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SHINOBI: The RPG - Act 2 (Naruto/Fallout SI)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Fulcon, May 7, 2019.

  1. dragondude

    dragondude Not too sore, are you?

    Feb 22, 2013
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    As I see it, the problem with polygamy isn't necessarily moral but practical.

    Relationships are built on shared experience. If aspects of life are shared, sex, battle, daily activities etc then you're going to have a stronger bond than if you're consistently teleporting across the elemental nations and only meet your wife at home inbetween fucking the mistress.

    Even normal people, who only need to make a marriage last a few decades and don't have to deal with the enormous external pressures daisuke is going to be under have trouble making it work.

    This is important because daisuke's and anko's relationship is going to be superstressful, needs to last for more than a few decades, and having it fall apart could be disastrous not only for them but for, potentially, the entire world. Normal people don't have to worry about that. This gets worse if they feel attached enough to god the other woman and she feels neglected. like juggling sapient kunai that can control their course and want you to suffer.

    Now, the princess might be daisuke's ideal woman. That's a problem, because every moment that daisuke goes to her for sex or emotional support is a moment where he isn't going to anko. They miss out on that shared experience and their bond isn't as strong as it could be.

    and anko needs that bond to be as strong as can be. she might be sweet in the honeymoon phase, but how is she going to feel in a few years when the elemental nations are on fire, and daisuke is split between putting them out and dealing with his inner demons again? or in a few centuries, when everyone she was attached to is dead except daisuke, who can only spare her a fraction of his attention because he has other women to handle?

    Anko is being self sabotaging.
  2. Masterjaxx

    Masterjaxx Not too sore, are you?

    May 16, 2013
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    Why can't it just be as simple as Anko already being Fully Bisexual and wanting to share another woman with her new husband cus shes into that and hopes he would like it too?

    It doesn't all have to be about emotional trauma caused by the clashing of deeply seated beliefs. Sometimes it can be about kinky fluffy happy fun times.
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  3. Fulcon

    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
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    A good summary too.

    Her issue was that she wanted to date him because he was strong, but needed to beat him because she thought it would guarantee a spot on ANBU so she could start seeing her parents again.

    Might as well just get it out in the open: Yes, it's a harem, and Daisuke is very opposed to it.

    This is true.

    She'd need to become an actual goddess for that, but harem? Given the sheer amount of political benefits that would come from being a concubine for a god, many women would be very hard pressed to say no.

    I think the biggest bit of character development she needs is acceptance that her parents abandoned her (her father didn't have a choice. Her mother, on the other hand, did). Once that's done, that entire emotional conflict she has will deflate - she'll stop being so controlling, not resent Daisuke being so strong, etc. etc. Basically like Daisuke accepting that he died.

    Nichiren is a paranoid child of civilians: If it wasn't Daisuke, it was going to be someone.

    Hm. It sounds to me like the author just ran out of ideas and wrote what was comfortable - they slipped up on their execution.

    I considered her, but I was under the impression that she would not accept the position of concubine out of pride.

    Indeed I will.

    Everything you said is right and that video is awesome.

    Until recently, Daisuke had refused to let go of his old life no matter how painful things got for him - he had been raised with those principles for his entire life; that is not just going to go away.


    This is one of Daisuke's arguments, actually. :)

    Because that feels like a cop-out. EDIT: Let me correct myself: It doesn't actually solve most of the issues involved in why harems are so difficult.

    Anko is a woman who has sex with women, but she is not fully bisexual.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
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  4. Kejmur

    Kejmur I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 27, 2018
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    Not the best motivation from our societal perspective, but I can understand it from perspective of a society who produces 'army killers' with a heavy focus on survival and deadly combat. Unlike in our world where we all bleed and die the same, in their society people are literally not equal. And in most literal sense of power and not something metaphorical like social status.

    Plus I suspect it may be yet another case of 'power is attractive' thing.

    But yeah, girl needs to find an alternative. Because in the end this isn't healthy.

    As mentioned before I think this is yet another social conflict he will struggle to deal with - because in the end it won't be forced (as single pairs are perfectly normal in feudal societies like this as well), but in some cases may be politically expected, even if for the sake of some politics.

    Also even in our ancient Japan power in the end was also represented by higher number of wives and concubines, because Japanese Emperor always had at least several of them, which also represented and confirmed his status at the top. In this case Daisuke does qualify as both a God and a being of massive power.

    Sounds like an interesting read and yet another struggle.

    I don't think Teuchi is the type, but I could also see many families pressing daughters for such relationship ASAP, especially as mentioned in many of Linfamy videos women do in fact have far easier way way to drastically jump up on a social ladder, because they can always find someone who fancies them and actually in ancient Japan marriages out of love (outside of First Wife one, which was pretty much always political) were reasonably common.

    Also Ayame could be a fascinating Goddess in a way that there is no one canon named in series who could match her outside of Teuchi himself. Potential portfolios I suspect would be Gastronomy, Psychology, possibly Commoners, Sympathy.

    Also I wonder if my suspicions about Jashin doing everything behind people backs to also encourage Daisuke to introduce new Gods in their pantheon to prepare their world for some future confrontations. Non-combat deities with some niche portfolios may also work as potential support here.

    It's a classic parents choice of duty and work over their family. Pretty standard in those times and honestly with their insistance on importance of a village over individual units.

    So yeah, encouraging her to be her own person would possibly work?

    In pretty much all those stories it may be blamed on very flat characterization of female characters, very obvious fanservice over any serious plotline and in most cases also very bland main protagonists.

    Honestly 100% serious harem story who take both good and bad, while also add serious and detailed characterizations is something I would love to read.

    It depends on how you want to approach it. If Mei clearly goes into it as 'it's completely political and I do it for my people' without any feelings attached, I think she would do it. Oh, she clearly wouldn't like it, but her people ended up seriously blooded in their civil war and anything to secure their survival would be worth it.

    Pretty much she could do it out of duty. And Daisuke is possibly one of the best people for it also as he would never force anything she doesn't want to do. Which in the end may ironically end up with a situation, where in the long run she could develop feelings, being surprised by generosity of Daisuke. Because in the end there is also some more part of her that is a lil bit desperate for some good romantic option, with her... character husband quirk.

    Although in the end there isn't alot information to work with when it goes to Mei honestly in the end.

    Linfamy in overall is awesome YouTuber. More possibly relevant videos on marriage, courting, dating, etc. at those times:

    Sexuality rarely is as simple as straight/bi/homosexual. Kinsey Scale is good represantation of it. 0 and 6 are in fact pretty rare. I suspect Anko is 1 on that scale. Maybe 2, but I doubt it.
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  5. RichardWhereat

    RichardWhereat The Dawn Will Cum

    Oct 1, 2016
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    If she has sex with other women, not has had sex with, and is only a 1. Then I'm definitely a 0.
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  6. Fulcon

    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
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    That and she needs to character develop something fierce.

    Interesting read, sure. The problem is if it fits.

    Daisuke and Anko have had some major shifts in their lives happen very quickly and some readers of mine are having a hard time groking the changes.

    I'm starting to think that while they'll be talking about it soon, it's not actually going to happen for a while if not waiting until Shippuden.

    This is all true. My main struggle is explaining it in a way that my mostly western readership can stomach, which is why I'm thinking it's not going to actually happen for a while.

    All good things and very true.

    Indeed, that's what I was thinking.

    It's a story I'm interested in telling, just because this topic has been interesting to me for a long time, but have been too scared to even touch it.

    Hm, interesting. Thank you for your input.
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  7. Kejmur

    Kejmur I trust you know where the happy button is?

    Jan 27, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Obviously no one can force it for obvious reason. But I suspect some people may try to apply subtle suggestions or other ideas of this type, while hide them as 'polite suggestions' or something similar. Also people in Konoha in the end still hope Daisuke will stay in Konoha and introduce new clan in Konoha with new bloodline. So very soft approaches is something I can see them aim for when it goes to Daisuke.

    It's not like he must follow it and I doubt he will. But I think in a way it's a good way to show how alien feudal societies can be from our perspective. And how Daisuke may still struggle to deal with it.

    Hmmm... try to make it sound, how to explain it, educational, kind of clinical? Show how odd it is from our perspective via Daisuke. Make it clear he dislikes it and it doesn't get anywhere (so there is zero chance for it to succeed). But this is kind of a problem when someone presents different alien societies and doesn't really censor it. But I think in the end that realism and taking it into account is kind of important IMO, because in the end it's not our society and their mindset will be different no matter what.

    As mentioned before important thing is that in historical harems most women were part of an household and were acting more like maids, advisors, etc. and never even approached bedroom in the first place.

    But I can also understand how odd and alien this, because none of us can even really understand it. But in a way it's also potentially a good writing exercize, as learning to write completely different alien perspectives should improve overall writing skill.

    While we do know more about Mei then others characters like Anko or Yugao, it's still not alot and her character leaves lots of options for potential interpretations.

    But Mei does care about her people and in the end what is most important to loyal shinobi are their villages. Their patriotism towards their designated villages from our perspective look pretty much fanatical. It wouldn't surprise me if Mei decided personal sacrifice of this type is simply something people expect from a good leader in this society. But if you would prefer to go with more selfish character presentation... I guess it could also work as there as mentioned lots of freedom on how to present her IMO.
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  8. Galacticplumber

    Galacticplumber Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 12, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Okay two major points now that I have my internet back.

    One: Individual attention is much more readily available when clones are a thing that exists. You could even connect them direct with chakra strings in a network such that they function more as extensions of a single body, and/or a "hivemind" to solve the stated issue of it feeling less personal. It's also readily possible for someone with infinite chakra and absolute mastery of all relevant skills. It would also be a fun way of responding to an alien scenario by escalating to become more alien in response. Doesn't have to actually be what happens, but I'd be deeply surprised if something similar doesn't come up in response to the argument.

    "I can't be in two places at once!"

    "Yes you can! We literally have a jutsu for that, and I refuse to believe you couldn't improve it!"

    Secondly, I'm not actively supporting nor denying the Mei thing. I'd just be deeply surprised if it didn't come up. Even if she doesn't get romantically involved, you can bet your bottom dollar she will push for alliance or similar with everything at her disposal. Could be anything from trade deals, to exchanging expanded water jutsu for medical jutsu, to opening the boarders in general so the peoples intermix populations into something more stable. Harder to war with a nation where your cousin lives. Opening up ALL traditionally available positive diplomacy channels, and happy to accept the new Ninshu one.
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  9. Fulcon

    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Isn't a plot point of Boruto's character development one about that exact issues? How he feels unloved because his Dad is never really there?


    However, the other side to that is that Daisuke hates clones. I mean, he despises using them in all but the most strenuous of emergencies.

    But you do make a lot of good points. I could see Mei and Daisuke becoming really good friends through their dedication to peace.
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  10. Galacticplumber

    Galacticplumber Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 12, 2018
    Likes Received:
    The problem is demonstrated to be that his father is rarely there EVEN IN CLONE FORM! He had the honor of a clone being there, ON HIS BIRTHDAY! Also only sorta. It popped holding the cake, ruining it. Why is this? Naruto is absolute dog shit at managing time, delegating, and most of the skills you'd want in a Kage. He does literally everything he can manage himself, either because he doesn't trust others to do things, or because he's addicted to positive attention after the severe lack in his childhood.

    I can totally understand why you wrote clones out of the story. Their limitation is, like, the only reason Daisuke doesn't do everything himself, and you needed that.

    Counterpoint: You can just make it so that using clones to be everywhere falls under the gentleman's agreement of the gods not to escalate, but using clones non-violently to interact with loved ones is fine, because it doesn't change the "game."

    Benefits: You get to turn an excuse not to do something into effective character development for your lead, gain license to cram more character interaction into a smaller canon time frame, tie the deific conflict more closely into things while maintaining their tendency to not interrupt romance, and FINALLY have a workable answer to the question you've been seeking. It's neat, compact, and holds thematic weight.

    Also clones aren't even the only method you could use to reach similar effect. We've stated that you could use transformation to grow additional body parts. There's a hop, skip, and a jump between doing that and creating full bodies connected by nerve tissue, then using spacial manipulation to allow them to exist as far apart as you want.

    The other alternative is to introduce an analogue for advanced modern communication in jutsu form so that Daisuke can interact with them even while he's doing things. This would play into the fact that most fights are pitifully easy minor distractions he'd like something to take his mind off the boredom during.

    He could even hold multiple conversations at once without becoming multiple man by using time manipulation to think about his responses.

    This is how I respond to problems. Continually propose solutions, and/or refine them until something sticks. I'll find an answer eventually. I'm an alarmingly creative person who has spent ages thinking of ways to get the most out of power sets.
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  11. Fulcon

    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
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    Hm. A lot of good points here, thank you. :)

    How would you propose getting around Daisuke's hatred of clones?
  12. Lazurman

    Lazurman Drunk Snek

    Mar 8, 2015
    Likes Received:
    The other ludicrously cheaty way to cut down on workload: Flying Thunder God. Hard to spend time away from family when you can be with them by thinking about it--no matter where you are in the world.

    Daisuke's gonna be busy, yeah, I get it, gotta talk to lots of people, diplomance tons of warring factions, but any kind of physical challenge can be taken care of in a heartbeat by using his unstoppable physical might coupled with insane speed boosted by time manipulation/sealhax.

    Hell, Anko's a god too, just teach her FTG too and you can travel the world together. Raising a kid while constantly on the move can have the potential to mess them up a bit, making it hard for them to form long-lasting connections with other people, buuut...again. FTG.

    Distance ceases to be an issue when you have access to perfect teleportation.
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  13. Galacticplumber

    Galacticplumber Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 12, 2018
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    There's always exposure therapy. Gradually increase exposure to negative reaction causing thing until negative reaction is stopped or sufficiently mitigated. Maybe involve Naruto under the pretense of training clone use to give him something to contribute besides being a divine pawn. Maybe bring up that if Daisuke hated clones so much why the fuck did he propose them as the first solution to the kid's problem? This also lets you pull the foreknowledge string, and make interesting choices on what to do with it.

    Alternatively just because DAISUKE hates using clones doesn't mean his harem can't learn a clone jutsu and use it to interact with him constantly. That would also have a level of exposure therapy, and strengthen the pro clone argument by demonstrating they aren't asking for anything they aren't prepared, or even happy to do.

    You could also do both. Bonus points for pointing out that he misses having things to struggle against to such a degree he learned to play guitar, then struggling against this negative association is both more challenge, and an an extension of the soft skills he wanted to learn to begin with. His psychology is quite literally the only thing holding him back, and finding ways to solve his hangups will grow him as a person.

    Bam, pile of solutions complete with ways they tie into the themes and build upon past events.
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  14. Vrenze

    Vrenze Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Nov 10, 2017
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    Honestly the whole harem thing doesnt necessarily have to be a harem thing. He already agreed to "using" his present which could just be a "lets do this once and see what happens" kind of wild night. Daisuke, given the Author stated views, goes through with it because he already agreed, (also really who hasn't fantasized about multiple women at one time). Then, the next day, decides that this is really his thing, ninshu ninshu ninshu, everyone understands every one else's points of view, maybe we meet up again next year. Y'know, everyone is an adult about things, as helped along by magic psychotherapy empathy.
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  15. timmcr

    timmcr Your first time is always over so quickly, isn't it?

    Feb 8, 2019
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    this fic is incredible but...
    oh you want to be my sex slave, how about we get married instead and then I
    can turn you into a goddess. seriously, I'm certain that you're sane and rational
    enough to be trusted with divine power, chick who wanted to be my sex slave.

    the whole thing feels so rushed, and daisuke is still very young - his previous life shouldn't
    count, that's like saying that a reincarnated 10 year old can get married because he died at 50
    before. Why does marriage have to be a part of the story at this point?

    and don't even get me started on the magic soul bond relationship fix-it that is ninshu - if
    you need a magic soul bond relationship fix-it (escpecially in the honeymoon stage of your
    marriage) then maybe your marriage was a mistake.

    sorry for the rant, had to get it off my chest, and despite my grievances I still think your story
    is incredible.
    thank you for writing it.
  16. Galacticplumber

    Galacticplumber Know what you're doing yet?

    Jan 12, 2018
    Likes Received:
    I mean.... Ninshu is a base component of the setting, the life's work of the greatest non-immortal to ever live, and Daisuke wanted to learn it long before getting a girlfriend was even a serious consideration. That said, if you are learning it, NOT using it on your significant others to prevent misunderstandings, and better predict the desires of your others is just blatantly stupid. This is both because it's a safe testing partner, ideal for practice, and because there is quite literally no downside to doing it.

    Hell the core part of the plan assumes violence would greatly decrease if everyone was doing it regularly with everyone in their social circle.

    Edit: To expand the sage of six paths invented Ninshu as the PRIMARY use of chakra because he wanted everyone to use it and be happy. Jutsu was an aberration invented by his children.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
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  17. Fulcon

    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
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    This is also a girl who has experience with being treated as a potential ticking time bomb, was relatively distrusted by those around her, and was the only one to offer companionship that didn't feel like taking advantage of his situation.

    They had a lot in common.

    They knew each other for six months, though I could've done more to show those six months, I agree.

    Why shouldn't it count?

    Because I want it to be. Seriously, this fic is, well, primarily for me. Other stuff I write can be mostly about entertaining, but this fic...is for me. The fact that people seem to like the fic helps me be happy but at the end of the day, this is for me.

    They...didn't need magic soul bond relationship fix-it, though. They are perfectly capable of talking about their feelings like rational adults, as shown when they had their fight once he got back. Ninshu is just something Daisuke's been wanting to learn forever and then he just turned around and used it to strengthen his marriage.

    To not do so would be stupid.
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  18. Miestwin

    Miestwin Monster on the outside, bishoujo on the inside

    Aug 14, 2018
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    No matter how hard you try, there's always someone who's neglected.
    Even if you start as a perfect three-way (or whatever-way), with time it will break apart.
    The guy will find that he prefers one girl over the other, starts spending more time with her, and the other one gets pushed away.
    She starts feeling neglected, becomes resentful of the other one, and conflict is born.
    Polygamy has sense only when you need to repopulate, or as an economic solution. Marriage without love. Sort of like exclusive prostitution. "You provide me with a roof and take care of me and my child, and I'll give you access to my holes."
    For modern times, gaming platforms is a good analog.
    You have a PC, XBOX, and PS4. You might love to play on all of them, but after some time, you'll start to gravitate to only one.
    You stay with one longer, and others are only touched when a new game comes out once a month.
    Time flies, and you catch yourself with the realization, that you didn't touch your XBOX in over a year, the radiators grew dusty and fingerprints on the controller became crusty.
    You try to start it on, but it does not want to cooperate with you. It wants 50 gigs of updates. You decide it's not worth the effort and you paddle it on Amazon for $100 and some Steam giftcards.
  19. GamingPizza1998

    GamingPizza1998 Verified Pizza

    Jan 27, 2019
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    Woah that's deep
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  20. Threadmarks: Chapter 21: Let There Be Light

    Fulcon Wim Hoff Method Initiate

    May 1, 2019
    Likes Received:
    The Following is a fanbased work of fiction: Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden are owned by Shueisha, Viz Entertainment and Masashi Kishimoto. Please support the official release.


    Quest Completed: Reasons to Live.

    Completed: Learn Ninshū.

    Completed: Do Not Commit Suicide.

    Unsurprisingly, Minato did not look comfortable when I stepped into his office. He stiffened, and kneaded his fingers together in front of him, but otherwise kept his composure. “Shimoda-sama. What can I do for you?”

    “Well, for starters, I want to talk about the bridge,” I said, pulling up a seat in front of his desk.

    Minato’s face betrayed the fear he was feeling for about a second. Just a second, before he schooled his expression again. Dude knew how to keep a poker face; I’ll give him that.

    “First off, I’m not mad,” I began. “But I am annoyed. You could’ve told me that Naruto had been sent to the bridge and I could’ve resolved this issue before it wound up interfering with my honeymoon.”

    “I apologize profusely for that misunderstanding,” Minato said quickly. “I had meant to tell you, but I was…unsure of how you’d react. I wanted to get a better read of you and how stable you were in your return to Konoha before I said anything that would upset you again.”

    He’s lying but whatever. I’ll let him save face since he does realize he screwed up and attempting to tell a Ninja he’s not supposed to lie is an exercise in frustration.

    “Thank you,” I replied with a slow nod. “I understand that it’d be difficult to trust that I wouldn’t be easily upset, given how drastic the change is. I hope that in the future, we can avoid miscommunications like this. Apology accepted.”

    “Thank you,” Minato said, looking visibly relieved. “I will do my best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

    That last sentence can have multiple meanings, depending on how you read it. You are a manipulative little man, aren’t you, Minato?

    “Good. Now, as it happens, I need another favor from you,” I told him.

    “How can I help?” Minato asked with a smile.

    “Anko and I recently made a trip to the Land of Iron,” I began evenly. “We’ve both learned the beginnings of their spiritual tradition, Ninshū, also known as the progenitor of Jutsu.”

    Minato blinked. “Alright. Why?”

    “It’s something I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time,” I explained. “We decided together that it’d be good for both of us.”

    Well, rather she got kind of insistent when she learned there was a quest to deter me from committing suicide, but I can let that slide. Besides, it was good.

    “Okay.” Minato nodded. “What did you need from me?”

    “Our instructor pledged to serve Anko and I, in exchange for being taught Jutsu,” I explained neutrally, careful to keep the flat, annoyed tone out of my voice, even though I was quite annoyed. “I need you to okay her immigration to the Land of Fire and give her permission to study Jutsu.”

    Minato blinked. Once. Twice. “Who is your instructor?”

    “She’s the Shogun’s daughter,” I said. Mifune’s expression when Katsuki told him of her oath to us was the most fascinating mixture of rage and pride that I’d have ever seen in my life. “Since she needs something to do, she’ll be keeping our compound for us while Anko and I are on our honeymoon.”

    He didn’t say anything, trying to parse what I just said. “Why did she pledge herself to you, exactly? The Samurai hate Jutsu. With a passion.”

    Well, it was going to come out eventually. “Because I’m a god.”

    At first, his expression was annoyed, but then he thought about it. Then his eyes widened in surprise. “…that’s how you learned how to bring the dead back, isn’t it?”

    “The Shinigami taught me as a ‘deification day’ present,” I explained, now letting my vocal tone get flat and annoyed. “The Samurai, with their Ninshū, picked up on it almost immediately. It’s the only reason the Shogun didn’t try to have me killed for making off with his daughter.”

    Minato cupped his mouth in thought. “How did you do it?”

    “Mix all five-element chakra’s together and you get creation release,” I told him with a shrug. “After that, I just thought about it for a few minutes and ascended myself.”

    He took a deep breath. Then he made to stand, and I held up a hand to stop him.

    “Please, don’t bow,” I said. “I request that we remain on friendly terms. I am not interested in the idea of worshippers or having my own church.”

    “I understand,” Minato nodded. “Um, what was her name? The girl who serves you?”

    “Katsuki,” I replied.

    “I request that I be allowed to meet her,” Minato said. “And ask her a few questions. Nothing too invasive. You can both be here for it.”

    “Excellent,” I said, rubbing my hands together. “Let me go get them.”

    Then, I was back in the mansion I made in the compound. Anko and Katsuki were both sitting on the couch, apparently talking. “He said yes. Also, he knows I’m a god, now.”

    “He didn’t know before?” Katsuki asked with interest.

    “I was hoping to not let anyone know,” I explained with a shrug. “But the god-card seemed like a useful option – he accepted your reason for pledging yourself immediately.”

    Anko hummed. “It’ll only take another day before it’s all over the village, which is good. It’ll make things easier.”

    I blinked and frowned. “Just so we’re clear, what exactly is your marriage gift?”

    Anko froze for just a second, then straightened up in her seat and looked me straight in the eyes. “I am giving you a harem.”

    Figures. Entirely unnecessary, self-sabotaging and a desperate bid to curtail non-existent efforts to leave her. Sure, there’s other reasons for it, which surprises me, but…it’s unnecessary. “We’re going to discuss it later.”

    “I know,” Anko replied with a nod.

    “Daisuke-sama?” Katsuki asked.

    “Yes, Katsuki?” I addressed.

    “If I may, and please correct me if I am being too forward with this,” Katsuki began, taking a breath as she stood up. “I would be honored for the opportunity to be a part of your family in this way.”

    Part of the family?

    That’s not how I see it.

    “I understand that you have a reason’s for being against the idea,” She continued. “But please try not to see it as…inherently negative.”

    Actually, part of the family is what she’d be wanting, in a twisted way. I kind of think she’s taking advantage of my wife’s emotional baggage to elevate herself politically.

    Charisma Check Success: 10/8.

    Look, I know she’s enamored by the whole ‘god’ thing and actually wants to serve us, but come on. This isn’t something people just jump onto willy nilly, she has to have some kind of selfish motive.

    Intelligence Check Success: 10/5.

    I know the only thing I felt is that she hates stagnation and that learning Jutsu is a giant deal to her, Game, but signing up for something like this, deliberately? Sure, she was probably raised with the knowledge that she would probably be married off to some noble for political reasons from birth and being harem’d off to a god is about the definition of political advantage, which she obviously used to convince Mifune and get out from under his thumb so she could learn jutsu in peace and she’s pretty much got hearts in her eyes for me but…oh.


    Well, when you put all of those things together, suddenly it makes sense.

    Still don’t like it, though.

    “Alright, let’s head out,” I said, rolling my shoulders.

    I took both of their hands in mine. Anko leaned in and rested her head on my shoulder with a smile, only having to slouch a little since I was in my ‘teen’ form and Katsuki went a little still, her face going slightly pink.

    With that, we were off to Minato’s office.

    Minato had stood up from his desk and upon catching sight of us, he bowed. “Daisuke-sama. Anko-sama. I presume you’re Katsuki, daughter of the Shogun?”

    “Yes, I am,” Katsuki said with a bright smile. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Hokage-dono.”

    “And you as well,” Minato replied. “I imagine you’d like to get this over with quickly, so I just have a few questions to ask you and then I can have your citizenship verified within the hour.”

    Hundred Ryo says he’s already got her citizenship verified; he just needs to go through the motions so it doesn’t look like he’s throwing immigration law out the window. He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote her name at the top. “Okay, first question, why do you wish to immigrate to the Land of Fire?”

    “To learn the art of Jutsu and teach Daisuke-sama and Anko-sama Ninshū,” Katsuki said, her smile only getting brighter. “I’ve been fascinated by your ways for a very long time, and to have the opportunity to learn them is something I am quite blessed to have.”

    “Well, I’m sure you’ll find some in the village that are just as interested in, what was it, Ninshū?” Minato asked, and she nodded. “Beyond Daisuke-sama and Anko-sama. By the way, how old are you?”

    “I’m sixteen,” Katsuki replied.

    “Okay,” Minato replied, marking that information down.

    The questioning continued. Like Minato promised, it was fairly mundane and it was over with quickly. By the end, Minato was nodding as if completely satisfied and that this was a perfectly normal immigration interview and not heavily accelerated with her success guaranteed in a desire to smooth over what happened with the bridge. Whatever, it works for me.

    “And that’s it,” Minato wrapped it up, tearing off the bottom part of the immigration form and handing it Katsuki. “Head on down to office 4-C. Hand them this and they’ll take a picture of you. Afterwards, they’ll have your card ready for you. Welcome to the Land of Fire, Katsuki.”

    “Thank you,” Katsuki bowed, and he bowed in return.


    “Okay, now that that’s over with,” I said after we teleported back into the mansion. “Katsuki, you’ll find food in the fridge. It restocks itself at the end of each day thanks to the seal network’s I placed on it. If you don’t know how to cook, here’s a map to each of the village’s restaurants. Also, here’s a key for the front door.”

    Katsuki took both of these things with a nod. “I will not let you down. Your home will be in safe hands.”

    “Here’s some money for the restaurants,” Anko said, pulling out a large sum of ryo out of a storage scroll that she’d been carrying with her for some reason. “You remember where your bedroom is?”

    “Yes, second floor, third door on the right,” Katsuki replied with a nod.

    “One more thing,” I said, creating a white-arm band and writing a seal to alert me if it gets activated. “Put this on. If you channel chakra through it, it’ll sound the alarm in my head and I’ll teleport here immediately. Use it only, and I mean only, if the house is being attacked by enemy Ninja or if the two other gods come knocking. In either case, hide once you’ve activated the seal.”

    “The other gods?” Anko asked curiously.

    “Shinigami and Jashin,” I replied, to their alarm.

    “You have met Jashin?” Katsuki asked, only barely keeping her calm.

    “He and Shinigami arrived at my vault not too long after my ascension,” I explained. “They congratulated me and gave me gifts. Jashin, in particular, seemed eager to have some actual opposition for once in his immortal life.”

    “What does he look like?” Anko asked quickly.

    “Long black hair with eyes that are red. The whites of his eyes are black.” I looked up to remember what he was wearing. “Both times I met him; he was wearing a long, elegant, dark green kimono with scythe imprints on the shoulders.”

    “Okay. I will do my best,” Katsuki said. “What should I do if I receive other visitors?”

    “You can let them in, talk to them,” I replied with a shrug. “Try to get their names first, use Ninshū stealthily if you can to figure out their true intentions. But yeah, no problem with you entertaining company. You might get some soon, if news of our house sitter from Iron gets out.”

    “Yup,” Anko nodded with a smile. “I don’t think there’s anything else. Shall we be off, husband?”

    “Sure, we’ll take care of the Kaiju then go to the vault,” I said with a shrug, feeling a little annoyed, still, at the whole situation.

    Anko got this faraway look in her eyes as she looked at me.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked with a frown.

    …that came out harsher than I wanted it too. Hm.

    “Daisuke, would you prefer to handle that on your own?” Anko asked quietly.

    “You can come along,” I immediately responded. “I already said you could.”

    “But would you prefer to handle it alone?” Anko persisted.

    …you know, for some reason, the answer to that is yes. “Actually? Yeah. Yeah, I would like to handle this on my own.”

    “Okay,” Anko nodded, getting a sad smile on her face. “Go ahead. I’ll wait for you here.”

    Wait. What? “Are you sure?”

    Anko licked her lips. “Yes. Yes, I am. I’ll be here when you get back, I promise.”

    Oh, now she’s okay with me heading off to handle things on my own. That’s just great. “Cool. See you later.”

    With that, I was in space, standing on the Kaiju’s cage. I looked down and saw that, yeah, it’s out of it’s scroll and it’s angry. But it was just standing there, completely still, like it was waiting for something. It didn’t look up to look at me or anything.

    Since the Kaiju is immune to Jutsu, I don’t want to accidentally leave it behind by trying to teleport it and its cage to some forgotten backwater part of space. So, to handle that, I’m going to think with portals and create one.

    The Cave Johnson.

    According to my calculations of the celestial make-up of the stars, this spot was completely empty. According to my gut, it was a good spot for a new star system.

    I pushed the cage fell through the portal, it already moving in orbit and the earth beneath us disappeared. Let’s see, I can still feel the FTG seals back on Earth, right? Well, obviously I could feel them through the portal, but could I feel it the hard way?

    Yes. Yes, I could feel them the hard way. I could get back home in an instant.

    Had to make sure, you know?

    In fascination, I watched the portal fade away into the stars.

    Alright, let’s get to work.

    First things first, make a sun.

    Solar Genesis.

    Nebula gasses spontaneously flew from my hands and arms, swirling into each other at intense pressures in twin streams. They met together at a single point, putting themselves under intense pressure, which only got greater as more and more gasses were added.

    You know, I knew my marriage was going to be hard.

    After several minutes of adding more and more, the gasses finally erupted into blinding light, going into the nigh-endless Thermonuclear explosion, outputting more energy in a single second than any Ninja could ever hope to output over the course of their entire lives.

    I knew it was going to be hard.

    I really, really did.

    Not an idiot. I’m impatient, not versed very well in romance, and really prefer to go with the flow far more than is necessarily healthy, but I’m not an idiot.

    Second thing to do is make a few planets. Just enough to act as catcher’s nets for any stray space debris. Maybe an asteroid belt?

    Planetary Genesis.

    Get some planets orbiting this new star of mine. A giant rock of iron and titanium over there, a few more complex planetoids over there, a couple gas giants…yeah. That’s, what, six? Six new planets? Yeah.

    Number 7 is going to be where it’s at.

    And I know that Anko has issues. I knew and I promised that I would never get mad at Anko for the mental scars Orochimaru left on her. But…I’m finding that I’m breaking that promise. I’m really, really mad at Anko right now.

    So, number planet number 7, the second in orbit around the sun, was going to be reasonably earth-like, if only because the Kaiju was built and made to run on Earth and be the biggest camper on the block. Let’s get all the minerals and gasses in place, get it as large as it needs to be.

    Like, what? She couldn’t just let me slip out for a few hours to handle an emergency? She couldn’t figure out that I wasn’t going to go kill myself? Or leave her? Can you imagine what her outburst would’ve done to me if I was still suicidal?

    I might’ve actually gone off and done it, and then where’d Anko be? Eternally mourning and wracked with guilt because her godhood prevents her from dying?

    Alright, let’s make the oceans, here. Pull the land out from beneath the waves, yeah just like that. Kind of flat, though. Yeah, bland. Let’s fix that.

    Make a few mountains there. A humongous canyon there. Some streams…more mountains…a few more ravines. That ravine looks too artificial, let’s rough up the edges and make it look natural. Yeah, that’s better.

    Seriously, if she explodes like that on me again, I’d have to shoot her or something.

    Not that it’d do anything, since she’s immortal but, well, still!

    I thought she trusted me!

    What’s next?

    …ugh, I’m so mad right now.

    I touched down on the planets surface, which was rocky and desolate as far as the eye could see. No plant-life or animals anywhere. I set the Kaiju’s cage down next to me, sending air rushing out like a windstorm as it rushed to move out of the way of mile-wide box.

    Why am I so mad right now?

    Because I married her and I thought we could handle anything that happened. But she exploded when I left to take care of something and now, I am contemplating shooting her. We haven’t even been married for a week yet.

    I sat down and took a deep breath.

    Plants. Yeah.

    We need some plant life on this rock.

    Let’s get to work.

    I made every plant I could think of. Every pine tree, every species of grass. Some areas I wanted to leave deserts, so I put cactus there. Other areas I thought would make good swamps so I laid the plant life so thick in those areas and made sure they got tons of water. The oceans I dotted with coral and sea anemone.

    Next, animals.

    It was stupid of me to think I could get through this without getting mad. Anger was my most prevalent emotion for a very, very long time. Sure, I’ve been way, way happier since I got married, but…anger was my default state.

    And it’s an emotion, one that’s not healthy to suppress.

    So yeah, I’m pissed as hell at my wife right now.

    Anyway, I’m getting distracted.

    Animals! Toads! Slugs! Snakes! Penguins! Some other, more fantastical stuff like fire-breathing dragons! And unicorns! Because I can.

    I remember when I was playing Oblivion, I came across this psychotic unicorn out in the middle of the forest. It killed my squishy, mage self whenever I drew a weapon. I loved it so much, I rolled a ‘Divine Crusader’ character and made that thing my horse, taking it everywhere.

    Tigers! Orangutans! Lemurs!

    Deer! Bears! Lions!


    In my outstretched hand, I created a piece of paper and started listing all of the animals I placed on the planet and knew that it was lacking. Why? Sea life! I need tons of sea life!

    Whales! Octopi! Fish!

    Leviathans! Krakens!

    I hate sharks, but I’m making them anyway!

    Dolph-actually, wait a second.

    Do I really want to make dolphins?

    This is a serious question.

    Do I want…dolphins?

    Dolphin’s are not…how do I put this, kind? They are not kind creatures.

    They look cute. They act adorable. They love to play.

    In them beats the heart of evil.

    Well, I mean, every world needs its villain, I guess.

    I’m drawing the line at placing Otters and Seals on the same planet together, though.

    So, let’s put seals here. Perfect, I love those things!

    Otter’s can find another planet. Mistaken identity can really sour interspecies relationships.

    …there’s also this harem thing, which makes me feel disgusted.

    I mean, I know it’s…culturally acceptable for men to have a harem in the elemental nations. In some places, so can women. And I did accept that I’m not the old me anymore, even if I still draw on his experiences for inspiration. I know that perhaps some of the old morals and standards, while having good reasons for existing, can also be called into question.

    In my old life, I was raised heavily monogamous. I have no trouble with just sticking to Anko for eternity. Anko doesn’t seem to understand that. She think’s I’ll leave her. She even thinks I should leave her. Because that’s what Orochimaru did! Everyone she loves has to leave her, it’s a tried and true formula for her. It’s inevitable, so she provides herself buffers so she’s not hurt by it as badly.

    …I’m going to prove her wrong, but come on!

    If only she could trust me.

    Trust is built over time. Just be patient, Daisuke.

    I took another deep breath, looking at the world I made. Watching the wildlife running around. The creatures I had listed, which had over a hundred species of animal, was wholly insufficient for the planet, so you know what I’ll do?

    I’m going to the bottom of the ocean and create some pools of primordial goo for new species to crawl out of.

    Then when that’s done, I might come back a few more times to add new species as I remember them.

    From my spot at the bottom of the ocean, I saw a giant squid slowly glide overhead. Let’s find a spot for some pools, maybe get an underwater river going, sweet. Then the pool.

    Spawning Pool.

    Seemed appropriate to have something dedicated to spouting off new species be named after a Zerg structure.

    Alright, back to the cage.

    But the other part of the issue is that Anko honestly, truly believes that a harem would be the perfect gift for me. She thinks I deserve it, for everything I did for her. For everything I’ve given her. From removing the seal, to nursing her back to health, to forgiving her…to loving her.

    It’s unnecessary. It’s setting herself up for sleepless nights where she’s terrified that I’m going to leave her, like she feels like I should do to fit the mold of what happens when people love her. It’s inviting a ton, and I do mean a ton, of unnecessary drama when we haven’t even worked the kinks out of our own marriage yet.

    She feels like I had better options and that by picking her, I lowered myself. Screw that noise, I picked her because of how freaking awesome she is.

    …that’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to have also been able to have a relationship with, Ino, Katsuki, maybe see if there actually could’ve been something there with Hisako, perhaps Mikoto, whoever this mystery soul that the Shinigami gave me is. So, a harem would be like having my cake and eating it too.

    But I don’t need that.

    See, that’s the other problem. She made me promise to accept something and I now just realized it’s something that makes me feel queasy because, well, it’s tempting. In that double-standard sort of way because I don’t want her to have multiple men.

    Come on, I’m a guy. I have absolutely fantasized about having multiple women before. Anko essentially being on board with it should be a dream come true. Except, well, no. I still would prefer to be monogamous. Just because that’s how I was raised the first time and I haven’t let go of all of my morals.

    Look, we’ll talk about it. Katsuki can just be there as our Ninshū instructor, Jutsu student and butler. I can maintain my friendships with Ino and Hisako without including sex, I can befriend Mikoto without her being my concubine if I want and I certainly can give this mystery soul a second chance at life without expecting anything of it.

    Just take a deep breath, Daisuke. Let it out.

    I think I’m okay now.

    Anko has a right to get upset, it’s how she clears the negative emotions to get back to being happy. She can talk and vent without blowing up at me though and it’s something she’ll need to work on.

    Thing is? I have a right to get upset too. I won’t dump it on Anko, though, because that won’t actually help me solve my problems. Going off to be by myself and decompressing does, and I can’t hesitate to do so when I need too.

    Last thing to do.

    Let the Kaiju out.

    I hopped on top of the box and kicked one of the side walls. The wall swiftly disintegrated and the new planet’s tectonic plates shook violently as the Kaiju finally stepped out of his box. It looked around and I let his cage fade into nothing, leaving only the square of hard rock where it had stood before.

    Screw it.

    “Hey, buddy!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, causing it to whirl around and let loose a spray of violet energy. “I missed you too!”



    That was exactly what I needed.

    The Kaiju pulled out all the stops.

    It made me mortal. Twice.

    It tried to drown me at the bottom of the oceans, then it tried to smash mountains on top of me. It threw me from one massive, mountainous hand as hard as stone to the other like a basketball.

    From my spot in space, where I watched the little dot on the continent that was the Kaiju scream in frustration that I had flown out of reach.

    Silently, I was laughing. Really hard.

    There was no air in space.

    Alright, I’m not mad anymore.

    Now I’m just sad and that revelation helped bring me out of the clouds that a good fight always threw me into.

    I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me if I want to support her through the healing process. I underestimated just how extensive it would be. But it’s fine. We can work through this. She already said that she’ll respect my need to be alone when it comes up. I might have to remind her at some point, but she did say it.

    Take a breath.

    Everything is going to be okay.

    It’s also going to be a ton of work, but that’s what I signed on for.

    With that, I teleported back to the mansion.

    “Anko! I’m home!”

    Anko was sitting at the dinner table in the kitchen and she jumped out of her seat, over the table and into my arms the second I made my announcement. She sighed in content, with her head on my shoulder before looking down into my eyes. “So, how was it?”

    “Well, it’s got a new home now,” I said with a smile. “A whole new world to stomp around in and watch. I hope it, at least, likes it.”

    “Welcome home, Daisuke-sama,” Katsuki walked up and gave a respectful bow. “Are you talking about the beast that tore up the country side back in Iron?”

    “The very same,” I replied with a smile and a nod. “Terrible what it did to your people, but it can’t actually die so the best I could do was set it on its own world where it can’t hurt anyone else again.”

    “It can’t die,” Katsuki repeated with a blink. Then she started and bowed. “Please forgive my disrespect, Daisuke-sama, I don’t mean to say that I doubt you.”

    “Relax, you’re fine,” I said, waving it off. “No offense taken. Believe me, I’m used to people double-taking when I tell them something. But yes, it can’t die. If you knock it close enough to death, it just becomes stronger.”

    I avoided doing exactly that, I didn’t want it becoming immune to Taijutsu too.

    “Alright, I think that’s everything,” I said, looking around. “Anko, are you ready to head back?”

    “Yup,” She smiled. “Let’s go.”

    When we came to the vault.

    “Okay, honey?” Anko said, separating and keeping her hand in mine as I shifted to an adult. “I have to apologize. For blowing up at you. Again.”

    “It’s water under the bridge,” I said with a smile. “But thank you. I’m not mad.”

    “Really?” Anko asked with a frown.

    “Yes. Really.”

    Anko took let out a deep breath. “You’re too good to me. And, Daisuke? About the harem…”

    “Anko, I’d like to talk about that tomorrow,” I said, placing my other hand over hers. “We’ve had a lot of drama today and I think it’d be in our best interests to relax and just enjoy each other’s company.”

    “I just wanted to say,” Anko pressed on, her frown getting deeper. “That it was wrong of me to make you promise to accept it without really understanding or accepting your feelings on it. I am so, so sorry. Please forgive me?”

    “Of course,” I replied, letting out a breath of relief. I actually didn’t expect that. “Thank you.”

    “But I would still like to talk about it,” Anko continued. “Tomorrow. Since we’ve had so much drama today and I need to finish reading the legalese for it.”

    “That’s fine,” I said with a nod. I can figure out how to explain just how unnecessary it is in the meantime. “Thank you for being patient.”

    “No, no,” Anko shook her head, pointing directly into my chest. “Thank you for coming back.”


    Author’s Note: Next chapter is going to concern Hisako’s reaction in greater detail, we’ll see Ino again, perhaps some people might introduce themselves to Katsuki. She’s a new player in the fic and as such, I need to get her characterization solid before anything…happens. Chapter after that will concern Daisuke and Anko talking about her wedding gift.

    I skipped over the rematch with the Kaiju because it honestly felt like there wasn’t really much narrative weight in the fight itself. It’s just Daisuke and the Kaiju throwing down with not much in the way of consequences. I think it’ll be different for round 3, but for now, it just felt unnecessary.

    Shout out goes out too Melden V, Anders Kronquist, Ray Tony Song, Volkogluk, Aaron Bjornson, iolande, Martin Auguado, Julio, Jiopaba, Hackerham, Tim Collins-Squire, Maben00, Sultan Saltlick, Ventari, PbookR, RichardWhereat, Seij, ChristobalAlvarez, Aenor Knight, Apperatus, EPiCJB19 and Seeking Raven. Thank you all for your continued support.

    Until the next time!

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    Haha, yes Daisuke, trust takes time. That's why we date for quite a while before getting engaged for a reasonable amount of time, before getting married. So that these things can build up and marriages last.

    He may be a genius, with max charisma, but he's still an idiot occasionally. On big things. Damned impatient bastard.
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    But that's no fun! You got to get to the good stuff right away because waiting sucks!

    ...non-sarcastically, I agree, stuff takes time.

    ...Is that his fatal flaw?

    I think it's his fatal flaw.

    I mean, now that he's gotten his denial (mostly) sorted.
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    Just when I think hes getting better, he gets angry for no actual reason and contemplates shooting his wife...
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    He mostly suppressed his anger at his wife blowing up at him two chapters ago. This chapter is that anger coming to bear and him dealing with it.
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    Yeah, suppression is bad. He ought to be a Jedi about it; understand his emotion, reason through them, and then release them into the force. Go sage mode that way.
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    It almost like people are more likely to be okay with something if you've actually warned them about it or something Daisuke. Who'd have figured? Doubly so when they think about likely alternatives and see the thing you want to do as the best option.

    In other news, next chapter is going to be AMAZING for various reasons. So many payoffs on previous setups.
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    The problem with tossing the concept of thinking like a human immediately and entirely is that you have to have some manner of framework to your thinking for stability's sake. Therefore if you completely tear down the basic framework without a new one.... problems.

    Ideally the change should be a gradual transition over time where the deity thinks over the likely consequences of various thought patterns. Even without other gods to complicate things, no one wants a hypothetical freshly ascended deity to jump immediately to killing all that they consider sufficiently evil. The results would be both terrifying, impossible to predict specifics, and worst of all could have nasty side effects. This is assuming a fairly conservative delineation where only the heaviest of universally reviled criminals get the axe, and there's no controversy over the target group.