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SHINOBI: The RPG - Act 2 (Naruto/Fallout SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Fulcon, May 7, 2019.

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    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
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    So, since I've had some time to think about things and I kind of want to get my thoughts down on paper.

    Daisuke and Anko

    I'm actually pretty happy with how they turned out, even if they're diving into this whole marriage thing with both feet with only a cursory examination of the consequences.

    Anko married Daisuke both out of love and...because she still wanted to do the whole 'Willing Slave' thing, even if she realizes that she's very much on equal terms with Daisuke. She admires him for the sheer amount of personal growth that he's gone through and everything that he's overcome (especially losing his entire old world) and honestly loves how chilled out he's become. He's not even a whole other person to her, just one that's not in pain anymore and sees things clearly. She loves how he, well, made her feel loved. Which was honestly more than most of the other people in her life, due to the facade that she put on.

    To be honest, the fact that she didn't wake up that morning expecting to get married to one of the few people she considered herself emotionally close too is a minor concern; she's determined to be the best that she can in this marriage. First to treat it as a marriage (because Daisuke wants that instead of the Willing Slave) and second, to be the best mother their children could possibly have. Anko is so impossibly excited to have kids she can barely stand it. You know how she became the class mom? Now she gets to have her own. The wrinkle in this is that she feels that Daisuke's not ready for kids. Not because he's not mature in her eyes, but because the constant age shifting could be a problem for them psychologically and would rather that bit be smoothed out before she started bringing their progeny into the world.

    The fact that he's from another world, one that had Naruto as a manga and that his bloodline is a game system from yet another world, is something that she's still processing. She did put it in the back of her mind since this was her wedding night, but now that they've made love for the first time, she is thinking about it. She's fascinated by the idea Daisuke's world, what it had, what it lacked, and she's wanting to pick his brain: Did Daisuke's bloodlust come from his old world's culture? Did they have jutsu? What was the adjustment from apparent civilian to Shinobi like? However, the fact that he came from another world, likely with completely different morals and worldview while getting trained as a Konoha nin is pretty frightening - it's essentially like their ranks got infiltrated flawlessly by a force they knew nothing about and while she isn't nearly as loyal to the Village as she once was, it's still freaky.

    The last bit is that Anko knows her planned gift is probably going to result in an argument because while she believes Daisuke should have it...he's not going to like it. EDIT: At least, not at first.

    Daisuke is over the moon, naturally.

    He honestly didn't think or wasn't sure he'd ever actually get married because of how bad his reticence toward everything was. He thought that his issues with Hisako and Ino were never going to be resolved and that those issues were endemic and would poison any relationship he would ever possibly try to engage in. That he'd never stop being hesitant, that his age issue would always be a speedbump, even if he thought he was over that part of his life. But now, partially thanks to the game, partially thanks to how quickly relationships could bloom in the dangerous world of the Elemental Nations, Daisuke is married to a woman that he loves.

    To be perfectly frank, Daisuke is aware, in the back of his mind, that he did rush this. Circumstances with Anko pledging herself to willing slavery might've necessitated the speed, but he's aware that it's going to be an adjustment. He's going to do his absolute best to make sure he never gets mad at Anko during the adjustment period and he knows there's things he doesn't know about Anko. Things like ex boyfriends, mission's she's had to take on, just how badly Orochimaru scarred her. Ironically, for someone who hated being a statue, he wants to be the rock that she can lean on during bad times. He also feels like he isn't ready to be a father; his experiences with his old family have left him some a great deal of anxiety about raising his children right, especially in the Elemental Nations.

    Daisuke, as he is going to find out, is somewhat ambivalent about everything he told Anko. She's his wife, so she gets to know the whole story, but he was really hoping to let his past stay in the past. He told her out of obligation to her, first to sooth her anxiety about dating a thirteen year old, then simply because she's his wife and she should know, sooner rather than later, not necessarily because he wanted to tell her. He doesn't regret telling her, per se, he's just going to be really unsure of how their marriage is going to develop now that it's all out in the open. He knows that sometimes women leave their husbands or boyfriends because they told her something she just couldn't handle and he's afraid that Anko...might not be able to handle it all.

    But he's committed, and it would take a very serious breech of trust to get him to even consider breaking things off.

    As far as what other's in the village think of their union, neither of them care. Sure, it'll cause some difficulties down the line, but it's not going to threaten their marriage. They're gonna sing about it, and no one can stop them. Internally, though, I think that Daisuke and Anko have a long ways to go. Even looking at how far they've come and I'm actually excited for them, in a way. But it could be pretty bumpy for them - though if they get over those hurdles, they'll just be stronger for it.

    Last edited: May 17, 2019