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  1. Nihilo

    Blue Archive: Clock Tower Trinity [OC-Insert] [Blue Archive/Nasu]
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Demons are a girl's best friend

    A Fate OC's adventures in Kivotos! A Student's life of Guns, Charm, and Zeal! Tags: Mob appreciation, The JTF mobs are free, You can take them home, I have a whole squad living with me right now. Co-Authored with KillerQueen. Beta'd by Boozeshlager aka ChefRustyDick Chapter 1: Demons...
  2. MendicantBias219

    A Texan Cowboy lost in th Sea of Time
    Threadmarks: Preview 1 First Encounter

    October 12th 2023 AD (450 AD Post "Event" Calendar) "Come on, hurry up!" That's all Dylan could say to himself while preparing his quad bike and made a double check in both his Colt and AR-15, preparing for a quick departure to the northern part outside of the fences of his family farm...
  3. KingNecron101

    Fate/Starry Night
    Threadmarks: Arc 0 - The First Steps I

    FATE/STARRY NIGHT Summary: The greatest conflict between Heroic Spirits is waged in a strange, isolated battlefield. Every Heroic Spirit locked in combat. The prize? Unknown. 100 years after this conflict began, a new Servant finds himself thrown into the fray. “It is a pleasure to meet...
  4. KingNecron101

    A Midsummer Night's Dream (FGO/HP)(Kind of an SI, but not really)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    His rebirth was not a spectacular affair. Once again, he found himself emerging from a chrysalis in the woods. When he opened his eyes, the light was blinding. As his eyes adjusted, memories of his defeat came flooding in. "I guess it's only natural for the villain to be struck down by the...
  5. how would nasuverse factions react to digimon world and it's danizans

    Hi, I decided to make a Digimon (season 3 type human and Digimon partners, where both human and monster must be compatible, with the card faction from that season) X nasuverse ( fate timeline but with ancestors), I have a good story road map, but when I think about how the nasuverse supernatural...
  6. MrHeartless

    The Gamer of Stars (SI/FATE)

    So the little retard me started my third attempt to write a Gamer ff. This will be in Fate/Apocrypha without the cardboard (Sieg). Please leave your feedback and suggestions!
  7. Jaenera Targaryen

    Zero to One (FZ and SMT Crossover)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Fate franchise it belongs to Kinoko Nasu and Type-Moon. I also do not own the Megami Tensei franchise, it belongs to Atlus. Zero to One Prologue The party was in full swing, light shining down from crystal chandeliers hanging high above, falling onto a great...
  8. Repentant_Dragos

    Seeking expert on the Nasuverse and Mage: The Awakening (not Ascension) for Beta Reading.

    I started a fanfiction, Fate/Supernal Blessing, which involves a Self-Insert who gains powers from Mage the Awakening which makes him more powerful than any Magus (and many Servants) in the Nasuverse. Basically your typical power fantasy, but with the power part coming from a very obscure work...
  9. anirocks

    Literal Fate
    Threadmarks: Prologue:- River of Darkness

    Disclaimer:- This fic is inspired by The Dark Wolf Shiro, Cherico, kayangelus and ENIYA. So expect porn, heavy monologue and emotional growth. The Nasuverse is owned by Kinoko Nasu . I only own my Oc’s Arial Black (Bold)- Angel Speech Calibri- Thoughts *beep beep beep* “Hey, Ariel. Check it...
  10. TheRussianBear

    Notes on Fate's Metaphysics/Magic

    For the confused Note: This interpretation, and system of magic, relies on the Platonic conclusion that ideas are real. If you are a scientist, this is fairly intuitive, and probably not much of an assumption and more like a fact, but I'm no philosopher. Think what you like. The Root: The...
  11. JediTattoo

    Looking for Fate/GO Fan for Beta Reading and Ideas Bouncing

    Hello all. I'm working on a fic (my first in almost a decade) and because it's in a universe (Nasuverse) full of backstory and lore, I'd like a little help from someone in-the-know to make sure I'm not destroying lore or overlooking an important plot point. Also wanted to make sure I'm not...
  12. Jaenera Targaryen

    Aozaki and Tohsaka: The Book of the Four Faces (FSN AU)

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Fate franchise it belongs to Kinoko Nasu and Type-Moon. Aozaki and Tohsaka – The Book of the Four Faces Prologue "Trying to lose me is pointless, you know." Sakura Tohsaka looked back over her shoulder at the redhead older woman following her through Osaka's...
  13. Jaenera Targaryen

    Aozaki and Tohsaka - The Serpent's Feathers (FSN AU)
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Disclaimer: I do not own the Fate franchise it belongs to Kinoko Nasu and Type-Moon. Aozaki and Tohsaka – The Serpent’s Feathers Prologue Six years ago The door to the back of the restaurant slammed open with a loud crash, as the metal-framed door was swung around to strike hard against...
  14. JBukharin

    Crawl like a Worm (Nasuverse SI)
    Threadmarks: Prologue: Blood, Pain and Worm

    Prologue: Blood, Pain and Worm Life is a painful reminder of the word 'harsh'. This little poetic detachment doesn't come of some boring tome of old English but from my very tired mind. Tired, tired and tired. PAIN! I sighed and got up from my bare bed, putting on some old-fashioned...
  15. CloudyFuture

    Chains of Fate (Naruto/Nasuverse AU)

    Hey Everyone! Cloudy here! Decided to start up an AU Fic with Naruto at the helms of course but with a more different approach and take that I hope to do with this story. Im looking to set up Naruto in a different point of view while still remaining core to his character and his role. I also...