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  1. Chibaku_mon

    IMIS: I Can't Run Out

    This is a story about a man taken from his universe while relaxing and playing CODM just to end up in another world connected with a system that allows him to multiply anything in his inventory infinitely every 24 hours, but oh no, don't think that there is no limitation, that shall be the end...
  2. Akumakami64

    Gate: Thus Changeling Hunted Here(Gate/Teen Titans Xover)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    Going into a cave in a snowy region was a large gamble for any creature. While it promised protection from the cold blizzard, there was always the risk that it already had an occupant. And in the tundra, animals were even more protective of their dwellings; lest they risk dying out in the cold...
  3. ParodyGirl

    Kumo desu ga, Nani ka? - Edit System
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    It was night and cold. It was raining, and the wind was strong. I was lying on my bed, reading a web novel. Its name? Kumo desu ga, Nani Ka? It was about a girl reincarnated as a spider with a system and levels. It is a somewhat clichéd work since nowadays you can find many such isekais...
  4. Repentant_Dragos

    Shiro Tokita has a Weird Visitor: Rebooted (Evangelion Fanfic, Canon Character Protagonist, OG Eva +

    Shiro Tokita has a Weird Visitor: Rebooted (Evangelion Fanfic, Canon Character Protagonist, OG Eva + Rebuilds Crossover) Prologue - Ascension to Protagonisthood Shiro Tokita was having a good day, and it showed in his smile as his limousine drove through the streets of Tokyo-2, his driver...
  5. The Azure Reaper

    Fable 3: Calling of the King

    All properties belong to Lionhead studio. Chapter 1. The Hero King "Avo's balls!" cursed the middle-aged captain. The battle had been raging on for hours and it was beginning to take a toll on both him and his men. Now more than ever he needed to keep an eye out for who was and was not among...
  6. Trafford

    Isekai Life as Ōtsutsuki

    Hi there, after the Holy Chronicles of Baator, I am partially fulfilling my ambition to write Naruto World-inspired Cultivation Novel with Young Master MC with a powerful backround without any typical cultivation troupes... *** Isekai Life as Ōtsutsuki features: Naruto Against the Gods Marvel /...
  7. Repentant_Dragos

    Shiro Tokita has a Weird Visitor (Evangelion Fanfic, Canon Character Protagonist, OG Eva + Rebuilds
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    Shiro Tokita has a Weird Visitor (Evangelion Fanfic, Canon Character Protagonist, OG Eva + Rebuilds Crossover) Prologue Shiro Tokita was having a good day. One of the newest executives in Japan Heavy Chemical Industries, which in turn was one of the largest multinationals to survive the...
  8. Trafford

    Ghoul King: Hail the King!
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1 - Prologue

    In an unknown place, in the Void, countless stars were shining, and the universe looked so beautiful. "If you had one chance to choose a world to reincarnate, what would your choice be, my dear friend?" Questioned the older man in the luxurious golden-looking robe. He was sitting on the...
  9. Repentant_Dragos

    Story Idea: Multiversal Cartel - The Mecha Arc (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

    Premise: Ken Illustrious Ikari (OC son of Shinji Ikari and Mari Illustrious Makanami from the Rebuild of Evangelion movies)'s home is broken into by people who introduce themselves as his Parallel Half-Siblings (Shinji and Asuka's OC son and Shinji and Rei's OC daughter) and he is taken on a...
  10. Adventures of a errant soul (harry potter x -overs)

    Well, I'm new to this place and a new writer. I've been lurking for a small amount of time and found a lot of good stories, so here I am publishing a plot Bunny that's been in my head for a long time. It feels weird posting this 'cause this is super outside of my comfort zone showing a story...
  11. TwilightThorn

    [CYOA] That Time I Warped to a Fictional World Without any Clothes

    It was dusk on a cool Saturday evening as Rosalina walked out of the movie theater. Her black canvas sneakers were worn on the sides and wrinkled as she stepped onto the sidewalk. She was more than ready to go home, and had already begun the process of removing her work clothes as she stripped...
  12. CosmixExponent

    Surviving Order 66

    “Master” “Yes, my padawan?” “Master, I know the Jedi code tells us not to give in to fear, but I’m afraid, we served with these clones, why are they attacking us?” “I do not know yet, what I do know is that we have to go into hiding for now” Jedi master Fallah Eldrel looked at her padawan and...
  13. Akumakami64

    Ripple of Kindness(Attack on Titan)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: A Spark of Change

    Ripple of Kindness Summary: One act of kindness can beget another. For all his cruelty, King Fritz find himself stunned after he is saved from assassination by Ymir, his slave. A woman that should hate him, he know. And in that instance, Fritz has a different reaction to Ymir's sacrifice. One...
  14. freadtheholyone

    Looking for a beta reader

    English isn't my first language, and my stories have a lot of errors and inconsistencies. Whenever I write, it's hard for me to notice the errors I've made, even when I find errors in other works. Few people seem to like them, and I want to put out content that bears the meaning I want without...
  15. Tasty_humans

    Half-Blood Prince's Tale (Hp Si as Snape)
    Threadmarks: chapter 1

    Disclaimer: I own nothing. [An: So I am new to this site and this is my third fic.Its a rewrite too. I always liked a hp fic with an Si/oc set in the marauder era but there are so few of them that I decided to write one. Do tell me how it is and constructive criticism is appreciated. I am...
  16. Repentant_Dragos

    New/Revised Evangelion Fanfic Idea - The Adventures of Kyle Tokita (OC SI)

    Shiro Tokita, the lead scientist behind the Jet Alone Project, finds himself adopting an OC orphan left behind in Second Impact, Kyle FitzEmpress, a young man with a natural aptitude for engineering and weapons design. Unknown to him, Kyle has a soul reborn from another universe - Ours'...
  17. Akumakami64

    Azula the Sacrificed(Avatar the Last Airbender)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1

    "You dare suggest I betray Iroh? My first born?! Directly after the demise of his only beloved son?!" The roar of the flames imitated their lord's mighty rage, proving that the man commanded great power even in his waning years. Power that led him and his country for almost a century of war and...
  18. Lightbringer

    Beta Reader Request.

    So, I am Lightbringer, if you do not know me, well, I was the author of a Chrono Trigger Jump Fic called 'Flaming Prince'. So, after noticing a lot of problems I decided to close and remake it anew. For that I need a beta reader, so if someone wishes to help me, I would be grateful.
  19. Akumakami64

    Godling(MLP AU/CYOA Story, Viewer Driven)
    Threadmarks: Chapter 1: Godling Awakens

    How long have you been here? In this numb yet peaceful void? You can't remember. There hadn't been any desire to leave, and you truthfully can't be sure how aware you were up until this point. For something has intruded into your nihilistic sanctuary: First vibrations, followed by distant...
  20. r6winfero

    r6winfero's da best fanfics and recommendations

    Update: Nov 2019, some fics inactive, completed Big Guy tier: Worth your time. The Wandering Inn (original), pirateaba Fantasy, adventure, slice-of-life, light litRPG Alive as of Nov 2019. Updates 2x weekly, unless on break https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/10073/the-wandering-inn...