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The Only Winning Move Is Overwhelming Firepower [PA Multicross SI]

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by TCGM, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Calamity

    Calamity Getting sticky.

    Apr 27, 2014
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    Cracky without being dumb. That's rare.

    Good job, looking forward to more!
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  2. Masterjaxx

    Masterjaxx Not too sore, are you?

    May 16, 2013
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    I was almost expecting it to be this guy.

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  3. zebrin

    zebrin Chopping trees down, and making elves cry.

    Jun 4, 2018
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    The crack is goooooood shit....
    Buzzing towers with gods damned danger zone playing...
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  4. TCGM

    TCGM (Unverified God/Space Snek)

    Jan 30, 2018
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    I write pseudo-crack. Basically, cracky worlds, but the characters are (mostly) serious. Usually. About a lot of things. Sometimes!

    Trolling villains like a cat with a new toy is always a valid use of any powers :p



    Thanks! I know and try my best to make my crack be as serious as you can make crack. Sometimes it cracks me up, though.

    Well you're about to have it!

    Who says it's not that guy

    The only way you should ever buzz control towers as a sapient Clarketech war machine!
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  5. Threadmarks: Chapter 7 - Unreasonable Demands

    TCGM (Unverified God/Space Snek)

    Jan 30, 2018
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    The Only Winning Move Is Overwhelming Firepower
    Chapter 7
    Unreasonable Demands




    ...Okay, now that I’ve said my piece, I need to actually figure out for sure whether Writer Me plopped me into fucking Abridged.

    And don’t you dare get upset, Writer Me. You started this. You put me here. You presumably put SAO Abridged in the roll list.

    You take everything I think about you and shut up.

    Or rather, don’t, since I’m pretty sure that would end up putting my existence on pause… but the point stands!

    And yeah, this world isn't even in the top 100 list of horrible worlds I could've been sent to. I shouldn't be this mad.

    But Abridged means I have to deal with smartass Kirito.

    I'm. Mad.

    And if this is that world, and he makes his Foundation… this planet will learn that I am just as capable of orbital bombardment as I am trolling.

    Alright. Let’s see here. Is Argus, the company that Kayaba owns and runs, that owns and created NerveGear and SAO, owned by Bethesda?

    I almost slam into a building as I stop focusing on flying straight, such is my sigh of disgust.

    Yes. Yes. It. Is.

    The abomination of code I exorcised from Cardinal makes a lot more sense now.

    Of course, it still isn’t certain. Writer Me might be going for some kind of blended, OC world somewhere between SAO and Abridged. Whether he’s doing it to exercise our worldbuilding skill, to explicitly troll me, or a combination of the two, is irrelevant. I’ll need more evidence than I can find in the real world to find out which direction I went with this universe.

    Which means hacking into SAO and being there when shit goes down as it will. I also will need to limit my involvement with the timeline before I get a confirmation.

    Heh, yeah. That ship has sailed. Past several Air Traffic Control Towers at Mach 3.

    Which means I just have to limit myself from now on, up until tomorrow when SAO launches.

    Wait. Shit. Or is it shit? Morally it’s good but temporally it’s oh so bad.

    I destroyed the code Cardinal uses, or would have used in the near future, to trigger every player’s NerveGear to melt their brains via the microwave transmitters.

    Right. So.

    I just have to make it look like they’re dying.

    ...Aaaaand, that is gonna be piss easy! Because I don’t actually have to make it look like anyone is dying to anyone else except Kayaba!

    Tricking one dude is infinitely easier than, I don’t know, trying to find every single potential SAO player and putting nanites in their heads to knock them out and fake that their brains have been cooked to anyone who observes.

    Which I will forever deny was my first idea.

    I direct myself towards the Argus HQ and engage my stealth module. Pinpoint accurate sensor systems map out my opposite side for all the nanites that make up my skin, then direct active coloration changes to accomplish a vastly superior version of the hologram tech a certain cinematic universe’s SHIELD uses to hide their shit.

    You would have to literally hit me to see me now.

    ...On second thought, that is far more likely a possibility than I like. Mental note; figure out shielding beyond electromagnetic deflection ASAP.

    The skyline of future Japan is beautiful. Towers of steel, glass, concrete, and what has to be a PCMR architect’s idea of a joke (that much RGB should be illegal) rise to pierce the clouds. There's also a surprisingly dense amount of foliage and quite a few new buildings that lean far more towards Solarpunk than I expected.

    Seems this world's Japan took the Paris Accords a lot more seriously them my own. And that's saying something, given my world's Japan.

    Then again I'm American. What the hell do I know, really, about other countries? Only what I could find out through the net and not so subtle interrogation of natives.

    At least the orange cheeto never got into the White House in this timeline.

    “Pshaw,” I mutter at my own woolgathering.

    Waiting for business meetings to end is so boring I'm going down the rabbit hole of cross universe politics.

    “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?!” Kayaba's scream manages to breach out from the conference room behind me and through two very solid doors. “A NEW SYSTEM? AT THIS HOUR?! WE'RE JUST ABOUT TO LAUNCH YOU MISERABLE, UNGRATEFUL SONS OF-”

    It just goes downhill from there.

    Yep. You read that correctly.

    SAO is supposed to open to non beta players and reset the world in just under an hour.

    And a couple of Bethesda higher ups showed up at Argue, coincidentally just seconds after me, to demand an ad system be implemented into the game.

    On launch.

    Which is under an hour away.

    ...Are we sure Bethesda didn't own Argus in SAO canon, too? Because this is more than enough justification to snap and hold all the players hostage.

    Though if this is Abridged, which I admit is becoming increasingly more likely, the last minute implementation demand certainly explains why the ads in the first episode were so damn obvious and immersion breaking.

    “Man,” I comment out loud to the completely empty corridor, “poor Kayaba.”

    Huh. That's not a phrase I thought I'd ever think, much less say.

    {World Encounter Roll: SAO:A, Japan. 1d20. Success >10. Result: 12. World Roll success. Region specific Encounter spawned.}

    For a moment, something sounds like it's whispering unintelligible things in the back of my head.

    Then a muffled crash and a series of booms resound outside. My attention immediately snaps in the direction of their source.


    No way.

    …Is that?

    My eyebrows rise almost unintentionally at the sight I'm witnessing out the window right now.

    …It is.

    The screams, a concerning number of them feminine, are audible from here. Even to a normal human.

    I wipe my eyes, then have every nanite diagnose their sensors.

    …It's real.

    A giant tentacle monster is grappling onto another skyscraper across from me. It's slowly hauling its massive body, covered in writhing tentacles, up the amazingly not giving a crap tower. And the thing is pulling… is that a tank? along for the ride.


    Gods damn it, Japan! You had one job!

    {Happy New Year’s, everyone! Also, I’m sick. Significant contributor to the lack of content from me. Also the holidays, but mostly being sick.}
  6. MadGreenSon

    MadGreenSon Verified Devil Tiger

    Aug 3, 2014
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    Unlike canon, at least Abridged has an actual reason why everything goes tits up with the game.
  7. Tallonos

    Tallonos Getting out there.

    Oct 20, 2016
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    Which is correct?
  8. TCGM

    TCGM (Unverified God/Space Snek)

    Jan 30, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Canon actually does have a reason.

    The anime just hasn't gotten there yet.

    It's still a stupid reason, don't get me wrong, but it does exist xD

    Argus, woops.
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  9. Sovereign Of All

    Sovereign Of All Getting some practice in, huh?

    Sep 25, 2017
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  10. adaw

    adaw Getting some practice in, huh?

    Oct 9, 2018
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    Most reasons for things seem stupid if you think about them thoroughly enough.