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The Universe Cracks up. (Semi Crack WORM CYOA SI) Multicrossover

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Emiya Pendragon, Jun 18, 2018.

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    This is practically invisible. Why did you feel the need to turn this black?

    You really need to fix this it is impossible to read.
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  2. Emiya Pendragon

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    Mar 9, 2018
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  3. Mgunh1

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    Excellent. *Buggers off to read the chapters*
  4. Threadmarks: UNICRACK 16 (RWBY)
    Emiya Pendragon

    Emiya Pendragon Time Walker

    Mar 9, 2018
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    Strength: B

    Endurance: C

    Agility: C
    Mana: B

    Luck: A

    N.P: EX Gate Of Babylon

    Fallout Manipulation -Shaker- Threat level 6

    Magical Feathers -Changer - Threat level 5

    Paint Generation -Changer- Threat Level 6

    Fantasy World creation -Shaker- Threat level 10

    Comic Book Pretty -Stranger- Threat level 1

    Kaleidoscope -N/A- Threat level 12+

    Power manipulation (PM) -Trump- Threat level 12+ (Charges Remaining 5)

    Power Manipulation Charge Storage - Trump - Threat level 12+ (Current Charges Stored: 33)

    One For All- Changer/Brute/Striker/Mover - Threat level 11

    Astralization - Stranger - Threat level 5

    Telekinesis - Shaker - Threat level 5

    Golden Print - Blaster - 0

    Sharingan/Mangyekyou - Thinker/Shaker/changer/Blaster - Threat 9

    Technokinesis (30M) - Master/Thinker - 6

    First of all a big Thank you to @Mirriam Grave.
    Sir Bedivere




    Now with the Title of Sir Tristan


    Also Thanks to Glenn
    and Orchamus and V3Lithiun, Artur, Axel Wate,@WorkForFood.
    Those who really enjoy this story please do consider supporting me at patreon... Jaune Pendragon is creating Fanfiction | Patreon

    While I took a look around the school, Ozpin excused himself and Led the others away. Not sure why but I didn't care much. When they came back Ironwood and Qrow's faces were very pale... I wonder why? Summer was snickering and Tai, I didn't know what kind of face he was making but it was obvious that he was trying to hold in his laughter. Likely at Ironwood's and Qrow's expense from how pale the two were.


    We arrived in Patch within a few minutes, courtesy of Ironwood's supersonic jet.


    When we arrived at the log cabin. Qrow knocked on the door. "Girls? Ruby? Yang? I'm home!"

    No answer.

    He knocked again but there was no reply. There was not even a bit of sound that anyone was there. Taiyang apparently had enough and slammed it open.

    "Ruby?" Summer called out following Taiyang and crow inside. Taiyang and summer went up towards the bedrooms. Qrow searched the ground floor, the living rooms and the kitchen.

    "They're gone!" Summer whimpered. At this crow jumped out of the roof and took flight...

    I activated [Sha Naqba Imuru] for a second.

    There! I had no time. Ruby and Yang were in danger. I activated Kaleidoscope and teleported in a prismatic rainbow flash.

    Right in time just in front of little and Yang and Ruby who was in a cart being pulled by the former.

    In front of me were 3 be wolves. Their eyes lit up with recognition and fear as they slowly took a step back growling at me not long after, they began to run away.

    I didn't intend to let them go.

    "Die." It wasn't a request. It was a statement. An undeniable statement that held so much wieght in them.

    Three golden portals opened above my shoulder and I shot forth a C rank sword for each of them. The blades skewered the beowolves at supersonic speeds before detonating, cracking the ground and completely wiping them from existence before they even had a chance to help.

    I sighed as I turned back to see Yang who was crying her eyes out in Qrows shoulders. Little Ruby was still too young to understand what happened, but she knew her sister in pain and pat her elder sisters head...

    Qrow shot me a grateful glance before turning all his attention to Ruby and Yang.

    Summer and the others arrived shortly after...


    After summers waterworks we were all seated in sofas around a low table. Summer brought out freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that smelled absolutely fantastic and a huge turkey and Ham. Ironwood, however, had to leave and gave his goodbyes before taking off.

    Little Ruby was nibbling on a cookie and Yang was munching on a turkey...


    Qrow was rummaging through the kitchen shelves trying to find booze but unfortunately for him summer it was all empty.

    "Sorry, Qrow." Taiyang smiled sheepishly. Qrow deadpanned at him.

    Yang kept munching on her turkey and turned to me. "Mom, who's this guy?"

    "Nice to meet you, I am Gilgamesh. May I know your name?" Yang seemed to size me up for what I didn't know.

    "I'm Yang, Yang Xiao, Yang Xiao Long."Yang snickered.


    While Summer, Qrow, and Taiyang frowned with audible results; Glynda remained silent with a perfect poker face and Ozpin just straightened his mouth.

    The circle of adults heard Yang's pun and just groaned even little Ruby dunked her face into her bowl of milk and summer had to clean her up.

    She still can't find a decent pun for the sake of being funny.

    "That was just bad..." Qrow voiced.

    "Eh... Dear, I don't think you should try any more jokes..." Taiyan proposed while fixing his frown to a twitching smile.

    "It... wasn't that bad." Summer did her best to put it lightly to Yang.

    Only Ozpin and Glynda stayed quiet...

    "Eh? Eh? Oh, come on, guys. I'm getting better!" Yang remarked with a smile, a bit hurt.

    Everyone was just recovering from the pun.

    It was cheesy and awful and-

    "Hehe," I chuckled.

    Everyone had their eyes widened when they realized where it came from.

    As if as one, everyone turned to the person next to Taiyang.

    Summer was gobsmacked. She blinked in disbelief. She technically why would a God chuckle at an awful pun like that?

    Summer stared at me. Qrow stared at me. Taiyang stared at me. Ozpin nearly dropped his cup.

    When I turned back to Yang I saw tears in her eyes and she was sniffing. Why, did I do something wro-


    She was in tears.

    Leaping over the table, I was tackled by Yang as she grabbed me in a tight hug my hand with both of her's.

    Sniffling, she said:

    "T-thank you, Gilgamesh. Y-you're the first p-person to ever laugh at my j-jokes..."

    Yang was utterly moved by such a little thing. Of course, she would. I smiled warmly and patted her head in a comforting way

    "Thank you! Thank you so much!"

    Yang wiped her eyes with her arm, still holding onto my hand with the other.

    The others in the group looked at each other as if saying, 'What now?'

    "Snrk. Pfft-hehehe..."

    Qrow started laughing.


    Summer joined in.


    Then Taiyang started laughing too.

    Then, Ozpin began chuckling as well as Glynda

    Little ruby began to giggle as well.

    Summer had to admit.

    It was kinda funny... in a cringy way...

    And soon, everyone was just laughing and having a good time.

    All while Yang was just sobbing all over my shirt. I didn't mind I had an infinite amount of them.

    "Baaaah! *sniffle!*"

    And everyone else around was still going nuts...

    ___________________________________________________TIme skip 5 mins later.-____________________________________________

    So, you're a Hunter like uncle Qrow?" Yang inquired. Ruby stopped nibbling and looked at Yang then at me then went back to nibbling her cookie. She was really quiet.

    "No," I replied. I wasn't a huntsman. I was a GOD. With a capital G!

    Actually no I was a two-thirds god but shenanigans!

    "But you whammed those beowolves in like a second! How are you not a huntsman?" stared at me in disbelief.

    My eyebrows rose at that, whammed? Right, I was talking to a ten-year-old yang Xiao- long. Not the sixteen-year-old version. Apparently the ten-year-old had more vocabulary than her eighteen-year-old self because that made purrfect sense. Why not? This was Remnant after all.

    "I'm not a Huntsman." I stared at her my eyes narrowed.

    "You are definitely a huntsman. Oh, you must be a secret huntsman." She nodded to herself.

    "Am not!"

    "Are too!" She stared right back.

    "Am not!"

    "Are too!"

    "Am not!"

    "Are too!"

    "Am not!"

    "Are too!"

    "Am not!"

    "Are too!"

    "Am not!"

    "Are too!"

    "Are too!"

    "Am not!"

    "Yes." I pumped my fist in the air! Victory. I won against a 10-year-old. Go me! Well, I was 14 so that wasn't much of an age difference okay let me be a little childish.

    Her eye's widened as she realised what just happened. "Hey, that's cheating!" Yang shouted as she indignantly pointed at me glaring with all of her adorable might but it wasn't serious and we both broke down laughing.

    "Anybody got some Booze?" Qrow interrupted from the side sitting down next to Ruby.

    "NO!" Yang shouted turning to Qrow.

    A moment later she realized just who she shouted at and shrunk into the sofa hiding her face blushing in embarrassment.

    Taiyang, Summer and Ozpin chuckled the latter sipping his coffee from a mug that seemed to never leave his hand, while Gylnda gave a small smile.

    "See Qrow even Yang thinks you are drinking too much." Summer said her eyes twinkling with mischief. Yang sank deeper into the sofa.

    Qrow groaned. "You're never going to let me live this down aren't you?" Qrow said as a raincloud formed over him earning more chuckles.

    Ruby slowly got up and began to pat his cheek with her cookie trying to offer him some comfort and food. "Don't worry uncle Qrow I'm here for you!" she gave him a small hug with her tiny hands. Trying to get him to eat the cookie. Qrow seemed to perk up a bit at this.

    "Mommy don't be mean to uncle Qrow!"

    "Sorry sweetheart. I won't be mean to uncle qrow anymore."

    "Well, atleast Ruby is on my side..."

    Ruby sharing Cookies...Two words I never thought would ever fit in a sentence...At that, there was a lot of "Awww's" from all around... even Glynda. Qrow's mood fell again as Summer took a picture with her scroll giggling.

    "My life is doomed." Qrow began to moan as he heard Ozpin's and Glynda's scroll notify them that Summer just shared the photo...

    I chuckled. "I think Qrow has had enough for one day don't you think?"

    "I've had enough for a lifetime. Summer's gonna hold that over me for the rest of my life." He said looking at me with a haunted look in his eyes.

    I shook my head. I suppose its time to bring that out. "Well, I suppose since this is a Celebration I can help a bit. Rejoice Qrow! You shall have a taste of the wine of the Gods. its taste is unlike any other wine you will ever come across and you will never experience a hangover from it. It shall rejuvenate any injuries and recover stamina completely."

    "You had me at wine," he said eagerly.

    I grinned as opened a portal and out of it, I took out half a dozen golden cups and a Golden jug containing the wine of the gods that would never run out.


    I placed all six cups on the table and began to pour the maroon coloured wine. The smell was absolutely breathtaking it had a mixture of floral, fruity and a hint of dew. One thing that stood out was if had a hint of divinity in it... it wouldn't affect me much. but if a normal human were to drink about twenty cups of it their divinity rank would increase to E-rank. Which would multiply their strength by several fold.

    Qrow wolf whistled. "Holy shit that's some good Booze."

    "Is that real Gold?" Yang asked poking at the cups as I kept my Jug down.


    "No way," she said in disbelief.

    "Way," I was way too smug as I grinned at her. She looked at me.

    "I wonder how much I could sell it for." Taiyang wondered out loud and Qrows eyes turned to dollar signs or is it lien signs?

    "Well," Ozpin began. "If we considered the current Gold rate is about two hundred and thirty lien per gram It would be a lot."

    "You can keep the cups if you wish." At that, I was sure I heard a Cha-ching like sound from Qrow.

    Taiyang shook his head and Summer facepalmed.

    "Cheers." Each of us except Yang and Ruby took a cup and began to sip.

    "Holy Shit!, This is some strong stuff!" was Qrows reaction.

    "Mmmhmm" was Summers reaction as she licked her lips.

    Taiyang gulped it in a few seconds and slammed the cup down.

    Glynda was sipping slowly savouring the taste.

    Ozpin....mixed the wined with his coffee? What? I shook my head. I don't even.

    You know what I didn't care any more.

    And so the party stretched into the night.

    Yang invited me to play some video games in her room after and Qrow came to play as well.

    I played against yang and Qrow in console games. The tech here was seriously good but the games and the graphics? They like PS2 games. but they had a lot of them. Bike racing, car racing, Something like Mortal Kombat which I failed at spectacularly against Qrow...

    So I decided she could use a gift.

    Absolutely not because I was sour that they were kicking my ass with games that were unfamiliar to me with unfamiliar controls.

    No, absolutely not.


    "Hey, Yang?" I asked she didn't even look away from the screen and her tongue popped out at the side from sheer intense concentration. I placed down my controller. "Would you like a gift?"


    At this, she paused the game and looked at me suspicion evident in her eyes that I was trying to trick her...

    "What kind of gift..."

    "A game console that hasn't been released in remnant yet. You'll be the first person to have it for several years."


    "With games that haven't been released as well. and will not be available to the public for several years"

    I activated Kaleidoscope and summoned forth a PS4 its controllers with some of my favourite game CD's

    Need for Speed: The Run.


    Batman Telltales.

    Sword Art Online Hollow Realization.

    Forza Horizon 3

    and of course My Favourite.

    Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and 4!

    I was so going to kick their asses.

    "Is that?" Yang asked looking at it with interest dropping her controller as Qrow looked it too.


    Setting it up was a bit troublesome. But with my Technokinesis it didn't take that long...

    The first game I loaded was Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

    When Yang saw the graphics her jaw dropped. "Holy shit! This is some serious graphics!"

    And Sinker..

    I nodded and began. I selected Kurama mode Naruto.

    I showed her how to pick the Characters and taught her and Qrow the instructions on how to play it with the training mode. Once she was a bit familiar with the controls I suggested we have a match.

    "Bring it."

    At those words, I began to grin on the inside. Oh, she was going to regret that.

    I opened battle mode and the selected valley of the end as the area for the battle.

    I selected pre Shippuden Sakura and Yang took Sasuke Akatsuki version...

    The next few minutes were really interesting.

    (Time Skip 10 Mins)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    "AAAAARRRGGG" Yang screamed I literally kept kicking her ass.

    or Rather Pre Shippuden Sakura was beating Akatsuki Sasuke's ass....

    Which should be impossible.... But it was happening..

    Over and over again.

    The others came up to see what was happening and ruby was really interested as well.

    The moment when I revealed that I was using the weakest character in the game... Well, she snapped the controller in half and her hair rose up catching on fire as her eyes turned red as she screams out her rage.


    Then proceeds to stamp the controller to pieces.

    Then those pieces to even smaller pieces until it was dust...before she calmed down a bit realising what she just did.

    "Well." Ozpin coughed "Congratulations Miss Xia Long. You are the first person to unlock their aura as well as their semblance from pure rage and both of them at the same time."

    "Oh god" Cover her face with her hands embarrassed beyond belief.

    Summer and Tai chuckled at her expense and I summoned a dozen more controllers with the Kaleidoscope. "Well here are some extra's just in case." I smiled gently. "Don't worry about it, accidents happen.

    And so Summer took the next turn with Taiyang they decided to try their hand at it. I selected Minato for Taiyang and Kushina for Summer.

    I informed them that the characters were husband and wife... Their reaction was priceless. Seriously, Summer, you are married why the hell are you blushing like a school girl?

    Yang began to cackle madly taking delight at Summers embarrassment.

    "Go, mummy, Go Daddy!" and Little ruby cheered for both her before taking out a cookie from who knows where and began to nibble on it again.

    The best part was when Kushina K.Oed Minato and summer won the game...With a frying Pan...

    And so the night continued on...


    at 11 Ozpin and Glynda left. I stayed for a bit longer before I began to leave.

    "Well see you later Yang, Ruby."

    "Bye bye Mister Gold" That was Ruby's new nickname for me. "Come back soon!"

    Yang was Sniffling her arms wrapped around my torso not letting me go. Yang didn't really have a lot of friends at this age and her birth mother left her. So having a new friend who wasn't family was a new experience for her...and apparently didn't want me to leave...

    "Don't go..."



    I sighed as I pat her head.

    "I'm not going forever, Yang. I promise..."

    She still didn't let go.

    "You how about this I'll write you a letter every now and then alright?"


    "Really." I kept rubbing her head making sure to be gentle as possible after all if her hair gets damaged she would get...YANGRY....



    She slowly let go and I wiped her puffy eyes gently...

    "Take care of Ruby and Summer for me alright? I don't think your Dad is a good house husband" I stage-whispered to Yang.

    I got a loud 'hey!' from Taiyang.

    Summer giggled and ruby looked a bit confused. "What's a Househusband?" She asked tilting her little head curiously

    "A boy like your daddy who almost never leaves the house," I answered immediately...

    Yang began snickering...

    "Well," I sighed. "I'll see you later... Yang."


    "Also.. don't get too YANGRY again alright. I don't think I can come to replace those controllers as soon as all those breaks."


    Taiyang and Summer facepalm and Ruby tripped on air falling flat on her face on the grass...

    Yang laughed. She finally found someone who would laugh at her puns and make puns as well. And now he was leaving...She became a bit sombre...

    "Hey, hey...no need to get moody again," I said poking her cheek. She looked at me annoyed. "There much better." I grinned at her.

    "See ya" I waved and turned around before activating Kaleidoscope to my next destination. I hear Summer Ruby and yang shouting their byes as I vanished from Remnant in a prismatic flash.

    As the prismatic colour faded I felt nostalgic. I was floating above a shelter, very specific shelter which was seemingly still under construction. On the side was written "Fortress Constructions".

    "I'm back baby, its time to take out the Slytherin Snake....."

    Yes that was a Harry Potter reference........


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    Will you RKO anyone in this fic?
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  6. Emiya Pendragon

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    RKO? Wuzzat?
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  7. Nickballas

    Nickballas I wish I had more Pride.

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    Wrestling move from Randy Orton look it up.
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  8. Emiya Pendragon

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    Oh.... How about I use a FIFTY Ton gold Chair...
  9. Lord_Gigglesnort

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    I love the shit outta this man!

    remember to eat your cheese!

    Dork Lard Gigglesnort
  10. jwmf

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    Worm universe? Yeah, i whait for this moment for so long!
  11. IsaacTheAutobot1229

    IsaacTheAutobot1229 Know what you're doing yet?

    Mar 30, 2018
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    I love how this makes me laugh every time I read it. You know how to make an overpowered character fun to read which is hard to do.
  12. Threadmarks: Unicrack 17 (RWBY) Power Testing and the Conversion of the Flash
    Emiya Pendragon

    Emiya Pendragon Time Walker

    Mar 9, 2018
    Likes Received:

    Strength: B

    Endurance: C

    Agility: C
    Mana: B

    Luck: A

    N.P: EX Gate Of Babylon

    Fallout Manipulation -Shaker- Threat level 6

    Magical Feathers -Changer - Threat level 5

    Paint Generation -Changer- Threat Level 6

    Fantasy World creation -Shaker- Threat level 10

    Comic Book Pretty -Stranger- Threat level 1

    Kaleidoscope -N/A- Threat level 12+

    Power manipulation (PM) -Trump- Threat level 12+ (Charges Remaining 5)

    Power Manipulation Charge Storage - Trump - Threat level 12+ (Current Charges Stored: 33)

    One For All- Changer/Brute/Striker/Mover - Threat level 11

    Astralization - Stranger - Threat level 5

    Telekinesis - Shaker - Threat level 5

    Golden Print - Blaster - 0

    Sharingan/Mangyekyou - Thinker/Shaker/changer/Blaster - Threat 9

    Technokinesis (30M) - Master/Thinker - 6

    Time Divider (Coil's Power) - Shaker 7

    First of all a big Thank you to @Mirriam Grave.
    Sir Bedivere



    Also known as Sir Tristan

    Also Thanks to Glenn
    and V3Lithiun, Artur, Axel Wate,@WorkForFood.
    Those who really enjoy this story please do consider supporting me at patreon... Jaune Pendragon is creating Fanfiction | Patreon

    Betad by myself cuz apparently my Beta is a bit busy lately.
    _________________________________________________________________________________________Story Start____________________________________________________________________


    Stepping down from [Vimana] on to the rig’s helicopter pad I was greeted by a man with a red skin-tight red suit with a V-shaped by red straps on it, Velocity perhaps and Miss Militia in front of him.

    “Hello.” I greeted giving them a friendly wave.

    I could see the PRT agents around them staring at me. I'm not sure why though, I wasn't wearing my gold armor, I was dressed pretty casually. Oh well.


    “Welcome, You must be Gilgamesh?” Miss Militia inquired her eyes crinkling and much more relaxed compared to the other PRT agents.

    She was carrying a flickering green pistol on her side holder.


    “Mmmhmm.” I nodded. “Armsmaster told me to come if I wished to register myself, so where do I go?”

    “This way please,” she said gently as she proceeds to lead me down the stairs into the rig.

    As I followed her I turned to velocity who was walking beside me. “and you must be Velocity?”

    He smiled. “Yup, so you’re joining the wards?” Miss Militia nudged him as if trying to stop him but I didn't mind. While I might help them I definitely wasn't joining the wards.


    “Why not?”

    “Too much paperwork.”

    He began to chuckle “Indeed Paper-work the bane of all Superheroes.”

    “Maybe that’s why there are so many Villains?” I suggested with a raised eyebrow “I mean if paperwork is the bane of all superheroes then it makes sense that paperwork is responsible for the creation of Villains, right.”

    The both of them chuckled at the reminder of the vilest and hated foe of as a hero, the evil known as PAPERWORK! Yet something, not even the Triumvirate has managed to defeat yet.

    “If so then the director must secretly be a villain because she gets the most paperwork.” Miss Militia voiced her opinion.

    Velocity actually seemed to consider it. “Yeah, that’s probably why she’s so angry at us all the time.” he grinned.

    Miss Militia shook her head in good humor.

    “So, is that ship made of real gold?” Velocity asked unable to hold in his curiosity.

    “Yep, a lot of it is indeed made of real gold.”

    “Holy shit, that must have cost a fortune!”


    “Language, Velocity.” Miss MIlitia chided.

    After signing all the god damn PAPERWORK required for me to become a PRT affiliate independent. They showed me to the Power Testing facilities.

    “So what powers do you have?” Velocity asked curiously.

    “Well, I have the Gate of Babylon which allows me to access ancient technologies lost in time when the whole world was a Pangea.”

    “Babylon? Why Babylon in particular?” The lead scientist inquired.

    I raised my right index finger to my chin and began a story. “Long, long ago when the world was still one it was called Mesopotamia. At its center was a huge city named Uruk.”

    Some of the scientists stopped discussing and began to pay attention.

    “Ever since it’s founding over 6000 years ago Uruk was far more advanced for an ancient city. They built houses from the earth yet its structures could rival that of the modern buildings. About 2700 BC a Hero rose who was named Gilgamesh who eventually became the King of the Uruk." I took a breath and continued. "I won’t go into too much detail about it because that would take forever to finish. My power essentially granted me his body and all the treasure he had acquired during his life, sometimes I do get dreams of how Gilgamesh as he lived during his life.”

    Everyone was staring at me. Of course, it was a ridiculous claim.

    “So, your power gave you the body and possessions of an ancient king with some memories occasionally coming in the form of dreams?” He said looking at me skeptically.

    I nodded. “Oh, and I have a trump power that allows me to lift the restriction that other powers may have, can’t forget that one.”

    A few seconds later the lab erupted into pandemonium.


    After that pandemonium had calmed down courtesy of Miss Militia, we finally got down to actually power testing, though I could still see a few scientists shaking from excitement.

    “Alright, Gilgamesh, was it? Please put your hand on the press. The hydraulic system will slowly press the needle down with increasing force, it will stop the moment it breaks the skin.”

    I followed his instructions.

    “Alright ready?”

    I nodded.

    As the force slowly increased one of the scientists asked a question that I am sure was going to be asked with increasing frequency.

    “So why aren’t you wearing a mask.” One of the younger scientists asked.

    I decided to give an answer that would hopefully make them stop asking again because answering that too many times was going to really trouble some.

    Somewhere in the elemental nations a Pinapple heared boy sneezed violently forcing him awake from his slumber in the middle of class while Iruka was giving a lecture. It also saved him from a chalk that would have been thrown at his head courtesy of Iruka sensei.

    "Someone must be talking about me." He muttered before falling asleep on his desk again not a moment later. The students nearby sweatdropped.

    “I don’t have any family left I don’t see a reason to protect my identity.”

    “Are you sure? Going back to civilian life will be extremely difficult if you don’t.”

    I remained silent.

    Something must have given away my irritation because he didn’t ask anymore after that.

    A minute later the needle finally punctured my skin just enough to draw a tiny amount of blood and the machine stopped before retracting, leaving unblemished skin.

    Huh, that must be one sharp needle.

    “Alright head to the next machine.”

    The next one was a punching machine. No, not that kind, the kind where you punch a giant pillow of some kind and it measures the force of your punch? Yeah, that.

    “When you’re ready. Go for it as hard as you can.”

    Should I use one for all? Hmmm, Nah. I don’t feel like it.

    I punched with all the force my little demi-god body could muster without any reinforcement or one for all.

    “Hmm, please try again Gilgamesh.” He said while taking notes.

    I did it again.

    “Again please.” More scribbling notes

    And again.

    “Alright, we definitely have a Brute 7.” Fancier scribbling notes. “Alright. Why don’t you get on the treadmill sonny.”

    One treadmill test later.

    and a reaction test using a tennis ball machine that for some reason seemed to have a grudge against me and at times targeted my privates with balls that were shot faster and faster.

    It was very odd.

    “Well, Congratulations we have a Mover 6. Velocity is a Mover 8. So you’re now the second fastest cape aside from velocity in the bay. Your maximum speed was 750km/h with Velocity at 2500km/h at his highest recorded. Though at that speed he cannot interact with the world at all, though you don’t have that disadvantage.” He was furiously scribbling away.

    All in all, they seemed pretty excited.

    “So, you said that your Gate of Babylon allows you to access all the treasures that the ancient King Gilgamesh had, is this correct?”

    I nodded.

    “Can you give us of a list of Items within the treasury?”


    “Why not?”

    “Because it’s physically not possible, believe me even as the owner of the vault I am unable to comprehend the amount of stuff in there.”

    They looked like they didn’t believe me.

    I puffed out my cheeks to show my frustration and put my hands on my hips to show my frustration but they completely ignored me. HOW?

    Never mind that It was my power, not theirs. Why wouldn't they believe me?


    “Why not?” Yep, they didn’t.

    “I don’t know alright? I can give you some examples of the type of treasures that are inside, for example, the ship that I arrived in? It’s called Vimana: Throne of the Heaven-soaring King and its fueled by a solar crystal, rutilated quartz crystals, that burns mercury as fuel.” I paused. letting the researcher take their notes. “If you want, I can give some examples of what's in there but accounting all of it? Yeah no, that’s not possible.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because even the whole earth doesn’t have enough space for me to keep all the treasures I have in there.”

    At this, they were even more dumbfounded.

    The lead scientist sighed clearly not believing any word that I am saying.

    I opened a portal and took out a beautiful glowing golden sword with blueish hints and a certain inscription written on it.

    Followed by its sheath.


    It was the Sword of choosing. A holy Sword that selects a King worthy of it as it’s wielder.

    Its beauty drew everyone's gazes to it.

    “It's beautiful.” the Miss Militia whispered in awe.

    “I understand that my power is difficult to believe but please take a look at this sword and the inscription on its hilt.”

    I took the sword and placed it on a table near them.

    The head scientist tried to lift the sword but to no avail. “It’s so heavy.” The old Scientist couldn’t even budge it.

    Of course, it wouldn't if the sword moved for anyone then it wouldn’t be called the Sword of Choosing anymore.

    I shrugged. I wasn't going to make it that easy for them.

    As some of the scientists came near it to take a look, Miss Militia and Velocity came to see the spectacle.

    “This is old English we’ll need a translator for this, but why Old English? I’m sure Old English didn’t exist back in the time of the Epic of Gilgamesh.”

    I waited for them to finish and Velocity whispered into my ear. “So, what is it?”

    “You’ll see.”

    “Come on tell me.”

    I smiled and shook my head.

    “Fine.” He pouted like a child, really? This was Velocity? Not that I minded.

    “This is...” The head scientist whispered the program finally translated.

    “What is it?” Miss Militia looked at the head scientist in concern.

    “You have to see this.”

    Miss Militia came over and read the translation on the screen that the scientist was pointing out.

    Her eyes widened and read it again and again.

    “What is it?” Velocity asked, “Is something wrong?” he asked concerned

    Miss Militia began to read it out loud.

    "Whoso pulleth out this sword of this stone is rightwise king of all England"

    Imaginary crickets chirped.

    Silence took over the room for a few seconds as everyone tried to comprehend what that meant, sword while it was just one of the many treasures he had, for these scientists and historians of the modern world, however, this was priceless.

    This was something that confirmed the existence of King Arthur.

    The actual sword in the stone.

    “Caliburn, The Golden Sword of Assured Victory and the sword that chooses kings. The sword that chooses kings and King Arthur's sword. It was why you could not lift it. That’s why my vault can’t be accounted, any and all treasures up to a certain period is added to the Gate of Babylon. It is said that Gilgamesh owned all the treasures in the world. My power interprets it literally. Anything that the Gate Considers Treasure is added to it over time. Of course, don’t worry about your treasures disappearing because I’ve already disabled that function.”

    Which was a total lie. But I heard sighs of relief all around.

    “But I still have Treasures from the before the last 500 years. For example,” I opened another portal and was about to take out Balmung when Miss Militia raised a hand.

    “Alright, I think he gets it. Gilgamesh.” Miss Militia said with a tired sigh as she rubbed her temples.

    Fine ruin my fun why won’t you.

    “Oh, and by the way, you guys can keep Caliburn, while only those who are worthy may pick it up you can lift the table, it’s on. I don’t know you could give it to a British museum or something.” I shrugged nonchalantly.

    The head scientist finally gathered enough of himself to continue.

    “Alright then we still have the final test, the trump power you claimed that you could use to unlock a power's restriction? How does that work exactly?”

    Ah here was the part I was waiting for.

    “You know people second trigger, right?” They nodded. “Basically, a second trigger removes some of the limits on a power. I can unlock these limits with my power without actually needing the second trigger. However, I need direct contact for it to work,” I could see eye’s widening and mouths gaping at the implication. Oh, this is so much fun. I was Giggling on the inside. However, I can't unlock a powers full potential at once I can only do about five times a day If I give small upgrades and one large upgrade a day. So, no I can’t keep upgrading forever, not only that each power has a limit to how far I can release their limiters”

    “Still that’s a huge advantage if the gangs come to know about this.” She trailed off her eyes widening at the implications.

    The scientist didn’t seem to care about that. "We'll need a volunteer though. Hmmm, how about velocity?”

    “We’ll have to get the Director’s approval for this as well as Velocities consent.”

    "Eh, I'm fine with it, you've done it before right?" he asked looking at me. I nodded. "It works right?" I nodded again. "Then yeah it's fine by me." He said shrugging.

    "Are you sure Velocity?" Missmitia asked concerned she knew he was stressed, he was extremely frustrated with his power and the way it limits his ability to interact with the world at high speeds.

    "Oh, and you will not be able to use your power until I complete the process so once it's begun you have to wait until it's done before you can use it again."

    "How long will it take?"

    "A few seconds, a minute in the worst case scenario."

    "Alright, I'll do it."

    “Fine kid, go and wait outside, I’ll call you back in later.” That old man is still calling me a kid?

    “Yeah, whatever old man.”

    “I’m not old I’m only thirty-five.” he rebutted.

    “Yeah, and you're bald. "I said back

    “You little BRAT.” he shouted indignantly

    I hurriedly escaped from the testing area to the waiting room.


    Director Piggot's Office.

    "I see, and what is your opinion of him Miss Militia, and did you offer him a spot in the Wards?"

    "Ma'am, He seems to be very forthcoming and the only reason he doesn't want to join the wards in his words is that of the Paperwork."

    "So he said that he doesn't want to join because he feels that he will be restricted by the Paperwork?"

    "Yes, ma'am."

    The Director began to chuckle, "Indeed, Paperwork the Lifeblood of bureaucracy and the bane of Heroes everywhere." THen she turned serious. "Does he have a changer power?"

    "No Ma'am, or even if he has he hasn't said or otherwise indicated any changer power"

    "He isn't hiding his Identity, there is a possibility that he has changer or stranger power."

    "No, Gilgamesh is his real name. I checked the databases." Armsmaster added fiddling with his helmets HUD.

    "It can be a faked ID." The Director pointed out.

    Armsmaster fiddled with his HUD a bit more. "Negative, there is no indication that the ID is fake."

    "So either his ID is real and his name is one hell of a coincidence or we have someone out there with the skill to forge an ID so perfectly that we can't tell the difference, just great."

    "The possibility exists that there is a cape that specializes in ID forgery... yes if such a cape exists it is possible," Armsmaster admitted.

    Piggot turned towards the speedster giving him a questioning look.

    "Velocity are you sure about this?" She didn't want to lose a Protectorate member for something like a power test but if the report she received from her tester were to be believed this could remove velocities weakness.

    "Yes, Ma'am." He gave a firm nod, Velocity was really determined to go through with this huh.

    "Alright, be careful." She gave a small smile, "Now get the hell out of my office." Once everyone left she took a bottle of whiskey hidden within one of the drawers and took a big gulp.

    "Caliburn, huh?" The PRT branch in England was going to have a field day with this or freak out whichever one it was.

    She was really getting too old for this shit.


    "Yo Armsmaster," I greeted the stoic man.

    "Please come in, It is time for the Trump power test."

    "Okie Dokie" I skipped towards him and I was sure he was trying very hard from twisting his face into a frown.

    Once inside I saw Velocity sitting down with several sensors attached to his suit. Looks like they're taking this seriously. Of course, this was the PRT this wasn't some silly fan-fiction where the PRT was incompetent were they?

    Well, let's find out, shall we?

    I could see several camera's and equipment pointed my way and wait, was that a Laser?

    Yup, a quick check with Technokinesis reveals that its target was indeed me if I did anything that screamed villain...

    Laser Vs Technokinetic....Right...

    As I approached Velocity I decided that the guy needed to relax, he seemed like a cool guy, and not a dick like Armsmaster, "Hey, dude Relax, you won't feel any pain, I've done this before. I'm going to be the one doing the hard work you know." I said giving him a grin. He relaxed a bit. There we go.

    "Alright, Close your eyes." Once he shut them I pressed my right hand on his head and closed my eyes. Why was I doing this you ask because I didn't want them finding out that I can mess with powers at a distance of course?

    "Now let's see." I activated Power Manipulation and immediately got to work. A gentle nudge with power manipulation so that the choice to ignore the laws of physics was now within velocities control so he can now ignore the laws of physics when he wants and exactly which force he wants to ignore.

    Then increase velocities speed even further up by a HUGE amount past his previous limit effectively bringing him up to 39,000 km/h or about 31 times the speed of sound. Nowhere near The Flash's level but the Villians of Brockton Bay?

    They're fucked.

    I also added a flash like after effect so when velocity runs faster than Mach 2 Lightning streaks behind him.

    Oh almost forgot I also added a protocol that would protect his body even if he allows all the laws of physics to affect him. Oh and deactivate the conflict protocols within the shard with an understanding of how exactly to use his powers.

    AAAAnd, Confirm changes.

    The moment I did that I opened my eyes and I saw Velocity grinning at me.

    "OOOFFF" and I was hugged at super speed and then let go.

    "Thanks a lot, Kid."

    "How are you feeling Velocity?" Miss Militia came up and asked concern evident in her voice.

    "Never, better." His grin widened "Hell, this upgrade even comes with an instruction manual. I can even tell exactly what my upgrade can do and how fast I can go now."

    "An instruction manual?" Armsmaster queried curious.

    "Yeah, I somehow know exactly how fast I can go. I also can choose when and exactly which physics effects to ignore."

    Armsmaster took a sharp intake." That means!"

    "Yeah, Pow." Velocity swung his arms in a punching motion indicating his thoughts.

    "So, I guess we have to test it?"

    Velocity nodded this was one test he actually looked forward to.

    "Ahem," the head scientist interrupted.

    "Well, now that Power testing is done I think you'll have to meet the director to get it official. I'm done here." The man dropped off the clipboard and left.

    Huh, WORM is much more different than I expected.

    "Hey kid how fast can your ship go?" Velocity asked looking into my eyes.

    "How fast you say... wait you want to?"

    "Yep. So what do you say?"

    "Fine, loser pays the winner for a dinner at fugly bobs?" His grin widened.

    "You're on Kiddo."


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    Like 90% sure that the PRT is a North America only organization. It's multinational but restricted to the US, Canada and Mexico.

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