lost because the punch or kick was just off.

    And it's only because you were helpful and nice, you helped the others? You can see Ino and Choiji helping your classmates like you. The other peers you had, who knew what they were doing, seemed to focus on either mastering what they were taught or, in Shikamaru's case, slacking off.

    You glare at him with some killer intent when you notice him slacking off.

    He settles with a response of just looking at you lazily with a smirk whenever you glare at him. It was as if he was daring you to chase after him and MAKE him do work.

    You are still glad that he isn't in the kunoichi class where they taught Etiquette. Instead, you discover... a boy in disguise.

    Fishcake as the others call him, was good at disguising himself. If you hadn't been paying more attention to your classmates after the first lesson, you might even have missed him like you did in the first class.

    He looked slightly off, a tad taller than he normally did, and his face... just what kind of disguise skills did he have? Or was this more ninja technique shenanigans?

    Instead, you corner him after school to find out more...

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Ethics

    What Do?
    [X] Question him on how he disguises himself cruelly and viciously!
    [X] You let him go after coming to the realization that he had said something about signing up for EVERY course.
    [X] Time Skip to Winter Vacation with your mother~
    [X] Write In.
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    Omake / Non Canon Post
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    Omake / Non Canon Post

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    Omake / Non Canon Post

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    Click on picture for larger version~​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/552807/

    [X] Ask him nicely, then
    [X] Complement him on how good his ninja skills are! and work out knowledge exchange~
    1d100 → [67] = (67)

    Certainly, you were curious when you spotted a not quite familiar face. One that was somewhat like Fishcake's, but not. Just close enough to resemble a sister.

    The only problem?

    You KNOW that he didn't have a sister, or anyone who resembled him in that manner in the orphanage or in any of the other classes.

    Go, perception skills and being the teacher's pet and being forced to remember your classmates' faces and names.

    "And where do you think you're going Fishcake?" You smirk at seeing the statement from him. Yeap, it was Fishcake. In disguise.

    The only question was why was he in the Kunoichi class, it wasn't like he was training to be a kunoichi or something...

    Wait, hadn't he said something when you first met him and he was all worn out... "I took every ninja class. I'm going to be the best nin ever!"


    Which kind of raised the question of why a disguise.

    You look up and down his body.

    Something wasn't quite right, you frown. That was a pretty good disguise now that you had a chance to actually examine it.

    "Huh... that is a pretty good disguise," You had to nod in admiration. Credit was to be given as it was due. "How do you do it? I mean, you actually are taller and your face. I mean, I totally didn't identify you in the first Kunoichi class."

    "And I nearly missed you in this one," You continue to nod approvingly. Fishcake blushed at your praise, it looked as if he seldom got praised if you had to judge his reaction.

    "Well... it's nothing special, just a jutsu I used," His response made you pause. Wait... what, a jutsu? They can be used for disguises?

    You raised an eyebrow now. "Wait, you can do that? Show me."

    Now, he scratched the back of his head and then looked rather furtive. "It's kind of embarrassing."

    "Well, I promise not to tell anyone," You nod solemnly.

    "See, there's this jutsu called henge," you nod slowly as he started to explain after you drag him into an empty classroom.

    The explanation of how he took the normal henge jutsu and played around with it in the last year before finally developing his currently nameless transformation jutsu didn't take too long.

    Illusion techniques that weren't genjutsu seemed reasonable, especially if they were used to conceal someone's identity.

    His explanation of how his technique worked, and chakra patterns involved... that, on the other hand.

    "That... that should be impossible. You can't just... you can't transform your body like that and make it real," You stare at him. Everything that you knew, that your other voice knew and had shown you in dreams... said it was impossible. You are uncertain if you should be horrified, shocked or just admire him for doing something outright impossible.

    He demonstrates both techniques.

    One is obvious in its illusion state by the fact that you can move your hand over his head and through the henge.

    The other technique. Not so.

    "... Tell you what, Fishcake. You teach me this jutsu of yours and I'll help you with mannerisms and behavior so you can be better with your disguises with this technique..."

    He smiles widely and nods back at you.

    Which is when you hear the sound of village emergency sirens in the distance.

    The patterns of the emergency sirens was one that was taught to all students, civilian or otherwise.

    Invasion. Attack. West Walls.

    Wait... wasn't that near the clan holdings of Konoha? According to the general protocols, you and the civilians were suppose to go to the shelters in the Konoha monument.
    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Invasion


    What Do?
    [X] Go to the shelters with Fishcake!
    [X] Go home! Bring Fishcake with you!
    [X] Go home! Make sure that Fishcake gets back to the Orphanage.
    [X] Your suicidal urges rises and you do something stupid by running to where the invasion was.
    [X] Write In.

    Notations - I'm placing the Hokage Face Monuments to the north. Which makes the Konoha clan lands to the west. Also, it's currently, late afternoon after classes.

    For the purposes of this quest, it's on the main road west of the Yamanaka clan and north of the stadium.

    A link to a map WITH locations listed - https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-_B0n6ciKuEs/UPapcz5JIAI/AAAAAAAASxI/FAFMGxf3MHk/s800/MAP.png
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sauce is Naruto wikia and not Danbooru

    Henge : Given the nature of some of the missions ninja can get assigned to, such as battles, intelligence gathering, diversions, subversion and other covert operations, it is only natural that ninja have jutsu to disguise themselves.

    The basic henge is an illusionary technique used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. This naturally gives the jutsu all kinds of uses.

    However, there is this slight drawback. It is entirely illusionary. Outside of this drawback, the transformation of a skilled shinobi will be like the genuine article, so much so that it will be impossible to tell which is the real deal and which is the imitation. Naturally, an inexperienced practitioner will have obvious discrepancies and won't be able to deceive anyone with the technique. This is one of the most basic ninjutsu, as such most shinobi know how to perform it.

    The basic henge no jutsu is an E rank technique. There are greater versions of the henge.

    Solid Henge : The weakness of the illusion is such that a physical inspection would allow one to piece the illusion. Thus, the greater version known to more skilled nins provides a solidity to its illusion and allows for greater usage. This version is a C rank technique.

    Unnamed Uzumaki Henge : This variant is less an upgrade of the normal illusion henge. Rather it is, to be more accurate, a transformation technique that physically transforms its practitioner into said object. It is unknown if this is a bloodline technique, or a technique developed by an idol savant, or developed by luck without the death of the one using it. No rank has yet been assigned to the technique.
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    Click on image for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/609401/

    [X] Go to the shelters with Fishcake!
    - - [X] Look around the school real quick beforehand to make sure other kids are going. You're Big Sis Sakura, after all.

    The two of you look at each other in puzzlement at the sound of the siren.

    You understood its meaning, it could not be clearer. The only problem was... it couldn't be real.

    After all, who would want to attack or invade Konoha? Was its forces not strong and mighty? Did it not have the Professor as its Hokage? Why then... would any one even want to invade Konoha.

    You peer out of the windows in the school to look to the south and west of the school.

    The flare of orange, red and bellowing smoke indicated that his... wasn't a drill.

    It was real.

    Which meant that as students in the school, you had a duty to report to the shelters. Much like how the shinobi were mobilizing about the city.

    You stare out into Konoha and that itching sensation of [ki] being unleashed in vast amounts could be felt. A fell and vile [ki] that was all too familiar to you.

    She [Juri Han] had that sensation when she used her eye at full power. But what you felt was spike after spike of that evil [ki] rising and then... collapsing in on itself, cresting, twisting.

    That was a lot of [Spiders] running about in Konoha with those freaky eyes if you are any judge of things. More to the point, they were fighting.

    You felt your heart beat just a bit faster at the thought of charging into that, to find out what was going on... but that would be stupid and suicidal despite the allure of the call of battle.

    It was the tugging of your sleeve by a worried and frightened Fishcake that brought you back. "We... we need to get to the shelters."

    You nod in response. "Yes, but first we make sure that no one else is left behind."

    And so, instead of charging towards the battle that raged elsewhere in the city, you search the school and guide the confused and scared students; civilian and shinobi alike. After all, if they were going to call their big sis, you should act the part... and protecting your classmates was one such duty.

    Once you're certain that there isn't anyone left, you start towards the shelter doors. You can see adults and children already entering the shelter as you get to the doors with your little trope.

    "Excellent work, Haruno-san," Oh, it was the old man substitute instructor from earlier this week, Shimura-sensei.

    He stood at the entrance as chunin guided the civilians into the shelter. If he wasn't so old and injured, you would have thought that he was standing guard, to make sure that no enemies made it into the shelter.

    You turn to look back out at the city, you can see more people being herded from the west, with fighting occurring in the skies above.

    That looked like Uchiha Lily, but she didn't give off the ominous [ki] sensation at all. But then, you suspect... she didn't need to. Not like her opponents with their glowing eyes that left crimson afterimages as they hounded her and the civilians she was herding and protecting.

    Landing on the side of a power pole, she clings to it without any visible means as she laughed, reached out and swung her arm casually...

    You were fairly sure that there were people going to be traumatized at the sight of a human simply being filleted in midair above them.

    Still, the weaving spikes of evil [ki] that surrounded her opponents, the crimson eyes... they were Uchiha. But their headbands stated that they were not affiliated with Konoha. Instead, there were slashes over the leaf symbol. You can make that out when they paused every now and then before darting at the Jounin who had escorted you and your father earlier in the summer.

    "I must admit to being disappointed, Itachi, rebellion against your own clan and village like this?" Wait... what was the old man saying, who was he talking to? "It doesn't seem like something you would be a part of. It's too sloppy."

    Was he talking to empty air.

    No, there was a slight shimmer, and... that... that was Uchiha-san's big brother if you had anything to go by from his cry of big brother.

    "Perhaps. But I have come for my little brother. Give him to me. And there won't be any unnecessary violence," Huh, it was as if you were looking at older version of Uchiha-san. A bored look of disinterest on his face. Your senses were screaming at you that this was someone extremely dangerous if he seemed relaxed, or was it because he was so relaxed?

    There was a dry sound, that you belatedly realize was laughter from Shimura-sensei. "Is that the best you're going to do, Itachi."

    Uchiha-san's brother, Itachi, didn't seem to have his freaky eyes active. Perhaps, it was a mark of just how skilled someone was? Or just how secure and safe the user felt. As if nothing they currently faced required that they have it active.

    After all, that Spider Lily didn't have hers up yet... as far as you can notice at this time. But you can see her trying to break free of her opponents.

    To get at Itachi, against whom stood a crippled old man, you, and your instructors. The results you got back from your mental calculation indicated that unless he was a lot weaker than you thought he was, this... wasn't exactly a fair fight for you or those who stood against Itachi.

    - - -
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Brothers and Traitors

    What Do?
    [X] Get into the shelter, drag Uchiha-san and Fishcake and the other children with you.
    [X] Help Lily so that she can break free to engage Itachi.
    [X] Engage the Itachi... no, wait... that's crazy, do NOT engage the Itachi.
    [X] Stand by Shimura-sensei to help and protect him.
    [X] Write In...

    Notation : Not the best... but the cut off point here seems to fit and I'm starting to run really low on energy. @_@

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    Omake / Non Canon Post

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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/558466/

    [X] Get Uchiha-san and Fishcake and the other children into the shelter. Helping Shimura-san sounds like suicide. You aren't a professional. Let's leave this to the professionals.
    Event Roll 1d100 → [23] = (23)
    Lily Roll~ 4d10 → [5,5,8,7] = (25)
    Nuke Uchiha Roll~ 2d10=8, 2d10=13, 2d10=7, 2d10=18, 2d10=17
    Sakura Roll~ 2d10+7=23

    As you take in the scene of the fight.

    The group of civilians protected by the [Spider] fighting the now five missing nins, who were barely keeping up despite their freakish eye usage. Still, they were enough to keep her from out squashing one of them by forcing her to either take injuries on taking one of them out or disengage.

    Still, given the strain exhibited by the traitor Uchiha, it was possible that using those fancy eyes consumed chakra. Which put the fight that [Spider] Lily was in in a different context, she couldn't afford to waste chakra to deal with her current opponents. Not when she didn't know who or what else she had to face.

    Energy constrains put the story in a different light.

    Still, you do what you can.

    Which is to say, you start herding the other school children into the shelter, making sure that Uchiha-san (the younger) and Fishcake are in your sight and near to hand.

    This was when the older brother displayed his... displeasure.

    Killing intent directed solely at you.

    Murderous intent that would flatten an adult shinobi skilled in combat. Let alone the child that you are.

    It washes off your back like water over the scales of a fish. It was strong, yes. But you've felt stronger (your mother when she was training and testing you). For that matter, you've unleashed stronger killing intent.

    You turned and laughed impishly at him, the look of surprise on his face as his killing intent did absolutely nothing to you was amusing, and then you stuck your tongue out at him.

    Yeah, you weren't THAT easily impressed.

    He was going to do better than that.

    There is more dry laughter from Shimura-sensei. "Losing your touch, Itachi? A word of advice, the day a little girl shrugs off your killing intent? That is the day you should retire."

    "Come on, children," You smile and clap your hands and get the distracted herd of cats... no, not cats, children into the shelter. Just a smudge faster, after you were rude to a jounin who had yet to use his freaky eyes.

    "Aniki!" You frown as one Uchiha-san turned around to reach for the traitor.

    "Sasuke," Just how did he manage to get emotion in an emotionless tone?

    You frown and snag your classmate by the collar before he can run to his traitor brother. "Sasuke belongs to me. I won him as a wife in that fight. You can't have him."

    A twist of your wrist, and Uchiha-san is thrown pass the shelter's open doors before he can do more than look at you aghast.

    "What?" A raised eyebrow and a question was all that Itaachi has in response to you. Shimura-sensei cackles with more dry laughter. They do not look away from each other. Goes to show that they were good at keeping track of what was dangerous and stuff.

    "Grandmother said that the wife is the weak and delicate one in the relationship. And Sasuke is weaker and more delicate, so he gets to be the wife," You nod with the conviction of a seven year old.

    "What?" There was now a twitch on Itachi's face. Guess that's the best you're going to get from an emotionless freak who likely wears black clothes and listens to sad music in dark rooms with sunglasses on.

    You continue herding the children into the shelter.

    The new spike of that ominous [ki] behind you, that got you to turn once more and look behind.

    Huh, it looked as if that [Spider] clone had gotten tired of the little stalemating offered by her five opponents. You see a single red dot form and then a second flickered and flared in counterpoint with a heavy and oppressive [ki] sensation flooding the air as a mantle of raw [ki] formed over her distorting the air slightly much like heatwaves.

    The third crimson dot spiked the sensation, cresting it and twisting in a way you suspect that [ki] was never meant to.

    Behind that slight heatwave shimmer surrounding her, you can see a look of blissful joy and hunger on Lily's face as she looked at her opponents. The crunching her fingers into the metal pole that she was perched on was a good hint that she was going to make people hurt.

    Which made the five nuke nin's decision to turn off their freaky eyes... odd.

    Then a flare of light.

    As you turn away, you can feel [ki] in that flare of light. A sharp and very sudden spike of [ki].

    And that dreadful pressure that Lily had created by her presence? That vanished, as her [ki] collapsed in on itself as she screamed in agony.

    Blinking away the dots in your eyes, you see that scary, scary [Spider] fallen off the power pole, squirming helplessly in the clutches of her opponents.

    She appears to be bleeding from her squeezed closed eyes.


    Well. It looks like they're very efficient at slipping people into bindings with nin-wire. Was this an Uchiha skill? You had to ask yourself in memory of how Lily had bound up her opponents in Rain.

    "Sloppy? Perhaps, an impression of such," His lips turned upwards slightly, and there was a slight narrowing of his eyes. He was smirking now. "We had a better offer. Consider this the departure of the Uchiha clan from Konoha as we pack our possessions and future broodmares."



    Did he just say what you think he just said?

    [You know, for a spider, she wasn't that bad of a person.] Your inner voice mused back at you.

    You pause and think about it.

    Really think about it.

    Beyond your classmates who considered you a noble and treated you as someone of a higher station, you didn't have that much of an interaction with other people that you could consider friends.

    Sure, there was that Shikamaru who liked to slack, Fishcake and his desperation to be noticed, Chouji who liked to share his snacks, bossy Ino-chan, the shy Hyuuga-hime, that creepy insect boy Shino, or that smelly Kiba... but beyond them, you didn't really have friends.

    You had your parents, who were nice even if strict. Well... kind of strict. Okay, not really strict.

    You had your two Big Sis and Grandfather, who were awesome, but they were your grandparents.

    And then... there was her. That [Spider] clone who had laughed and fist-bumped you after you tried to punch her. Who had treated you as an equal, like an adult, and hadn't dumbed down anything when talking with you.

    Who had "played" with you while on that trip.

    Was this... what friends were suppose to be like?

    Yes. You decide.

    This was what friends were like. They did fun things with you.

    And you decide that you don't like it when your friends are hurt. Or talked about as if they're nothing more than cattle or [broodmares].

    You blink away the last of the dots in you sight and frown at the group of nin surrounding Lily.

    That familiar heat flickered into being and pulsed.

    You stepped forward and breathed inwards.

    That heat grew from embers into a bonfire as it was fed precious fuel from the air surrounding you.

    The next step, you pushed downwards.


    You move.

    Upwards into the air.

    Bounced off a pillar.

    The sound of cracking stone behind you goes unheard as you moved faster away from the shattered pillar.

    You can see the slowed motions of those five traitors as they tied [her] up.

    Your tunnel vision is interrupted by a frowning Itachi who has a trio of lights blazing and spinning in his eyes. Kunai erupt from his hands in a cascade before Shimura-sensei interposes himself between the two of you.

    You can hear the sound of metal upon... metal.

    And you move past the two as they fought.

    You breathed, and the bonfire within you burns even brighter.

    Memories of [another life] spark within you as you pull back your fist. You might have said something about fists burning red, of its roar of victory, but words were wasted on them.

    You [BREATH] in once more. Motes of pink light flicker and streak towards your clenched fist from the air as you fed more chakra [ki] from the wellspring of your strength.

    And then... you punch the ground as you landed.

    There is a moment of silence and stillness as the chakra you had gathered and focused, lanced into the ground downwards...

    [Kongou Kokuretsu Zan] Your inner voice announced the technique you were imitating. Poorly.

    That moment ended as the ground erupted upwards in a pillar of pink light that consumed everything in its path.

    Before fading away to reveal you as you carried your... friend in your arms. Of the five nin who had been manhandling your friend, there is nothing. There was also a "small" crater around you.

    "Land Rending Spring Slash," You mulled over a possible name for this technique over in your mouth. The heat in your heart pulsed, growing larger and smaller with the beats of your heart.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Second Impact

    What Do?
    [X] Help Shimura-sensei!
    [X] Get your... friend?!? to safety!
    [X] Write In, because if not you, who will? ^_^
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    Omake / Non Canon Post

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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is /post/show/412799/

    [X] Get your... friend?!? to safety!

    As you step up and out of the crater with a squirming spider in your arms. It's clear that you needed to do something about her.

    You pat her down and retrieve a kunai before carefully cutting her free of the nin wire. A pity you hadn't taken any nin-wire usage classes yet, but that came down under tools and weapons which you had opted not to take just yet... not when you could punch your problems away!

    It appears that whatever that had been done to her eyes also seemed to have had some effect on her as she was really not projecting the tough woman feeling or that kickass fighter sensation.

    Instead, she is covering her eyes and squirming as if if trying to get away. Granted, it might have been the excruciating pain in her eyes. You're certain those aren't suppose to bleed normally.

    Looking about, you see that there are no immediate dangers. No pings on the someone is projecting killing intent scope. So, you gently pet her on the head, hmmm... if Sasuke was your wife, does this mean that Lily is now your pet [spider], there was something white fences and two and a half children too, wasn't there? You'll have to ask Shikamaru about this, it would be something he should know about.

    As you petted Lily's head comfortingly, you looked about. There was no enemies nearby beyond the fight taking place not too far away between Itachi and...

    An eyebrow rose.

    You're not sure why or when Shimura-sensei had taken off the top of his robes, but you can now see what the really not crippled or helpless old man was like. Corded muscles like rope, definition was there. It looked like sensei wasn't crippled and had been keeping in shape.

    It was also annoying that he still projected the totally harmless old man presence despite the way he flickered about in shadowy blurs that paused now and then in different locations. But always looking at where his younger opponent had also paused.

    The muscles was impressive, the speed he could move at looked like a pretty nice technique that you might want to work out some day, there was only one small problem. You're just not sure about why he had metal ribbons [circuits] carved into his skin, with embedded glowing crystals that pulsed to... it had to be the pace of his heart. The entirety of one arm and half of his chest was covered with such.

    It was when he pointed his arm at Itachi and light flared in an incandescent lavender-tinted lightning beam that lanced out at the Uchiha that your eyes widened. That felt vaguely familiar.

    [Psycho tech] Your inner voice muttered with a hint of anger. Those words seemed to be connected to that Bison person your inner voice didn't like.

    Right, it looked like the old man could handle himself. The ancient contest of old age and treachery verses youth and skill seemed to be going strong there.

    You just need to some how make your way from where you are to where the doors to the shelter are, without getting caught in that fight.

    Tricky, but not impossible. You just need to be careful.

    And so, you manhandle Lily in your arms and start sneaking across the battleground. And despite the near proximity of the fight that occurs occasionally with the sound of metal upon metal so very near you... you eventually make your way to the shelter.

    You give one last look at Shimura-sensei before entering.

    He spares a quick look and nod back at you, as if telling you to continue. That he will take care of things on this end.

    To just go.

    You do so.

    You carry Lily into the shelter.

    And almost get a kunai in the eye as you blinked and adjusted your sight to the relative darkness in the tunnels of the shelter. The kunai was halted by the voice of Hyuuga-hime.

    You can see Uchiha-san with kunai in hand, but his posture... that stance, why did it resemble Ino-chan? And why were people still here near the entrance, bunkered down.

    There is also splatters of blood and organs here and there.


    You get your answer as Hyuuga-hime spoke up and gave coordinates. Which is followed up with a kunai being thrown at empty air and landing in the body of someone as they flickered out of a flurry of leaves further in the tunnel.

    As said missing nin landed, you're sure it's a missing nin with their slash over clouds on their headband, you see an older Hyuuga flash forward and his hands strike said nin.

    The resulting explosion of said dark skinned nin's body brought a dry swallow from you. That seemed a rather messy way to go. And from just a touch.

    [Ansatsuken Sou Ryuu.] Your inner voice drily remarks. [They call it Jyuuken now, but it's still there. Always there. Those damn eyes.]

    You vague hear words as if from a dream.

    "People who kill too much, turn into dragons one day."
    "Beasts that rule the land atop piles of treasure and fly the heavens with authority."
    "They become more and more violent, until they can no longer understand the language of men."
    "We cannot allow such dragons to remain in this world, thus to slay a dragon is the greatest of duties."
    "Now die."

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 A Pair of Dragons
    What Do?
    [X] Help secure the shelter against missing nin.
    [X] Go back out to help get more civilians to safety!
    [X] You don't see your parents, w... where are they?
    [X] Write In.
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    Click on picture for a larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1318968/

    [X] Help secure the shelter against missing nin.
    Event Roll - 1d100 → [87] = (87)

    You blink and take in the bunker defenses that had been made in the tunnel.

    The tunnel wasn't that small, but you only had the perspective of a child, what it was tall and wide. It also stretched off into the distance beneath mount Hokage. Here and there beneath flickering lightbulbs, you can see the civilians guarded by shinobi students under the direction of the chuunin instructors.

    Hyuuga strudents were deployed as detectors, while other students were deployed with their skillsets in mind. In the distance, you can see a sharp line of darkness where the light bulbs had been disabled.

    You look about and try to ignore the lavender eyes of the Hyuuga, the sight of those eyes along with what Hyuuga-hime's "Neji-niisan" had done.

    Seriously, the ability to just explode people with a touch?

    Not cool.

    Okay, not cool if it's not you doing it.

    And you can't do it.

    There isn't any hint of the other you doing such in your memories. Even if the ability to literally punch all the blood out of someone might be a fair trade, and you could do that as soon as you worked out the chakra pattern the other you used.

    Still, you are fairly certain you could take on this Neji... you just needed to dodge all of his attacks.

    You shake your head.

    No, you really shouldn't be pondering fighting. Not when you have to get Lily to someone who can help her.

    Asking around, you eventually get directed to a rather overworked academy nurse who was only with the academy to help deal with minor injuries and stabilizing people for the village hospital people to get to the academy.

    He is not used to dealing with out and out combat injuries. Such as what Lily has experienced.

    My, she seems to be rather more clingy than you expect.

    There is also the worrying manner that she isn't speaking and seems more mewing and needy.

    Just what did those nuke nin do?



    That's the other sister of Uchiha-san, the only who had been the bodyguard of that rather suspicious average person in the capital and who taught some of the kunoichi lessons, and you suspect other classes

    It looked like she had also been hit by that flare thing as well before being rescued. She, unlike Lily, was unconscious, the crimson on her face indicated that she had also been bleeding from her eyes as well. She was, however, bandaged up and looked like she had been in a fight before being taken down.

    And Ino-chan was settled down by her as well, but Ino had no injuries... she was just sleeping.

    How odd.

    It was when you attempted to give her to the medic that you discovered a fatal flaw with Lily.

    She... she was rather touchy feelly and far too clingy as if she didn't trust anything that she couldn't see or touch.

    You eventually manage to give her to the medic with soothing sounds and head pats.

    Looking about, you approach the commanding chuunin, Mizuki-sensei and Yuuhi-sensei, and ask if there is anything you can do.

    He nods at your offer appreciatively. Apparently, he still remembers your little duel with Uchiha-san.

    He pauses and whispered with Yuuhi-sensei before coming to some kind of decision. "We have a few tasks that we need doing. One is to help defending the civilians as they come in. Unfortunately, the main entrance is obstructed by the battle between Shimura-sama and Itachi, so it comes down to the secondary entrances needing to be guarded."

    "There is also, retaking the inner corridors of the shelter. Thankfully, it appears that the main sanctuary halls are not yet compromised yet. We have small squads of more skilled students and genins patrolling to help keep it that way," He continued.

    "We are preparing to move out soon to the main sanctuary halls with the civilians, we could also use someone of your skill level for the escort," he paused as if remembering the fight you had with Sasuke. It's also possible that he had seen what you had done to those missing nins.

    "Alternatively, you could go outside and escort more civilians here," He finished up.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Clingy Spiders

    What Do?
    [X] Guard Entrances against enemy infiltration.
    [X] Patrol Corridors and deal with enemies.
    [X] Escort the civilians to inner sanctuary.
    [X] Escort civilians to the shelter.
    [X] Write In and Suggest Something Else.
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    Click on picture for larger version​

    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/1221184/

    Byakugan : Of the three heavenly doujutsu, the Byakugan is notable in that while it is the bloodline limit of the Hyuuga, it is more of a complimentary support doujutsu that enhances the taijutsu used by the Hyuuja; the Jyuuken.

    The origins of this doujutsu places its creation when the Sage of Six Paths wandered the world bringing order and peace to a land ravaged by the World Moving On. It is said that there were a pair of twins who studied under an ancient dragon, who taught them the Jyuuken.

    At the coming of the sage, the dragon spoke to his students and told that them that only the flesh of the sage would allow him to live longer. As dutiful students, the twins ventured forth to challenge the sage.

    Naturally, they were defeated.

    When the three returned to the shrine where the ancient dragon dwelled, they found that he had passed on while they were away. But a letter penned by him spoke of his wish that they serve the sage. That they could be made greater if they were to replace their eyes with his dragon pearls.

    The Sage of Six Paths was touched by this and extracted the pearls as directed and implanted them within the twins. And thus was born the Byakugan.

    It is said that the power of the Jyuuken and the Byakugan was proven by how easily the twins destroyed demons and rogue gods rampaging in the world.

    Chakra Sight : The primary ability of the byakugan is the ability to see chakra, and with that sight, nothing is invisible to them. In the darkness of night, in the brightest of days, those who bear the Byakugan can see it all.

    X-Ray vision : Due to the chakra sight, the Hyuuga peer within the body and inferr from chakra saturation where each and every organ in said body is. Perfectly.

    Extreme Range : The Byakugan can see at a minimum the distance of their user's visual range, in an almost perfect sphere. This is the absolute minimum, there are Hyuuga whose effective visual range with a Byakugan lies in miles.

    Extreme Resolution : The ability to see far is impressive, but what is also impressive is that a Byakugan user can resolve their sight to the degree that they can see the individual pores on the skin of someone that they're fighting. Useful for sealing shut the chakra pathways and their exit points.

    More than that, it is said that with truly powerful Byakugan, it is possible to develop the doujutsu to the point where one can peer beneath the illusion that was reality and behold that which lies beneath. This is a path that is advised against stridently by the elders of the Hyuuga, for upon that path only lies madness and death.

    Jyuuken : The style practiced by the Hyuuga involves high precious control of chakra. This control allows them to insert lances of chakra into their opponents to various effects; from paralysis, to sealing of the chakra pathways, to even exploding the target by causing a chain-reaction within the chakra of the target.

    The style is more than just an offensive fighting style. It is useful for healing as well, and the very same chakra needles or lances can cure diseases and injurise just as effectively as they can kill.

    Of course, the ability to piece with chakra needles and lances require the ability to see chakra to better strike, which where the Byakugan comes in.
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    Sauce is Danbooru - /post/show/174456/

    [X] Patrol Corridors and deal with enemies.
    Sakura Event - 1d100 → [99] = (99)

    "I could do that!" You note with a nod, before continuing on. "Ahhh... the patrolling the hallways that is."

    "Good good, you will be in a three man squad with Yamanaka and Aburame Sakura, she'll be your spotter and command," Mizuki-sensei nodded in respond before gesturing. "Yamanaka and Aburame Sakura, squad formation."

    To your surprise, it's not Ino who was still unconscious that joined you but rather... Uchiha-san.

    His mannerisms and movement reminded you once more of Ino-chan.

    Just what was going on?


    "Henge?" You venture hesitantly.

    You got a familiar smirk that looked far too alien on Uchiha-san and a firm shake of head. Perhaps, you should change that to Uchiha-kun after your declaration of winning him.... nah.

    "In your real body, Yamanaka-san," The female chuunin instructor's request got a blink from you. Oh, right, the Yamanaka clan was known for its body stealing techniques. And there was something about insects when you think of the Aburame name.

    Uchiha-san walked off. While she was off doing whatever she did to steal bodies, you looked about before returning to Lily and petted her head once more. "Don't worry. Everything will be okay soon."

    With that, you returned to your squad... and stepped outwards into the darkness.

    As you wandered into the tunnels, you can hear a soft explosion from deeper within the mountain, and with it an echoing hoot of joy and laughter. A familiar one. Fishcake, it seemed was also out there. He certainly seemed to be enjoying himself. Even if there was a hint of viciousness in his laughter.

    "Sooo~, going to making Sasuke your wife, huh?" Ino-chan's voice was sly even as insects swarmed out of the Aburame into the darkness and then back to her, before returning out once more.

    The Aburame was a genin, if one were to go by her headband. She stayed quiet and professional, despite the small conversation that Ino-chan started up.

    "It seemed a good idea at the time," You shrug back in response to Ino-chan.

    "Awww... and here I thought I would get to ask if I could be her bridesmaid... or would you both be brides?" And with that, the conversation went into odd places that you're not sure you want to go...

    But Ino-chan had a certain forceful presence and carried the conversation, even when you demonstrated that you were the heavy muscle of the team by taking out the enemy nin that your team encounters as it wandered here and there.

    You have to admit that while there was a time and place for things, the opponents you faced weren't exactly what you would call challenging. And so, you chitchat with Ino as you fought.

    There was, however, quite a number of them. All with slashed headbands from the major hidden villages. The genin Sakura seemed rather... impressed by the surprising display of martial might that you display.

    After subduing the enemies, you and Ino bind them. You try not to think of what might happen to them in the darkness of the tunnels. Or when Konoha defeated the insurrection. They were the ones attacking your home after all.

    Your world slowly defines itself to darkness and island of light, as well as Ino's voice.

    You also found out why Sasuke had been possessed.

    It was a simply pragmatic one. He had tried to go back for his big brother, to find out out what was going on. His sister stopped him, there was an argument, which was when a missing nin that had managed to stay hidden in the tunnels had strucked.

    The shock of what happened to his sister had been just too much for him to handle and he had simply started to just sit there.

    Ino's possession had been to save his life and protect him at first. But after that, it was... convienent to use the new body as a stalking goat.

    You are not sure how long you spend in the tunnels, you just know it wasn't more than a few hours because you didn't feel that hungry and didn't have to nap. You did take breaks, have snacks and drinks, so that wasn't saying much.

    You also did meet up with a few of the other patrols, which tended to be nerve wrecking events of not accidentally killing your classmates and konoha nins.

    Eventually, the all clear was given to the other Sakura, over the radio she had.

    And you return back out of the shelter, while the civilians made their way home. The damage done to Konoha will be repaired by hard work, and you see ninja put their assorted killing skills to construction work. While there was no punching of trees into planks, there were nins who just made trees just grow out of the ground and then become planks.

    Which is pretty amazing, you have to admit as you went home.

    Your parents are waiting for you at home. They seem happy that you are fine.

    The news that there had been a sizable departure of Uchiha wasn't talked about. It became a non-issue. What you do notice is that there are a number of changes in the village.

    More active patrols. A number of shops closed in the western side of Konoha. The police stations seem to be more empty and have genins helping out the officers there until more can be recruited to replace the losses.

    Uchiha-san, as well as Uchiha-sensei, are from your understanding still in the hospital. Your classmate was being treated for psychological damage while the chuunin instructor had to deal with wounds sustained during the Uchiha Incident. You suspect that Uchiha Lily was with her sister and other Uchiha in the hospital.

    Shimura-sensei appeared to have not been hurt too much as he was there teaching the ninja ethics class on friday, citing that the regular teacher had to cover someone else's shift for the time being.

    On collecting the homework, Shimura-sensei allowed the students a chance at self study or to go out and play. The homework was the same; another essay, this time; on the responsibility and duty of power. You alas, are unable to enforce order before only you and a few of your classmates are left all alone in the classroom with Shimura-sensei to read the books he had picked up at the library.

    Your inner voice was surprised at the book, saying something how she hadn't expect [Sun Tsu]'s work to survive this long. She wasn't too surprised that it was being studied in a ninja class.

    Shimura-sensei seemed to find the homework amusing. Paying attention to the way he graded, you can see that he doesn't grade with percentages, but rather, every essay received a short commentary and response. They also get take out of the room by the old man before eventually being handed back to the students still in the classroom.

    Yours read "An interesting essay and certainly, one shouldn't question one's commander, even if one should think about one's orders and if they should be obeyed. An excellent reading of the rule."

    Shikamaru and Hinata appeared surprised that they had both received almost identical commentary, which wasn't that surprising since they had selected the same rule by chance, "A shinobi must see the hidden meanings within the hidden meanings.", and had approached it from different angles.

    And life goes on.

    - - -​
    Pink Blossom Quest - Year 7 Search & Destroy~

    What Do?
    Pick Two.
    [X] Visit the Uchiha wounded in the hospital?
    [X] Do a jutsu study exchange with Fishcake and other classmates.
    [X] Focus on your studies, maybe you should study medicine more, so you can better help people heal...
    [X] Focus on your studies, [class] is important.
    [X] Focus on lessons given by father about being a merchant. More on the job training.
    [X] Focus on lessons given by mother about being a kunoichi. Looks like it's jutsu time.
    [X] Write In.
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